Halloween Carnevil

by RogueFX

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© Copyright 2020 - RogueFX - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; FF; Solo-F; transform; mannequin; majick; doll; horror; latex; corset; catsuit; robot; cons; nc; XX

Chapter 1 - Professor Grobyc’s Hall of Mannequins

Mist drifted through the trunks as the darkened path wound its way through the woods on the edge of town, eerily lit with the orange glow from the jack-o-lanterns hanging from the branches along the way.

Here and there garishly coloured posters hung from the trees, ‘This way to Professor Rybcogs Halloween Carnevil’.

In the distance light flickered and swirled through the branches. The sounds of haunting music, screams and laughter mixed with the rumbling, crashing, throbbing sounds of the Carnevil.Helena walked with the others towards the light, cool mist driven on the night breeze stiffening her nipples through her thin black shirt.

She entered the gates to the sound of the Ring Master chanting...

“Welcome, Welcome one and all on this dark and dangerous night. When all the restless souls abound and mindless ghouls roam the land. When your deepest desires and darkest imaginings stir and form and break loose their chains to claw their way into the living world. Enter the world of the Carnevil, be amazed by the illusionists, shocked by the contortionists, bewildered by the hypnotists and all the dark delights on show for you tonight.

“But remember to leave before the clock strikes 13.”

Helena walked along the main path gazing at all the booths lining it, their lurid colours muted by the cobwebs decorating their surfaces while jack-o-lanterns and glowing skulls illuminated the way. Ghouls, Vampires, Mummies walked among the townspeople, stilt walkers in horrific clown makeup towered above them. In the distance the big top dominated the Carnevil while above the booths a rickety wooden roller coaster shuddered as the cars careered around it.

As she walked she came across a most unusual roundabout. Men and women screamed as the horses whirled at breakneck speed their eyes glowing an evil red while small flames snorted from their nostrils. ‘Hmm, maybe later’ she thought.

A sign on the next booth caught her eye, drawing her towards it. ‘The Hall of Mannequins.’

A sudden desire filled her, pulled her towards the sign and into the booth.

Stepping inside she came face to face with a perfectly formed and incredibly detailed mannequin which stood in silent beauty. It posed with one hand reaching palm up towards anyone entering the booth and the other bent at the elbow and held in front of her stomach. She was clad in a flowing white dress that was cut down to her waist revealing her large, very firm breasts. The dress also had a slit in the side that exposed the long leg right up to the hip showing off the fine mesh stockings it wore along with matching white high heel shoes.

Helena was amazed at the detail of the mannequin, far beyond the quality of the usual ones she’d seen in the local boutiques. The glossy sheen of her skin wasn’t smooth, it had a texture, just like real skin. Helena couldn’t resist reaching out to run her fingers down the figure's neck and then slipped between the large breasts. The dress shifted, uncovering a nipple it was so intricately moulded. Helena was astonished at the quality, She could be real if it wasn’t for the hairline joints that allowed her to be posed

She moved on through the exhibits. Each one was in a different pose, different clothes, different colours. Some were alabaster white, others mahogany or deepest obsidian but they were all so intricately cast. The males even had realistic stubble on some along with well developed bulges.She resisted the temptation to take a closer look at those.

As she delved deeper the poses became more sensuous and the clothes more scanty until she reached the first naked mannequins.

Her gaze lingered first on the females marvelling at the details, the puckering of the skin about the very erect nipples, the individual hairs on their head, the incredibly realistic sex. One looked familiar, Helena was sure she had seen her and wondered when she had modelled this mannequin. She reached out to touch, to feel, to experience the sensation of her fingers on it. She ran her hand over a smooth hard breast expecting it to feel cold but it felt warm under her touch almost as warm as her own with a hard nipple pressing into her skin.

Snatching her hand back, her eyes moved to the male mannequins. These weren’t like the ones that graced her local mall, definitely not sexless with those erections. She found herself grasping one in her hand feeling the ribs and veins in her palm but it was so smooth, polished.

