Angel Play

by Tigerstretch

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© Copyright 2020 - Tigerstretch - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F/f; supernatural; revenge; death; caution; extreme; latex; sex; bond; cuffs; oral; blood; gore; rope; force; exhib; hood; breathplay; spanking; pain; rape; nc; XXX

Editor's Note: This tale is dark, and increasingly brutal, a true Halloween horror story. Take note of the storycodes above, and proceed only if you are comfortable mixing horror with your kinky stories.


He had never done any harm to anybody. So, why? Why him? Why did his warm blood run through my fingers right now? Why were there too many deep wounds for me to plug at once with my palms? I couldn't save him. His life was running down the street, helped by this cold night rain.

His last word before passing out was my name. He didn't care about his cuts; he didn't care about being in pain; he didn't care about getting numb and leaving this world. He had accepted all of this as soon as this man defeated him and fell on the hard concrete walkway; he knew it was over.

All he cared about at this moment was saying my name, one last time.

"Ev... Evangeline!"

That was all he wanted to do before his lungs collapsed and became unable to fulfill their vital function.

As I was hearing the police sirens approaching, I stood up and stared at nothing. Then a flash of brief lightning illuminated the monochromatic scene long enough for me to see my distressed reflection in a large shop window.

It was a strange one.

It must have been my black raincoat that made me look different tonight. Or maybe it was my now-dead husband at my feet who tried to carry my soul with him to the afterlife, only leaving my empty corpse behind. Or perhaps, I had willingly chosen to go with him.

Whatever it was, the worlds of life and death played tug of war with my soul, inexorably stretching it almost to a point where it would snap. I was a torn shell in need of making a decision.

I walked up to the shop windows and waited for the next lightning to reveal who I had become. The Gods didn't wait long before granting my wish.

A blinding zigzagging silver line sliced the menacing clouds in the sky, a lightning bolt so powerful that it caused time to stop. Around me were the raindrops suspended in the air, frozen by a divine force, unable to fall any longer.

I looked at my image in the window... and I had no face or just couldn't see it anymore. But then, an angelical silhouette filled up the void of my visage, one of unrivaled beauty. Her white skin was flawless; her naked body was perfect; her blonde hair was straight and light. Her bright featureless golden eyes fixated me, and then her voice entered my mind clearly and effortlessly.

"Your soul is leaving your body. Why?"

"I... I don't know... I knew I couldn't live without him."

"Have you no regret? Don't you want to reconsider? Was this man worth so much to you that you would follow him to the afterlife?"

"Yes! I would give my life to stay with him."

"Foolish human. Have you no desire to stay alive and avenge him?"

"No... I leave this task to the Gods. I just want to be with him."

"Would you really trust the Gods to avenge this man? Is your faith in them that strong?"


A faint smile appeared on the angelical woman's face, and a sudden strong wind started to blow, violently and persistently pushing my hair and hers sideways.

"You are alive. You cannot follow him."

"Why not?"

"You haven't paid the price... yet."

"What.... What is the price?"

"Give me your body in exchange for crossing to the afterlife! Give it to me, and allow me to become the instrument of your vengeance. I will use this shell to feed on the sinners who caused you grief. Will you give it to me so I can carry this duty? I promise to leave nothing of the existence of this murderer who killed your companion."


The faint smile turned into a massive grin, and two heavy black wings made of embers and ashes spread open from the divine woman's back. Her two hands came out of the window and gripped my head.

The time resumed, the lightning crashed, the rain fell, and my presence inside this body ceased.

From above, I could see it moving on its own, looking at its two hands, and I heard a few words spoken with my voice as I floated away.

"It's been so long... This body will do just fine."

She looked at the sky, filled her lungs with cold hair as a predator searching for prey.

"Haaa! There are six of them this time around. It’s my lucky day!"


"Hahaha! Really?"

"Yes... It's so embarrassing, but I prefer to be honest and tell you the truth, I forgot your name."

"Well, Mister Dave, our first date isn't going that well."

"I'm sorry, I'm struggling with names. Sometimes, I even forget my mother's name."

"So, if I tell you what it is, what will you do to apologize?"

"...Mmm... What do you mean?"

"You forgot my name. It is a serious crime. So you must do something to repent yourself. So, I'm asking again. What will you do for me if I tell you what it is?"

"Damn, you're tough... I can get you another drink."

The women started laughing as this offer was nothing more than worthless. She pretty much served herself on a silver plate, and this guy didn't take advantage of it, preferring to resort to a generic and boring gift. Or maybe he was just not very smart.

"Is my name not worth more than a drink to you?"

"...No... I mean... Yes... Come on... don't be too hard on me. We only met an hour ago."

"Alright, then... It was nice meeting you."

"...Hey, wait! Are you leaving? Just because I didn't offer you more than a drink?"


"Aaah, seriously? What do you want then? A new car?"

"A car? Exchanging a car for my name? That is almost insulting."

"Sorry, I didn't mean that... You know what I mean."

"No... I don't. Let me help you, here. What would be worth my name? I wonder... Material items, or something more... personal?"

The poor guy was taken aback by this last sentence. Clearly, she was not interested in a gift of any kind. She seemed to be after something more... physical. Maybe...


"You understood what I said. If you don't offer me something more interesting right away, I will leave."

"A... a kiss?"

"Oh, my! Well, color me impressed, you dared. Okay, do it now."


In shock, Dave knew he had no other choice but to comply with the given command. She was so pretty and charismatic; he never thought she would accelerate this date to light speed.

He leaned forward, hesitantly, and gently pressed his lips on hers. Graciously, she wrapped her arms around his neck and took over, kissing him way deeper with tongue, and adding some soft moan. She controlled him like this for a long time, making sure he would think twice before forgetting her name next time.

When she finally pulled back, Dave couldn't be harder down there and was even shaking a little.


"This felt good. Surely now, you must remember my name."

".... Wait... yes... You are Evangeline... Right?"

"Indeed. So, let's go to your place and have some fun."

"W... wait... How did you do that? How come I remembered your name all of a sudden?"

Evangeline turned to him and winked.


"So, this is where we will have sex?"

"Geez... You are not a shy one."

"I am many things, but shy is not one of them. Undress me. I want you to see what I'm wearing under these clothes."

"Cute lingerie, maybe? You are beautiful. I can't wait to see that."

Dave approached Evangeline and began unbuttoning her high neck white shirt. Immediately, he started to understand what she hid behind the silky piece of clothing, and he could hardly believe it.

"You... You are wearing a latex suit?"

"Yes. I know you really like it, so I thought this would make things more joyful for you."

"Wait? Yes... I love it. How did you know that? We just met for the first time."

"Silly, I was just kidding. Your eyes are very expressive, so I could tell right away that you liked it. Your eyes are pretty, by the way. I like them a lot."

"You are so mysterious, Evangeline... But I'm such a lucky guy."

After taking her shirt off, Dave proceeded with the removal of her form-fitting jeans. Because of the latex underneath, they slid right off her long legs, which he kissed along the way.

"Hehe. I get the feeling you are going to be all over me all night."

"Oh, if you want to stay overnight, I won't say no to that."

"I can promise you that, Dave. I will stay with you all night and only leave in the morning if you want me to."

"That would be amazing."

The impromptu couple started kissing passionately again. Dave always had a thing for latex, and this tall blond girl was just too good to be true. He intended to fuck her as much as humanly possible and enjoy every second of it, for he didn't know yet if it would only be a one time adventure.

They quickly ended up on the bed, Evangeline on her back, allowing Dave to caress her as much as he wanted and wherever he wanted. She let the carnal pleasure travel through her body and appreciated his skills in bed. His talent at kissing and the way he held her showed that this was not just about brute sex.

Making love was an art, and the emotional aspect of it was too often forgotten by men and women alike. To Evangeline, this was a pleasant surprise.

"Dave, you are so good at this. I think I will let you lead. Do as you wish with me tonight."

"I like leading... I'll give you a good time."

"If you do, I will give you a reward at the end."

"A reward? My reward is right now. I get to sleep with the most beautiful girl ever, and a kinky one on top of that. I'm the luckiest guy in the world."

"No, I'm the lucky one."

It was a perfect night for both of them. Dave was outstanding in bed and made Evangeline cum several times before cumming deep inside her a couple of times. Her latex skin turned him on so much, and the soft little moans she used to communicate were perfect and so motivating.

It was almost 2 am, and they were both lying on their side, kissing gently and murmuring loving words to each other.

"Aaah... Bad Evangeline, I think I have a legit crush on you now."

"Hehe. I could say the same. You gave me a great time."

"So, you have to tell me, were you looking for a potential relationship... or was it just a one-night thing? No pressure, I'm just curious."

"Oooh, so you are the understanding type too."

"I try to be."

"What if I tell you that I'm looking for a lifetime relationship? Does that scare you?"

"That's what I'm looking for too. Obviously, we would need to spend a bit more time together if that is what you really want."

