The Curse of the Slutty Fetish Maid

by John Bannergram

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© Copyright 2020 - John Bannergram - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; costume; maid; latex; spank; hum; party; office; cuffs; chain; ghost; reluct; nc; XX

Lauren looked at herself one last time in the mirror before she left for the party.

Damn, I’m hot, she thought to herself.

Every year Lauren used Halloween as an excuse to turn on the sex appeal, but in her opinion this time she had outdone herself. There was nothing new about dressing as a sexy French maid for Halloween. But Lauren had gone all-out. The costume was made of shiny black and white latex. Her generous cleavage was on display; the maid’s dress was so low-cut that her boobs looked like they were about to pop out at any moment. It was also incredibly short, and along with the black high heels helped to show off her long legs encased in black latex stockings. Lauren had no panties on; if she bent down to pick up a quarter anyone would have an excellent view of her shaved pussy, framed by the white ruffles of her petticoat. A tiny maid’s hat crowned her long dark hair. Lauren added the final touch - a ruffled black and white collar. As she clasped it around her throat she got a thrill at the sexy, submissive way it looked. There was a tiny bell on the collar, which would demand attention.

Briefly Lauren indulged in a little fantasy, of being a submissive maid at the beck and call of her master. Lauren grinned at her reflection, and did a little curtsey.

“Yes, sir! How may I please you?”

This was going to be quite an evening.

When Lauren arrived the party was in full swing. It was actually a full week before Halloween, but the location definitely set the mood. Annie, her host, always went the extra mile for Halloween. This year she had rented a spooky old house that was supposed to be haunted.

“Wow, Annie, this place is perfect.”

“Thanks, Lauren, I was lucky to be able to rent Abernathy Hall out, given how much in demand it is at Halloween. I love your costume, by the way. All the guys are checking you out!”

Lauren smiled. “Thanks, I was just glad to get away before Patty came home.”

“Your roommate? I know you’re always fighting.”

“Yeah, if it isn’t one thing, it’s another.”

Intent on changing the subject, Lauren asked about the history of the house.

“So, this place is haunted, huh? Who’s the ghost?”

Annie laughed. “You didn’t know? I assumed from your costume that you’d already heard. Supposedly there was a sexy maid who lived here as a servant. One Halloween night she died of pleasure from fingering herself too much.”

“What? You’re making that up!”

“No, I swear, that’s the story! Anyway, since then she’s supposed to haunt the place.” Annie went on in a fake-spooky voice, “And if you say Maid Mary three times in front of a mirror at midnight, her ghost will appear! OOOOOHHH!”

Lauren excused herself and began to circulate around the room. She couldn’t be happier. Her costume was even better than she had thought! It was a perfect shout-out to the legend, even if she hadn’t meant it that way.

Lauren was definitely the focus of the party. The guys couldn’t stop staring at her with undisguised lust, and the women looked at her with jealousy. Once she bent over to adjust one of her shoes and heard a gasp from someone behind her who got an eyeful.

Eventually, life of the party or not, nature called. Lauren made her way up the stereotypical creaky staircase to the restroom, past the equally stereotypical menacing paintings, and took care of business. Having finished, she looked at herself in the bathroom mirror and smiled. She glanced down to see a small clock on the sink.


It was almost midnight. Lauren thought back to the story that Annie had told her.

What’s Halloween without a little ghost summoning?


Lauren looked into the mirror and spoke.

Maid Mary! Maid Mary! Maid Mary!

Nothing. Lauren felt distinctly foolish.

“Oh well, it was worth a shot.”

She glanced at her makeup one more time in the mirror.

“Hey, how did you get in here?” Lauren saw another girl behind her in the mirror, and she was wearing a maid costume too! One of the girl’s hands was buried under her dress and she was clearly pleasuring herself.

Lauren sniffed. “Can’t a girl have any privacy? And by the way, your maid costume isn’t nearly as good as mine.“

She turned around to confront the intruder.

There was no one there!

Holy shit. She looked in the mirror, to see Maid Mary still there, and looking pissed.

