The Screaming Tree

by The Technician

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Storycodes: M/f; supernatural; sex; naked; outdoors; sex; oral; anal; bond; rope; cons; XX

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There is a very old, mysterious tree in Mystery’s town park.

Tracey asks her boyfriend to participate with her in an ancient Halloween ritual which takes place in Mystery Park.

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The town of Mystery sits in the middle of a valley of extremely good farmland. Nowhere else in the area has such bountiful crops. And no other town in the area has such a large park located right in the middle of town. It is almost as if the town of Mystery grew up around the park.

The lush grasses and wildflowers of Mystery Park make it a great place for picnics and impromptu sports. Sometimes lovers come into the park after dark to take advantage of the soft, thick fields of grass and the ability to hide, if necessary, behind the many trees which form a grove in the very center of the park. Almost every day amateur photographers come to the park to take pictures of the wildflowers, the occasional animals who wander by and, of course, “The Screaming Tree.”

The Screaming Tree stands in the very center of the grove surrounded by a wide belt of grass and wildflowers. Local myths and stories say that only certain people can hear the tree scream, but everyone can see its mouth and its upraised arms. The mouth wide open in a primal scream and the two branches that raise up like arms are easily seen even in photographs.

I found out about the town of Mystery and the Screaming Tree in the center of Mystery Park from my girlfriend, Tracy. She’s a local. When she first told me about the tree she said, “If you ask someone how long the park has been there, they will look left and then right almost fearfully and finally say ‘Since before the town.’”

When I asked about the tree she said, “If you ask ‘How long has that tree been there?’ they will again look left and then right as if afraid of who might overhear them and answer very softly, ‘Since before the park’”

I said “Hmmm” and nodded and she continued, “The thing which no one talks about, even after looking left and right, is the annual Halloween ritual in the park on Halloween night.”

I looked over at her. She was trembling as if very afraid. She spoke in a very soft and trembling voice, “If you ask, ‘How long has the Halloween ritual been done’ you had better have asked when you are both alone in a quiet place because whoever you ask will turn very pale and perhaps even begin to quiver with fright. They will look left and then right and then left again and then right again. After that they will look at you blankly as if you hadn’t asked the forbidden question.”

It was shortly before Halloween. I was in town to visit Tracy and was staying for a few days. It was morning and we had just made love. Rather than snuggling in tightly like she normally did after sex, Tracy sat up cross-legged on the bed and stared at me.

I was distracted at first by her gaping cunt which was directly facing me, but then I realized that something was wrong. I asked the obvious question, “What’s wrong?”

She continued to stare at me with wide open, fearful eyes and then she said in a somewhat hoarse whisper, “I have to go to the ritual this year. I want you… no, I need you to come with me.”

We were alone in my bed, so I asked the forbidden question, “How long has this Halloween ritual been done?”

She turned pale and her trembling became almost a shaking. She looked left and then right and then even up at the ceiling to make sure that we were truly alone. She hugged herself as if she were afraid that she would come totally apart and then whispered very softly, “Since before the tree started screaming.”

We stayed staring at each other for what seemed like forever. Then I asked, “What would I have to do?” I was trying to sound matter of fact, but my voice seemed a little off even to me.

“Nothing that we haven’t done before,” she said with a forced smile. “Except the last part, and we’ve done that, just not in that way.”

“Are you going to explain this ritual, or do I have to guess what I am supposed to do?” I asked.

I tried not to show my frustration. Sometimes Tracey has a way of speaking words without really conveying any information, but I sensed that this was somehow different. This wasn’t just her normal, irritating, female way of speaking. She was afraid to tell me exactly what would be going on.

We once again stared at each other for what seemed like a very long time. Then she said softly, “The Wise Woman will direct the ritual. All you have to do is follow her commands.”

“Ooookayyyy” I said slowly. Then I asked, “Who is this Wise Woman?”

“No one knows,” Tracey said in a soft, staccato voice. “She is just there in the park when the ritual is supposed to start.”

“How were you chosen?” I asked.

This time there was no hesitation… and no fear… Tracey said in a normal voice, “The Wise Woman came to me in a dream and told me I had been chosen. She said that if I did not choose a partner, one would be provided for me.”

She suddenly trembled and said in a very shaky voice, “I need a partner. A woman who goes to the ritual alone is in great danger… very great danger.”

“What do you mean?” I asked rather anxiously.

“You will see,” she replied. “You will see.”

On the day of Halloween I asked Tracey, “Are we supposed to wear costumes or something special to this ritual?”

She looked at me in that way she does when she is very frustrated or almost mad at me and said, “The paints will be at the grove tonight. That is all we will need.”

I really wanted further explanation, but I decided that whatever was going on, I would do this for Tracey.

As it got close to sunset, the usual gaggle of Trick or Treaters came to the door for their candy. The last one was just before it got dark. All was quiet after that. Then around ten thirty, Tracey came into the living room and said rather emphatically, “It’s time to go.”

“Whoa!” I exclaimed when I looked up. She was standing there totally naked.

