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Bury Me Please

by Owlbear

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7 - Out in the open

Jenny had thoroughly enjoyed her burial at the club, and it was made even more enjoyable when Mike gave her a copy of the video he had secretly taken of her being buried and then exhumed. She had spent many an hour playing with herself while watching that video when Dave was at work and she was at home. She also got to know Julie and her husband Frank at the next couple of club nights, as they had been at the burial as well and also had an interest in extreme bondage. Liz and Mike still came around for some of the burials that Jenny had under the shed as well and sometimes they used either the plastic crate or Mike's box with the foam to restrain Jenny without actually burying her (as it was a lot less work), so for a few months things seemed to be fairly settled.

One afternoon, while Jenny was laying face down under the shed shackled to the floor panel, Liz took Dave out to one side and said "I suspect that Jenny is going to want to come up with something more extreme again soon, as it's been a while since her last idea, so I've got a couple of ideas of ways to up the stakes a bit for her in anticipation."

"Sounds good, what have you got planned?"

"I was thinking that rather than a burial, why don't we go more extreme with the restraint box. I've seen a couple of videos with people in boxes being transported around and left either by a road or in a field or something, though in one they then set light to the box, so that one was obviously faked. But I wondered if we could box her up and then drive around for a bit and then leave the box with some rubbish as if it's just something else to be picked up by the bin men. We can video it so that she can really appreciate it afterwards."

"Sounds like fun. But neither of us has a car big enough to hold that box, and how would we know it was safe to leave her like that in case the council turned up to clear it that day?"

"We've thought of that. Firstly, Mike has a trailer that we use if we have to shift something that is too big for the car, so we could easily put the box in that and strap it down so it would be pretty safe. And as for the rubbish, there's a wild area next to the club that we actually own as it was thought we might one day need to expand the club. That never happened, but we have never sold off that land. From the road it looks like a deserted area, but being private land the council would never actually remove any rubbish. If they saw some, they would probably just tell us to get rid of it. So we can put a few bags and boxes there and it would look the part while being completely safe."

"I like that, though we may have to tell Jenny what we plan or she wouldn't be able to guess what was actually going on. So we'd have to show her the area with the rubbish and tell her we were leaving her there for a while. Then by the time we've got her in the box she'll be getting soaked just with the anticipation. It would probably be worth making a video of that as well, so she can really enjoy it afterwards."

And with that, they decided to do it a couple of weeks later when they would all be free, and it would give them a chance to fill some bags with cushions and things so that they would look nice and full without actually holding rubbish.

A couple of nights before the planned boxing, Dave explained to Jenny what was planned, so that she could make sure not to eat too much as she would be expected to stay in the box for a few hours. What he didn't mention was the addition to the plan that he had come up with after seeing some more videos and reading some of the stories on the Gromet site. Liz and Mike had quickly agreed to the changes and agreed that they would be more fun if they didn't mention them to Jenny.

"So once we have boxed you up, we'll strap the box into the trailer so that you're completely secure and drive out to where some rubbish has been dumped, and add your box to the pile. Then we'll leave you for an hour or so before coming back and putting you back on the trailer for the trip home. That way you'll be trapped in the box out in public both while driving around, and when left at the roadside. And before we start we'll drive out to show you where we're going to leave you."

"Oh god, that sounds brilliant. How did you come up with that?"

"I didn't. It was mostly Liz that planned it, figuring that it was about the time where you'd be wanting to try something new."

"I'm really going to have to thank her for this one. And you get your thanks right now, because I'm wet just at the thought of it, so strip off and fuck me."

On the morning of the planned boxing, Dave drove them over to Liz and Mike's but on the way went down the road by the side of the club. A little way down it they saw a pile of rubbish bags and some cardboard boxes.

"That's where we're going to leave you out in the open," said Dave.

"Oh god, that really is where anyone could go past."

"Yep. Mike says that while it is a public road, it's not usually too busy. They probably get a few cars an hour that go past the place."

"I can't wait to get put there, just like the rest of the rubbish."

They quickly finished the drive round to Mike's.

"Right, " said Liz when they arrived and walked into the living room. "We didn't fancy having to lift the box with you in it all the way up the stairs from the dungeon, so we've already brought it up here. So off with those clothes, and you know where the loo is as it'll be at least 3 hours before you are freed from the box."