"Yes, that's what I want... Actually, do you remember the reward I promised you? I would like to give it to you now, but you have to trust me. If you do, I guess it will mean that we can stay together a bit longer."

"I do trust you, Evangeline. I'm a good judge of character and can tell you are honest. You didn't try to hide anything since we've met."

"I cannot lie. It is the way I am... Alright, roll to your back."

Evangeline got off the bed and picked up her large purse. She opened it and pulled out a sturdy set of leather and ankle cuffs along with a few leather straps. When she turned back to Dave, his eyes got bigger, but her smile was reassuring.

"I think you have enough energy left to make me cum again. I'd like to tie you up to make it extra hot for you... and for me. Will that be okay? I'm asking you to trust me, but I will understand if..."

"It's okay, Evangeline... If that's your thing, it's your thing. I'll be happy to help you fulfill that kinky side of yours."

"Aww... You will make it hard for me to leave if you keep being nice like that, Dave."

Romantically and erotically, with many long kisses in between, Evangeline tied up Dave to the four corners of the sturdy wooden bed. She was right; her little surprise turned him on quite a bit.

The first thing she did was to give her a very long and pleasant blowjob. This mind losing activity was followed by a slow fucking session. She voluntarily kept him on the edge to tease and make herself feel good for as long as possible. Dave was a fantastic guy, and she wanted to enjoy his presence for as long as possible.

But eventually, all good things had to come to an end, and Dave filled her insides with one last load of warm semen. She fell back on top of his chest and cuddled him.

"I think you convinced me, Dave... I'll stick around for a few days... Would you like that?"

"Are you kidding? I would love it!"

"Okay, Wait for me one sec. I will come back in a minute."

"Hehe, sure."

Evangeline left the bedroom and headed to the kitchen, opened the fridge, and searched for something specific. She smiled as she found more than what she hoped for. After stacking two food items under her arm, she inspected the countertop and spotted the knives block sitting on the countertop. Pulling them out one by one, she examined the shape of the blades.

"Paring knife? Mmm, no. Bread knife? Nooo... It will make a mess like last time. Ah... Carving knife. Perfect."

With her food and knife, she trotted back to the bedroom, where Dave was still tied up and sat on the edge of the bed.

"So, Dave, I found pork loins and ground beef. Which one would you like to have inside your belly?"

"Hehe... Don't tell me you are a chef too? Don't you think it's a bit late to cook, though?"

"Just tell me... Pork or ground beef?"

"I like pork a lot. Are you seriously going to cook?"

"I never said anything about cooking. So, tell me. Who is your best friend? What's his name?"

"Talk about jumping topics..."

"Aaah, just play the game, please."

"Okay... Well, his name is Alan. We have known each other for about twenty-five years. Love the guy. He has not always been an angel, but he had my back more than once. Why do you want to know?"

"Shhh... We don't need to talk anymore."

“... what?”

Evangeline placed her finger on Dave's lips and whispered some strange words borrowed from what sounded like a divine language. An unusual warmth enveloped Dave's throat, and his body collapsed as if all his energy was drained out of his muscles.

"There... I hope it's not going to be too hard. I'm a bit tired after all this sex. Let's see..."

Using her fingers to check for bones, she patted Dave's abdomen for a good spot to start. An incredibly painful sensation reached his brain when Evangeline poked a hole in his skin using the carving knife's tip. He couldn't move or scream or do anything to stop her, but he could feel everything. His eyeballs were the only body parts that were working.

"Ah, yes. That will work nicely. It's bleeding a lot, though. I hope I didn't cut an artery, or else I'll be disappointed with myself. Let's make the hole a bit bigger, and then we will see if this will do."

She turned the knife upside down and, in a sawing motion, made an incision of about two to three inches long. Then she put the knife aside and, without any empathy, plunged her hand inside the hole, which made the blood spray a bit everywhere.

Inside his head, Dave was screaming. Still not sure to understand what was happening to him, he was powerless against this evil woman who didn't seem to care about his feelings anymore. He was in love with her only a few minutes ago, but now she turned into the worst monster he ever heard of.

She withdrew her hand from the wound and smiled.

"Perfect, that's plenty deep. So, you said pork tenderloin, right? We are lucky, that is a two-pack, and it's about to expire too."

Evangeline ripped the package open and pulled out one of the pork tenderloins. She opened the abdomen hole with her fingers and started to insert the long piece of meat inside it.

Dave wasn't sure anymore which one of the pain was superior; physical or mental? Seeing the raw meat sliding inside his body was beyond horrifying, and Evangeline showed no signs of compassion.

The last bit of the loin just got sucked inside and disappeared.

"Oh... There is a lot more space than I thought in there... It's a good thing that the blood gushing slowed down. You got me worried for a moment. Alright, let's see if the other loin will fit."

Despite the second pork tenderloin being as big as the first one, it went in nicely, the same way as the first one.

"Super. Let me put the ground beef back in the fridge before it spoils. I'll come back in a sec to clean you up. I bet you are not super happy, so try to relax for me, okay?"

Evangeline did everything she said. After putting the food away, she came back and cleaned the paralyzed man very well and dried him with soft towels. After this, she untied him from the bed and laid him down comfortably. She placed a couple of pillows along the bed's footboard and sat next to him, raising her knees to her chest.

"I'm sorry, Dave. You probably didn't think this would happen to you tonight. So, I'll be frank with you. It is not your fault. So don't worry, you did nothing wrong. The meat I inserted into your body will soon start to rot and break down. Over time, it will poison you, and you'll die. There will be an infection, more than likely maggots, then flies laying eggs inside you. It's hard to tell just yet. I'll do my best to keep you updated on the progress. But you'll die one way or another, and it will be excruciating. As promised, I will stay with you for the next few days until you are dead. Then I'll make sure to contact the police so they can come to pick up your corpse."

Dave felt nauseous and confused... Why? Why was this happening to him? He never hurt anybody. He had never disrespected anyone and always treated his women right. There was no rational explanation to this madness. He didn't deserve this torture. The only single odd thing he could think of was when Evangeline asked him about his best friend... Why did she ask him about Alan?

He would have a few more days to think about that.


"I... I never thought I would be into girls... but... my goodness... You are a good kisser, Evangeline."

"I could say the same about you, Lydia."

"This is nuts. How am I going to explain this to my parents, particularly my father? He is very homophobic. Plus, you are older than me. He is going to freak out."

"You don't have to tell him. We have only been together for two weeks."

"Yes, but you are not going anywhere, and neither am I, right?"

"True. I have no second thought about us! I'm going to stay with you for a while."

Lydia was a young eighteen years old who had just started college not too long ago. One day, when she went to a club with her friends and this mysterious woman showed up out of nowhere. She was six or seven years older than her, but her charisma was off the chart.

They spent that evening together and haven't left each other since then. The past two weeks have been an endless lovemaking session.

"So, Lydia... Do you remember what we talked about?"

"What we talked about?"

"Yes, your fantasies..."

"Oh, that. Yeah, vaguely. Why?"

"Would you like to fulfill one tonight with me?"

"Mmm... Fulfill one of my fantasies with you? Haha! I'm interested, but I didn't think you'd bring that topic up just like that."

"You told me that you would like to be a damsel in distress..."

"I know... It's cheesy... Forget about it."

"Hey! No, it's not. You like what you like. I want to help you with it."

Evangeline sat up on her knees and rubbed Lydia's belly. Her new girlfriend, who was naked in front of her, was such a cutie. She was quite smart too. Currently studying to become a pediatrician, there was only good inside Lydia's heart. Wanting to help others was such an attractive quality.

"Put your clothes on... We are going for a walk!"

"What? This late in the evening? Aren't you scared to bump into bad people?"

"No, people do not scare me. Trust me! We will fulfill one of your fantasies tonight. Come."

"Mmm... Okay. But only if you kiss me one more time before we go."

"I would love that. Deal!"

Evangeline lowered her body and went straight for Lydia's naked breast with her warm mouth.

"Ooooh... That would do too..."

"Hey, where are we going? What is in your backpack?"

"A surprise. You'll see, we are not too far."

"...from what?"

"Hehe, relaaax. You'll see."

Lydia's uneasiness grew a bit more every time Evangeline told her, "you'll see." She fully trusted her, but walking near this industrial area where there were not many lights was kind of spooky. At least it gave her an excellent opportunity to cling to her favorite person in the world.


"What? What's there?"

"A train track."

"...A train track?"

"Yes, perfect setup for a damsel in distress scenario."

"WHAT? Are you serious?"

"Very! I will tie you to a train track and make love to you."

"...Eva! We can't do that!"

"Why not? I can tell you have butterflies in your stomach at the thought of being tied up to the track."

"That's not it! What if a train is coming? That is super dangerous."

"There is no train coming. The city doesn't allow them after 10 pm. The track is closed for the night."

"...But... What if we get caught?"

"We won't. There is no light at all here."

Lydia stopped walking. It was crazy. A fantasy was supposed to be just that... A fantasy. What Evangeline suggested was to tie her up to a real train track. It sounded so risky.

