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Bury Me Please

by Owlbear

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Storycodes: M+/f; mast; sex; boxed; buried; shackles; garden; naked; cons; X

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6 - A public(ish) burial

Over the next few months, Liz and Mike got to help with putting Jenny in various boxes and burying her on a number of occasions.

She did some more of the sex club events where she went into the floor display box, sometimes with the shackles and other times without. Without shackles, it left her able to play with her pussy while others danced and watched and she would inevitably bring herself off several times during the hour, while those occasions with the shackles usually meant she had a vibrator stuck in her pussy for the entire time, sometimes managing to come just from the situation as the vibe was usually only set on low. The one time they left the vibe on high power she almost blacked out with the number of orgasms she had and had to be picked up and carried away from the box at the end of her hour. She couldn't monopolise the box though, as pretty much every month saw several other people that wanted to spend time in there as well. The whole concept had been a great success and the bingo machine was called into play quite regularly to ensure fairness.

They also had fun putting her in either the plastic box with the packing peanuts, the wooden box with the foam inserts, and burying her under a couple of feet of earth. The burials were kept to no more than once a month in order to make sure they still felt special, so the boxes were used in between times, along with being shackled to the underside of the floor panel in the shed. Many of these sessions ended up with 2, 3 or even all 4 of them having some wild sex, and the longer Jenny spent underground the more rampant Liz would get. On the rare occasion that Jenny would go right through the night underground, poor Mike and Dave could barely stand once Liz had finished with them.

After a while, Dave noticed that Jenny had that look in her eye that said she was thinking of asking for something more outrageous than anything done so far.

"What is it this time?"

"What do you mean?"

"You've got that look again, so no pretending you don't know."

"OK, I've been thinking about how to make the burials even more fun, and there is something I'd like to do, but you're probably not going to like it."

"Well how do you know if you don't tell me what it is?"

"Even if you do like it, I bet Mike won't. Although Liz probably will."

"Right, it obviously involves the nightclub, so spill it."

"I want to be buried there on one of the sex club nights. Under the dance floor. So rather than just lay there, be put in a box and then be buried with the clear floor panel showing that there's nothing but earth beneath the dancers. It doesn't need to be too much soil." Jenny couldn't meet Daves gaze, and she lowered her eyes with a worried expression on her face.

"You're right. Mike probably won't like the idea as it's a bit extreme even for the club, but Liz would probably cream herself with excitement at the thought of doing something like that in public. I think I need to work out how it could be done safely before we say anything to the others. I know there's a pipe to provide air into the current box, but I'm not sure it's deep enough to hold another box within it and have more than half an inch of soil over the top. It's club night in a couple of days, so I'll see if I can double check the dimensions, and how we could maybe modify it."

Two days later and both Dave and Jenny were at the sex club night. For once, Jenny didn't put her name down for a spell inside the dance floor. Instead, she and Dave were taking a careful look at the display box to try to see how best they could do a live burial with an audience. When not using the shackles, the base of the box was actually just bare earth, and the box itself was longer and wider than any box that Jenny would likely be buried in, so probably they could just dig down a little more leaving the sides untouched. Getting air would then be the next issue. There were 2 pipes that came into the box from one end, a few inches apart, that provided plenty of air so Dave wondered if a couple of flexible hoses could be taped to the ends, and then they could be plugged into the lower box once it had been placed in the hole. If it was only going to be for the duration of the club night then they wouldn't need to use the catheters, or provide drinks. Yes, it could be done, but it would need Mike to OK it.

While they were conferring about what to do next, Liz came over to say hi. "He's checking on something with the bar staff inside" she replied when asked where Mike was.

"Good," said Dave, "we've got something we want to discuss, but we don't think Mike will be too happy so wanted to run it by you first."

"Then we hope you can help to persuade Mike," chipped in Jenny.

"Ooh, this sounds like a conspiracy. Do tell."

So Jenny explained that she wanted to actually be buried at the club as part of the entertainment on one of the club nights, and Dave explained how he thought it could be done safely.

"Well I can see why you'd want to do it, and you are right that Mike won't be too keen in case word gets out about really extreme things happening at the club. However, I may have an alternative option. Rather than being something done openly in front of all the club members, I do know a few who could be trusted and who may find a burial to be interesting, so would it be OK if it was just around 10 people instead of the whole club? And it would have to be under the solid floor panel, not the clear one, but once you are under it we could open up the dance floor to the rest of the club saying that there's a problem so no floor show that night. And while most people wouldn't know you were under their feet, there would still be some that did."

Mike came back in at that point, so Liz ushered him away to the office to talk about it. Dave and Jenny listened to see if they could hear shouting at any point, but they didn't hear any. After a while both Liz and Mike came back out, with Liz smiling broadly and Mike looking fairly relaxed.

Before they could ask how it went Liz said "Not going to say anything right now, but we'll speak to you at the end of the night. We've got some other people to speak to first. Don't worry, we won't be mentioning any names," and with that they walked on.

"Well that doesn't seem to have gone as I expected. But at least they haven't thrown us out bodily," said Dave.

When it got to the end of the night, everyone was leaving, so Dave and Jenny hung back a bit and eventually they were the only ones left.

"Right," said Liz, "we've been doing some thinking of our own about what you suggested, and while we can't go for it exactly as you wanted, we have come up with an alternative."

"Yes, rather than do this as part of the sex club with anyone watching, we can invite a few trusted guests to come along before the club would normally open. We can then bury you as you want, but a little deeper than you were maybe planning. We can then put the board with the shackles back down on top of both you and the earth and go through with a normal club night, except that you won't be visible to anyone. Then once the rest of the guests have gone, us and the trusted ones can come back out and dig you up. We've got six couples that we've spoken to and that we know we can trust and who would be very keen to see someone really get buried alive, so you would still have a decent audience if that's what you're really after. It would just mean staying down for a bit longer, but I'm certain that wouldn't be a problem, would it?" said Mike.

