Spirit Trap

by bentbliss

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"Thank you two for coming. I am Allison. You must be Luke and Callie." Allison is a rather attractive woman in her mid 40s about 5'6" with a fit body. Her dirty blonde hair and make-up are mostly business-like along with her attire if not a little bit on the sexy side. Luke is guessing she wants to be professional looking but also be a bit of eye candy in hopes of getting the sale. She wears a pink button up shirt that fits her curves and, with the help of her bra, emphasizes her DD breasts. Her black pencil skirt hugs her hips and ass so that most men would be drooling. Her black nylons are seamed and straight as they lead down her nicely toned legs to her pink 4 inch heels with half inch platform. With a large smile, she extends her hand out as they approach.

Luke walks up with Callie following behind. Luke is holding the end of a leash that leads back to Callie. Luke is a handsome man. He is clean shaven with sandy brown hair in a nice styled cut. His piercing blue eyes catch Allison's attention first. He is wearing a dark blue pin striped suit. His white shirt is unbuttoned at the top two as he is wearing no tie. Luke stands 6'2" and about 200lbs. Definitely healthy looking as well as confident with an aura of being in charge. He reaches Allison and kisses her hand instead of shaking it. He watches Allison shift and quiver slightly. "Yes we are, pleased to meet you."

As Callie finished walking up, she stood behind and to the right of Luke. She meets Allison's eyes for a moment and gives a quick greeting before she looks back down. She is unable to shake hands since hers are locked behind her back with red leather cuffs and a padlock. Callie is about 5'2" and 105 lbs. Her hair is dyed black, her eyebrows are painted on. Her make-up is a mixture of reds and blacks to go with her pale complexion. She is fitted into a tight black corset that has her waist down to 14 inches. This pushes her little A cup breasts up in their cups making them seem a little bigger and showing a bit more cleavage than normal. Her taut red micro mini skirt barely covered her ass with the leash pulling up the front as it ended with a lock attached to the ring piercing her clit. Red fishnet stockings attached to her corset suspenders covered delicious legs. Black 6 inch heels with locking straps adorned her feet with her ankles covered in red leather cuffs locked with a 6 inch chain in between.

"A fellow realtor said you two were looking for a unique older place. One with features you don't find in normal places." She gives a sly smirk and turns and points her arm towards an older worn down looking house. "I think you will find this place to likely meet your demands after some work is put into it. He also mentioned you two were into different things. I am curious, can I see where that leash ends?"

Luke smiles while Callie looks up in horror. Luke tells Allison she can lift up the skirt and take a look. Allison moves over and lifts up Callie's skirt, she gasps. She is surprised to see the ring in Callie's clit but also all the other piercings that line her pussy as well which are locked together basically sealing her pussy from any real penetration other than maybe a finger. Callie whimpers at the exposure not only is her pussy exposed but her skirt has slid up also exposing her ass. She hopes no one else is around as she knows her Master may let others play with her. Even though Callie is uncomfortable with this exposure, she is still wet and beginning to drip.

"Oh my. I think she is enjoying herself. I must say while this isn't my thing normally, she is starting to make me wet, seeing her get wet," Allison exclaims.

"Maybe I will let Callie lick you if this house is worth it and we start negotiations. Please show us the house. If you like you can hold her leash and even leave her skirt up," Luke responds, as Callie is horrified by it.

Allison giggles, "This is going to be the craziest and most interesting showing I ever had."

Luke hands over the leash as Allison accepts it. She looks over Callie again before turning to Luke telling him thank you. She turns on her heels and slowly begins walking periodically tugging the leash slightly making Callie gasp.

As they reach the door, Allison reaches into her purse and pulls out a large keyring with over two dozen keys. As she sifts through while still holding the leash, she says, "I have been through most of the house. All these keys belong to it. There are a couple of places I am afraid to go in and things I didn't touch until someone else was around."

