Halloween Haunted House of History Horrors

by Lancer175

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© Copyright 2021 - Lancer175 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/m+f+; bond; gag; naked; clamps; rope; torture; noose; cuffs; oral; cage; scolds-bridle; sex; nc; XXX

Each year at Halloween, two neighborhood families get together to have a unique Halloween adventure. In past years, they have traveled around the county visiting advertised haunted houses and escape rooms to add some excitement and sometimes unusual adventures to celebrate the day of ghosts and goblins. Mark and Maggie Newsome and their daughter Tina found an advertisement for a new haunted house that also provided costumes to re-enact some historical people and the events that led to their demise. This very unusual haunted house piqued the interest of the Newsome family to explore for this year’s Halloween excursion. After talking to the next door neighbors about reading the ad, Joe and Marcie Leed decided to join the Newsome’s and check out the Halloween Haunted House of History Horrors.

The drive to the location was rather spooky. A dark and misty night back a long, gravel lane that led to a huge metal building on what appeared to be an old farm. The two families became a bit suspicious when no other cars were in the parking lot.

“Maybe they’re closed Mark,” Maggie whispered to her husband. Their 18 year old daughter Tina began to feel a bit anxious.

“The Leeds are behind us, we will just pull into the parking lot and wait for them.”

When Joe and Marcie Leed arrived, both families discussed if this was a good idea. Suddenly, a figure came out of the building and approached the cars.

“Welcome, welcome to the Museum of History Horrors, I am sure you will enjoy our special Halloween displays to truly frighten and scare you.”

He called himself Mr. Smith. His creepy voice and mannerisms reminded the families of Vincent Price. “Our Halloween special is an array of interactive displays designed to present realism. I will warn you in advance the displays are a bit erotic and racy and not for the faint of heart. But, I assure you, you will never have a Halloween experience like you will experience here at the Museum of History Horrors.”

The families discussed together whether to try this new museum or just go home. Joe Leeds said they didn’t drive all the way just to go home. They wanted to find a different place to get their Halloween fright and this place certainly seems to be able to deliver a most exciting adventure. They all agreed to stay and followed the museum curator into the massive metal building.

Entering the building was like entering an airplane hanger. The expansive size and very high ceilings provided ample room to have many different history displays. It almost appeared as if there were several Hollywood sets within the building. An old west town, a castle and a variety of different possible settings were scattered throughout this monstrous structure. The curator led them to the changing room where they would be given costumes to wear for the first exhibit.

“I will warn you, we will be using holograms that are so realistic you will literally feel the pain and suffering of the victims. We may also place you in some revealing erotic and sexual situations. This is a very adult horror house. If each of you are ready to experience the most frightening experiences you can almost feel, then please sign these liability releases agreeing to allow our staff to make necessary adjustments to your appearance and acknowledging you will experience very high stress situations. You may be subject to some pain, but our body function monitors will stop any active sessions before you reach the point of intolerable pain. We assure, you will not be injured, just nearly scared to death.”

“Let Them Eat Cake”

Wow, a very intense release that nearly changed the minds of both families, but all five consented to be directly involved in each activity as the production crew sees fit. Joe and Marcie Leed were escorted to one set of changing rooms while Mark, Maggie and Tina Newsome were led to some different rooms to prepare for their first adventure. Marcie was in her changing room when there was a knock on the door. A petit oriental woman entered the room. “Hello, Missy. I am Ching Lu, your wardrobe assistant. My, you have very large breasts. I have the perfect costume for you.” Ching Lu searched the rack of costumes and brought out a beautiful flowing dress with an ample bustier corset to help accentuate Marcie’s magnificent boobs.

Marcie was very impressed, being dressed as a reigning monarch of a European country. Ching Lu added a huge white wig that gave an added touch of royalty. As she walked out of the room, her husband came into view similarly dressed with a flowing maroon robe with fur outlining and gold outlines. He also wore a beautiful white wig set high on his head. They were led to the castle setting for their first interactive session. The king and queen opened the heavy wooden doors into a huge banquet hall set for a royal feast. The long dining table was full of vegetables, wild game, fruit and many cakes.

A well-dressed servant approached Marcie, “May we seat you, your highness?” She was very impressed with this scenario and couldn’t imagine how this setting would lead to some type of horror. The wait staff seated the king and queen and began to serve the feast when crowd noise from outside the castle interrupted the meal. The servant advised the subjects were hungry and needed food. Marcie laughed as if she was Marie Antoinette. “Let them eat cake,” Marcie jokingly yelled, turned to the servant and asked “Who are they chanting about?” The servant sternly looked the queen in the eyes and said, “You, Mademoiselle Antoinette.” Marcie suddenly turned pale as her joking had become true. She gave a frightened look to Joe as they both knew the outcome of King Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette.

