Another Year, Another Slave to Own

by Kristin Kailey

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© Copyright 2021 - Kristin Kailey - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f+; bond; rope; monsters; supernatural; gag; sex; naked; slave; petgirl; ponygirl; hucow; collar; oral; lactate; drug; bodymod; piercing; nc; XXX

Chapter One: Sunny Side Up

I’m not sure why I pulled my rented, blood red, economy car off the highway, in a fateful decision to explore the small town of Sunnyside. Maybe it was because I was ahead of schedule in my drive back to my university from visiting a friend in a neighboring state or perhaps it was because I had heard so many amazing stories about how beautiful and affluent the town was that I just had to see it for myself.

As I approached the quaint hamlet it was as if the lavish sapphire sky itself got a little bit brighter. The golden rays of the sun tenderly caressed the pastoral green fields and gentle sloping hills within the town limits. The road became perfectly smooth with not a single hole or bump to be found. Indeed every house was a beautiful mansion kept in pristine condition with sprawling lush landscaped gardens. I drove past the local public schools and admired how expansive and beautiful the buildings were and it wasn’t long before I found myself at the immaculate town square. I pulled into a free space adjacent to the large park that made up the square, noting how out of my place my subcompact looked among the throngs of fancy European luxury cars of one variety or another.

It was late afternoon on Halloween day. The leaves on the trees were changing from dark green to brilliant hues of yellow, orange and red before falling into neat piles on the ground. I felt the chill of the autumn air that flowed through the park lick my insufficiently clothed frame so I quickly reached back into the car and grabbed a jacket to keep my petite body warm, but it did nothing to protect the silken skin of my exposed slender thighs upon which goose bumps were starting to form. I was still getting used to the difference in seasons compared to where I grew up and I hadn’t yet mastered the art of dressing appropriately for the current climate.

I saw some well dressed children dancing and playing nearby in the square so I stopped to watch as they held hands in a circle and sang a poetic song together.

Charlie the Trickster shall never grow old.

And when he comes he gives you his gold.

He asks but one thing without any fear.

One daughter on Halloween night of each year.

I stood and watched for a few minutes as they reveled and hooted. Of the many children two wore frightening rubber masks of a hideous figure with a hooked nose, nightmarish teeth and disheveled white hair with two small horns protruding from the forehead. They spotted me spying on them at the edge of the park and quickly ran up to where I was standing, continuing their spirited chant in a manner that was becoming aggressive and made me feel uneasy.

Do not trust him, lie he must.

Tell you things to earn your trust.

All he says is not his word.

He wants you in his faithful herd.

I slowly backed away from the seemingly possessed children until the booming sound of the horn emanating from a polished silver Mercedes startled me back to reality where I found myself standing in the middle of the road. I sheepishly raised my hands in apology and continued to the other side of the street where I spotted a picturesque looking vintage diner. My tummy growled to remind me that I hadn’t eaten in hours since I left my friend and lunch was long overdue.

I pushed open the heavy art deco doors of the café and found a seat on a red leather stool at the counter. It was warm inside so I removed my jacket revealing my slender little frame clothed only in a tank top that accentuated my small breasts but did nothing to keep me warm and a pair of skimpy cut off denim shorts.

The waitress silently approached me with a menu. She had short dark red hair and a slightly plump frame that seemed appropriate for a woman who was probably in her forties. She took her time to walk over to me and spoke in a relaxed manner. Given that it was past lunchtime and the diner was empty, I surmised that there wasn’t a lot of pressure at that time of day.

I studied my choices carefully before deciding on my selections; however the waitress was in no hurry to return to take my order. As I waited for her to reappear from the back a group of three elderly men entered and took a seat in a booth together near to where I was perched on my stool. They spoke in hushed whispers and despite their advanced years, I could sense them staring at me. I felt their eyes tracing the contours of my smooth toned legs and admiring the roundness of my firm rear that was so well displayed in the revealing jean shorts that barely covered it.

Finally the waitress reemerged from her hiatus and meandered over to the counter. “You must be freezing out there little girl, didn’t anyone ever teach you how to dress for the weather?”

“I’m still getting used to having backwards seasons,” I replied. “This time of year I’m used to the weather warming up as we go into spring.”

“Is that a fact?” She asked as she nodded her head. “I’m picking up a bit of an accent there. Where are you from anyway?”

“I’m from Australia, I just started at university here a couple months ago,” I replied.

“Australia huh? Well that sure explains the backwards seasons. Want me to put a shrimp on the barbie for you?” She asked with a laugh.

I had heard of the old Australia tourism ads starring Paul Hogan that ran long ago before I was born. It seemed clear that everything she knew about Australia she learned from the Crocodile Dundee movies. “We call them prawns actually.”

She nodded as her eyes took in my lithe form. “Just started university? That would make you about eighteen years old?”

“That’s right,” I smiled as I brushed an errant strand of long dark hair from my pale blue eyes and tucked it behind my delicate ear.

She nodded knowingly. “I remember eighteen. What a wonderful feeling. I had a tight firm ass, supple breasts, no cellulite, wrinkles or sagging not to mention that lying cheating ex-husband I ended up with. I used to love to show off my body the way you do now. Every boy wanted to fuck me. That was an amazing power to have, but no one looks at me like that anymore. I’m pretty sure my pussy has cobwebs in it at this point. That’s what awaits even the best of us. Beauty always fades,” she said with a deep sigh. “So what will you have?”

I shrugged in response, still trying to get the mental image of spider webs in her dusty pussy out of my brain and I hoped my order would diffuse the situation. “I’d like two eggs and a cup of green tea please.”

“People around here like their eggs cooked sunny side up, maybe on account of the name of the town.”

“That sounds lovely,” I replied with a weak smile.

She put in my request with the cook and returned to tell me that my meal would be ready shortly. She kept staring at me, as if she wanted to tell me something. I glanced back at the old men in the booth who I was certain were still gawking at me intensely. “Do you need to go take their order or something?”

“No,” she said with a dismissive motion of her hand. “They come in here every day, I wouldn’t worry about them.”

“I heard some kids outside singing about some guy named Charlie the Trickster. What’s that about?” I inquired.

“That’s just an old Halloween fable dating back to the town’s founding in seventeen hundred. Good fun for the kids with tall tales of spooky spirits. I’m sure you know what that’s like,” she explained.

“Actually we don’t really do much with Halloween where I’m from,” I responded with a shrug.

“That’s too bad, it’s a good time. Everyone in the town benefits from the Halloween activities around here. Not to pry but you have a boyfriend?”

I blushed and felt my skin turn a shade of crimson as I instinctively found myself staring down at the counter. “Not at the moment,” I muttered in a low voice.

“Pretty little thing like you? I would think you’d be getting fucked ten times a day.”

Her line of questioning was becoming uncomfortable and as beautiful as the town was, I found myself starting to think it was actually a little on the eerie side. Something wasn’t right about this place but I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was. It didn’t feel like good clean Halloween fun, that much I was certain of.

It was then that I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye of one of the old men giving a nod to the waitress which she returned almost imperceptibly. This place was definitely giving me the creeps and I decided the second my meal was over, I would make a beeline for my car and be on the highway and back at my university in time for dinner.

The wait for my lunch seemed to last forever until finally the waitress emerged with a plate of eggs and a mug of green tea. I wolfed down my meal, washing it down with my tea which admittedly were easily the best eggs and green tea I had ever tasted. As tempted as I was to order some more, the general creepiness of the town was starting to get to me so I had my money on the counter before my little butt even left the stool.

“Thank you, hope you enjoyed your meal and please come again sweetie.” The waitress called out after me. I kept walking and I waved one hand in the air as the other pushed hard on the heavy door that led back outside. The air was beginning to cool down as I slipped my jacket back over my slender shoulders and trekked down the sidewalk.

Suddenly the kids were back. At least seven or eight of them danced and sang in front of me, blocking my path and slowing my progress toward my car which was waiting patiently for my return.

What does Charlie do with our girls?

He who takes them and gives us pearls.

No one knows but it’s understood.

We give him daughters for our good.

I tried to step around them but they moved quickly, loudly hooting and singing. They all wore the disgusting looking rubber masks of the horrifying monstrous figure with frightening facial features and sharp blood stained yellow teeth, presumably a representation of the fabled Charlie the Trickster.

I faked left and quickly moved right sliding past them but they caught up and danced in a circle around me, holding hands to prevent me from proceeding any further. I looked around wondering where their parents were but the few adults on the street went about their business with no regard for my uncomfortable plight.

Tie your girl to a pole in the field.

Luck and wealth is what you yield.

Disappear she will forever.

That Charlie he is oh so clever.

Their song was becoming disturbing and the figures circling around me were giving me a headache and making me dizzy. I stumbled forward; my head feeling like it was lost in a fog. My vision became blurry and I was having trouble keeping my balance. I quickly reached out and desperately gripped the post of a parking sign with my small hand for support. I felt wobbly and nauseous and my vision began to dim further. Panic set in and I could feel my heart thumping in my ears until my hand slipped and I hit the pavement hard. Sounds seemed distant and I could barely hear the children as their song finished.

If you’re a beauty, if you’re sweet.

On Halloween you will find defeat.

Into his clutches till the end of time.

And that is the end of our warning rhyme.

I stared up at the sky through half shut eyes and watched as brightly painted orange and yellow leaves twirled down to the ground from the large oak tree that had watched over the town square for generations. I couldn’t move a muscle, not even to close my mouth which in its open position reflected the shock and horror of my situation. The world began to dim and in no time I stopped being aware of anything.

Chapter Two: Believing is seeing.

My eyes blinked open but all I saw was darkness as the last illumination of twilight disappeared over the horizon. A single torch sat nearby with a bright orange flame that flickered from the cool breath of the autumn breeze which rustled through the large corn plants surrounding the clearing that contained me.

I found myself bound to a large wooden post. I was suspended by my slender arms which were bound above me with rough hemp rope that painfully bit into the wrists of my tender tanned skin. I felt the sting of a gust of wind lick the exposed surface of my arms and legs causing goosebumps to form and my petite body to shiver in response. Despite the excruciating pain in my shoulder blades I pulled hard on the ropes in an attempt to dislodge myself from my vulnerable position, but it was to no avail. My lithe frame twisted around but I remained firmly affixed to my wooden captor.

The cotton fabric that filled my mouth and absorbed every drop of my saliva was secured by a strip of cloth that effectively gagged me and kept me from crying out for help, not that there appeared to be anyone around to answer the call even if I did retain my voice. Nevertheless instinct forced me to scream at the top of my lungs but the only sounds that came out were muffled and low.