“How dare you mock me in my own home!”

“Um, I uh...” Lauren was speechless. She’d summoned up an actual ghost, and an angry one to boot!

Mary’s eyes glowed menacingly.

“Hear my curse. As you are, so shall you be!”

Before Lauren could say a word, the ghost in the mirror turned to smoke and disappeared.

Lauren didn’t know what to make of all of this.

“I’ve been cursed by a horny ghost maid?”

As you are, so shall you be.

What did that even mean? As you are? What was she?

A sexy maid. Suddenly an idea came to Lauren. She’d been cursed to be a maid.

That’s ridiculous, thought Lauren. I’m still me. I still have a sales rep job that is very much not being a maid. I rent half of an apartment, which I and my roommate are very lax about cleaning. All I have to do to stop being a maid is to strip out of this silly costume and give everyone at the party a free show.

Lauren grinned at the thought. She grabbed the top of her costume to flash her boobs at the mirror and pulled. Nothing. The top stayed on. It must be stuck, she thought. Lauren tried yanking her top down again with much more force, but again nothing happened, except that her boobs bounced obscenely.

Lauren reached back to undo the zipper on her costume, but her fingers couldn’t find it. Confused, she turned around and looked over her shoulder at her back in the mirror. There was no zipper!

In a panic, Lauren began tugging on the different parts of the costume. The little hat, the stockings, the shoes, nothing moved. Everything was stuck to her body. She shook at her collar, but it stayed locked around her neck, the ringing of the tiny bell mocking her struggles. Lauren had come to the party owning a sexy costume. Now the costume owned her.

I’ve got to get out of here and figure this out, Lauren thought. I’ll make my excuses and go.

She walked down the stairs. Suddenly the attention of the crowd was unwelcome. Lauren was wearing the same costume, but it was no longer by choice. Now she had been put on display whether she liked it or not.

Lauren walked towards the door. But before she could reach it, she was intercepted.

“Hey, doll, love the outfit!”

Oh hell. Brad, of all people.

Lauren couldn’t stand Brad, he was the biggest douche imaginable. He looked her up and down, and with a grin said, “Hey, Maid, show me your pussy!”

As if, Lauren thought. But to her astonishment, her hands grabbed hold and lifted up her dress, exposing herself to Brad and several other partygoers.

Mortified, she quickly pulled her dress back down, but not fast enough to keep Brad from taking a photo to show his friends. Lauren hurried away without another word. She couldn’t understand what had just happened.

Lauren went to the front hallway and made her excuses to the host.

“I’m sorry, Annie, I have to go, something came up.”

Annie frowned. “Oh, do you have to? You’re really brightening up the party. Come on, maid, stay and mingle a couple hours more!”

While Annie went to talk with someone else, Lauren walked to the front door, anxious to get away. But to her astonishment, she couldn’t leave! Any time she tried to go out the door, she found herself turning around and walking the other way.

What the hell? Lauren thought. What’s happening to me? Why am I acting so weird?

Maid, stay a couple hours more. 

Then it hit her. Both Brad and Annie had called her ‘maid’, and told her to do something.

Maids are obedient.

As you are, so shall you be.

“Oh my God,” Lauren muttered under her breath. It must be part of the curse. This was bad. Anyone at the party could make her do anything they wanted, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Lauren had been told to stay for two more hours, and she had no choice but to obey. The room had become her prison, the costume her jailer. She tried to avoid talking with people as much as possible, for fear that they might ask her to do something. The sexy costume and the noisy little bell around her neck meant that it was impossible to avoid being noticed.

Somehow her body language was different. Lauren found it impossible to make a move that wasn’t sexy. Every step she made caused her hips to sway and her boobs to jiggle invitingly, and the tinkling of her bell demanded attention. There was a slight draft tickling her bare pussy, providing a continual reminder that there was nothing preventing any of the guests from making her submit to them.

The time passed slowly. But at last the two hours were up. Lauren practically bolted through the door before anyone could say a word to her.

