Tricked and Treated by a Goddess

by bentbliss

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© Copyright 2020 - bentbliss - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; M/m; F/mf; fem; chastity; trick; cd; costume; hum; office; party; oral; cuffs; reluct; XX

"Honey, I think turnabout is fair play and I want to up the ante," says Grace as she lies in bed next to Steve just finishing a blowjob. Grace was Chinese from birth but adopted at a young age by an American family. She had very normal features of a Chinese born female: dark hair, slender frame, moderately attractive face, small breasts, and little butt to go with her average height. Grace has been sexually frustrated for nearly a year after Steve tricked her into chastity last Halloween and raffled off the key at her company party. She was less than a week away from getting it back but her boss was looking for another prize. She gave Grace an idea to get back at Steve but also earn a promotion.

Steve was an average male. Nothing stood out, his height, weight, hair, eyes, even his dick was pretty average. He at least kept himself in shape usually running in the morning and evenings most days. He had lost his job a few months ago and was still unemployed. He had lost his mother a few years ago and his father well before that and had no real family left so he was basically an orphan now. Shaking off his orgasmic bliss he looked over at Grace and said, "Oh, you want to remain in chastity longer? I think your boss wouldn't mind that."

Grace punched him in the shoulder, "You're such an ass. No I want out of this but I am willing to put up another year in this belt if you go up for auction this year. If you make less than I did, I will remain in this belt. But you are going to be feminized and put in chastity this Halloween and the key will go up for auction. Just like you did with me."

Steve frowned and responded, "I don't know, Grace."

She looked at him seriously, "Have I not endured this year for you? Have I not been a good sport even though I have to spend my lunches and after work eating my boss out in order to get the key back. Anyways, with you not working, we could use the money. Just think of how horny we will both be all year. There will likely be other people auctioning things unlike last year when it was just me."

Steve retorted, "I don't want to be feminized though. Why is that even a thing?"

Grace smiled wickedly, "Oh that is pay back for tricking me into this last year plus I want to make as much money from you as possible. So you will be feminized and spend the day at work dressed up like that all the way through the party. One other thing." She reached over the side of the bed and brought back up a full chastity belt. It looked much like hers but it had a tube for a penis to fit into. "Put it on now."

Steve started shaking his head no but Grace told him to quit being a wimp. She wanted him horny for Halloween. It was only 3 days and if he was a good girl that day, she would auction off a blowjob for him to receive before the key sold. Steve eventually gave in as Grace worked him over with her words and touch. Once she had him locked up and started kissing and fondling him. Steve grunted in discomfort a few times but he knew he better get used to it.

Grace had started getting Steve used to the heels and the DD breast forms she got for him. She glued them and forced him to wear them through Halloween. Steve had to adjust to wearing a bra and panties with the chastity belt. She even got him into the skirt to test it early. She even took him to get his ears pierced. The night before she helped him remove his hair that wasn't on his head and cleaned up his eyebrows giving them a more feminine look. Steve was dreading this but Grace was openly enjoying every moment. She was planning on tomorrow being her last day of orally pleasing her boss, Ms. Vaze. She also planned to get her key to the chastity belt and finally have real orgasms again. She also liked Steve being locked up as it is no longer just about him getting off. 

They were both up early to get ready. Steve put on his sexy secretary outfit of a button up white silk blouse, matching set of black silk and lace bra and panties, black pantyhose, tight form fitting black pencil skirt, and a pair of black four inch heels with lockable straps. Once he finished she worked on his makeup and added a blonde wig. She moved onto the final accessories of a bracelet, a jeweled ring on each hand, locks for his heels and finished it with a collar that she locked on that read, Office Slut. Steve was not happy with the locks or the collar but Grace said there was nothing she could do now as the keys were at work. She added one last piece to his outfit. It was a sticker she slapped on his left breast saying, Hi. My name is Stacy. Stacy was written out in neon pink with hearts all over. Grace told him that was his name for today and to get used to it. Steve groaned and took a seat while Grace finished getting dressed with her costume. 

