Hailey and Lola

by Vampire Medic

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© Copyright 2020 - Vampire Medic - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; cartrunk; lesbian; cocoon; leash; bed-tie; karada; party; corset; cosplay; costumes; crop; cuffs; leather; objectify; pvc; shower; goth; rom; cons; X


Haley was nervous and excited simultaneously. She had only been dating Lola for two weeks, and now Lola had asked Haley to go to a Halloween party.

Maybe asked wasn’t the right word. Haley definitely wasn’t the dominant one in this relationship, and Lola seemed acutely aware of this. She had given Haley strict instructions on when she expected Haley to be at Lola’s house and to “wear something easy to change out of. No makeup, and be open minded.”

Well, the open minded part was easy. For a girl who had tied herself up in Lola’s car trunk for Goth Chick Appreciation Day, open mindedness wasn’t a problem. As she pulled her blond hair into a loose ponytail and grabbed her keys, she wondered what her gothic girlfriend had in mind for the evening.

The drive to Lola’s house didn’t take long. The afternoon air was cool and crisp, but not uncomfortable even in T-shirt, shorts and flip flops. Haley wished she had taken the opportunity to put on makeup anyway since she wanted to look pretty on her date, but she didn’t want to upset Lola.

Haley noticed Lola’s car and several she didn’t recognize in the driveway, but Lola’s parents didn’t seem to be home.

The door was answered by two girls Haley didn’t recognize. One was dressed as a gothic witch, and the other bore a strong resemblance to Selene from Underworld in a skin tight latex outfit with a corset over it.

“You must be Haley,” the witch said, leading Haley inside. The two led her to one of the guest bedrooms where a third girl was waiting. This one was dressed head to toe in a latex suit that was reminiscent of Michelle Pfieffer’s Catwoman. The outfit looked hot in more ways than one.

“Sit,” Catwoman said, gesturing to a stool. Haley did as she was told.

“Is Lola here?” She asked meekly. The trio just laughed and went to work.

Before she knew what was happening, Haley found herself getting a gothic makeover. Her blond hair was dyed jet black. Her lightly tanned skin became pale white, and she had heavy black makeup added around her eyes, black nail polish, and black lipstick. All of her clothing was removed, and the girls squeezed her into a skin tight latex suit from her toes to her neck. The suit hugged every inch of skin and left little to the imagination, but yet covered everything. A corset was placed over it and cinched down, almost to the point of being uncomfortable. High platform boots were placed on her feet and extending up to her thighs. The boots were laced on, and a thick leather choker was placed around her neck.

When Haley was allowed to see herself in the mirror for the first time, she gasped loudly. She had transformed from a teenage blond cheerleader to an amazing dark haired gothic dominatrix. She was handed a riding crop and a police-style belt was placed around her waist with a coiled whip, various chains and cuffs and even some rope. The three girls complimented each other on their work before turning their attention to finishing the last touches on their own costumes.

Eventually there was a knock on the door. Selene opened it and in strolled two more gothic beauties. One was dressed as Marceline from Adventure Time with gray skin, black hair almost to the floor and even carrying an axe-shaped bass guitar, while the other seemed to be an attractively dressed human-werewolf hybrid. Haley was amazed at the makeup on the wolf girl. It was impossible to tell where the makeup ended and the skin began. The wolf’s mouth moved with her own, and she was able to convey facial expressions through the makeup as all the girls complimented Haley’s goth appearance.

She was so focused on the werewolf she forgot about Lola until Marceline turned to Haley.

“Are you ready to see your beautiful companion for the evening?” Haley nodded, and Catwoman walked out. A moment later, she returned, leading Lola into the room. Haley’s eyes bulged at the sight that greeted her.

Catwoman held a leash in her hand. At the end was a collar locked around Lola’s neck. Even more shocking was how Lola was dressed.

Lola looked every bit a stereotypical cheerleader. She wore a blue and orange top with the name TIGERS on it that came to mid stomach with a matching pleated skirt around her waist. Gone was the black hair and dark makeup, replaced by blond with colorful eyes and bright red lips. The words “Go Team” were painted on her cheeks in matching blue and orange, and there were small blue and orange paw prints on her face.

