Serene Sisters of Sibyl

by The Technician

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The Serene Sisters hold a special Halloween celebration.

This is the story the Pixies brought me this year. I told them it wasn’t Celtic because it wasn’t Irish. That was a mistake. Don’t ever piss off a swarm of Pixies. I would prefer to knock a hornet’s nest out of a tree. After they calmed down... a little... they said if I was going to be so ignorant about Celtic history they would stop bringing me stories. It is now indelibly imprinted on my mind that the pre-Norman Welsh were Celtic!

Anyway, this is the story of a descendent of Gwenllian Ferch Gruffydd, a warrior Queen of the Celtic Welsh. As with all of my Celtic stories, some of it is based on history, some on myth, and some just springs from the depth of my twisted mind. I leave it to you to figure out which is which.

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WARNING! All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Actions, situations, and responses are fictional ONLY and should not be attempted in real life.

All characters involved in sexual activity in this story are over the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18 or do not understand the difference between fantasy and reality or if you reside in any state, province, nation, or tribal territory that prohibits the reading of acts depicted in these stories, please stop reading immediately and move to somewhere that exists in the twenty-first century.

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Laura Broderick was named for her mother. Most Americans wouldn’t recognize that because her mother’s name was Lowri. But if you were from Wales or knew any Welsh history, you would recognize that Lowri and Laura were the same name. Names aside, there was no doubt that Lowri and Laura were mother and daughter. Both had the very fair, burn-red-in-the-sun pale skin common of someone with Celtic heritage as well as pale green eyes, and reddish-orange hair. According to her father, Thomas Broderick, Laura also shared her mother’s temper and determination.

The most recent showing of that determination– and to some extent her temper– was when Laura and her father disagreed about having the Serene Sisters of Sibyl at the house for a Halloween Party.

“You know your mother is going to be home visiting relatives,” her father argued. He had met Lowri while studying in England. They fell in love and were married before he finished his year of study. She agreed to return to the states with him with one provision. She claimed that she was a descendant of Gwenllian Ferch Gruffydd, the Welsh Joan of Arc / Maid Marian / Queen Guinevere, and had to be free to go back to Kidwelly every year for two weeks to visit family and participate in some ceremonies of remembrance. The two weeks she needed to be gone were always the last week of October and the first week of November. Thomas thought that was a small price to pay for marrying such a beautiful woman. He wouldn’t know until long after the wedding day that she was also rich... very rich.

“And you know that I will be on duty all night,” he continued. Thomas was a police officer in Wexford. It was a relatively quiet town and the small police force made it a point to know the people who lived there, including the students at the local college. Such close relationships between the people and the police leads to a quiet, peaceful town. But Halloween was always a trying time with teenagers up to this or that and some of the college students getting a little excessive with their partying, so all officers were on duty overnight.

Laura was a senior at WCC – Wexford Community College. The college was originally a two- year, all commuter college, but had grown into a full four-year college in recent years with a significant number of students living in dormitories and apartment buildings in and around the campus. There were no official fraternities or sororities, but there were several “special interest groups” that used Greek letters to identify themselves.

One such group was the Serene Sisters of Sybil, known on campus as the Triple Sigmas. Laura was the president of the Triple Sigmas. Actually, she was their Chief Wise Woman, but for purposes of representing the Sisters to the outside world, she was their president.

The Serene Sisters were dedicated to the wisdom of nature. In the past, they would have been called witches, but they eschewed that designation and preferred to think of themselves as modern-day wise women. Since they also did not adhere to many of the religious aspects normally associated with wise women, they did not use the term “Wiccan.” They did, however, recognize that many of the mystical and magical practices normally associated with wise women had some basis in reality. As Laura said to all new members, “There may not be a scientific explanation for them... yet... but that doesn’t mean they don’t work.”

One of those practices that seemed to have some efficacy was the “Witches’ Sabbath.” That practice can be traced to the Dark Night celebrations held in Ireland, Wales, and to some extent, in England in the old days. Dark Night was a time of renewal. Everything was made new. Homes and barns and storage areas were totally cleaned. Fires were extinguished and hearths and chimneys cleaned out. Then on the first dark of the moon following the autumnal equinox, a sacred fire would be built by the local shaman. There would be dancing and celebrating around the fire and then at midnight, after the bonfire had burned down, the people would take a glowing ember home in a carved-out turnip to relight their home fires.

People who did not follow those practices often encountered disease and misfortune over the winter. People became sick. Houses burned. Women miscarried. Today we would say that the careful cleaning of homes and storage places was what prevented the diseases and miscarriages, and the thorough cleaning of the hearths and clearing the build-up of creosote from the chimneys was what greatly reduced the likelihood of chimney fires over the winter. There was nothing necessarily magical about Dark Night. There was nothing necessarily sacred about the bonfire, but the people who followed the practices of Dark Night benefited greatly from what they did.

