A Girlfriend From Hell

by Findar

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© Copyright 2021 - Findar - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; mpov; supernatural; demon; bond; rope; strip; gag; tape; sex; oral; tease; toys; cuffs; flogger; chain; cons; XX

I was sitting at the bar in my favorite club. I was trying a Thursday night, hoping that there would be less competition than my usual Friday. I was in a dry spell that made the Gobi desert look like a rainforest. Fortunately there were fewer guys in, that evening. Unfortunately there were fewer women too.

It was eleven o’clock. I was debating on calling it a night when she walked in. She parted the crowd like Moses parting the red sea. If Moses was wearing a black latex mini dress that looked like it was painted on, that is.

Jet black hair, alabaster skin, and stunning curves drew the attention of everyone in the room. The guys instantly wanted her. The girls instantly hated her. She sauntered across the floor on four inch heels like she was born to them.

I watched her wave off three guys and one girl as she headed straight to the bar. When she took the stool next to mine I could feel my heart start to race. I could feel myself about to say something stupid. I stuck the rim of my glass in my mouth to stop me.

She pivoted on the bar stool, the hem of her dress apparently deifying several known physical laws. Her dark eyes stared into mine. With a shark-like smile she said, “You look like a guy who knows how to tie a girl up.”

I suavely spit my drink down my shirt. “Huh?” I sputtered, opening up a fascinating line of conversation as the alcohol dripped off my chin. I normally don’t bring up my bondage fetish until the third (and often last) date. Could she really have said what I thought I just heard?

She didn’t miss a beat, slipping off her stool. (Physics, hello physics?) And ended up standing between my knees. She picked up a napkin to slowly dab at the drink soaking into my shirt. It did little to dry me off. But it did raise my heart rate into full cardio range.

She leaned in close, speaking with a silken voice. “So what’s your favorite, hogtie? Frog tie? Spread-eagle on the bed?”

“Uh,” was about all I could manage.

She closed her eyes, inhaling deeply. It was like she was tasting my scent. “Let’s get out of here and find out how good your knots are,” she purred.

I almost knocked her down in my haste to get off my stool. I threw the bartender a $20. I’d probably just had a massive stroke and was living one last fantasy before my brain shut down. But I was definitely going to run with it.

I tried to play it cool as we walked to my car. The urge to grab her by the arm and run was strong. Instead I brought my devastatingly clever conversational skills online. “I’m Josh, by the way.”

“I know,” said the dream girl. “I’ve seen you around.”

‘Seen me around’? Had she learned about the bondage from an old girlfriend? Oh, I hope she didn’t talk to Amanda. (No, I don’t want to talk about Amanda.) To avoid that rocky road I said, “And you are?”

That smile again, like she was in on some secret joke. I hoped this wasn’t all a setup. “You can call me Lilith.”

Two tries to get her car door open (focus dude, focus!). I just had to stare as she settled into the seat. She looked up at me. “You can close my door now, Josh,” she said. Yup, I was just standing there like an idiot.

I’ve driven under the influence before. I’m not proud of that fact. But it was nothing compared to that ride back to my apartment. We had hardly left the parking lot before she turned in her seat to face me. I nearly clipped a parked car as I stared at the little triangle formed by her thighs and the shiny black hem of that dress.

“Careful, lover,” Lilith purred. “It would be a very inconvenient time for you to die.”

Okaay then. That sounded a little serial killer-ish. But, I reasoned I was the one tying her up. So I should be safe, right? (Sounded very reasonable to me at the time.) But then she was talking again and I forgot any doubts I had.

“I hope you have hemp,” she said as she reached over to stroke my thigh. “I absolutely adore the feel of hemp on my bare skin.”

I shifted in my seat, making room for certain physiological changes that were taking place. She went on to discuss types of gags, leather restraints and the best bondage positions for sex. I did my best to stay under the speed limit and not run any red lights.

I had cleaned up my apartment that morning. (I believe in the power of positive thinking). I offered her a drink, hoping to ease her into the idea of being tied up by a guy she’d just met in a bar. Her answer was to peel off her shiny black dress and drop it on the floor. It made an incongruously small pile, considering what it had been covering.