Marcie walked onto the balcony overlooking the crowded streets and heard many cries for Marie Antoinette and her husband to die or be tortured. “Off with their heads! To the gallows! Off with her breasts!” This last slogan caught Marcie as very odd. She and Joe were very aware of the story of King Louie and Marie ending with the guillotine. And they knew enough history that Marie Antoinette was very promiscuous where the king was almost impotent. The mention of her breasts was somewhat frightening. History notes the beheading, but there are also reports of sexual mutilation and violations of her body, something Marcie was very much unaware of.

The crowd noise was so loud, Marcie and Joe failed to hear the doors swing open and an unruly mob entered the banquet hall. They tried to run away, but were grabbed by members of the riotous crowd and stripped of their clothes. Torn clothing shreds were used to bind and gag Marcie and Joe as they were pulled to another room. There, a balcony where some very deviant equipment awaited their fate. A large wooden stand was set about waist high with some circular cupped indentations on one end, and a small opening on the other end. Another lower board almost appeared to be a kneeling bench. Two large wooden pillars were located at the end of the configuration supporting another large beam with a sleek, silver line along the bottom edge.

The naked pair were pulled onto the balcony to cheers from the maddened crowd below. Marcie jerked back and forth trying to escape, but this action only served to encourage the crowd as they watched her massive tits swinging back and forth in the fray. The crowd began to chant “Off with her breasts, off with her breasts.” She was pushed forward towards the wooden device and soon realized the cupped areas of the wooden bench were perfectly placed for her tits. As she looked over to Joe, she figured the small opening in the board in front of him was for his scrotum.

She was pushed down on her knees and forced to lean forward until her boobs lined up perfectly with the wooden cupped depressions. Once her breasts were in place, her nipples were clamped and chained to the board so she could not move either breast. Joe was placed beside her in a position designed for a male. His balls were secured into the specifically designed opening with his penis penetrating over the edge. The crowd went wild watching this devious torment and looking at the captured sexual body parts of the king and queen.

Marcie and Joe knelt in their respective positions with their hands tied behind their backs and stuffed mouths firmly sealed by layers of fabric. They looked at each other with eyes of fear. This contraption looked eerily vicious. Each pillar of the bench also had a very precise metal rail from top to bottom. It appeared weights were positioned at the top with large wooden pins holding the weights in place high above their heads. To assure they were secure in their positions, a curved iron bar was secured behind each victim and bolted to the wooden board.

As the crowd below began chanting “Go, Go, Go”, a huge figure appeared on the balcony wearing a black cover over his head. “Though your eventual fate will be death by guillotine, both of you have embarrassed our country by your actions or lack of action of a sexual nature. Your Highness Antoinette, you have slept with many men, and even had relationships with other women. Your sexual promiscuity has failed to live up to the high standards of our country. You have wasted resources and flaunted your royalty, ignoring your subjects. Your breasts have become an emblem of your sexual adventures. King Louis, your failure to produce an heir to the throne for almost seven years indicates your ability to procreate is nearly non-existent, you have little need for your male reproductive organs.”

Marcie and Joe suddenly realized they were firmly bound to a guillotine of sorts. They surmised the bright silver strand above them was some form of sharp blade that would be propelled quickly downward by the weights at the top of the pillars. The trajectory of the blade would slice off both her breasts and his penis and balls. “This can’t be happening, this is way too real.” Marcie kept thinking. But the crowd keeps cheering “Go, Go, Go”, “Off with her breasts” and “Make them suffer”. The man in the black hood walked toward them and placed a basket under their body parts to catch the prizes the crowd was cheering for.

The hooded man walked to one side of the wooden confinement and pulled one of the wooden pegs from the side of the pillar. He walked in front of the bench and snickered as he rubbed Marcie’s boobs. “You won’t miss them for long, you will lose your head soon.” Her eyes widened as her and her husband both began to scream through their gag. Beads of sweat dripped on Marcie’s breasts. They both kept struggling against their bonds attempting to get loose.

The rugged hands of the hooded man reached up and slowly began to remove the final wooden pin holding the weighted blade. His sudden action released a razor sharp blade that dropped a lightning speed. The shining metal flashed before the eyes of Marcie and Joe, braced for excruciating pain. A giant flash of light and everything went dark.