Laura and her fellow Sisters knew that there was nothing magical about their Halloween ceremonies– which were based on Dark Night– but somehow, something about opening oneself to the sky and each other allowed an increase of consciousness and knowledge. And there was, of course, the sex.

Again, from a purely scientific point of view, being able to create the personal courage necessary to dance naked in the moonlight would enable a woman to find the courage for many things as she journeyed onward in life. Standing open and receptive... and naked... around a fire trained a young woman’s mind to be open to many things in the future. And what better way of forming lasting bonds than becoming intimate with someone in a ritualistic setting. Most of the Serene Sisters of Sybil had boyfriends or significant others. Most went on to marry and raise families, but the relationships they formed as a part of Triple Sigma were with them forever. The good ol’ boy network may have once ruled the boardrooms, but networks such as the Triple Sigmas were becoming just as strong.

It had taken Laura a lot of convincing to get her father to agree to the party. It had taken even more to get her fellow Sisters to agree. Normally they went out of town to an alumnae’s farm or large estate and held a bonfire. This year, besides being in town, Laura wanted the fountain in her backyard to be the center of their dance. Even in Wexford, known for its warm weather, the end of October tended to be cool. Midnight on October 31st would tend to be downright chilly. The fine spray of a fountain as they danced around it would not help. After much discussion, a compromise was reached. There would be a fire... in the corner of the Broderick’s walled in back yard. But the ritual dance would take place around the fountain.

Laura’s house was not ostentatious. From the street it looked very much like many of the other homes in their suburb. But the back yard, walled for security, comprised several acres. It was as quiet and secluded as any of the farm fields on which they had built their bonfires in the past. The walls on the outside were surrounded by a pasture which was used by a local woman who raised goats and sold boutique-style goat cheese. People in town wondered how she could afford to rent such a large area of land right at the edge of town, but in reality, she paid nothing in rent. The land had been purchased by Lowri to ensure privacy and the goats, themselves, paid the rent by keeping the grass cropped short and discouraging trespassers.

The evening began on the spacious back deck of the Broderick house. Thirteen young women sat sipping drinks and talking of this or that. Before sunset, they took turns answering the front door for trick or treaters. After sunset... after the wee bitty ghouls and goblins had returned to their homes to luxuriate in their yearly sugar high, two of the women poured more oil on the wood of the bonfire and added crumpled newspaper at three points equally spaced around the carefully stacked wood. Thomas had brought in three pickup truckloads of wood for the fire and carefully arranged the fire according to the directions set forth in the Serene Sisters’ handbook. There was a large pole buried upright in the ground in the center. Around that was stacked three cords of firewood. Then long logs, split into quarters and leaned against the pole in a conical form, were placed over the inner core of firewood. Finally, the entire pile was soaked with cooking oil. The instructions actually said oil rendered from fat, but Laura had told him, “Just use cooking oil.”

If someone were to fly a drone over the Broderick’s back yard– which, by the way, was illegal in Wexford– they would wonder if someone was going to be burned at the stake. No person or effigy was tied to the stake, however. It was primarily to prevent the fire from collapsing and injuring someone. Though the stake rising above the conical fire did make a powerful image which served as a reminder to the Sisters of the dangers of being a wise and powerful woman in this world.

One final bit of preparation was done by the Sisters themselves. It wasn’t that this particular part of the ritual was super secret, but there are some things that a daughter does not want to have to explain to her father–like a sacred circle in which she would be stretched out and bound naked while her twelve Sisters repeatedly took her to orgasm.

When the sun was over the horizon and the yard was dimly illuminated by a combination of twilight and the anti-insect torches which surrounded the deck, three of the Sisters walked out and lit the bonfire. Although it wasn’t specified or required, they each used a camper-style flint and steel to create the sparks which began the fire. Then once the fire caught and was spreading through the pile of wood, they used some tightly-rolled pieces of newspaper to light the five torches which surrounded the Circle of Wisdom.

You or I might call the circle drawn with flour on the grass with a five-pointed star in its middle a Pentagram, but the Serene Sisters of Sybil called it the Circle of Wisdom. And the symbols which they drew with flour on the grass around the Circle were not ancient symbols calling forth the Devil or any spirit good or evil, they were symbols of things important to each Sister in her life. Thirteen symbols surrounded the Circle of Wisdom. The one at the top peak of the star within the Circle was a snake coiled around a staff. That was Laura’s symbol. She wanted to be a doctor and perhaps some day be in charge of a children’s hospital.

Laura waited for the second star to be clearly seen in the night sky before declaring, “It’s time.”

The twelve Sisters followed her silently to the fountain in the middle of the yard. Laura had explained the significance of the fountain to them when she convinced them to do their ceremony here. The stones which formed the meter-deep pool at the base of the fountain had been quarried from the same cliffs as the stones used to build Kidwelly Castle... or Cydweli Castle, as her mother called it. The English and Welsh words were pronounced the same so the difference wasn’t noticeable when you spoke, but Lowri never spelled it Kidwelly.