“Whoa,” I whispered. She stood there in nothing but those black stiletto heels. My mouth went dry. A more perfect body I’ve never seen. Pert C-cup breasts, flat stomach, full rounded hips and long shapely legs. (Yes, I’d seen plenty of her legs before. But not as the total package.)

“I think you should drag this helpless girl into your bedroom and tie her up,” she said in a throaty voice. “You wouldn’t want her to escape before you had your way with her, would you?”

“Ahh, right,” was my clever response. “It’s this way,” I gestured to my bedroom door. I was rewarded with a rear view as she moved, catlike, through the door. By the time I got my brain into gear to follow her she was already on the bed.

As I fished under the bed for my bag of bondage gear I asked her, “What do you use for a safe-word?”

She rolled onto her side, giving me a full on view of her body. “You may need a safe-word, lover. But I don’t.” In a mock heroine’s voice she said, “Do your worst, you villain!”

My hands were shaking so badly as I started the first wrist tie that I thought I’d end up with a granny knot. But I focused on examining her perfect body and let muscle memory take care of the knots. I was trying her left hand to the upper corner of the bed when she gave her arm a little tug. “It’s got to be tighter than that,” she giggled. I pulled the rope until her arms were stretched tight.

As I started to tie her ankles Lilith used that high false voice again. “Oh dear, if he puts a pillow under my hips I know he intends to easily deflower me.”

Yeah, I can take a hint. I pushed a pillow up under her hips. It did a wonderful job of making her more accessible. It also gave me a chance to notice how perfectly shaved she was. If it was a wax job it was a very thorough one. There wasn’t a single hair between her legs or on them. This chick was scarily perfect.

Once I had her tightly tied I stripped off my own clothes. I hopped awkwardly on one foot as I pulled off my sock. (Why is it James Bond is never seen taking off his socks?). Watching my erection spring into view Lilith said, “Oh my, are you going to use that thing on me? I hope you’ve got a big ball gag handy so I don’t scream too loudly.”

I almost lost control right then and there. This freaky goddess was asking for a ball gag! I rushed to grab a gag from my bag. I’d bought it early on in my toy purchases and didn’t know it was a little too big for the average woman’s mouth. But when I held it up to show her Lilith only gave a sensual, “Mmmm.”

I climbed onto the bed, holding the gag close to her face.

“Before you gag me I have to tell you my price,” she purred.

Oh shit, I’d brought home a prostitute! Did I even have enough cash in the apartment? Would she take a credit card?

Seeing the panic on my face Lilith laughed. “I don’t want money, silly.” She paused, ‘I just want a little nibble of your soul.”

I stared at her in confusion. “My soul?” I asked stupidly.

“Not all of it,” she murmured. “Just a taste.”

I stopped going to church when I was thirteen. I’ve seen enough people pass out of existence to believe there’s anything special about humans, including the idea of souls. This was a whole lot better than losing this month’s rent money.

“That sounds like a fair trade to me,” I said happily.

“Done,” she said. She opened her mouth wide to accept my ball gag.

Imagine you’ve never played an instrument before. You pick up a violin and suddenly realize that you’re a virtuoso. That was making love to Lilith. It seemed like everything I did was perfect. I stroked her nipples and they snapped to attention. I stroked her labia and her juices flowed. She struggled just enough in her bonds to show she was helpless before me.

When I slipped inside her it was like nothing I’d ever felt before. I don’t know what kinds of exercises she had done. But she could do things with her vagina I didn’t know were possible. She locked onto me like a Venus fly trap. I thought I wouldn’t last eight seconds. She managed somehow to keep me from climaxing too soon. And her moans of ecstasy! I was glad she had suggested the gag.

After what seemed like forever I rolled off her. I was totally spent. She laid there, breasts heaving in a most satisfying way, waiting patiently for me to recover. I reached up to unbuckle her gag. It came out of her mouth with a wet pop.

As I reached for the knot that held her wrist she said to me, “You’re not letting your little sex slave go already are you?”

“Uhh,” I replied. (Definite lack of oxygen to the brain.)

“I think you should leave your helpless captive bound and gagged until you’re ready to use her once again for your pleasure.”

