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Bury Me Please

by Owlbear

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Storycodes: FM+/f; buried; enclosed; mast; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

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9 - The football match

For almost a year after the first concrete burial Jenny was happy with doing what had by now become normal. She would be buried (under soil, not concrete) for anything up to a day, she would volunteer to be sealed in the floor display at the sex club, she would be locked in a plastic crate which was sometimes taken for a drive out to Claire's farm or just left under the bed for a few hours, or be screwed into the wooden crate filled with foam. On quite a few of those occasions they ended up having sex with Mike and Liz, either in two's, three's or even foursomes. And on a couple of occasions she would spend several days under the shed with a fresh layer of concrete over her, with Christmas being her longest burial yet at five days.

But eventually she started to get that itch that couldn't be scratched. She needed something new to give herself the ultimate in excitement, and she thought she knew what it needed to be. Dave had seen that look in her eyes for a few days, and had been trying to think of how they could beat being buried under a concrete floor, so he wasn't surprised when one evening she asked for a serious chat.

"I know you think I'm odd with wanting to do more and more weird things, but I've recently been dreaming about getting buried somewhere public. And I don't mean something like the burial I had at the club a couple of years ago. Although there were other people watching, they all knew about me being kinky, so they don't really count as the general public. I'm not saying that I want loads of people to see me be buried, I mean that would probably end up with us getting arrested, but I want to be buried somewhere that the public can see without them knowing that I'm buried there. If you see what I mean."

"So a bit like when you were buried at the farm? Just with the air pipes hidden somehow?"

"Not really. Although that was in the open, even if it had been public land there was little chance of anyone actually walking across me or even glancing in my direction. No, I want it to be somewhere that loads of people can see where I'm buried properly."

"OK. You'll have to leave that with me for a bit, as I can't immediately see how we could do it without the police getting involved."

A couple of weeks later they were at the sex club and Jenny was lucky enough to get picked to be restrained under the floor with the dildo vibrating away inside her. While that was happening Dave was chatting with Julie and Frank, and as they were aware of Jenny's kink (having been at her burial at the club) he mentioned that Jenny wanted something public but that he couldn't think of where she could be buried without anyone knowing that there had even been a burial.

"So what you need" said Frank "is somewhere that people will be trampling over, but which is probably bare soil or mud and where the ground being like that doesn't surprise anyone."

"That's about the gist of it" replied Dave.

"I think I know just the place. How about just in front of the goal at *************** football ground (* author's note - I'm not about to say where this all takes place, but it's a town that is in the Southern League, so don't expect a Premiership sized crowd). It's getting towards the end of the season so that area has had the grass almost completely destroyed, so if it were to be dug up and then the soil put back, no-one would notice. And if it was done for a match day there would be hundreds of people to see, maybe even over a thousand depending on the fixture, and a bunch of guys would be running around on top of her for the whole afternoon."

"That sounds like a great idea, except that I don't want to get caught breaking into a football ground."

"You wouldn't have to break in. I'm the head groundsman."

"Oh, that sounds good. Let's see what Jenny thinks when she gets out of the box."

A little later Jenny had joined them and Dave said that Frank had an idea how to scratch her rather peculiar itch.

"Well under a football pitch during a match would definitely count as public," said Jenny when it had been explained. "But how could we do it?"

"Dave says that you've done some fairly long burials, so the safest would probably be to bury you during a Friday night, with the match on Saturday afternoon, and then dig you back out Saturday night. But that still leaves details like what do we bury you in, and how do you get air and water."

"We still have the box that was used when Jenny was buried under the dance floor. Before we did that we tested it to make sure it would stand up to a lot of weight so as long as she wasn't more than 3 or 4 feet down that wouldn't be an issue. She already uses drink bottles for long sessions along with a catheter and bags for her wee, so it just leaves the issue of air. What we need to do is to hide a couple of pipes sticking up out of the ground."

"Does it matter how long those pipes are?" asked Frank.

"Not really. We normally have a fan in the exhaust pipe to pull the used air out, which then drags fresh air in behind it."

"Well there's a couple of large pipes already there that we could just tap into."


"The goal posts. They're hollow, and the ones we've got now are getting rusty so there are already more than a few holes in them. All we need to do is to run your air pipes underground to come up inside the uprights and there we have it."

