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Would you like to attend The Most Fabulous Halloween Party of All Time?

A demonic Halloween party thrown by Lilith and Asmodeus may not be everyone’s idea of fabulous, but it is very sexually charged... and discharged.

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WARNING! This warning is possibly not needed for this particular story, but I am including it because it is needed for most of my stories. If you decide to read other of my stories make sure that you read the disclosures and warnings at the beginning of each story.

All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Actions, situations, and responses are fictional ONLY and should not be attempted in real life.

All characters involved in sexual activity in this story are over the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18 or do not understand the difference between fantasy and reality or if you reside in any state, province, nation, or tribal territory that prohibits the reading of acts depicted in these stories, please stop reading immediately and move to somewhere that exists in the twenty-first century.

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Halloween is supposed to be a spooky and scary time of the year, but this is just weird. I work on Halloween stories all through the year as the ideas come to me, and I keep them in a folder on my computer called– of course– “Halloween.” As it gets closer to Halloween, I edit and refine the rough drafts and then around the start of September, I select four or five of what I consider my best stories to post on the various sites where I submit my stories. I put them in a subfolder with this year’s date on it and do my final tweaks and edits and when the time is right, I post them.

That’s how it is supposed to work. But this year something weird(er) happened. When I opened the folder to work on my final four, there was an extra story in the folder that I didn’t write. Well, at least I didn’t remember writing it. I write a lot of my stories at two or three in the morning and I have some very interesting sleep problems. It is always possible that I wrote a story in my sleep that I don’t remember. That is always possible, but this story had been edited and cleaned up and put in final form. Writing in my sleep I can accept. I’ve done weirder shit. But editing and all of that? Even I’m not that strange... I don’t think. And the story didn’t have my usual copyright and content warnings.

The story is titled RSVP and is written from a woman’s point of view. I read it... and reread it... and then put it back in my potential stories file. But the next night it had been moved to my final selections folder and one of my selected stories had been moved back to the parent folder. I switched the files back and did some final editing on my selections, but the next night, RSVP was back in the final selections folder.

I set up one of my motion-triggered cameras so that it could see my computer and left it on overnight. It recorded me working on my computer twice during the night, but I remembered both times. Besides, the screen was visible in the video and I did NOT open, edit, or move RSVP. And yet, the next morning, RSVP was back in the final selections folder.

I opened the story in my word processor and reread it... several times. After reading it three times, I finally said aloud, “Someone or something wants me to post this story, so I guess I will go ahead and include it in my stories for this year.”

That’s when the words, “Thank you” appeared at the end of the story. I again spoke aloud, saying, “OooooKaaaay” as I saved the story. I decided to add this explanation to the beginning of the story and post it just as I received it from whomever or whatever wrote it– apparently a young woman.

My story starts way back at the turn of the millennium. For clarity, I probably should have just said, “My story begins in the year 2000,” but I really want people to read my story and the turn of the millennium sounds so much more foreboding than the year 2000. Maybe it would be even more ominous to say that my story begins on the first Halloween of the new millennium. 

Actually, my story begins about two weeks before the first Halloween of the new millennium. Not everyone used email back in 2000, but I did. I even had an AOL account and one of those brand new DSL lines from the local phone company that gave me the tremendous speed of 52 Kbs. 

The email had the subject line “Would you like to attend The Most Fabulous Halloween Party of All Time?” I checked who it was from and was surprised to find that it was from me.

“Nice try,” I said aloud, “using my own email address to get around my spam filters.” But then I stopped. My spam filter was rather primitive, but it was supposed to detect spoofed addresses– they called them false addresses back then. It should have flagged this as a phoney scam email. But it didn’t. I looked at the full header and IP information and could see that it seemed to have actually come from my account. The only explanation I could think of was that my account must have been hacked– we said “breached” back then.

I know I shouldn’t have opened it, but curiosity does more than just kill the cat. It causes young women to do things they shouldn’t do... like open very suspicious emails.

There were no weird links or anything like that. It was just a short email saying “The Most Fabulous Halloween Party of All Time will begin at eight o’clock on Halloween night. If you are willing to come, RSVP by replying to this email and be ready to be picked up at eight o’clock sharp.”

It was stupid. But I didn’t have a date or an invitation to a party for Halloween, so I hit reply and typed, “Why not?”