"And that way you'd still get to have people right on top of you, some that know you're there and others that don't," chipped in Liz.

Dave said "That sounds OK to me, but what about you?" he looked over to Jenny. "It's your fantasy after all."

"When can we do it?" asked Jenny.

"Assuming we can work out the details and make the modifications, how about next month's club night?" replied Mike.

"That sounds amazing. Thank you both so much," and with that she gave both Mike and Liz a hug and a kiss.

"Do you want me to come round on Sunday to help get things worked out?" asked Dave.

"Sure. That'll also give us plenty of time to sort out what box we'll bury Jenny in, and make changes to the air supply."

Over the next 3 weeks Dave and Mike worked on sorting out the details. Rather than remove the current box from under the shed, Dave got hold of a new one that was just large enough for Jenny to fit, and cut holes in the end for the air tubes. He also got some vacuum cleaner hoses and modified the ends so that they could plug into the box without leaving any gap for soil to fall through. They then dug out a three foot deep hole in the bottom of the existing hole, but only just wider and longer than the new box so that the side panels wouldn't fall down. They also dug under the floor to where the air pipes came along and added a couple of T joints to run the flexible air hoses down to a point just about where the holes would be when the box was buried, with a little bit spare so that they could be plugged into the box once it was in place.

When it got to the next club night, Dave and Jenny arrived almost 2 hours before the club was due to open. To make sure that there were no problems with the staff, or those not in the know, they planned to have everything done at least an hour before opening time. Jenny had made sure not to eat or drink too much, and went to the loo as soon as they arrived in preparation. Within a few minutes all of the invited guests had also arrived and were congregating in the garden, looking down into the new hole, or examining the box which was on the floor beside the hole. A couple of people still thought that this was going to be some sort of practical joke, but the rest were definitely getting excited.

Finally Jenny came out completely naked, and stepped into the box and lay down as usual. Mike stepped up and said "Tonight we have something very special, and this will be a one-off event, so as me and Liz have already said, no talking about it outside of the people who are here. Our willing volunteer has a desire to be buried in public, and we are going to give her that wish. Anyone that wants to help will be able to do so, and once the club night is over we can come back out here to exhume her. Does anyone have any problem with that?"

There were no dissenting voices, though Mike hadn't expected any. He just felt that he had to ask. He nodded to Dave, who was standing ready with a power screwdriver. They placed the lid on the box and Dave started to screw it in place. This caught Jenny by surprise, as they hadn't mentioned this to her. She had assumed that like the box under the shed it would be closed with ordinary catches, but the sound of the screwdriver really got her juices flowing. This is just like a real burial she thought.

Once all of the screws were in place Mike asked for a couple of the guys to help lower the box into the new hole. Jenny felt the box be lifted up, and then lowered down again, except that it seemed to keep going down for ages. Finally there was a bump and she knew she was at the bottom of the hole. There was an odd sound behind her head and she realised that it was Dave slotting the air hoses into place. Mike then asked who wanted to help shovel the earth back over the box, and almost everyone wanted to have a go. He picked Liz and Julie to start, but said that in order for everyone to have a chance they could only do 3 or 4 shovels full each.

At the sound of the soil hitting the box, Jenny had her first orgasm, and by the time the sound of the soil being dumped on her got too faint to hear she had already made it to 3. All of the guests were now in a state of either shock, excitement, or both, at being involved in this. Finally the soil was pretty much level with the bottom of the display box that they were used to, so Mike called a halt and dropped the panel with the shackles on over the fresh earth. Jenny was now well and truly buried, and the floor display looked completely normal.

"Right" called out Mike "if everyone can wander off somewhere for a while, we'll be opening for the normal club night in about 75 minutes. So see you all then" and everyone bar Dave left.

"Is she OK down there?" asked Liz as Mike went to let the first of the bar staff in.

"Yes, the fitbit monitor is showing that she's calming down a bit now, so I suspect she's going to set a new record for the number of times she can come in one evening."

Just over an hour later the club opened its doors as usual, and people started to arrive, some knowing exactly what was happening under the floor display, but the rest completely ignorant of Jenny's position. As people arrived Liz asked about going into the shackles for an hour at a time, and as usual had more than enough volunteers, so out came the bingo machine again. By chance, it was Julie that got picked, and she lay down and got padlocked to the board while thinking about Jenny being right underneath her, and almost came just at the thought. Once the clear floor was placed above her and people started to dance then she did come, harder than she ever had before without actually being able to play with herself.

As the night wore on, people started to do more than just dance on the floor, as usual, but eventually it was time to close and the people that were there to see Jenny be buried all managed to stay. Mike told the bar staff that they could go early, and he would clean up in the morning, as he wanted to have some fun with a few friends. Once they had gone, everyone went back out to the garden, where they lifted up the floor panel, and started to dig down to the box. Once they got near they went more slowly, until they reached the top of the box. Once most of the soil was clear, Dave brushed away the remaining earth so that they could get to the straps that they had used to lower Jenny, and carefully raised the box and put it on the floor . Mike had the screwdriver to hand, so he removed the screws and Dave knocked three times before they raised the lid.

Jenny slowly opened her eyes a little, and then once she was used to the light she sat up and looked around. She was soaked with sweat, almost glowing, and had obviously had a really good time.

"Thanks everyone. you don't know how much this has meant to me," said Jenny, as she stood up. Several of the women there promptly went and gave her a hug before they all started to leave.

"I've got tomorrow off," Dave told Mike "so I'll come round in the morning and help get everything cleaned up, including filling the hole back in so it's back to its normal setup."


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