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Stories that are Bound to entrap you, and keep you tied up for hours...

  1. Spirit Trap
    FM/f; M/f+; bond; cuffs; corset; leash; public; dungeon; toys; electro; chain; ghost; supernatural; cage; hood; cons; reluct; nc; XX
  2. Halloween Party
    Miss's Pet
    F/m; anal; collar; corset; gag; party; public; club; boots; cbt; costumes; domme; electro; toys; latex; rom; X
  3. Hailey and Lola 1: Halloween
    Vampire Medic
    F+/f; cartrunk; lesbian; cocoon; leash; bed-tie; karada; party; corset; cosplay; costumes; crop; cuffs; leather; objectify; pvc; shower; goth; rom; cons; X
  4. The Charity Shop
    F/f; costume; bond; genie; enslave; chain; cuffs; collar; oral; reluct; X
  5. Ghost Lightning
    The Technician
    F+/f; MF; sex; ghost; possession; cons; X
  6. Erotic Ghost Encounter
    Sensual Robert
    Solo-F; oral; vag; exhib; group; college; captive; nc; XX
  7. Serene Sisters of Sibyl
    The Technician
    F+/f; bond; rope; straps; cuffs; spread-eagle; outdoors; pain; oral; tease; toys; force; strap-on; whip; majick; celtic; cons; nc; X
  8. A Small Box
    FF; bond; stocks; box; magic; packaged; enclosed; cons; X
  9. The Curse of the Slutty Fetish Maid
    John Bannergram
    F/f; costume; maid; latex; spank; hum; party; office; cuffs; chain; ghost; reluct; nc; XX
  10. The Graveyard
    The Technician
    MF; rom; ghost; sex; cons; X
  11. Tricked and Treated by a Goddess
    F/m; M/m; F/mf; fem; chastity; trick; cd; costume; hum; office; party; oral; cuffs; reluct; XX
  12. The Conference
    The Technician
    fantasy; sex; myth; magick; monster; supernatural; ghost; anal; cons; nc; X
  13. Angel of Halloween
    Akiyama Senju
    F/f; collar; chastity; costume; pain; magick; toys; horror; church; nc; XX
  14. Clowning Around
    Jackie Rabbit
    F+/f; fpov; anal; insert; impale; gag; hood; rope; susp; party; barn; costume; bodypaint; punish; display; naked; exhib; public; revenge; rough; reluct; XXX
  15. Ghosts of the Hotel
    MF; F/m; fpov; oral; sex; bodysuit; caught; costume; encase; iso; rubber; cons; X
  16. Halloween Carnevil
    F/f; FF; Solo-F; transform; mannequin, majick; doll; horror; latex; corset; catsuit; robot; cons; nc; XX
  17. What is a Treat?
    Igor Stravinsky
    M/m; bond; electro; gag; mum; toys; public; cons; reluct; X

Be fore warned ye mere mortals, venture into this dark area at your own peril. Beware the Goblin and other Ghouls that will attempt to steal your very soul!

  1. Alice's Halloween Adventure
    Misti Love-Fitzpatrick
    FF; F/mf; caution; costume; satanism; goth; leather; cuffs; oral; naked; blood; ritual; magick; sacrifice; death; entomb; buried; cons; nc; XXX
  2. Cult of the Centipede
    bond; chain; horror; creature; temple; nc; XX
  3. The Witch's Shemale Curse
    Sensual Robert
    F/m; M/m; insert; gag; packaged; boots; capture; M2f; revenge; witch; horror; nc; X
  4. Angel Play
    F/m; F/f; supernatural; revenge; death; caution; extreme; latex; sex; bond; cuffs; oral; blood; gore; rope; force; exhib; hood; breathplay; spanking; pain; rape; nc; XXX
  5. Crossroads
    Teann Daorsa
    M/f; M/f+; M+/f; F+/m; bond; mind-control; majick; supernatural; latex; toys; sex; anal; reluct; nc; XX

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