A few moments later my reply showed up in my own inbox. I laughed and forgot all about it.

Halloween night, I was curled up on the couch wearing a t-shirt and a pair of soft shorts, reading a book, when the doorbell rang. When I opened the door I gasped in surprise. An absolutely beautiful woman stood there holding a leash and a red collar. The lights of the room reflected off of her tight pants suit as she swished into the room.

“Ready to go to the party?” she said with a smile. Her bright red lipstick was edged in a darker red so it set off the shape of her lips against her alabaster skin. Her pearly white teeth almost gleamed as she smiled at me. Her flawless face and emerald green eyes were framed in flaming orange hair that had to be totally natural. Color like that can never come from a bottle.

“Party?” I stuttered as I stared at her overpowering beauty and presence.

“Yes,” she replied, stepping into the room. “The Halloween Party you said you wanted to go to.”

“I thought that was a scam,” I said quickly. “Besides,” I added. “I don’t have a costume. And I’m not even sure that I want to go.”

“That sort of indecision,” she replied, “is why you lost your last boyfriend and why you have cut yourself off from all your regular friends.” She pouted her red lips at me and said sarcastically in an almost sing-song voice, “Now it’s Halloween and you, a beautiful twenty-year-old girl, have no place to go.”

“But I still don’t have a costume,” I said.

“Look at me!” she said forcefully. “What is my costume?”

“Well,” I said, gulping as I looked at her, “you’re all dressed in black. And it’s really tight and shiny.”

“It’s called a cat suit,” she said as she ran her hands down her hips. “Do you like it?”

It was really, really shiny, and really, really, really tight. Not only could you tell that she had no underwear on, you could also tell that she had lots of long, wavy pubic hair. I felt something tighten between my legs. I’d never been turned on by a woman before, but she was making me wet. I felt something on the front of my t-shirt. She was running a single finger down my chest, starting at my shoulder and stopping right at the tip of my right nipple.

I wasn’t expecting anyone to come by, so I wasn’t wearing a bra. It was just me under the t-shirt. It felt like an electric current was passing from her fingernail into my nipple. I shuddered heavily and drew back away from her.

“How long’s it been?” she asked calmly.

“How long since what?” I replied.

“How long since you’ve gotten laid?” she asked, now running her fingers around the base of my breast. She flashed a quick smile and added, “... or maybe had fabulous sex with another woman?”

“I’ve never!” I said loudly.

She laughed and replied, “Gotten laid or been with another woman?”

“Been with another woman,” I said defensively.

“If you come with me tonight,” she said, staring directly into my eyes, “I can guarantee you that you will do both... and more... as many times as you want... for as long as you want... perhaps forever.”

There was something about the way her green eyes seemed to bore into me that made me want to cry out, “I’ll go! I’ll go!” But instead I said dejectedly, “I still don’t have a costume.”.

“Have you not been listening?” she said angrily, grabbing me by my shoulder. “I told you that I brought your costume.” She held up the collar and laughed at my shocked look. 

After she let me stand there with my mouth open for several minutes, she said with a grin, “See, I brought this.” She twirled the bright red collar on the end of the leash, then she added, “Mother Nature gave you the rest.”

“You... You... You...” I sputtered. “You want me to go naked?!”

“No,” she replied firmly. “YOU want you to go naked. You just can’t bring yourself to do it unless someone makes you.”

“That’s not true,” I said defensively. Somehow it didn’t sound quite as emphatic as I intended it to be.

“Oh, no?” she said with a wide smile. Then her face hardened and her voice got very harsh as she yelled out, “Strip! Now!”

My hands acted on their own. Or at least I didn’t seem to be in control as my t-shirt whipped up over my head and my soft shorts slid to the floor. I wasn’t wearing panties either so I was now standing there naked.

“Such a nice costume,” she said cheerily, “but it needs a few final touches.”

She reached up and buckled the bright red collar around my neck. “I’ll provide this,” she said, pulling slightly on the leash and smiling broadly, “and you will provide the rest.”

I groaned as a strange sensation flowed through my body.

“Ah, the final touches are arriving,” she said brightly as she reached down and slid her fingers along the top of my leg just below my cunt.

She held her fingers up in front of my face and said, “Your juices shine so well as they flow down your legs.” Then she pushed her fingers against my closed lips. I don’t know why, but they opened and let her fingers into my mouth.