Okay, I was dead, or catapulted into an alternate universe. Or maybe just having the wildest wet dream ever. But whatever was happening, I wasn’t going to pass it up. I pushed the gag back into her mouth. “This should hold you until I desire you again,” I said theatrically.

Then I passed out. I woke up a few hours later to Lilith writhing in her ropes and making very sensual noises around her gag. The second time was even better than the first. And I surprised myself with a third round.

I woke to sunlight peeking through the blinds. I was exhausted. I instantly felt guilty for not thinking to untie Lilith after our last session. Sitting up in the bed I was surprised to find I was alone. At first I thought it had been a dream. But there were the ropes, still tied to the bed. The loops that had encircled her wrists and ankles were still tied. How could she have slipped out of them?

I staggered out to my little living room/kitchenette. The little black dress wasn’t on the floor. (Duh, she wouldn’t leave without her dress.) But other than feeling like I’d been ten rounds with the champ did I have any proof that she was ever there?

I dragged myself to the bathroom, doubting my sanity. What if I’d imagined the whole thing? What if I’d tied those ropes on empty space, buckled that ball gag on a nonexistent head? I was probably in need of some serious physiological help.

I stepped into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I turned to look in the mirror and froze. There was a message on the glass, written in red lipstick. “You were absolutely delicious last night. See you soon.” It was followed with a lipstick print of her lips on the mirror.

It was real. She was real. And she hadn’t so much as left her number. I still felt like shit. But at least I wasn’t crazy shit.

I spent the next few days looking over my shoulder. Anytime I saw a girl with long black hair I just about got whiplash turning to see if it was Lilith. Then one night about two AM I was sitting in the department break room nursing a cup of coffee. I was hoping I could stay sharp till the end of my shift at seven.

There was the distinctive click, click of heels on the tile outside the office. Only administrators wear heels in a hospital. The people who do the real work wear practical shoes they can stay on their feet in for twelve hours. And if there was an administrator in the building at that time of night it meant she was looking to bust someone.

I crept to the door. I needed to see who it was. Then I could warn that department to be alert for trouble. Easing the handle I pushed the door open. Before I could see anything someone plowed into me, driving me back into the room.

The only thing that kept me from toppling over was hitting the table behind me. My first thought was to fight off my attacker. But when she planted her lips on mine and wrapped her arms around me I decided diplomacy might be the better option.

About the time I was running out of air she broke contact. “Hello lover,” Lilith said.

It was my mystery girl, although her current outfit didn’t leave a lot of mystery to her. Black leather hot pants hugged her hips. A matching bikini top, also in leather, struggled valiantly to keep her breast concealed. The heels were, if possible, even higher than her last pair. They were held on her feet by wide ankle straps.

My brain tried to engage while its blood supply was being diverted to other places. “Where did you…” I started, “How did you…” (Yup, I was a real Sherlock Holmes on this one.) But she had me pinned against the table with her own body. She apparently mastered the pressure points that rendered me a gibbering idiot.

“I snuck in,” she said huskily. “Isn’t that naughty? I think I should be punished, don’t you?”

I managed to get my brain to engage long enough to push her off me. “Lilith, this really isn’t the place for that,” I said weakly.

She looked down at the bulge showing against my scrub pants. “I don’t think you believe your own argument,” she said archly. She pointed to the door on the opposite side of the office. “What’s in there,” she asked?

I had just gotten the words, “supply room” out when she was off. For someone in heels she could move amazingly fast. With a laugh she pushed open the door, disappearing into the supply room.

I shook my head. This was crazy. I had to follow her, just to get her to leave. (What? Yes, I just wanted her to go home. Sort of.)

I went in. The lighting was poor in the room. We’d complained to plant operations about it but nothing had improved. I closed the door behind me. Fortunately I had the presence of mind to lock it. Lilith was waiting behind the first set of shelves. On one shelf were boxes of medical tape. She held a roll of two inch wide tape in her hands.

“This is so delightfully sticky,” she crooned. “I bet if you taped my wrists together you could force me to do all kinds of nasty things.” She emphasized this by lightly running her hand over the bulge in my pants.