"I... I don't want this."

"Yes you do! You know you do. Listen to your heart."


"Trust me, Lydia. I'll be very gentle. I know what I'm doing. I won't leave your side one second."

"You... You sure about this?"

"Yes, hehe. I didn't leave your side a single minute for the past two weeks. Why would I leave now? Come on. If you don't like it, we will just leave."

"Mmm... Okay then, but just for a few minutes... and then we leave."

"If you want to leave, we will leave. But I tell you, there is no danger."

Lydia trotted back to Evangeline and buried her face in her shoulder.

The two girls, hand in hand, crossed the damaged metal fence and quickly reached a concealed train track in the middle of a small wood.

Evangeline tossed her backpack on the ground and pulled some ropes out of it.

"Alright... Miss Damsel in distress... Lay down on the track."

"This is... intimidating..."

"It's the real stuff... Hehe. Lay down, or I murder you!"

"HEY! Don't say things like that!"

"It turns you on. This little loss of control and sense of danger.... Does it not feel good?"

"Mmm... How come you can read my mind, and I can’t do the same?"

"That's my thing! Alright, enough talking. Lay down so we can get started. I can't wait to play with you anymore."

The train track was much more intimidating than what it looked like in the movies. Lydia stepped over the first rail and looked on both sides. There were definitely no signs of a train coming. As she was about to crouch down, Evangeline pulled something else out of her backpack to make their activity more comfortable.

"Here, I brought a blanket, so you don't have to lay down in the dirty gravel. It's just a fantasy after all."

"Aaah, that's nice..."

After placing the blanket between two sleepers, Evangeline helped Lydia down on it. She even placed a folded t-shirt under her head so it wouldn't rest directly on the hard steel rail.

"I'm going to tie you up now. How does it feel?"

"It's... It's crazy... I can't believe we are doing this."

"See... I told you... Not a soul around."

"Yeah... I guess. I'm still nervous, though."

Using a long piece of sturdy rope, Evangeline tied Lydia's feet together tightly, and then attached them to the rail. After completing this, it was just appropriate to give her girlfriend a deep, warm, reassuring kiss before proceeding with her wrists.

One after the other, Lydia's arms got immobilized, and she turned into a real damsel in distress, like she always dreamed of becoming.

"Oh, my God... Am I really doing this!?"

"Yes, you are tied up securely to a train track, and you cannot go anywhere. You have to do everything I tell you, else I'll leave you there."

"Hehe. So... What do you want me to do, then?"

"Mmm... First, we need to expose you a little bit. Let's crank the heat a little bit."

Evangeline turned to her backpack and pulled a long kitchen knife out of it.

"E... Eva? What... are you doing?"

"Shhh... Play the game..."

"O... okay."

Evangeline approached her victim and slid the knife under her shirt before slowly cutting it open, exposing against her will her young white skin and breasts.

"Mmm... Those are mine until we are done here."


"You are very turned on now, right?"

"Y... Yes... It's insane."

Evangeline then started to cut Lydia's skirt...

"I want you all naked so that I can enjoy your body before the train rolls over you."

"Aaaanh! Ev... Evaaaa!"

After slicing Lydia's panties off, Evangeline plunged her fingers in her very wet slit. There was no denying it; this wild scenario reached the helpless young girl’s emotions.

For the next hour or so, Evangeline made Lydia cum multiple times and also forced her to eat her in return. It was the best night ever for Lydia, and she was happy that she dared to trust Evangeline enough to do something so extreme.

Evangeline laid down next to Lydia to cuddle a bit after so much excitement.

"You are SO nice, Lydia! How can you have so much good inside of you?"

"Aaah! Don't say that! You make me blush. I think we should go now. It's getting late."

"Soon. Tell me something first. What's your father's name?"

"My father's name? That's a strange question all of a sudden."

"Mmm... I just want to hear it."

"You are so weird, Eva. It's Alan... Happy now?"

"Yes, very. Hey, Lydia, Listen! Do you hear this?"

"This what?"

"Shhh... Turn your ear to the track and listen."

"I don't hear any.... Wait.... What's this noise? It's like a vibration or something..."

"Yes... A train is coming."

".... EVA!?"

Evangeline slowly stood up and stepped aside from the track.

"Sorry, I can't stay on the track, else it will crush me too. I'd have loved to stay with you until it rolled over you, but I need to keep this body alive a bit longer."

"W... Wait... Evaaa! You are kidding, right!? Untie me..."

"I can't do that, or else you won't die."

A bright light appeared at one end of the track as the vibration increased exponentially. The train was coming and fast, causing Lydia to panic.


"I told you, it's not going to happen. I need you to die."

"But... But... WHY? WHAT DID I DO TO YOU?"

"Nothing at all... You are probably the nicest person I ever met since I arrived. You are beautiful, sweet, and very good in bed. I'll miss that a lot."


As the train approached rapidly, Lydia felt the tremendous weight of the unstoppable machine shaking the rails. Even if the driver could see her at this point, there would be no way he could stop in time.

"Pleeease! Please! Eva! Help me! Untie me! I don't want to die!"

Evangeline crouched down and ran her fingers through Lydia's soft hair.

"It will be okay. It won't hurt for long. I know you are scared, and it's normal."


"Shhh... It's not your fault..."

As Lydia grew more and more terrorized. When the train driver noticed her lying on the track, he blew his incredibly loud whistle, which frightened the poor girl even more.


"I'm not going away... I'm here with you. It will be over soon. Scream as much as you want if it helps."


The unstoppable machine locked its wheels, making them scream and sending metallic yellow sparks everywhere while it crushed Lydia's body like a cannonball on a pillow. Her body parts flew in multiple directions as the train dragged her freshly decapitated carcass in the gravel, turning it into ground meat.


"I'm so glad you decided to trust me, Johanne. We'll have a great time, I'm sure."

"Well, you had convincing arguments. We only have one life to live."

"Yes, and, you know, BDSM is no longer what it was. It's very mainstream, and pretty much everybody has the same fetishes."

"I suppose it's true. But thanks anyway for accepting to show me a little bit how it works, Evangeline. I'm so out of touch with reality, and I'm no longer twenty."

"No worries, I'm bi, and I'm not looking to get into a relationship. I like spending a short amount of time with different people and keeping all my freedom."

"I don't blame you..."

Evangeline met Johanne in a coffee shop annexed to a bookstore. They sat side by side and realized that they were reading the same book. Of course, it was a great opportunity to start chatting about random things.

Among other these, Johanne admitted that she was single and had a daughter who just turned nineteen and recently left the house. Her life was suddenly dull and unentertaining. Her new coffee shop friend was a blessing from the Gods because it was the most open-minded person she had ever met, and it was so easy to talk about everything that a single mom was experiencing.

The conversation quickly turned kinky; Evangeline didn't hide that she was open to doing sexual activities with people of all gender and age and that she loved everything BDSM related. Being this honest about her sex life made her quite attractive.

It took about two weeks for Johanne to find the courage to ask Evangeline if she would be interested in playing some of those kinky games with her to experience new things without specific commitment. It was a big relief when Evangeline accepted her request without any judgment.

Today, they met at Johanne's house, and immediately, Evangeline put her at ease which allowed them to move to the crunchier part of the day.

"Alright, Johanne... Why don't you undress for me?"

"Haha! Not wasting time? Let's go up to the bedroom."

"No. Right here... in the living room."

"Okaaay! Well, let me close the curtains first. That big window is facing the street, you know."

"No again. Leave those open."

"...But... people will see me."

"Not until it gets dark outside. See, part of the BDSM fun is to have a bit of innocent risk. This little worry monster inside your head is what is holding you back. You think people will see you and judge you, but first, they can't because it's too bright outside, and second, even if they did, so what? Will they think you are a kinky woman? That is quite an appealing quality if you ask me."

"Hehe... You are nuts. Seriously? You think they won't be able to see me?"

"Don't take my word for it. Go outside and check from the street if you don’t believe me. You'll see I'm right."

"Mmm... okay... Let me go check."

Johanne needed this proof before doing anything this crazy. She walked out of her house, all the way down to the street, and looked back. Once more, Evangeline was right; there was no way people could see anything from the outside due to the bright summer sun.

Feeling a little bit like an idiot, she trotted back to the house.

"Okay... You were right, Eva. But it still feels risky."

"Haha. Trust me. I won't make you do anything you can't handle. Come on, undress for me... Ah... you know what? I'll undress you myself. Turn around."

Using her delicate finger, Evangeline began to unzip Johanne's dress. Nearing forty years old, this single mom took amazing care of her body; it was hard to find any extra fat on her.

"You are beautiful, Johanne! I cannot resist... I'll be touching you everywhere..."

"Hehe! You are funny. You are like what? Twenty-five? Enjoy your body while it works."

The slim dress slid down to the floor, revealing Johanne's sexy body and the pretty pink underwear she wore for the occasion.

"Oooh! Pink! That's cute."

