I Was Kidnapped by Lesbians from Neptune

by John Bannergram

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© Copyright 2021 - John Bannergram - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; F+/f+; fpov; bond; alien; scifi; latex; catsuit; chain; cuffs; collar; trick; slave; public; toys; gag; oral; kidnap; reluct; cons; X

Marcy was fumbling with her car keys when she first saw the women in silver. It had been a long day at the office, with little chance for fun. She had considered at least doing a simple Halloween costume for work, perhaps an Alice in Wonderland thing to suit her blond hair and blue eyes, but a dull morning meeting had forced her to dress professionally. However, as distracted as Marcy was by thoughts of her wretched day at work, she could hardly have failed to notice the two women making their way through the parking lot. 

Both of them were gorgeous, with long legs, pale skin and raven-black hair. They were very tall, and made even taller by their silver platform heels. Their party costumes consisted of silver catsuits that clung tightly to their bodies. Buckled around their waists were belts with pouches and retro-futuristic gadgets. One of the women had a circlet on her head that looked like the sci-fi equivalent of a crown.

“Wow, you really went all out for Halloween! You’re space aliens, right?”

The woman with the silver crown smiled at her. “We’re space lesbians. From the planet Neptune! I am Alpha, Queen of the Neptunian slave mistresses, and this is Beta, my loyal aide.”

Marcy tried desperately to keep from staring as she got a better look at “Alpha” and realized just how tight her catsuit was. It might as well have been painted on. Apparently, the Queen of Neptune didn’t believe in wearing a bra. Or panties. Marcy pulled herself away from visions of having Alpha’s long legs wrapped around her and made her introductions. With a touch of humor she pointed out, “Neptune’s a gas giant, isn’t it?”

“Well, we’re from one of the moons,” Alpha said. “We live in domed cities.”

“It’s really very dull,” Beta chimed in. “The space robots do all the work!”

“So, we’re here to abduct Earth women for our pleasure!” At this Alpha and Beta jingled some silvery chains for emphasis.

Marcy admired their ability to get into character. On the other hand, Alpha was admiring something else entirely. She licked her lips as her eyes moved from head to toe, with particular attention to Marcy’s ample breasts. “So, do you have any plans for Halloween?” 

Marcy sighed. “No, I didn’t manage to come up with anything this year.”

Alpha brightened at this. “We’re doing a bar crawl, why don’t you come with us?”

“That’s a great idea,” said Beta, “We could use the company. Tag along with us, it'll be fun!”

Marcy thought about the leftovers and reruns that awaited her. She was tempted. But her skirt and blouse weren’t exactly festive. “Thanks, but won’t it be awkward me not having a costume? The bars are all doing Halloween events.”

Alpha paused for a moment in thought. Her face lit up. “Hey, I know what we could do! We’re enslaving Earth girls, right? We were going to just wave these chains around at people while we talk about turning hot women into our slaves. But it’ll work even better if we have you be a girl that we’ve just caught. You keep on your outfit from work, we put some of these chains on you, and you writhe around in them and ham it up. Everyone will love us. Best Halloween ever.”

It did sound like a fun idea. Not to mention that it was an excuse to play at bondage with two beautiful women. “Ok, you talked me into it. I’m your alien abduction victim for the evening!”

Alpha perked up. “Great! Let’s get you chained up. Leave your blazer so that it won’t be in the way.”

Marcy took off her coat and tossed it in her car, then held out her arms. Alpha gave her a grin and attached some silver manacles to her wrists that were connected by a short chain. 

“That looks fantastic on you,” said Alpha, “You’re a natural born slavegirl if ever I saw one.”

Marcy looked down at herself. Alpha was right. The effect was terrific. Her office clothes were actually what made the whole thing work. The silver shackles contrasted with her white blouse and dark grey skirt, giving the impression that she had been taken by surprise and captured by the two “alien” women. The short chain held her wrists close together, so that every time she moved her hands she could feel her restraints. Marcy tested her shackles, her skirt straining to contain her hourglass figure as she struggled to free herself. She could picture herself on the cover of an old pulp magazine; a damsel in distress in the clutches of her silver-clad captors, no doubt destined for a life as a scantily-clad slavegirl on some far-off world.

At the same time, Marcy couldn’t help but notice that her Halloween outfit was not what she had had in mind. When she had agreed to Alpha’s idea, she had naturally assumed that she would be wearing some flimsy, easily removed accessories from a Halloween store. But the shackles that she had been locked in were far too sturdy for a mere costume prop. 

Marcy hesitated for a moment. When she had signed up for this, she hadn’t counted on being put in real bondage gear. Still, she thought to herself, there wasn’t any danger. It was Halloween night and there were plenty of people around. Besides, there really wasn’t anything sinister about the whole thing. Alpha and Beta seemed nice enough, like everyone else they probably just used things that they had lying around the house for their costumes. Which brought to mind an interesting possibility...

She gave a knowing grin to the two women. “I’m guessing you use these year-round, am I right?”

Beta winked at her. “You’ve got to keep your slaves locked up tight or they’ll walk all over you.”

This was going to be quite an evening.