So just for those of you whose experience with the medical field comes from television, let me burst your bubble. There is no drama in a hospital. We’re not all having torrid romances with sex in the supply closets. That being said, when Lilith turned her perfect little ass towards me and held her hands behind her back I happily took the tape from her hands and started wrapping.

“Ohh,” she said as I finished binding her wrists together, “I think you better do my elbows too. You wouldn’t want me to escape, would you?”

I was more than happy to oblige. I slipped my arm around hers, pulling them together. She was amazingly limber, bringing her elbows together with only a satisfied moan of pleasure. The tape went on quickly; in what I was sure was an inescapable bind.

Lilith turned around rolling her shoulders as if settling into her bondage. All of that did amazing things to her breasts as they strained against their little leather triangles.

I was about to kiss her when she sank gracefully to her knees. On the way down she caught the drawstring of my scrubs in her teeth. A quick jerk of her head was all it took to release them. I quickly got the message and helped with the rest of the process.

She looked up with a little smile and took me in her mouth. In moments I was hanging on to the nearest shelf just to remain upright. I’d never had such a blow job before. (Not that I’m an expert, having been limited to front seat, lovers lane, high school oral sex encounters.) She would bring me right to the edge and then back off. I’d be ready to cum and she’d give me a little warning bite. Then she’d roll her tongue over my shaft and start the process all over again.

I’d almost forgotten who was supposed to be punishing whom when she finally granted me release. I exploded in her mouth but she didn’t pull back. She sucked greedily at me until I was dry. I looked down as she let go of my shrinking erection. Dark eyes looked back at me. She licked her lips and whispered, “Delicious.”

It was at that moment that the door to the supply closet rattled. “Who locked the fucking supply closet,” bellowed the voice of Stacy, my supervisor. Grabbing the waistband of my scrubs I struggled to pull them up while rushing to the door. I could hear Stacy angrily jamming her key into the lock.

I reached the door just as it opened. “Oh sorry Stacy, I must have locked it when I came in for more copy paper,” I said breathlessly. I stood in the doorway, hoping to block her view of the bound woman behind me.

Stacy, a gray haired middle aged woman eyed me suspiciously. She glanced down to see the damp spot on my pants. “Jesus Josh,” she said as she shook her head in disgust. “We have bathrooms for that.” She turned away, heading out of the office. As she left she called out, “And there better not be a mess in there!”

Great. Just great. Now my boss thought I was jerking off in the supply room. I turned back to release my crazy bondage lover. She wasn’t there. “Lilith,” I called quietly. “She’s gone. You can come out.” The supply room isn’t that large. There’s really no place to hide. Still I looked. The only thing I found was two strips of med tape, each wrapped in a circle. It was time to go back to the “losing my mind” hypothesis.

I pondered Lilith’s strange disappearance the rest of my shift. By the time I got off work I decided on a plan of action. I needed proof that this girl wasn’t a product of my imagination. I had the message on the mirror. But maybe I did that myself. I needed definitive proof.

I drove home to grab a few hours of sleep. I was feeling totally drained. On my way to the car one of the nurses I know said, “Josh, you look like Hell. You got to stop burning the candle at both ends.”

After a couple hours power nap I headed out to run some errands. The day seemed strangely overcast, although there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. But it gave everything around me a washed out, dull appearance.

I’ve got a friend that does custom metalwork. I told him I wanted some steel manacles made. I was going to use padlocks but he suggested a snap lock that would engage as soon as it closed. Seemed like a useful innovation, so I gave him the approximate circumference of Lilith’s wrists and ankles. He said it would take about two weeks to finish them.

My other errand was at the spy store. They sell all kinds of stuff for people who want to spy on their neighbors or loved ones. I bought several hidden button cameras that were sound activated. I hoped that if Lilith showed up at my apartment again I could figure out her escape act.

Nothing happened for about a week. Then I got home from a night shift to find Lilith waiting for me. Now I’ve seen videos of women doing self bondage. Some of it’s pretty hot. But this girl could be in the self bondage Olympics.

In the doorway to my bedroom she had fastened an eyebolt. (Goodbye security deposit.) Her hands, clad in long black leather gloves were handcuffed above her head to the eyebolt. A ring gag forced her mouth into a wide O, allowing saliva to dribble down her chest. Her nipples were tightly pinched by a set of nipple clips. On the chain connecting them hung a set of keys, hopefully for the handcuffs.