Little House on the Prairie

The Newsome Family was in another dressing area awaiting the wardrobe assistant when Ching Lu walked in to greet them. She introduced herself and directed each family member to separate dressing areas. Mark always had a passion for the old west and asked if they could role play some kind of cowboy theme. Ching Lu thought for a minute and picked up the phone to call the production manager. “Why yes, we do have the perfect setting for you and your family. We call it “Little House on the Prairie.” “Sounds perfect,” Mark replied. He always enjoyed the Michael Landon show and his daughter read the book in second grade.

Ching Lu handed Mark a pair of cowboy boots, a pair of rough cowboy pants, a work shirt and cowboy hat. He was ready for the range. Tina and Maggie each got a dark colored simple and plain dress and a blouse. Each woman also received a woman’s bonnet. The family was taken to an old west setting in the prairies as a pioneer family. They walked into the rustic cabin that was ready for a family to occupy. Maggie looked around and noticed food was already set out to be prepared for breakfast. “Well, we might as well eat” as she cracked eggs and set a cast iron skillet on the wood stove. A metal pot of coffee was already hot and full of morning brew. “Wow, this is pretty cool” commented Mark as he looked out the windows at the farm buildings and sheep pen.

“Maybe you think so dad, but I think this is awful, and awful boring” as Tina injected her own opinion.

Mark walked outside to explore the farm. The pioneer family life was calm and bucolic. He began to wonder how this would play into a historic horror. The sheep pen was full of babbling sheep that needed to be fed. Looking in the barn Mark found feed and a wheelbarrow to make the rounds in the sheep pen. As he walked toward the sheep, several cowboys on horseback entered the farm. Mark watched as three of the cowboys headed towards the house while three more were racing towards him. Mark started to run towards the house where both women were preparing breakfast when a cowboy threw a lasso and dropped him to the ground.

“Well tenderfoot, I think it’s about time we had a serious talk.” The cowboy went on to threaten Mark, ordering him and family to leave immediately or else.

Mark stood up and stood his ground. “We homesteaded here and will stay.” Mark was proud of himself, knowing history he knew the settlers received their land directly from the government. “We are proud to be here and not leaving.”

The cowboy looked into Mark's eyes, “Let me be perfectly clear, tenderfoot, our cattle have grazed on these lands for generations, and no tenderfoot from back east is going to stop us. Guess we better go up to your cabin to help make you decide.”

Mark was escorted back to the cabin by all three cowboys. When he opened the door, his wife and daughter were bound and gagged, tied to heavy wooden chairs. The rough hemp rope cut was looped around their legs securing them tightly to their chairs. Their hands were similarly secured to the chair. What caused Mark to panic was the fact his wife and daughter had their tops removed and massive breasts fully exposed. The look in their eyes cried out to Mark for help. “Well tenderfoot, do you think you need to reconsider. Got to admit, the girls have nice racks.” The cowboy reached over and grabbed Tina ’s left breast and pulled up on the nipple as he fondled Maggie’s right tit.

Mark became enraged and lunged toward his wife in an attempt to quickly release her bindings. He was subdued by three other cowboys. “Well, I guess I know your answer. Take him outside for some fresh air, I bring the girls along shortly” the lead cowboy directed the others. “Well ladies, guess your husband is just plain stupid and really doesn’t give a shit about you two. If I didn’t have to tend to business, I’d throw you both on the ground and fuck ya’ right here. Instead, we’ll just take you outside with tenderfoot and see how you like a close and personal view of your so-called land.”

Several cowboys released their bindings as the still gagged women were dragged outside. Muffled screams of protest only served to increase their distress as the cowboys played with their breasts and smacked their behinds. When they arrived behind the barn, Mark was tied naked spread eagle with his wrists and ankles tied to stakes in the ground. His cheeks bulged as his mouth was stuffed with his underwear and secured in his mouth by torn remnants of his clothes. The cowboys roughly grabbed the women and pulled off their remaining clothes. The two females were forced to the ground beside Mark, his wife on his left and his daughter on his right. The women could see stakes in the ground in similar fashion as the stakes around Mark.

They realized they too would be bound naked in a spread eagle position on the hard ground. Each woman tried to fight as their arms were pulled above their heads and each wrist tightly tied to the corresponding stake. They kicked at the cowboys as they secured binding around their ankles and were tied to the stakes. What they didn’t expect was the loops of leather bindings that were placed at the base of the globe of each of their breasts, making the breasts to appear as a rising bluff of golden skin. The cowboys played a bit with each tit as they made what appeared to be a noose knot around each boob. Before completion, the rough intruders twisted each nipple making the nips stand at attention atop the luscious mounds.