"I... I love girly colors..."

"Turn around and face the window. Look, somebody is walking in the street..."


Evangeline gently turned Johanne around and rested her chin on top of her shoulder. Her hands crawled on the naked skin to reach Johanne's breast and crotch.

"See... How does it feel only to have a thin piece of glass between you, being played with, and them, not having that kind of fun? Does it not feel right?"

"Mmm... It's a bit scary... But it feels good. Aaah!"

"I can tell it turns you on. You are all wet down there. Maybe you are more of an exhibitionist than you thought."

"Aaanh! May... maybe... I don't know."

"Let me go grab a chair... We are going to give those people outside a little kinky show."

"...if they were able to see me..."

"...if they were able to see you, yes."

From the dining room table, Evangeline brought back a chair with a tall backrest and placed it quite close to the living room window. Then, she gently invited Johanne to sit on it, which, of course, made her feel even more exposed.

"Is... is this not a bit too close."

"We will be able to tell right away since more people are coming..."

Sensually, Evangeline began to kiss Johanne on the neck and shoulders as the walkers just passed by without noticing anything. The pleasure rush from doing something so intimate in front of strangers that could potentially see them was nothing less than thrilling.

Then, unexpectedly, an arm wrapped tightly around Johanne's neck, restricting her breathing, while a hand slid inside her bra and rubbed her nipple.


"Mmm... How does it feel to be extra kinky? To let me do stuff like this to you and making you look like a pervert?"

She released her grip.

"Aaaaah! Oh, my God... I... I... This felt... good."

"Oooh, so you ARE a little perv!? Liking to have your breathing restricted... Well, it's your lucky day. I brought something just for you."

"...What is it?"

"One sec, I'll show you. It's going to be very hot."

Evangeline brought her backpack close to the chair and unzipped it.

"First... let's make sure you can't run away."

"Hehe... I don't want to do that."

Using two long leather straps, she secured Johanne's ankles to the chair's back legs, forcing her to spread open her thighs and be even more exposed. Following that, she attached a pair of soft leather handcuffs behind the backrest and began restraining Johanne's wrists to it.

"How does that feel?"

"I... I can't believe I'm letting you do this!"

"But, it feels good, right? I don't want you to be uncomfortable."

"VERY! It shows that it's not your first time tying people up."

"Hehe... It isn't, no. But I want you to have a great experience."

"I trust you."

"Okay, give me your other wrist... Oh, by the way, who is in the picture over there?"

"The one on the fireplace?"

"Yes... You with a guy."

"That's my brother, Alan. He has a difficult life. He did some bad things. But he doesn't have a lot of people around him. I keep this picture just to remind me to keep an eye on him. He is still my little brother. I don't want to abandon him like most people in his life."

"That's very honorable. He is fortunate to have you."

Being done taking care of Johannes's legs and wrists, Evangeline plunged her hands back in her backpack and pulled out three long leather belts. One went around Johanne's waist, another below her breasts, and the last one around her shoulders; they were all extra tight.

"Eep! That is restrictive..."

"But you like it..."

"Hehe... Yes..."

"See, you are already doing more extreme things that you weren't sure about, and you like them. Is it not great?"

"It's only because I trust you."

"Let's take care of those nice breasts of yours. I bet you'd like them to be a bit firmer."

Evangeline pulled a roll of electric tape and peeled a few inches of it. She then proceeded with wrapping it around the base of Johanne's breasts several times.

"How does that feel?"

"It's... it's tight..."

"Let's make it a bit tighter... I want them to turn to a nice purple color. That's how I like it."

"You... you are evil, Eva."

"I can be."

With the two darkening mounds nicely pointing forward, Evangeline announced the piece of resistance while showing Johanne the item she intended to use on her.

"A... A rubber hood?"

"Yes... an inflatable one... Specifically made for breathplay. Once inflated, it will squeeze your head comfortably, keep you in absolute darkness, and then I'll connect a rebreather bag to it. It will feel amazing!"

"...Can... Can we close the curtains... This is a bit... too much?"

"No! I know it's turning you on, so don't walk away from pleasure now. You know you can trust me."

"O... okay... but start slow... okay?"

"Of course. I have all afternoon to play with you."


"See how sensitive your breasts are now? They almost have the perfect color."

Without any resistance from Johanne, Evangeline placed the rubber hood over her friend's head and pulled the zipper down. She then fetched the pump and began inflating it.


"Hehe... I know it feels good. Your head is all black and shiny. I love it so much."


"Just a couple more pump squeezes. You'll get used to it."

Once that was done, she pulled out of her bag the remaining items she would need; a two liters rebreather bag and a sturdy vibrator.

"I wonder how long you can last rebreathing your own air... I'll do my best to make it fun. Do you feel that?"


Set to low speed, the vibrating device pressed on her clitoris felt incredible. Johanne forgot about her tied breasts' dull pain as her attention was on her potential exposure; she was facing the large windows and was not convinced that people wouldn't be able to see her acting as a depraved woman.

Then Evangeline connected the big soft rubber bag to the mouth tube, limiting Johanne to air that already circulated in her lungs.

"Mmmphh... Mmmph..!"

"Doesn't it feel good? Breathing nice and comfy warm air?"


Johanne nodded.

"Good girl! Let me set that vibrator to a higher setting. You deserve it."


"Would you like to cum?"


Johanne nodded again.

"You have to cum before you run out of air... That's the rule..."


Johanne attempted to press her clit harder, but the straps holding her to the chair were making it difficult. Meanwhile, her breathing accelerated, burning more of the rarefied oxygen. Her orgasm was building nicely, but not quickly enough.

Understanding that she was about to run out of air, she began shaking her head, trying to signal Evangeline to let her breathe. Immediately, fresh air rushed to her lungs as her friend removed her breathing bag.

“AAAammph, AAaaamph! Aaaammph!”

"Hehe... Too bad. No orgasm for you, Johanne! Breathe. You can try again as much as you want. Give me a nod when you are ready, but don't wait too long because every time you stop, I'm going to have fun with your wonderful breasts."


As Johanne tried to recover, Evangeline pinched her extra sensitive nipple playfully. The tied girl was navigating between pain and pleasure, and her rational thinking was in jeopardy.

She nodded.

"Alright, round two! Little words of advice, you could have rebreathed your air for quite a bit longer last time. Try to resist the urge to ask me to remove it. Endure a bit more. You'll get better at it."


Evangeline plugged the bag back and pressed the vibrator back on Johanne's drenched crotch. Once more, it sent the restrained girl in heaven.

This time around, Johanne lasted one minute longer than her first attempt, but it was still not enough time to cum.

Same with the third attempt... then the fourth and the fifth. Johanne reached the point where she saw flashing stars, but she couldn't go any further... and that is when Evangeline coached her some more about how to go through this fantastic experience.

"Aaah... You were so close this time! You can totally do it. Listen to me, we will try it again, but this time, focus on your orgasm. Tell yourself that you won't quit until you cum. Okay? I guarantee you that you'll have the orgasm of your life. Trust me."

"Mmmph... mmmph!"

After letting her rest a bit longer, Evangeline reconnected the bag and applied the vibrator at the perfect spot. This time around, she decided to also play with Johanne's breasts that were now dark purple and pleasantly numb.

For a few minutes, Johanne tried to do exactly what Evangeline had told her to. She only focused on orgasm building and ignored her struggling lungs, and it worked. She exceeded her best time, stars popped in and out of her vision, but cumming was all she could think about.


"You are almost there... cum! CUM!"


She was so close... she wanted it. Her lungs were on fire, and her whole body was tingling.

And then, it happened.

The strongest orgasm of her life washed over her. All her muscles spasmed at the same time, and she trashed in her bonds uncontrollably. And then, she lost consciousness.

"Johanne? Johanne?"


"Ah, there you are! I lost you for a few minutes. Let's try it again."

".... mmm..."

Johanne wasn't awake enough to understand what was going on; everything was still dark. But when Evangeline pressed the vibrator on her clitoris again, she understood that the rebreather bag was back on and that she would have to cum again. She was very confused, but the sexual pleasure seemed very important at the moment.

For many long minutes, it was the same thing; Running out of air repeatedly and trying to cum for Evangeline.

Attempt after attempt, she got closer to the edge without being able to have her orgasm. Somehow, running out of air didn't seem as distressing as before. Someone was looking over her, and she trusted that person very much. Johanne had the best orgasm ever because of her.

After the sixth try, Johanne decided to apply the same advice that brought her so much pleasure earlier. She forgot about her breathing and focused on her goal, cumming like a pervert, without shame and worries.

And it worked.


"Gooood girl! You are so hot, Johanne."

And she blacked out again, not caring anymore about her own life.

"There you are... How are you feeling?"

"Mmmph... Mmmph!"

"You blacked out for so long this time. I think we have to put an end to this. Anyway, it's getting darker outside. People in the street can probably see you now. A couple stopped for a bit earlier and stared at you. I don't think they were quite sure if what they saw was real."