Grace had decided to go as a witch this year. She had a long black dress with a built in corset. The neckline was low and Grace went braless showing off a little bit of her small breasts. She had decided on no panties today, either. She did have a garter to hold up her spider web stockings that could be seen periodically based on her movements as her dress had slits on both sides nearly to her waist. She added her four inch heels her boss required her to wear then finished off her outfit with a large pointy hat. As she finished her final touches, she grabbed her purse and one for Steve and handed it to him. He sighed and took it as they got into the car and headed to Grace's work.

"Now Stacy, remember to be a good girl today. You will be getting people drinks and anything else they ask of you. You can expect to be on your feet running around quite a bit. Oh and you will be having lunch with Ms. Vaze and I. If I am lucky, you will be the only one giving her her lunch time special. It is also agreed that you may use either restroom but don't be surprised if anyone tries to corner you and have a little fun. You do look quite sexy, I may use you before we get out of the car," Grace chuckled.

Grace pulled the car in and parked as far as she could from the front door. Stacy was not pleased as she knew Grace is only doing this to make him walk even more, this time outside. A few other people were getting out of their vehicles and more were pulling in. Grace went over to Stacy and yanked the top of her blouse open and the top two buttons popped off and onto the ground.

Stacy grabbed her shirt trying to keep it closed, asked, "What was that for?"

Grace lightly kissed Stacy's lips lightly then tugs her collar before answering, "You're the office slut. You have to look the part and you probably will be playing the part."

Stacy looked horrified and began to protest but Grace cut her off. She looked at him with a serious face and said, "Look, you are Stacy today and Stacy is a slut. You will play that role or lose out on any chance at a blowjob tonight. Stacy desires being a cum slut and you will suck all the dick and lick all the pussy that offers you at least fifty. The more you make the happier I will be. Before you ask, this is Ms. Vaze's idea. So you and everyone else will not be in trouble. They don't know yet but will in the morning meeting so smile and have fun. Relish being Stacy as you haven't been happy with Steve anyways. Make me a proud pimp and maybe we will both remain in chastity. Though be really good so I get out and you will likely get to cum one final time." She snickered as she ran her hands over Stacy's chest and down her skirt. She stepped behind and swatted her ass, telling her to get inside.

Stacy embarrassingly made her way across the whole parking lot. She endured the stares and the calls to perform various sexual acts. Grace enjoyed it, letting them know Stacy's mouth was available today at the said price. Stacy wanted to cry but she knew it would not only upset Grace but also mess up her makeup. So Steve put on a happy face and tried not to think about anything but being Stacy. 

The morning meeting began and Stacy was introduced to everyone. Her role for today was described including the cost of oral sex with her. Everyone was also informed her anal virginity and chastity key would be auctioned off at the party. Stacy was horrified to hear her anal virginity was to be taken, in front of everyone at the party. They were reminded to have fun but also get their work done. The meeting ended and Stacy muttered to herself, "I am Stacy. I am the office slut," over and over trying to mentally prepare.

Stacy headed towards the bathroom. She stopped outside unsure which to use. She really didn't want to be in there with anyone. She heard a flush in the women's room and decided to hurry into the men's room. Luckily no one was in there. She found an empty stall that she thought was clean enough and fiddled with getting things out of the way enough to use the restroom. This was going to take getting used to especially standing back up and readjusting everything while in the heels. She hadn't really practiced that. As she walked out of the stall towards the sink, the door opened and fat Batman came through. "Shit," Stacy thought.

Fat Batman, also known as Greg, saw Stacy and with a large grin said, "Oh it is my lucky day. Finishing cleaning up your first?"

Stacy froze and took a second to realize what he asked and responded in Stacy mode, "Oh no my super hero. I wouldn't let some evil villain violate me first, only a real superhero can have that honor," Stacy smiled and walked over running her hands over his costume and whispered, "For two hundred, my hero."