When Jenny came back in, Liz started the camera running, and they got Jenny into the box and started filling it up with the foam inserts. Eventually the last one was slotted in, so nothing of Jenny could be seen. Dave checked the fitbit monitor, and everything was as expected, so they put the front of the box in place and fixed it with 10 screws, making sure that there was no way for Jenny to get out, or even move around within the box. They wanted to make sure she would be safe and comfortable for the journey.

Dave put his mouth to one of the holes and said fairly loudly "We're going to use the trolley to get you out to the car and then we'll put you on the trailer. It'll take a few minutes to strap you in properly so I'll check with you before we set off".

"OK," came a very muffled reply.

They tilted the box forward a little so they could get the barrow under it and then wheeled it out to the drive where the car was ready with the trailer attached. It then took all 3 of them to comfortably lift the box up and onto the trailer, where they then slid it to the end nearest the car and used 8 straps to hold the box solidly in place. They then closed the back of the trailer and put the barrow back in the house.

"We're just about to set off," said Dave. "I'll monitor the fitbit and if it looks like you're having any problems we'll find somewhere to stop."

They pulled out into the street with Dave sitting in the back of the car keeping an eye on the trailer and Jenny, and with the camera running so that Jenny could enjoy seeing herself being driven around later. Inside the box Jenny could hear the sounds of the traffic, albeit somewhat muffled, but she was getting really turned on by the thought of all the people around not knowing that she was naked inside the box.

After driving around for a little bit they finally drove to the road alongside the nightclub and pulled up by the bags that they had already left there. They unstrapped the box and dropped the tailgate on the trailer and part dragged, part lifted the box out and onto the floor by the bags. Dave made sure to be close to one of the air holes when he said "We may as well leave this with the other rubbish. Maybe the council will clear it all away for us." This made Jenny even more excited at the thought that they were going to just leave her there for a while.

Dave set the camera up to cover the area, and then all three of them got back into the car and drove off. However, as soon as they were out of view from the camera, they stopped and Dave got out and walked back while being careful to stay outside the camera's field of view, so that he could keep an eye on Jenny at all times. He also put on the boiler suit and baseball cap that he had left in the car before they started.

Mike then drove around to the club where they had the next stage of Jenny's surprise waiting. Mike and Liz quickly put on boiler suits and caps like the one that Dave was by now wearing, and they got into the pick-up truck that they had rented for the day, after double checking that the mattress was in the right place on the bed of the truck. After waiting for half an hour they drove out and round to meet Dave a short distance before the camera would pick them up. They then drove up to the pile of bags and Jenny's box, and got out.

Jenny meanwhile thought it odd as the vehicle pulled up, because it sounded like a diesel truck and Mike's car ran on petrol, so she was unsure what was going on. She then heard muffled voices.

"So is this the pile of stuff that needs to go to the tip?"

"Yes. They said to get rid of it and then charge the people that own the land."

"OK, let's get the box on the truck first as that looks like being the heaviest."

Before she could even decide if it was better to try to shout or stay quiet, Jenny felt the box she was in being lifted up, and then dropped fairly roughly onto what she assumed was a rubbish lorry. That was followed by some thuds as things hit the box she was in, which she assumed must have been the bags and cardboard boxes.

"Right, that's the lot." and then she heard the engine start back up and they started to move off.

Once Dave and Liz had left in the pickup, Mike walked back to the club to drive the car and trailer back home, remembering to take off the boiler suit and cap first. Meanwhile Liz and Dave in the pickup were laughing about what had happened.

"Do you think Jenny would have recognised our voices?" asked Dave.

"No way. You both managed to sound very different from normal. Are you sure that the mattress in the back would have softened the impact enough?".

"Yes, I checked the monitor as soon as we had done it, and while there was a spike in her pulse when we arrived and another when we threw her into the back, it wasn't too high and soon settled back down a bit. It still shows her as being pretty excited though."

What with laying on her back, by the time they had made three or four turns Jenny had completely lost her sense of direction. It didn't help that the box wasn't tied down, so every time they went round a bend the box would tilt a little before rolling back (she didn't know that some of the bags had been carefully positioned to make sure that the box would stay in place).

After about half an hour she felt the truck stop and the engine was switched off. Again, her dilemma was whether to call out and be very embarrassed at being found by complete strangers, or stay quiet and hope that Dave would be able to locate her? She decided it was probably safer to call out, so she waited until she felt the box start to move and then shouted "Help".