Her waist was encircled with a leather corset. It was laced so incredibly tight I wondered how she could breathe. It pushed her breasts up until her clamped nipples were almost pointing to the ceiling. Multiple garter straps led down to sheer black stockings.

She stood on one leg. The other leg was wrapped in rope. The far end was led to another eyebolt set high in the wall. (Definitely losing the security deposit.) It forced her leg up and to the side, leaving her totally exposed.

On her feet were a pair of the most extreme shoes I’d ever seen. They were ballet heels. The heels are so tall that the wearer could only stand on their toes. To stand on two feet would be uncomfortable. I can’t imagine what it felt like to be on just one.

On the floor by her foot were two items. One was a large wand vibrator and the other was a flogger. As tired as I was, this scene breathed new life into me. I closed and bolted the door.

I wondered if my hidden cameras activated during her self bondage session. It would be well worth the price if it did. Just to make sure they were currently activated I said loudly, “Well this is a nice surprise.” The look she gave me was one of savage lust. I was actually glad she was as helpless as she was.

As much as I wanted to play with her then and there I knew I needed to find out how she kept slipping away from me. I sauntered over to her, lifting the keys that were suspended between her breasts. I gave them a gentle tug, bringing a moan from her open mouth.

“Are these the keys to your handcuffs,” I asked as I dragged them along the chain. She nodded yes. “And you’d do anything I want to get them?” Again the nod, yes. I gave them another pull, tugging on her swollen nipples. “In that case you won’t mind waiting here for me while I take a long hot shower.”

She let out a desperate little whine as I walked to the bathroom. She seemed needier, less self assured than she had been in our previous encounters. Could it be that her self bondage was more than she expected?

I quickly stripped and jumped under the hot water. After a shift in the hospital ICU I always felt the need to get clean. As much as I would have liked to linger there, the thought of what was waiting, or maybe not waiting for me kept me moving.

As I passed in front of the mirror I glanced at my reflection. The nurse was right-I looked like shit. My complication was pallid; my eyes seemed sunken in their sockets. Streaks of silver were starting to show at my temples. God, I’ve got to get off night shift, I thought,

I didn’t bother to get dressed. I’d be taking my clothes off soon enough anyway. That open legged stance was just too inviting. But first I’d give her a little taste of what I got in the supply room.

As I approached my captive she leaned forward in her cuffs, presenting herself to me. I bent to retrieve the two toys she had left for me. Holding them before her I asked, “Now which one do you think I should try first?”

When she nodded towards the vibrator I flicked the end of the flogger across her breasts. The little yelp she gave sent a shiver through my frame. Was I a sadist all this time and didn’t know it? Or was Lilith just bringing out the worst in me? I’ll admit that part of me was turned on with the idea of making her suffer.

I hadn’t used a flogger before. But I’d seen enough online porn to get the feel of it pretty quickly. (Do it wrong with your girlfriend sometime and see how long the evening lasts.) I swung sideways, aiming for her supporting leg. With a little flick of the wrist I could get the ends to curl around and hit the back of her thigh. This would cause her leg to momentarily buckle, forcing her wrists and suspended leg to take up her weight.

From there I moved up between her legs with an underhand swing. The meatier part of the flogger would strike her labia, while the tips would curl under to sting her backside. The little squeals from her O ringed mouth had me hard as a rock in no time.

Realizing that I’d soon push myself into a spontaneous orgasm I backed off the flogger. I was about to drop it on the floor when I had a sudden inspiration. I grabbed the back of her head with one hand. With the other I brought the handle of the flogger up to her mouth.

“You’re going to hold this for me,” I told her. “If you drop it you’ll get fifty lashes wherever I choose.” With that, I worked the handle through the O ring and deep into her mouth.

I thought maybe I’d see fear or defiance in those dark eyes. But all I saw was a burning desire. She wanted more, she wanted me. I knew if I gave in too soon she’d exhaust me. I wanted to make it last.

