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Bury Me Please

by Owlbear

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8 - A concrete plan

As had happened before, having a more extreme adventure seemed to satisfy Jenny for some time, during which the less extreme games continued (and it's odd that being buried under the shed is considered to be in the 'less extreme' category). Mike and Liz still came round some times to indulge in either burying Jenny, strapping her to the floor boards, or locking her in either the plastic crate or the wooden box. She also continued to put her name down to go in the floor display at the club although she didn't always get picked, and even had a second session under the wooden floor boards during a standard nightclub evening. Eventually though, Dave knew that she would be craving something new so had checked her browsing history to get an idea of what sort of thing she might find exciting. He found that she had been reading more stories about being buried, where a concrete floor was laid above the victim. Sometimes this was supposed to be permanent, but other times part of the fun was that it would take time for the floor to set, and then more time to break it open enough to retrieve the victim.

It seemed that for the girls in the stories, even knowing that the concrete would be broken up, it would feel more like a permanent burial having concrete laid above them. So Dave looked at how he could possibly do that under the shed, but in a way that could be repeated, and which wouldn't involve having to lay a whole new floor after each time. When he had laid the concrete floor of the shed, in order to allow the wooden boards to fit flush and be stable enough to walk on, he had made the hole with a lip projecting into it and the wooden panel then dropped onto this lip. He thought that if that were covered with a couple of layers of cling film before filling in the gap with a thin layer of fresh concrete, he could cut the excess film off with a knife and it would look like just a join between two concrete panels. But then when the middle was broken up, the edges would just pull away leaving the original lip intact. With two layers of film, even if one bonded fully with the concrete, it would still pull away from the second layer.

He still had a little concrete mix left from building the shed, so decided to do some tests to see how thick he could have it before it started to get too thick to break up easily, but which was also strong enough to have people walk around normally on it. He found that somewhere between half an inch and an inch was more than strong enough, but which also broke up fairly easily using just a lump hammer and chisel, so he wouldn't need a pneumatic drill. So one day when Jenny was out, he did a full practice run as if Jenny was buried, putting the clingfilm around the hole and then filling it with concrete, including skimming the surface to make it as smooth as the rest of the floor. Once it was done he left it to set for a few hours, checking it every now and again so he would know how long it takes to harden. The next day he tested to see how long it would take to break it up and found that the cling film had worked perfectly, and it took very little time to break it into small enough pieces to lift away leaving just the soil underneath. He decided that everything was set for the real thing.

Later on, Jenny was talking about doing the next burial.

"It's coming up to Easter, so with the bank holidays we'll have a 4 day weekend. I want to do something I haven't tried yet. I want to be buried for a full 72 hours. From lunchtime on Friday through to lunch time on Monday."

"Woah, that's a big jump from the 24 hours or so that you've done before. Are you sure you'd be OK for that long?"

"I'm sure. We know that the drinks and catheter work OK, so I would just need a bigger bag and bigger water bottles."

"Well if you're certain then I guess we can try for that. I'd better let Liz know. She would kill me if she wasn't here at the start and end of a burial that long."


Mike and Liz arrived on the Friday just after lunch, and Jenny was already getting excited as she usually did at the prospect of spending a night underground, but this was going to be three nights. They started as usual, as Dave hadn't mentioned the extra steps he had planned to anyone. As Jenny was going to be watching via the monitor fixed to the inside of the box she would be able to see and hear what was happening so would find out once it was too late to object (not that Dave thought she would).

So as usual, she lay in the box but with no restraints this time. They never used those on the long sessions, partly because there was too much danger in keeping limbs completely motionless for that long, and also because Jenny usually liked to bring herself off several times during the burial. She quickly inserted the catheter that would take care of her pee, and Dave added several bottles of water already fitted with flexible straws so she could drink when she needed to. The lid was closed and secured as usual, and they started to shovel the earth over the box until it was almost level with the ground.

At this point Dave smoothed it out to leave it more level than normal, much to everyone's surprise, and he said "I've decided that it's time to up the ante a bit with a burial for this long, so wait here a sec," and left the shed. He returned a couple of minutes later dragging in his cement mixer, and several bags of concrete mix. From the stories that she had read, Jenny immediately realised what Dave was going to do and she shuddered in anticipation. 