She felt the box be dragged along, and then lifted and placed on the ground, then picked back up and carried a short distance before being grounded again. "How am I going to explain this?" she thought when she heard a power screwdriver start up at the front of the box. All of the screws were removed and the front panel moved out of the way, and the top four sheets of foam were pulled away from her face. She initially screwed up her eyes as the light was too bright, with her having been in darkness for a couple of hours, but as she started to open them back up she heard three familiar voices shout "Surprise".

She soon saw that it was Dave, Mike and Liz and that they were at her home. "You bastards!" she shouted as they started to remove the rest of the foam. "I thought some strangers had picked me up and were going to dump me somewhere."

"Nope, it was just us doing silly voices. But I'm sure you'll enjoy it a lot more when you see the video we made of your journey" said Dave.

"But how did you get me away from there? I definitely wasn't put back in the trailer you used to get me there."

"No, I neglected to tell you that I rented a pickup truck for the day, so for the trip back we dropped you onto that. We did put a mattress on the bed of the truck first, so you wouldn't get too much of a jolt when we did put you on it, and it also helped to keep the box from moving around, as the bed of the truck was pretty smooth and you would have slid around far too much to be safe. Now go and freshen up while I make you some lunch, then we can all watch the video."

A couple of months after her escapade in the box where she was left by the roadside, Jenny asked Dave if he could sort something else out with Mike and Liz to top what they had done before. So next time the others came round and had Jenny buried under the shed they sat down to try to come up with something.

"How about we do something using the plastic crate and once she's in we fill it with the packing peanuts, and then take it out somewhere and bury it - with an air pipe attached of course" suggested Liz.

"But where can we bury her other than here or at the club?" asked Mike.

"I might be able to sort something out for that," said Dave. "I have a cousin that owns a farm about twenty miles from here and these days they get government help if they leave some areas wild. Let me see if she would be happy to let us use one of them for a day. That way it would be out of sight of the public, so wouldn't cause any issues."

And so it was that a couple of weeks later Dave told Jenny that they had another adventure planned for the next day, where they were going to put her in the plastic crate for a few hours, and that they were going to give her another new experience. So she needed to make sure to stick to a liquid diet for the day. Jenny was intrigued to know what was going to happen, but realised that no-one was going to tell her, so she just let her fantasies run wild.

The next morning Mike and Liz came round and Jenny made sure that she wasn't going to need the loo again for some time. She had drunk a fair bit of water the previous night, but had only had a small amount to drink today. Jenny hadn't bothered to get dressed so she quickly lay in the plastic crate, and Dave then filled it almost to the top with the packing peanuts. During their earlier experiments they had found that if they left enough space for her to move a little bit the peanuts still stopped her from getting shaken up when the box was moved, but also still allowed her to breathe thanks to the air holes. Leaving space for some movement meant that the peanuts didn't get jammed against the mesh covering the holes.

The lid was put on and the handles moved up locking the lid in place. At this point Dave bent down to the air hole nearest Jenny's head and said "We've decided it's time to get some fresh country air, so we're going on a little day trip into the countryside. See you later."

Dave and Mike slid the box with Jenny inside to the garage door, and then carried it out and placed it in the boot of Dave's car (as that had a deeper boot than Mike's). They then pushed down the small cushion that made up the middle of the back seat, so that there would be plenty of airflow for Jenny, and also dumped some air pipes that Dave had made and three shovels, as well as a picnic basket. Jenny was feeling a bit confused, as she hadn't noticed Mike's trailer when he and Liz arrived, but then she felt herself be put somewhere and then heard the unmistakable sound of the car boot being closed above her. "Looks like I'm going to miss out on the scenery then, though I wonder where we're going" thought Jenny.

Dave, Mike and Liz got in the car and they set off for the drive to Dave's cousin Claire. It only took a few turns before Jenny lost all sense of direction, but from the sound of the engine she knew that they had pulled onto a main road somewhere because they seemed to be going a lot faster than when in town. After about three quarters of an hour they slowed down and turned off the road as it got quite bumpy. This was where they were pulling into Claire's farm, and then went past the main barns and along a track to the area that was being rewilded. They pulled up at a reasonably flat area close to some trees where they had a nice view out over the fields to the woods in the distance.