She starts running through the history and also explains the areas as they work their way through the ground floor. They looked at the living room, kitchen, library and a few other rooms. She mentions that the place is supposedly haunted but she had not seen anything. It is part of why the place is still on the market. As it was time to head up stairs, Luke had to carry Callie because the chain was too short for her to take the steps. Luke questioned a few things including the haunting. The upstairs had a half dozen bathrooms and a few bathrooms. So far nothing was impressing Luke. Then Allison told them it was one for the underground floors. This got both of their attention.

As they walked back down the steps, they made their way down another set into an open room. It looked as it served multiple purposes from laundry to storage to any number of potential things. There was a large steel door in the back. Allison led everyone over, saying she had only been in the door once and never fully explored it. She shuffled through the keys until she found the correct one and with a loud echoing click the door unlocked. Allison flipped on the lights as another set of stairs led down.

At the bottom, it was a sight of wonder or horror depending on how one looked at it. The main room was full of lots of items including stocks, chains attached to the wall, a rack in the middle of the room, a cross and a number of bdsm related items as well as some torture items. There were some other rooms including one that had bars much like a cell. Luke's interest really piqued and Callie let out a moan and shuddered as she bent over.

This gave Allison the full view of her ass and she noticed the red jeweled heart up against the base of Callie's ass. Luke smacked her ass hard and admonished her for cumming without permission. Allison blushed at that and asked why she had an orgasm and what is the heart near her ass. Luke made Callie explain that the heart is the end of her butt plug. She then explained her orgasm came from her excitement of the room as well as everything else so far and days of pent up frustration as she blushed.

Luke spanked her ass harder getting her to stand straight. He pulled the cups of the corset down and exposed Callie's breasts. Allison could see the thick barbells that impaled her nipples. Luke pulled out a box with electrodes and wires. He handed the box to Allison to hold a second while he attached the electrodes to each side of the barbells on both breasts. Callie started crying and begging no but she knew she had to be punished for the orgasm. Luke told Allison to hit the button at the top and turn the knob in the middle all the way to the right. Allison stared for a second before doing it. Callie screamed and jumped almost falling over. Luke held out his hand for the box which Allison eventually passed over.

As Callie squealed in pain, Allison felt herself getting wetter. Luke took his time finding a way to attach the box to Callie before looking back at Allison's flush face. Luke tells Allison that she looks like she is turned on. Allison stutters but Luke cuts her off.

Luke says, "The offer still stands. If I like this place and we begin negotiations, I will let her lick you, maybe even let you play with her more." Allison blushes and tries to look away. But Luke adds in, "unless you are looking to play with me instead or maybe you want us both."

At that Allison's mouth drops open as she is speechless as Luke smirks back at her. Callie is busy dealing with the shocks going through her nipples. Rarely has it ever been turned up to full so she is struggling with the intensity. Luke turns to Callie and lifts her chin kissing her. Callie moans in pleasure.

After they break the kiss, Allison points out, there is another locked door that likely leads downstairs but she was afraid to go alone after entering this room. Luke first asks if any of those keys fit the locks to the various items in here including the chains on the wall. Allison walks over testing different keys finding that the do fit. Luke decides it is time for them to check it out. Allison walks over and unlocks the door.

With the lights on, Luke enters carrying Callie. Allison is not far behind but is nervous nonetheless. As they enter the room, they find even more things down here. At least half a dozen cells line the wall. A number of old medieval torture devices were also here including a functioning iron maiden. Callie's eyes locked onto the contraption in one corner. It was like a metal saw horse except the top wasn't flat but instead shaped into a triangle. There were shackles on the sides as well as above. For Allison she was shocked as the middle of the room was a small platform with a hangman's noose. This scared her very much.

As Luke put Callie down and they took a step forward, a sudden surge enveloped all of them. Everything went black, each ending up on their own. It felt different and none of them could tell what was going on or where they were. Then the sensations started for each of them.

Luke felt a hand grab his cock. He felt it slowly being stroked before he felt a mouth kissing his cock and balls. After a while the mouth began to suck his cock. All this was very faint to him. It would not do more than give him a slight arousal. Still there was nothing he could see. He heard a faint whisper, "A real cock. Been so long, even if I can't fully taste it. Come back for some more."