Once she got home, Lauren tried again to remove her costume, with no more success than before. She thought briefly of trying to contact someone for help, but what would she say? ‘Officer, arrest the kinky ghost lady, she trapped me in a pervy costume’?

Lauren decided to get some sleep. In the morning when she’d had some rest maybe she’d think of something.

The Morning After

Lauren was eating breakfast the next morning when her roommate walked into the kitchen for coffee, still glammed up after a long night of partying. Patty stared at her hungrily. Lauren had been dreading this.

“Wow. Aren’t you a cute maid, all nice and submissive. Just waiting for someone to order you around. Why haven’t you changed out of your costume?”

Lauren tried to dodge the question. “It’s nothing. There’s some kind of glue on the inside and I have to peel it off. Did you want some breakfast?”

“Don’t try to change the subject.”

Then Patty said the worst thing that she could possibly have said.

“Don’t try to hide anything from me, maid!”

It was an order, and the costume forced her to talk. The words poured out no matter how much Lauren tried to stop. She told Patty the whole story. About being trapped in the costume. About how it would let people control her. For a minute Patty sat in silence.

“That’s the weirdest thing I ever heard. I don’t know if I believe it. But the important thing is that you believe it.” Patty grinned like a shark. She got up and grabbed Lauren by the collar. “And that makes you mine.”

Lauren squirmed in a vain attempt to free herself. “Patty, I just don’t see you that way. I’m sorry, but-”

Patty cut her off in mid-sentence. “You’re not going to call me Patty anymore. First names are for equals, and you’re not my equal. Maid, from now on you will refer to me as Mistress.”

Yes, Mistress!” Lauren said in a tiny voice.

“Maid, get down on your knees!”

Without a word, Lauren dropped to the floor, the little bell on her collar tinkling softly from the movement. Patty dropped her skirt to reveal her clit.

Patty smiled. “Maid, there are going to be a few changes around here. I hope your tongue is ready...”

Patty spent all weekend enjoying ordering Lauren about. Lauren’s feelings on the subject were...complicated. On the one hand, she’d never liked Patty much, and she didn’t want to be her servant and she certainly hadn’t wanted to be permanently stuck as her sexy maid. On the other, this whole situation was....interesting.

Lauren found herself increasingly turned on by her own submission. Everything brought her back to that. Even scrubbing the floor became a sexual act, as she was constantly aware that she was being made to scrub it by her mistress. She found herself turning everything into a little show, wiggling her ass as she scrubbed on all-fours. Every “Yes, Mistress” and “No, Mistress” brought excitement. The fact that she didn’t like Patty was irrelevant; the submission was where the thrill lied. Lauren wondered if her horniess was part of the curse. It would make sense, considering how kinky the ghost was.

Finally, the weekend was over. It was a bright, crisp October morning, and Lauren was filled with dread. It was a work day, and she was still stuck dressed as a fetish maid. Her first idea was to wear something over the costume. But the ghost had thought of that. When Lauren tried to put on a sweater, it immediately fell apart, leaving her back at square one.

As she stood staring at the clothes in her closet, she heard Patty walk in behind her. Lauren quietly winced. She wondered what Patty was going to have her do next.

“Hello, my little maid. All excited about your last day at work?”

Lauren was so deep in thought, that it took a moment for the question to sink in. “What? My last day? You aren’t really going to make me quit my job, are you?”

Patty laughed. “No. I don’t have to make you quit. Be honest with yourself. You’re just quitting before they fire you. They’re not going to keep you at the office looking like you do. Unless they decide to demote you to office fucktoy, that is!”

Lauren shuddered. She could picture it now. I need to de-stress. Maid, bend over. It was a horrible thought. So why did it make her so wet? Damn Maid Mary and her kinky costume!

“Be honest. The only job you’re able to get now is as my slutty maid. You haven’t got a lot of other career options! So it’s not me that’s forcing you to quit. On the other hand, I do have some ideas about how you’re going to quit...”