The water in the fountain was local... mostly. Every three months a fifty-five gallon barrel arrived from Wales. It was a new barrel and it contained water drawn from Maes Gwenllian– the field of Gwenllian. It is there that a modern pool– also made of Cydweli stones– holds water from the spring which sprang from the ground at the spot where Gwenllian’s head first touched the ground after being struck from her body by the Norman leader, Maurice of London.

Once the thirteen Sisters had formed a circle around the fountain, Laura began a slow mantra chant. As the chant was echoed by the Sisters and grew in volume, the fountain slowly began to glow reddish-orange, as if it were on fire. That wasn’t magic either. There were underwater lights in the fountain and Laura and her father had changed the white bulbs for red ones. That meant draining the fountain, but that was done four times a year anyway for cleaning when the new water arrived from Maes Gwenllian. The fountain would glow red for the next three months until a new shipment of water arrived from Cydweli.

The thirteen women broke their circle and began to sway with the chant which flowed randomly from the group, building slowly in volume and speed. The chant occasionally changed pitch, but somehow each voice stayed in harmony with the others as they became deeper or more shrill. Soon someone, not Laura but one of the sisters, started moving slowly along the Circle. Again, the thirteen seemed to sense the movement and remained evenly spaced around the fountain as they danced and twirled and leapt around the glowing red fountain.

If you were to interrupt their dance and ask any one of the Sisters what they felt or what they were thinking, you would hear a variety of answers, all of which basically said, “I felt like I was becoming one with the universe. I was thinking about how I fit into our great cosmos.”

After many minutes of dancing, Laura slowed and raised her hands high above her head. The other young women followed her lead. She continued to slow until she was standing in place with her hands held high above her head, her fingers reaching toward the sky. Despite the coolness of the evening, her body was now damp with perspiration and the red glow of the fountain reflected off her pert breasts and taut abdomen. If you were watching from the trees along the wall, you would have seen that her back and wonderfully-rounded ass glowed a slightly different color as it reflected the light of the bonfire.

“I am ready,” she said softly, but firmly, and turned to walk toward the Circle of Wisdom.

The twelve Sisters followed her. One made a quick detour back to the deck to pick up two rather large metal sphere-like objects. Laura lay on her back in the center of the Circle with her head at the top point of the star. Her hands reached out to the two torches at the next points of the star. Two of the Sisters guided her feet into the lower two points.

One of the Sisters, Klarissa, gathered Laura’s long, red hair in her fingers and pulled it tight above her head. She then began tightly winding a flat leather strap around the hair forming it into a long ponytail-like prong sticking straight up from Laura’s head. If Laura’s hair had been any shorter, this configuration would not have been possible, but if her hair were shorter, Laura would not be the Chief Wise Woman. Already Klarissa– the Chief Wise Woman in Waiting binding Laura’s hair– was letting her hair grow out. It had not been cut since she was elected as the one to take over when Laura graduated in the spring. Many students at WCC speculated as to the reason the Chief Wise Woman’s hair was so long. There were many great theological and religious reasons given, but no one guessed it was so that she could be properly bound into the Circle of Wisdom.

Klarissa completed winding the leather around Laura’s hair and then laid a looped piece of rope against the leather-bound ponytail. Opening the loop, she quickly wound the leather back down the ponytail, binding the rope in place. After flipping the other end of the loop back up, she again wound the leather back up to the tip of Laura’s hair, using the last bit of the leather to tightly tie everything in place. She then wound the other end of the rope around the base of the torch at the peak of the star and pulled it tight.

Klarissa stood up and nodded her head. The two Sisters at Laura’s hands quickly wrapped leather restraint cuffs around Laura’s wrists and tightly tied her arms pointing out toward the next set of torches. Then two Sisters wrapped similar cuffs around Laura’s ankles and four Sisters– two on each leg– pulled those ropes very tightly and wrapped them around the stout posts supporting the torches on the bottom two points of the star.

Klarissa again nodded her head and the twelve Sisters moved to stand on their symbol surrounding the Circle of Wisdom. “Junie,” Klarissa said, “you are the most senior member of the Sisterhood. You shall roll first.”

Junie walked over to the two strange spheres lying on the ground and brought them back to the Circle. The spheres, each about the size of a softball, were actually large, metal, dodecahedron dice. The twelve-sided dice had originally been intended for a Dungeons and Dragons game, but a Sister in the past had taken them to an auto body shop where the numbers were ground off one of the die and several coats of high-gloss paint were applied within the hexagons which formed each side on both dice. The brass borders on the hexagons and the remaining numbers within them were then highly polished and a coat of lacquer applied to the whole. The die without numbers had only two colors on it, white and blue. The other had twelve shades of red from a very light pink to a deep, deep red. The lightest pink was number one, the deepest red was twelve.

She rolled one die out onto the ground. “A three,” she said glumly, “I was hoping to be able to do something more intense.” She then rolled the second die onto the ground. Several voices murmured, “Come on blue,” while one voice said flatly, “It’s going to be white.”

“Pain, level three,” Klarissa said loudly. “Hands only.”