Allison was panicking. She suddenly felt herself on her hands and knees. Soon her pussy was being invaded by an unknown force. Her ass also felt it. It was like she was getting double penetrated. As she went to scream, her mouth was filled up as well. Her eyes wide with shock as she couldn't believe what was happening. A soft voice entered her head, "Your energy is intoxicating. I haven't felt this good in decades. You are as close to a match as I have had. Please come back soon."

Callie was bound and her nipples were shocked as things went dark. But while the shocks were happening, she felt no bonds. She felt what seemed like a finger penetrate her pussy and she instantly came. A voice rang loudly in her head, "Oi, I really fucking needed that. The electricity through your nipples feels fantastic. This is fantastic, I have a match in this world now. I can share your experiences down here and give you new ones. We are so alike you and I. Oh where are my manners, I am Ophelia. I see you are Callie. Well Callie, I hope you stick around. There is so much we can do together and I have been lonely a very long time. How long have I been here? 164 years, 245 days, 13 hours, 5 minutes, and ... 54 seconds. What am I? Well that will be for another time as the connection is breaking up but come back more and we can strengthen ..."

Luke seemed to recover first. He found that his pants were down at his ankles. The women were not where they were when it went dark. He looked and found Callie's pussy locks and her leather cuffs and locks on the ground next to him. Behind him he found Allison's clothes on the floor. He pulled his pants up and began looking around. He soon found Allison locked inside one of the cells completely naked and moaning and gagging. She moved like she was getting fucked in every hole. He finally got to see all of her in her glory. She had work done to enhance her breasts and she seemed to be in good shape as Luke found her body quite appealing. Allison snapped out of it and saw Luke standing on the other side of the cell. She jumped up screaming, "What the fuck did you do to me?" As she did she realized she was naked and tried to cover up blushing.

Luke shook his head, "I did nothing. I blacked out and when I came to I was partially unclothed and you and Callie were missing. I found you and you seem safe, I need to find Callie."

Allison started screaming, "Let me out! This isn't funny."

He looks at her and says, "No it isn't. Callie is still missing and I don't have the keys. I will look for them after I find her."

Allison begins crying and begging but Luke turns around and begins searching for Callie. He hears Callie's soft cry as if she just had an orgasm and followed the sound. He found her in a spherical cage suspended six feet in the air. She was still dressed except her locks and cuffs. Her arms were locked to the sides of the sphere. Her legs hung down with weights attached. Her breasts were still being shocked. There were dozens of sharp metal rods pressing against her skin in various spots but not enough to break skin as long as she didn't move. Two of the rods impaled her ass and pussy. Luke could see she was still entranced by whatever happened.

He walked forward towards the cage as she snapped out of it. She moved slightly screaming out. Luke quickly warned her to stay still. She tried to see what was going on just moving her eyes. Luke looked at her telling her he is unsure what happened but she seemed to be enjoying herself so she could stay there while he looked for the keys and dealt with Allison first. Callie whimpered but she really had no choice.

Luke went back to where Allison's clothes were and searched through and found the keys. He headed back to the cell Allison was locked in. She tried covering up but Luke said she was beautiful and there was no need to cover up. Allison rolled her eyes and demanded to be let out. Luke told her he would let her out once they were done negotiating. Allison demanded to know why he locked her in there but he said he didn't. He said Callie is also locked in a much worse predicament and he didn't do it. So the longer they took, the longer she was stuck. Allison frowned at that and finally said fine. Luke and Allison start negotiating the price of the house. Since it clearly is haunted, Luke was working it down with the naked realtor unhappy. Luke mentioned she seemed to be panicked yet enjoying herself during it. He is willing to let her come over if she wants. She looked at him angrily but also blushingly. She said she is not into much of this stuff. Luke responded that she seemed curious enough with Callie.