Johanne shook her head. She agreed with everything Evangeline said. It was enough for one day, and she wanted out.

"Okay, if you cum one last time, and I will let you out... but there will be a little twist this time."


"You have ONE attempt. If you cum, I will disconnect your rebreather bag and untie you. But if you don't, I'll keep it on, and you'll pass out and eventually die. So you better cum."


"Stop pulling on your bonds like that. It won't help you to cum. You have to relax. Oh, and let me do this first."

Evangeline grabbed her roll of electric tape and wrapped Johanne's breast with it as tightly as she could. She covered as much as her dark breasts as she could, only leaving her throbbing nipples visible.


"Yes, I'm sure it hurts a lot. Alright, remember, you have to cum, else you'll die."

Johanne thrashed in her bonds, trying to get free, but she had no control. She couldn't understand what was going on. She was still dizzy from her previous blackout, her breasts hurt badly, and her trusted friend was pushing this way too far. It was not evident in her mind if the death threat was real or part of a BDSM roleplay.

The rebreather bag went back on, and Evangeline pressed the vibrator on Johanne's sore clitoris.

Pleasure... Johanne felt pleasure... Despite her dire situation, despite the things she thought she didn't want anymore, her body responded positively to this insane stimulation. For about a minute, her thoughts bounced from left to right in her head until she decided to give up, convincing herself that this was just a more extreme scenario.

She began moaning and letting the sexual pleasure travel through her entire body so that she could work toward her mandatory orgasm.


"You are so hot, Johanne. Come on, you can do it. Cum for me!"

"Mmmph! Mmmph!"

Evangeline firmly squeezed one of Johanne's well-tapped boobs, making her scream loudly.


"This will help. I'm sure you can cum from pain too."


Johanne was SO close... This madness pushed her even farther than before. Evangeline's torture felt amazing. Yes, it was painful, yes, she was scared, yes, she knew this was wrong on so many levels... but that was about to push her over the edge.

And she came... harder than ever before.


"Amazing! Johanne! Keep cumming for me!"


And then it was over... Johanne's head fell limp on her chest, and she stopped making noise; her brain had shut down. Only the breathing bag was inflating and deflating shallowly.

Evangeline removed the vibrator from her unconscious friend and started biting the now black nipples.

"Mmm... That was incredible. Too bad that I had to get rid of her. At least I get to play a bit more with her body before she dies."

She quickly untied Johanne and laid her inanimate body on the soft carpet. Evangeline lifted her skirt, took off her panties, and sat on Johanne's hips. She then began to masturbate, trying to get as much pleasure as she could before she would have to stop.

"Oof! That one particularly turned me on. I should have made love to her before doing that. I hope I'll get to cum before it's too late."


"Yes? What can I do for you?"

"I'm sorry to disturb you at home like this, but I'd like to talk to you in private."

"In private? Who are you? What do you want?"

"You are Carmen, right? I'm Evangeline. I'm here to talk about what happened to your daughter."

"My daughter!? Go away!"

"No, wait! Please! I really need to talk to you about it. Just give me five minutes of your time, and I'll explain. I'm a friend."

Obviously disturbed, Carmen didn't like having someone showing up on her doorstep, mentioning her daughter. Lydia was found dead a few weeks ago after a train rolled over her while she was tied to a train track. This was a horrifying murder, but there were no leads to a potential criminal. The train driver claimed to have seen another person when the accident happened, but the onboard camera showed nothing else than the tied up young girl, struggling for her life.

Reluctantly, and because of her burning desire to get to the bottom of this, Carmen decided to let Evangeline inside her home, sensing no particular threat from her. Perhaps she would learn some useful details about what had happened.

The two women sat in the living room.

"Thanks... I'll keep this quick. I just have a few questions."

"Questions? I thought you would give me information about my daughter."

"I will do that too, but first, her father was Alan, right?"

"You think he murdered Lydia? He is a real douchebag, but he cared about his daughter."

"And you? You care about him?"

"What kind of question is that?"

"Just tell me, please."

"He is my ex-husband and kid’s father. So, yes, I care to a certain degree. Without me, he would have turned even worse than he did."

"Thank you, that is all I needed to know."

"...So... What now? Do you know what happened to Lydia?"

"Oh, yes. I do! I cared about her a lot. We had a fantastic two weeks together. We made love every day, and she was such a great girl full of ambitions."

"...You... made... love... to her?"

"Yes. It was amazing. She was a lesbian, you know. We couldn't stop having sex. Sometimes I forced her to eat me, and she loved that a lot. She could eat me for hours."


"I would have loved to stay with her for longer, but I had to kill her because I had to move on."


"Yes, but we both came hard before it happened, so it was a good ending, I assure you."

As Carmen stood up to attack her, Evangeline raised a finger and let out a couple of words borrowed from a divine language, which caused her to collapse on the floor. All her energy was gone. She could see, breath, feel... but moving was no longer an option.

Evangeline crouched in front of Carmen and played gently in her hair.

"That is so unpleasant. I'm very sorry about this. Usually, I spend a lot of time with the people I have to kill, giving them a good time and getting some fun out of it, but it was just not possible in your case. When your daughter died, you gave up on life. You gave up on pleasure, and really, there was nothing I could have done in a timely fashion to make you do something sexual with me. What a waste of my presence here. I'm not very happy with you."


"Because of this upset, I'll try to find an interesting way to kill you. I'm a curious person, and I like experimenting. I came up with a great idea, and it would be the first time I'm attempting it. I think it will be a lot of fun for both of us."

Carmen was terrified. What this girl had done to her was not even possible or explainable. How come that with only a few strange words, she had managed to paralyze her. And her little speech about sexual pleasure and death, it was psychopath-like madness.

But there was nothing she could do while lying flat on the floor like a crepe.

Evangeline grabbed Carmen's two wrists.

"Let's do this upstairs in your bedroom. If you can't feel pleasure, at least I'll try to get some fun out of the situation. I'm in dire need of new experiences. I only have six attempts this time, so I hope this one will be worth it."

It took a while, but Evangeline completed a neat little setup that she had dreamed of. She was far to expect that she would have applied this one to a person like Carmen; she thought a real bad person would have deserved this better, but to her, any opportunity was as good as another.

Carmen was lying down, paralyzed on the bedroom floor, and naked like a worm after Evangeline cut off all her clothes. Her hands were cuffed behind her back, and two long ropes were tied tightly around the base of each one of her breasts. Evangeline had thrown those ropes over a wooden beam running across the ceiling.

At the foot of the comfy white bed, Evangeline placed a small chair. Her thought process was incomprehensible for the victim of her madness.

"Okay... I'm going to remove the paralysis curse. I want you to climb on this chair, please."

While pressing a hand on Carmen's shoulder, Evangeline spoke a few words to return the energy to the woman who just wanted to harm her.


"Please, stop screaming! Or keep screaming, actually... It's kind of hot. Just climb on the chair for me."


Carmen tried her best to get her wrists out of the cuffs, but it was not working at all. The evil girl just walked to the rope dangling from the ceiling and yanked hard on it, which tugged painfully on Carmen's breasts.


"I know it does... That's why I've done it. Climb on the chair, now."

"You are sick in the AAAAAAAH!"

"Climb on the chair, or else I'll keep pulling."


Angry, mad, enraged... Carmen couldn't find any other options. If she attempted to ram Evangeline, she would just pull the rope again.


"Hurry, stop thinking, and just do as I say."

"Okay, okay! You are a psychopath! You know that?"

"It doesn't matter what you think. You are the most unpleasant person ever because I don't even get to play with you. This is all for myself, not for you. You, humans, are so weird. Abandoning all pleasure just because you lose a daughter. You are the sick person, Carmen. Not me!."

Having no choice, Carmen stood up and climbed on the chair, trying not to fall.

"Oh, that will be perfect."

"What... What are you doing to me?"

"You'll see... I just need to freeze you like this for a moment."

Evangeline placed her hand on Carmen's naked belly and whispered a few words, paralyzing her victim again.

She grabbed the loose ends of the ropes and climbed on the bed. The sturdy headboard was perfect for looping them around and bringing them back to where Carmen was.

Then the most frightening part began; Evangeline drew out a sharp kitchen knife and proceeded to cut a hole in Carmen's lower belly.

"I know it hurts a lot, but you can't move. You'll have plenty of time to scream very soon. Just bear with me. I've done this before... cutting, I mean. Alan's best friend, what was his name again? Dave, I think? He had to go through this too, and that didn't kill him... well... He died, but not from the cut... so don't worry."


"As I said, this is something I wanted to try for a while, but I'd have preferred giving you pleasure instead. Ah, well..."

It was not possible to scream or cry, but Carmen's belly burned like fire. She was scared and terrified. How come her life turned into this? Her daughter was the sweetest person in the world; she raised her well. Why was this crazy person after her family? It made no sense.

Once the cut was wide enough, Evangeline grabbed the two ropes and plunged her hand inside her belly.