Liz said "You're not going to do what I think you are, are you?"

"Oh yes," replied Dave. "It's time to properly cover Jenny up," and started the mixer going. Mike went over to give Dave a hand, but Liz sat back in a chair and promptly pulled up her skirt and started working on her pussy with her fingers. The idea of concreting over the hole was almost too much even for her.

While Mike got the first batch mixing, Dave prepared the edges of the hole with the double layer of cling film. "That's what makes it straightforward to get her back out again tomorrow," he explained.

Once the first batch was ready, Dave poured it into the hole. As expected it wasn't enough to fill it, so a second batch went into the mixer. When this was ready it too was poured into the hole and finally filled it. Dave skimmed the surface of it so it was nice and smooth, and then trimmed back the edges of the cling film.

"Right, that'll take about three hours to set completely, so let's go back to the house and watch a film or something." And he looked up and waved at Jenny, as if to say goodbye.

Jenny was already on her third orgasm by this point, and the idea that she was going to be left completely alone while the concrete set took her straight to a fourth.

Dave actually only took Mike and Liz out of range of the roof camera, and switched on the computer display, which was showing Jenny's face screwed up in ecstasy.

That was enough for Liz. "I need both of you, now!" Both Dave and Mike knew what that meant so quickly stripped to find that Liz had (as usual) beaten them to it. She lay back on the floor and grabbed Mike's cock pulling it towards her mouth. "Fuck me Dave," she said, and Dave had no hesitation in doing exactly that. They knew that when Liz was in this mood she wasn't bothered about foreplay, or finesse. She just wanted it hard and fast, and once Dave had filled her with his spunk she pushed Mike over to take his place. By the time Mike had finished, Liz had come three times and was starting to calm down a bit.

"That's got to be the hottest thing I've ever seen," she said. "The thought of Jenny being under a concrete floor is just bonkers. When can we walk over it?"

"It should be safe enough in two or three hours, and she's wearing the fitbit so if there's a problem I'll get an alert. But to be honest, from what she's been reading I suspect she's having the time of her life right now." And glancing at the computer screen it showed her laying there for the moment with a huge grin on her face.

The three of them dressed and went into the house, and they all had a quick shower to freshen up a bit. Dave then opened up the computer in the living room so that they could keep an eye on Jenny while they talked, read some of the stories that Jenny had been looking at, and generally wasted a couple of hours until Dave reckoned that the concrete should be set hard enough to be safe to walk on. All three of them went back into the shed and they checked on how Jenny was. She had her eyes open, so they walked out onto the new concrete and waved to her via the roof camera. Glancing at the monitor Dave saw her smile as she obviously saw them. He then jumped up and down a couple of times and said "Well it's certainly set, so Jenny isn't going anywhere until we break this up again. Even if she could somehow get out of the box and dig up through three feet of soil, she couldn't punch through the concrete."

Watching Dave jump up and down on the concrete to prove that it had now set got Jenny worked up again. Seeing her friends there as well was just too much, and she quickly frigged herself to yet another orgasm. She had already lost count, and there were still a lot of hours to go, so she had to remember to pace herself. She didn't want to run out of water too soon. Mike looked at his watch and said "It's time we were heading off. Got to sort out tea before we go and open up the nightclub for the evening. But we'll definitely be back tomorrow to see how she's getting on. When exactly are you planning on digging her back up?"

"I was going to start breaking the concrete straight after lunch on Monday afternoon. That should give plenty of time to get her out before tea."

"Great, we'll see you tomorrow then" and Liz gave Dave a quick kiss as they left.

Throughout the evening Dave kept checking on how Jenny was, and sometimes when he saw that she had her eyes open he would walk onto the new concrete and give her a wave or blow her a kiss. This often got Jenny excited again, and even she lost count of the number of orgasms she had. He left one of the lights on in the shed when it got late, just so that there would be some light for Jenny but at the same time making it clear that it was late. He then went to bed, making sure that the fitbit monitor would alert him if anything happened during the night.

Next morning as soon as Dave was up, he checked on how Jenny was, and found she was asleep so he sorted out breakfast and started moving things around in the shed ready for when Mike and Liz came around.

When Liz and Mike walked into the shed they took a moment to work out what was different. Then Mike said, "Wasn't the workbench over that side of the room?"