As they went back and forth they worked out an agreement in which Luke got a good deal on the house. Allison once a month will get to come play with Callie. Every three months she agreed to submit to him for six hours and try new things. Papers were signed a month later.

Over the next eleven months, work had been done to restore the house, items inventoried, Callie developed her new routine as maid of the house. Her connection to Ophelia grew and they talked often. It was strong enough that they could talk throughout the house instead of just the bottom floor. They found they were very much alike and likely why they had such a strong connection. Callie had discussed with Luke about the spirits of the house, specifically Ophelia. While Luke was concerned at first, there didn't seem to be much concern as there were no incidents after the first time.

Luke over the past few months had started hearing the voice of the spirit who wanted his cock that first time. The spirit filled his head with her desires to submit to him if he helped her be reborn. The more they talked the more he considered it. The spirit agreed to help get Allison to submit to him more. In the last two months she had spent most every weekend submitting to him. She even pierced her nipples and clit. She tried out any number of devices as well as being locked up a cell for most of the weekend.

As Halloween grew closer, the spirits as well as Allison and Callie were growing more and more excited. Allison and Callie wanted to be put through big tests for them on Halloween. The spirits were encouraging them all since they would be much closer that night. Last Halloween they were still waiting for the escrow to clear before moving in so they did not experience the spirits at their peak strength.

The week before Halloween, Allison quit her job and moved in permanently. She didn't want a bedroom as much as she desired to live in a cell when not being used. She had quit trying to dominate Callie and ended competing to be the better submissive. Allison had spent a lot of time that last week locked in isolation with sensory deprivation. She was kept on edge and the spirit had worked her so thoroughly that she would happily give her life to make her Master happy. She knew what she wanted for her Halloween test.

Ophelia had been discussing with Callie about Callie coming to her world and experiencing what Ophelia does. She had to wait until Halloween to do it. She also needed to be in a state of bliss between pleasure and pain for it to work. So they worked out a plan to get her Master to put her in an extreme predicament to get her in the frame of mind she needed to be in.

Halloween day was here. Callie rushed to finish up her maid duties as quickly as possible so she can start sooner. Callie met Luke downstairs as he finished modifying the iron maiden for Callie. The sharp objects had been replaced with shorter blunted metal rods. The ones below the neck would be connected to an electronic stimulus box. Two larger rods would be inserted in her two lower holes also hooked up to the electricity. She would feel the pressure and it would be painful still digging in but not deadly from those blunted rods. She was to remain there all night and then released the next morning.

Meanwhile, Allison had been locked and stretched on the rack for much of the early day. She was still hooded and enjoying her sensory deprivation along with the stretched feeling. Her tight corset had limited her breathing as she has been adjusting to it lately. It should help her extend the feeling longer for tonight. Tonight, she was going to experience something completely new and she couldn't wait. She had been on edge with no release for nearly two weeks and tonight Master was going to impregnate her.

Callie stripped completely naked. She kissed her Master telling him she loved him. What he didn't know was two voices had been speaking to him. He asked her if she was ready. Callie shook her head and jumped up in the iron maiden. She positioned herself and the straps over her ankles, knees, waist, wrists, arms, and head. Luke went behind and all of them snapped tight leaving her unable to move. Luke came around the front one last time and kissed her before gagging her. Then he closed the iron maiden and locked it.

Callie gasped at the pain and intensity. Ophelia was there to help calm her and tell her she will soon cross over and get to experience what Ophelia has for nearly a century and a half. The electricity started hitting random spots, intervals, and intensities. Callie tried squealing and shifting but all it did was hurt more. The vibration picked up in her pussy and ass, distracting from her pain. As time went on, the sensations brought her to her first orgasm for both Callie and Ophelia. Little did Callie know it would be the last one she felt in her body.

Luke had removed Allison from the rack and brought her to the spot that scared her the most the first time she entered the room. She had asked for a bit of roleplay as she was a witch sentenced to death by hanging but the evil executioner was going to use her first. Allison was stripped naked except for the corset. Her hands were bound behind her back. Luke decided to bind her arms above the elbow as well to ensure her hands stay down. He dragged her up the platform as she pretended to resist. She was underneath the noose as he put it around her neck and tightened. He put it to the side so it was less likely to damage her throat or break her neck. Though bad shit could happen but she begged him no matter what to do it.