“Have you ever tasted yourself before?” she asked with a smile.

I shook my head and then gasped as I realized that I was sucking greedily on her fingers. She just laughed in response.

“Time to go,” she said and pulled firmly on the leash.

My legs seemed to be operating on their own as I walked out of my apartment, down the steps, out the front door, and onto the sidewalk. I shook in fear as I realized that there were still moms and their little kids out trick or treating, but no one seemed to notice me at all. It was as if we were invisible.

We walked to the end of the block and stepped out into the street. When we got to the other side we were no longer in my neighborhood. Instead, we were at the entrance to an ancient mansion. A dozen or so people in various costumes were walking up to the big iron gates. Each of them was leading a naked slave behind them. It was when I saw the others that I realized that I had effectively become this woman’s slave.

“What are you doing to me?” I asked. I could hear the fear in my voice.

“Nothing that you don’t want done,” she replied without looking back. There was a strange tingling as we walked through the open gates and suddenly we were in a huge ballroom with crystal chandeliers hanging from the high ceiling. Strange-looking oil lamps were burning brightly in the midst of the strands of crystal-cut glass. Rows of candelabra hung from the walls, each with seven burning candles. The smell of wax and oil... and sex... permeated the room.

“I have a new addition to our party,” the woman cried out loudly.

“Our name is once again complete!” yelled half a dozen women. Though their costumes were different, the women all looked the same... and very familiar. They each were beautiful with pale faces, green eyes, bright red lips, and flaming orange hair. They were identical to the woman holding my leash.

“How wonderful for you, my dear Lilith,” seven men said in unison. They, too, had different costumes but all looked the same. Each man’s skin was a dark sandy color. His eyes were like staring into a starless night. His lips were pale and appeared almost gray against his skin. His hair, however, was what was most striking. It was as black and shiny as wet tar.

“Don’t you think my husband, Asmodeus, is so sweet?” my Mistress said as she pulled slightly on my leash. I was too afraid to say anything, but I nodded my head slightly to indicate I agreed with her.

She smiled at me and then said, “I think we need to start getting you charged up.” Then she started pushing me into the center of the room. Four of her duplicates had male slaves and two had female slaves so that made three of us women and four men. Four of her duplicate husbands had female slaves and three had male slaves so in all there were seven men and seven women now standing naked in the center of the room.

“You know what we want,” one of the Liliths said sternly and six of the women dropped to the ground on their backs forming sort of a circle but with their hands stretched above their heads just barely touching the feet of the next woman. 

The Lilith holding my leash reached up and unhooked it while saying, “I think you know where you are supposed to be.” She pointed to a gap in the circle and I lay down on my back with my feet touching the outstretched hands of the woman before me and my fingertips touching the feet of the woman after me.

One of the men straddled my head. His prick was hanging down pointing directly at my face. I don’t know why, but I opened my lips and let him lower himself into my mouth. I could feel him leaning forward and lowering his upper body down as he slid his legs across the floor and down my body. I wondered what he was doing but then I realized what he had to be doing because I suddenly felt a man’s tongue on my labia.

I’ve never liked to give blow jobs, but I had never experienced anything like this before. Someone was greedily devouring my cunt and driving me wild and that was causing me to suck and slurp like I had never done before. Then the energy of an orgasm began traveling around the circle.

I know that sounds weird or even impossible, but it was like the man between my legs was somehow putting sexual energy into me that flowed through me and into the prick in my mouth. I could hear the grunts and groans as that energy moved around the circle and then once again entered me at a much higher level. It was soon pleasure beyond anything I had ever before experienced. The energy began pulsing faster and faster until I was bouncing and quivering and having to try very hard not to bite down on the prick in my mouth.

Then one of the Asmodeus men said loudly and firmly, “Now!” and I lost control. I could feel cum squirting into my mouth as I– and six other women– screamed out in orgasm. The seven men did not scream, but they did groan very loudly as they slumped down onto our bodies.

I lay there in a daze for a few moments and then seven Liliths called out, “Reverse!”

I didn’t know what they meant, but the other men and women did. The men replaced the women on their backs on the floor and the women straddled the men’s faces so they could lower their cunts onto the men’s mouths. Soon we were all once again passing sexual energy around the circle... only now it was different. The women were in control and the energy was pulsing more slowly around the circle. It was still building in strength, but it was different. It was deeper... stronger. The pulsing didn’t seem to get faster, but it did seem to become more continuous until it was as if the entire circle was joined by the energy.