Even more shocking were the accessories. The red lips wrapped around an equally red ball gag that allowed a small stream of drool to leak out. Lola probably could have wiped the drool if she didn’t have a rope harness tied around her entire midsection that also pinned her arms tightly behind her back. Her legs were joined by shackles at the ankles. She could walk, but it was enough that she couldn’t run or climb stairs easily and it made a rattle when she walked. Haley couldn’t believe her eyes.

Catwoman laughed at Haley’s expression.

“Halloween is about being something you aren’t. My name’s Maddy, by the way. I am a huge dog person, so I decided to be Catwoman.”

Selene stepped forward. “I am Jen. I am an ER nurse. Being a cool vampire assassin is the opposite of saving lives.”

The witch nodded.

“Kaylee. I don’t usually dig magic and the dark arts like some of my friends, but I decided to embrace it tonight.”

Marceline spoke up.

“Hi. Lily. I am actually a bass player and amateur makeup artist. I just love Adventure Time and especially Marcy. I also turned Michelle into a werewolf; I would love to use you as a canvas sometime.”

Michelle nodded. “Michelle. I just volunteered to let Lily practice on me. Time consuming, but worth it! I highly recommend this.”

Lola tried to speak, but the gag prevented it. Michelle grabbed the riding crop from Hayley and swatted Lola’s ass. Haley flinched; it looked and sounded painful.

“Cheerleaders don’t speak because they don’t have anything worth saying, remember?” Michelle grinned as she waved the riding crop in Lola’s face. Lola’s eyes sank, and she looked slightly dejected. Haley felt a little bad for her girlfriend.

Michelle shoved the crop into Haley’s hand.

“Here ya go. Beat her mercilessly if she tries to talk again. Cheerleaders should be seen and not heard. Besides, it was her idea for you two to switch roles; you should enjoy being HER dominatrix for once, because it won’t last long.”

The group made their way outside, with Haley slowed a little by her captive’s reduced walking ability. Lily and Kaylee climbed into Lily’s SUV. Jen said that she was driving herself since she had plans afterward.

Michelle said that she didn’t really feel comfortable driving with the makeup on her face and contacts in her eyes, so Maddy offered to drive her and Haley. “Shotgun!” Michelle yelled, jumping into the front passenger seat.

“What about Lola?”

Haley asked.

“Oh yeah, Lola,” Maddy muttered.

“Michelle, give me a hand.” Michelle climbed out as Maddy opened the trunk. She grabbed the leash from Haley and the pair lifted Lola into the trunk. “Enjoy the ride!” Maddy said evilly as she slammed the trunk shut.

The trio piled into the car and Michelle turned around.

“Cheerleaders aren’t worthy to ride with us. Besides, more room for you in the back seat!”

Maddy laughed as she stomped the gas and brake pedals a few times leaving Lola’s driveway. “Hope Lola doesn’t mind that I made a trunk liner out of thick trash bags in case I need to haul something messy. It makes it slippery; bet that also makes for an uncomfortable ride!” She said, testing the brakes again. Haley imagined her helpless girlfriend sliding around the dark, lonely car trunk. In a way, Haley almost felt jealous of her because she enjoyed being submissive, but at the same time, being the dominant one was thrilling.

After what must have been an hour of driving, they pulled up to what looked like a large warehouse. All the girls gathered around the trunk of Maddy’s car making final adjustments to costumes and makeup before opening the trunk and lifting out a very disheveled Lola. Her hair and makeup were a mess.

Michelle straightened out the uniform and fixed the skirt that had ridden up on the trip before she handed Haley the riding crop and the end of the leash. In the fading sunlight Haley could see Lola staring into her eyes with large, sad, helpless puppy dog eyes and Haley’s heart broke. Haley dropped the end of the leash and reached toward Lola’s cheek to comfort her, but the second Haley did, Lola’s eyes changed and Haley could swear Lola was smiling around the gag as she tried to shuffle off and escape. Haley realized what Lola was doing and quickly placed her boot on the end of the leash, jerking Lola to a halt. Haley then whipped Lola’s ass with the riding crop several times, which was met with what sounded like gagged moans of pleasure. Haley picked up the end of the leash and gave it a hard tug, leading her captive inside to join the party.