“Please,” she said, “this is how it has to be done. We will walk to the park naked.”

“Won’t people see us?” I sputtered. “Won’t the cops arrest us?”

“This is Halloween night in Mystery,” she replied. “Everyone knows about the ritual. All the children are safely tucked in bed. And no one will be looking out their windows. They don’t want an angry dream from the Wise Woman.”

I remained silent as I took off my shirt and jeans and underwear. “This is weird,” I said as we walked down the hallway of her apartment building and went out the front door.

“No,” Tracey said, “this is normal here in Mystery.”

We walked the six blocks to the park in silence. As we approached the park, I could see other couples walking in the same direction… and one lone female.

Everyone remained quiet until we walked to the center of the grove. The Screaming Tree looked almost alive in the moonlight. There was an old woman standing next to the tree. It was hard to tell how old she was. She had one of those faces that looked like she was somewhere between forty and a hundred and ten. She wasn’t naked, but was rather wearing a brownish red dress that looked like it was some sort of leather. It looked very old and had painted patterns on it in various shades of brown. The thought went through my mind that if I touched that dress it would crumble to dust.

“The paints are set out,” the woman said in a somewhat soft but very firm voice as she pointed out at the edge of the grassy area.

Tracey led me over to where three small bowls of paint were set on the ground. There were eleven other groupings of paint bowls arranged in the circular grassy area which surrounded the Screaming Tree. A thirteenth set of bowls was set out directly in front of the tree.

“Stand still,” she said as she picked up one of the small brushes and began to paint stripes all the way down my body, including my face. It took her several minutes to repeat this with the other two colors, but when she was done I had three shades of brown stripes more or less all over my body. She had not applied any paint to my crotch so my prick and balls seemed to be highlighted and very visible in the moonlight.

“Now do me,” she said. Then she added, “Remember, nothing on the breasts or on my crotch or between my asscheeks.”

I didn’t say anything but just picked up the brush from the darkest brown bowl and began painting. It took me a little longer than it had her, but we were not the last ones finished. As I set down the last brush, I noticed that the Wise Woman was painting the lone female who was standing in front of the tree. The pattern of the stripes seemed somehow more… complete, and the young woman looked almost like one of the trees in the grove. When everyone was painted, the Wise Woman walked around the circle picking up the bowls and putting them in a leather bag which she had slung over her shoulder.

“You may begin,” she said firmly when she again stood in front of the tree. “Start with the flower giving pleasure to the bee.”

I almost said, “What?!” but Tracey had already fallen to her knees in front of me and was drawing my prick into her mouth.

“You must keep the time,” the Wise Woman said as Tracey began slowly pulling my manhood into her mouth and then sliding back almost off of it.

I could hear several of the other men grunting or groaning softly and soon I was a part of that chorus. I really wanted to put my hands on Tracey’s head and speed up her movements, but something told me that I had to just stand there and enjoy… or perhaps endure… this.

“Soon!” the Wise Woman’s voice called out and Tracey sped up. She also added her tongue sliding along the bottom side of my prick. I could feel my asscheeks clenching and my balls drawing up.

“Now!” the Wise Woman called out loudly and I erupted into Tracey’s mouth. It startled and surprised me that I had evidently cum on command. It surprised me even more that Tracey slurped loudly and swallowed every drop of my cum. As I spurted into Tracey’s mouth, I looked over at the tree. The lone female was laying just a few feet from the tree. Her legs were widespread as if she was trying to give the tree a direct view of her slit. She was groaning softly with her hands held tight against her cunt. That flower had given itself pleasure.

The Wise Woman walked all the way around the circle. Then she said, “It is time for the bee to fertilize the flower.”

Tracey lay down on her back and spread her legs. I was pretty sure what was supposed to happen next. I knelt with my knees between her legs and reached down to stroke her body. She began writhing at my first touch, but I somehow knew that I had to drive her higher before I entered her. I stroked her breast and slowly pulled on her nipples. As I slid my hands down her body, I was a bit surprised that the paint was totally dry. It almost felt like it had been totally absorbed by the skin.

I could smell Tracey’s arousal. Actually, I could smell the arousal of all of the women in the grove. That woman smell was almost overpowering and it was giving me one of the hardest erections of my life. The groans and wails of the women just added to the moment. Tracey was bucking beneath me raising her hips up as if trying to force herself onto my shaft.

“Enter!” the Wise Woman barked out and I thrust into Tracey’s waiting cunt.

She wailed in passion. That wail was echoed by eleven other women. There were two more wails that sounded somehow different. One was the single female who was laying on the grass again frantically masturbating herself. She was bucking up wildly and had crept closer to the tree so that her legs were on either side of its main truck. I couldn’t identify the other wail. It somehow seemed to come from everywhere.

“The flower must now endure the bee’s sting,” the Wise Woman said.

I had no idea what in the hell that meant, but Tracey rolled over and brought herself up to her hands and knees. Then she whispered hoarsely, “My ass… fuck me in the ass.”