The lassos around the breasts were also tied to the stakes that held the wrist bindings above each girl. One final addition to all three victims was a noose around each neck. Separate stakes were driven into the ground to accommodate the additional bindings as the neck noose for each victim was then tied to the additional stake. After the six cowboys completed their assigned tasks to assure the restraints were in place, the lead cowboy explained the situation to their captives.

“Well, folks. Looks like you will remain on your land, forever. You see, those bindings we have put on you are lengths of moist leather. Leather constricts as it dries. So as you lie in this hot weather, each leather binding will begin to shrink, pulling your arms and legs away from your bodies and tightening the noose around your neck. Ladies, you have a special treat because the leather will tighten around your tits. Hell, the leather may tighten enough that it could pop those big tits right off.” All the cowboys laughed and they started to walk away. “Whoa, lookie at young missy. By golly, a bald eagle.” Tina suddenly became the focus of their attention with her bare pussy. Tina now regretted getting her V shaved for her boyfriend. “Little girl, if I had the time I would land in that bald eagle, but we have cattle to drive. OK folks, for your own sake, I hope the neck noose tightens enough to make you unconscious before we drive our cattle right over you. Adios tenderfoots!”

All three tried to loosen their bonds but discovered movement prematurely tightened the leather lashings. As they lay exposed, the heat continued to increase, and the leather continued to shrink. Ankles and wrists began to pull and ache. The women began to feel pain as the bindings tightened around their breasts. The leather hangman’s noose around their necks began to make breathing difficult. Then, a loud noise followed by a dust cloud was coming towards them. It appeared hundreds of huge longhorn steers were running right towards them. As the steers started to get closer, two of the steers seemed to lower their heads and aim the huge horns directly towards the crotch of each victim. Maggie let out a horrified muffled scream as she watched a pointed horn about to enter her.

A flash of light, cool air began to loosen the bindings, everything went dark.

The James Gang

Maggie opened her eyes and looked at her surroundings. She was sitting at a desk with a small sign MANAGER on the wall. She glanced around and saw her daughter Tina and friend Marcie at what looked like teller windows. Both women were waiting on several bank customers. Tina seemed a bit perplexed by the customer at her window and walked back to her mother. “The man at my window demands to see the manager to make a withdrawal.” Tina told her mom.

Maggie told her daughter to bring the man back and she would speak with him. “Good morning, mam” the grizzled cowboy greeted Maggie. “You are the bank manager, right?”

“Yes, I believe so, can I help you?”

“Yes, mam. Just get up slowly and walk to the safe and put as many bills in this bag as you can in one minute.” Maggie glanced across the desk into two barrels of a shotgun under the cowboy’s coat. The man escorted Maggie to the safe and watched as she complied with his wishes. “You dun good, mam. Now ask your two tellers to put all of the money from their teller drawer in this bag and have them follow you out the back door.” With the gun in her back, Maggie did exactly what the robber directed.

As the women exited the bank, two other men grabbed them, gagged them with handkerchiefs, and tied their hands around their backs. The hostages were thrown into the back of a buckboard and quickly covered with a tarp. Two robbers sat on the top to make sure the victims couldn’t kick the tarp of them during transport. The wagon bounced up and down over the dirt roads out of town until the women heard the driver slow the horses. The wagon stopped, and the female tellers were helped out of the wagon and stood beside each other on the ground.

“Ladies, it’s been a long time since me and the boys have had a woman, and we ain’t got much time today, but sure would like to see what you all look like under them teller clothes. Take ‘em off.” Maggie protested to no avail as the robber pointed the gun directly at her crotch, motioning to strip. Each girls finally complied, revealing an art gallery of magnificent breasts. “Whooeee! Look at them big titties!” exclaimed as the leader of the gang as reached over and squeezed Maggies left boob. In an effort to stop him she kneed him in the groin. He bent over for a minute in pain. After regaining his composure, his anger set in as he violently grabbed both of her tits. “I will guarantee you will never do that to a man again, bitch. Take care of ‘em boys.”