The first thing Haley noticed were the decorations. Unlike your average Halloween party with cheesy decorations, this one was decorated with very realistic ones, ranging from a massive spider web with human sized victims to a life-sized sarcophagus with a matching mummy next to it. The lighting wasn’t overly bright, but bright enough to see and appreciate the decorations. Haley led her captive cheerleader on a tour, examining each and every one and appreciating the effort put in. Haley also noticed the costumes the crowd was wearing. Many of them were dark and gothic, but some were more bright and colorful. All of them seemed to have one thing in common: they were all elaborate and none appeared to be cheap, store bought costumes. A man dressed as Batman walked by leading his own Harley Quinn. The Batman suit appeared to be fully movie-accurate leather while the Harley Quinn was a skin-tight PVC bodysuit. Both stopped to admire Haley and Lola.

“Can I borrow your riding crop?” Harley asked. She reached down and quickly coaxed it out of Haley’s hand before turning and running the end seductively over Lola’s bound body and then whipping her ass, making Lola jump. Batman and Harley laughed as Harley handed the crop back to Haley. Harley then leaned in and kissed Lola’s ball gagged lips seductively.

“Sorry Puddin’, just having’ fun!” She said as she and her date walked away laughing. Haley turned to Lola who didn’t seem to have minded the attention. Getting herself in character, Haley scolded her for it, lightly whipped her left breast and roughly pulled on the leash, leading her along.

The next hour or so was spent doing more exploring. The warehouse was pretty big, and there were probably several hundred costumes guests milling about. A rather talented live band was rocking one room, several had various interactive activities, and all of them had food and beverages. Of course, not being 21, Haley stuck to the non-alcoholic ones.

Not being fully comfortable in the large crowd, Haley tended to stay more towards the wall and avoid people. Haley’s helpless captive didn’t have a choice but to follow her. They did stick near a table of snacks, however. Haley enjoyed the various sweets and appetizers laid out before them, but Lola couldn’t with the gag and restraints.

As the night wore on the room they were in began to grow more crowded, and Haley unconsciously pressed gradually closer to the wall until Haley bumped into something. Turning, she found herself against the human sized spider web and a female shaped, life sized (for a petite girl) cocooned victim suspended a foot or so off the floor. With her platform boots Haley was at eye level with the suspended victim. Jokingly, Haley patted the cocoon’s chest and apologized, giving the cocoon a slight grope to stay in character. To Haley’s surprise, the cocoon shuddered slightly and gave a muffled moan. Haley glanced around nervously. No one was watching her but Lola, and Haley could tell Lola was laughing through her gag at the discovery. After a bit more groping that confirmed it was a real human being carefully wound into a cocoon, Haley decided to check out the rest of the decorations.

The next decoration Haley began to investigate was a female-shaped mummy. The mummy rested inside a fake sarcophagus that could almost pass as a real one. After some careful examination, Haley determined that there was a live person under the bandages.

Next the pair moved on to a life sized plaster statue which was on display. After careful inspection revealed a pair of small openings in the nose, Haley realized there was likely a very naked girl trapped under several layers of white plaster.

And so it went... all the decorations seemed to be made of living human captives. Haley was equal parts terrified and fascinated. Lola kept laughing with her eyes at Haley’s reactions.

Eventually the party wound down, and Maddy and Michelle collected the goth girl and her cheerleader captive. It was back into the trunk for Lola, and into the backseat for Haley. The first few minutes of the drive were made in silence before Michelle turned around.

“Did you have a good time?”

“It was interesting, that is for sure...” Haley answered. She shifted a little uncomfortably. “Did anyone look at the decorations? Like the statues and stuff?”

“Not really. Why?” Maddy asked.

Haley seemed more reluctant to share her discoveries. “I think they were real people. Like, people encased in plaster for the statues and wrapped into the spiderweb and wrapped in bandages for the mummies...”

The car went silent for a second, the both girls in the front burst out laughing.

Haley sighed... “You guys probably think I am crazy, but they seemed so real!”

Finally Michelle’s laughing died down a little and she replied. “I am guessing Lola didn’t tell you about Lexi and her public bondage fetish, did she?”

“What?” Haley was confused.