I started in on her with the vibrator. It was about the size of one of those big police flashlights with a big orbiting head at the end. The power button turned it on. It also stepped through the various patterns. I started with something low and throbbing.

It was a good thing I’d stuffed her mouth with the flogger. Even with it I thought the noise she made might bring the neighbors. I worked on taking her to the edge with each setting, then backing off. The vibrator had ten settings

As I pulled away Lilith shook her head in frustration. This brought a new sensation that neither of us had anticipated. When she shook her head, the ends of the flogger would drag across her clamped nipples, giving her another erotic jolt. (I’d like to claim evil genius status for the idea, but sometimes you just get lucky.)

By the time I’d run through the tenth setting Lilith’s entire body seemed to be quivering with need. I was more than ready myself, reciting multiplication tables in my head to keep me from cumming. Previously she had ridden me into the ground. But after this warm up I doubted she’d have her usual stamina.

Yeah, right.

She sucked me in like her vagina was a black hole. As I stepped up and slipped inside her she lifted her one free leg. Lilith wrapped it around my back to hold me against her as she swung from her cuffed wrists. The spike of that wicked shoe prodded me if I tried to slow down. The flogger slapped my face as she whipped her head around.

Time seemed to slow down. I don’t know how long we were locked together like that. I remember cumming inside her. I remember my vision narrowing to a tunnel as she rocked me. Then it was darkness.

I woke up on the floor, naked, cold and exhausted. Lilith was gone. Empty cuffs dangled from the doorframe. A ring gag with a flogger jammed in it lay on the floor. I didn’t care. I crawled to my bed, struggled into it and passed out.

The alarm clock dragged me back into the land of the living. Except I wasn’t more than half alive. I was still exhausted. My whole body ached. There was no way I could make my night shift. I’d fall over during the first rounds.

I called out at work. Stacy wasn’t happy about me leaving them short but there was nothing she could do about it.

After a hot shower, coffee and a protein shake I at least felt like I’d live. The thought of my hidden cameras injected enough adrenaline into my system to get me to my computer.

I was at first disappointed. The cameras hadn’t picked up how Lilith had gotten into my locked apartment. Nor had it captured any of what must have been some really orgasm inducing self bondage. But the cameras came to life when I’d come home to find her shackled to the doorframe.

My first reaction was one of relief. I had been harboring the notion that Lilith existed only in my deranged mind. But here I had actual proof of her existence. I wasn’t crazy after all, I thought.

At least until I watched my performance on the video. The maniacal glee on my face as I flogged and teased my willing but helpless captive shocked me. I’d never done anything like that before. Granted I’d never had the opportunity to do anything like that before. But was that really who I was?

I was pondering that question when we approached the end of the video. There we were rocking back and forth in the doorway when I just kind of slumped. I sank to the floor in a sort of slow motion and lay there, motionless.

Then the real freakiness started. Lilith seemed to blur. It was like her body lost its shape for a moment. There was the sound of the gag and flogger hitting the floor. And then she stood there, free and completely naked. Gone were the ballet heels, the super tight corset. All her fetish wear simply disappeared.

I ran the clip through three times before my brain could process it. Fortunately I let the rest of the clip play out. I watched as she stepped over to me. She leaned down to plant a gentle kiss on my unconscious lips. “You’re almost there, lover,” she said.

So then the real freakiness happened. (Yeah I know the other stuff was freaky, but I’m a little short on superlatives for this weirdness.) She stood up and stepped away from me. Her body did that weird shimmering thing again. And she had wings! Like bat wings coming out of her back, except they were jet black with little sharp hooks of bone at the end. She spread them out, flapped once and vanished.

“Whoa,” was all I could say. I ran the clip a dozen times and still didn’t believe it. The “I’m crazy” section of my brain was putting out one heck of an argument. But I felt like I’d seen this woman, (or thing or whatever) before.

Then I had a flash of inspiration. I ran to the bookcase and grabbed my old TSR Monster Manual. (Oh, like you didn’t play back in the day?). And there she was on page eighteen, under the demon section, succubus. Six hit dice monster, special attacks; energy drain.

Fuck me.