A frisson ran through her as she imagined how it would feel inside her, sliding back and forth. She felt hot, wet. The feeling shocked her. Quickly she pulled her hand away then moved further into this disturbing exhibition.

Helena gasped, the next mannequin was the most erotic yet. She was posed sitting on a white marble chair and wore a white lace dress that only increased the eroticism of the scene as it contrasted white the glossy black of her body. Her head was thrown back in ecstasy while one hand grasped her breast, a thumb pressing against the nipple. The other hand was between her legs, fingers plunged into her splayed labia.

Helena stared into the incredibly detailed face, she could almost feel the orgasm that filled the mannequin.

“Do you like her?”

Helena jumped at the sudden voice behind her and turned. “You startled me,”

“Sorry, I thought you would have heard me coming.”

Helena eyed the woman, skin almost as white as unpainted porcelain contrasted with the dark red of her almost transparent dress. Her nipples and hairless sex could clearly be seen through the fine material.

“Do you like my creations?”

“Err, yes, they are very... accurate.”

The woman smiled strangely at her, “I would have said, sensual or possibly erotic.“I’m Senra,” she said holding a manicured hand.

“Helena, I’m Helena,” She stuttered, taking the proffered hand. “You make these all your self?”

That strange smile touched Senoras lips again, “In a way, but the subject usually chooses the pose. Why don’t I show you the rest of the exhibits?”

Suddenly unsure of herself, “Yes, I’d like that.” escaped Helena’s lips.

The poses became more lewd as she moved deeper until the mannequins were joined in a still life of heated sex, faces contorted in ecstasy. Stone hard dicks filling vaginas and mouths in never ending lust. She walked through them feeling a rising heat within herself at each new pose.

Senra guided her along with one fine white hand guiding Helena, holding her arm while gently rubbing her thumb along it. Each gentle touch sent thrills through her.

“Would you like to see my latest creations?” Senra whispered into her ear.

“Yes,” Helena said, trying to control her breathing.

“Through here” Senra said, leading her through a barely visible side door.

Eight padded tables and stands were placed with the chamber that was revealed, illuminated by the flickering red light hanging from the ceiling. Only one was occupied, by a very male mannequin. He lay on one of the tables, his hips raised slightly from the surface thrusting his erect phallus into the air.

Helena stepped forward touching the arms that were raised, hands splayed as if grasping. She felt the shape of muscles in the arm, straining. The face looked in agony, every inch of the body under tremendous tension as if reaching the very peak of pleasure.

She looked at the thrusting phallus, strange desires running through her.

“You can touch it”

Helena turned towards Senra, who took her hand in her own and slowly moved it up and down. Senra kissed her lips, gently at first then more forcefully, her tongue running along Helena's lips. She responded hesitantly.

Still moving Helena's hand, Senra said,”You want to try it.” It wasn’t a question.

She took hold of the bottom of Helena's black top and pulled it over her head in one smooth motion. Before she could react to that she felt her bra slacken as Senra expertly flicked open the catch. Cool hands cupped her breasts, kneaded them softly as her bra fell to the floor. Her breasts rose and fell as her breathing increased, filling the cool hands.

The hands moved down to her waist, undoing her jeans.

Helena stared deep into Senra’s dark eyes, her hand still automatically stroking that cock. Her jeans and panties were sliding down her thighs, she stepped out of them. Senra kissed her mons, covered only by a single strip of blonde hair. Then moved up kissing her belly button, both breasts and finally her lips. She was turned around to face the platform. “Climb on.” She did what she was told, positioning herself over the erection.

With a moan she slid down, letting it fill her. Senra’s hands pressed upon her back pushing her forward until her breasts were cupped in the mannequins upthrust hands.

She worked herself up and down feeling the cock within her, harder than any human she had fucked. Senra kissed her shoulders, her neck, each kiss sending electrifying pulses through her.

Grinding harder against her mannequin lover she felt an orgasm building, she moved harder, moaning as it approached. It was getting harder and harder to move, her joints felt stiff. But she needed to keep moving. She felt herself pulled away from the hands that grasped her beasts, lifted off the erection she had impaled herself upon.

“That is not your pose.”

