Erotic Ghost Encounter

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; oral; vag; exhib; group; college; captive; nc; XX

Melody is a beautiful young lady, 28 years old, long blonde hair and 5 ft 9 inches tall. She has had very few boyfriends and sexual experiences, but lately she has been visited by a ghost. This ghost has not been violent or scary in any way, it has been a sensual ghost. Many times the erotic ghost would feel and stimulate Melody's pussy and breasts. It often brings her to amazing orgasms. Melody has been enjoying these erotic encounters at home and these encounters have only happened at home. Until today.

Melody works as a teacher at a local college where she teaches a sexual behavior course. She is very popular with the male students since she is so attractive. Tonight's class is all male students…horny male students. Melody teaches a sex class but always dresses professionally, never wearing slutty or revealing clothes. Tonight she is wearing a long skirt with buttons going down the side, a button-down, long-sleeve ruffle blouse with no cleavage showing and sensible 2 inch heels.

She begins to discuss the penis when suddenly she feels and hears a lower button from her skirt torn off. Then a button from her blouse pops open and another, revealing some of her cleavage. She is embarrassed and quickly covers up her top. Her male students are noticing what is happening to her clothes. Then suddenly Melody's leg is pinned to the leg of her desk, her back is facing the students now. Slowly every button on her skirt rips open as she tries to stop it and she knows it’s her erotic ghost.

Melody's sexy, silk-stocking covered leg is revealed to her class and she hears a few whistles. Then her other leg is pinned to the other leg of the desk, her legs are spread wide with her skirt barely covering her now. She struggles to get free and meekly asks for help from the male students. Three eager young horny men try but are unable to free her legs from the desk legs. One male student is in front of her when all of the buttons from her blouse rip open, revealing her sexy lacy bra and she quickly covers up with her hands.

Then the erotic ghost rips her skirt off, leaving her in a vulnerable position with only her garter belt, stockings, panties and bra on in front of her horny male class! She sees her students taking pictures and videos of her in this sexy position.

"Please someone help me!"

Then her bra rips open and her perfect tits are revealed, more photos are taken. One student quickly locks the classroom door. Then her arms are pulled forward by the ghost and she is left in a bent-over position.

Her last remaining item that is covering her pussy is finally torn off by the ghost and the whole class gets a good view of her pussy from behind. The erotic ghost begins to massage her pussy, causing her to moan. Several students have now taken out their large cocks and she sees this.

"Please No! Don't do this!" as she feels the first young hot erect cock enter her wet pussy! She looks back and glares at the young football player that is fucking her and sees many young cocks waiting to fuck their young beautiful teacher! She sees one of the nice students, Ricky, who has not taken out his cock.

"Please Ricky, help me....stop this," as she moans from the ghostly sensations and the hard cock in her pussy!

Just as Melody is about to protest again a hot 8 inch cock is shoved into her mouth. The cock is forced deep into her mouth as she struggles for air. Then the cock is pulled out and he shoots a stream of cum onto her face and hair! Then she turns back and sees that now Ricky is fucking her wet pussy. Another cock is forced into her mouth, this one is a smaller 5 inch cock and she is able to do a proper blowjob. Melody is now hot and wants as many cocks as she can get. The whole class has fucked her good as the bell rings and the class leaves her in this vulnerable position.

Melody is covered in cum as she comes to her senses and tries to get free, but the ghost continues to keep her in that position. Then she hears the door opening again and remembers that the janitor does the cleaning at this time! She tries to get free when she hears "What have we here?"

She turns and sees him holding his very large black cock!


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