Fear and panic engulfed me as I hung in bondage waiting for whatever fate the depraved townspeople of Sunnyside had in store for me. Every second of my ordeal was torture. My arms were numb, my mouth and throat were dry and even my plump red lips were burning from a lack of moisture. Finally after what seemed like forever my eye caught the glow of a flashlight through the field and the cracking sound of deliberate footsteps over dried corn husks. I wanted to believe that it was a white knight riding in on a valiant steed to rescue me, but deep down I knew that no one would be out here in the middle of a large field on Halloween night by random coincidence. This realization only served to fuel my panic and I found my chest heaving as I sucked in as much oxygen through my nose as I could.

A figure stepped through the plants and shined the flashlight in my eyes, blinding me temporarily. “Oh sorry about that,” a male voice said in an apologetic tone as he quickly changed the trajectory of the beam. My eyes adjusted once more to the darkness and I got a fairly clear look at him in the dim light of the torch. He appeared to be roughly my age with perfect blonde hair and a face that was reminiscent of a young Brad Pitt. He pulled a long knife with a thick handle and a large serrated edge that glimmered in the torchlight from its leather sheath and held it up in front of my face. My heart skipped a beat and I was convinced this would be the end of me.

“You look pretty uncomfortable up there; may I have permission to cut you down?” He asked in a reassuring tone.

I muttered something incomprehensible into my gag while tugging on the bonds that dug into my delicate skin and writhing my little body. “I’ll take that to mean yes,” he said with a comforting smile as he reached up and masterfully sliced through the coarse rope that held me captive. He deftly caught my slender body as I fell towards the ground and held me in his muscular arms. My potential hero quickly pulled the cloth that was in my mouth down to my chin and removed the material that filled my dry throat. I slid my soft tongue across my luscious ruby lips to give them some much needed moisture as he carefully lowered me until the soles of my pink Converse high tops disappeared through the thin layer of ground fog and made contact with the hard soil beneath.

The look of fear and panic on my face must have been obvious because he tried to put me at ease, speaking in a calm manner and moving very slowly. “Don’t worry; I’m not here to hurt you,” he said with the soothing voice of a hostage negotiator trying to get the perpetrator to drop a deadly weapon.

“How do I know that?” I asked, fear oozing through my voice.

“I did just cut you down from that post. People who are out to hurt you rarely do things to help.”

“I guess that’s true,” I said as he handed me an open bottle of fresh water which I quickly gulped down without even tasting it. The refreshing liquid soothed my dry throat and I quickly began to calm down and relax after finishing it.

“I know you’re scared and angry. After what you’ve been through I don’t blame you, but you’re safe now. Everything is going to be fine,” he reassured me.

I wrapped my slender arms around my shivering little body and rubbed my exposed shoulders with my slight hands to keep myself warm. His words dripped from his lips like sweet honey and served to calm me down. I found myself feeling relaxed and comfortable in his presence despite the myriad of questions that swirled in my brain.

“Can you tell me your name?” He asked in a gentle tone.

I took a deep breath of the cool air and answered “I’m Kristin, Kristin Kailey.”

“Well Kristin, you’re absolutely freezing,” he observed as he began to unbutton his white dress shirt. “Let’s get something on you to warm you up.”

I quickly waved my hands and said “You don’t need to do that for me, I just need to get out of this field.”

“I insist,” he said in a comforting tone. “What kind of a gentleman would I be if I let a beautiful lady freeze just to keep myself warm?” He slid the shirt off of his muscular torso and I saw what looked like incredibly developed washboard abs. I bit my succulent lower lip as he leaned in close to drape the shirt over my bare shoulders. I inhaled deeply and his scent filled my nostrils with an addictive odor that made my tummy tingle and flutter.

“Thanks,” I said with a weak smile. He moved slowly and reassuringly to wrap his large powerful arms around me and draw me close to share his body heat. I closed my blue eyes and pressed my face to his smooth warm chest, his aroma enveloping me in an aura of security.

“My car is waiting for us just through the field.” I nodded and he took me by the hand and led me through the dark maze of corn stalks, the bright beam of his flashlight the only illumination until we emerged on the other side near a dark country road. He led me to the back door of a late model black Rolls Royce Phantom that was resting on the shoulder of the road with its laser headlights cutting brightly through the shadows of night.

We both took our places in the luxuriously appointed back seat of the vehicle and warmed ourselves as the car smoothly pulled on to the road. The privacy screen prevented me from getting a good view of the driver, but that was the least of my concerns at the moment.

“Are you rich or something?” I asked with the least amount of tact possible.

“Something,” he replied with a smile. “Again I’m really sorry for what happened to you,” he said quickly changing the subject. “Those Sunnysiders can be a bit over the top with their traditions. A bunch of drama queens playing childish games. I’ve told them over and over to quit tying girls to a pole in a field on Halloween but they never listen.”

I gazed out the window as we traversed the smooth road and watched as packs of children in a variety of ensembles made their way from house to house, clutching bags that overflowed with a cornucopia of sweet treats. Several of the kids even wore Charlie the Trickster costumes including the hideous rubber masks that I saw earlier in town.

I felt a spark of anger well up inside me. “That’s got to be illegal, drugging people and tying them up like that. I should go to the police.”

He nodded and ran a hand through his perfect blonde hair. “You could do that. Indeed that would be the responsible thing to do. Of course you realize the whole town is in on these traditions, including the police. I just wonder how much good it would do.”

The man had a point, not that his message mattered much. It was his voice that mesmerized me. The way the words flowed in an almost melodious hypnotic manner put me deeper in a state of ease and comfort.

“It occurs to me that I’m in a strange car going who knows where,” I said in a concerned tone. “Should I be afraid?”

He smiled revealing a set of perfect white teeth and the dimples in his cheeks. The man was not only rich but he had dimples, how much more perfect could he possibly get? “It does seem a bit suspicious doesn’t it?” He responded, his voice soothing me with every word uttered. “With regard to where we’re going, I thought we’d go to my house for some tea.”

I looked at him quizzically. “It’s not tea time.”

“It’s tea time somewhere.”

“I can’t argue with that logic,” I replied sarcastically. “What if I don’t want tea?”

“Then you can have something else, but you seem like a tea girl to me,” he responded with a smile that showed off his dimples.

“Fair enough,” I said as I found myself getting lost in his sparkling green eyes. “So tea man, do you have a name?”

“Charles, but everyone calls me Charlie.”

“Like Charlie the Trickster?” I asked in a suspicious tone.

“No, I’m just Charlie, thank you.”

“It just seems like a strange coincidence that the person who saved me from a cruel Charlie the Trickster prank is also named Charlie.”

“I didn’t say it was a coincidence, Kristin. It’s complicated.”

“Explain it then,” I said with growing frustration in my voice.

I felt the car slow and make a turn onto a gravel road that disappeared into a dark field. “Where are we?”

“We’re at my house,” Charlie replied.

“It’s just a pasture,” I said, my eyes straining through the window searching for a sign of a house somewhere in the dark field.

“People only see what they believe,” he responded with a smile. The car slowly proceeded forward through an opening in the hedgerow and he placed his hand on top of mine. “Book of John, chapter twenty-five, verse nine.”

I blinked in confusion and shook my head. “I’ve never been much of a Bible expert.”

“Whereas once I was blind, now I can see,” he said as he pointed out the window. I looked up and saw an enormous sprawling mansion before me.

“How is this possible?” I asked in confusion. “That house wasn’t here a minute ago.”

“It was always there,” he said as he rubbed the back of my hand reassuringly. “You just weren’t ready to see it until now.

I felt confused and my head was starting to swim with frustration. “I don’t understand.”

“Like I said, it’s complicated. Let’s go inside and have some tea and I’ll tell you everything.”

“What about your driver?” I asked as he opened the door for me.

“She stays with the car.”

Chapter Three: Charlie explains it all.

The ornate antique clock at the entrance chimed eight times as Charlie escorted me past the grand front doors of the imposing mansion. We strode through broad hallways containing walls adorned with expensive looking works of art and beautiful sculptures atop fine white marble display pedestals.

“This is an amazing place you have, it’s like a museum,” I marveled. “Is that a Picasso?” I asked in shock as we passed a painting that caught my eye.

“It is, and the one next to it is Monet. Over there are Chagall, Matisse and Modigliani.”

I’m not a big art expert but I knew that each of these works must have been worth millions, possibly tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. “That one is Munch and this one is Rubens and you even have a Van Gogh,” I exclaimed in surprise.

“Several actually,” he replied with a wink.

“How is it that you have these incredible works of art?”

“I’ve been very fortunate and I love beautiful things. I’m a collector of it actually. Beautiful paintings, beautiful sculptures, beauty in general. I like to surround myself with it, have it near me to boost my spirits and remind me that the world is a wonderful place to exist in.”

“You don’t live in this massive place by yourself do you?”

“No,” he answered with a shake of his head. “I have pets, various animals and many objects of splendor and grace. Plus of course I’m always surrounded by my many beautiful possessions. They keep me company and bring me joy.”

“Your collection is just so huge; I can’t believe what I’m seeing.”

“Actually what I have on display is just the tip of the iceberg. I can’t fit most of my collection up here so unfortunately I have to keep most of my items in a special secure warehouse under the house. I try to rotate them out every once in a while to give me fresh perspectives. It’s kind of sad to have so many beautiful things in storage but what can I do?”

I gazed with wonder at his home which was better than any museum I had ever seen. The tour continued down grand hallways and spacious corridors past countless works of art. Charlie led me into a large opulently appointed sitting room with dark wood paneled walls and a deep red antique oriental rug. He guided me to the plush dark brown leather sofa in front of a massive fireplace where I sat and the warmth of the roaring fire quickly heated my chilly little body as he stepped away to fetch the tea.

He returned with a highly polished silver tray and poured the tea into two small ceramic cups. “Would you like some milk? It’s fresh and really tasty.” I nodded and he poured a good amount of the sweet white liquid into my cup before returning the milk to the tray.

“You’re not having any?”

He shook his head and answered, “I don’t take milk with my tea.”

I leaned forward and grabbed my cup. I took a small sip and I found myself instantly delighted by the incredibly delicious flavor. “I believe you were going to explain everything,” I said as I took another scrumptious sip.

Charlie nodded and gave a comforting smile of his perfect white teeth, his handsome face captivating my attention and disarming any reservations I had. “Indeed. This is going to be a lot to take in, I know, but please hear me out with an open mind. Will you do that for me?”

I nodded in anticipation of discovering what the big secret might be and he continued. “I’m immortal.”

I blinked in disbelief and raised an eyebrow. I was definitely not prepared for this revelation. “Really?” I asked in a sarcastic tone.

“Really,” he replied sincerely.

“So you’re like a ghost or something?”

“That’s not right,” he said, shaking his head.

“Sorry, that was insensitive of me. I should have said ‘living impaired’.”

“No, I’m not that either. Quite the opposite really. I can’t die.”

“How do you know?”

“I’ve been alive for a very long time and I haven’t died yet.”