Senra handled her as if she weighed nothing and placed her upon one of the pads. She draped over it, her legs spread wide, her arms touching the floor, her sex thrust up into the air. Helena cried out as Senra’s mouth covered her sex, her tongue slipping between her hot slick labia. Pleasure burst through her, hot lips closed upon her engorged clitoris.

She saw herself in a mirror hanging from the roof bars. She saw Senra’s hands working her breasts, teasing her nipples. She saw her skin becoming lighter, shiny, glossy. The orgasms pulsed through her, each bigger than the last. She tried to move but it was so hard. Her breasts no longer moved as Senras hard slid across them, they were solid unmoving globes topped with hard plastic nipples but she could still feel every touch. Lines began to appear upon her skin at each joint, darkening, becoming mannequin joints. Her hair turned from blonde to a shiny metallic silver colour.

The most powerful orgasm yet blasted through her, frying her senses as the world plunged into darkness.


The world slowly came back into focus. She was standing facing another mirror, immobile. She wore a red mesh dress just like Senra and red stocking along with much higher heels than she was used to. Her skin had the same glossy look as all the other mannequins. Senra appeared behind her, wrapping her arms around her and lifted Helena. She saw herself lifted off the stand that had held her in position. If she could have, she would have moaned at the sensation of the phallus shaped tip pulling out of her.

Sensations exploded through her as Senra kissed her lips. “Follow me.” Helena found that she could move slowly and walked behind Senra.

“I’m keeping you all to myself, you’re much too beautiful to waste on the hicks around here.”

Chapter 2 - Dr Diablos Marionettes

Megan had left her friends trying to knock skulls off at the Halloween version of a coconut shy. Jake wanted to win Carrie one of the green teddy bears with the evil toothy grin.

She’d tried the candy floss then the ghost ride. The next booth had a short queue. The sign read ‘Dr Diablos Marionettes’ shining in flickering red neon letters at the entrance with a wooden puppet dancing on each side.

Running her hand through her long brunette hair, she followed the small group inside the darkened tent.

Keeping in with the Halloween theme it was dimly lit by jack-o-lanterns hanging from the tent poles, cobwebs trailing between them. Two life-sized mummy puppets held flickering fake torches at either side of the small circular stage. There were no chairs so the audience milled around picking the best view of the stage.

A male and female marionette click-clacked onto the stage. The man was in Victorian clothes complete with top hat, the woman in a vintage flowing dress. The male bowed to the woman then took her hands as a waltz began to play. Barely visible the strings dangled from a jet black shadow by the roof moving the couple in jerky dance to the sound of the softly resonating music. The crowd whooped and cheered, clapping along with the dancing couple as they waltzed around the stage. As the music faded they disappeared behind the rear curtain.

Next came a trio of clowns, each painted with a hideous smile. They tumbled, fought each other and threw buckets of confetti at the laughing audience. Megan laughed along with them, amazed that the strings didn’t get tangled as they rolled around.

The final part was a magician that pulled a rabbit out of a hat which escaped. The audience roared as he chased it back and forth while it hopped on its strings. Finally catching it the magician bowed to them, placed his hat with the rabbit inside on his head and walked backstage.

A disembodied voice echoed through the tent “Thank you all for coming to enjoy our little show.”

While the others filed out, Megan stayed behind looking at the pictures of the various Marionettes arrayed along the walls of the tent. She was the last one inside.

Click clack, click clack. She turned back to the stage.

A ballerina walked jerkily onto the stage, her porcelain skin bleached by the light casting a greater contrast with the brilliant red latex of her dress. As she moved the light flittered across the fine wires that joined her to the darkness above. Soft music began to play, the marionette’s movements became less jerky as she seemed to flow with the beat. She pirouetted her way around the stage and Megan found herself pulled into the dance. Megan followed each move as she danced closer and closer until she was on the stage moving in perfect time with the marionette.

They touched, arms enfolding each other. Soft fleshy breasts pressed against hard porcelain, warm lips against cold. She felt the wires brush her skin as they whirled together, the marionettes leg slipped between hers pressing into her sex. Heat erupted through her.