Fat Batman nearly blew his load as she whispered into his ear. "That is just for me to spit. Three hundred if you want me to swallow. After all, you would be my first. This is a special moment worth so much more. One you get to brag about and I will happily acknowledge it if asked."

Fat Batman stood shaking, soaking in her touches. He stutters a moment before questioning the cost and Stacy reminds him that he is her first ever. He contemplates, finally deciding he will do the three hundred if Stacy undresses for it and swallows. Stacy shudders as she was hoping it would turn him off to pay that much and now he made it worse for her. Stacy points out that her shoes are locked on so she can't remove anything but her blouse, bra and skirt. Fat Batman agrees to it and pulls out the money putting in the counter and telling her to undress. 

Stacy puts on her best smile and slowly begins removing her blouse, then her skirt before finishing with her bra. She folded them up neatly as she did and set them on the counter. Stacy was nervous as she came forward and ran her hands down the front of fat Batman's suit. She kneeled on the cold tile floor and found his belt, working it off. She slowly lowered his tights and was greeted by a very erect but rather short cock. She knew she needed to get it over with and licked the tip before working her way through the blowjob. It wasn't great but it seemed to satisfy him as he grabbed her wig and pulled her in. She was surprised the wig didn't come off and guesses Grace did something to keep it on. She was now basically deep throating fat Batman but he was small enough to just tickle her gag reflex. So she took him all the way. He was close and then the door opened, he shot his load down her throat holding her head tight while grunting in pleasure. Fat Batman smiled at the man coming in as he finished unloading his cum before pulling out. He made Stacy lick him clean before he pulled up and straightened his clothes. "Nice to take your virginity there. Maybe I will win and take your anal virginity next," fat Batman says loud enough for the other man to hear. He leaves Stacy kneeling and exits the restroom leaving her with an unidentified person behind her. 

Stacy stayed on her knees, a bit confused and still tasting the remnants of cum in her mouth. A voice of a man behind her spoke up asking if she was okay. She shook off the feeling and tried to get back into Stacy mode. She turned around smiling, nodding yes and asked if he was looking for a blowjob as well before she gets dressed and heads out of the restroom. He does want one and she gets to work on him. He was a bit bigger, forcing her to gag but never forcing her to deep throat. Stacy sucked him dry as he paid her by placing the money in her chastity belt. As the other guy left she tried to get dressed quickly. She was glad for the break from being on her feet, but kneeling on the tile was quite uncomfortable. She looked in the mirror and redid her lipstick. Some of her other makeup was slightly messed up so she needed to see Grace to help her fix it. She grabbed the other money and put it in her purse and left, thankfully before anyone else came in.

As she walked down the hall, a blonde amazon of a woman turned the corner. Amazon was so incorrect. She was a Greek goddess literally. At first Stacy thought she could be Aphrodite but the spear and shield she carried suggested she was going for Athena. She came up to Stacy and held the spear straight up from the ground. Her knee came out slightly like she was posing. This woman stood 5'11" without her four inch heeled golden sandals. The straps of her sandals wrapped up her legs to just below her knee. Her white dress dipped low in the front and back. The point of the V ended just below her navel on the front and the middle of her back. The dress showed most of her inner breasts just barely covering her nipples. The sides of the dress split into high slits that came to her waist. Nothing so far showed that she had anything on underneath nor was she afraid of flaunting her beauty. She was amazingly gorgeous, a true goddess indeed, Stacy thought. Stacy was starting to get hard and it was hurting.

Her piercing blue eyes stared at Stacy then looked at her collar before speaking, "Ah my office slut. Good to finally meet you."

Stacy was lost for words before questioning, "Ms. Vaze?"

Ms. Vaze responds, "Goddess to you. I will see you in my office at lunch."

"Yes, Goddess," Stacy replied. Her heart was beating faster. She knew that she would be serving this woman much like Grace had. Ms. Vaze turned on her heels while using her spear to flip aside the back of her dress, giving Stacy a decent view of her perfect ass. Ms. Vaze was smiling knowing that Stacy would be all hers soon, as she watched back down the hallway and around the corner. Stacy watched in awe, as she walked away.