"Oh, perfect... that's where all your guts are. I just need to tie the ropes to your intestines, and then, I'll finally be able to have my fun."

Tying the ropes around her guts? This bad dream quickly turned into a nightmare. What was this evil plan that she had to endure? The ropes were now making a nice triangle, going from Carmen's blue breasts, to over the ceiling beam, down the headboard, and back to her belly, while she was standing on that chair at the foot of the bed.

"Aaah. It was slippery, but I think I got it. The ropes are tied nicely around your guts. Okay, I'm going to unfreeze you, but please don't fall yet. If you fall, the fun is over."

Once again, she placed her hand on her victim and whispered a few divine words.

“AAAAAAAH! AAAAH! It... It buuuurns! AAAH!”

"That much? Hey! Don't fall! Please!"

“AAAAH! What do you want from me? Why are you doing this?"

"I have to kill you, but I don't like boring deaths. So you are going to entertain me for a bit... at least that's the theory."

Evangeline tugged lightly on the ropes coming out of Carmen's belly.


"Wow... That's cool. It's way more sensitive than I thought it would be. Okay, don't move. I have to get ready. Please, don't pass out. I'll be quick."

Clothes and panties flew left and right as Evangeline undressed. Then she rushed to her backpack and pulled out the vibrator she had used on Johanne earlier; the batteries were still good, so it should do the job.

She walked back to the scene and sat on the bed foot's edge. Her knees were now between the chair, on which Carmen stood, and the soft mattress. She laid down on her back so she could look at the suffering Carmen from below, and the gut rope was right above her face and body.

"Oh, yeah... That's an awesome view. I can even play with the rope a bit. It's like a guitar."


"I know, right! It's so hot."


"No, monsters don't exist. You, humans, believe in all kinds of weird shit. Anyway, I need my fun now. Keep in mind that if you fall, something ugly will happen. "


Evangeline turned on the vibrator and applied it to her wet pussy. She looked at Johanne's face while smiling and working on pleasuring herself. This was turning her on so much.

"Oooh... That feels good. You know, you are pretty, Carmen? Almost as pretty as Lydia."

"You are mentally ill! Leave my daughter out of this! You made her suffer enough."

"Mmm... oooh... Aaah! You are turning me on! Or maybe it's just the situation you are stuck in... Don't you think it's hot?"


"Oh... I think I'll cum quicker than I expected... I'll have to time myself properly."

For several minutes that felt short to Evangeline but very long to Carmen, the vibrator did a fantastic job pleasuring the executioner. Evangeline even placed her two feet on the edge of the chair on which Carmen was standing, making her panic even more.

"AAaah! I'm so close, Carmen! It's so good! It reminds me of your daughter, Lydia! Our sex was amazing."


"I fucked her over and over and over, knowing I'd have to kill her eventually. It was awesome. She was so unsuspecting."


"AAAh! I'm on the edge... I'm... I'm about to cum... Carmen! Don't you want to end your life, now? Can you jump down the chair for me... Aaanh! It would be amazing."


"AAaah! Aaah! I have to do it now... AaaaH! I can't wait for you to decide! Thank you so much, Carmen! Thanks for dying for my pleasure! MMMAaaaaH!"

"...No...! No! NO! NO! DON'T DO THIS! NOOOO!"

Using her feet, Evangeline pushed with all her strength on the chair, which sent Carmen in a free fall...

Her breast immediately pulled on the rope, which slid over the ceiling beam and around the headboard. The strong yank of her body weight pulled all her guts out in one shot through her small belly incision. All the bloody-warm intestines and various ligaments splashed on Evangeline, which triggered her massive orgasm.

The feeling of the tubes sliding around her neck, boobs, torso, and crotch sent her to an incredibly joyful place; she even had a piece of Carmen's intestine crossing her mouth like a bit, providing her with a new taste. It was a brand new experience that she got to feel for the first time ever. Those occasions were rarer and rarer lately.

"Aaaah! Aaaah! I'm cumming! It's so warm... Carmen, your guts feel so amazing! Please, please... Don't die just yet! Give me a few more minutes! If you die, I'll have to stop. AAAH! I'm... I'm cumming again!"


Carmen crashed on the floor; her organs poured out of her body like donut filling. The pain was unbearable, but she couldn't speak anymore. Unfortunately, she could still breathe, and hearing Evangeline cumming over and over was probably the last thing she would have wanted before dying.

She stretched her arm just enough to reach Evangeline's ankle and then blacked out.

"AAaah! I'm cumming again! Aaaah!"

Bathing in a vast amount of intestines, Evangeline felt like an angel in paradise.


It was a rainy day downtown, and there was not much of a crowd around. There was something ominous in the air, and the humidity and cold temperature were getting to people's bones, keeping them at bay.

A pretty blonde girl wearing a long PVC raincoat walked into a local pub. She looked out of her elements. It was not the kind of place a cute girl dressed like this should visit. Yet, she knew she was at the right address.

She was the only female around, so many men saw her as a meat piece, a potential target for the night, but she didn't care too much about that. The reason for her presence was in front of her. A man, not looking too good, who rested his face on his forehead on the small pub table, an unfinished beer at his side.

"Hey... Can I sit here?"

"Mmm... Go away!"

"I will sit here."

"I said, go away..."

He raised his head slightly to confront the annoying woman, but his heart skipped a beat when he saw how pretty she was.

"Who... who are you?"

"Oh, now you want to talk to me because I'm pretty. So, I was right about you."

"...Whatever... Who are you?"

"You don't know me. My name is Evangeline. You? What is your name?"

"Alan... What's left of him."

"Why the depressed attitude, Alan? What's going on?"

"...You don't want to know. What do you want with me, anyway? Are you with the police again? I told you already. I have no idea what happened to them!"

"...I... have no clue what you are talking about. I'm not with the police at all."

"Then what do you want?"

"Well, I was looking for something... but I'm not sure anymore that you are a good candidate."

"...You are probably right... Whatever you are talking about. My life is shit."

Waving with her hand at the barman, Evangeline caught his attention and ordered a light drink. She would need to spend a bit more time than she expected with that devastated person.

"Alan? Was it? So, Alan... Tell me what happened. I have a few minutes in front of me."

"Why do you care?"

"I'm looking for something, and I think you may be able to help me with it. I might have an offer for you later if I think you are a good fit for the job."

"What offer? What job?"

"Aaah! You first! You tell me why you have a long face, and I'll tell you about my offer later."

"If I do, you'll be out of here before I even finish."

"I don't think so. Tell me."

"My best friend died."

"Oh... I'm sorry to hear that."

"My sister died too..."

"Ah, yes... Life can throw those curveballs sometimes. Bad coincidence."

"My ex-wife died..."


"And my daughter died..."


Alan grabbed his beer and poured the whole content right inside his throat. To him, the conversation was over, and there was nothing else to discuss. But Evangeline, instead of running away, leaned forward.

"This... this is horrible... What happened?"

"Murdered... All of them... in the most horrible ways."

"The most... Don't tell me... those people on the news... it was... them?"

"Yes... All of them! My friend rotted in his bed because the murderer inserted raw meat inside his body, my daughter got rolled over by a freight train, my sister was asphyxiated slowly, my ex-wife got her guts pulled out of her body."


"Someone in town is sick in the head... I tell you."

"Okay... I'm sorry... You were right... It's probably better if I leave you alone. I can find someone else. This is a bit too heavy for me..."

Evangeline placed some money on the table to pay for her untouched drink and stood up. But as she was walking away...



"...Come back... Please."

"Are... are you sure?"

"Yes... You heard my overly-cheerful story, so it's only fair that I listen to yours."

"Mmm... Mine is not a sad story... It's a fun one."

"Good... Good... That might cheer me up then."

"Alright... I guess pity gets the best out of me. But I tell you, you are probably going to want to pass."

"We will see..."

The black-dressed lady returned to the small table and sat before taking a sip of her drink. The man in front of her looked a bit more open to discuss than a minute ago.

"So, I came to this not-so recommendable pub for a reason... I'm looking for someone that is not the businessman type."

"Ah! You are into bad boys, aren't you."

"God, no! I'm more classy than this."

"Well... Thanks... I guess."

“I'm here for my younger sister."

"...Your younger sister?"

"Yes... hum... It's the third time we attempt this, unsuccessfully, but... Yeah... She has this fantasy... It's a weird one..."

"A fantasy? Dating bad boys is not really a fantasy, you know. It’s kind of the standard around here."

"I know... but...Aaah... We rented a hotel room two streets from here, and she is waiting in it naked... Me, I have to find a random man to send her way, one that is not too... delicate. Let's put it that way."

"You want me to go fuck your sister?"

"Well, not just that... She... she wants someone who will mistreat her... for the whole weekend."

Alan's jaw dropped. Definitely, this was not something he had expected to hear tonight... or during his lifetime. Yes, some terrible things happened to him recently, but this... It was not worth passing. This Evangeline girl certainly caught his attention.