Delilah’s Ale House

Alpha and Beta were great company, just what Marcy needed after a long day at work. Alpha did most of the talking, and Marcy caught her checking her out on several occasions, which she didn’t object to in the least. They both had an assertive air about them that, combined with the bondage equipment, made Marcy wonder if they were professional dommes. When they got to the bar, she found that the two women were great at talking up their costumes. Alpha and Beta would do some playacting about how they had come from Neptune to kidnap Earth women and turn them into their slaves, while Marcy played along and struggled in her chains while pleading for someone to save her from the space lesbians. Alpha had been right; their fellow bar patrons loved their little performances. Marcy had never felt so popular.

The walk to the bar had been almost as fun; in keeping with the theme of their costumes, Alpha and Beta spun tales of life on Neptune, all of which were ludicrously kinky. The two women seemed to be in a contest to see who could come up with the most outrageous stories. Marcy found herself playing along, and sharing some of her own fantasies too. Under most circumstances, Marcy wouldn’t have been comfortable being so open with two women that she had just met. But the free, easygoing attitudes of her new friends, combined with her growing arousal and the festive atmosphere of the Halloween crowds, made it feel natural for her to cut loose for once and enjoy herself. 

However, at one point a nasty and more practical thought occurred to Marcy. “Hey, you do have the keys to my shackles with you, right?”

Beta, who Marcy had found to have a wicked sense of humor, gave her best melodramatic cackle. “No, we threw them down the gutter. You’ll be stuck in our chains forever!”

Alpha laughed. “Don’t listen to her, they’re safe. The last thing I wanted to do was risk losing them somewhere while we’re bar hopping. I left the keys with our ride back at the parking lot. I’ll unlock you at the end of the evening.”

Marcy was relieved to hear that the two women were being careful with her keys. She didn’t relish the idea of having to explain to her boss why she had come to work wearing shackles! But a part of her paid more attention to the fact that she herself didn’t have access to her keys. That she would be Alpha’s prisoner for the rest of the evening, whether she liked it or not.

That thought gave Marcy a little tingle between her legs that never entirely went away. It certainly helped her playacting. The fact that she really had been locked in shackles made her feel submissive as hell, and when Alpha and Beta did their little routine about her being their newly caught slave, Marcy could barely conceal her excitement. But just when Marcy had almost gotten used to their performances, Alpha decided to change the script.

The Flatiron Tavern

“Slave, is it true that you tried to run away from my pleasure dome?”

Marcy tried not to smirk. She could play at being corny too. She gasped, “Oh, I don’t know what I was thinking, my queen! Don’t hand me over to the punishment robots! They’re so...cruel.

Alpha barely managed to suppress a laugh. “Very well. But I’ll have to make sure you don’t do it again. Get on your knees.”

Marcy frowned in confusion, but she followed Alpha’s lead and played along. Before she knew what was happening, Alpha had pushed her onto her belly. Marcy was so surprised that her struggles were genuine, but she was soon pinned to the barroom floor. Her squirming ceased as she felt Alpha’s weight settle on top of her. Marcy remembered that her new friend wasn’t wearing any underwear beneath her tight costume. She quivered as she realized that there was nothing between her and Alpha’s perfect body but a very thin catsuit...

She startled as she felt something snap shut around her ankles. After Alpha and Beta had pulled Marcy to her feet, she looked down and stood dumbfounded as she saw that she had manacles on her ankles that matched the ones on her wrists. She shook her legs, getting a feel for the heavy leg irons that had been added to her costume. Marcy looked up at Alpha, still dazed by the suddenness of the whole thing. Alpha pulled on the chain between her wrists and smiled.

“You can’t escape from me, little slave.”

The crowd ate it up, and there were several competing offers to pay for their drinks. But Marcy was a little uneasy about the extra bondage, and that Alpha and Beta hadn’t talked to her about it first. She also wasn’t sure how practical leg irons were for a bar crawl; the short chain connecting her ankles forced her to walk in slow, shuffling steps, like a prisoner being led to her cell. On the other hand, she could hardly complain about being pinned down and taken captive by a woman with the face of a runway model and the body of an Olympic track star! It was true that ordinarily Marcy wouldn’t have felt comfortable engaging in that kind of scene in public, but the wild, party-like atmosphere and sexy costumes that everyone around her was wearing made her feel uncharacteristically daring. 

By the time they had begun their walk to the next bar, Marcy had forgotten her reticence and was having fun again. She eventually got the hang of her leg irons, and Alpha and Beta helped her along when she stumbled. Alpha hooked her arm through Marcy’s under the guise of helping her to walk, and used the opportunity to whisper lovely, kinky thoughts into her ear.

“Feel those chains. You’d like being my slave, wouldn’t you? Being locked up tight, and unable to get away. Knowing that no matter how much you beg, you’ll never be set free. That your only purpose in life is to serve as my plaything. Never knowing if you’ll even be permitted to stand...or made to crawl on your hands and knees...”