Stacy finally made it back to Grace who had her go get coffee for her and some of her co-workers. When Stacy got back, Grace told her how adorable she looked. Stacy pulled out the 350 dollars made and handed it over. Grace was surprised by the amount and was about to ask when Stacy said she charged Fat Batman 300 dollars, as he was the first. Grace laughed while Stacy gave a small smirk. Stacy then asked for help with her makeup, Grace said that her three co-workers would fix it after she finished pleasuring them first. One came up behind and pinched Stacy's butt then wrapped her arm in Stacy's and took her to an office with the other two. 

As they entered the door, Stacy was pushed up against the wall. She heard the door click, as the one holding her said, "You are under arrest for being a filthy cock sucking cumslut. You have no rights but to serve us until we are satisfied. We are far from satisfied that you chose cock before us. So you will be pleasuring us for free for the first orgasm we each have. Lucky for you, you will be required to give us multiple in which we will pay you, after the first, for each. Do you understand you pathetic cumslut?"

Stacy nods her head as she feels handcuffs tightening around her wrists. The girls bring her over to the desk and force her to kneel. "At least this has carpeting," Stacy thought before Wonder Woman stepped in front of her. Her blue with gold star crotch was right in front of Stacy's face. She could see the wetness starting to form. She saw the lasso at the hip be removed and then placed around her head and neck. She purred about always wanting to catch an evil lawbreaker and then break them. She pulled Stacy into her crotch and demanded she kiss it. Stacy did her best before the tension was released.

Wonder Woman looked down at Stacy and told her to remove her shorts and get started. Stacy wanted to mention her hands but she got a slap on the ass telling her to use her mouth. The shorts were a size or two too small so only using her mouth took a lot of effort and time as they made fun of her and degraded her. She eventually got the shorts down far enough that she was allowed to start licking. Wonder Woman was already pretty wet and turned on. So it didn't take very long to have her cumming on Stacy's face quickly. She was encouraged in multiple ways to keep going. After orgasm number two, Wonder Woman said enough.

The undead bride was next. In her bridal dress, which she pulled up and then let go encasing Stacy underneath, as the bride laid on her back across the desk. The undead bride was much more bushy than the trimmed Wonder Woman. But Stacy had work to do and the undead bride was soaking wet. Stacy worked the undead bride through four orgasms before allowing her to stop. The undead bride kissed Stacy tasting her own juices on Stacy's lips. She mentioned that she hopes for more later tonight.

The police woman grabbed Stacy by the hair and dragged her down forcing Stacy onto her back which was uncomfortable with her hands cuffed. She growled that she waited long enough as she sat on Stacy's face, her bottoms already removed. She started rubbing her pussy across Stacy's face while telling Stacy that she is a squirter and she planned to make a mess of her. Stacy was eventually allowed to lick and pleasure her. As the first orgasm came, the police woman demanded she open her mouth as she sprayed most of her cum in Stacy's mouth but some splattered other places including into her nose. As the police woman shuddered. She sat down fully on Stacy's face cutting off her breath. Stacy tried to move to breath but was told to stay still or it would get painful. She tried her best but panic was setting in as she needed air and was close to blacking out. Before she went out, her face was uncovered and she gasped in air before the pussy dropped right back into her face. The police woman demanded she start again and do better this time. Stacy began working hard and tried to take advantage of the moments she got to take a breath. This time without warning the police woman drenched Stacy's face in her love juices. The police woman told her it was slightly better and she expects more. The police woman rubbed her pussy into Stacy even more and gave her less chances to breathe. But the police woman was really worked up and drenched Stacy's face again. The police woman eventually got to her knees with her pussy dripping all over. It was then that Stacy saw a camera get a close up of the police woman's dripping pussy before it centered on Stacy. She was a clear mess after this and they recorded the whole thing. 