At the Office

Lauren walked down the hall to the boss’s office. Her attempt to avoid attracting attention was an utter failure. Every time she passed by someone’s door, the little bell on her collar alerted them, causing them to look up and see the kinky maid walk past. Ted, who she’d been fighting with for a promotion, gave a smirk and leered at her cleavage. As Lauren walked by she could feel his eyes staring at her ass cheeks poking out from under the frills of her short uniform.

Finally she got to Mr. Rothman’s office. He stared at her, dumbstruck. Lauren took a deep breath. She might as well get this over with. Patty had given her orders on what to say and do.

“Um, Mr. Rothman sir?” Lauren hadn’t intended the “sir” part, but it seemed right somehow.

“Yes, Lauren? What’s going on?” her boss looked confused. Lauren could hardly blame him. It wasn’t every day one of his best sales reps showed up dressed as a slutty fetish maid.

“I um...I’ve come to the realization that I’m a dumb slut who needs to be told what to do. So I’ve decided to resign so that I can serve my roommate as her maid and personal sextoy.”

Mr. Rothman looked like someone had hit him with a baseball bat. He was clearly trying to keep his eyes on Lauren’s face, but they kept sliding down towards her breasts. He struggled to think of something to say that was work-appropriate.

“Well, Lauren, I’ll be sorry to lose you. Um, was there anything else?”

Lauren walked around the desk. “Yes, sir. I feel that it would really help to teach me my place if you were to give me a good spanking.”

She put herself across his lap. For a moment he just stared down at the latex clad maid, with her dress hiked up and her bare ass raised invitingly. Mr. Rothman had always acted professionally at work. But everyone has their limits. He began to spank her.

Amidst the pain and humiliation, Lauren felt something she didn’t expect-lust. Being spanked in the office where she’d once been respected and was now a laughing stock brought on feelings that she didn’t want to admit to. They only grew stronger and stronger. Rothman spanked her repeatedly with one hand while the other pinned her down, leaving her with nothing to do but squirm.

Keep it under control. Don’t cum. Not in front of your boss and the whole office, she thought to herself. She struggled, losing more control with every slap on her ass, every thought about how helpless she was. Finally, with one last slap she came, loudly.

Lauren got up, still shaky. She looked at the floor to avoid meeting her former boss’s eyes.

“Thank you sir.”

“You’re welcome, and good luck. I-ah-I think you’re definitely moving to a job that you’re better suited for.”

“Um, thank you sir.” Lauren gave a little curtsey and left the office for good. She could feel everyone’s eyes on her. Everyone had heard her. But mixed with her feelings of shame was something else....pleasure.

I might be a slut, but I’m a good slut.

The New Normal

Back at their apartment, Patty dragged the whole story out of her, orgasm and all.

She laughed. “Your boss was right. You’re such a horny slut. This is what you’re suited for.”

Lauren shifted from one foot to the other. “Yes Mistress.” She couldn’t deny it after cumming from being pinned down and spanked by her boss.

Patty lifted up Lauren’s dress and leaned down to examine her. “Wow, you’re really wet down’re practically dripping. Maid, get on your knees.”

Patty looked down at her.

“I have some rules for you. You’re too dumb and helpless to make it on your own, so I’m taking charge.”

“But I...yes, mistress.”

This is going to be bad, Lauren thought.

“One. Maid, you may never leave the apartment. You belong at home, waiting on me hand and foot.”

“But Mistress, I’ll have to leave sometimes...”

“Don’t be silly. Imagine if you were out on your own and someone gave you the wrong order.”

Lauren couldn’t argue. She could hardly survive on her own when anyone could make her do anything.

“Two. Maid, don’t speak around your betters unless you’re spoken to.”

Lauren tried to protest that one, but her lips wouldn’t open. It was like they’d been glued shut. All she could do was make pathetic mmphing noises through her closed mouth that Patty found highly amusing.

“Three. Maid, you may not own any money or possessions. Everything you own, like your bank account and your car, you sign over to me. A slut like you can’t handle responsibility.”

Lauren felt numb. In one day she’d lost her job, been confined to a small apartment for life, and lost her personal possessions and her ability to speak her mind.

