The Witch's Shemale Curse

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; M/m; insert; gag; packaged; boots; capture; M2f; revenge; witch; horror; nc; X

The sign said 'Your Future Revealed by a true witch', so Don thought this might be fun and interesting although he was a skeptic. The old witch was named Hilda and was dressed in a black cloak. She began by telling Don's future and things that would happen to him and he was not buying it. It just seemed that she was saying general things that could probably happen to anyone. So he started to become negative towards Hilda and began to call her names like a hack and a scammer. That's when Hilda said about his future "A man will fall in love with your body and he will hold the key to your freedom."

Don storms out of the witch's office screaming at her "I will not pay for this bullshit, you old hag! You are just a stupid crazy old hag!" He rushes past an old fat man waiting in the other room as he heads towards his car. He is driving away from the witch's office when suddenly he turns and starts to head back. He can't believe what is happening as he now is walking towards the witch's office in some kind of trance. He finds himself in a large room with Hilda and the fat old man seated. Don says "What the fuck is happening?" As the witch casts her first spell suddenly Don is levitated and his male clothes are magically removed leaving him naked.

The old fat man says "I like blondes with huge breasts and long slender legs." The witch casts her shemale spell and Don is magically transformed into a sexy blonde shemale. Don is still in shock and very afraid as a strange old man is now stroking his cock while looking at him. Don looks at Hilda and tries to plead with her "I'm sorry I voice...what did you do to my voice?"

Hilda tells him with a smile "Your new name is Donna and yes I changed your voice to a female’s voice. Bubba here wants his new sex toy to have a pretty voice. And yes you will belong to Bubba!"

Bubba says to Hilda "I have no use for his cock. Put a chastity device on her and add a butt plug as well." Donna can't believe what she is hearing and seeing as a small chastity device appears. It magically moves towards his cock, snaps into place and small padlock locks on. Then a scary large butt plug appears, it easily but painfully enters her asshole...Donna screams from the painful intruder. Bubba licks his lips "I want Donna to wear sexy panties and fishnet stockings." Magically a pair of black lacy satin appears and it moves up his legs, covering his tiny locked chastity device. Donna wants to cover her huge breasts as this strange old fat man stares at him like he's some kind of sex toy.

Donna is still being levitated as a short black leather mini skirt is placed on him magically followed by a pink silk bow blouse. Donna can see that Bubba has a very thick veiny cock "I want my Donna to wear some "fuck me" high heel boots...that really turns me on." Next a sexy pair of black 5 inch boots appear and slide onto her. Donna now sees how she is dressed...dressed for a man...a man that is getting excited by what she is wearing. Donna now looks at Bubba "Please Bubba don't do this...I'm a man...I'm not your sex toy." Bubba stands up "You will address me as Master! Add a penis gag to shut up my sex toy."

A scary penis gag appears and it is magically moving towards Donna's mouth and there is nothing Donna can do as the penis gag enters her mouth and is locked on. Bubba strokes his cock, looks at Hilda "Now wrap up my birthday gift, I'm ready to take her home and have fun with my new sex toy." Pink silk fabric appears and is magically wrapping Donna up from her ankles to her neck. Donna can do nothing as two big red silk bows are tied around her neck and around her waist. She is now a pretty gift ready to be open later and played with.

The levitation spell is lifted as the pink wrapped shemale falls into Bubba's arms "Mmmmm..I love your new sexy female body and I can't wait to fuck you!" Hilda then hands Bubba the key to the chastity device and glares at Donna "You should have never doubted my witch's powers and now a man holds your key to freedom but something tells me that Bubba will never set your cock free."

Bubba then throws his gift wrapped Donna over his shoulder, pats her ass...causing her pain from the large butt plug. Hilda says "Happy birthday and I hope you enjoy fucking your gift Donna." Don can not believe he is now transformed into a shemale, dressed in a sexy outfit for a man, gift wrapped and about to be taken away. Donna tries to thrash and buck while on Bubba's shoulder but he firmly holds her. "Thank you Hilda for casting that shemale spell. I and my three brothers will enjoy Donna." As Bubba places Donna into the trunk of his car "I'm going to tie you down to my bed and me and my brothers will fuck your mouth and sexy ass non stop!"


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