They stood Stacy up and thanked her for being a good sport. They lifted Stacy's skirt and placed the money in the front of her chastity belt. Stacy asked to be released, but they told her they were not done with her until they fixed her makeup. They unlocked the door and walked the handcuffed Stacy, who was covered in pussy juice on her face, head, and blouse, out in front of everyone including Grace. She was taken to the women's restroom where they started wiping her down or rather the undead bride started licking juices off of her first. They washed her face and began to reapply her makeup. The trio made it far sluttier than it was originally. As they finished, one of them pulled out a black permanent marker and began writing on her forehead. She later read that it said Used Cumdump. They wrote two messages on her ass. One on each cheek. The left said, Fucktoy and the right, Cocksleeve, each with arrows pointing to her asshole. Stacy actually broke down at this and was admonished for ruining her makeup they just did. Once she stopped crying, they fixed her makeup again and released her from the cuffs. They left her in the restroom alone.

Stacy took a seat in a stall on one of the toilets. She was trying not to cry again but she is flustered in a way she has never been and her emotions are out of whack. The door to the restroom opened and Grace entered to check up on Stacy. She asked Stacy to come out and apologized for what the others did. She didn't know they were going to do that. Grace passionately kissed Stacy and let her know she did look quite fuckable and used. Grace tells Stacy lunch is coming soon and she will protect her from the others until then when they go see Ms. Vaze. They go back to Grace's desk, there are stares and a few sniggers but no one messed with Stacy for that time. She was still upset but also curious at seeing Goddess again. She left an impression on Stacy that she couldn't shake.

Grace and Stacy stood outside Ms. Vaze's door. As Grace went to knock, the door swung open. Goddess, as she commanded them to call her, was sitting on her desk, legs spread open and her dress draped to the side allowing them to see her fully exposed pussy. Goddess saw Stacy wince and smirked at her knowing she was trying to get hard and it was causing pain. She summoned them in as she spoke and winked, "You like what you see, Stacy?"

Stacy blushed and nodded afraid to speak. Goddess gave her no reprieve demanding she speak her answer. Stacy fidgeted looking at the floor before back up at Goddess' glorious pussy. "Sorry Goddess, you are truly stunning and more beautiful than anyone I have ever seen. You are truly a goddess." 

Grace huffed at his response while Goddess just bursted out laughing. Goddess knew she had Stacy and was going to make Stacy truly hers soon enough. Stacy gulps as he looks at Grace who was staring daggers at him. Goddess chimes in, "Don't feel bad my twat licker. You were the same way when we met. Get over here and do your job while I talk to the office slut, who clearly has been one today already." 

Grace blushed at the name Goddess gave her the first time she made her eat her out. Grace still wasn't quite happy with what Stacy said but she also knew from experience that Goddess made everyone she wanted to feel that way. Not to mention Stacy has been in chastity three days and probably wound up especially after this morning. Grace reached her Goddess and dropped to her knees. She had never seen her dress like she was a Greek goddess but it turned her on probably as much as Stacy and she was flaunting every bit of her beauty and power. Grace placed her hands behind her back and began licking her Goddess as she has for the past year. This is going to be my last day of this she thought and yet it saddened her.

Goddess stared down Stacy making her feel small and insignificant as she enjoyed Grace's tongue. She finally spoke to Stacy, "You will be next office slut. This will be your first chance to impress me enough to buy your key. If I think you are intentionally failing, I will buy it anyways and punish you in ways you never imagined for the next year. Once twat licker is done. You will come here, get on your knees with hands behind your back, and service me like a Goddess should be. I suggest you pay attention to her and learn quickly."

Stacy gulped at that and decided to focus on what Grace was doing since she was next. Her cock ached as it continued to try and get hard. She truly loved Grace and wanted to be with her, but Goddess was so enchanting. Her presence just demanded Stacy do what she wanted and her beauty was unbelievable. She knew she was already willing to do almost anything for her and she didn't even know her. She started wondering how she would taste, when Goddess grabbed Grace's head, shoving it in her pussy deep as she let out a primal scream. Goddess released Grace's head after she was finished and made her lick up her juices. Goddess looked at Stacy and said, not questioning, "You were fantasizing how I taste."