Junie walked into the center of the Circle and lowered herself down so that she was kneeling astride Laura’s body. She continued lowering herself so that she was sitting on Laura’s hips. She ground her sex slightly into Laura’s and Klarissa called out, “Pain only. No Pleasure.”

“The pleasure was for me,” Junie answered softly, then she reached up and grabbed Laura’s nipples between her thumbs and the side of her index finger. She pinched very hard while rolling the nipple up and down on the side of her finger. Laura squirmed in pain and groaned slightly. Junie again ground herself slightly against Laura’s squirming hips.

“I think that will do,” Klarissa said firmly.

“I would have preferred giving pleasure,” Junie said as she stood up.

“I think you receive pleasure from giving pain,” a voice said. It was the same voice that had said the die would be white.

“What do you know, Cassandra?” Junie said smartly.

“Everything,” Cassie replied, “but no one will believe me. My parents cursed me with this name... and with my gift.”

“Cassie, you are next,” Klarissa said.

“It will be a blue four,” Cassie said as she picked up the dice from the grass. Everyone laughed, but became silent when the first die stopped. A pale red hexagon with a bright shiny 4 in the middle of it was on top. No one spoke as Cassie rolled the second die. They knew... and yet would not believe... that it would come up blue. It did.

“Pleasure, level four,” Klarissa said. “Hands and mouth only. No genital contact.”

Cassie smiled as she stepped into the Circle. She knelt alongside Laura and said, “Let’s see if we can make those nipples feel better.” She leaned forward and began lightly rubbing her hands around the base of Laura’s breasts. After several circles, her fingers began moving up toward the areolae and after more tight loops around those bright pink circles she moved her fingers in to lightly pull upwards on the nipples.

Laura sighed slightly, opening herself up to the pleasure. Her sigh became a gasp as Cassie kissed each nipple and then stuck out her tongue and lapped lightly at just the tip of each pink nub as it began to stiffen. Cassie raised herself up so that she was looking straight up at the stars and then stiffly lowered herself back down so that only her mouth and lips touched Laura’s body. She suckled strongly on first one nipple and then the other. Klarissa had just raised her hand when Cassie moved higher and kissed Laura squarely on the mouth.

“Time,” Klarissa said quietly, but Cassandra was already rising from her knees and walking back to her place in the Circle.

One of the Sisters leaned over to another and whispered loudly, “How in the hell does she do that?”

“Know when to stop or know how to suck titties like that?” the other replied.

Both Sisters laughed, but quickly straightened up when Klarissa said harshly, “Sisters! Keep your mind on what we are doing. The Circle of Wisdom is not just for the Chief Wise Woman. We all learn from what happens here tonight. There will be time after the Circle is completed to enjoy each other’s company.”

After the Sisters quieted, she said, “Melinda, you are next.”

As Melinda was picking up the dice, Cassandra turned to Klarissa and said, “It will be blue. Blue shall flow until the final roll, then it shall be darkest red and brightest white, but even that will be eclipsed by what shall follow.”

“What?” Klarissa snapped and Cassie suddenly looked confused. 

“Did I say something?” she said in a slightly shaky voice. “Did I say something wrong again?” she added almost fearfully.

“No, Cassandra,” Klarissa replied, much more softly this time. “You were just being you. And we have come to accept you for what you are.”

“Thank you,” Cassie murmured back.

Melinda cast both dice together and Klarissa announced, “Pleasure, level seven. Hands and mouth only. Genital contact is allowed.”

Melinda knelt alongside Laura and gave her a long kiss on the lips. Then she moved to the bottom of the star and knelt between Laura’s legs. As she lowered herself down to Laura’s sex, several of the Sisters gasped. They had never seen Melinda’s tongue before. One of the Sisters who had seen Melinda in action before described it as “She can’t quite lick her eyebrows, but she can reach the top on the tip of her nose.”

Melinda ran her long tongue along the edges of Laura’s labia and then began penetrating slowly. She almost looked like a cat lapping at a bowl of milk as her tongue darted deeper and deeper between Laura’s nether lips. Laura was just starting to moan slightly when Melinda moved upward and speared her clit. That is the only word to describe how Melinda’s tongue shot out of her mouth and pressed against the very tip of Laura’s sensitive love bud. 

Laura’s response was a rapid intake of breath combined with a moaning gasp. Three more gasps and moans followed before Klarissa said, “Time.”

As Melinda rose to her feet, she looked down at Laura and said, “I wish I had rolled a nine. We would have had much more time together.”

Yvonne rolled a six and, of course, a blue. “Pleasure, level eight,” Klarissa said. She really didn’t need to add, “Hands and mouth only. Genital contact is allowed,” but she said it anyway because it was her duty as Chief Wise Woman in Waiting. Actually all of the Sisters knew the basic levels for pleasure. One through three were hands only; four through six were hands and mouth; seven through nine allowed genital contact; and ten through twelve allowed the use of toys. If a twelve was rolled, a strap-on could be used, but was not required. Actually, if one of the Sisters thought she could do a better job without the toys, they were not required. Melinda was the only Sister who had ever forgone the use of toys when rolling one of the high numbers.