“Haley, that is the whole point of the party. Lexi turns her friends into decorations. Lexi is the girl who hosts the party every year. Her parents own the Bradshaw Shipping Company. That building was converted from one of their old warehouses. The party is funded and hosted by Lexi. And every year she winds up with living human decorations that she uses for the party. I am surprised Lola didn’t tell you about all this. Hell, I am surprised Lola didn’t offer you to Lexi to make into a decoration.”

“Make me into a decoration?”

“Sure,” Michelle said. “Lola told us you are submissive, and kind of a freak. You would make a hot statue. Or maybe it would be fun to see you struggle in a spiderweb. Or who knows what else Lola and Lexi could come up with for you.”

Both Maddy and Michelle laughed at the idea, but Haley’s mind spun at the thought. She wasn’t sure how she felt, but she knew she was at least a little excited at the possibility.

Haley was silent the rest of the ride. The pair in the front seat made jokes back and forth occasionally, but Haley fixated on the idea of public bondage.

When they arrived at Lola’s house, Michelle and Maddy both hugged Haley and said that it was nice to meet her. Before they drove away, they “remembered” Lola in the trunk and removed her, handing the leash back to Haley. As Michelle was getting into the car, she whispered in Haley’s ear: “You should take your captive inside and have some fun with her before you untie her. This might be your only chance ever, and besides, she will punish you when she is freed anyway.”

Haley led her captive into Lola’s room. Lola looked at Haley intently and began to whimper, playing the role of the helpless cheerleader. Haley snapped back into her own role, swatting Lola’s ass with the riding crop several times before pushing her over. With her ankles restrained and her arms bound, Lola couldn’t cushion herself as she landed face first on the bed. Haley spent a few minutes adjusting her captive before she grabbed a pillow, removed the case, and pulled the case over Lola’s head to hide the messed up hair and makeup. Then Haley squeezed her cheerleader’s tits several times before she reached under Lola’s skirt, pushed the underwear aside and began to finger a very wet pussy. It only took a few minutes before Lola’s body was wracked by a strong orgasm. Haley pulled off the pillowcas and began trying to untie the knots on Lola’s bindings, but she was having no luck. Finally she gave up and switched to the gag in Lola’s mouth. She removed the red ball, and Lola immediately began to work her jaw in relief.

“Damn, Hales, that was awesome. You are pretty good with your finger...” Lola gave a slight wink.

“I never imagined doing anything like that. This is so far out of my comfort zone... I am not used to being dominant.”

“You didn’t do a bad job for your first time. Maybe you can work on it in the future. Maybe that was the only time you will ever be dominant. Either way, untie me. I have to pee like a racehorse.”

Haley tried the knots again with no luck.

“Fuck it, Hales. There is a knife on the nightstand; just cut me loose.” Haley did as she was told, and Lola began to massage her sore joints. Next Haley unlocked the ankle shackles. After that, Haley helped Lola to the bathroom. Lola stripped naked and sat to pee.

Once Lola finished peeing, Haley helped her back to bed. Before they knew it, the pair was lying down together: a naked Lola and Haley, still in costume and makeup.

“Did you have fun, Hales?” Lola asked, stripping off her blond wig and releasing her natural black hair.

“I did. I am ready to get this outfit off, clean the makeup off my face and cuddle.”

Lola slowly extended her index finger until it hovered just above Haley’s nose. There it remained for many seconds before Lola snapped it down, bopping Haley on the nose.

“No! You are keeping that on for a while. You look hot as a goth chick; I get to enjoy it for as long as I want. And I am certainly not done enjoying it!”

Haley raised her eyebrows in a look of shock. Lola smiled slyly back at her. She rolled over and began to sensually rub the latex suit that encased Haley’s body. Her fingers danced lightly on the smooth, shiny material, starting at the inner thigh, and soon they found their way to Haley’s waist. In one deft movement, Lola grabbed a pair of handcuffs that were on Haley’s belt, climbed on top of her, and handcuffed one of Haley’s wrists to a corner bedpost. Haley was too shocked to react as Lola grabbed a second pair of handcuffs and repeated the process to the other wrist, leaving Haley helpless with her arms spread wide above her head.

“Lola!” Haley gasped, in a mixture of shock and confusion.

“What, Hales?” Lola purred seductively, lightly stroking Haley’s face as she continued to straddle her captive.

“Lola, I haven’t been able to pee since I put the suit on, and my bladder is ready to explode! And this corset is getting really tight and uncomfortable. Unlock me!”

