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Bury Me Please

by Owlbear

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Storycodes: M+/f; mast; sex; boxed; buried; garden; shed; naked; cons; X

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5 - The visitors

After the events at the club where Jenny had been trapped in a box and then shackled to the floor of the pit while everyone else danced above her, she decided that while being buried was her ultimate turn-on, being restrained in a way that she couldn't get out of was the next best thing. Once they had got home, she and Dave had a long chat about it before going to bed. The net result was that being buried would continue to be something that they would only do now and again, simply because it was the ultimate and they didn't want to make it something commonplace. And then in between burials, they would explore more around being restrained or confined, like the session in the box with foam cutouts to keep her immobile. The obvious thing to try would be variations on that.

When they checked on-line they found a site selling the shackles that MIke and Liz had used, so they ordered several of those (with Dave making sure to order several different sizes as well). Then Dave checked a site that Mike had told him about that did packaging materials. It was where Mike had got the foam panels from. Dave found that as well as the foamboard, they also sold large bags of the packing peanuts that could protect fragile items, so ordered a large bag of those as well without mentioning it to Jenny.

While they were waiting for the ordered items to arrive, Dave was in the supermarket doing the normal shopping when he noticed that they also sold large plastic storage boxes with lids that could be locked shut. On checking them he found that the largest size they did looked to be big enough for Jenny to squeeze into, so bought one as a surprise for her. Once home, he showed the box to Jenny. The lid simply dropped onto the base, but there were 2 handles on the ends that swung up to clip over the lid holding it solidly in place while also providing a handle to help with moving it. Dave had barely finished showing how it worked before Jenny had stripped and was climbing into it.

"I'll only leave you in there for a few minutes" said Dave "because I don't know if the lid is airtight or not." Once Jenny had crouched down so she was laying on her side Dave put the lid in place and snapped the handles up to lock it in place. He then grabbed the handle at one end and tried dragging the box along (it was too heavy to lift on his own with Jenny inside). The smooth plastic slid fine on the carpet so he slid it into the kitchen and then into the pantry and closed the door leaving Jenny totally out of sight.

A few minutes later he opened the pantry and removed the lid.

"Oh," said Jenny as she saw where she was. "I knew you had moved me but hadn't been able to work out where."

"Yes, I thought that if we put a hole in for you to get plenty of air then I can simply put you in here out of the way when I want to get some work done," Dave said, while obviously struggling to keep a straight face by the time he finished the sentence.

"Maybe I'll need to lock you in there when I want to do some housework then," laughed Jenny. "But actually although it was getting a bit stuffy it was reasonably comfortable, so I probably could stay in there for a while as long as there's an air hole."

"Well that should be pretty easy to do. I'll put a hole in each end of the box, just under the handles where they won't be too noticeable."

Dave took the box to the shed, where he cut a couple of holes into it as he had said, but also added some fine wire mesh to the inside of both holes, as he wanted to try using the packing peanuts when they arrived, and didn't want them falling out, or getting jammed and blocking the air holes.

A few days later the shackles and the packing peanuts had all arrived, although Jenny was curious as to why Dave wouldn't show her the contents of the last of those packages. But Dave initially set to work with the box already under the shed, screwing the shackles to it so that Jenny could be held tightly while still being buried. He then added a similar set, but with several more larger shackles for the arms and legs and some straps for the body, to the underside of the floor panel. This was going to be a surprise for Jenny. Once everything was ready he called for Jenny to join him in the shed.

"What's up?"

"I've got a surprise for you."

Jenny noticed that the wooden floor panel had some shackles fixed to it, so figured Dave was planning something.

"I suppose you want me to strip then?"

"Well always."

She quickly got out of her clothes and lay down on the floor between the shackles. She then saw that there were some hooks in the roof with some ropes running over them.

"Let's get you nice and comfy then" said Dave, who then closed and padlocked the shackles on her arms and legs. Rather than just one for each wrist and ankle, there were 4 for each arm and each leg in various sizes to make sure she was really secure. He then pulled 3 straps across her, one over her hips, another over the waist, and lastly across her breasts, pulling all of them as tight as he could without restricting her breathing.

"Don't you think this is just a shade over the top?"

"Nope, though I suppose I could say that you're about to go over the top," and with that Dave screwed in a couple of hooks to the top end of the board, and pulled the ropes from the roof to tie onto the hooks. He then turned on the hoist attached to the other end of the ropes and it lifted the board up so it was hanging in the air just above the hole. Jenny saw that the box was closed, but then realised that the gap above the box was more than big enough for her to fit, and at that point Dave moved the bottom of the floor panel back a bit and started lowering the panel again so that this time she was hanging underneath it.

"I would say don't hang around too long, but I think you just might," joked Dave as the board dropped the last few inches, the end sliding along until it finally fitted flush with the rest of the floor. He heard a muffled shout, which might just have been "You bastard" but he couldn't be sure. He then had an idea. As it was Sunday, Mike and Liz may be free, so he called them to invite them over.

"We assume that Jenny is there and planning something," said Liz.

