Cassie's Curses

by ZTVFemdomtales

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Storycodes: F/f; bond; dream; mind-control; enclosed; coffin; majick; reluct; X

Jane has strange dreams about her new co-worker

Goth Curious

The girl knew not what caused her midnight stirrings. She only knew that when she awoke her nipples were hard and her pussy dripping. No matter how much work her fingers did they could not quench her. Why was she so fucking horny? Being as quiet as she could so as not to wake her roommate she climbed out of her bed.

She had to leave.


She didn’t know. She just had to go.


It was important. She would be there.

Who was ‘she’?

She didn’t know but only she could help her.

Shouldn’t she at least get dressed first? She was only wearing her bra and panties after all.

Yes, a little more presentation is necessary.


Just adding black pantyhose was not what she initially intended but fuck did it feel good. Satisfied she crept out the door and off into the night. She shivered as the night air kissed her bare skin. This was a mistake. She should just go back to bed. If she did that she wouldn’t meet her. Fuck! Who was she looking for?! Why?! What was wrong with her tonight? She hadn’t been paying a bit of attention to where she was walking and only just now realized she was on the very edge of campus, near the sorority houses.

Then there was the house she now found herself in front of. It was nothing like the others. Off the main street it is cast in shadow, a stark contrast to the cheerier houses around her. There was no lettering. The grass was overgrown. The wooden façade was crumbling. The house invited no one. It wanted no one. Yet it called to her. She slowly approached the front door. She did not knock. She just entered. She then locked herself in. Why had she done that? Down the hallway she crept. Till she reached an old bedroom. She let herself in.

The room was nicely decorated in black and white. There was no bed. Just a stark white coffin. On the lid of that coffin was a woman.

A woman she wanted to give her virginity to. A woman she wanted to devote her life to. The only problem was she couldn’t tell who it was before she woke up.

Jane sat bolt upright in bed. What a strange dream. She was naked and covered in sweat. God, it had been so real. As she climbed into the shower, she saw her bare feet were covered in dirt.


Classes dragged by. She tried to pay attention. She really did. All she ended up doing was checking out every girl’s foot as she walked by. It was no better at work. She toiled away at a local big box store in the lingerie department with the new girl Cassie.

The two of them had never spoken a word to each other. Jane hadn’t given Cassie much thought at all to be honest. Not till this day. Not till Cassie took her shoe & sock off to adjust it. Till Jane saw Cassie’s foot. The one from her dream. She ran right to her dorm and under the covers with her vibrator.

She fell asleep to this. This time, when she reached the coffin she saw not the woman’s foot but her plump, juicy ass.


God, she didn’t get much sleep that night either. Work was difficult too. How could she focus on serving burgers when she kept catching herself taking little peeks at Cassie’s ass? She had to stop this! No good. While cleaning a dressing room Cassie kept fidgeting with her pants.

“Goddess, these fucking things give me a wedgie.”

She yanked them down to adjust her thong. Jane got a full view of her ass. Again it was the plump juicy one from her dream. She ran. She had to run. She knew if she didn’t she would have shoved her face right into it. Masturbating herself to sleep that night brought the revelation she knew would be coming. The identity of her mystery woman.

There could be no shock. It was Cassie.

“Happy Birthday, Jane.”

She sat up in bed as the sun rose on her birthday.


She did her best to avoid Cassie. This was insane. How could she explain this? Was this attraction because of the dream or was she dreaming of Cassie because she was attracted to her. She didn’t want to figure that out at work. It lasted till she was heading out to her car that night.

“Happy Birthday, Jane.”

Gulping, she turned around.

“Thank you.”

“Are you into me?”

Jane stammered.

“Doesn’t matter. I say you are so you are.”


Cassie marched on Jane, grabbing her head and forcibly kissing her. Jane moaned and kissed back. All resistance had failed. Cassie slipped her free hand into the front of her shorts and her fingers into Jane’s pussy. Jane moaned as the sensations took over.

“I can’t wait to lock you in my coffin.”

With that she turned and left leaving a shocked Jane behind.


How did she know? Did she know? Did she really say that or did Jane just imagine it? It had been hours. So many hours. She had to know. She put on the same outfit from her dream and crept out of the dorm. She made her way to Sorority Row. At the end stood the old dark house. She took a deep breath and entered. She closed and locked the door. She made her way to the back. There she was. There was Cassie. She was on the coffin, licking a cupcake.

“Happy Birthday, Jane.”

“Thank you, Cassie.”

She opened the coffin.


“Will you lock me in?”

“Of course.”

Jane stepped forward.

“What if I don’t want you to?”

“I say you do so you do.”

“You keep saying that. I don’t know what it means.”

“Yes, you do. I own you.”

Jane laughed as she stepped closer.

“Excuse me?”

“Ever since the party.”

“Party? What party?”

“The Halloween party the other week.”

“When Libby brought in her hand servants?”

“That’s the one.”

“I don’t remember much about that night.”

“You were wasted. I tried to pick you up but you shot me down.”

“I did”

“So I cursed you.”

“You what?” Jane laughed again.

“I don’t like being denied what I want. So I brewed up a basic potion and injected it into your drink at work the next day.”

“What. What?”

This wasn’t funny anymore. Why was she wet?

“It synched your mind with mine when you slept. It let me slither in so I could tap into your sinful side and lure you here. To me.”


When had they become inches apart?

“So I can steal your virginity. Complete my ritual. Become a fully empowered witch. Bind your soul to mine to make you my sub bride. My familiar. My slave.”


“Strip. Get in. It’s time.”

Jane kissed Cassie as took her clothes off and climbed into the coffin. Cassie locked her in and began the ritual. Her campus coven was about to be born.


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