Dave chuckled at the thought of having the air pipes be that visible. "That's a genius idea. We'd need to make sure that the fan had plenty of battery power, but we could easily put a big battery box in. Does the ground have wi-fi as well?"

"Yes, why?"

"We like to run a tablet inside the box so that Jenny can see what's going on, so if we ran a cable down from the goal posts as well, we could relay the match to her so she could watch the people running around on top of her. I'd need to sort out power for that as well."

"So when can we do this?" asked Jenny eagerly.

"It'll take two or three weeks to sort out the changes to the box, make a battery box for the fan and tablet, and sort out the new air hoses," said Dave.

"Well we're playing away in four weeks time, but the week after that we have a home game against the league leaders, so that will probably be a pretty big crowd, at least by our standards."

"That sounds good. I'm sure you can last a few more weeks can't you Jenny?"

"Oh yes. Now that I know something's going to happen I'll be fine. Should we let Liz and Mike know what we're planning?"

"Probably, although they may be busy with the nightclub when we're getting you buried and then dig you out."

They all met up again at the next club night to finalise the details. Dave had built and tested a battery box that had enough power to run the tablet and the fan for about 50 hours (he decided to play safe just in case anything stopped them from getting Jenny out on the Saturday night). He had also modified the box so that the outlet hole was at the foot end rather than being alongside the head. This meant that there would be a straight flow from one goal post, into the box by Jenny's head, and then out by the feet and out the other goal post. He had run the whole setup under one of the flower beds in the garden to make sure that it all worked, and that the battery box was watertight (just in case it rained and the water soaked down through the soil). He had also tested that the wi-fi extension cable worked as planned as well, as he was going to use that to access the fitbit monitor as well as tap into the club's video feeds so that Jenny could watch what was happening above her. Mike and Liz wished they could both be involved as well, but someone had to stay and run the nightclub so it was only going to be Liz that would be coming to help.

"So how long do you think it'll take to get everything dug in and back to looking normal?" asked Julie.

"Based on what we do at home, probably a couple of hours. Maybe three as we have the extra long air hoses to run underground into the goal posts and I haven't been able to test doing that bit" replied Dave.

"OK," said Frank. "In that case let's meet in the car park at midnight on Friday. I'll get there a little earlier so I can switch off the security cameras and will then let you in. We'll go through to the pitch where we'll need to dig a hole for Jenny a couple of feet in front of the goal line as that's the area with no grass to have to worry about. We'll also have to dig out trenches for the air pipes, but they won't have to be quite as deep, and then we'll need to prop up the goal posts while we get the air pipes located. Actually, I'd suggest doing that first because if anything happens to stop us doing that then the whole thing will have to be postponed."

"Sounds like a plan to me. Are you sure everything will be OK to do the same on Saturday night?"

"Yes. Even if we win, any party will be over by 7 or 8 at the latest, and I'll be able to check that they've gone. And I should be the first one in on both days, so I can make sure that I do anything in that goal area."

So two nights later Dave, Jenny and Liz arrived at the football ground. It seemed very eerie with no one else around, but they had barely pulled up when a door opened and Frank beckoned them over.

"We're all set," he said. "The security cameras are off so we're good to go."

"Won't the lack of cameras cause any issues?" asked Dave.

"Nah, the footage only ever gets reviewed if there's a problem, and there's only one person other than me that even knows how to use the system, so as long as we don't wreck the place we'll be fine."

They used Frank's wheelbarrow to move the box and all the extra bits needed through to the pitch where they found that Claire was also waiting. Frank suggested using the goalposts on the south end of the pitch, as that had even less grass than the northern end and would be less likely to have anyone notice any change in the conditions, so everyone grabbed a shovel and they started to dig trenches from the goalposts out about a yard and then inwards towards each other. Once they had sorted out the line they were using for the air pipes, Frank and Dave lifted up the front of the posts and Claire and Liz shoved a couple of props under them to keep them up while they dug under the actual posts and positioned the vertical air pipes. This was the most critical part, because without a good air supply nothing else could happen.