I was playing BDSM games with a frickin demon. And she was literally sucking the life out of me. I opened the internet to do more research. I obviously wasn’t going to throw a twenty sided die at her the next time she showed up. Besides that the manual said I needed a +1 weapon or better to hit and I was all out of magic items.

Like I said, “Fuck me.”

Wikipedia was a little more helpful, but mostly depressing. These female demons seduce men and slowly drain the life out of them until they are helpless thralls.

Have I mentioned the, “Fuck me”?

It seemed like the logical thing to do was break off this decidedly unhealthy relationship. And since Lilith had no problem showing up unannounced at my apartment it was definitely time to pull up stakes.

I broke my lease. (Goodbye security deposit.) And found a little two bedroom ranch out in the sticks. It was another forty minutes from the hospital. But the house was set well back from the road. The nearest neighbor was a quarter mile away.

Things were looking up. Two weeks without Lilith allowed me to get some of my strength back. I thought I’d managed our “break up” pretty well.

Until the night I was working the ICU. I was in an isolation room with an elderly woman whose lungs had been ravaged by the virus. She had declined going on life support, opting for the gentle oblivion of a morphine drip.

I stood there at her bedside in a gown, mask, hat and goggles, holding her frail hand in my gloved one, not wanting her to die alone. I watched as a new nurse came into the room in similar garb. She stopped on the opposite side of the bed.

The nurse took in a deep breath through her nose. Then she looked at me with those dark eyes and said, “Mmm, she smells delicious.”

I inadvertently squeezed the old woman’s hand, eliciting a weak groan from her drugged state.

“I think you’re hurting her, lover,” she said with a giggle. “She’s got such a sweet little soul. And it’s so close to leaving. Maybe I should take a little taste?”

“No,” I hissed. “Get out of here before someone sees you. I don’t want you around anymore. I know what you are.”

“Oh you don’t know anything little boy,” she purred, “I’m a hard habit to break. Did you think moving would send me away? Well they moved the sweetest little old man into your apartment. Boy was he surprised to see me! But we got to know each other and he had the time of his life-what was left of it.”

I stared at her in horror as she slid her hand under the old woman’s bedclothes. She said to her, “Would you like Lilith to make you feel better, dear?” When the woman gave the slightest nod, Lilith pulled down her mask, licking her lips in anticipation.

“No,” I shouted as I grabbed Lilith’s arm. I was rewarded with a slap across the wrist that made my hand go numb.

“She’s made her choice, Lover. It’s not for you to say,” she said as she leaned over the dying woman.

I was about to see something really gross and there was nothing I could do about it. I looked frantically around the room. Hit her with the IV pole? Probably not. Then I saw the code blue button. I slapped it with my good hand and the alarm went off.

Overhead the automated voice called out, “Code Blue, medical ICU. Code Blue, medical ICU.” I could hear people getting up from monitor stations and running towards the door. Lilith snarled at me, unfurled her wings and vanished.

I was left with the task of explaining I’d hit the button by accident while checking the oxygen equipment. The whole affair earned me the nickname “Blueboy”, a session in HR and the opportunity to pee in a cup for a drug test.

I came to realize that Lilith wasn’t just a problem for me. She’d be a danger to anyone around me. I either had to find a way to stop her or live the life of a hermit. I imagined myself a homeless vagrant, always on the move to stay ahead of my demon lover.

Two things happened that gave me a better plan of action. First my buddy called to tell me the custom shackles were finished. They were a thing of beauty, gleaming chromium steel with sturdy chains attached. But if the Monster Manual was right I was going to need something else.

That something else was Father Dunn, my old catechism teacher. First he gave me a load of shit for never coming to church. Then he watched the video of my last session with Lilith and said, “Jesus Christ!” I’m sure you get extra points for getting a priest to use God’s name in vain.

He was totally against my idea. In the end I convinced him with a case of scotch and the promise to start attending church. He gave me what I needed and I was on my way.

It took Lilith all of three days to find me. She knocked on the door instead of just popping in, maybe to keep me from freaking out. She was dressed like a schoolgirl from a porn film, hair in pigtails, tight white blouse knotted just below her breasts, too short plaid skirt with white knee socks and black patent leather shoes.

From the waist up I knew she was lethal. From the waist down I wasn't convinced.