Alpha’s little fantasies made Marcy so aroused that she found it difficult to concentrate. She became more and more certain that the two women were professional dommes. They were certainly effective at dominating her! It was the most exciting evening that Marcy had had in a long time. However, being clapped in irons was nothing compared with what happened at the next bar, where her costume received another unexpected addition.

The Thirsty Dog

A woman in a sexy bunny costume was getting all the attention at the place they were at. Marcy looked on in envy. She wasn’t interested in the douchey guys that were hitting on her (in fact, she wasn’t interested in guys at all), but Miss Bunny was definitely the life of the party, and Marcy had gotten used to sharing the limelight with her new friends. 

Her two companions were apparently thinking the same thing. Marcy started as Alpha grabbed hold of her chain and pulled her towards her. Alpha whispered in her ear, “They want a show? We’ll give them a show. Just play along.”

“Stop, Earth female,” she shouted in a melodramatic voice, “I, Alpha, Queen of Neptune have decided to claim you as my own!”

Some of the bar patrons clapped.

Marcy gasped and did her best to look horrified. “No, no, please let me go! What will become of me? You’re not going to...probe me, are you?”

That earned some laughter from the crowd, but Alpha took it in stride.

“Probing is from Mars. Lesbian slave mistresses are from Neptune! I’ll take you back to my palace where you will spend the rest of your days. Gratifying my every whim. Begging for my caresses. Satisfying my every desire. Your body will serve as a toy for my pleasure.”

The crowd was getting into it. Marcy was too. “Please, no! Don’t abduct me! I...please be gentle.”

Alpha pulled out one of the props from her belt. A silver collar. Something made the hairs on the back of Marcy’s neck stand up. Suddenly, this didn’t feel like playacting. Alpha loomed over her chained captive. She had a hungry, predatory look on her face, like a great cat who had just spotted her favorite prey. It occurred to Marcy that the heavy shackles on her legs made it impossible for her to run.

She tried to break away, but Alpha had a firm grip on her chain. Alpha yanked Marcy towards her, and closed the collar around her neck with a loud click that seemed to echo in her ears. Alpha hooked her finger through the ring on the front of the collar and pulled, so that their lips were almost touching. Marcy quivered. It was all true. She had been caught, and her body was no longer her own. Marcy looked up helplessly at her new mistress and waited to learn her fate.

“You’re mine.”

The drunken cheering from the bar patrons brought Marcy out of her trance. She felt like a fool. For a moment she had fancied herself as Alpha’s captive rather than someone taking part in a silly Halloween stunt. Still, it had probably made for a better performance. She hoped that Alpha and Beta weren’t able to tell how turned on she had been by being collared. A thrill of excitement ran through her as she remembered that the keys for her bondage were back at the parking lot. She was going to spend the rest of the evening wearing a slave collar that Alpha had locked around her neck.

Alpha kissed Marcy on the cheek. “You were great. A natural-born Neptunian slavegirl if I ever saw one.” 

“Thank you, Mistress.” 

Marcy’s face turned red as she realized what she had just said. She was getting way too into this. Hopefully she could pass it off as a joke.

“I guess I’ll have to add ‘alien slave girl’ to my resume,” she said with a smile.

Beta laughed. “Want me to take a new profile pic for the career sites?”

But regardless of their jokes, something had clearly changed between Alpha and Marcy. Alpha no longer bothered to ask Marcy where she wanted to go, she simply announced her decision and led her captive to the next bar. As they walked down the sidewalk, Alpha kept her hand firmly on the chain connecting Marcy’s wrists, as if she was claiming her as her own...or keeping her from escaping. She kept up her whispers as they walked to the next bar, still spinning a web of fantasies.

“It’s done now, my lovely slave. The sun has set on your last day as a free woman. You’ve got my collar locked around your neck, and it’s not coming off. Not ever. You’ll look so pretty in my throne room. Of course, I’ll have to train you. To make sure that you know to submit to me in all things...and how best to offer me the pleasures of your body. But I’m sure you’ll enjoy that just as much as I will.”

Getting chained up and collared and led around by a beautiful woman played to all of Marcy’s submissive fantasies, and so far, Alpha’s promise of “the best Halloween ever” had definitely been met. She was having fun. But at the same time, just as Alpha had become more dominant, Marcy felt more and more like a slave.

Although their shows might have been pretend, the collar that had been placed around Marcy’s neck was very real. It must have used a magnetic lock, because she couldn’t find a keyhole, a hinge, or even a seam. Just a perfect, unbroken band of silver, with a ring on the front so that she could be led, or perhaps chained to a dungeon floor to await her mistress’s return.

Marcy was never able to forget she had no way to remove her collar. It was there to stay, until Alpha decided to unlock her. Until Alpha had been convinced to unlock her. Little fantasies of her own kept creeping into her head. What if Alpha was reluctant to let her go? What if she made her kneel? What if she made her beg? Marcy’s thoughts were filled with visions of herself groveling before Alpha as her mistress dangled the keys to her chains just out of reach. Marcy knew that this was just a game, and that she was only wearing a costume. But it was becoming increasingly hard to keep her daydreams at bay. 