Then one of the Lilith women said softly but firmly, “Now.”

I sat up straight on my man’s face and ground my cunt into his mouth. I could see the prick of the man I had been sucking spurting high into the air and I could feel a splash of something– probably cum– splatter against my back. I had just had a tremendous orgasm, but somehow I felt like I was still on the edge ready to explode.

One of the women rose shakily to her feet and I followed her example. When she– and the other five women– bent over and put their palms on the floor I also followed their example. The men stood behind us. I was afraid that they might be going for the back door, but they carefully lined themselves up with our cunts and slowly pushed their way in. I groaned loudly in heat and need as I felt myself being filled so fully.

Just as the men started moving one of the dark-skinned husbands came and stood before me. His zipper was open and his large prick bobbed in front of my face like a black sausage. Again I greedily pulled it into my mouth and began sucking and slurping.

Asmodeus stood there calmly while the man behind me rammed me forward and pulled me back as he attacked my cunt. I could feel myself going higher and higher. I expected Lilith’s husband to also become excited, but instead he remained totally calm as I reached the peak of orgasm mountain and gladly threw myself off the cliff into the bliss of climax. If I didn’t feel the slimy taste of cum in my mouth, I wouldn’t have known that he had cum at all. He seemed so calm about it as he just smiled down at me. In response I groaned and nearly fell to the ground as the sexual heat and need flared even hotter within my body.

As I was regaining my breath, he said very softly, “You are starting to warm up, let’s do round two.”

I don’t remember moving at all, but suddenly my Lilith was beneath me lying back on a raised divan of some sort. Her extremely tight pants were zipped open in the crotch exposing her flaming public hair. When I first looked, it was as if it were actually flaming, but then I realized that it was just that it was such a fiery shade of orange. At least, I hoped that’s what it was. 

The man behind me pushed me forward so that my face was buried in Lilith’s crotch. Then he entered me. This time he wasn’t lined up with my cunt. He was pressing directly on my rosebud. I was an anal virgin, but I sort of knew what to do. I also knew what I should have done. I should have twisted away and run screaming from there, but I didn’t do that. Instead I pushed slowly against him trying to open myself to him. He was still slick from my cunt and began sliding into me slowly. It hurt at first, but then something relaxed and he slid fully into me, pushing me hard against Lilith’s flaming cunt. Was it really flaming now? Or was I just no longer thinking clearly.

The man behind me began pushing hard. Then I heard him gasp loudly. I looked up for a moment and saw that all of the costumed Asmodeuses were now standing behind the men, and appeared to be fucking the man in the ass as they fucked a woman in the ass while she ate out a Lilith. I didn’t climax. I don’t think the man inside me did either, but both of us went extremely high and when he came, the Asmodeus behind him screamed loudly. When Asmodeus screamed, it felt as if a bolt of electricity went through me and into Lilith’s cunt. In response, she just gave a long, low sigh.

“One final round to charge you up,” my Lilith said firmly. Suddenly I– and the other six women– were on a large circular bed. I was lying with my hips right at the edge of the bed and my arms were tight up above my head on the bed. I was grasping a thick metal ring of some sort... no, I wasn’t grasping it, my hands were bound to it with thick ropes or pieces of leather.

The man who had been coupling with me was now standing between my legs. He lifted them up onto his shoulders and rammed his rock-hard manhood into my cunt. All seven men began thrusting in sequence, with their thrusts going around the bed almost like a wave. There was also a wave of sexual energy which was flowing around the bed taking each of us higher and higher and higher and higher.

I could hear the cries of passion from the other women and I could smell their cunts as they became more and more excited. I was way higher than I had ever been in my life. I was ramming myself into the man’s crotch each time he thrust into me. I was so hot that I thought I would explode... or at least burst into flames. I felt an orgasm just start to boil up out of my body and into my mind. And then, just before I could explode, the man was pulled violently away.

Lilith was now kneeling between my legs. “Release it for me, my slave,” she said as she sucked and licked. “Release all of it.”

I couldn’t help myself. I screamed and yelled and bounced my ass on the bed as the mother of all orgasms tore through my body.