Luckily the planning came good, and the first couple of feet of air pipes were installed, along with the cable for the wi-fi access. One of the goalposts only had a couple of holes that were close enough to be useful, so Frank carefully opened up a couple more using a hand drill so that there would be a more than adequate amount of flow. Happy with his work, he and Dave lifted the posts again while the girls removed the props, and then they lowered the posts back down. Once in place, no-one would ever guess that they were anything other than ordinary goalposts. They were then able to quickly dig in the rest of the air pipes as they didn't need too wide a hole to drop into. Which then left the main hole for the box that Jenny was to be buried in. As this needed to be about four feet deep to be safe, it took a bit longer to dig this out, with an extra long hole so that the battery box and fan would fit as well. Jenny then stripped off and got into the box, and fitted herself with the catheter which was attached to a couple of bags to collect her wee. Dave put in the water bottles, and just to be on the safe side added enough for two days rather than just the 24 hours that they were planning on her being under.

Finally, Dave set up the tablet so that it was picking up the feed from the match day camera's and which also allowed him to access the fitbit monitor. These were separate from the security cameras and would normally only be switched on just before a game, but Frank was in charge of that system as well so had the cameras on already and would leave them on until they dug Jenny up. They weren't showing much as there were no lights on, but once it was daylight Jenny would have a clear view of where she was buried. After giving Jenny a kiss, Dave screwed the lid onto the box and noticed that both Liz and Claire seemed to be a bit more flushed than they would just from what they had done so far. Then the four of them picked up the straps that had been run under the box and lifted Jenny into the air and then over to the hole. They lowered her carefully, and once the box was down Dave leant in and connected up the air pipes and the connection for the tablet. Dave used his phone to check on the fitbit monitor and all seemed to be normal, so he picked up a shovel and said "Let's do it then. Time for Jenny to be buried."

With all four of them working, it didn't take as long to get Jenny buried as Dave had expected, although once they had packed the earth down a bit before relaying the final couple of inches they were still left with a rather noticeable pile of excess soil.

"Where can we put this Frank?" asked Dave, "As we'll need it to fill the hole again once we dig Jenny back out."

"Put it in the wheelbarrow, and I'll put it with the rest of our topsoil. We keep some behind the stand in case part of the pitch gets badly damaged, or it gets turned over so much that the clay comes to the surface. Then we can resurface the damaged patch before seeding it with grass. No one but me will ever notice if the pile is a bit bigger than normal."

It wasn't long before they were done, and a final inspection showed that the pitch looked pretty much the same as before they had started, which was exactly what they wanted. Barring any disaster, no-one would ever suspect that Jenny was alive and well four feet under the goalmouth. They all headed off to get some sleep, and agreed to meet up before the match and get tickets to the south terrace, so they could watch from just behind where Jenny was buried. And if they picked the right spot, Jenny may even be able to see them as well.

From her rather secure spot under the pitch, Jenny had heard the activity as the rest of them buried her but for once she couldn't watch as there wasn't enough light from their torches for the club's camera to pick up. So this time instead of going for a climax she just decided to just relax and wait for the morning light, and actually fell asleep.

As usual after a sleep while buried, Jenny had a moment of disorientation when she woke up, but as it was now daylight she could see her burial site on the monitor. She had to admit that even knowing that she was under the goal she couldn't tell from what she could see. Suddenly she spotted Frank heading towards her and for a moment thought that something had gone disastrously wrong, but then she saw he was pushing the white liner along, obviously getting the lines repainted ready for the match. She half expected him to wave at the camera as he walked past her, but then realised that others may be watching by now so he would have to behave just as he normally would before a match.

Shortly after he had vanished from view, he came back and walked up to the goalposts with a bundle of something under his arm. She then realised that there hadn't been a net when they were lifting the posts during the night, so it looked like Frank was making sure no-one would see anything odd with the posts by putting the net up himself. She assumed that one of his assistants was doing the same at the other end of the pitch. Once done he wandered off, and she was left on her own again.

Dave got to the ground about an hour before the match was due to start and Julie came over to say that she had got the tickets for everyone, and it was only a few minutes later that Mike and Liz found them.

"Right, shall we get inside so I can see where Jenny is?" said Mike, who still had no idea of just where Jenny was buried.

"Sure," replied Julie. "It's this way" and she led them to the turnstile for the southern end of the pitch, and they went through onto the terrace. "There's no seats at this end, so we can stand anywhere we want. I assume right behind the goal?"