Marcy decided that part of it was the playacting that they were doing. Every time that she pretended to be Alpha’s slavegirl, the role seemed more real to her. As if she was being trained through repetition. It seemed natural to submit. Natural to obey. Natural to see Alpha not as a new friend or potential lover, but as a silver-clad goddess who had claimed her as her property.

The Lone Oyster

Marcy was so engrossed in her fantasies about Alpha that it wasn’t until they reached the next bar that she noticed that Beta wasn’t with them. “Hey, where’s your friend?”

Alpha shrugged. “We’re going to meet up later on. Beta saw a girl that she liked the looks of. I imagine there’ll be one more slave to keep you company on the trip back to Neptune.”

Marcy rolled her eyes. She was tempted to ask how Beta had known that the girl was into her. But knowing Alpha, she’d probably spin her a tale about having a Space Lesbomatic on her utility belt that could detect kinky lesbians at 50 paces.

Still, she could hardly complain about her companion’s stories. It may have been a cheesy gimmick, but Alpha’s space domme act was definitely turning her on. However, during their next round of playacting the game started going a little far. 

Alpha frowned in disapproval as they waited at the bar for their drinks. “Come here, slave.”

Even though this was just part of the act, Marcy felt vaguely uncomfortable. As if she’d been bad, and that her mistress might...punish her. Visions of being put over Alpha’s knee and spanked right there in the middle of the bar leapt into her head. 

Marcy gave her best attempt at a curtsy.

“What is it, my queen? How may I please you?”

Without warning Alpha plunged her hand down Marcy’s waistband and curled her fingers around her pussy.

“Hey! Watch where you’re touching me!”

“I can touch you wherever I like. Your body is mine, remember? My property. My...toy.” 

Alpha pulled her hand out. Then, quite slowly, she gave her finger a lick.

“As I thought. Wet. You Earth girls have no self-control.”

Marcy’s face turned red as she realized that she really was that horny and that Alpha’s finger probably was wet. And that this was all happening in public. “I-”

“Have you been pleasuring yourself without your mistress’s permission?”

“What?!? No, I…” Marcy trailed off as she remembered that in the last bar, she had used the restroom and that she had played with herself. Just a bit, after Alpha had locked the collar onto her. She looked down at the floor in embarrassment as she heard some laughter from the drunken crowd.

“Your sex, like everything else about you, belongs to me. I decide when you are allowed to touch yourself...or to cum.”

This was a step too far, especially in public. But somehow Marcy couldn’t bring herself to say so. Part of it was that she was flustered from having her behavior called out in front of the crowd. But most of it was that, performance or not, her role as Alpha’s pleasure slave didn’t feel pretend. Her mistress towered over her, every inch the domme, her every word an irresistible command. Marcy’s shackles were heavy against her limbs, and she could feel the embrace of her owner’s collar around her neck. Arguing with her mistress seemed unthinkable.

Alpha took a long chain from her belt and used it to attach Marcy’s wrist and ankle shackles to her collar. Marcy strained against her chains, realizing that she could no longer move her hands below her waist.

“Hey, you can’t just...”

“There. No more touching yourself. You’re going to be a good girl, aren’t you?” Alpha reached for Marcy’s blouse and pinched her breast, making her squeal.

“Ahhh! I...yes, Mistress.”

Marcy tried to tell herself that this was just part of the game. A daring Halloween stunt. The appreciative bar patrons certainly treated it that way. But there was no denying that she was falling deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. Her aching pussy was a constant reminder that she had been forcibly prevented from touching herself, that control of her own body had been taken away from her. Her wrist shackles were fastened to her new chain, limiting her movements to the point where it was a struggle even to move her hands far enough away from her waist to reach her drink. The chain was too short to allow Marcy to stand up straight, making her feel like a slave cowering before her mistress. 

Marcy and Alpha sat down side by side at a table and watched the other customers in their costumes. Marcy was glad to have a chance to collect her thoughts after what had just happened. Now that they’d stopped their playacting, she was able to be a bit more rational. Her scenes with Alpha were becoming pretty intense, and they were both getting a little too into this. Maybe it was time to call it a night.

“You know,” said Marcy, “it’s been fun, but I really need to go. I have to be at work tomorrow.”

She had meant to be matter-of-fact about it, but somehow she ended up sounding like she was asking the other woman’s permission to leave. As Alpha stared down at her, Marcy couldn’t help feeling like a prisoner standing before a judge, waiting to see if she would be allowed her freedom or remain in chains.

But when Alpha finally spoke, she didn’t say yes or no to Marcy’s plea. Instead, she met her request with the patient smile of a benevolent monarch who was about to explain something to a foolish peasant.

“I’m going to guess that you’re the kind of person who’s never late for work. Am I right?”

Marcy frowned. “I suppose so.”

“That’s perfect then! No one’s going to think that you’re goofing off if you’re very late just this once. You can show up at noon and everyone will assume that since it’s dependable, nose-to-the-grindstone Marcy, there must be a good reason. They’ll never guess that it’s because you were busy being my slave, all nice and submissive and helpless. 

Marcy’s eyes widened. “But…”

They’ll never guess that Marcy spent the night in my chains, unable to free herself...will they?”