The men grabbed the three women and continued to tie their legs and add additional ropes to secure their arms. After each women was securely bound, each man picked up one of the naked women and placed them side by side on the nearby railroad tracks. The men proceeded to tie the hands and feet of each woman to the rails. As an additional means to assure the women were secure, Ropes were tied in a slip knot around each woman’s massive breasts, causing the mounds to round and perk upward. The ropes were secured in such a way that if one women attempted to move, it would tighten the ropes around the breasts, forcing the women to remain somewhat still

“Well ladies, my brother Frank is robbing the noon train as it approaches town. The train will roll full speed past the town, but will be forced to stop here to allow my brother and the other members of the James gang to get off the train in the middle of nowhere and easily escape. As you may have guessed, not only are you girls the reason the train will try to stop, but as the train will be traveling at full speed when it approaches, you will also be eliminated as witnesses.

Mark and Joe looked at their surroundings. They were in the cab of a railroad locomotive. Joe was wearing a conductor’s uniform and was bound and gagged. A man stood next to Joe pointing a gun to his head. Mark was also gagged and securely bound into the engineer’s seat with his hands tied to the throttle. The throttle was open full bore. “We are in the process of robbing this train so keep this locomotive moving at full speed and past the railroad depot. Any attempt to slow the engine down and your conductor gets a bullet in the head. We understand each other?” Mark shook his head, and kept the locomotive at full throttle.

The train whizzed past the passenger platform. Curious town folk waiting for the noon train were perplexed why the train speeded by without even slowing. A little way out of town, a cow stood directly on the tracks. “I said don’t slow, just keep going or he gets a bullet.” The train seemed to bounce as it crashed into the cow. Body parts were flying, a cow head nearly came through the locomotive window.

Further down the tracks, Mark could see more obstacles. He initially couldn’t tell what was on the tracks. From a distance it appeared possibly three tree limbs had fallen on the tracks. But, as he got closer, he could determine the three “tree limbs” were human figures. Hurtling towards these people at top speed, Mark started to ease back the throttle, but the gunman pushed the gun into Joe’s temple. “Keep your speed, don’t let up” As the engine closed in, Mark could tell it was three naked women tied onto the tracks. As the train closed in, Mark could see the panic stricken eyes of the women knowing their fate.

The three tellers watched in horror as the noon train was speeding down the tracks towards them. The vibration of the rails only served to heighten their panic. They began to realize the train was not going to slow down. They now understood what Jesse James meant when he advised they would be eliminated as witnesses. The muffled screams were for naught as they were literally in the middle of nowhere, no one would hear them.

Mark grabbed the throttle as the train barreled toward the barrier of flesh. He pulled the throttle back as hard as he could to a stop, a shot rang out, the train began to bounce as blood spattered over and in the train. A sudden flash, all went dark.

The Salem Witch Trials 

Mark and Joe slowly opened their eyes to look at their surroundings. They attempted to talk and soon realized their mouths were filled with cloth tightened by ropes that secured their naked bodies into wooden chairs. It appeared they were in some kind of courtroom. A man in black robes sat behind a large wooden dais. People were packed into the room. Three figures fully covered in black draping over their bodies and over their heads were standing in front of the apparent judge. “Hang them, burn them” was being chanted from the unruly crowd. A burly man dressed in black with a white neckerchief walked across the floor and began to speak to the crowd.

“My brethren, we are gathered here today to relieve our Puritan family from the insertion of evil, the living, breathing devils among us. As the Barrister of Salem, I shall provide you proof to bare witnesses to this horrendous and outrageous infestation of our colony, living proof that each of these women are a witch and their male partners are sorcerers.” With those words, a court bailiff removed the black hoods over each woman. Mark and Joe soon realized the women accused of being witches were Marcie, Maggie and Tina.

The women stood stunned before the hundreds of town folk that were yelling for them to be executed. Their eyes cried out in fear to their male counterparts. Each woman had their hands tied behind their back multiple times with rope encircling their body. The ankles were secured with leg irons that allowed them some restricted mobility, but otherwise kept them from running. An apple was forced into their mouths to serve as a temporary gag.

The barrister moved in front of the three accused and stripped them of their coverings, “My brothers and sisters, it does not take long to determine, each of these women are possessed. I ask you ladies to respond, are not massive udders much larger than any woman in our entire colony? Is there no reason for the additional storage of mother’s milk unless the liquid would be used to feed Satan’s desires?” “They are witches, they are witches, kill them, kill them!” the crowd repeated. “And now, for further proof they are witches that transfer their evil powers to these two men” the courtroom assistants came forward to remove the apples from the women’s mouths and remove the metal shackles from their legs. Marcie and Maggie were led across the courtroom floor and forced to kneel before their husbands.