"AH! You want me to screw your sister for a whole weekend... and treat her like trash?"

"Not so loud! People will hear. Yes... and treat her like trash."

"Is she cute?"


"I'm in!"

"Seriously? But... with all the people you lost recently... I thought."

"I said, I'm in. I have a lot of anger inside of me, and I need to let it out. Plus, this is a proposal of a lifetime. So, I'm in. Let's go."

"Wait... Not so fast. Okay, I'll let you play with her... but her rules are strict."

"Ah, come on... Don't tell me she is not going to swallow."

"It's nothing like that, no. She is heavily into BDSM... the roughest one... In the room, there will be plenty of items that you have to use on her. Just plain sex is not her thing. Anything that leaves a mark is good."

"Even better."

"She will probably act like she wants out, but you have to ignore that... It's roleplay."

"How will you know I won't go too far?"

"Simple. I'll be in the room. I will stop you if I see something inappropriate... but she is a tough one."

"You'll have sex with us?"

"No, I'll just sit and read books. Please pay no attention to me. Another thing is that she is wearing a full leather hood for privacy. She won't be able to see you or hear you well. Her mouth will be accessible, though."

"What a dirty bitch..."

"Errgh. This kind of language is why I don't stick around your kind."

"Hahaha! Your sister gets it, that's all I care about. Is that it? No more rules?"

Sipping a bit more of her drink, Evangeline nodded at his last comment.

"A few more... She will be lightly sedated during the whole weekend."


"Yes, else she will have panic attacks. She will be conscious enough to interact with you, but she didn't want anxiety to ruin her fun. I'm the one that will medicate her, so you can't abuse that."

"Fine... I mean, if your sister is willing to do all that, I probably don't need to drug that one..."

"...that one? You've drugged girls before? To have sex with them?"

"Errr... No... of course not. Forget I said anything. Anyway, you'll be there to stop me from doing anything bad, right."

"Right... Alan, you are a revolting person, you know that!?"

"Haha. I have my moment."

"Fine then... Let's go, before my disgust gets the best of me."

"It's here... Once I open this door, you get to work. You do whatever you want to her, but I'll keep an eye on you... oh... And enjoy..."

"Oh, I will... I will."

The card reader beeped, sounding the beginning of this less than ethical adventure. Evangeline pushed the door open and let Alan walk in first. That was bad; he already had a visible bulge in his pants due to the anticipation to fuck and brutalize a helpless girl.

"Well, Eva, I have to admit I didn't take a shower in a while... I might have to do that first..."

"Nah, you can do that later... I know her... The dirtier the better... she is nuts."

"Alright then..."

She was there, on the bed, tied spread eagle with chains and heavy leather cuffs. Evangeline didn't lie; she was very pretty. Petite, so she wouldn't be able to pull much of a fight, perfect white skin that would make all the marks and bruises very visible, nice breasts that will be fun to torture, a heavy leather hood with a removable gag panel that will keep her from whining too much.

To Alan, that was a dream come true. This took priority over all the shit that happened to him and his family over the past few months.

"She is a gift from the Gods! She is so sexy."

"She is indeed a gift from the Gods... More than you think."

Evangeline rolled her eyes at that last comment and headed for the couch in the corner where her books awaited her.

"Alright, let's get to work."

The first thing Alan did was to give a solid slap on the girl's inner thigh. She was deep asleep, and this was a brutal wakeup call. She screamed through her gag. This was more of a test than anything else.

Alan looked back at Evangeline, but she didn't react one bit after the slap. This absence of reaction was his green light to use at a minimum this level of roughness on the poor girl. She would be in for quite a ride.

Remembering most of the conditions, Alan used the paddles and canes lined up along the wall to his heart content. It didn't take long for the girl's butt to become bright red. She was screaming a lot at first, but not so much anymore.

Between two beatings, she was forced to have sex multiple times. Alan penetrated all her orifices, alternating between them now and then. When he needed a break to recover, he just chose a new body part to brutalize.

It was only the first night, and bruises already covered most of her body. Warm semen leaked out of her crotch as the rough spankings sessions continued relentlessly.

Late at night, when Alan was done for the day and was remorselessly cleaning himself in the shower, Evangeline walked to the girl and caressed her damaged body. It would be a very long weekend for her.

"I can't believe you didn't sleep all weekend. You must be dead tired, Evangeline."

"I'm fine. I had to keep an eye on my sister. You are a dangerous person."

"Hey! I only did what she asked for, right?"

"Yes, but you were a bit too happy about it... anyway. I'm sure she enjoyed it."

"Of course, I was happy. Say what you want, this is how women like to be treated. Okay, maybe not like THAT, but close..."

"Errr... You make me sick! Get out now! I need to take care of her."

"Hey... Just like that? We aren't going to do this again?"

"If we do, I know where to find you. Now go, I have work to do."

"Haha... Alright. Tell her I had a blast."

"I will, but I think she knows that already."

The strong spring slammed the door shut as soon as Evangeline released it. She walked to the bed and climbed on it to meet the shivering girl.

"Mmm... He was right. You are very cute. Now it's my turn to play with you. He got to have fun for two full days, but I'm going to toy with you for another five. What do you say? I need pleasure too, you know."


"Right... I think some of those bruises need a little refresher. What do you prefer? The paddles or the canes? Oh, shoot... I just remembered I also have a whip. I totally forgot to tell him. Whip it is, then!"


"It might leave permanent marks, though... Are you okay with that?"


"I'll take that as a yes. You are so understanding."

A week later, Alan was deeply asleep following a night of lonely drinking when his cellphone rang. He didn't answer the first time, but then it rang again... and again, to the point where he had no other choice but to pick it up.



"Heeey... Sorry for the yelling... I thought you..."


"What? What are you doing there? You okay?"


"Shit... You don't sound too good. Are you at the central hospital?"


"What room? 796? Okay! I'll be right there."

In a rush, Alan bolted out of his dirty apartment and drove off. The phone call he received was not one he had ever hoped for.

Thirty minutes later, Alan rode the elevator to the seventh floor of the central hospital. As soon as the silver doors parted, he rushed to the volunteer desk.

"Room 796... Where is it?"

"At the end of this, hallway... But... Are you okay?"

"Ah, shut up!"

He intermittently jogged down the long corridor, slowing down only to read the numbers on the doors. It didn't take too long before he paused in front of the one that worried him.

After knocking two times, his trembling hand turned the metal handle, and he pushed the door open.


"...Un... Uncle Alan?"

"Yeah... It's me... Are... are you okay?"

"...No... No... I'm really not okay..."

"What happened?"

"I... I need Mom!"

"You... You know she is no longer with us... But I'm here."

"It's not the same..."

"I know it's not. My sister was way better than me. But she is gone now, you know. Tell me what happened to you. Who did this to you?"

Lily was Alan's niece. Her small body was resting on an oversized hospital bed and was covered in bandages. A blindfold also covered her eyes. Something terrible happened to her. She mentioned an attack, but nothing else. Lily was the sweetest person Alan knew... and also the last living member of his family. Who could have done this to her?

"Let me take that blindfold off you..."

"No... They... They kept me blindfolded for a full week... The Dr. says I have to keep it on until later today to give time to my eyes to get back to normal..."

"Who are you talking about? Tell me?"

"They... they raped me... for days... they beat me up as if I was just a plaything... They kept me tied up... I couldn't leave."

Alan froze... Knowing very well that he did something similar to a girl about a week ago... A cold bead of sweat rolled down his neck.

"Lily... W... When did.. this happened?"

"This... this past week... It... It was a girl..."

"Ah! A girl... Okay, okay... Good, good..."

"Good!? Uncle Alan... I got raped... How can this be a good thing?"

"No! No! Sorry, it's not what I meant... I'm just saying I'm relieved it was not a guy."

"UNCLE! There was a guy too at first! He... He smelled bad and..."

Alan's heart skipped a beat. The more the story developed, the more scared he got.

"Lily... Did... Did you see him?"

"Nooo... I didn't! I told you... I was blindfolded... I mean, I did see the girl at first."

"Do you know who she was?"

"No... Well, yes... She invited me to her hotel room. She was friendly and all... but then... I think I drank too much..."

"That... that girl... Did she... tell you her name?"

"Yes... And she said that I had to remember it. I'm not sure what she meant..."

"Lily? What... What was her name?"


Alan stepped back abruptly, plowing through a bunch of medical equipment.

"Lily... You... you were the girl at the Frederic Square Hotel!?"



Why did he have to say that... Lily's silence meant everything! Alan had fucked up big time and he knew it.

"Un... Uncle Alan? How... How do you know that?"

"...Lily... Please..."


"Shhh... People will hear you..."


"Lily... I beg of you... Keep your voice down!"



Unnaturally, Lily stopped talking and moving as if she were frozen in time.


Then the door opened.

"Yep, she knows! You are screwed!"

"E... Evangeline? W... What are you...!?"

"Tsk tsk... What a horrible person you are. Abusing your beloved niece like this."