Patty looked down and gave her a cruel smile. “I guess that does it. I see you’re enjoying this, maid.”

Lauren realized to her embarrassment that she’d been fingering herself in front of Patty the whole time. As the humiliation sent her over the edge, she came, her screams trapped behind still-sealed lips.

It took Lauren the next few days to realize just how much of a prisoner the new rules made her. Patty controlled every aspect of her life. Lauren was a slave, trapped in the apartment, with no money or possessions of her own. The orders she’d been given didn’t even allow her to carry any cash for tips; when the pizza guy came Lauren had had to settle for hiking up her dress and giving him a show, which she felt was a reasonable trade.

When someone came to the apartment, Lauren wasn’t allowed to say anything until they spoke to her, which meant that they always dominated the conversation. The slutty maid outfit she wore prevented anyone from taking her seriously. People developed a tendency to use small words and to talk down to her. Any attempt to display her intelligence just got her laughed at.

Lauren kept telling herself how bad her situation was. But someone apparently forgot to tell her clit. The more humiliated she was, the hornier she got.

“The song should have been Wet MAID Pussy. This costume keeps me turned on 24-7,” Lauren muttered under her breath as she cleaned. The apartment was spic and span by now, but Patty kept her cleaning anyway. Patty liked to watch her, and the truth was that Lauren liked to be watched. Whenever someone came to the apartment to see Patty, Lauren would always put on a show, bending low to show off her boobs when she poured the coffee.

Lauren discovered that Patty had an extensive array of bondage equipment. It wasn’t at all necessary, since Lauren was trapped in the apartment anyway, but that didn’t stop Patty. On one occasion Patty decided that Lauren hadn’t been spending enough time cleaning the bathroom. Her solution was to chain her by the ankle to the pipe leading to the toilet. Lauren had to work most of the night. When she was done, the short chain kept her confined to the bathroom, so she slept on the floor, still chained to the toilet. Patty particularly loved threading a pair of handcuffs through the radiator in the living room, forcing Lauren to remain on her knees and elbows. As an added bonus her position gave a clear view of her ass to Patty and any of her guests that were sitting on the sofa. A wooden paddle hung on the wall next to the radiator in case anyone wanted to teach Lauren a lesson.

The Dinner Party

About halfway through the week Lauren got a surprise. She knew that something was up from the smirk that Patty wore as Lauren served her breakfast.

“Well, my little maid, tonight I’ve decided to have a fancy dinner party. Formal attire. Needless to say, “ Patty added quickly, “We’ll have the food catered.”

Lauren winced. They had discovered the hard way that the maid uniform had not improved her cooking skills, and Patty had taken out her disappointment and indigestion on her.

“You, naturally, will be serving the guests. Catering to their every whim.”

Lauren still wasn’t comfortable having people see her as a maid, but she really had no choice. “Yes, Mistress.”

Patty handed her a guest list to look over.

The last name on the list made Lauren’s stomach flip. “Wait, you’re inviting Chris? My-old-boyfriend-that-I-dumped Chris?”

Patty laughed. “I thought that seeing him again would give you some perspective. Besides, as I remember the reason you broke up was that you thought he was condescending. That shouldn’t be a problem for you now. You’re a maid. People aren’t supposed to treat you like an equal!”

Lauren got on her knees and pleaded, “Please, Mistress, don't let him see me like this!”

“I’ve made my decision.”

“But he knows all of my friends. Everyone will hear about this!”

“That’s enough from you. They’re not your friends anymore, they’re your betters. They’re the masters, you’re just the little servant who waits on them hand and foot. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you exactly what to say to my guests. And as a special present, I got you some jewelry to wear for the occasion so that you’ll look your best.”

That night Lauren discovered what the jewelry was. Just before the party Patty took out some steel shackles and chains and locked them around Lauren’s wrists and ankles. The chain between her legs was so short that she shuffled when she walked, and the other chain forced her wrists close together when she brought in the serving tray for the appetizers.

Everyone stared blankly at Lauren. The last time they’d seen her she was dressed normally, not as a fetish maid clapped in irons. She wanted to sink into the floor, but there was no escape.