“I haven’t died yet either but that doesn’t make me immortal.”

“I know I’ll never die, it’s a thing.”

“So in a million years you’ll still be alive?” I asked in disbelief.

“Yes,” he responded with a confident nod of his head.

I let out an audible gasp. “What are you going to do in four billion years when the sun turns into a red giant, swallows the Earth and engulfs half the solar system?”

“I hadn’t really thought about it to be honest,” he replied.

“If I were you, I’d start coming up with a plan.”

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re really annoying?” He asked with a disarming smile of his perfect white teeth.

“All the time,” I answered as I felt my cheeks become flush from our playful interaction. I didn’t want to feel such a strong attraction to this mysterious and handsome stranger I had just met under the most dubious of circumstances, but my little body was betraying any common sense that my brain may have had to offer up. “So you really are Charlie the Trickster then. You look nothing like the masks I saw the kids in town wearing.”

“Again, it’s just Charlie and I’m glad you noticed.”

“You mean you’re not a psychopath who takes girls against their will and does all manner of unspeakable horrors to them?”

“I never take anyone against their will. You can thank the people of Sunnyside for that. I had nothing to do with your abduction,” he said as he moved closer and began to gently stroke the locks of my long dark hair. I found myself instinctively leaning in to meet his touch, enjoying the feel of his fingers through my hair. “I’m a big believer in being safe, sane and consensual. I would never force myself on you.”

“That’s a relief,” I said as I exhaled and took another sip of my tea. “It’s always nice when rape is off the table.”

“It is most definitely off the table,” he said with a reassuring smile.

“Then what am I doing here? And what’s the deal with the town?” I asked, thinking through a thousand questions a minute.

“I told you I’d explain so here it goes. It all started back in the year seventeen hundred. The town was young and folks were going through hard times. The summer crops failed and they were facing what was to be a brutal winter. People were starving and disease ran rampant, babies and innocent children were dying in the street.”

“That sounds horrible.”

“Indeed it was,” he said as he tucked the strands of my black hair behind my ear and traced the contours with his fingertips. “How could I stand by and watch such horrors without stepping forward and doing something to help? I approached the village elders and gave the town my blessing which brought it luck and prosperity. The crops suddenly grew bountiful, disease disappeared and health and happiness returned to the town.”

“That is truly amazing,” I said with astonishment. My skin began to feel tingly and just being near him made my arousal grow.

“They knew I lived alone and had no one so they offered me the most beautiful of their daughters to show their gratitude. Of course I refused but they insisted and so started an annual tradition. Every year I selflessly blessed their town to bring it luck and wealth and in exchange on Halloween they would send me their most beautiful girl. At first the girls went willingly, even volunteering for the honor. As time went by, volunteers turned to victims who were cruelly bound and left for me in offering.”

I listened carefully to his remarkable tale. As outlandish as it seemed and as shocked as I should have been by his revelations, I wasn’t. I felt tranquil and serene with a touch of growing arousal. My mind accepted his supernatural disclosures as if they were perfectly normal occurrences. I felt the warmth of his hand on my bare leg as he began to gently caress it. His fingers danced on my soft silken skin and his touch was electric, sending flutters of pleasure up my spine.

“The best thing was to give these poor abandoned girls who had been taken against their will by their own families and the greedy townspeople and left as a sacrifice an alternative. They could stay with me until midnight of Halloween at which time they were free to leave and I would give them the means to start a new life wherever they desired. Or if they chose to stay, I would make them immortal and they would forever be young and beautiful.”

“That sounds like quite a choice. So how many accepted your offer?”

“All of them.”

I gasped in surprise. “Seriously? You didn’t force them?”

“I couldn’t make them immortal by force; they had to accept it willingly,” he said as his hand explored the contours of my toned legs. “Besides, I was offering a veritable fountain of youth. Who wouldn’t want that? Of course to justify their own foul behavior, the town began to manufacture lies about me. I went from being Charles the Generous to Charlie the Trickster. They made me out to be some kind of revolting evil monster that was taking their daughters when nothing could have been further from the truth. That’s gratitude for you,” he sighed.

I felt sorry for him. He was a nice, handsome guy who clearly had some extraordinary powers and used them to do the right thing and help people and they took advantage of him. I looked up at him and smiled as his hand continued to stroke my leg. He leaned toward me and I instinctively found myself moving to meet him. Our lips met and as they pressed together I felt strong pulses of pleasure flow through my slender body.

I sensed his lips part and his moist tongue slid out to meet my own. Our soft pink tongues intertwined in a saliva covered dance as I felt him slowly explore my mouth. His tongue slid along my straight, white teeth and over my pink gums, even feeling the insides of my cheeks before returning to flicker once more against my own tongue, our saliva mixing as one.

“You taste delicious,” he said as he ran his tongue across my plump scarlet lips before returning it to my mouth. Our kiss went on for what felt like an eternity and my hands explored the well formed chest that had given me tingles of arousal the first time I laid eyes on it back in the clearing of the corn field. I felt his other hand reach up to my firm right breast, cupping and fondling it gently through my tank top before he reached under the material and began to delicately knead and squeeze it, his thumb slowly circling my stiff pink nipple. I sensed his other hand slide up to my rear and grip the firm flesh of my denim covered ass as I moaned with pleasure from his expert attention.

He broke our kiss and a silvery strand of saliva continued to connect our lips as he moved to stick his tongue deep inside my ear before sucking my earlobe into his mouth and massaging it with his tongue. “Your breasts are just perfect. Your nipples are perfect. I want you so much Kristin, you have an amazing little body, you’re amazing,” he whispered into my ear, his warm breath bathing my skin. His words sent shudders of pleasure through me and at that moment there was no doubt that I wanted to feel him inside me.

His tongue slid down my slender neck as he pulled my tank top over my humble breasts to expose them to his gaze. He moved to kiss and gently lick my firm mounds of flesh until his mouth reached the tips where he sucked my little pink nubs into his mouth and rubbed them with his tongue, sending waves of tingles flowing through me as every nerve ending in my tender tissue was activated. My lithe body was an instrument and he was playing it like an accomplished artist.

This was all moving way too fast and I knew it. I shouldn’t be making out with a guy I just met even if he was rich, gorgeous and sweet. I’m a good girl after all and we should at least go out on a date first. Even as those rational thoughts swirled about in my disoriented brain my body wouldn’t allow me to stop. I was an addict and I couldn’t just say no.

The tips of my delicate fingertips gently circled his nipples as I closed my eyes and indulged in the flutters of arousal between my legs. I felt him unbutton my shorts and tug them down over the smooth satin skin of my toned thighs exposing my black lace panties. His digits found their way under the silken material and in no time they were brushing against the moist pink folds of my vagina.

“Your pussy is hairless,” he said with delight upon discovery of my bald pubic region. “You have no idea how sexy that is.”

His fingers slid around my sensitive labia, slick with copious amounts of my slippery girl juice and crept up to where my engorged clit was trying to peek out from behind its protective fleshy hood. I gasped and moaned, my breathing becoming ragged as I melted into a pool of blissful pleasure. He wasted no time in bringing me to a powerful orgasm with the simple masterful manipulation of my clit.

My entire body felt like it was on fire with pleasure; every inch of my smooth skin tingled and as our passion grew. A sheen of sweat formed on our flesh and I inhaled deeply, enjoying his spellbinding scent, feeling the tingles in my small frame mount with each intoxicating breath. He tugged skillfully at my panties, pulling them down to the tops of my pink sneakers with one hand as he unbuttoned his pants and slid them down his muscular thighs with the other to reveal his impressive cock which was fully erect and twitching with desire.

He pushed me down on the opulent leather sofa and I felt his weight on top of me as our hot skin melted as one. His cock bobbed about in search of the warm wet home between my legs that ached for its visit. “Tell me you want to feel me inside you,” he whispered breathlessly as our lips met once again.

“I want you inside me Charlie,” I said in a raspy voice. “Please fuck me Charlie.”

“Good girl,” he said, brushing the strands of black hair from my blue eyes. I felt shivers of bliss run up my spine as the head of his throbbing cock met the entrance to my needy wet pussy. I let out a loud moan of pleasure as his member pushed past the pink guardians of my love tunnel and sank inside me. He moved it in and out with expert precision, navigating deeper and deeper into my lithe body, stretching my vaginal walls with the well endowed member that I squeezed and milked with my vaginal muscles.

Our tongues intertwined once more in a sloppy wet saliva soaked kiss as his thrusts bore into me. We had become one passion filled beast, our bodies connected. Another strong orgasm tore through me causing every muscle in my body to quake and shudder. I had never experienced euphoria and ecstasy like this in my young life. His cock inside me felt like nothing I could have ever imagined. It was almost as if it was moving inside my body and exploring me with a life of its own.

“Do you like having my cock in you,” he whispered against my lips.

“I love having you inside me,” I gaspingly replied. “I love how it feels in my body.”

“Are you a good little girl,” he asked as he thrust deep inside me. I nodded as a moan escaped my lips. “Say it. Tell me what you are.”

“I’m a good little girl,” I recited breathlessly as my hips rose to meet his.

“You want to please me don’t you?”

“I do Charlie, I want to please you more than anything,” I moaned as my slender legs began to quiver with pleasure.

“Don’t call me Charlie, call me Master,” he said in a firm tone as his cock continued to drive back and forth in my tight little fuck hole.

My brain was muddled with pleasure and buried in a fog of lust and I was happy to call him whatever he wanted as part of our passionate interaction. “Yes Master,” I moaned loudly.

“Good girl,” he said as his hips met mine once more, his words sending pulses of pleasure through my petite body. “You enjoy calling me Master; it feels natural to you, doesn’t it?”

I tried to think about it. I knew it seemed strange to call him Master but my head was so foggy that my rational brain was incapable of thinking it through. Before I realized it, the words had mindlessly slipped through my lips. “Yes Master, I love calling you my Master.”

“Do you want to cum for me, little one?”

“Oh god yes I want to cum!” I shouted.

“Beg for it. Beg for me to make you cum again,” he commanded.

“Please let me cum, I want to cum so badly,” I mindlessly groveled.

“Bad girl!” He exclaimed as he gave my bare ass a light slap leaving a red mark on my fragile skin. “Address me properly.”

“Sorry Master. Please let me cum Master, please Master, please.”

“I’ll allow you to orgasm if you take all my seed into your womb and let it fill you completely. Do you agree little one?”

“Yes Master, please fill my womb with your seed Master,” I agreed without any thought.

His cock continued to explore the soft pink flesh of my juice filled pussy sending me closer to ecstasy with every thrust deep inside me. I felt it begin to twitch and throb and based on the contortions that his face was making, I knew he was getting close. Our heavy breathing was in unison as our bodies moved back and forth in a perfectly synchronized dance. As our hips met each other my vaginal muscles milked his cock and our mutual pleasure quickly approached the bursting point.