"I... I... You... You did this... How...? Why? Why is she not moving anymore?"

"I cursed her. She can't move a finger, but she can hear us perfectly well. As for the hotel, I simply did what I had to do. But right now, it's all about you. Lily knows... She will tell the police. So what are you going to do about it?"

"...Do? What do you want me to do?"

"Kill her... That's the only way."


"No, here is a knife... That's the one I use to kill your ex-wife, by the way... Oof... That was quite an experience, I tell you. Guts everywhere and all. I came so hard while bathing in her warm innards. I’m not sure why humans don’t try cool stuff like that. What a waste."


Evangeline casually slapped the knife in Alan's hand, not fearing for her own life one bit. She knew Alan was adding up all the recent events in his head. The conclusion was simple; Evangeline had killed his family and friends all in the most horrible way to get to him. And now, Lily was the next on the list.

"You... You killed them all?"

"Yes, but it's not important. Look, I froze Lily for a few minutes, but you have to decide what to do. You can kill her now and get away with it, or go to jail for the rest of your miserable life. That's an easy choice if you ask me."

The defenseless young girl on the bed could hear everything but couldn't move a muscle. Who was that woman? Was her uncle really going to kill her?

"Alan? Are you still with me?"

"I... I can't kill Lily... She is all I have left."

"Ah, seriously? After what you have done to her, you still think you HAVE her? You know what, think about it. I'll have some fun with her while you stand there like a traumatized leek."

Without shame, Evangeline pulled the bedsheets off, tossed them on the floor, climbed on the bed, and approached her face from Lily's crotch.

"When you left the hotel, I discovered that Lily tasted SO good. I ate her pussy for five days in a row, and she even did the same to me. Not that she had a choice in the matter. Maybe this good conditioning turned her into a lesbian. She was quite into it toward the end."

"Get... Get off her!"

"No, I want to eat her again. I'll make her cum over and over until you decide to kill her, or walk out of here."

"You... you are insane! You are absolutely insane!"

"Whatever you say, buddy. But I get to lick your niece... and you can't stop me."

Her tongue reached Lily's hairless pussy, and yes, it was as delicious as before. Lily felt everything. This was a nightmare, but this woman working between her legs managed to trigger waves of pleasure inside her broken body, confusing her pure gentle mind further.

For many long minutes, Alan stood there, in despair, watching Evangeline pleasuring her niece. He couldn't do anything to stop her as if his intentions to kill this evil woman were nullified. She was somehow protected by a force greater than his will could handle.

"Oh... She just came hard. I think she squirted a little too. She did that a lot this week."

"Get off her!"

"No... Kill her, Alan. You know that it's the only way to save your skin and the only way to stop me."

"You... You! AAAAH! I'm not going to kill, Lilly."

"Yes, you will. Stop acting all righteous. You know you are not. You forced her during a full weekend and enjoyed it."

"I... I didn't know it was her!"

"So, it was okay to do this to a girl you didn't know? You were so turned on by the thought of raping to understand that something was fishy. Hypocrite!"


Evangeline crawled up on Lily and initiated a deep kiss while massaging her bruised chest.

She really didn't want to, but she couldn't stop it; Lily was as turned on as she was scared. Evangeline managed to make her cum a moment ago. It was a repeat of the long, painful week she had to endure. A sharp pain flashed inside her brain when Evangeline bit one of her nipples hard.

"Aggn! Her breasts are SO delicious... and if I pull hard like this with my teeth, she just LOVES it."

"Ev... Evangeline... Please... Stop... That's... That's enough..."

"What? Are you going to walk out? You know if you walk out, I'll be after her as long as you don't kill her. I'll bring her body somewhere and continue to do this and way worse. Think about what I did to the others. Hey, do you think she would look good with nipple piercings and slutty tattoos? I can do all that myself, I'm sure. I'm very creative."

"Shut... SHUT UP! ENOUGH! I... I'll do it."

"What? I didn't hear that... Come again!"

"I'LL DO IT! I'LL KILL LILY! She doesn't deserve to suffer like this."

"Aaah, neat! So, look, if you stab her deep right here, you'll cut the lower part of her aorta and..."

"STOP! Shut up!"

"I just wanted to help. I'll keep licking her until it's over then. I will really miss her taste. Oh, and by the way, you are doing it for yourself, and you know it. Else you'd kill yourself first. Mind you, if you did that, Lily would be mine for a VERY long time. "


As Evangeline crawled back down and plunged her face in Lily's wet crotch, Alan walked to her niece, distressed as ever. He had a very hard time comprehending what was happening and what he was about to do. But this sorceress wasn't leaving him any other choice. There was no exit.

"Lily... I'm... I'm so sorry... It's... It's better that way."


"Oh, she is about to cum again... Take your time."

"I'm not going to give you that privilege... Goodbye, Lily. I’m so sorry."

Alan pushed the pointy knife between her ribs, hoping to cut her lung, the same way he would finish a dying deer during a hunt.


"Oops... I lifted her freeze curse. I don't know what you did to her, but you really hurt her bad. I have to learn that technique."

"Li... LILY! I'm... I'm so sorry... Please... stop screaming..."


He stabbed her several more times in the chest until her atrocious screams turned into faint bubbling noise. The few seconds it took for her to stop convulsing and spitting blood felt like an eternity to Alan. He just eliminated the last person on Earth he cared about.


"Evangeline... get off her!"

"No... She is not dead yet! I still have a bit of time to lick her, don't spoil my fun."

"She is DEAD... get off her!"

"I tell you she is not! Oh... Now she is... darn.."

"You are a monster! So, what now? You ruined my life! You turned me into a murderer."

"Turned you into a murderer? You have balls! Come with me right now. We can't stay here anyway. The police are coming for you."

Fast walking out of the room, Evangeline led Alan to the nearest staircase. They went up a few flights of stairs and exited on the rooftop.

"Ah, nobody here. Perfect. Come, let's go behind those big things..."

"Why? We should leave. Why did you bring me up here."

"You'll see."

Evangeline circled a tool shed and then climbed on the small protection wall at the roof's edge. One bad wind gust could make her dive down the hospital, but she looked happier than worried.

"So! Do you get it now, Alan?"

"Get what? That you are a psychopath murderer?"

"I'm not a murderer... You are!"

"Evangeline, you are the one who forced me to kill Lily."

"Okay, that's enough. First, my name is not Evangeline. It was this body's name. I just borrowed it. Second, everything is your fault! You are responsible for all their death!"

"What... What are you?"

"My name is Eisheth, a sweet little angel. And you called me here."

"I... I did what?"

Eisheth opened her arms widely and lifted one of her legs sideways as if to increase her chances to fall.

"On the 31st of October. Remember? It was a stormy night. You were drunk."

"Possibly... That happens a lot with me."

"Don't you remember? When you exited the bar on that night, a young couple asked you for directions. They were lost and were trying to find their car."

"Heee... Sure... I think so."

"AH! Humans have such poor memory. Pathetic."

"What does this have to do with me being a murderer? Get to it already, stupid bitch! Stop playing with me."

"You sent them to the worst area of the city, which was in the opposite direction than the parking lot they were looking for."

"Ah... So what?"

"...on purpose..."

"Yeah, so what? It was a small prank."

"The man got stabbed and died because of your little prank."


"Yes, and the girl who lived in this body asked me to avenge him in exchange for her early passage to the afterlife. So technically, you killed the two of them."

"How is that my fault? I'm not the one who killed him."

"No, but the murderer was already on our list, another angel was already on his case. So I chose you to play with you instead since you triggered this whole chain of events."

"To play with? You killed everybody I cared about!"

"Yes, that's how it works. I took everything away from you. They were all amazing people. I had a lot of fun with them. Oh, and I lied earlier too. You killed Lily to protect yourself, but the police know you were in the hotel room. It's on camera, and your DNA was everywhere, even inside Lily."

"...I'm so going to kill you!"

"Hahaha! How?"

Alan spat on the ground next to him and locked eyes with the evil angel. He then sprinted toward Eisheth and tackled her at the waist level, sending her and himself flying off the roof. If he were to die, he wouldn't die in vain.

"Hahaha! Alan! I'm an angel!"

"A dead one!"

"Not quite... I have... WINGS!"


Two massive wings made of ember and ashes burst out Eisheth's back, which stopped her fall right on the spot. As for Alan, she held him by the neck effortlessly using only one hand.


"See... I'm not dead. So, here is the deal. If I let you fall from this height, I would say you have one chance out of five to survive. If you do survive, it will hurt a lot, though. But don't worry, I'll take good care of you if that ever happens because you'll probably be paralyzed. Haha. I could be your personal nurse!"

"You... I... hate... you!"

"Hehe. After saying such a thing, you better pray that this fall will kill you then. Alright! It's not polite to play with the food. See you in a bit, on Earth or in Hell."


Eishert opened her hand and let Alan fall straight to the concrete parking lot below.

"Whaaat? No way! He survived! Ah, well, more pleasure for me before going back home."


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