“I...I just…”

“They’d never imagine that hard-working, sensible Marcy had to be put in extra bondage because being my slave made her so excited that she couldn’t stop touching herself, would they?”

Marcy’s face flushed. “I…”

Alpha reached under the table and stroked the inside of Marcy’s thigh, making her gasp. “And you don’t want to stop now, do you? Not when you’re having the best Halloween ever.”

Marcy struggled to regain her composure. “I...I guess not....Mistress.”

The two women smiled at each other. Alpha gave Marcy’s leg a little pinch. “That’s more like it.”

I didn’t really want to go home anyway, thought Marcy. So why does it feel like there was a battle and I lost?

Perhaps if she did something that wasn’t kinky it would help to clear her head. “I’ll be right back. I’m going to check out that apple bobbing contest that they’re doing over there.”

“No, you’re going to stay here and amuse me like a good little slave.” Alpha didn’t sound angry, just matter of fact. The queen had said no to a plea from her groveling subject. Purely for her own good, of course.

Marcy sighed. This was getting ridiculous. She started to get up, only for Alpha to grab her by her belt. Before Marcy knew it, Alpha had dragged her onto her lap.

“Have you forgotten whose collar is locked around your pretty neck?” she growled into her ear.

Marcy quailed. “No, Mistress.” 

“Let’s keep it that way.”

Marcy struggled and squirmed, but Alpha pulled on her chains like she was a puppet on a string, denying her any freedom of movement with ease. Marcy winced as she saw the people at the other tables staring at them. But although her unintentional performance might have been sexy, in a crowd full of drunken people celebrating Halloween it wasn’t all that strange.

Quite suddenly Marcy realized just how helpless she was. She was chained up and being held captive by a woman that she didn’t really know. It occurred to her that if she were to cry for help, no one would listen. Everyone would think that it was just part of the alien slavegirl act. She was in a crowded bar, surrounded by people, but there was absolutely nothing that she could say or do that would convince any of them that she actually wanted to be freed.

But did she want to be freed? 

Well, not just yet, at least. It was Halloween, and Marcy was having too much fun to stop now. Besides, it wasn’t as if Alpha had actually done anything wrong. Not really. She did get carried away sometimes, but at the end of the day, she was just having a good time playing the domme, in the same way that Marcy was enjoying being the sub. 

But Marcy soon had other things to think about. Alpha took from her belt a little silver ball that shined like a pearl and began to twirl it through her long fingers with amazing dexterity.

Marcy laughed. “Neat trick. What do you do with that? Phone home?”


With lightning speed, Alpha snaked her hand under Marcy’s skirt and panties and pushed the pearl deep inside of her. Marcy gasped as the little ball settled into place.

Alpha winked at her. “Just something to make your night a little more interesting.”

Marcy struggled to remove the intruder from her crotch, only to find that her chains kept it just out of reach. “Alpha, you should have asked me before...uhh.”

As Marcy wriggled around on Alpha’s lap, the pearl moved inside of her, producing sensations that were indescribable. “I...uhh...I didn’t...tell you...you should have asked...umm…”

Alpha smiled at her. “You mean you don’t want to feel good?”

Marcy struggled to concentrate. She had to stay perfectly still. Even the slightest movement was enough to trigger the vibrations in her crotch. “I well...I...of course I do...but…uhhhhhh...”

She let out a moan as Alpha pulled on her chains, causing her position, and the pearl, to shift. “I thought you’d like it! Well, since you’re enjoying your toy so much, I’ll let you keep it in for now. After all, I wouldn’t dream of depriving my pretty slave of pleasure…”

By the time they left, all pretenses that Marcy was still capable of asserting herself were gone. She shuffled in her chains, following without question as her Halloween mistress led her down the sidewalk. Every so often Marcy would reach toward her crotch to adjust the pearl only to be stopped by her chain. She wasn’t able to touch herself anymore...because her mistress wouldn’t let her. The pearl moved with every footstep, distracting her to the point where she barely noticed where they were or where they were going. Only two things mattered; the sensations brought on by her pearl, and Alpha’s voice.

“Doesn’t my little gift feel good? It’s teaching you, you know. It’s telling you that you don’t need to think. That what you can feel is all that matters. That you’re made for pleasure. That you don’t really want me to take that collar off. That you want nothing more than to be my devoted slave. Of course, we’re going to have to get rid of those clothes of yours,” Alpha purred into her ear. “In fact, I think I’ll cut them right off of your lovely body. Won’t that be nice? Being naked and helpless?”

Marcy shook her head to try to clear her thoughts, but it did no good. She had been careful to pace herself. She wasn’t drunk from the drinks that she had sipped on. Marcy was drunk on lust, on the games that she had played and on the fantasies that had been poured into her ears. Alpha didn’t bother to tell her where they were headed, she just pulled on Marcy’s chains, leading her to wherever she had decided that they should go. There was nothing for Marcy to do but follow, and to wait and see what her mistress had in store for her next.