Yvonne had a very short tongue, but a very interesting tongue technique. She knelt between Laura’s legs and began lapping her skin in a long trail from just inside the right knee, across her slit, to the very tip of her right nipple. She then took a quick suckle at that nipple and pulled her head back to repeat the same lapping trail on the left side, ending with a quick suckle of that nipple. Her third path also began just inside the right knee, but after crossing Laura’s now dripping slit, she crossed the abdomen and ended at the left nipple. The fourth path went from the left knee to the right nipple crossing, of course, over Laura’s slit.

Klarissa was starting to raise her hand and it looked as if Yvonne was moving down for a fifth lapping path, but instead of lowering her head to Laura’s knee, she buried her face in Laura’s crotch and suckled strongly on Laura’s clit. 

Laura’s body bowed up off the ground as Klarissa said, “Time.” Several of the Sisters applauded lightly, but stopped when Klarissa gave them a severe glare.”

“Kiara,” she called out, “roll the dice.”

Kiara picked up the two spheres and rolled the numbered die first. It came up a two. The second die rolled almost into the darkness near the trees which lined the walls. Kiara walked over to where it lay and said simply, “Blue.” She then picked up both of the dice and carried them back to the Circle.

“Pleasure, level two,” Klarissa said flatly. “Hands only.”

Kiara sighed and shrugged her shoulders then she knelt next to Laura and began running her hands across Laura’s tummy, making sure that she did not go all the way down onto her mons. She knew that she had only a few minutes, but she also knew that moving her hands too quickly would not be sensual. So, she moved slowly but surely in ever-widening circles which rose higher and higher on Laura’s abdomen until her fingers were sliding over Laura’s breasts and just barely missing her nipples. She looked up at Klarissa, trying to gauge how much time she had left.

Something told her she was about out of time, so she made one last circle ending up with her fingers twirling slowly around Laura’s areolae just at the edge of her nipples. When Klarissa said, “Time,” Kiara gave Laura’s nipples one quick pinch and then stood up to retake her place in the Circle.

Sun Yung was next. Sun (pronounced soon) was Korean, but many people in town kept thinking she was Chinese or Japanese. At first she would point to her face and say, “Round eyes?” but people wouldn’t understand. So she began politely saying, “Not all Orientals are Chinese or Japanese. My grandparents came from Korea. I am a Korean-American.”

Everyone accepted that... except for the men of Eta Rho Beta. In the registration documents for the group which were filed with the college, HRB stood for Historic Regal Barons, but what they called themselves was the Hell Raising Bastards. Most of the school called them the Neanderthals because their demeanor and attitudes reflected the times of at least a dozen generations past.

The Hell Raising Bastards called Sun Yung “Sun Gook.” She tried to correct them once or twice, but now just walked silently away from them whenever she could. She also tried to never be on campus or in town without at least one of her Sisters with her for protection.

Sun Yung rolled a ten... and a blue. Several of the young women in the Circle gasped.

“Pleasure, level ten,” Klarissa said. She tried to keep the excitement out of her voice. “Mouth, tongue and toys, all genital contact is allowed,” she added.

Sun Yung walked quickly over to the deck where the evening had begun and came back carrying two objects. One was obviously a dildo. It was shaped like a large penis, including a molded set of testicles hanging from it in a stiff bag. The other object was more difficult to identify. It was bright silver and nearly the size of a flashlight except that the top came to a point rather than being spread out for a lightbulb. The base, however, did spread out but it contained a switch, not a light.

Sun knelt between Laura’s legs and reached out with her fingers. Her fingers slipped easily into Laura’s cunt and she pumped in and out several times. Then she began smearing Laura’s lubrication back into her ass crack. After things became slippery enough back there, she slowly pushed one finger and then two into Laura’s rosebud.

As the fingers of Sun’s left hand returned to Laura’s front and began slowly rubbing Laura’s clit, a loud noise erupted from her other hand. She had turned on the silver megavibrator which was now vibrating heavily and jumping forward and back in her right hand. She brought the high-powered vibrator over and slid it up and down Laura’s slit, causing Laura to gasp and groan. When the silver tip of the device touched Laura’s clit, she screamed slightly. And when Sun quickly brought the Silver Torpedo down and began slowly pushing it into Laura’s ass, she began wailing a warbling tone of passion that got even more wild and shrill as at the same time Sun slowly pushed the giant dildo into Laura’s cunt.

Sun pushed the silver megavibrator further into Laura’s ass until the wide safety ring stopped it. Then she concentrated on fucking Laura with the realistic dildo. She had the dildo turned so that the testicles were on top and was gripping it by the very end of the base. With each deep thrust of the dildo, the fake balls would rub against Laura’s clit.

The result was that Laura was driven to orgasm three times before Klarissa finally said, “Time.”