The music changed, becoming slower and more sensual, feeding her mood as the marionette seduced her with the dance. The heat built within her, teasing her.

The rubbing on her sex became more insistent, parting her labia, pressing her aching clitoris as her passion built higher and higher.

Megan pressed herself harder against her porcelain lover, hands roving over the smooth body, feeling hard nipples crush her own. Hot wet lips kissing cold dry ones.

The music reached its crescendo as Megan cried out in ecstasy, her orgasm exploding through her. The intensity overwhelmed her. She collapsed to the stage.


Her senses slowly returned, first her sense of touch, then sight and hearing, then taste and finally smell. She seemed to be standing in a rack surrounded by Marionettes, the ballerina in red latex stood beside her.

Megan tried to move, she could feel her arms and legs but they refused to move for her. She couldn’t even move her head.

Strings dangled down around her. One jerked and her right arm lifted into the air, followed by her left as another string moved.

She walked along behind the stage, her body under another’s control.

Click, clack, click, clack.

She stood before a mirror but the reflection she saw wasn’t hers, she thought.

A beautiful marionette stared back at her through painted eyes. It wore a black mesh dress and matching stockings with black stilettos on her feet. The black contrasted with the alabaster white of the marionettes skin. It’s lips picked out with gloss black lipstick.

A sultry, sensual song began to play and Megan felt the strings pull on her limbs. She moved helplessly towards the curtains, towards the stage, towards her audience...

Chapter 3 - Mirror Mirror

The excited crowds swirled around her in pulsing waves of colour, filling the narrow paths between the booths of the Halloween carnival. Skeletons, ghouls, witches, vampires walked side by side gawking at the strange wonders extolled by barkers at every tent.

Penny wandered past the ghost train towards the large brass coloured tent with the flickering sign, Dr Droidcas's Monstrous Mechanical Marvels, in highly polished brass letters surrounded by an electric blue glow.

Kelly and Jennifer were late as usual. Her phone beeped, Jen’s latest text promised they would be there in 20. Yeah, right, Penny thought to herself.

“Roll up, Roll up, and enter the spectacular Cirque de Marionettes” cried a woman in sparkling lycra wearing a perfect porcelain mask. Across the way another extolled the mysterious potions and powers of Madame Zarprova. A faint mist danced around her, painting patterns in the flickering lights of the carnival, carrying scents of popcorn, candy floss, and strange exotic scents mingled with the smell of the crowds.

Through the mists and the crowds a silvery glinting light caught Penny’s eye. It came from the sign above a red and black striped tent. “The Hall of Mirrors. Enter if you dare and gaze upon your true self.”

Intrigued by the sign Penny moved through the crowd and down the narrow way to the Hall of Mirrors. Outside the tent a figure in a skull mask waited in a small booth, “Tickets only two dollars” a feminine voice said.

Paying over the money, Penny pushed aside the tent flaps and entered. Inside she was faced with three mirrors each showing a regular reflection of her from a different angle. Without warning the central mirror spun to one side revealing a red lit corridor beckoning her forward.

Penny stepped through. Wooh! Her head looked huge on a tiny body in this mirror. In the next t was a tiny head and legs but a massively wide torso. Laughing, she moved through the mirrors watching herself changing shape over and over until she reached one mirror where she didn’t change but her clothes did. She was wearing her usual jeans, baggy sweatshirt and trainers but the image in the mirror was wearing a tight shiny pink dress and pink high heels. Penny looked around wondering how they did that, she couldn’t see any cameras and it looked like a regular mirror.

In the next the dress was much shorter showing a lot of thigh and she now appeared to be wearing stockings and suspenders. Suddenly the dress moved as if a breeze and she felt it on her thighs. “Wait, that can’t be right,” she said to herself while running her hands down her jeans just to make sure they were still there; this was getting seriously weird.

The corridor turned left hiding the next mirror, she hesitated. What’s next? She stepped around the corner.