The Needy Kitty

They ran into Beta at the last bar before the neighborhood gave way to closed up office buildings and darkened storefronts. She was with a beautiful Asian girl dressed in business casual named Julie. Beta had been hard at work; Julie wore a silver collar and leash and her hands were shackled behind her back. Beta had to speak for her since Julie also had a silver colored ball gag stuffed in her mouth. She gave little noises from time to time and looked like she was still trying to decide if being gagged was hot or annoying. Either way, she seemed pretty into Beta, and gave no sign that she objected to being at the end of her leash.

Now that Marcy was sitting down and the pearl had stopped teasing her, her head had cleared enough for her to relax. As she sipped on her drink, she stared in fascination at Julie’s ballgag. She’d never seen one like it. There was no sign of a strap or a buckle, yet Julie seemed unable to push it out. It was also permeable in some way; at one point Beta got Julie a drink and pushed the straw into the gag, allowing her to sip through it.

“I’ve never seen a ball gag like that,” said Marcy. “It looks amazing.”

Alpha gave her a mischievous smile. “Want to try it?”

Marcy hesitated for a moment. Her voice was all that she had left. Being gagged would put her entirely at Alpha’s mercy. On the other hand, she was already in heavy bondage with some kind of high-tech vibrator stuffed in her crotch. A gag wouldn’t make that much difference. Besides, it was Halloween. Why not have a little fun? 

It wasn’t the best argument in the world. But Marcy had reached the point where she wasn’t looking for arguments. She was looking for excuses.

“Ok...Mistress. Do you have another gag for me?”

“Oh, I’ve got something much better in mind for my Halloween slavegirl,” said Alpha. “Open wide.”

As Marcy opened her mouth, Alpha pushed her and Julie together so that her lips rested on Julie’s gag. The moment that her lips touched the ballgag, it expanded, filling her mouth and trapping the two slavegirls in an endless kiss. Marcy quickly discovered that although it was perfectly comfortable, the size and shape of the gag made it impossible for her to free herself. She couldn’t produce anything even remotely resembling human speech; every time she tried to talk, the gag muffled her voice into little squeaks that only made her feel more submissive, as if she was something small and meek that belonged in a cage.

I must have been right about these two being professional dommes, Marcy thought to herself. This gag must have cost a fortune.

Then she became preoccupied with other thoughts. The gag that she and Julie shared had some kind of sweet syrup soaked into it that lingered on her tongue. Marcy found it impossible not to want more, to keep from sucking and licking the intruder in her mouth to get every last drop. Whatever the liquid was, it made her feel warm and tingly all over, and created a fire between her legs that excited her. Every time she shifted her position to suck on her gag, the pearl in her crotch moved inside of her, intensifying her desires. Marcy was vaguely aware that several of the other customers at the bar were staring at them in undisguised lust, but that didn’t seem to matter right now. She and Julie made sucking motions with their mouths that were increasingly erotic, punctuated with little moans of pleasure. 

Marcy barely noticed as Alpha and Beta watched on in amusement.

“I like yours,” said Alpha as she sipped her drink.

Beta’s face lit up. “I know. Isn’t she gorgeous? She took to her gag really well too."

“I know what you mean. Mine’s a natural. She was made for this.”

Marcy and Julie sighed in unison, their eyes half-closed.

“Aww, just look at them. They’re so cute together,” said Beta.

Alpha smiled. “It seems a shame to put a stop to it. But it’s getting late and we’ve got to get back to the parking lot.”

“Come on, you don’t want to break this up any more than I do. We still have a little time.”

Alpha’s smile widened. “True. But we’ve come to the best part of the evening, and I certainly don’t want to rush that.”

Alpha pulled Marcy away from the gag, freeing her mouth. Marcy was a little dazed. She wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or sorry that it was over. When she came to her senses, she found that Alpha had led her to a storage room in the back of the bar. Alpha pushed her against the wall and gave her a long, deep kiss. Marcy looked up at her and smiled.

“How many Neptunian agents do you have on our planet, engaging in your vile schemes to corrupt the virtue of our women?”

Alpha shoved her to the floor and stripped off her catsuit, revealing her flawless body. She lay on top of Marcy and grinned. “How many agents? 69.”

Of course, thought Marcy. Ask a silly question...

It was her last coherent thought for some time.

As Marcy struggled to her feet afterwards, she took stock of her situation. She was able to think a little more clearly now that she no longer had the pearl in her. Alpha had used her tongue to retrieve it, which had been an unforgettable experience. Marcy thought back on the events of the evening. She didn’t have any regrets. But at the same time, Alpha’s dominant attitude and her ability to always keep Marcy just off balance had caused the night to drift farther and farther out of her control.

She had begun by agreeing to wear some silly Halloween props, and in the end had found herself sleeping with a strange woman who had put her in heavy bondage and who had locked a slave collar around her neck. Marcy wasn’t the kind of person to have sex with someone that she had just met, let alone let them put her in chains, but it had all happened so smoothly and so naturally that she had barely questioned any of it. As Alpha put her costume back on and rose to her feet, Marcy opened her mouth, only to realize that she wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted to say. Before she could speak, she heard a loud click. Marcy looked down to see that a silver chain was attached to her collar. She had been leashed

Alpha smiled and put her finger across Marcy’s lips. “Shhh. You were wonderful. Just wonderful. But slaves should be seen and not heard.”