Sun Yung turned off the vibrator and slowly pulled it from Laura’s ass. Then she even more slowly pulled the dildo from her cunt. Laura gave a soft, low sigh as the giant penis finally left her love tunnel. Sun carried both back over to the deck and laid them on a towel to be cleaned later.

“Heather,” Klarissa said softly when Sun had returned to the Circle.

Heather rolled both dice at the same time, one with each hand. The pleasure-pain die rolled farthest, but as in each case before, it came up blue. The number was a five.

“Pleasure, level five,” Klarissa said evenly. “Mouth and hands, no genital contact.”

Heather smiled down at Laura and then lowered herself fully down and lay on the grass alongside the bound woman. She was lying at an angle so her legs were alongside Laura’s spread legs and her upper body was lying across Laura’s. She swept her breasts across Laura’s a couple of times and then lowered herself fully onto Laura’s body and brought her lips in to touch Laura’s. She kissed Laura fully and deeply while again moving her breasts from side to side as much as she could against Laura’s breasts. 

If Heather had been first, Laura would probably not have responded greatly, but after having just experienced three intense orgasms, her body was primed and the feel of another’s body pressed heavily against her own and the feel of lips against her own and the feel of a tongue probing and begging entrance into her mouth drove Laura into a fourth orgasm.

Heather stood up smiling shortly before Klarissa called time. Several of the Sisters nodded toward her and also smiled, but none risked Klarissa’s censure by applauding.

Connie was next. She rolled a seven on the intensity die and, of course, a blue on the pleasure-pain die. 

“Pleasure, level seven,” Klarissa said almost mechanically. “Hands and mouth, genital contact allowed.”

Connie lowered herself down completely to the ground as Heather had done, but rather than laying alongside Laura’s leg, she straddled it so that her sex was against Laura’s thigh. Then she slid herself up slightly until her thigh was firmly pressed against Laura’s cunt. She bent her head down and kissed Laura as strongly and passionately as Heather had done. The difference this time was that rather than just their breasts stimulating each other, the pressure of each other’s thighs against the other’s cunt and clit was causing waves of pleasure for both Connie and Laura.

Laura was softly moaning, “No, no, no more,” but her hips were thrusting up against Connie’s thigh as her body sought another climax. Connie shuddered twice while rubbing her body against Laura’s, but made no sounds at all. Laura continued with her soft moaning and an occasional, “No more,” but did not orgasm before Klarissa said, “Time.” 

Laura’s soft moans became a long wail of “Noooooooo,” when Connie stood up. Connie looked down at her, smiled and said, “Sorry, maybe some other time. Maybe tonight after the Circle is finished.” She then returned to her place in the Circle.

There were three Sisters left, and, of course, Klarissa. Carly rolled a blue-one and gave Laura a very soft finger massage over her entire body– except her cunt and the area around it. Penelope rolled a blue-two and continued Carly’s finger massage. Laura sighed deeply and seemed to be humming softly to herself by the time Penelope finished.

The Sisters gasped softly when Jasmine rolled a twelve. Twelves were special, both for pleasure and for pain. For pleasure it meant a strap-on was to be used. For pain it meant The Serpent’s Tongue, a long, flat whip with a forked end. Used properly it could leave deep welts but not break the skin. Used badly, it could cut a woman’s ass and back to shreds.

Jasmine rolled the second die. It came up blue. Everyone knew what this meant, but Klarissa still said flatly, “Pleasure, level twelve. Hands, mouth, and all toys. Full genital contact allowed.”

Jasmine walked over to the deck and stood there for several minutes. When she came back, a strap-on dildo was hanging obscenely from her front. It was a realistic “flesh-colored” dildo that might have looked somewhat real on Melinda or Yvonne, but Jasmine’s flesh more closely matched the black straps than it did the pink plastic of the fake boner.

As she lowered herself down between Laura’s legs, she said quietly. “This is double-ended. We are both going to enjoy this.” She then centered the dildo on Laura’s cunt and pushed it slowly inside.

The way that Jasmine thrust into Laura while supporting herself on her hands above Laura’s body made the Sisters suspect that this was not the first time that Jasmine had used a strap-on dildo. That suspicion was confirmed when Jasmine said, “I really prefer my strapless strap-on that holds itself in my cunt while I bang your twat, but this one isn’t too bad.” With that, she began thrusting rapidly in and out of Laura’s cunt. Laura, meanwhile, was thrusting back up against her almost as if she were being fucked by a man.

Klarissa checked her watch twice while Jasmine and Laura fucked. Even with a twelve, there was a time limit. She had just checked her watch the third time when Jasmine and Laura climaxed together. Jasmine lay panting on top of Laura, kissing her softly for the additional two and a half minutes before Klarissa finally called time.

Klarissa then took off her wristwatch and handed it to Carly. “You will keep time for me,” she said firmly. Then she smiled slightly and added, “You know all the designations and times.”

