Halloween Party

by Miss's Pet

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© Copyright 2020 - Miss's Pet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; anal; collar; corset; gag; party; public; club; boots; cbt; costumes; domme; electro; toys; latex; rom; X

Finally after months of waiting it was here, Friday 30th October had finally arrived. A whole weekend with you, my Mistress! I had no idea what was planned and had been under strict instructions not to ask. All I knew was that I had to meet her at The Roundhouse for lunch. 

Walking up the stairs to the restaurant bar I felt like a giddy teenager on a date with the prettiest girl in the school. As I entered I saw her sitting in a booth opposite the bar, she smiled that beaming smile and my knees almost buckled, we kissed and I sit opposite you with a big silly grin on my face. “I’ve just ordered coffee, I hope you don’t mind but food is not top of my agenda at the moment” you say. 

I nod “whatever you say Miss” I stutter, wondering what might be on your agenda. “Precisely” you laugh “good boy”. The coffee arrives and we drink it hardly saying a word other than polite chat about traffic and weather.

 After coffee you rise “come on then.“ I stand too quickly banging my thighs on the table and tipping my coffee cup in its saucer. “Clumsy” you say and take my hand and lead me out the door, We cross the road and head down St Luke’s street. Halfway down you stop, turn to me and push me back against a wall. You kiss me long and passionately biting my bottom lip and tickling under my belly like you do. “Relax baby and enjoy the ride” you say softly as you pull away. A few more steps down the hill and we turn into the foyer of the Britannia hotel, “Room 806 Madam” the desk clerk says handing her a keycard. I take an instant dislike to him for knowing more about today than I do. You seem to know and roll my bottom lip down with your finger, “aww nothing to be jealous of baby, I only checked in an hour ago“ you say teasingly. We go to the lift and up to the 8th floor. As we enter the room I notice a large wheeled suitcase by the bed.

We take off our jackets and begin to kiss, the passion building all the time we are soon on the bed rolling and kissing, caressing and embracing. I take your clothes off and you lie across the bed as I kneel on the floor and bend over to lick and caress you warm sweet pussy, searching for your most sensitive spots with my tongue. I revel in each groan and movement that tells me I have got it right. You writhe and groan as my tongue and fingers explore you ever deeper, slowly and tenderly my fingers go deeper until without really noticing my hand is inside you and my tongue and teeth are teasing your swollen clit. Your moans are getting louder and I can feel you coming as I withdraw my fist and bury my face in your hot wet pussy and drink your juices down thirstily. I strip and lay beside you, holding you tightly in my arms feeling your body rising and falling with every deep breath you take. I just lay holding you as you drop off to sleep for a while. I never feel as content as I do when I know I have pleased you.

You wake with a start and reach for your phone. Looking at the time you stand up slightly wobbly, looking at me and shaking your head and smiling. “You’re going to pay for that deviation from my plan” you laugh and go into the bathroom. After a quick shower you return wrapped in a big fluffy towel and turban on your head. 

You look so sexy I get up to grab you but you fend me off, “No! Not the time” you smile. “Sit!” You say pointing to a chair, I do as I’m told and sit patiently watching you dry yourself and moisturise. I want you so much and you know it; you deliberately linger over those areas I want most. My cock is painfully rigid. You Look over and smile again, “You dirty boy, Can’t have that spoiling the look of the suit can we? Stand up legs apart and bend over with hands on the seat.” I do as I’m told immediately and you stand beside me and take me in hand. In the other hand you have a dildo which you insert in my arse, slowly moving it around as you pump my cock rhythmically, I can feel the sap rising and all of a sudden the dildo finds the spot and instead of spurting out as normally I find myself draining uncontrollably, I groan deeply as I feel myself empty. You send me to the bathroom to get tissue to clean up the mess from the carpet. 

After this is done you stand me up and fit a steel cock cage on my shrivelled manhood and lock it firmly in place. “There now, that won’t be embarrassing us tonight now will it” you say and slap it with your hand. “Now to get you ready. Bend down again please.” As I bend I look up to see a shiny steel butt plug in your hand and with a little lube you insert it inside me, Not too painful I think before you do something and I feel it growing inside me getting wider, 

“There, that won’t fall out now” You dress me in tight latex pants that hold my encaged cock firmly and then a very smart Grey pinstripe suit with lilac shirt and purple tie. Very smart, I thought, we must be going out to a fancy restaurant, until you produced hairy feet! Big hairy clawed feet which fit tightly over my own. 

“Now your gloves” you say, “Make a fist” I do and you fit equally realistic paws on my hands strapping them on so my hands were fixed tightly fisted and good for ornamental use only. The next item was really a surprise, A lifelike tail about 30” long which somehow fixed onto my butt plug. After you attached it, it added pressure inside me and when you made me walk around the room with tail bent so it was going up my back before curling straight out it gave me very strange sensations. Little did I know how strange it was to become. I saw the inflatable ball gag in your hand and got worried.