The dress was gone... in its place was a pink shiny corset along with the stockings and even higher heels. She could feel the material pushing up her breasts and squeezing them into the spectacular cleavage she saw in the mirror but it was the tight pink panties that made her go “what the fuck”... They were skin tight and were pressed tight into her sex she could feel the slick shiny material slip between her labia and rub against her clit.

“This is so fucked up,” she said out loud. Every move slipped the material further between her lips, she felt herself getting hotter and wetter.

“This can’t be real,” she said, turning to get the hell out of this place. The corridor behind her was gone, replaced by another mirror.

“Shit,” she shouted, “what the fuck is going on here.” She was surrounded on three sides by images of herself, images wearing shiny pink latex that she could feel against her skin.

She needed to get out but the only way was to continue further into the hall of mirrors. The path took another turn but this time there was no light, darkness beckoned her. She paused, torn between staying in the light and getting out of this strange place. It was fucking with her head, she looked down and she was still wearing her own clothes. Yet she could feel the hot tight latex squeezing her, feel it rubbing along her hot wet sex. She needed to get out now...

She took one step then froze, every mirror was worse than the one before, every mirror brought more latex, brought tighter latex encasing her, what was round that corner hidden behind the darkness.

Fear gripped her, fear of the dark, fear of the latex, fear of how it was making her feel.

She clasped her thighs, feeling the wetness between. Steeling herself she took one faltering step after another round the corner, into the darkness.

A faint glimmer marked the outline of the next mirror in front of her, another to her left and to her right. She turned to find her way blocked by a fourth mirror. Not showing an image, just an emptiness, a darkness, waiting.

She felt the latex change its touch upon her, the shoes changed first, becoming one with the latex stockings to form thigh high boots. Next the panties joined the corset covering her torso in a second skin of latex then moving over her shoulders and down her arms and hands it moved upwards. She could feel it creeping up her neck and over her face. Her hair was drawn back into a pony tale as it continued over her head to form a one piece helmet. She stood rigid feeling the sensations of this invasion, fear but also a strange heat radiating from her sex.

A mist swirled through the mirrors revealing, unveiling, the image of a young woman coated in shiny pink latex that looked as if it had been sprayed on to her. It took a large pink dildo and slid it between its legs and slid it deep into itself until it moulded with the surrounding latex. Penny gasped then moaned as she felt the sensation of it filling her sex.

The figure in the mirror reached out to her. Penny reached towards the hand and her hand passed through the surface of the mirror. The figure grasped hers and the latex flowed over her as she was drawn into the mirror.

Two matching pink latex figures moaned as they wound together, writhing in the mirror while in the hall a pile of clothes settled to the floor.

Chapter 4 - Professor Rybcogs Monstrous Mechanical Marvels

 A 15-foot robot adorned the billboard outside the complex of linked tents. “Come one, come all to experience the wonders, the fear, the excitement of Professor Rybcogs Monstrous Mechanical Marvels,” boomed from a blocky metal robot standing by the ticket booth, “taste the tantalising terrors of his devices, gape in awe at the exquisitely geared mechanisms.” The robot's arms clicked back to its sides then with a mechanical rattle they rose in the air and the spiel roared out again.

Kathy and Jenn tried texting Penny again, “she complains that we’re late then can’t be bothered to answer,” Kathy exclaimed.

“Too busy having fun,” Jen replied, “so we’re gonna give this one a try.”

“Yeah, it looks cool.”

The pair stepped up to the booth. “Two tickets please,” Jenn felt a little stupid saying please to the brass robot in the booth. The red glass eyes lit up, its head turning towards her as a metallic sounding voice said, “insert six dollars please,” it’s square jaw moving in time to the voice as a draw popped open in the booth.

She put the cash in the draw which slid shut, two tickets popping from a slot as the robot said, “Please take your tickets, thank you.” With a click the red eyes dimmed. Giggling, the pair headed into the tent.

The first exhibit was a pair of mechanical arms attached to a cylindrical brass body. Brass rods pistoned back and forth moving the arms like human muscles. The exquisitely crafted mechanical fingers ran smoothly over the keys of an old fashioned organ. The haunting notes of the Bach toccata in D minor flowed from the organ.