“Yes,” Carly answered softly as she accepted the watch. Klarissa then rolled the intensity die. There was a loud gasp from several of the Sisters when it again came up with the deep red hexagon with the brass number 12 shining brightly in the center. All of the Sisters unconsciously held their breath as Klarissa rolled the second die out onto the grass. There was stunned silence when it came up white.

Carly pressed her lips together tightly. Then her tongue came out and ran across her upper lip wetting it. She took a deep breath and said, “Pain, level twelve.” She swallowed hard before continuing in a shaky voice, “The Serpent’s Tongue, twelve strokes on the ass.”

“Turn her over,” Klarissa said firmly before turning and walking over to the deck. Four Sisters came into the Circle. Two untied the ropes which held her hands to the posts and two untied her feet. Then, holding onto the ropes, they moved to the other side, forcing Laura to twist her body to follow them. They did not untie the hair, so the movements to turn her body were constrained and awkward. In addition, the one with the rope for the left hand had to let go for a moment while Laura brought that hand beneath her. By the time Klarissa returned with the whip, however, Laura was tightly bound face down on the grass.

“I will count the blows,” Carly said. Her voice was slightly shaking as she said it.

Klarissa stood to one side, almost out of the Circle. She held the tip of the long, flat whip against the handle as she moved her arm slowly as if striking out with the whip. She repeated that several times, adjusting her stance and her position until she felt everything was right, then she nodded at Carly.

Carly said simply, “Begin,” and the Serpent’s Tongue lashed out. There was no crack of the whip, but there could have been. The long tendrils on the sides of the forked tongue were capable of cracking if the whip was snapped properly. But Klarissa had swung intending a flat impact of the wide portion of the whip several inches back from the forked tip.

Her aim and hand technique were exact. The whip uncoiled and slammed flat into Laura’s ass with a loud “Thwack!” that hid Laura’s soft grunt.

“One,” counted Carly.

Klarissa pulled the whip back by moving her hand high above her head and then snapped her arm and wrist forward. The Serpent's Tongue formed an ‘S’ over her head as it whipped forward, again landing exactly across Laura’s ass. This time the “Thwack” was slightly softer, but Laura’s grunt was louder and higher pitched.

“Two,” Carly said flatly.

Klarissa moved almost mechanically. Each stroke was exactly the same as the one before, and each stroke landed squarely on Laura’s ever-reddening ass. The only change was that Laura’s grunts were becoming high-pitched yelps that began to sound like contained screams. 

Before the twelfth stroke, Klarissa stopped. She ran the whip slowly through her left hand as if cleaning it. Then she rocked her whole self back slightly and brought the whip fully over and behind her body before swinging it forward with a straight arm. It whistled slightly in the air as its tip followed a giant arc above her head. Then she snapped her wrist and forced the whip to curl properly so that it would land flat across Laura’s purple and swollen ass.

This time the “Thwack,” though the loudest yet, did not cover the scream that burst from Laura’s lips.

Carly was shuddering and nearly crying as she said, “Twelve.”

As Klarissa turned to take the Serpent’s Tongue back to the deck, she said curtly, “Turn her back over.”

The four Sisters who had turned Laura over onto her stomach now reversed their actions. A fifth Sister walked into the Circle to assist Laura as she turned. When Klarissa returned she said firmly, “Form our Circle. As we move and chant, let each of you clear your mind and allow what you have learned this night to penetrate to your deepest being. When our chant and dance is finished there will be time to pair off and further... discuss... what you have experienced.”

She then took the hands of the Sisters on either side of her. When the Circle was complete, she began the low mantra chant which they had used around the fountain. It had just reached the point where the Sisters were supposed to release hands and start to dance when one of the Sisters screamed loudly. Soon other Sisters were screaming or yelping as someone– or something– grabbed them from behind.

Loud male laughter soon filled the air. The someones were the Hell Raising Bastards. Within minutes, the twelve Sisters were tied to trees. Most were silent or whimpering softly, but Cassandra was beginning to sing. It was a strange, flowing tune and the words were almost as if she were reciting a poem. The words were:

Great danger has come to you
Wise Women know their strength
Every call for help will be answered
Now is the time to call her name
Long is the reach of her arm
Loud is the cry of her anger
In force she will come to your side
Again she will rise in time of need
Now is the time to call her name

One of the Hell Raisers called out, “Shut that crazy bitch up,” but the leader snapped back, “No, let her sing. Then if anyone is listening, they will think these bitches are just going on with their orgy.”

“It isn’t an orgy,” Laura replied firmly from her place on the ground, “and your spell check isn’t working.”

“What?” one of the men said, but the leader just laughed deeply and said, “Your smart ass remarks don’t mean anything now, bitch. Before the night is through, me and the boys are going to teach each of you what it means to be a woman.”

Laura glared silently at him. Cassandra’s song seemed to be burning into her mind. It was just nonsense like everything that Cassie said. But Cassie had been right about the dice. Cassie was right about almost everything. People just didn’t listen to her.