Stacy blushed so hard while trying to get hard again. Stacy meekly replied she had. Goddess had Grace kiss Stacy and feed whatever juices might be lingering. Goddess pointed to the floor in front of her and Stacy quickly knelt with her hands behind her back. As Stacy tried to lean forward to start servicing her, she stopped her. "Beg me!" She demanded.

Stacy on her knees and in a submissive position wanted this desperately. She begged and promised the world without thinking about it. Goddess smirked and summoned Grace over. She kissed Grace on the lips and forcefully shoved Stacy's face into her aching wet pussy.

Grace had not really been allowed to kiss anything other than Goddess' pussy so this was a treat. Lip kissing turned into breast kissing while Stacy performed her oral duties. All three were experiencing their own forms of euphoria. It didn't take long before Goddess bit down on one of Grace's nipples as she came much harder than the first one. Harder than she had since the first time she orgasmed to Grace's tongue. Yes, Stacy was hers and was all she could think of as she smashed Stacy's face in her pussy as Grace screamed from Goddess biting her nipple.

Goddess had Stacy clean her pussy and allowed Stacy and Grace to savoir her flavor. She then told them they should get some food as there is a long day left. Also she warned Stacy to work harder this afternoon as her skills are not even close to adequate in either licking pussy or sucking cock. Stacy's face was flush with embarrassment and disappointment. Goddess warned Stacy to improve this afternoon or both of them would be punished tonight. Goddess had Grace and Stacy both kiss one of her feet before they left. It was something Grace had not done before. It piqued her interest as to what Goddess was up to as she left the office.

Grace and Stacy quickly ate a small lunch and headed to the restroom to fix their makeup. Grace spent the afternoon pimping Stacy out to everyone she could find. Stacy for her part sucked more dick and ate more pussy than she ever imagined. Her stomach was full of cum from over two dozen people. Grace continued to praise her for how proud of an office slut Stacy was. Grace didn't think Stacy would be up to it but she had all day. It was nearing the end of the work day and Stacy was on her knees with two cocks in hand doing her best to blow both. It took more focus than it did with one but she managed to finish both men in her mouth. 

Stacy saved some cum as she kissed Grace. Grace's eyes went wide as Stacy shoved her tongue deep inside Grace's mouth. Grace tried to pull away but was force fed a mouth full of cum. By the time it was over and Stacy let go, she slapped Stacy but immediately began to laugh calling her an ass. 

Stacy smiled and replied, "You liked it and you likely won't be sucking much cock after tonight for a year."

Grace choked laughing, "Thank God. You thought my world revolves on sucking your dick. Now you know it won't be."

Stacy frowned, "But you went way further than what I did to you last year. This is pretty cruel."

Grace scowled, "You haven't been frustrated for a year with a boyfriend waving his dick in your face expecting release when you will get none. Plus you don't really want me cause you already handed the world to Goddess and threw me under the bus. You fucking dick. Oh wait you can't fuck anyone with your dick for the next year." Grace began laughing hard. Stacy scowled back because anything she said would make it worse.

The two of them are back at Goddess' office door. The door opened before they could knock again. Goddess was behind her desk this time as they entered. Goddess looked at both of them before speaking. "As this could very well be the last time twat licker actually licks mine, we are going to try some new stuff since Stacy is here. Remove your dress and hat, twat licker. Then get up on the desk facing me. Stacy, you are under the desk hopefully doing a better job than at lunch."

Goddess scooted out enough to allow Stacy to get under her desk then scooted back in with her pussy craving to be licked again. Grace in her garter, stockings and heels climbed up on the desk and placed her legs spread on either side of Goddess as her legs hung off the desk and hands behind her back. She tells them while Stacy performed well she will do pleasurable things to Grace. When Stacy does it wrong or not how she wants, she will punish Grace. She commanded Stacy to start and instantly bit Grace's nipple. Goddess continued biting while Grace screamed until Stacy figured out what Goddess wanted from her. There were about a half dozen screams but Grace was panting in frustrated desire with a lack of release. Stacy had a face full of Goddess' juices for a second time.