I shook my head and said “No Miss” but you smiled and pushed me backwards onto the bed. The tail and Plug combination came into play here big time and I cried out in pain just at the point when you straddled me and pushed the rubber gag into my mouth, deftly strapped it in place and to my horror I felt it grow inside my mouth till all I could do was a muffled moan. “I think the word you may have been looking for was ‘Aardvark Baby’, but never mind” I mmmffffed, 

The mask was the head of a long white haired wolf with terrifying bloody fangs, as you fit it over my head the smell of latex was almost overpowering. With small holes to breathe through my nose and vision tunnelled by the mask I felt very vulnerable. Much more so due to the fact we were not at home in private and it was obvious you would be taking me out like this. Especially when you put a heavy steel collar around my neck with long heavy chain attached. “One more thing” you said, holding a small box up so I could see it. You twisted a knob on it and my whole body jerked and I cried out as An electric shock pulsed through my arse. The cry sounded like a wild animal. “Now you’re ready for Halloween” you said. Taking me to the window you make me kneel and chain me to the radiator. “Now you may watch me get ready”.

I knelt across the room breathless and frightened, wondering whether I should have used my safeword as you slowly produced your costume from the case and laid it out on the bed. Starting at your feet you slowly ease shiny black Latex leggings up your legs. You stop before the top and I can just make out you putting two balls inside yourself, making a point of playing a while before pulling the leggings up fully over your wonderful ass. Then you squeeze into a bodysuit of the same black shiny latex which moulds itself to every contour, smoothing it with your hands and I can feel my cock twitching in its prison. Next you put on a heavy carved leather corset that cups your lovely latex encased breasts pushing them up and out. You stop to admire yourself in the mirror and I attempt to howl at the moon which only comes out as a whimper and makes you laugh out loud. You come over to me and run your hands over my chest and thighs driving me crazy. I so wish I could touch you and run my hands over your body but I can’t so I settle for nuzzling your chest. You go back to the bed and pull on high legged lace up stiletto heeled boots before covering the whole ensemble with a long black figure hugging dress with lace sleeves and a high lace collar. You wear your hair down long with silver grey streaks. With your make up you look incredible, the embodiment of every Disney bad queen and movie seductress. With one last look in the mirror you take my chain and lead me out into the night.

The town is just starting to fill up and we get lots of attention and compliments but every time someone tries to talk to me I get a shock through me and I roar at them which caused great hilarity for them and you. As we stand in The Old Music Hall several people I know stop to congratulate us on our costumes and them not having a clue it’s me is quite exciting. People banging my tail and sending a shudder through me is annoying and I start to growl and roar at them. You whisper in my ear that every time I get a shock it also sets off the vibrating balls inside you. I watch for the next time and love the facial expression from you when it happens. I almost look forward to the next person to try to talk to me. 

As time goes on we have visited several of my regular haunts with no one recognising either of us. The anonymity is great but crowded bars like the rock bar the Blue Boar means a lot of tail banging and questions and therefore a lot of shocks and stimulation. My cock is straining constantly at its cage. Watching you get so much attention while I just stand quietly not even drinking is lovely. 

Next we head to Babylon, a dirty seedy punk bar and knowing what crazies go in there I try to pull away but you’re having none of it and after a sustained turn of the knob I give in and follow meekly. Sadly it is here where your bladder realises it needs relieving and to my horror you pass my chain to the old smelly punk rocker standing next to us and tell me to sit. I look at you and whimper and get another shock for my trouble. You take the chain and yank it downward. I kneel and you disappear to the loos. I have never been so scared and it seemed like forever till you returned. Amazingly the Punk just carried on drinking and talking without giving me a second glance. I did get a pat on the head and a “calm down” when anyone banged my tail but by the time you came back I had a fit of giggles which confused you to bits. As obviously I couldn’t tell you why, this made me laugh even more. Even several shocks didn’t work but I soon calmed down when I realised we were heading -- my son’s pub The Regent. Paul recognises you as soon as you speak and you have a long conversation with me trying to bury my head even though there is no way they will know it’s me. You spin him a story of how I’m being sponsored to stay in role for as long as possible and Paul places me at the end of the bar and fetches a bucket. You falter a bit when he asks you what I’m collecting for but ingeniously come up with Lupus Research. I spend the next 45 minutes howling at people as they throw money in the bucket. Eventually we head out and back across town to the hotel. Getting back to the room relief washes over me as I wait patiently to be released. You take off your dress leaving me staring at a vision in latex and corset and boots and the excitement is building inside me. 

You step to me and writhe your body against me. I put my arms around you and hold you close. You push away and I am anticipating all sorts of passionate love making when you speak gently in my ear, “I’ve been thinking Baby, It’s only the 30th and we could raise a lot more money for Lupus tonight, You wouldn’t mind another day would you baby?” Thinking we could do this again tonight I Nod my head and mmmffff “Whatever pleases you Miss” You Take the chain and lead me out onto the balcony, lay me down and chain my collar to the railings. “Nanight Baby” you say as you go back in and close the door. 



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