Getting all of their bits out of the car, they grabbed the shovels and started to carefully dig out a hole a little bigger than the crate, and about three feet deep. Once they finished, Dave used plenty of gaffer tape to fix the two pipes he had made to the ends of the crate covering the air holes. Jenny could hear something happening, but couldn't tell what, when suddenly she felt herself being lifted up again. She couldn't be sure, but when she was lowered to the ground it seemed that she went down further than she expected. She then heard the sound of earth dropping alongside the crate and realised that they were burying her somewhere away from either the safety of either the shed or the club. As the thumps from the soil moved to the top of the crate she found herself getting extremely turned on, and managed to work her fingers down to her pussy, and it only took a few seconds before she was enjoying the first orgasm of the day.

It didn't take long for the sounds to die away as there was obviously a decent amount of earth now covering her completely, and she wondered how long they were going to leave her there.

Above ground, Mike and Liz went for a walk to explore the wild area, although Liz was so turned on by burying Jenny out in the open that they soon stopped walking and started fucking instead. Dave kept an eye on Jenny via the fitbit monitor as all that could be seen were the ends of the 2 pipes sticking a few inches out of the ground, and every now and again her pulse rate would start to go up, hit a peak and then calm back down so Dave assumed that she was enjoying herself.

Eventually Liz and Mike came back looking rather happy, so Dave got the picnic basket out ready for some lunch.

"Should we let Jenny join us, or do we keep her locked up until we get home?" asked Liz.

"I think we should let her enjoy the view and have some lunch with us. It would be a pity for her to only see it via the video. We can always crate her back up for the journey home. In fact we'd probably have to, as I didn't bring any of her clothes with us."

With that, they grabbed the shovels again and started to dig back down to the box, being careful not to knock the air pipes too much. Eventually they got the soil cleared from the top of the box and from enough of the area around the handles to be able to haul Jenny back to the surface. Dave put his mouth to the end of the air pipe at the head end, and told Jenny they were about to open the box, so she should keep her eyes shut until they got used to the light again. They dropped the handles and lifted the lid off, and then cleared some of the packing peanuts away so Jenny could sit up. She carefully opened her eyes and then looked shocked when she realised that they really were out in the countryside where anyone could see her nudity.

"It's OK," said Dave. "We're actually on my cousin Claire's farm, so although it's all open land, there's no-one around to have to worry about. We thought you might like the view, and also it's lunch time so you get to join us for that."

Jenny was still a bit nervous about being stark naked out in the open, but she finally stood up and stretched her arms and legs after being confined for some time. "I was already feeling pretty randy thanks to being buried, but being here starkers is getting me worked up even more."

"Don't mind us" giggled Liz, "Me and Mike have already tried some alfresco sex."

"In that case, come here," Jenny said, pointing at Dave.

"Well I wouldn't want to be the only one to give it a go" laughed Dave as he started to strip off, and he and Jenny spent the next few minutes making frantic passionate love. This got Liz feeling hot again, so she and Mike joined in for a full on foursome.

Once they were all satisfied, they got dressed (apart from Jenny of course) and sat down to a proper countryside picnic, enjoying the view while they ate. As Jenny was only going to be back in the box for the journey home, she was able to eat and drink as well, as they figured that they could always go for a wee behind a tree before they left.

After they had finished their lunch, Dave and Mike filled the hole back in, leaving the ground pretty much as it was when they had arrived. Jenny then climbed back into the crate and they reloaded it with the peanuts and closed the lid (Dave had already removed the pipes so that it would fit in the car again), and placed it back in the boot as they had for the drive up.

They were just approaching the farmhouse when they spotted Claire who waved to them. Pulling up alongside Dave opened the window to say hi.

"Enjoy the picnic then?" asked Claire.

"Yes, it was lovely. This is Mike and Liz. They're fairly new to the area so I wanted them to get a chance to see how beautiful it is without loads of others around."

"And it is an absolutely lovely area," said Liz. "Thanks for letting us see it."

"No problem, friends of Dave are always welcome. No Jenny today?" she asked, turning back to Dave.

"No, she's a bit tied up at the moment with work, so couldn't come today."

"That's a shame, I haven't seen her for ages. Say hi to her for me."

"Will do. Well we'd better be getting along. See you again soon Claire."


And they headed off back to the road, and then home.


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