“My brethren, please be prepared to watch the devil himself in action through these four. These offensive, deviant sexual pagan practices reek of cults and witchcraft. “Your honor, I ask you to direct these women to take the manhood of each male into their mouths and begin the debauchery of the ages.” “Do as he says” the judge ordered. Maggie and Marcie looked forlorn at each other and slowly took the penis of their respective husbands into their mouths. With slow motions at first, each woman began to speed up the up and down movements until they could sense their husbands began to receive pleasure. Each penis began to rise and harden. The more the women gave them pleasure, the bigger and harder each cock became until each man’s erection was nearly two feet long and hard as marble. Their husbands began to moan with pleasure through their gags. Just before the men reached ejaculation, the barrister grabbed the women by their hair and pulled them off their husbands. He stuffed their mouths with a bar of soap and tied the soap in place.

The crowd grasped at the enormous phallic sex objects they saw reaching well above each man’s scrotum. Women screamed and some fainted, either from fear or their own excitement. Men stared at the freaks of nature, probably more admiration or jealousy. Tina was still standing naked in front of the crowd with the apple firmly between her teeth when the barrister pointed towards her crotch. “And look, a young maiden without any human hair to protect her womanhood.” Everyone in the room was shocked at the sight of a vagina without hair. “This poor young woman has been vexed by these witches and captured into the coven.” Tina was again pissed that she shaved her pussy for her boyfriend. “They all must die, your honor. We have seen such drastic abuse of the human sexual organ for pagan pleasures that these witches and their men must die before they destroy our society.”

The judge ruled all five plaintiffs were guilty of witchcraft and sorcery and condemned to death by hanging. The three women were led out of the room as Mark and Joe watched in horror not knowing what was happening outside of the building. Crowds could be heard cheering and applauding. Soon, several men came back into the courtroom and removed their bindings, securing the men from the chair, but not releasing ropes entirely. The still naked and gagged men were marched out the door to a cheering crowd.

The men looked at the huge gallows built to hang at least five people and realized their wives and Mark's daughter were positioned along three of the hatch doors. With their hands tied behind their backs, legs tightly roped together and mouths now stuffed full of cloth, it was obvious the three desperate women were about to be executed. The men were certain they would be hoisted onto the gallows when several male members of the crowd grabbed them and placed them in a chair on opposite sides of the gallows.

In a diabolical means of execution, the men would be hung by their wives. With Marcie and Maggie on each end of the platform, the hangman’s noose was placed around their neck, but instead of the rope attached to the parallel wooden beam, the rope was stretched over the beam and down the side of the gallows where another noose was tied around the neck of each husband. The noose around Tina in the middle position would be added to the ropes of the other two women to provide even more weight when the hatch swung open beneath the women to drop them to the ground. As the women would drop, the nooses around the men would suddenly pull the men up into the air by the weight of the women falling to the ground. Thus, the women would die as their necks would snap and the men would die as the women reached the end of their ropes effectively pulling the noose of each man upward, also breaking their necks.

Hangings were considered great entertainment as all the community gathered around the town square for the spectacle. Music and merriment were the order of the day as everyone awaited the hanging of the five witches and sorcerers convicted to death by hanging. The men soon realized how the configuration of the rope would also provide additional entertainment as their bodies would probably look like flying witches as they would be quickly flung out of their chairs. They looked up at the girls with their eyes big as saucers.

Soon, the hooded executioner walked on to the platform. He looked out to the crowd. “What say you that I should do?” he yelled to the crowd.

“Hang them, hang them, hang them.”

As the chant kept going the executioner walked over to the side of the gallows where a large wooden leaver was angled. He placed his hand at the top of the leaver. “Die, Die, Die” Without warning, the executioner grasped the leaver and pulled hard, suddenly opening the hatches below each woman’s body.

The women’s panic screams resonated over the crowd through their gags. The bodies succumbed to gravity and hurled towards the ground below. The ropes violently pulled the noose located around the neck of each man. Mark and Joe were catapulted from their chair and the rope quickly tightened around their neck.

Then a sudden flash, everything went dark.

Marquis De Sade 

Maggie, Marcie and Tina were hazy. The surroundings were dark and damp, possibly a basement. Each woman was shackled to the wall. Their heads were encased in a metal cage arrangement with a metal strip with a protruding ball that was forced into their mouths that prohibited speech. Their naked bodies were chilled by the damp and musty surroundings. The iron shackles around their legs and arms were positioned so the women were spread eagle against the wall. The leg irons were so stretched that the outer fold of the vaginas were in full view. Flickering candles were the only light as the women strained to see around the room. Their eyes were trying to focus when they looked across the room at two bodies on a table.