“Cum for me now little one, you have your Master’s permission,” he growled in my ear as I suddenly felt my pent up orgasm ready to explode through my slender little figure. My muscles immediately tensed and my entire body quivered as the overwhelming orgasm took control of me. My eyes rolled back and I couldn’t see, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t even breathe. I heard Charlie grunting and moaning as he began to spray his hot semen deep inside me. My climax seemed to last forever and I lost all track of time, completely enveloped in the throes of pleasure for far longer than I had ever experienced before.

As the rapture finally began to recede my breath returned and I found myself panting heavily, my breasts rising and falling with each desperate gulp of air. Charlie kissed my luscious lips once more and stroked my sweat soaked hair as his cock continued to lightly pulse and move inside me.

After bathing in the afterglow of our shared experience for an immeasurable amount of time I heard the clock above the fireplace chime nine times. “Want to just sit here together and enjoy each other’s company?” Charlie asked as his warm hand caressed the soft skin of my cheek.

“I’d like that Charlie,” I replied.

“You can keep calling me Master if you’re comfortable with it.”

“Would that make you happy?”

“You have no idea,” he replied.

I nodded and grinned playfully. “Then Master it is.”

As he moved to sit up I felt his impressive cock slide out of my wet little love tunnel leaving me gaping and vulnerable. I reached forward and grabbed at my panties and shorts to pull them up but Charlie put his hand over mine to stop me. “Let’s just stay naked, there’s no need for clothes here. As a matter of fact, why don’t you take your shoes off too?”

I felt a little shy about my body being so exposed but there was no one else around and given that his cum was starting to drip out of me, there wasn’t a lot of mystery left between my legs to be modest about. I pulled off my pink high tops and slid my panties and shorts over my small feet before pulling my bra and tank top over my head to reveal the entirety of my body without any impediments and I watched as he followed suit and removed the rest of his garments as well, exposing the fullness of his perfect hard, muscular body to my gaze. A sight that sent tingles flowing between my legs once more.

We both sat together on the plush leather sofa completely naked. I pressed my head against his smooth chest and breathed deeply of his heady aroma as he lovingly stroked my long dark hair and I watched his cock soften. “I told you that all of the girls who were abandoned by the townspeople were given a choice to leave and return to their lives on the outside or to stay and live in beauty forever.”

“Yes Master, I remember,” I said with a coy look. I caught myself calling him Master and something about it felt so natural; so right. “And now you’re giving me the same choice?”

“I am; you’re free to leave should you choose but not until midnight.”

Chapter Four: Master’s Pets.

Our tea was long finished when Charlie reached over to an elaborate antique side table and grabbed a small silver bell which echoed through the room as he rang it. Within seconds a beautiful naked girl with long brown hair flowing to her slender shoulders entered the room and curtsied before us. Her bare breasts jiggled as she moved and around her slender neck she wore a black and white lace collar in the style of a French maid and she had the number “1873” tattooed in large black ink upon her hairless pubic mound.

“May I have permission to remove the tea Master?”’

“You may 1873, and please let Pixie and Trixie out of their cages so they may join us.”

“Yes Master, right away Master.” She said with another curtsy as she collected the tea tray and moved to exit the room, her bare rear swaying seductively with each step.

I blinked and felt my hands instinctively reach up to cover my exposed breasts. “I thought you said we were alone in the house.”

“We are. Just you and me and my pets,” he said as he gently pulled my hands from my firm boobs to reveal them once more. “Don’t worry, they’re all very well behaved I assure you. You have nothing to fear.”

“So the girls you made immortal are your pets?”

“That’s right, but it was their choice. Whatever their role is in the house, they agreed to it because they wanted to please me. As I said, I don’t force anyone to do anything.”

Suddenly the door burst open and a gorgeous blonde girl in pigtails scampered in on hands and feet with her firm rear in the air. “Woof woof,” she barked as if she were a dog. As she approached Charlie she got on her knees and her head quickly moved to his feet where she licked and sucked at his toes. She raised her ass and I could see that the long black rubber tail that protruded from her anus and flopped back and forth was connected to some kind of plug buried deep inside her rectum. Before my brain could process what I was seeing, another girl who was an exact copy of the first flew through the door in the same manner.

“Arf arf arf,” she yapped like a puppy falling to hands and knees and nudging her identical twin sister out of the way to lick her Master’s leg.

I gasped audibly. I was confused and taken aback by the startling display before me. Charlie clapped his hands loudly and the twins immediately got into position, kneeling with the heels of their feet pressing into their bare asses, hands held up in the air in a begging position and their unusually long pink tongues dangling from their mouths, saliva dripping down to their well endowed breasts in long clear streams. The identical girls had thick black leather collars decorated with small silver spikes locked securely around their graceful necks. I found myself feeling a strange combination of shock and arousal as I gazed upon how their bodies were decorated with large silver rings dangling from their nipples, septums and even their sensitive little clits.

“This is Pixie,” he said pointing to the girl on the left who bore a thick black tattoo that read “1914” on her bare pubic mound, “and this is Trixie”, he said as he pointed at Pixie’s identical twin sister who had a tattoo that read “1915” above her juicy little pussy. “Or maybe it’s the other way around. Honestly I’m not sure it matters. Pixie and Trixie aren’t their real names anyway, just cute little pet names I gave them a long time ago. Their real names of course are 1914 and 1915.”

“Their real names are numbers?” I asked in confusion.

“That’s right. Those are the names I gave them when I acquired them. Their names are the year in which they became mine.”

“So Pixie is a year older than Trixie?”

Charlie rolled his eyes and tried to explain. “No, they’re identical twins. In fact, Pixie was born five minutes before Trixie, making her older but she came to me a year before Trixie so Trixie has actually aged more than Pixie.”

I nodded, acting like it all made perfect sense when in reality I followed absolutely none of that logic. “And they think they’re dogs?”

“Not at all. They know they’re human of course, but they’ve taken on the role of being puppygirls. They earn my praise by being the best little animals they can be for their Master. In fact, neither of them have walked upright or spoken an intelligible word for over a century.

He turned his attention to the twins before us. “Girls, this is Kristin. Greet her properly,” he said as he clapped his hands once more.

Instantly they scurried over to me on all fours, their natural breasts jiggling beneath them with every movement, and before I knew what was happening Pixie was licking my delicate foot and sucking on my small toes while her twin sister licked up my smooth toned legs, inhaling deeply as she got closer to my exposed pussy. I felt overwhelmed and a little uncomfortable as she forcefully spread my thighs and tried to shove her face between my slender legs, her long pink tongue flickering in a desperate attempt to get at the tender crimson folds from which Charlie’s cum continued to leak.

“This is a little weird Charlie…I mean Master. I’ve never had another girl this close to my um, vagina before.”

“They’re very friendly and affectionate and while they do love pussy, I’m fairly certain they smell their Master’s cum inside you, a treat they relish anytime they get near it.”

He watched with a pleased look on his face as Pixie abandoned my toes and moved up to join Trixie whose tongue had managed to lap at the soft pink labia between my legs, not only giving her a taste of my own brand of slippery girl lube but also gathering some of Charlie’s cum on to her tongue as well. I felt strong flutters of arousal as I sensed her warm breath upon my exposed skin and though I wanted to deny the sensations I was experiencing as a result of having another girl pleasure me, I couldn’t control what my body was feeling or how natural it seemed.

Trixie sat up and held her long pink muscular organ out in offering and her twin sister quickly wrapped her lips around it, sucking her sister’s tongue with fervor. The twin puppygirls flickered their saliva and cum coated tongues together in a lustful display as their hands explored each other’s slender bodies in a salacious embrace. I was trying desperately to come to terms with what I was seeing. The shock and horror of their perverted condition coupled with the taboo nature of the incestuous acts taking place before my eyes had my foggy head spinning.

“It’s such a blessing when sisters can be this close,” Charlie said as he reached over and gave Trixie’s bare alabaster ass a sharp slap. Pixie broke the wanton kiss with her twin and slid up to my face where she began to lap at my chin and succulent strawberry lips, coating my smooth skin in a glistening layer of her saliva. In the meantime Trixie buried her head between my warm thighs a second time and the powerful stirring of arousal of her tongue dancing upon the fleshy bundle of nerves that was my clit took hold of my lithe body and once more I found myself quivering in pleasure, unable to hold a thought in my head except the desire to orgasm yet again.

Charlie watched me intently; fully aware of my predicament and grinned. “If you want to cum again, you need only ask.”

I felt like my entire body was about to explode into a million pieces and an orgasm was the only way to relieve the pressure. “I don’t need his permission to cum,” I thought to myself as I tried to relax my body and let the orgasm wash over me yet it refused. I was held right on the edge of a heavenly precipice unable to go over to feel the euphoric splendors that awaited me on the other side. Desperation took hold and the words “May I please cum?” finally escaped my ripe cherry lips.

He cruelly shook his head back and forth. “You didn’t ask properly, little one. Try again.”

I was ready to strangle Charlie for teasing me this way with his cruel game. “May I please cum Master?”

“Better. Kiss Pixie first,” he answered, “then I’ll allow you to have your orgasm.”

Pixie’s mouth was already on top of mine and I parted my delectable lips allowing her juicy tongue to slide in. I could taste the essence of my own pussy and Charlie’s cum as well as both her saliva and the saliva of her sister all mixed together in one lustful cocktail. It was my first time ever kissing a girl and it was a very different experience from kissing a man. Her lips were soft, her movements were gentle and her tongue flickered against my own in a sensual ballet that only made the frustrating need to cum even more intense.

Charlie reached over and squeezed my left breast hard, kneading it with his fingers. “Are you ready to cum Kristin?”

“Yes Master,” I replied breathlessly in between long wet sticky kisses from Pixie. “Please let me cum Master, I want to cum for you Master.”

“Very well then,” he slowly replied as his thumb circled my erect pink nipple and Trixie’s tongue continued to work its magic on my swollen needy clit. “You have permission to cum my good girl.” As soon as the words left his lips my body was free. Suddenly my muscles tensed, my legs began to shake and another of the most intense orgasms of my life ripped through my diminutive physique for several minutes, convincing me once again that I was on the verge of death.

When the sensations began to recede Charlie gave my firm little breast another hard squeeze. “What do you say when someone gives you a gift?”

“Thank you?” I answered through gasping breaths as sweat once again coated my silken skin.

“Thank you what?” He corrected me.

“Thank you Master for giving me permission to cum,” I said as I slumped on the sofa, unable to summon the strength to move.

He gave me a nod of approval before turning his attention to his puppygirls. He clapped his hands and said “Down girls! Sit,” in an authoritative tone of voice.