Marcy didn’t know how to respond to that, and she felt too submissive to try. The combination of post-sex glow and Alpha’s dominant nature made her obedient and pliable. She remained silent as her mistress led her by her leash back to the bar. They met up with Beta and Julie in the hall, and from the looks on their faces, Marcy could guess what they’d been up to. Julie had her gag in her mouth, but she looked like she’d been caught in a thoroughly enjoyable tornado. Her clothes were askew and judging from the outlines of her breasts beneath her blouse, her bra had gone missing. Not that Marcy was in any position to talk; the slight draft in the hallway made her realize that Alpha had never given her her panties back.

“Well,” said Alpha with a smile, “I think that was as good a Halloween as anyone has a right to expect. Shall we head back to the parking lot? I think it’s long past time for our slavegirls to be asleep in their cages.”

The Voyage Home

It had been an amazing evening, and Marcy was sorry to see it end. Soon they’d be back at the parking lot and Alpha would unlock her chains so that she could go home. Her domme for the evening was right though, it was getting late. But in spite of the fact that the adventure was almost over, Marcy still felt like a captive. Alpha and Beta walked side by side with their slaves’ leashes in their hands like hunters returning with their trophies. Meanwhile, Marcy and Julie trailed obediently behind them, wearing the slave collars that had been locked around their necks. Marcy shuffled behind her mistress in her shackles and leg irons while Julie, still gagged and unable to speak, walked with her hands chained behind her back, her nipples clearly visible through her blouse. 

The night’s festivities over, the four women returned to the parking lot. Alpha and Beta led their subs through the rows of cars until they had reached a group of empty spaces in the center of the lot. The women in silver stood waiting, with their slaves’ leashes in their hands, as if they were expecting someone.

As they waited, Beta wrapped her arm around Julie’s waist and looked at Alpha with the beseeching expression of a girl asking if she could keep a stray puppy. “Let’s not put them in the shared pool for the palace along with the other slaves. Mine’s pretty and I want her.”

“That’s the best idea I’ve heard all night. In fact, I’ve already decided to keep this one,” Alpha said as she gave Marcy’s breast a little squeeze. “She’s simply delightful. As if she had been made for me. I’m going to have her fitted to my bed-chains on our return.”

Beta smiled and turned to Julie. “Did you hear that? You’re going to get to be my toy. I’ll have to get you lots of nice things to wear.”

Julie rolled her eyes and moaned through her gag as Beta reached her hand around her crotch and gave a gentle squeeze.

Beta turned to Alpha, her hand still questing between Julie’s legs. “So, what about you? Are you getting her a new wardrobe?”

“No, I don’t think so.” Alpha said thoughtfully. “As I was saying earlier, I think a body like hers needs to be shown off...and easily accessible. I’m not going to allow her to wear clothing.”

Alpha turned to Marcy. “I think you’ll like that. Having me take all of those silly clothes away from you. Watching as I throw them all away, knowing that you’re going to spend the rest of your life completely naked. I don’t intend to let you have so much as a pair of panties. I know exactly what you’re meant to be...what you need to be. My willing slave, with your body on display and my collar permanently sealed around your neck. You’ll make a lovely addition to my throne room...and my bedchamber.”

Marcy fought through her visions of being kept collared and naked and tried to focus on practicalities. “Ladies, can we quit it with the alien stuff? Where’s your car? It’s been a wonderful evening and I enjoyed every minute of it, but it’s getting late. I’ve got work in the morning and you still need to get these shackles off of us.”

Alpha wrapped Marcy’s leash around her hand. “My car? Aren’t we a funny little slave. There isn’t any car, my dear.”

With a thrill of fear Marcy realized that the lot was deserted. She and Julie were alone with two complete strangers that had them chained up and entirely at their mercy. She could hear Julie trying desperately to speak, but the gag made her sound like a frightened mouse. Marcy looked up at Alpha as she strained against the pull of her leash. “What...what are you talking about?”

A great, dark shape loomed silently overhead, blocking out the stars. Marcy gasped as a light as bright as the noonday sun shone down from above. A few scraps of litter began to float into the air, as if they were falling up.

Alpha smiled and traced a circle around Marcy’s nipple with her finger while her other hand kept a tight grip on her captive’s leash. “Let’s just say you won’t have to worry about calling in late for work tomorrow.”

The four women vanished with the light, leaving behind an empty lot beneath a sea of stars.

5.16 Earth years later and 2.7 billion miles away...

The winds were terrible as they howled past the great dome. The view was nice though. Streamers of colored gas played through the thin atmosphere, while Neptune loomed above in all its glory against a backdrop of stars. Pretty as it all was, Marcy had something more absorbing to attract her attention today.

She lay on a pile of cushions at her mistress’s feet, naked apart from her collar and piercings. As was so often the case, her collar had been chained to Alpha’s throne. The queen preferred to keep her slave close at hand. Like a goblet of fine wine, Marcy thought to herself. She liked the analogy. A vessel of pleasure, ready and waiting to satisfy her mistress’s every desire. At any moment Alpha might choose to play with her breasts, or give her a nice spanking, or, best of all, haul her onto the throne and take her, as she had that morning.

