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Stories that are Bound to entrap you, and keep you tied up for hours...

  1. NEW: Cassie's Curses
    F/f; bond; dream; mind-control; enclosed; coffin; majick; reluct; X
  2. NEW: Mistake
    F/m; costume; party; breathplay; smother; dungeon; sex; nc; XX
  3. NEW: Ghost Town
    William A. Lemieux
    Solo-F; fpov; rubber; coat; toys; insert; latex; catsuit; hood; outdoors; mud; messy; ghost; supernatural; cons; X
  4. A Favor for Danny Boy
    The Technician
    M/f; F/f; mpov; party; costume; cd; buttplug; whip; strip; naked; crop; sex; fairy; trick; cons; X
  5. Bottled
    mpov; transform; M2f; mpov; majick; cons; X
  6. Clowning Around Too
    Jackie Rabbit
    F/f+; M/f+; fpov; ponygirl; outdoors; public; hum; strip; naked; straps; harness; cuffs; gag; whip; exhib; piercing; trick; sold; cons; reluct; nc; X
  7. Collections
    Jackie Rabbit
    M/fm; mpov; cd; fem; supernatural; demon; costume; reluct; X
  8. Girlfriend from Hell
    M/f; mpov; supernatural; demon; bond; rope; strip; gag; tape; sex; oral; tease; toys; cuffs; flogger; chain; cons; XX
  9. A Halloween Gone All Wrong
    Bucky Goldstein
    M/f; F/m; oral; gag; blindfold; bond; cartrunk; cock-cage; collar; cuffs; dungeon; hood; bed-tie; college; dorm; transported; denial; enslave; facesit; first; vampire; horror; nc; XX
  10. Handservant Tale
    F/m+; bond; costume; cuffs; chain; gag; box; enclosed; reluct; X
  11. I Was Kidnapped by Lesbians from Neptune
    John Bannergram
    F/f; F+/f+; fpov; bond; alien; sci-fi; latex; catsuit; chain; cuffs; collar; trick; slave; public; toys; gag; oral; kidnap; reluct; cons; X
  12. La Chiave
    The Technician
    MF; supernatural; fantasy; goddess; oral; sex; cons; X
  13. Magic has a Price 2
    Jackie Rabbit
    F/m; mpov; dungeon; cuffs; naked; oral; witch; strip; majick; sex; tease; cons; X
  14. Maid for a Steal
    Ningyou Macher
    F/f; fpov; maidbot; transform; F2maidbot; maid; costume; corset; collar; burglar; caught; reluct; X
  15. RSVP
    The Technician
    F/f; F+M+/f+m+; fpov; collar; leash; catsuit; strip; naked; public; party; oral; sex; anal; rope; climax; supernatural; reluct; cons; XX
  16. Witch Mountain
    The Technician
    F+/m; mpov; supernatural; naked; strip; bond; rope; sex; tease; denial; climax; anal; reluct; cons; X

Be fore warned ye mere mortals, venture into this dark area at your own peril. Beware the Goblin and other Ghouls that will attempt to steal your very soul!

  1. Another Year, Another Slave to Own
    Kristin Kailey
    M/f+; bond; rope; monster; supernatural; gag; sex; naked; slave; petgirl; ponygirl; hucow; collar; oral; lactate; drug; bodymod; piercing; nc; XXX
  2. Halloween Haunted House of History Horrors
    M+/m+f+; bond; gag; naked; clamps; rope; torture; noose; cuffs; oral; cage; scolds-bridle; sex; nc; XXX

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