"Yes, I thought I'd move it over here so Jenny could watch me while I worked on a couple of things."

"Holy shit" said Liz, "with the bench just there Jenny must be wondering if you are planning on digging her up at all?"

"Of course I'll dig her up as planned. I wouldn't want to lose her, after all who else could I bury time after time? I just wanted to give her an even better time, as based on the stories she's been reading I'd say part of the fantasy for her is the idea that she might not be released."

"Well moving the bench there is certainly going to play into that. I didn't think that this scene could get any hotter, but you've turned it up to eleven with this" said Liz, "though I don't know how you're going to top this when she next wants to go further unless you've worked out a safe way to stay under for a month or two."

"No, I still can't work out a good way to provide food of some sort, or how best to deal with the poop that would come with having anything much more than just water. I've read that a healthy person is supposed to be able to last for about three weeks without food as long as they have water, but it isn't safe to go that long unless it's already a matter of life or death. And that's not counting any muscle issues with staying still for so long. So unless I can crack that, about a week would be the longest that I would ever let Jenny go under for."

Jenny, meanwhile, had gotten worked up again at the sight of Dave moving the workbench so that it was sitting right above her. What if he decides it's too much effort to dig me back up, she thought, he could leave me down here to just waste away, and that thought brought her to another crashing orgasm. Mike and Liz stayed for a little while, with Liz watching Jenny on the monitor while she was obviously enjoying herself, leaving later in the afternoon as the normal nightclub would be open that evening. Dave turned the lights on low again when he left the shed for the day, so that Jenny would have some light as well.

Sunday came around, and Mike and Liz were back again for the afternoon. Liz couldn't believe that Jenny was still underground and seemed to be lost in wonderment when watching Jenny on the monitor. She found it such a turn on that once again she just had to get fucked as hard as possible while bent over the workbench so that Jenny would be able to see as well.

On the bank holiday Monday morning, Dave moved the workbench back to its normal place and got the tools out ready to break up the concrete. Jenny saw this, and despite knowing in her heart that Dave was going to dig her up it still came as a relief to see him getting ready to do it. While it had been extremely good fun being buried for that long, she was feeling the need to get up and move around. Staying still for three days wasn't good for your limbs even when it was fulfilling a fantasy.

Mike and Liz arrived and while Liz watched Jenny on the monitor the guys started work on breaking up the concrete. Dave had deliberately made it using a low strength concrete with slightly too much water, so it should be a lot more brittle than if he had made it using the same mix as he had for the rest of the shed floor. So it didn't take long before there were large cracks running through it and parts were coming out entirely. Once they had an area in the middle that was reasonably clear, they tried lifting the other sections out. Using two cling film layers around the edges worked, as the rest of the concrete came out quite easily leaving an almost pristine edge around the hole. Once the concrete was clear, it was just a matter of digging down the two feet or so to the box, as they had done countless times before, and as usual Dave knocked three times on the lid before they opened it up so that Jenny could close her eyes to protect them from the light. After a couple of minutes she had her eyes open and tried to sit up, but she barely had the strength to do it. 

Dave quickly helped her to a sitting position and asked "Are you OK? That was a long time to be stuck laying down, so do your arms and legs hurt at all?

"I'm fine apart from feeling like my arms and legs are too heavy. But I'm sure they will be OK once I've had a chance to move around a bit more."

Dave and Mike lifted Jenny up from the box and sat her on the chair by Dave's workbench, and then gave her arms and legs a good rub to stimulate the circulation. After a few minutes Jenny tentatively tried standing up. She felt a little wobbly, but thought that she could make it back to the house so quickly put on her dress and with Dave alongside her ready to catch her if she stumbled they all went back inside.

The thought of what she had done was making Jenny horny again, and she said to Liz, "Can I borrow Mike again please. I really need to get fucked after that and I don't think Dave could manage on his own?"

"Hey don't leave me out of this. I've been feeling randy all weekend, so you're going to have to share the guys," laughed Liz, and she immediately started to strip. Dave and Mike looked at each other and shrugged. "When they are in this mood I sometimes feel like I'm just a walking dildo for them to play with," joked Dave.

"Yes," replied Mike, "and it's great, isn't it?"


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