“I wonder if it knows anything by the Foo Fighters,” Jenn laughed.

The next booth was darkened, Kathy screamed as a brass robot lumbered slowly toward her. It looked like a toy robot made of jointed rectangular tubes for arms and legs, a square body with flashing lights on its chest and a boxy head with green glowing eyes and a grin made of the same glowing lights. It would have looked cute if it hadn’t been eight feet tall. It bowed stiffly then held out a hand for her to shake.

Kathy looked at Jenn who said, “Don’t be a wuss, shake it’s hand.”

Tentatively she reached out her hand to the robot who grasped it. Her hand looked very small and fragile engulfed in the hard metal hand but it held hers very gently and shook it up and down. It spoke, it’s voice deep and resonant, “I am robot 69, pleased to meet you,”

then released her hand and moved back into its enclosure.

Jenn giggled at the name, “someone has a bad sense of humour.”

Kathy grinned “yeah, I wouldn’t fancy a 69 with him.”

They moved on while Robot 69’s head turned to follow them. Both freaked at the mechanical spider weaving its web of glimmering brass thread between the walls of the cubicle, before moving quickly on.

“That was lame, not scary at all,” Jenn lied.

“Yeah, then how come you were first to run.” Kathy laughed.

“WTF, you passed me, wimp.”

“Who cares, lets see what’s next.”

The next booth held a mysterious machine with lights flashing, cogs rotating one way then the other, metal rods had glowing blue electric arcs moving along their length, sparks jumped from Van De Graaf generators.

“It looks cool but what’s it doing?”

A noise sounded behind them, Kathy turned, “wow, look at that.”

Jenn turned. “Shit.”

A robot came down the corridor but it was nothing like the others they’d seen so far. It was all smooth glistening brass curves, definitely female, hips swinging from side to side as it sashayed past them. Kathy turned, watching the robot, she felt a shiver run through her, she couldn’t resist reaching out to run her fingers along the smooth hip and ass as it passed by her and into a narrow gap between the exhibits.

“Lets see where it goes.” Tailing the gleaming robot, they went down the passage until they came to a ‘No Admission’ Sign.

“Okay, we’d better go back.”

“Jenn, come on, I want to see where it goes.”

“I’m not going through there,” Jenn said, turning around and going back along the corridor. Kathy looked angrily at her friend, “Well I’m going,” then stomped past the sign in a huff, “Never wants to have fun,” she said to herself.

Jenn felt a little guilty for leaving Kathy but she wasn’t going to get kicked out. She wandered through the other exhibits, some enigmatic, others cryptic, even incomprehensible but always brass. But the next seemed strangely familiar.

Another female brass robot lay on a platform held in place by silver bands then covered in a perspex tube with more metal bands over it and a metal globe hanging above. Old fashioned tubes were plugged into sockets at each end of the platform with wires running to a large control board full of switches and levers. From there they ran to a brass throne-like chair.

The whole scene felt so familiar but she just couldn’t place it. Maybe if I look from another angle, Jenn thought, climbing over the rope at the front of the scene.

Running her hands over the perspex she scanned the equipment around her, a memory nagged at her but still refused to form. Moving further she examined the throne. The metal felt oddly warm, smooth, it seemed to call to her.

She felt a strong desire to sit, to feel the metal on her bare skin. As if in a dream she felt herself pulling her shirt over her head and dropping her jeans. Her bra and panties followed leaving her naked as she sat upon the throne.

She placed her arms on to the armrests, the gleaming brass only slightly lighter than her skin as she settled back into the grasp of the throne. The way the seat was shaped and the smooth curve of it parted her thighs moving her legs, drawing them out.

Clack. A large switch on the main panel clicked into place. A low hum filled the room, a deep throbbing vibration she could feel through her entire body. Light began to glow in the tubes at the head and feet of the robot, pulsing in time to the vibration. The globe above it began to pulse, the silver bars became an intense silvery glow, a curtain of light moved from its feet to its head then back again.

Jenn watched, fascinated by the lights, by the feelings running through her. She felt the ridge of the seat press against her hot sex, parting her labia, sending the vibrations through her, teasing each nerve end, making her nipples stand out so very hard.