Patty tapped her fork on her wine glass to get her guests’ attention.

“Everyone, you’re probably wondering about Lauren’s new attire. So I thought she should tell you about it herself.” Patty turned towards her with a cold stare. “Maid, say it.”

Lauren looked down at the floor to avoid meeting anyone’s eyes. She took a deep breath and said the speech that Patty had forced her to memorize.

“I’ve discovered that I’m a dumb slut who can’t handle responsibility. So I’ve signed over all my possessions to Patty since she’s going to do the thinking for us both. From now on I’m just an empty-headed little maid, and you should treat me that way. I’m my Mistress’s property, and my only purpose is to serve my betters. Use me however you want.”

Lauren closed her eyes in humiliation, trying to pretend that no one was there. That no one had heard what she had just said. There was a moment of silence. Then Chris reached his arm out and pinched her boob. Lauren squealed.

“You always did think too highly of yourself, “ her ex-boyfriend commented with a smirk. ”I’m just glad somebody finally put you in your place. So Patty, you’re keeping her, then?”

Patty laughed. “Yes. I had her quit her job, too. That way she can serve me full-time.”

One of the other guests chimed in. “I’m surprised she was able to hold down a job in the first place. She doesn’t look very bright!”

The other guests laughed. Lauren squirmed with embarrassment, but her lips stayed stuck together, forcing her to submit to the comments of the guests in silence.

Patty commented, “Yes, and now she doesn’t have to fill her pretty head with anything but pleasing me.”

That seemed to open the floodgates, and the guests began to chat. Although the topics varied, as Lauren served the guests she kept overhearing little comments, spoken as if she wasn’t there.

“She’s so cute. It’s good of you to take her in.”

“Those chains suit her. And they help keep her out of trouble.”

“What a little slut. I’d love to play with her some time.”

“I never understood how she survived on her own.”

Lauren was forced to endure this humiliation, unable to speak except for the occasional ‘No, sir’, or ‘Yes Ma’am’.

After dinner was over, Patty made Lauren sit on her knees on the floor next to Chris’s chair. Drinking his beer with one hand, he used the other to feel her up, producing soft gasps and moans from Lauren that amused the guests to no end.

Eventually the party came to an end. The whole thing had been humiliating, but Lauren got an odd kind of satisfaction from the experience, while Patty was somewhat irritable afterwards. Patty was vain, and always liked to be the center of attention, but it was difficult for her stay in the limelight when she was sharing the room with a latex-clad bondage maid.

Still the hottest one at the party! Lauren thought to herself, and smiled.

In the days following the party, Lauren’s submissive tendencies grew. Patty continued to have guests over for more informal get-togethers. Unable to speak until spoken to, and forced into blind obedience, there was a gap between her and them. The important people. The ones who made the decisions and gave the orders. And Lauren, who curtseyed, said yes Ma’am, and obeyed. Lauren, who stayed at home because she was too helpless to be allowed out on her own, and who wasn’t permitted to sit on the furniture.

None of this bothered Lauren as much as she would have thought. In point of fact, it made her wet. Lauren spent so much time masturbating that Patty, half-jokingly, suggested that she might lock her in a chastity belt.

Patty was the fly in the ointment. She was frequently cruel, often for no reason, and seemed to delight in making Lauren miserable. As the week came to a close, Lauren wondered just where this would end.

Halloween Night

Lauren stared at herself miserably in the mirror. It was 6PM on Halloween night. Patty had gone out to a costume party. Ominously, she was going as a dominatrix, complete with a leather catsuit, a spiked collar, and a very real whip. That didn’t bode well for Lauren. Before going, Patty had made her kneel in the dressing room. She leaned down, grabbed Lauren’s chin, and turned her face so that she was staring at herself in the mirror.

“Stay there and look at yourself until I get back, little maid. I want you to get used to being my BITCH.”

Lauren whimpered.