“Woof woof,” Trixie barked as she and her twin sister quickly scurried to the floor where they before us with their arms in front of them squeezing their ample tits together in an alluring fashion and their palms flat on the floor. They waited obediently with their long pink tongues dangling from their mouths, saliva once more dripping forth in copious streams forming puddles between their spread thighs.

He looked at Pixie and smiled. “You were such a good girl, yes you were!”

“Arf arf arf,” Pixie barked as her legs began to quiver. She struggled to hold her position as her entire body tensed up and she started to tremble until her eyes rolled back in her head. The intense orgasm washed through her beautiful body. When it was finished Pixie breathlessly barked “Arf arf,” before applying her saliva coated tongue to Charlie’s feet in gratitude.

Trixie started to whine and whimper, gazing up at us with the saddest look she could muster. Charlie reached out and gently stroked her exquisite face. She responded to his touch by pressing her supple cheek against his hand and gently coating it with soft licks of her moist tongue. “Do you want some cummies too Trixie? Is that what you want?” He asked in a teasing manner.

“Woof woof,” she barked loudly as she licked his hand with renewed vigor, glazing it with glimmering sticky sweet saliva.

“I guess you have earned a nice cum too. You’re a good girl Trixie, yes you are.”

Like her twin sister, Trixie’s shapely body started to tremble and shake until a powerful orgasm washed through her. As the sensations began to subside, Trixie’s mouth quickly found its way to her Master’s feet to lick in appreciation for his generous gift.

“Do my beautiful little bitches want to accompany us as we tour the grounds?” He asked of his eager animals.

“Woof woof,” Trixie barked out with glee as her sister Pixie chimed in to show her eagerness.

“What do you think Kristin, do you mind if my pets join us on our tour?”

I smiled and shrugged, after all who was I to tell a person what to do in their own home, even if it did seem a little too twisted and weird for my taste.

At Charlie’s command his stunning twin bitches scampered out of the room on hands and feet, their asses raised high, the delicate pink folds of their dripping wet pussies fully on view between their thighs and their long rubber tails swishing back and forth as the plug in their rectums shifted with each graceful movement of their bodies. They returned moments later with their leashes dangling from in their mouths and an excited look in their light blue eyes. Charlie took each leash and clipped it to the corresponding girl’s collar before standing up and giving the leads a sharp tug.

“Come along Kristin, we have much to see. Off the sofa now please.”

I peeled myself off of the luxurious material of the couch and stood, feeling Charlie’s cum continue to dribble over my soft pink labia and down my smooth inner thigh. He leaned over and kissed my lips and I found myself kissing back, even feeling disappointed when he didn’t stick his tongue deep into my mouth.

Charlie led us through the back of the palatial estate to a flagstone path that led to the stables on the other side of a large pasture. His cock bobbed about in a semi flaccid state and the twin puppygirls did an admirable job of keeping pace at their Master’s heels as he kept their leashes taut. I felt goose bumps form on my smooth satin skin when the cool Halloween night air licked at my flesh and I wondered how it was that despite the fact that all four of us were naked, I was the only one who showed any discomfort in the open evening air. A light foggy mist covered the ground obscuring the layer of freshly fallen autumn leaves that my delicate bare feet stepped upon as we strode forward.

I kept admiring Charlie’s handsome face and perfect form and each time I caught a glimpse of his naked body I felt flutters and tingles between my legs. As we neared the stables something caught my eye through the thickening fog. I blinked several times trying to figure out if what I saw was real or a figment of my imagination, but as we got closer I came to realize that as disturbing and frightening as the goings on of the night had been thus far, I was unprepared for the creature that I was about to come face to face with.

 Chapter Five: Wonders at the Stables.

As we approached the wood and brick structure that was the stables, a beautiful young brown haired girl scurried towards us, the firm melons of her bare breasts bounced exuberantly with each rapid stride until she got close enough to throw herself to the ground and kneel before her owner. She pressed her forehead against the hard surface of the path to properly display her submission before sliding her face up to his feet, liberally coating them with kisses and long broad licks with her eager tongue. The girl arched her back, raising her ass to show off her puckered little sphincter and the small rings that decorated the glistening pink folds of her moist sex which peeked from between her shapely toned thighs. Each of her erect rose colored nipples had two large gold rings pierced through them which pressed into the flagstone as she demonstrated absolute obedience and subservience to her Master.

“You may rise, 1827,” Charlie said with a motion of his hand.

“Thank you Master,” she said as she gracefully moved into an upright position, standing on her bare feet and spreading her thighs slightly to ensure that her owner had a sufficient view of her hairless vagina which like the other girls I had encountered, had large black numbering tattooed upon the bare pubic mound to denote her name.

“1827 is my current stable cunt. She takes care of all of my animals out here and helps to train them to ensure that they’re always perfect and of course she also milks them as needed.

I smiled weakly and gazed upon her perfect nude body, admiring the way her flawless breasts jiggled with each breath. “Isn’t she cold, Master?” I asked as my exposed body continued to shiver in the increasingly frigid air.

He gave a shrug. “Maybe, but at worst it’s a matter of slight discomfort. It’s not like the cold is going to kill her,” he explained with a sly grin. “Let’s go inspect some of my animals.”

As Charlie started to walk toward the stable, 1827 quickly interjected, “Master, I’ve been working very hard for your pleasure at maintaining your animals. I hope you’re pleased with me Master.”

He ignored her and gave Pixie and Trixie’s leashes a sharp tug. “Come along Kristin,” he said as he continued along the path. Without any thought I suddenly felt my slender little legs begin to move, keeping me within a couple meters of him at all times.

“It’s been so long Master, please Master…I’ll do anything Master,” 1827 called out into the darkness before quickly scampering to keep up.

As we moved through the fog, the creature I had spied from so far away came more clearly into view. It was unlike anything I had ever seen or even imagined before. It was a girl with long red hair tied into a ponytail, that much I was certain of, but her arms were harshly bound behind her in some kind of thick leather arm binder. A tight, dark leather harness pressed into the smooth creamy skin of her muscular body and rings embedded in her hard pink nipples glimmered in the lights while the shiny silver bells attached to them jingled each time she inhaled.

She had what appeared to be a leather bridle locked securely to her head with a tall red feather plume attached to the top and between her perfect white teeth a rubber bit gag was wedged with long clear streams of saliva dripping down to her ample heaving breasts. My gaze turned to her muscular legs which were locked into a strange pair of gleaming black patent leather boots that kept her on her tiptoes and ended in what resembled shiny steel hooves. I spied a long braid in a color matching her hair emanating from her rear and as with Pixie and Trixie I suspected that this tail was attached to a plug that filled and stretched her tiny rectum.

Charlie approached her slowly and gently stroked the soft pale freckled skin of her cheek with his warm hand. She responded by pressing her face into his palm and closing her bright green eyes, adoring her Master’s touch. “Are you my good ponygirl?” he asked as his other hand gently rubbed her belly, his fingers dancing lower to trace the number “1981” tattoo in black ink that contrasted with the pale speckled skin of her bald pubic mound. She raised her athletic left leg to a ninety degree angle and stomped her steel hoof to the hard stone surface of the barn floor with a single thunderous clop. “Has 1827 let you out into the pasture yet?” She raised her beautiful contoured leg twice more and slammed it to the ground.

Charlie stared at 1827 with a raised eyebrow. “Make sure you exercise her thoroughly or there will be consequences, understand?”

“Yes Master, I’ll do it right away Master. I just want to please you and earn your praise Master,” she said as she reached up and took 1981 by the reins that dangled from her bridle and led her away toward the fenced pasture next to the barn. The loud clop of each step echoed through the misty night air until the gorgeous ponygirl and her handler veered off the path and disappeared into the tall mist-covered grass of the meadow.

“Come,” Charlie commanded me as we walked further into the barn. “As you can see I have quite a few ponygirls,” he said pointing to the various stalls, each of which contained a similarly restrained and decorated girl. I took note of the numbers permanently displayed on their pubic mounds as we passed, 1907, 1956 and 2003.

“I’m sorry Master, I’m a little confused. What exactly is the point of a ponygirl?”

“They exist for my entertainment and to serve me of course, just like all of my possessions,” he explained as his fingers warmed the soft skin of my back making the goose bumps disappear with his gentle touch. “The way I use them isn’t different from how one might use a horse. They pull carts when I want to tour the property, put on shows to display their grace and training and of course are constantly reminded of their place as my animals.”

“I guess that makes sense,” I replied with a nod. “Why not just use actual horses though?”

“Why would I do that when I have so many beautiful girls to take the role? Besides, they love being useful to me and I love seeing them like this so it’s a good arrangement for all of us.”

We stopped in front of a stall that had a stunningly beautiful ponygirl with wavy blonde tresses descending from her head and the number 1884 above her glistening vagina. “This little mare is one of my favorites. She’s always perfect and she has truly mastered the art of being a human equine,” he said before turning his attention directly to his animal with a smile. “You’re such a good animal for your Master, 1884.”

As soon as the words left his lips, 1884’s body began to tremble and quiver as a look of passion and delight filled her hypnotic blue eyes. I watched as the orgasm flowed through her athletic frame for several minutes before finally starting to subside. Her firm breasts heaved as she tried to catch her breath and when it was finished she did a half curtsy to the extent that her restraints would allow in a show of gratitude to the man who owned her.

“You can make them orgasm just by speaking to them?” I asked, my curiosity getting the better of me.

“Yes and no,” Charlie replied. “Their bodies respond to praise. To earn my praise is to be rewarded with an intense orgasm.”

I was conflicted and I knew it. On the one hand I was frightened by the twisted and unnerving things I had witnessed since arriving at Charlie’s home. I wanted nothing to do with it and I couldn’t wait for midnight to come so I could get out of here as fast as I could. On the other hand I had experienced the most powerful orgasms in my life and I had to admit that as perverted as the way he was keeping these girls was, there was something incredibly arousing about it as well. I didn’t understand why I felt flutters in my tummy or tingles between my legs every time I glanced at Pixie and Trixie who crouched devotedly at their Master’s feet or one of his strange yet beautiful ponygirls or other servants. I only knew what my body was feeling as it betrayed my common sense.

We continued our walk into the next building which had even more rows of girls, only these had well endowed breasts with pumps attached to them. Each girl was bound to a metal frame and had a thick leather collar affixed to their necks with bright yellow tags dangling from their ears. “This is our dairy,” he said with an air of pride. “The delicious milk you had with your tea was courtesy of 2011 here.”

I was taken aback by the revelation that my tea contained breast milk until the realization hit me that despite the source of the beverage, it was actually quite delicious. I gazed at the ravishing brunette whose face winced in pain each time the mechanical suction cups pumped the tasty white milk from her body. “I think that out of all of my hucows, 2011 here produces the sweetest milk,” he said as he lightly slapped her left breast. “And she has such lovely udders too, don’t you think so Kristin?”