With a slight giggle, Lola just leaned forward and kissed her captive on the forehead, then the lips. She then gave each of Haley’s eyebrows an incredibly light, delicate, sensual nibble.

“You know, I kinda wanna see what photos got posted from the party. I am sure there were good ones. I just wish I had a place to sit... you are kinda taking up the whole bed after all.” As Haley tried to figure out what Lola was up to, Lola lightly stroked Haley’s face again.

“You know... I could sit here...” Haley’s eyes glazed over in confusion, then widened as it sank in. But by then, Lola was already kneeling, straddling her face. A very wet pussy was right over her mouth as Lola’s thighs imprisoned hert head. Haley struggled slightly for air as Lola shifted more of her weight down. Haley tried to cry out, but Lola’s body muffled the sound.

“Sorry, Hales, I can’t hear you. Anyway, I know you have to pee, so you have two options: either go in the suit and marinate in it, or convince me to let you go.”

Haley tried to ask how she could convince Lola to let her go.

“Still can’t hear you Hales, but I can guarantee if you keep moving your mouth and maybe use your tongue, I will get the message,” Lola laughed.

Haley had never done this before, but she obediently began to lick... tentatively at first, but with more enthusiasm as Lola reacted positively.

Lola had never done anything like this either, but she had watched numerous videos and had some idea of what she was doing. As Haley’s tongue stimulated her nether regions, Lola began to feel excited. A mixture of excitement grew and grew, both from seeing photos that were posted of her and Haley at the party and of Haley’s tongue frantically licking her sopping wet pussy.

Haley continued to lick frantically, becoming more excited herself. She forgot her need to relieve herself and instead focused on breathing and licking as Lola’s legs began to rhythmically contract on her head and she felt growing wetness on her face.

It didn’t take long before the action Haley’s tongue and Lola’s erotic photo collage review led to a powerful, intense orgasm. Lola knew she was squeezing her girlfriend’s head between her legs and it was probably difficult to breathe, but she didn’t care.

When the sensation finally began to subside, Lola slid herself off of Haley’s face and stared at her in a combination of wonder and pleasure. Haley’s face was covered in a mixture of sweat and juices. Her makeup was smudged and smeared, and she was panting almost as hard as Lola was. With some reluctance, Lola fished out the key to the cuffs and freed her captive’s wrists. She then rolled Haley onto her side, facing away, so that she could loosen the corset and remove the boots. The last step was to unlock a tiny padlock that held Haley’s choker in place, a lock that Haley hadn’t even known existed. She wordlessly helped Haley strip off everything but the latex suit before leading her to the bathroom. Haley started for the toilet, but Lola instead guided her to the shower and turned the water on. Lola’s shower was a large, open affair with tile everywhere, and it could easily accommodate ten people. Water jetted out from above and from the sides, pouring from no fewer than six different shower heads. Lola helped Haley strip off the latex suit, and Haley was finally able to feel relief as she emptied her bladder.

Haley leaned against the side wall and let the warm water cascade over her body before she felt Lola lightly touching her. Lola gently turned her around and grabbed her wrists, pushing them over her head. Lola adjusted so she held Haley’s wrists with one hand and cupped her chin with the other before giving her a slow, passionate kiss. Lola proceeded to make out with Haley for a bit before finally releasing her wrists and embracing her girlfriend. Lola then gave one more kiss before grabbing a loofah and soap and scrubbing Haley’s body for her. Haley was too entranced to say a word as Lola washed her, rinsed her and then did the same for herself. Finally Lola shut down the water and used some large, warm, amazingly soft towels to dry both of them off. Lola donned an equally warm and soft bathrobe before draping one over Haley’s shoulders as well. She then grabbed Haley lightly by the hand and led her back to bed, where the pair laid down next to each other. The steamy shower had removed all the makeup they both wore and the dye from Haley’s hair, leaving their skin and hair the natural colors.

“I hope you had fun, Hales,” Lola said with a glint in her eye.

“Uh huh...” Haley murmured, still entranced by everything. Lola laughed and kissed her girlfriend.

“Good night, Hales. Rest well... You got to be dominant, and now I want my revenge. Tomorrow might be a long day...” but Haley was already asleep, dreaming of Lola and what she might do to get even.


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