Marcy’s position gave her a good view of the throne room. The other Earth women, most of them scantily-clad, attended their mistresses or writhed about on display in glass cages that were on the pedestals scattered around the room. Marcy looked on with great interest. Halloween was two months ago and the new arrivals had just come in. She always enjoyed getting to know the new girls.

Marcy noticed to her amusement that one of them kept running her fingers over her collar, as if she was trying to find a seam. Their collars had no seams, or keyholes. Once a collar had been locked around an Earth girl’s neck, it was there to stay, and so were you. Many of the girls looked tired from their long trip. Marcy certainly had been; her mistress had distracted her from the shock of her sudden and unexpected career change by introducing her to several activities on the way home that she was sure had not been discovered by Earth lesbians.

Of course, Alpha had also used the trip to train her newly caught slave. She knew everything there was to know about training slavegirls, and she had an endless variety of tools at her disposal. There had been hoods and sleepsacks to teach her slave dependency. There had been leashes of all kinds. There had been chains without number, and things that Marcy didn’t have names for. But above all, there had been Alpha herself, who dominated Marcy by pure force of will with the greatest of ease, as she had since the beginning, and who always knew how to tempt her slave with her own hidden desires. Marcy was putty in her hands, and she soon had little desire to be anything else.

Whenever Alpha was busy, Marcy had been kept gagged and chained to Julie, which was almost as exhausting as her training. Julie had responded equally well to her own education, and as a result they were both insatiable. Chained together and unable to speak, there was nothing for them to do but explore each other’s bodies. In a sense that was part of their training too, an opportunity to practice what they had learned from their mistresses. If it was practice, then it must have worked; when it came to her new slave, Alpha’s skill as a lover was matched only by her appetites. By journey’s end Marcy had been thoroughly worn out...and thoroughly tame. She’d slept well her first night in her mistress’s bed, in spite of her newly-fitted chains.

Marcy could pick out the new slaves that had been misbehaving from the slight waddle that their punishment plugs gave them. Mistress had never had to plug her; it was a point of pride for Marcy that she had taken so quickly to her training. By now she had become so accustomed to her new life that she doubted that she could sleep in a bed that she wasn’t chained to. Alpha always said that she was a natural born slave. It wasn’t a conventional sort of compliment, but Marcy would take what she could get. Or, as her old life coach on Earth might have said, if you’re going to be the love slave of an alien queen, be the best love slave of an alien queen that you can be.

Of course, Marcy thought to herself, the Mistresses were selective when they hunted. They didn’t pick just anybody. As a result, most of the new arrivals were adapting quite well. In fact, some of the more excitable girls kept moving their hands towards their crotches, only to remember that they weren’t allowed to do that. Still, a few of them did look like they could use a bit more training. One of them even had a chastity belt locked around her waist that she kept trying to squeeze her fingers under.

Marcy tried not to laugh. That was one to watch; the Mistresses rarely put a girl in chastity unless she was totally unable to control herself. Oh well, once she learned not to touch herself without asking permission she’d fit right in. Marcy smiled as she thought about Alpha’s conquests of her body. If there was one thing that was never in short supply here, it was pleasure.

Beta made her way through the opulent throne room and smiled in greeting. As usual, she had Julie’s leash in her hand. Today Beta had dressed her slave in a pair of tight silver panties with an open crotch. Julie had her ball-gag in her mouth, and seemed to be trying to explain something to her mistress using a series of tiny squeaks that Marcy couldn’t even begin to understand. Marcy waved at her fellow slavegirl, who responded with a wink. They’d had a nice session yesterday when they’d been chained together in one of the glass cages.

“Hello, Beta. Has your girl been getting into mischief again?” asked Alpha.

Beta laughed and gave Julie’s ass an affectionate tap. “I don’t think she’s done anything. But you know how I love the little noises she makes when she’s got her gag in. Besides, these Earth girls need some restraint to keep them happy.” 

Alpha smiled. “That’s true enough. They must have been just miserable before we collared them. Poor things. Why, my Marcy often went for an entire day without having a single orgasm, and she never got the three-a-day that a slavegirl needs to stay healthy. It’s lucky that we came along. They’re such tame little creatures, and so much happier as our playthings.”

As if to illustrate, Alpha extended one of her bare feet in the direction of her slave. The silvery bells on Marcy’s nipples and clit tinkled softly as she kissed her queen’s foot. She sighed in contentment, overjoyed at the opportunity to worship her mistress’s divine body. 

“I couldn't imagine a better place for Marcy,” continued Alpha, “than my bed.” 

“I know what you mean,” said Beta, “mine’s just perfect. I’m so glad I caught her.”

Alpha gazed down fondly at Marcy. “Yes, we did make some good catches.” 

She pulled down a zipper in her catsuit, revealing her crotch. As Marcy obediently crawled between her mistress’s legs and began to lick, Alpha gave her a smile that was a promise of the delights to come.

“Best Halloween ever.”


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