I nodded and admitted that indeed, her udders were quite enviable. My eyes remained fixed upon her breasts and the pressure from the pumps alternating from left breast to right and back to the left again served to hypnotize me into a dream-like state.

“I bet your small frame would look quite lovely with some nice large udders like hers. Would you like that?”

I bit my fleshy lower lip not wanting to offend my host. “I’m happy with my body to be honest. I’ve been told that my boobs are kind of nice.”

Charlie nodded and smiled quietly as if he was carefully guarding a secret that he didn’t want to let out of the bag. “Would you like to try some of 2011’s milk from the source?” He offered. “You already know how delicious it is; you won’t regret it.”

I bit my lower lip once more in hesitation but before I could answer, Charlie had already turned off the pumps and removed the suction cup from 2011’s right breast. I watched as droplets of white milk began to drip from the stiff pink nipple that stood atop her firm udder. “Go ahead and try some,” he said as he nudged me forward until my face was in 2011’s chest.

I instinctively found myself parting my crimson lips and sucking her milk laden nipple into my mouth, instantly tasting the sweetest warm liquid that had ever graced my tongue. I pressed my lips firmly on her sensitive flesh and sucked as hard as I could, feeling the refreshing milk flood my mouth in a constant stream. I was suckling like a baby girl at her mother’s teat for so long that I lost all track of time before I felt Charlie pulling me off.

“What do you think?” He asked in an excited tone.

I nodded and wiped the errant drops of sweet milk from my full ruby lips. “It’s really good,” I said as the flutters in my tummy increased in intensity.

“Given how long you were drinking from her udder you must have really enjoyed it.”

My skin burned red with the humiliation of what I had just done, yet given the circumstances it all seemed to be perfectly natural and normal. Besides, Charlie wasn’t judging me for having just vigorously suckled another human female or relishing the sweet milk that she produced; in fact he seemed quite pleased by it.

The clock in the barn struck eleven and once again I felt Charlie’s hand affectionately stroking the satin skin of my bare back, warming me to the core and I wondered if the reason that I was the only one who was cold before was because I was the only one who was mortal. “Would you like to see the gardens?” He asked as he wrapped his muscular arm around me tightly and gave the leashes in his other hand a sharp yank to spur Pixie and Trixie to heel.

“I know it’s a big decision to make Kristin,” Charlie said as we slowly ambled along the path toward the gardens. “I really hope that when midnight comes, you’ll choose to stay with me. It’s a lot to take in, I get that but you can be young and beautiful forever and you’ll have so many friends here and be so loved. It really is a paradise,” he said with a big white toothed smile that showed off his perfect dimples and made my petite frame stir with lust.

Despite my ambivalent feelings and the strong emotions I was feeling on this Halloween night, I knew I couldn’t stay here no matter what. My mind was made up. In an hour when midnight arrived I would decline his offer and live out a very normal and very limited lifespan.

Chapter Six: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

I took a deep breath of the fresh smelling night air as we meandered slowly toward the back of the mansion where the promise of luxurious gardens awaited. Charlie kept his hand upon the skin of my naked little body for the entirety of our stroll which kept me warm despite the increasingly frigid temperature. He made a point of squeezing the firm cheeks of my well formed rear and giving them a light playful slap whenever doing so pleased him; there was little doubt that my lewd little body was in a heightened state of constant desire as a result of his sustained touch.

As we entered the gardens I was amazed by the fine attention to detail. Perfectly trimmed green hedges and imaginative leafy topiaries were laid out in a visually stunning symmetrical display that surely would have been even more impressive in the light of day. As I admired the artistry of the landscaping, I saw what looked like a sculpture on a low marble pedestal with a spotlight on it. When I approached, it became obvious that what I was looking at wasn’t a statue at all but rather a stunning blonde girl kneeling with thighs spread wide, her hands behind her head and her firm breasts thrust out. She didn’t move a muscle, not even to blink. It was like she was in some kind of a deep trance-like state, yet perhaps she was completely aware of everything that was going on around her and unable to respond to it.

I tilted my head and stared at the figure before me trying to make sense of it. “Is she alive?”

“Of course she is. In fact she’ll never grow old and she’ll never die. Her name is 1937. You can touch her if you like.”

I slowly reached out until my delicate fingertips grazed the soft creamy skin of 1937’s firm breast that had a beautiful erect pink nipple at the tip. She was warm and I could feel her heartbeat pounding in a steady rhythm. Her chest rose and fell ever so slightly, almost imperceptibly and was the only visible movement of her entire form. “Can she move?”

“At the moment she serves as a beautiful sculpture; a work of art that pleases me greatly,” he answered in a cleverly evasive manner.

My mind was spinning over the strange and beautiful sight I had just witnessed. I didn’t know what to make of it. On the one hand, she was as young and gorgeous as the day she came to be with Charlie, on the other however, it seemed so unnatural, twisted and strange. Like Alice, I had fallen down the rabbit hole and the visions that passed my eyes were beyond anything that my brain could have ever conjured in my wildest dreams or worst nightmares.

We continued through the garden and I spotted several more girls on pedestals in a variety of positions. 1813 was a radiant brunette who was on her back holding her ankles and spreading her legs wide. Her pussy and anus were on full display and like 1937 she stared out with a blank expression, unmoving. A girl with long red hair was standing on her pedestal with her legs spread wide and was positioned such that she was bent over grabbing her ankles. I carefully moved in front of her to get a glimpse of her pubic mound which read 1991. Like her sisters in the garden, she was frozen in a lascivious pose that exposed every inch of her enviable body.

“That doesn’t look very comfortable or enjoyable Master,” I said as we continued past nearly a dozen such statue girls in a variety of humiliating and exposed positions. “It’s hard to believe they would have volunteered to do this.”

“You have a lot to learn about relationships my young, naïve girl,” he responded. What I have with them is a very special bond. My girls know they bring me immense joy and in return I give them safety, protection, love and eternal beauty.”

“I guess,” I shrugged, not knowing what to make of it. “What happens when it rains?”

“They get wet of course.”

“I just can’t imagine that anyone would be happy like that,” I countered.

“You don’t accept that they’re content? I’ll prove it to you,” he said as he turned his attention to the nearest naked girl who served as one of his statues. “You’re such a good girl for me 1973.”

I watched as her slender body trembled ever so slightly, almost imperceptibly. “Did she just have an orgasm?”

“She did. I praised her and she was rewarded. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and feel her pussy.”

“I’m not sure I should be sticking my fingers in the vaginas of other girls,” I said hesitantly.

“Of course you should! Go ahead, I insist.”

I bit my plump crimson lip and hesitantly moved my hand between her legs, sliding my fingers below the 1973 tattoo on her bare pubic mound, past where her sensitive little clit ached to push past its protective hood to the soft pink lips of her hairless vagina that glistened with moisture. My appendages slid in easily and were unrelentingly gripped by her vigorous vaginal muscles. I pulled my small digits out of her tight tunnel and found them coated in copious amounts of her slick glistening girl lube. “I have to admit she really is dripping wet.”

“You really should taste her, she’s truly delicious,” he said as he gently took my arm and raised my pussy juice coated fingers toward my mouth.

I shook my head. “I’m not sure about that, Charlie, I mean Master. I’ve never tasted another girl before.”

‘It’s important to try everything in life, don’t you think? Go ahead and taste her essence. Suck your fingers. Show me what a wanton little slut you can be,” he said with a reassuring smile.

I instinctively sensed my mouth opening and my saliva coated tongue sliding forth as he brought my fingers up to my soft lips. I wrapped my tongue around my slender digits, licking them and tasting the heady flavor of 1973’s dripping pussy. I slid two fingers in my mouth and started sucking on them in a lustful display. Perhaps it was an attempt to arouse him as much as he aroused me or maybe I just wanted to send a message about what my mouth was capable of.

“Well? What do you think?”

I smiled and nodded. “I think you’re right, Master, she is delicious.

“The way you were sucking those fingers, it made me think that perhaps you were craving for something else to take their place in your mouth,” he revealed as he flashed his sexiest smile and ran his fingers through my long raven tresses.

Staring at his perfect form sent more tingles fluttering between my legs. Whatever concerns my brain had about the oddities I had witnessed this evening, it was clear that my disobedient pussy had its own plans. “Maybe I am,” I said teasingly. “Can you think of something that should be in my mouth instead?”

He dropped the puppygirls’ leashes, pulled me closer and pressed his lips to mine, pushing his tongue forward and prying my mouth open with it until his organ was swimming in a sea of my saliva with my own tongue as its partner.

Our mouths danced together as his hands squeezed my exposed breasts and rubbed my hard pink nipples before pulling me tightly into his warm chest. I could feel his cock begin to harden against my flat belly and my own hands reached around and squeezed his muscular rear. I was overwhelmed with passion, unable to think about anything other than how delicious his tongue tasted in my mouth and how much I wanted to make this man cum again. The thought that he might be pleased with me sent fresh shivers of arousal from my well lubricated pink sex; it was as if his pleasure was an all encompassing obsession which pushed all other thoughts out of my addled brain.

He broke the kiss and a thin strand of saliva connected our mouths momentarily as he gripped my delicate shoulders with his large hands and firmly pushed me down to my knees. His hard cock pulsed and twitched mere centimeters from my face, teasing me as it bobbed about. In the corner of my eye I saw Pixie and Trixie side by side holding a squat position, their leashes dangling down between their legs, no doubt teasing their needy pussies. They gazed at me with envious eyes that I was the lucky girl to have their Master’s cock positioned so close to my waiting mouth.

I graced the head of his cock with a heartfelt kiss prior to sliding my moist tongue over it and tasting the salty precum that oozed from the hole. My soft juicy tongue slithered down the shaft to the base of his throbbing member where I lightly lapped at the fruit in his scrotum before gently sucking each ball into my mouth and rubbing it with my tongue. My tongue explored further, finding its way to his perineum which I massaged and coated with my sticky sweet saliva, feeling encouraged as I heard him moan with each delicate flicker of my tongue on his body.

I slid my mouth up the underside of his shaft back to the head where I wrapped my succulent ruby lips around his pulsing flesh and pushed my mouth down, letting it glide over my slippery tongue to the back of my throat. He gently held my ears, rubbing them with his thumbs as my mouth worked its magic on his throbbing organ. The way it twitched and moved in my mouth made it almost seem as if it had a life of its own; a feeling that was not dissimilar from when it was buried deep inside my aching wet pussy earlier that night. I could feel it exploring my mouth as I sucked hard, pushing deeper into my throat, trying desperately to go as far as it could before drifting back over my tongue to my lips and then back down once more.

I lost all track of time as my mouth and his organ became one. It almost felt as if I was in a trance in which my entire world revolved around his cock and all I knew was the palpitating, throbbing flesh that filled my jaws and was the focus of my every thought. After what seemed like a lifetime of sucking his engorged member I felt it start to twitch and his muscles tensed. I knew he was getting close.