Luke read off her charges and sentenced her to death. Allison was so excited she was nearly cumming thinking about it. He placed a sack over her head. Luke then forced her legs open and took her without care as she was a dead woman anyways. She came immediately and three more times before he filled her with his seed. She screamed how much she loved him. Once again it was two voices in one. As he pulled out after cumming inside of her, he hit the lever and the floor dropped out from beneath her. She dropped and immediately couldn't get air. She tried screaming but could only gasp as she kicked and thrashed. Luke watched nervously as she fought.

Meanwhile, Callie had finally entered the other realm and saw Ophelia for the first time. She was not super pretty but her dark hair, dark eyes and pale skin were similar. She was a couple inches taller and a bit thicker. Ophelia hugged her and kissed her passionately. She thanked her for coming and couldn't wait to show Callie what Ophelia had endured for years. She held her by the hand and pulled her forward. She stopped in front of another iron maiden. As she opened it up it was very real and spiky. Only real difference was the massive dildos connected to a machine to pump them up and down. It even had electrodes to stimulate her like the one her body is enduring now. Callie seemed a bit nervous but Ophelia reassured her it can't kill her in this realm. She asked Callie if she wanted to experience it. Callie shook her head yes. Ophelia put a tight restrictive hood over her head and locked it on Callie. She then helped Callie into the iron maiden and strapped her in. Callie felt Ophelia kissing Callie's breasts. She thanks Callie for choosing this. Ophelia is free to take her body while Callie spends an eternity inside the iron maiden while being fucked to death over and over as she can never truly die here. Ophelia slammed the door shut impaling Callie. The machines and electricity started up as Callie screamed within the mask which muted all sound preventing her from ever escaping. Ophelia thanked Callie again for another chance at life and then headed to the mortal realm into Callie's body.

Allison had stopped thrashing as severely. She was either unconscious or dying. The spirit that tricked Allison was waiting. As Allison passed over, she locked Allison's wrists in shackles overhead. She placed a metal saw horse under her with the pointed edge facing up. She moved Allison's legs and strapped them leaving Allison straddling the horse with the pussy being split by the metal as her weight pulled her down. She tried pulling on the chains to hold her up but it tired her out quickly. A strict discipline hood was placed over Allison's head leaving her only barely able to breath. She screamed and shouted but there were no sounds. A voice in her said thank you for my rebirth. You will serve your Master for eternity here on this vile device. I will pleasure and serve him for the rest of your body's mortal life.

Luke was trying to resuscitate Allison when she finally coughed and gasped for breath. She took a second to finish breathing while he looked concerned. Allison smiles up at him and Luke notices her eyes have changed color. "Thank you for my rebirth, Master."

"Where is Allison?" He asks.

"I am Allison. At least her physical body. I mean we agreed to bring me back as did she. Her soul will be fine. I made sure she is nice and secure. We have so much to do as I want to serve you in every way for life." Her words hypnotize him as she had been doing for months. "Let me suck your cock before you release me from my previous hanging." Luke enjoys his second orgasm before he locks Allison in her cell before going to bed.

Next morning, Luke makes his way to the iron maiden and unlocks it. He releases the straps and opens it as Callie falls out. He ungags her and she kisses him passionately. She thanks him for the best night ever. She tells him it was an amazing experience and hopes they can do so much more. She goes to rest for the day as Ophelia is giddy to be back in the real world. She is happy to serve Luke, he will treat her better than her masters in her previous life.

Luke finds himself lucky to have two loving and willing slaves. He can't help but think things are a little off with both but they serve him faithfully. It makes him happy and things are quiet for now. No new voices or discussions of voices. The house ends up fully restored and the slaves start begging for him to find more slaves. He will have to see as the two of them are quite enough.


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