Goddess got up and had everyone change positions. Goddess got up on her desk on all fours. Grace was behind her bent over the end of the desk while licking Goddess. Stacy was on her knees behind Grace giving Grace a rimjob. A first for both of them. Goddess expected it would be the first of many for both of them. Grace was working hard to please Goddess as she learned pleasure from the rimjob. She moaned loudly, turning on the other two participants even more. Stacy was less sure about that until she heard the pleasurable moans that made her locked up cock want to grow. She was excited that they are both enjoying this so much.

Goddess screamed out as she plastered Grace's face with her juices. Grace ended up having a mild orgasm but nothing that relieved her. But the thought of getting her ass licked while licking pussy had put her closer than she had ever been since locked in chastity. Stacy found that she enjoyed licking Grace's ass a lot but today she had been learning a bunch of things about herself. Stacy realized she wanted to do it more and wonders why they never tried it before. Goddess sent them out to clean up, relax, and get a little rest before the party.

The Halloween party had been going on for a while. It had been pretty typical. There were contests and awards as usual. As it got late enough that those who brought kids had left, the auction began. Grace was brought on stage to start to thank Stacy for her generosity and good sportsmanship after agreeing to be locked in chastity and the key sold for a year. Goddess was wearing Grace's key around the neck and said she can have it after the party unless another deal is struck as Goddess winked at her. Before the auction fully started, anyone who wanted a last chance blowjob from the office slut could do so now. It appeared others offered their services as well. Stacy ended up with another half dozen cocks to suck and repeat pussy licking from the three who humiliated her earlier in the day. They managed to do so again by playing the video from earlier while she pleasured them again in front of everyone.

A few guys offered up use of their wife over the next year for auction. Other little things came and went. It was getting to the end, Grace took the stage again. She said that she had promised Stacy one final blowjob before her year long celibacy. Grace explained that her plan was to do it but so many eager people seemed to want it that she had decided to auction off. Stacy was unhappy because he wanted one last time with Grace. Grace told her everything would be okay. The auction started and quickly went up to one thousand dollars. 

Fat Batman won the right to Stacy's final blowjob. Stacy was quite upset at that but it was her last chance at release for a year. Fat Batman had no qualms getting on his knees and blowing Stacy in front of everyone at the party. He happily showed everyone his mouthful of Stacy's final orgasm before swallowing it. Grace, happy as could be after that, locked up Stacy again. Stacy whispered she still wished Grace did the blowjob. She smiled and mentioned maybe next year. It will be good for Stacy to wait like she had.

Goddess came up and said she had a surprise. She asked the crowd, who wanted to see Grace mostly naked on her last day of chastity. The crowd roared as Grace looked panicked. This was not what was supposed to happen. Goddess asked them to show how much it is worth to see with their donations. Goddess held up a large amount of money and looked at Grace. Grace's face looked defeated as she knew not to disobey Goddess. She removed her hat and dress, leaving her in her garter, stockings, heels and chastity belt. The crowd cheered and called to see if she would do any number of sexual activities they asked about. Goddess said that was up to Grace who politely declined and turned to find her costume gone. She was going to be mostly naked the rest of the night unless someone gave it back or blackmailed her for them. She sighed and moved on. Grace said for the penultimate auction, Stacy's anal virginity was up for grabs. Stacy looked at her in shock. Grace came and kissed Stacy and told her you can't be an office slut without getting fucked at least once. Also she would give Stacy a treat of allowing Stacy to give her another rimjob. Stacy started begging, but Grace said sorry she had to now. It was mentioned there was a strap on so the women would not be left out of the action. The auction went on and Goddess decided she wanted Stacy's ass to herself and outbid everyone.