"Of course. Why would we want to be anywhere else?" replied Dave.

They walked along until they were right behind the goal. Dave checked Jenny's fitbit on his phone and saw that she was already getting excited with the crowds starting to arrive, even before the teams came out.

Jenny was by now in her element. Fans had started to arrive completely unaware that she was buried under the goal. She even spotted Dave and the others settling in behind the goal and wished there was a way she could acknowledge them, but she had to settle for just playing with her clit for a bit. About half an hour later the teams ran out onto the pitch, so she knew that the match would start soon. She wondered which team were the better, as that would determine if they spent much time running around right above her.

The teams moved into their starting positions so one of the goalkeepers stood directly above Jenny which really turned her on, and the referee blew his whistle to start the match.

Neither Jenny nor Dave were fans of football, so neither knew a lot about the game, so they probably didn't enjoy the action on pitch as much as the rest of the crowd. However, Jenny was really enjoying having the players running around directly above her especially when her goal was being attacked. A corner kick was awarded at one point and it seemed that half the players on the pitch were running over her. In the crowd, both Liz and Claire were getting wet as well. For them it was the thought that their burial 'victim' was currently underneath all of those players that was getting them going.

Eventually the half time whistle blew, and the players dashed down the tunnel, so Mike and Dave went to get burgers for all four of them. While in the queue Dave checked on Jenny's fitbit data and could see that there were a number of spikes in her pulse that he recognised as being when she came, with it dropping back to normal in between, so it was clear that she was not just fine but enjoying herself. They got back to the girls with the food just as the second half started, and it seemed that for this half more of the match was being played near the goal that Jenny was under, which suited Jenny just fine.

The full time whistle went and the players left the pitch, and the crowd started to disappear. They noticed that the ground staff came out to check the pitch and Frank obviously headed towards their end. Dave waved him over to let him know that Jenny was still fine and to confirm that they would meet up again at midnight, and then they headed off as well.

Later that night they all arrived back at the ground to find Frank waiting for them at the door. They all quickly went through to the pitch with the shovels and started with the area above Jenny. Because the ground had been chewed up by the players boots it was hard to be certain exactly where Jenny was, but they quickly hit one side of the box, so adjusted their digging to uncover the rest of it. They opened the box up to allow Jenny to sit up, and this time with it being dark she was able to open her eyes straight away. "Hi guys," she said, "that was awesome. When the team scored right above me and were celebrating I just couldn't stop coming. I've no idea how many times I came all together, but I'm feeling shattered now. Can you help me get up." as she tried to stand but obviously couldn't.

Dave and Frank each grabbed under a shoulder and they hauled her up to the ground where she was able to sit and Liz rubbed her legs to get the circulation going while the guys disconnected the air pipes from the box and lifted it out of the hole. Frank started to fill the main hole back in while the others dug up the air pipes as far as the actual goal posts, at which point Frank and Dave helped to lift the posts up to allow the pipes to be removed from them by Julie and Liz. Once that was done they lowered the goalposts, and started filling in the trenches left by the pipes. Once all of the soil was back in and had been packed down, Frank went and got the rest of the soil they had removed the previous night, and added that and then tamped that back down as well. Thoughtfully, he had also brought along a pair of football boots, because it was fairly noticeable even in the torchlight that there were no boot prints in the area that had been dug up, and he proceeded to dance around the whole area until it looked pretty much the same as the patches of bare earth close by.

Jenny was now dressed, as they had brought a bag of clothes for her, and so they used the wheelbarrow to cart everything back to the cars where they quickly said their goodbyes and headed for their respective homes.

They all met up again at the next club night, and Mike said that he wished he had been able to get involved as Liz had practically ripped his clothes off him when he got back in from the nightclub. He couldn't remember when she had been so desperate for sex, so assumed that everyone had a good time. Jenny and Julie looked at each other as well, and Frank said that he hadn't had any sleep that night either, as Julie couldn't get enough. Dave then said that he had a great night's sleep as Jenny fell asleep as soon as they got into bed, but it did take a couple of hours after they had woken up before he managed to get out of the bedroom, especially when he told her that there had been just over a thousand people at the game looking at where she was buried.


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