The women realized their husbands were also bound and gagged on a large wooden table. The men were secured on the table side by side, but facing opposite sides of the table. The men were also secured with iron shackles pinning them hard against the wood. Their manhood were in a diabolical cage that surrounded the scrotum and forced the penis in an erotic point. The men were positioned in such a way that their heads hung over the edge at each end of the table. A most unusual gag was in their mouths. There appeared to be a metal bulb inserted into each mouth with a screw turn that actually increased the size of the bulb once inserted into the mouth. The turning of the bulb not only decreased the sound capacity, but as the bulb increased in size, it made the jaws very uncomfortable to the point of substantial pain.

“Welcome, my dears, to my castle of pain and pleasure, I am your host Marquis De Sade. While you are here you will enjoy both the pleasures and pain of sexual exploration. You will ultimately experience the ultimate in sexual pleasure, just before you die. You will share that experience with your husbands, except you, my young maiden. I will personally execute your sexual adventure.” Maggie looked over at her well-endowed daughter who was visibly shaken with fear. The Marquis slowly walked past each woman as he admired the massive globes of skin. He grabbed and squeezed each breasts as he looked into the eyes of fear.

“A woman’s breasts is the flame that attracts the moth. It is the woman’s breasts that are first noticed by a man. The woman’s breasts give great pleasure to both the man and the woman in time of intimacy. At times the man can get rough, causing the woman pain during her pleasure. A woman’s breasts fill with milk when carrying her young, causing great discomfort and pain. When the babe suckles, the milk relieves the mother of extra pressure and gives her pleasure.” He continued to taunt and fondle the massive breasts of his three female guests. He then loosened the shackles holding their arms above their heads and attached the chains to a beam. The women were made to lean forward as the manacles were attached to eyelets in the beam, causing their breasts to dangle in the air.

The Marquis began a slow pace, slapping the women’s breasts as he passed. His continued tit torture caused a constant motion of tits swaying to and fro below each woman. The Marquis took pleasure in his sexual escapades. The women, still muzzled by the metal pear shape object in their mouths, could only moan. Their moans turned to muffled squeals as the Marquis took each nipple in his hand, twisting and pulling the nipples forcing the nubs to elongate enough to attach small clamps that were attached to chain with weighted ends. As the women moved, the weights swung as pendulums chained to the nipples of his captives.

Their horror had only started. The Marquis removed the nipple clamps to the great relief of the ladies. He removed them from the iron manacles around their arms and legs. The pear shaped gags were removed to allow their jaws to relax, only to be replaced with wads of cotton fabric held in place with a leather gag over their mouths. The greatly relieved ladies' intermission from pain was short lived. Their hands were tied around their backs with rough hemp rope. Again bound and gagged, they were walked across the room and forced to rest across what appeared to be a prayer bench. He directed Maggie and Marcie on each end with Tina between. He had the women extend their body over the top of the bench to allow complete access to their derrieres for flagellation.

The Marquis had several different devices to whip and smack a woman’s ass. From a soft leather to a harsh bullwhip, each woman received several lashings before the Marquis made them lift their torso from the stand. As they still knelt, the Marquis placed a long board directly atop the bench and had each woman place their breasts directly upon the wooden top. He ordered them not to move as he placed a second board extending over the top of the women’s breasts. A long bolt was mounted on each end of the first board and went directly through an opening on the top boards. After securing the boards together, a piece of round metal wing nut that had the same threads as the bolts was attached.

The Marquis began to turn the nut of each bolt, forcing the two boards towards each other and tightening the wooden boards, squeezing the women’s breasts with each turn. The women began to moan as their tits began to flatten under the pressure of the “sandwich” boards. Unable to move, the women tried in vain to slightly twist their breasts to a more comfortable position. Admiring the trophy case of massive female flesh, the Marquis began to pull on each nipple, rolling the nipples in his fingers. After the nipples were long enough, he tied a thin piece of string around each nipple and attached the other end of the string to the board, further restricting the breasts from any movement.

The women were in misery as the pressure of the boards and tied nipples caused constant pain. Maggie and Marcie nearly forgot the plight of their husbands bound securely on a table before them. They watched as the Marquis approached each man and released each penis from captivity. The men’s penis sprang to attention with an enormous erection as their cocks escaped. The Marquis walked back towards the tortured women, “My fair ladies, you are about to share the most magnificent sexual experience of your life with your husbands.” The Marquis gently stroked Tina's breasts, “and you, my lady in waiting, will share your body with me.” Maggie glanced over to her daughter, fearful of what the Marquis may do to her.