“Please Sir,” she said in her little girl voice. “I know I’ve been very bad. I’m willing to submit to any punishment you think is inappropriate.” She winked a dark eye at me to be sure I got the message.

I got it. Or at least the head without the brain cells got it. I stepped out of the way to let her in.

“Ohh, I like this place,” she enthused. “I could make lots of noise here and we won’t disturb the neighbors.” She turned to me with that wicked smile. “So which room do you use to punish naughty little girls?”

I gestured to the bedroom on the right, not trusting myself to speak. My heart rate was topping out at about one-forty. I felt the tingle of hyperventilation and my stupid erection was trying to push through the fabric of my shorts.

Lilith wrinkled her nose as she walked into the room. “What stinks in here?” she asked. Before I could make up an answer she saw the new manacles at the corners of the bed. “You got new toys,” she squealed as she flounced on the bed. “Are they for me?”

I finally found my voice. “They are. Now spread eagle on the bed, you wicked little girl.” I was going for ‘stern teacher’, but probably sounded more ‘nervous intern’. It didn’t matter. Lilith was more than happy to play the game with me if it meant getting another bit of my soul.

I straddled her and reached for the first manacle. Lilith obediently held out her wrist. The steel cuff snapped shut and there was an ozone scented crackle.

Lilith’s eyes went wide. She jerked hard on the cuff with one hand. With the other she batted me across the room. I landed against the dresser, my head spinning. I watched as the sexy schoolgirl vanished and Lilith appeared in her true sexy/scary as shit form. She flapped her wings, straining against the chain that bound her. But the chain held.

Seeing that she couldn’t escape Lilith instead lunged for me. I pulled my legs out of reach as her claws raked the floorboards. She snarled in frustration. I scrambled to my feet and grabbed a bright green toy gun from atop the dresser.

“Ease up bitch,” I barked as I pointed the toy gun at her. “This is a super soaker water gun. And it’s filled with holy water. I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be good for your complexion.”

She stopped fighting. Kneeling on the bed she snarled, “When I get out of this I’ll make you beg for death.”

“Those manacles have been blessed by the local priest,” I replied calmly. “I don’t think you’ll be getting out of them any time soon.”

That seemed to deflate her a bit. She slipped back into her schoolgirl persona, trying for diplomacy. “So what is it you want, Lover? Let me loose and I can give you anything you can imagine.”

“I’ll just take what you offered. Any punishment I choose for a naughty girl.” I gestured with the water gun, “So lay back down on the bed and spread eagle.”

I don’t think she was defeated. But she was really good at acting the submissive. She hissed in pain as I locked the shackles on her other limbs. When I was finished she was truly helpless. I put the super soaker down on the night table within easy reach.

I took my time stripping off my clothes. Then I went to work on hers. I untied the knot in her blouse, exposing those delightfully perfect breasts. The little skirt was a wrap, I simply pulled it off her and tossed it aside.

Before I climbed between her legs I reached into the night table drawer. I pulled out a condom and unwrapped it.

“You don’t need one of those, Lover,” Lilith purred.

“I think I do, “I answered as I rolled it down my shaft. She was already wet and waiting as I slid into her. There was that ozone snap as I pushed into her that made her hiss. “You bastard!” she snarled.

I smirked, “Condoms blessed by Father Dunn. And believe me, it isn’t easy to convince a priest to bless condoms.”

Lilith just stared at me, unmoving. Apparently she could turn her passion on and off at will. If she couldn’t feed, she wasn’t going to play. But if this relationship was going to work we had to set the ground rules from the start.

I reached for the super soaker and held it over her left breast. “I’m your master now. If you don’t please me I’m pretty sure I can make you regret it.”

Minutes later we were rocking frantically on the bed. I was really glad I didn’t have neighbors.

And that’s the way it’s been ever since. She stays chained to the bed and I gag her when I leave. The longer she goes without feeding on me the wilder the sex gets. Not only that, but her shape shifting abilities mean she can appear as almost anyone, dressed in any outfit.

I’ve already been through most of the major porn stars. This week I’m on to female news anchors. I’d like to stay, but it's Robin Meade tonight. And I wouldn’t want to miss that.


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