A curtain of light now moved over her. As it moved over her the feelings intensified tenfold bringing a gasp to her lips. As it moved she saw her deep brown skin take on a metallic gleam that faded slowly.

With each pass the change escalated, the metallic gleam lasted longer. Her body trembled with the first orgasm. The light passed over her sex, building the feelings again, she moaned.

She saw the outline of joints appear at her knees and hips, then her waist then her wrists and elbows. The light was moving much faster now, her orgasms matching it. She looked down at her gleaming brass skin, her breasts changed into glistening brass domes capped with brass nubs.

She felt numbers filling her mind 1s and 0s, 1s and 0s, so many permeating every nerve cell, draining her will, changing her. With one final cry, half human, half machine at the intensity of the orgasm burning through her the programming was complete. The lights faded leaving a glistening brass robot sitting on the throne, waiting patiently for its first command.


Kathy heard none of this, she was following the robot, glittering in the low light as it walked. She was deep within the complex of tents, having lost track of the path she took.

The robot passed through another curtain; this one carried the sign, Maintenance Area. No Admittance. Kathy followed.

Inside were several large pods about the size of an open vertical sun tanning booth each with a robot standing inside.

She walked around each humming machine, watching, intricate arms swirl around each robot with automated precision adjusting joints, replacing panels. A swift clattering behind her made Kathy jump as another robot pushed a cart full of parts towards the machines. It stopped, opening a panel in one of the machines and started loading parts into holding slots.

Kathy stepped to the cart, picked up an arm panel and held it up studying the smooth curves. Pressing it against her forearm it seems to suck on her flesh as it became a second skin. Kathy shuddered as she looked at her glistening arm. What would it be like to be so polished, so smooth, so perfect, she thought.

The humming on the furthest machine changed its pitch, and two rods moved up between the robots legs sliding into the receptacles there. Another change and the robot's eyes flashed red then green before finally changing to a subtle golden hue. The rods retracted and the robot stepped out of the machine before heading past Kathy and out through the doorway.

Standing before the booth Kathy was suddenly surprised by the feel of two metal hands on her waist. They firmly pushed her into the booth. Clamps locked onto her ankles and waist while rods with glowing red eyes scanned her.

The booth's arms suddenly swung into action cutting away her clothes. Panels open in the booth, the arms moved pulling out robot parts. Kathy tried to grab the arms as the fitted brass covers over her calves then lifted her feet to encase her feet in high heeled metal covers. Her lower legs tingling, not unpleasantly. The tingling moved higher as more parts were fitted to her thighs, encasing them in the hard cold metal. More parts swung out first covering her belly then her back. She tried to pull them off but her hands were quickly immobilized and covered in shiny metal. Next a carefully shaped panel was pressed against her breasts.

Now, only her sex and head were uncovered. She could feel pins and needles through her skin, a crawling feeling beneath the robotic covering and an unexplainable heat building within her.

Two clamps grasped her head and she felt a cold liquid rubbed over her hair. Her short blonde hair fell away by the handful as more arms moved over head, massaging her scalp. She felt cold metal pressing against the back of her head.

Trepidation and fear flooded through her as she stared into the inside of one of the robot faces as it moved closer to her. The mask clicked into place, she could feel it against her skin, could feel the same tingling sensation moving over her skin. A voice appeared inside her head, “link established, awaiting activation, awaiting power units.”

She tried to speak, “to ask, waiting for what,” but the robotic suit that encased her held her rigid. The humming that had surrounded her during all this changed, changed to the sound she had heard as the rods appeared. She realised that only her crotch remained free of metal then felt the first rod pushed into her ass, then the second slipping deep into her sex. Energy exploded through her, centred on her sex then radiating out in intense pulses. Her mind was blasted by the intensity of the orgasm that came with each pulse.

As the pleasure kept increasing she was barely aware of the voice inside her head, “Activating, converting, assimilating.” The humming stopped, the lights within the robot eyes flashed red, green, then settled to a golden glow. The robot stepped from the machine and walked off down the corridor.


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