I again knelt between Tracey’s leg, but this time I was pushed against her from behind with my now limp prick pushed between her asscheeks. I bent over and began to play with her tits. She moaned softly as I squeezed her breasts and then pulled on her nipples.

“My clit. My clit,” she groaned out, “Play with my clit.”

I lay across her back and reached my hands up to her pussy. I began rubbing my fingers up and down across her slit. As I pulled forward I directly stimulated her clit. As I rubbed back, I pushed the fluids which were dripping from her back onto her rosebud.

As I did this, my prick slid up and down between her asscheeks. It only took a few minutes of that to cause me to return to rock hardness.

“Sting!” the Wise Woman said loudly.

This time I knew what she meant and pushed my prick into Tracey’s ass. I had planned to slowly enter her rosebud, but as soon as the tip of my prick touched her asshole, she rammed herself back burying me balls deep within her.

“Slowly at first,” she whispered.

We had done anal before. It wasn’t Tracey’s favorite, but she would do it once in a while for me. Tonight, however, she seemed to be really getting off on it. I continued to slowly rub her clit and she continued to ram herself hard back against my hips.

“Soon,” the Wise Woman said and both Tracey and I increased our tempo.

“Now!” the Wise Woman commanded and both Tracey and I exploded. I could hear the grunts and groans and cries of release all through the grove. The lone woman who was laying at the base of the tree pulled herself forward so that her cunt was now rubbing against the bark at the base of the tree.

I lay panting on Tracy’s back. I could hear the Wise Woman walking around the circle. Something soft hit the ground next to us. I looked down. It was a tangle of leather cords.

“It is time for the bee to give pleasure to the flower,” the Wise Woman said. Then she added, “For this, the flower needs to be held to the vine.”

OK, I knew that I was supposed to give Tracey oral sex, but this “held to the vine” thing had me totally confused.

Not Tracey. She picked up the tangle of cords and shook them out. Then she handed me three long cords and stood back against one of the trees which surrounded the Screaming Tree. She stood with her back to the trunk and then held her hands up against two of the lowest branches. After her arms were in place, she moved her feet backward so that she was very tight against the trunk of the tree.

I slowly wrapped the leather cords around Tracey’s arms so that they were bound somewhat tightly to the branches. Then I tied one end of the third cord to one of her ankles and brought it around the trunk so that I could tie the other ankle. Once I had her in place, I looked over to the Wise Woman to see what I was supposed to do next, or more accurately, when I was supposed to do it.

The Wise Woman was carefully tying the lone female to the Screaming Tree. She was hanging so that her ass to shoulders were basically inside the opening which formed the open mouth. Once the Wise Woman was finished she turned and said loudly, “Begin.”

I knelt before Tracey and began licking and suckling on her cunt. Her clit was huge, larger than I had ever seen or felt it. She was writhing and bucking. If she had not been tied to the tree, she surely would have thrown herself forward over me. I had never before seen Tracey go this high or be this out of control.

“Soon,” came the voice of the Wise Woman and I redoubled my licking and sucking. I also reached up and began mauling Tracey’s breasts with my hands.

“Now!” screamed the Wise Woman and Tracey flooded my face with her juices. I could tell that her cunt was partially spasming and forcing fluids out in a torrent. Tracey’s head was thrown back and her mouth was wide open in a scream of passion, but no sound came forth.

No sound came from any of the flowers tied to the trees… except the flower tied to the Screaming Tree. Her voice was a shrill scream almost drowned out by the extremely loud cry of passion coming from the tree itself. The young woman continued to scream and the tree continued to groan and call out in passion as the woman was slowly absorbed into the tree.

When the young woman was gone, the Wise Woman said loudly, “The ground is renewed,” and then she was gone. Darkness immediately overwhelmed me and I fell senseless to the ground. When I awoke, Tracey was curled up against me. She lifted her head and said, “It’s time to go.”

I looked around the grove. Eleven other couples were also rising from the ground but the lone female was nowhere to be seen. I looked at Tracey. The strange pattern of the paints was gone.

We walked silently back to her apartment. I started to ask something, but Tracey put her finger to my mouth and led me silently back to the bedroom.

“Just hold me,” she said. “We can talk in the morning.”

The next morning I asked Tracey if this was the first time she had been part of the ritual. She nodded her head yes and then said, “Except in the dream the Wise Woman sent me when I came of age.”

Then I asked, “Will you have to be part of it again?”

She sat silently for several minutes then said, “Whomever the Wise Woman summons must take part in the ritual. Even if you know that you will be the offering.”

“Who was she?” I asked. “Who was the girl who was eaten by the tree?”

“Someone who never existed,” Tracey replied. “No one will remember her. No one will miss her. She has been erased from time to renew the land.”

“Can that happen to you?” I asked with obvious concern in my voice.

She laughed softly. “Not now,” she answered. “The bee has pollinated the flower. The flower is now safe from the mouth of the tree.”

“This is a very weird town,” I replied. “But I still think we should live here after we are married. After all, it has such a beautiful park.”


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