“I’m going to cum in your mouth and when I do, you will hold it until I give you permission to swallow, do you understand little one?”

I quickly nodded as the erect organ continued to slide around back and forth to the entrance of my throat. His muscles quivered, his cock spasmed and after a loud grunt I felt a huge load of salty warm liquid spray into my mouth, filling it with such mass that it began to drip out of my mouth and down my chin until I felt the warm wet sticky droplets of his cum mixed with my saliva hitting my bare breasts. I struggled to hold the huge mouthful of ejaculate without swallowing as I was unprepared for the sheer volume of it. I waited for what felt like forever, each second ticking past as if it was an hour until finally I gave up and decided I would just swallow it and worry about the consequences later. Yet when I tried to swallow, I couldn’t. The mix of cum and saliva remained in my mouth and no matter how hard I tried, I simply couldn’t get anything to go down my throat. I attempted to open my mouth to spit it out but my lips refused to budge, sealing his seed tightly in place.

I looked up at him with fear in my eyes, not comprehending what evil thing was happening but he simply smiled down at me. It was a reassuring smile that attempted to put me at ease.

“Just breathe through your nose, you’re going to be fine,” he said in a comforting tone as if he knew exactly what I was feeling.

I took a deep breath through my nose which amplified the salty flavors in my mouth and the strong odor of his sticky semen escaped my nostrils as I exhaled. He gently stroked the long dark locks of my hair and whispered calming words as I knelt at his feet. I looked over at Pixie and Trixie who continued to squat in their positions with blank expressions on their faces; long tongues lolled out like animals with their saliva dripping copiously into sticky puddles between their bare feet.

I closed my eyes and tried a form of meditation to stave off the sense of panic that was pounding on the door to my psyche. Just when I thought the dam would break and I would go crazy, he finally uttered the words that I longed to hear. “You have my permission to swallow now little one.”

Suddenly the mix of cum and saliva flowed easily down my throat and once it was securely placed in my waiting tummy, I could part my lips once more. I took heavy gasping breaths as Charlie tenderly rubbed the back of my head until I began to calm down enough to talk. I was feeling angry and confused and I wanted to ask him what the hell had just happened, yet the words refused to come out of my mouth.

He gently stroked the soft skin of my cheek and spoke in a comforting tone. “I hope you enjoy the gift of my seed in your tummy,” he said with a smile. “When someone gives you a gift what should you do?”

I shrugged unsure of where he was going with this. “You should thank them of course,” he continued. “You may thank me by kissing my feet.”

I looked up at him with a confused look in my crystal blue eyes, yet before I knew what was happening my fleshy lips were pressed to his feet and I even found my soft moist tongue extended, licking gratefully from his toes to his ankles. “That’s enough,” he ordered. My body moved back into my kneeling position with my toned legs spread wide to show off the little pink treasure between my tanned thighs. It felt like I wasn’t the one making my body move though, it was almost as if it was happening on its own.

He leaned down and brushed his lips against mine before smiling. “You have been a very good little girl Kristin, I’m extremely proud of you.”

Suddenly my muscles tensed, my legs began to quiver and the tingles between my thighs turned into a lustful tsunami. I couldn’t see straight, I couldn’t think and I could barely breathe as the most powerful orgasm of my life seemed to rip my body in half. My entire frame shook and my eyes rolled back in my head as the climax seemed to last for eons. I felt every nerve ending in my lewd little body, every millimeter of my clit tingled with desire and every tiny bump on my pink nipples and small areolas were alive with pleasure. The intense orgasms I had experienced earlier in the night were the most incredible I had ever known yet this one put those to shame.

Finally the sensations began to recede like the tide and breath and sight returned to my body. I had cum simply from his words, his praise and now for the first time I truly understood how Charlie’s pets felt every time he praised them.

Charlie lifted my chin and helped me up until I was balanced once more on my delicate bare feet. My toes squished into the loose dirt of the garden as he held my little body close, keeping it warm with his touch. The clock on the tower atop the mansion struck twelve. “Looks like midnight has come and you’re ready,” he said with a hesitant smile displaying the dimples that sent flutters of attraction through my tummy. I nodded, ready to leave this place for good and put the strangeness of this Halloween night behind me. He picked up Pixie and Trixie’s leashes with one hand and wrapped his other around my waist, squeezing my shapely rear securely as we made our way back to the house.

Chapter Seven: Whereas Once I was Blind.

Charlie led me through the maze of museum-like hallways and corridors until once again we reached the sitting room where he and I were intimate not so long ago. The place in which I felt him penetrate my slender little body for the first time and where his throbbing cock explored the insides of my moist vagina. Gazing around at the luxuriously appointed chamber and feeling the heat of the fire which continued to burn brightly, the events that began my time in this house a mere few hours ago seemed so distant.

He unclipped the leashes from Pixie and Trixie’s collars and gave them a pat on the head. “Say goodnight to our guest and return to your cages for the night,” he commanded. “1873 will lock you in as always.”

“Woof woof,” Trixie barked out with a big smile on her face as she and her twin sister scampered to my feet. Pixie pressed her tongue to my bare right foot and began to coat the top of my foot with long wet licks while Trixie nuzzled my left foot and sucked my toes, glazing them in her sticky saliva until they glistened in the firelight with her moisture. Charlie clapped his hands twice and instantly the eager sisters faced each other and pressed their lips together to share one final passionate deep kiss, mixing their saliva once more. When their lustful interaction was complete, they drew their long pink tongues back into their mouths and scurried out the door on hands and feet, their asses raised high, the tails buried deep inside their rectums flopping back and forth and the shimmering wet pink lips of their needy vaginas on display.

“Looks like it’s just you and I once more, little one,” he said as he gently stroked my soft cheek. I instinctively pressed my face against his warm hand, reveling in his scent and the feel of his body. “This seems like a good opportunity to have a chat, don’t you think?”

I nodded and smiled weakly at him knowing exactly what the subject of our chat was to be. His offer was so tempting that a part of me desperately wanted to take it. To be young and beautiful forever was literally the point of the Holy Grail and here such an opportunity had been laid at my feet, waiting for me to simply pick it up and drink from it. Plus in the short time that I had gotten to know Charlie, I couldn’t deny that I had strong feelings for him. My heart pounded a little harder whenever I looked into his eyes and my pussy tingled whenever I looked at any other part of his anatomy. I wondered if he was Mr. Right, the man I was destined to be with for all of time and live out an eternity of happiness.

Then my thoughts turned to doubt as I considered the more sinister side of the coin. The most obvious problem was the sheer perversion of what I had witnessed this Halloween night. Never in my young life had I ever even imagined that such shameless depravity could exist. Girls made to act like animals, servants and statues all for the twisted pleasure of one man? It didn’t make any sense to me. Surely if I joined their ranks there would be nothing special about me at all. I would be one of the dozens of girls I saw desperately vying for the tiniest scrap of attention from their Master.

The bigger issue however was what happened out in the garden. I had never felt so scared or panicked as I was during the few minutes that felt like an eternity when I had no control over my own body. It frightened me to my very core, the idea that another person could have such complete dominion over my form like that was something I never thought possible, and it was by far the most disturbing element of my experiences with Charlie. I suspected it was that control that made all those girls do what they did for him and not the result of their own choices as he led me to believe. My blood ran cold at the thought of it and I felt terrified and upset whenever I even considered the notion.

Indeed this was not the fate I wanted for myself at all. I would rather live a short life that was mine to control than to be a slave in his grasp for the rest of time, even if he did make my pussy drip like a faucet. I looked into the ocean of Charlie’s sparkling green eyes and spoke slowly as I twisted a strand of my long black hair around my finger as I often did when I was nervous. “I really enjoyed spending time with you tonight Charlie. You are an incredible man with everything you could ever want. A beautiful house, amazing works of art and you’re surrounded by so many stunning women. The time we had together was special but I think I need to live my own life even if it doesn’t last forever. I hope you’ll forgive me for being the first to choose not to stay with you, but what you’re offering just isn’t for me. Thank you so much for everything.”

I waited for him to respond, to say something but as he reached up and gently stroked my hair, a slight smile crept from his lips. We stood like that in an awkward silence and after a couple of minutes I started to wonder why he wasn’t answering. It was then that I made a realization about the quiet between us. The entirety of the speech that I just said never actually made it out of my mouth. I thought it did, but no sound came out at all. My heart began to beat wildly as it dawned on me that once again my body was not mine to control.

“Kristin, will you stay with me, join my household and be mine for all eternity?” He asked with a devious grin.

“Oh yes Master, I live to be your faithful servant. Owned and controlled by you in every way forever. My body, mind and soul are yours and I will obey and serve you as your property.” I couldn’t believe the words that were escaping from my mouth. Those weren’t my thoughts or desires. It’s not what I wanted. My lips were moving on their own and I had no control over what came out. I tried to scream but my lips wouldn’t move; no sound came out. Instead I was aware that I was giving Charlie a big white toothed smile that falsely communicated my overwhelming joy to give myself willingly to this deceptive and reprehensible pervert. I felt like a puppet that was being manipulated and there was no question about who was pulling my strings.

“I couldn’t have said it better myself,” he said with a deceitful wink and for the first time I began to see the darkness and evil behind his captivating eyes. “You have given yourself to me and I accept the gift of your mind, body and soul as my property to do with as I desire. From this moment forth, you are bound to me until the end of time, to be decorated, changed and used as I see fit. I own you completely. I am your Master and God and you will worship me in perpetuity.”

He wrapped his muscular arms around me and gave me a tight hug before pressing his lips to mine in a kiss that made my little body tremble with lust and my pussy ache and spasm involuntarily.

I gazed up at him with a fake plastic smile plastered to my face as my brain was trying to make sense of everything that was happening. He must have sensed the confusion and fear that I was feeling because he looked at me with a smug expression that seemed vile and evil, his dimples mocking me.

“You look confused little one. Your tiny undeveloped bimbo brain is still trying to make sense of things and figure out what happened isn’t it?” He smirked as he took my face in his hand. “A young naïve little thing like you never had a chance. You have to understand that I’ve been doing this for a very, very long time. Everything that occurred today was perfectly orchestrated to this moment.”

I felt my heart beating even faster like it was going to burst apart as he started to reveal the truth to me, lifting the veil of illusion that had clouded my judgment as he continued to explain. “The water that I gave you which was laced with high doses of Xanax to make you feel relaxed and at ease, my scent which was steeped in pheromones, the hypnotic cadence of my voice and even the breast milk in your tea which acted as an aphrodisiac; all of it served to one end, one purpose and that was to get you to spread your thighs and let me put my cock inside that dripping little honey pot of yours so I could spray my seed into your consenting womb.”