Goddess knew everyone would be disappointed so she offered a token of appreciation. She proceeded to drop her dress and step out in just her sandals. She turned slowly giving everyone the full view of her body. The place went silent and jaws dropped on both men and women. Her naked flesh only reaffirmed what Grace and Stacy already believed. After a few moments a clap started followed by more. Miss Vize asked the crowd if it was worth it and there was a loud cheer. She didn't bother covering up again as she was confident in herself and she had them all in her hands. Especially the two on stage with her. 

Goddess went over to get the strap on. She bent over giving everyone a view to remember. The smart people had their phones out taking pictures. She held it allowing them to finish taking them as it will be the only chance they ever get. She put the strap-on on in front of the cameras before walking up to Stacy and Grace. Goddess gave Stacy the option of the position in which she chose doggy. Stacy's skirt was removed and she was in position. Grace positioned herself on all fours in front of Stacy and scooted her ass into Stacy's face. Stacy began licking Grace's ass as Goddess lubed up the strap on. There was so much cheering and noise they didn't hear when Goddess told Stacy, "I am going to make you my bitch forever, office slut. You're mine now!" 

With that she plunged the strap on all the way in, in a single deeply penetrating stroke. Stacy screamed and the crowd cheered louder. She forgot about the rimjob as she tried to breath and manage the pain in her ass. Goddess showed no mercy. She pumped harder and faster fucking Stacy like a sex doll. Grace was just getting Stacy's face smashing into her ass and tried to move but Goddess commanded her to stay. Goddess fucked Stacy for a good hour in front of everyone and Stacy eventually finished her rimjob on Grace. The crowd was in a frenzy as this year stepped up in ways no other year would have imagined.

Now was time for the final auction. It was for Stacy's chastity belt for the next year. The bidding started in a frenzy but was still lower than Grace's last year. That disappointed Grace a bit until Goddess spoke up. "I offer one million dollars on two conditions, but you will only have 5 seconds to answer or the amount is cut in half every 5 seconds after. So listen carefully. First condition is that the key is mine as long as I want, which could be life. Two, Stacy will move in and serve me as I please with no restrictions, I can do whatever I want to her. Five seconds starts now." 

The crowd is stunned silent. You could have heard a pin drop. Stacy and Grace's faces were in complete shock but Grace immediately said yes. Stacy turned to Grace even more shocked. Goddess walked up to Stacy and grabbed her by her collar and pulled her close. She asked Stacy, "Did you not already offer me the world today? Do you not want to experience life worshipping me for the rest of yours? Didn't I just take your ass and said you mine forever and you didn't argue it? If you are good after you are trained, I will let Grace come play with you." 

Stacy looked into Goddess' eyes still shocked yet excited. She finally shook her head and muttered she would do it. Goddess says, "That's not good enough. Say it so everyone hears it and knows you mean it."

Stacy looks at Goddess, then to Grace and shouts, "I want to serve and worship you, Goddess. I will do and be whatever you want. I will give you everything I have and more. I am yours to do with what you want. Please accept me!"

Goddess looked quite pleased. Grace seemed a little jealous but just did sell Stacy for a million dollars. The crowd erupted. The mood was excitement, jealousy, and all sorts of emotions running wild. Goddess, still naked, spoke and quieted the crowd. She says, "Good news is I have everything I want so I won't outbid everyone in the future. Bad news is I won't be bidding if people are hoping for something in the future. Also take in this sight as she twirls as it will be the last time you see me without clothes. Have a good night and let's have a great party again next year." 

Goddess smiled and dropped the mic. She turned around bending over one last time. She pointed for Grace to come over. She kissed Grace and fondled her breast in front of everyone and pulled the key chain over her head. She whispered to grace, "I have one final offer to make you. You can take your key and the million and live life and continue working here, or...."

Grace's eyes went wide in shock. Her body shook as she considered the offer. Goddess looked on, amused thinking to herself it is too easy. Grace whispered her reply and Athena placed the key back around her neck and smiled. She truly was a Greek goddess.


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