As she stared into the mirror Lauren thought about her predicament. At least the costume made it so that she got some enjoyment out of her submission. The worst part of the whole ordeal was Patty herself. Patty had been an awful roommate, and was an even worse mistress. It wouldn’t have been so bad if Patty was out of the picture. But Lauren was stuck with her. Forever.

Lauren pleaded into the mirror. “Please, Mary, wherever you are, I’ve learned my lesson. Please let me go back to normal.”

Suddenly she heard Mary’s voice echo from the walls. “Maid, clean the apartment from top to bottom while rubbing yourself without stopping. Finish cleaning by midnight, and I’ll put you where you belong.”

Lauren couldn’t believe it. She had a chance at freedom! “Thank you Mary! I’ll do it! I promise!”

There was no response. But Lauren wasn’t discouraged. She reached her hand towards the feather duster. She reached her other hand under her dress...

The time flew by, but at last she was done. Lauren looked at the clock. 11:50. She’d made it with time to spare, and she’d enjoyed some quality orgasms in the process. Now she was back in front of the full length mirror in the walk-in closet and was ready for everything to go back to normal.

She smiled. In a way she’d almost miss this costume. She’d never been more turned on in her life.

Hmm. Ten minutes. That’s more than enough for a little extra me-time, Laren thought to herself.

She stood in front of the mirror and moved her hand under her dress. Rubbing faster and faster as she looked at the slutty maid that was her reflection. At last Lauren cried out, satisfied and utterly spent. She opened her eyes to see two maids. Herself, and Mary, standing behind her. Behind Mary in the mirror she could see the haunted mansion.

“Oh..Mary...I did what you asked, I cleaned the house, and while I was doing it I-um...”

Mary smirked. “Yes, I know what you were doing. How many orgasms was it? 9? 10? I could hear your screams echoing through the mirror.

Lauren’s face turned red. “It’s not my fault. This costume forces me to be horny all the time!”

Mary laughed. “Is that what you’ve been telling yourself? No, the maid outfit just makes you obedient. The rest was all you, my dear.”

Lauren stood in silence for a moment, trying to process that. Could this be the real her? She suddenly realized that, as if in response, her hand was hovering over her crotch again. Lauren quickly moved it behind her back like she’d been caught with her hands in the cookie jar.

“So, you’re going to put things back the way they were?”

“I never promised I’d do that.”

Lauren gasped. “But you did! You said...”

“I said ‘I’ll put you where you belong’. And given how you’ve behaved today, I think it’s obvious where you belong, you little slut.”

Mary’s eyes glowed. “As you are, so shall you be. As you are, so shall you remain!

“Noooo!” Lauren felt something pulling at her collar. In place of the bell was a long, thin silver chain. The other end was wrapped around Mary’s hand.

“Come along. Be honest with yourself and admit that this is what you really want.” Mary tugged on the leash, and Lauren, powerless against her, was pulled closer to the mirror. She took one last stand, holding her legs firm to try to avoid being pulled in.

Mary gave her a mischievous smile, and snapped her fingers.

Lauren gasped as a mind-blowing orgasm ripped through her. She was in such a daze that she barely noticed when with one final jerk Mary pulled her through the mirror.

Lauren found herself back in the old mansion on her knees, a picture of submission. She looked up at Mary, her new mistress. Lauren still felt a glow of pleasure and satisfaction. Mary held her leash in one hand. It was pulled taut, providing a gentle pull, reminding Lauren that she was owned. Mary smiled, and held up the fingers of her other hand for another snap.

All things considered, Lauren thought to herself philosophically, maybe there are advantages to living with a ghost.


Five Years Later

“So Tina, great party! I can’t believe you were able to rent the old Abernathy place for Halloween!”

“I know, it’s perfect! You heard about the ghost stories, right?”

“Part of it. Something about phantom maids?”

“Yeah, there are supposed to be two of them, both really kinky. Mary, and her slutty lesbian slave Lauren. Mary’s supposed to keep Lauren chained on a leash. They spend all their time jilling each other off.”

“Tina, that has to be the best ghost story ever.”

“I know! By the way, I love your maid costume...”


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