His hand moved from my face to my firm breast which he squeezed in a deliberate manner, as if he was appraising an object he just acquired. “Ever since the moment my cum entered you it has been infecting you on a cellular level, spreading like a cancer in a willing host for the past several hours until the time finally came that you were ready and I ultimately gained full and complete control over you. As a side effect, the process does indeed preserve your beauty and make you immortal as your now contaminated cells will no longer take damage or age.”

I was still trying to figure out how this happened. What about my choice? What about free will? I felt like that had been stolen from me as if there never was a choice. From the very moment I entered the town my fate was sealed; a fact that Charlie was more than happy to confirm. “There was never a decision to make, little one,” he laughed. “I just needed to keep you calm, wet and happy until my semen had sufficiently transformed you. When I tested you in the garden, I knew you were ready to be my beautiful object for all eternity.”

I gazed at the floor, the patterns in the antique Oriental rug captivating my attention as my brain fogged up. The truth of how I was trapped, taken and tricked was more than I could handle. Once more I tried desperately to open my mouth to speak, to say anything that came from my soul but I had lost all control of myself. I was truly his.

“As long as I’m revealing the truth to you, my pet, there is one more that I feel you should be aware of. Book of John chapter twenty-five; verse nine.”

The memory of our previous conversation flew into my muddled head. “Whereas once I was blind, now I can see,” I thought.

“People only see what they believe,” he continued. He placed his fingers under my chin and lifted my head and for the first time I saw the actual form of Charlie the Trickster. The room suddenly felt like it was spinning and had I any control left over my body surely I would have vomited profusely. Instead I was forced to gaze upon his authentic self, the illusion of the handsome blonde boy shattered as the truth was revealed before my eyes. His frame seemed much taller than before as he towered over my petite body and appeared to be almost skeletal in nature. I looked upon the disparate wispy white hairs that stuck out from his blemished and pock marked skull to the two small black horns that protruded from his forehead. His eyes were bright red, what was left of his rotted nose hung from his face in a hook shape and his face was composed of sinewy exposed tissue. As he smiled, rows of large sharp yellow teeth were revealed; dripping blood red saliva and his body was covered in sickening sores and wounds from which a thick greenish-yellow pus like liquid oozed constantly.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of the morbid horror before me and I found myself mentally retching at the recollection of having been intimate with such a repulsive monstrosity. I remembered how my juicy tongue slid so easily upon what I thought to be deliciously smooth skin, but it was really ghastly putrid festering flesh.

He smelled of rot and decay like garbage in the hot summer sun and as he moved forward to kiss me once more, he stuck out his tongue which was covered in hundreds of small legs and resembled an insect, as if it was a worm like centipede. As with the rest of his body, the surface of his tongue was covered in viscous greenish pus filled sores that oozed his disgusting rancid infection. Yet I was powerless to stop his foul tongue from entering my mouth or even to stop myself from kissing back as passionately and devotedly as I had before. My luscious little pink tongue flickered in his revolting mouth sending shudders through my spine, yet outwardly I continued to appear to be his perfectly compliant toy.

His cock began to harden and I saw for the first time that it resembled a large decaying worm or perhaps a poisonous snake writhing around on its own accord and I began to understand the unusual sensations I felt when it was inside my little pussy and later my mouth. The head of his cock opened up like a mouth revealing row upon row of tiny sharp teeth. From the mouth of his cock dripped a vile green venom and as I glanced down at my firm little breasts, I saw spots of green where Charlie’s cum had dripped past my lips earlier in the night.

Knowing now the truth of the slimy squirmy creature that had been inside my mouth, exploring my throat as I sucked on it with lustful abandon made me feel sick to my stomach, but when I considered it was that same loathsome beast that penetrated the tender folds of my pink pussy, stretching my vaginal walls and spewing its toxic pollution directly into my womb, I thought I would surely faint.

He raised the putrid festering flesh of his rotten right hand to my face and gently stroked my raven hair. “I have such plans for you little one, such plans indeed.”

Chapter Eight: A Year later: Halloween Day.

It had been a year since I last tasted food or drank water. It’s not that I didn’t desire such things; in fact I felt the constant maddening pangs of hunger in my tummy and thirst in my throat that was such intense painful torture that I thought for certain I was going to die and on more than one occasion I wished I would, but of course I knew that the lack of food or water wasn’t going to kill me.

I stood carefully on the ultra high platform heels I was perched upon. They were made of heavy steel and locked on to my delicate feet at all times. There was no way I would be able to walk in such perverse footwear on my own, but given that Master was controlling my body, my slender legs moved gracefully on their own. I was merely a very uncomfortable passenger in my own body at this point.

A number of changes had been made to my captivated lithe form and I had been decorated to my Master’s specifications to become the perfect little metal doll as he put it. The shiny steel collar that was permanently affixed to my slender neck pressed tightly to my throat, not that I needed to breathe, and I had chains connecting the small silver rings in my ears to identical rings in each of my nostrils. Even my septum was adorned with a thick silver ring that dangled to the edge of my top lip and was used to lock the rings in my tongue when it pleased my Master to do so. Not that he needed any locks or restraints to control me; he made it clear early on that he appreciated the aesthetic of the presentation that chains and locks provided. My arms had been bound tightly together behind me in heavy metal cuffs at my wrists and elbows that matched the cuffs on my dainty ankles and toned thighs. The tingling gave way to numbness months ago and I had gotten so used to not having use of my upper appendages that were it not for the occasional glance in a mirror at my new form, I wouldn’t have even thought they were still attached to my body.

The same cellular control that gave him ownership of my body also gave him the ability to modify it. My firm little breasts were not pleasing to my Master so he enlarged them to a ridiculously massive size, then to make matters worse he permanently fastened small metal bands around the base of each, constraining them tightly and forcing them to seemingly pop off my chest in an unnatural shade of dark purple. My tender pink nipples were lengthened until they were the size of my small pinky finger and they dangled absurdly from the tips of my huge bound udders. Each nipple was pierced with a row of small rings and studs several times down the length of the delicate flesh which had become ultra sensitive and a large ring hung from the tip from which a small ball with painfully sharp silver spikes dangled; a little extra incentive to ensure that my posture was always perfect.

A large burdensome metal plug indelibly filled and stretched my rectum and was secured with locks attached to the small rings that protruded from the flesh around my puckered little anus. Sets of rings decorated the soft pink flesh of my pussy lips and like my nipples, my clit was enlarged to be the size of my pinky with piercings down the length of it and a large ring in the tip. The nub of flesh that was at the center of my sexual being now controlled me both literally and figuratively as I was often leashed by that unpleasant decoration. The sensitive bundle of nerves constantly ached and throbbed in its engorged condition and my needy little cunt was always pulsing in the hopes of being filled.

Master approached me, his foul scent of decay and evil filled my nostrils and still disgusted me yet outwardly I continued to be his perfect little metal bondage doll.

“How may your little doll serve you today Master?” I heard the question slip from my plump red lips. I had gotten used to words coming out of my mouth without being the one to say them. In fact, the last time a single word passed my lips that was my own was on that fateful Halloween night a year ago.

He attached a leash to the ring in my elongated clit and gave it a little tug. “Come girl,” he commanded as an evil smile formed on what was left of his rotten face.

“Yes Master, thank you for putting the leash on this glorious clit that you own, Master. This doll is lucky to have such a wonderful owner.”

“You are lucky indeed my gorgeous half breed metal doll, I am the center of your universe and the reason for your existence,” he growled through his sharp disgusting yellow teeth.

A moan of pleasure escaped my lips and I felt the lust and arousal building between my thighs as my absurdly elongated nipples and clit burned with need. “The doll exists to serve its Master and bring its Master pleasure,” I heard myself respond. “May the doll have permission to lick its Master’s feet in greeting?”

The prospect of putting my tongue on his putrid flesh sickened me, yet today as with each day before it was one of many ways my body was used against my will, the worst no doubt being the many occasions when the hideous creature that was his cock would invade my every orifice, claiming me as its own each time it spewed its toxic venom inside my body.

“Not right now doll, let’s get going.”

He started to walk down the expansive corridors of his opulent mansion with me scurrying on my heavy metal heels to keep up lest my tender clit be unceremoniously ripped from my body. We passed 1947 and 1963 who were busy licking the smooth white marble floors clean as they always did. Their asses were raised to show off their moist pink pussies and pulsing sphincters and their tits were firmly pressed to the cold shiny floor. They had been reduced to human mops whose wet tongues kept the walkways free of dust and dirt and on the face of it, they would have appeared to be content in their role, but I knew the truth having lived my nightmare every second for a year.

Master led me down a flight of stairs, then another and another until we were deeper under the house than I had ever travelled in my time with him. He pushed open a large sliding door and turned on a light revealing a huge warehouse before my eyes. At the entrance I saw rows of shelves filled with priceless works of art and artifacts. We continued down the main aisle, the slight tug of the leash on my clit ensuring my place directly behind the man who owned me. I was astounded by the sheer volume of items contained in this huge storage area. The shelving gave way to an open area where I saw figures standing still as statues. We made a turn down a row and passed several ponygirls, puppygirls, maids, hucows, statues and even metal dolls like myself among many other variants.

We reached an empty slot and I instinctively backed into it as my Master desired. “Don’t move 2021,” he commanded. “You have been a wonderful little metal doll for me but it's Halloween again and I have a new pet coming in tonight so I must make room.” He slid his long rotten black fingernail between my outrageous tits, over the large black tattoo on my bare pubic mound that bore my name, “2021” to where the delicate pink folds of my tender inflamed pussy dripped with arousal. He flashed that hideous disgusting smile at me. “I’ll enjoy meeting your new slave sister, 2022, tonight, but don’t worry my big titted metal doll, maybe one day I’ll pull you out and play with you once more.”

As he started to walk away my eyes scanned the room and my brain came to grips with what I was seeing. There were dozens of rows with hundreds of girls who had been standing motionless in this repository for years, decades, and possibly even centuries unable to move, unaware of exactly how much time had passed but completely conscious of every painful despicable torturing second; a fate that I now faced and would experience firsthand. I tried not to think about the prospect of being down here for so long, for to do so would surely drive me insane.

“Oh, one more thing 2021,” Master said as he stopped a few meters from where I was now stored. “You’re a very, very good little doll.”

My aching wet pussy instantly started to spasm with lust as an intense orgasm gripped my little body. Master continued onward, turning off the lights and closing the heavy door at its entrance, leaving me and hundreds of my sister slaves to exist in darkness. The orgasm continued to grip my figure. Inwardly it was hard to focus on anything as my entire frame felt like it was going to explode from the intense sea of pleasure that I was swimming in, but to the outside world, my body trembled almost imperceptibly as I awaited the chance to once again serve my Master to whom I was bound for the rest of eternity.

The End.


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