It was the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced. But it was a strange orgasm. Usually my orgasms feel like waves of fire falling over my body or exploding out of my body. This one felt like rivers of fire flowing from everywhere in my body down to my cunt and out into Lilith’s mouth.

I raised my head, gasping for air, and could see the seven men spread out on the floor around the bed. Four of them were on their backs with a Lilith riding them as they bowed upward off the floor in an intense climax. Three of them were face down with an Asmodeus plowing into their asses. They, too, were in the throes of an intense orgasm, but rather than bowing up, they were pushing back into their Asmodeus.

My orgasm continued and the river of fire kept flowing out of me and out of me and out of me and out of me until I lost consciousness.

I awoke at midnight on the couch in my apartment. My hand was inside my soft shorts with my fingers buried deep within my flooded cunt.

“That was a really weird dream,” I said aloud. “Nice... and satisfying,” I added, “but really weird.”

I didn’t think anything of it, but the next year on Halloween I had the exact same dream... and the next... and the next... and the next. In fact, for nineteen years I had the exact same dream. I moved to a different state. I got married. I had kids. But every year at Halloween I had the exact same dream. Some of the men and women in the dream with me changed, but the dream itself remained exactly the same. I would be picked up at exactly eight o’clock and I would wake up in my own bed or on the couch or in a chair in the corner at a party at exactly Midnight. When that happened, my husband commented that it was as if I wasn’t there for most of the party. I thought about telling him the truth, but instead just said that I hadn’t been feeling well.

Then last year the dream was different. Well, actually, everything in the dream was the same, but after my explosive orgasm, Lilith came with me back to my bedroom. My husband was sound asleep on his side of the bed.

Lilith stood above me and said, “You aren’t charging up like you used to.”

I looked at her in wonderment and perhaps fear.

“You are getting older,” Lilith said softly. “I don’t really want to consume you, but soon, perhaps as soon as next year, you will not have built up a large enough charge of sexual energy and I will drain you completely. You need to find someone younger to come to my party.”

“I don’t understand,” I said plaintively.

“I’m a succubus,” she replied. “My husband Asmodeus is an incubus. We draw our life force from the sexual energy of other people. The magic number of my name allows me to divide myself into seven parts. Asmodeus likewise has the magic number of seven. On this special night, we are able to each bring seven others to our party where we guide them to charge each other up with sexual energy. The feast of sexual energy we receive when that is released allows us to live for at least another year without having to feed.”

She stroked me between the legs and I felt a flood of wetness. “We do not want to kill others so that we may live. So we have come up with a set of party games that build up sexual energy in a person that we then pull into ourselves. But your sexual energy is fading. If you do not find a replacement, next year you might not return from the party.”

“Oh,” I said sadly. Then I asked, “How do I find a replacement?”

“It’s simple,” she replied. “All you have to do is to invite someone to the party. The first one who responds to your invitation will be your replacement.”

“That’s what happened to me,” I said. It was more of a question than a statement.

“Yes,” Lilith replied. “That’s what happened to you. You were the first to reply to the invitation you received in your email and I came to take you to the party.”

“But I don’t know how to send out a bunch of spam emails like that,” I whined.

“We were doing this long before emails existed,” she replied, “and we will be doing it long after the net is ancient history.” She cocked her head slightly and asked, “What do you know how to do?”

“I can write,” I answered. “I write a lot of stories, but I’ve never had any of them posted or published.”

“You write something,” Lilith said with a smile. Her white teeth seemed to gleam between her ruby red lips. “You write it, and I will see that it is published. And the first person to post ‘Why not?’ as a comment will replace you at the party.”

“How will I know if it is posted?” I asked.

“You will know,” she said with a laugh. “Don’t worry, you will know.”

As she walked toward the door of my bedroom, she looked back and said, “And don’t forget to thank the person who posts your story for you.”

Then she disappeared.

I wrote the story, and each night I have checked it on my computer. Tonight I suddenly had the feeling that someone was reading it and they would post it. So, to whoever you are, “Thank you.”


That’s her story. Remember, if you would like to attend The Most Fabulous Halloween Party of All Time, just post “Why not?” in the comments. Maybe you will be the first. And maybe this Halloween night, Lilith– or perhaps Asmodeus– will stop by to pick you up.

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