“Listen!” Laura told herself. Then she gasped. The leader of the Hell Raisers thought it was because he was starting to get naked, but it was because she recognized the tune. It was one her mother had sung to her many times. Her mother had said it was an old Celtic tune that was used for the acrostic poems that told the story of the warrior queen.

Acrostic! The first letters of each line spelled something. Great-wise-every-now-long-loud-in-again-now... “Now is the time to call her name.” Cassie was saying to call out Gwenllian’s name. Laura shouted out, “Queen Gwenllian!” Then she remembered the way that her mother had spoken of her ancestor. “Mother of my mother’s mother!” Laura screamed. “Save us!”

The leader of the Hell Raisers stood above her laughing. His fellow Hell Raisers joined in the laughter... until something began to echo Cassie’s song. The fountain seemed to be humming loudly and the tune was the same as Cassandra was singing.

A bright light suddenly shone from the waters of the fountain. The tip of a bronze sword broke the surface, glowing brightly. After only a few inches of the sword were visible, something else began to emerge from the waters. It was a woman with hair as bronze as the sword which she held in her right hand and the bronze, circular shield she held in her left. She wore no armor, but was instead clothed in a blue dress with leather trim on its collar embossed with Celtic designs. Matching leather armbands and a leather belt both carried interlocking Celtic designs. Behind her stood a ragged band of peasants armed with wooden staffs and clubs.

One of the men, whose head had barely cleared the surface of the water, shouted out, “Ddail Achos Gwenllian!” and the entire group jumped out of the fountain. They began attacking the Hell Raising Bastards.

The leader of the Bastards turned to face the Warrior Queen and she plunged her bronze sword through the center of his chest. When she withdrew the sword there was no blood and no wound, but the man still crumpled to the ground.

The others tried to flee, but the band of peasants following the Queen weren’t quite as ragged as they first looked. They fought like soldiers and quickly rounded up the HRBs and forced them back to where their fallen leader lay naked on the ground.

They stood quaking in fear as Queen Gwenllian walked down the line touching each of them in the center of the chest with her glowing sword. One after another they fell senseless on the ground. 

When all of the HRBs were on the ground, the Queen turned to face Laura. She did not speak, but Laura heard a voice within her head say, “Next year, join your mother at Maes Gwenllian. She will show you the full story of your people.” Then the Queen and the peasants with her faded away.

It was very quiet in the yard. The only noise was the splashing of the fountain. But the quiet was soon replaced by the wavering wail of police sirens. Laura’s father came bursting out of the back door running. His gun was drawn and in his hand.

As he reached the center of the yard, he stopped and looked around warily, “What in the hell happened here?” he said loudly. And then he ran to untie his bound daughter. 

A few seconds later, several more officers were running into the yard. “Untie the girls,” Laura’s father shouted, “And find some blankets or something to cover them.” He then keyed his radio and said, “I have mass casualties from unknown causes, at least fourteen males down and unresponsive.”

Within minutes the yard was filled with police officers and EMTs. Laura’s father covered her with one of the blankets and helped her back up onto the deck. Then he sat with her and asked, “Do you want to tell me what was going on here?”

“Do you want the truth or something people might believe?” she answered, giving him that little girl smile that can melt any daddy’s anger.

“For now let’s go with what people might believe,” he said slowly. “Later when you are talking to me as just your father rather than as Officer Broderick you can tell me the truth.”

The other Sisters were sitting on the deck or standing nearby, so everyone’s story was going to be more or less the same by the time the other officers got around to interviewing them.

“Well,” Laura began, “the other Sisters and I were doing our Halloween rituals, and yes, we were naked, when this bunch of men suddenly jumped us. One of them was getting ready to... ah... to do something... when suddenly they all just fell down.”

“I thought you were going to tell me something believable,” he said. His irritation showed in his voice.

“Believe me, Dad,” Laura said firmly, “that is as believable as it gets.”

All thirteen Sisters as well as the fourteen Hell Raisers were transported to the hospital. Except for Laura’s severely-bruised ass, the girls had no injuries. The boys had no injuries, but all were in deep shock, apparently from having had their hearts stopped for a short period of time. The final report would say that after the Hell Raisers attacked the Sisters the lighting system in the fountain somehow shorted out, electrifying the ground and nearly electrocuting all of them. How the Sisters, who were naked, were not affected was left as unexplained. Apparently, the flash created by the shorting out of the fountain and the screams of the men as they were electrocuted alarmed the neighbors across the street who called police.

Late the next morning after Officer Broderick was off-duty and Laura was home from the hospital, they sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee. “OK,” he said, “do you want to tell me the real story now?”

Laura told him. And after she was finished, she said slowly, “Dad, I can’t believe that I actually saw Queen Gwennlian.”

Her father, who could read his daughter very well and knew that she had more to say, replied, “And...?”

“And,” Laura continued, “she looks exactly like mom when she’s really angry.”

Her dad laughed and said, “You’ve never seen your mom when she’s really angry.”

“I don’t know, Dad,” Laura replied. “After last night, I think I have.”


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