The Marquis noticed Maggie’s expressions and walked towards her as the firsts to be freed. He slowly loosened the screw on the end of the board beside her and untied her nipple from the board. This loosened her bonds just enough she could get up from kneeling. The Marquis made her stand up and led her across the room to the table where the two husbands were bound. She was forced to climb on to the table and slowly lower herself on to Marks’ huge erection. A noose was placed around her neck and tightened just enough she could feel the rope slightly squeeze. “Please do not try to jump off, madam, as the rope would immediately tighten and ruin your glorious experience.” Maggie glanced upward and could see the rope led to another scaffold above her husband with an extremely large blade.

Marcie was next. She was freed from the “sandwich” board and similarly led to her husband’s side. She was directed to climb on the table and lower her nest on to Joe’s massive monument. Both ladies were positioned with hands tied behind their backs, their knees beside their husband’s hips and their husbands' cocks firmly planted inside. “Now I will provide you with explicit information regarding your final sexual experience with your mates. I have recently been advised that having intercourse as your oxygen intake is diminished tremendously enhances the climax. Though I have not personally experienced this apex, I wanted my dear married ladies to fully enjoy every last minute of your life. You see, the ropes around your neck are attached to the top framing of the wooden trestle holding a very sharp weighted blade directly over your husbands. Your noose will continue to tighten as you have intercourse with your husband. As you reach orgasm, the noose will continue to tighten until you reach your highest level of persona.”

The Marquis continued, “When you orgasm, you will most likely become unconscious from the lack of oxygen. As your body goes limp, it will pull on the rope, causing the rope to release the latch for the blade. The blade will quickly drop, pulling your noose and launching your body towards the ceiling, snapping your neck as you rise. Simultaneously, the blades will drop and your husbands will be beheaded. Thus, after enjoying spectacular sex, you will be killed when the weight of the blades drop to kill your husbands. What a magnificent ending to your lives.”

Tina, still trapped by the torturous breasts vice, could not believe what she was hearing. Her parents and her neighbors would be forced to have sex that would cause them to die. And what fate awaited her, alone with the Marquis De Sade?” She watched as the women began to feel the inner motion of their husbands, slowly at first, then a more rhythmic motion atop their husbands to excite and enjoy. The friction of each penis inside them launched their libido into full gear. The bounding of their bodies, the flopping of the massive tits. Each woman knew their fate, but couldn’t stop. The increased pressure of the noose heightened the sexual pleasure. A loud shrill muffled scream announced the climax was imminent.

Their bodies suddenly lurched high as each woman lurched high as they reached orgasm. Totally spent and unconscious, they dropped into a limp mass of sweaty human sex. Just as suddenly, the rope tightened around the women’s necks and each female body was launched into the ceiling releasing the shining blades to drop down. The women’s bodies flailed in the air as the blades dropped directly into the necks of the husbands. Tina let out a primal scream into her gag watching these horrors play out in front of her. Just as the blade sliced the neck of her father…

A sudden flash, everything went dark.

Tina opened her eyes. She was with her family and her neighbors in a large room. Everyone was together, dressed in the clothes they had on when they arrived. A door opened and Mr. Smith entered the room. “Well, I trust each of you were scared and horrified like never before.”

“Yeah, we had the living shit scared out of us!” yelled an upset Joe Leed.

Tina’s dad chimed in, “This place is horrible, I can’t believe the county allows you to stay open, you must break some kind of laws. This was way too real.”

Mr. Smith replied, “You have to understand Mr. Newsome, we have some very advanced technical experiences. Additionally, we add a very mild hallucinogen into the air to help your imagination expand. As each one of you was made into a holograph, we were able to get your very precise measurements as you changed.”

“Guess you did that to measure our tit sizes!” yelled Tina. “Let’s get the fuck out of here, Dad”.

As they made their way to the door, Mr. Smith began to laugh, a deep, haunting laugh that echoed throughout, sounding exactly like the Vincent Price laugh on the Michael Jackson album Thriller. Everyone ran to their cars and headed home.

“Tell you what mom, my boobs hurt.”

“Yeah, Tina, my tits are hurting too,” said Marcie.

“Don’t know about your boobs, but I have a hell of a headache and my neck is really sore.”

Meanwhile, Marcie Leeds turned to her husband Joe, “Boy, my tits are really hurting, I wonder what those bastards really did to us.

“I don’t know, but my neck is so sore I can hardly turn it. By the way, Marcie, when we get home, can you give me a blow job so I can see if you’re really a witch?”

Marcie turned and smacked Joe in the head, “Fuck you, Joe!”


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