"Well, she is hanging around somewhere. Get here quickly and you'll see where."

"In that case we're already on the way," replied Liz so Dave gave them the address and hung up.

It only took a few minutes for Mike and Liz to arrive, and Dave took them through to the shed.

"So where is Jenny then?" asked Liz.

"You're standing on her."

"What!!" and Liz jumped back a couple of feet.

Dave lowered the ropes again and hooked them to the floor panel, and started the hoist.

"What do you mean by doing that with no warn...... Oh, hi Liz, hi Mike."

"Mike just grinned, but Liz was almost doubled up with laughter.

"I like that idea," said Liz, still laughing. "I might have to set something similar up in our dungeon."

Dave quickly raised the panel up and flipped it so that when he lowered it again Jenny was laying on her back. "Apart from the shock, how was it?" he asked.

"Honestly, it was mostly fun, but if you do this again could you add a strap to hold my head. It was making my neck ache a bit."

"Will do. Should have thought of that myself. Sorry," and he quickly opened the padlocks, setting Jenny free. Once she had stepped off the floor panel Dave lifted it up to show the hole below, and reached down to open the box. "And this is where Jenny likes to get buried."

Ever the practical person, Mike asked "So how does she manage to breathe when in there. You had said that she sometimes spends hours down there, but that box isn't big enough to hold several hours worth of air."

"If you look at the head end, there are 2 holes in the board. They are connected to pipes that run under the shed and up to a dummy drainpipe. I'll show you" and with that Dave took Mike outside to show how he had set it up leaving Jenny and Liz in the shed.

"Are you really OK?" asked Liz.

"Yes, I'm fine apart from a bit of a neck ache. It was just the shock as Dave hadn't told me what he planned when he dropped me into the hole like that. It was actually quite exciting whenever I could feel someone moving around above me, though I couldn't hear anything though. The tight fit of the floor panel pretty much soundproofed it."

"And when you get buried, I assume that you just lay in the box with the lid closed. How do you know he's really buried you?"

"Oh that's easy, see the tablet fixed to the lid? He feeds a view from the camera directly above it, up there between those hooks. That way I can see everything while it happens, which really does add to the pleasure. And if we've planned a long session, I fit myself with a catheter and take a couple of water bottles in with me. The longest we've done so far is 26 hours. We probably can't do much more than a couple of days though as we haven't worked out how to deal with the solid waste."

"And how does Dave know that you're OK?"

"I wear a fitbit, and that links to his phone so he can monitor my pulse and breathing. He says he has it set to sound an alarm if either goes too low."

"I suppose that just leaves one last question. When do I get to bury you?"

"How about stopping for lunch and then we can have a go this afternoon?"

"Sounds brilliant. Mike!" she shouted, "Get in here now."

"What's up?" asked Mike as he and Dave came back in.

"Jenny has invited us to stay for lunch and then I can bury her. Is that OK with you?

"Certainly, as long as Dave is OK with that."

"Of course you can stay for lunch," said Dave. He looked over to Liz. "I assume that you want to handle the shovel when we bury Jenny?"

"Well that's a daft question. You'd have to strap me to that board to stop me."

Once lunch was over and Jenny had been to the loo, they all went back out to the shed.

"I've just thought, if we're going to bury Jenny, where's the soil that needs to go in the hole?" asked Mike.

"That's over here" replied Dave, as he went to what appeared to be a compost bin in the corner. He opened it up and it was actually full of soil instead. "I couldn't be bothered to keep filling the hole back in when Jenny wasn't in there, only to have to dig it back out before we could start, so instead it goes in here and then everything is to hand."

"That's neat," said Liz. "So how do we do this?"

Jenny had already stripped while they were looking at the compost bin, and she put the fitbit on her wrist and stepped into the box. "As I'll only be in for a short time I won't need the catheter, so I just lay down and let you lot do all of the work," she laughed.

She lay back down and Dave nodded to Liz to close the lid, which she did. She noticed the catches to lock it down and looked over to Dave who nodded again, so she closed the catches. "I suppose that means that she can't get out now even if we didn't do anything more?"

"That's the idea. It all adds to the feeling of helplessness that she gets off on. Here, you can start the burial," he said, handing Liz a shovel.

As Liz started to pile the dirt on top of the box, Dave took Mike to the computer. "As you can see, as well as monitoring the fitbit I can also use the camera on the tablet mounted in the box. The tablet screen itself is producing enough light to see Jenny by." The screen showed both the view of Jenny from within the box, and the view that Jenny was getting from the camera mounted above the hole. "Let's help Liz with filling the hole in." And they both grabbed shovels so it only took a few minutes to finish filling the hole. Dave smoothed the surface a bit and placed the floor panel back in place, with the shackles on the underside so that the floor was smooth.

"Holy shit," said Liz. "Doing that is one of the hottest things I've done. Are you sure she's OK down there?"

"Yep, come and see" and took Liz to see the monitor as well.

"I really need to get fucked hard right now" said Liz" as burying Jenny has me so turned on. I want you both to fuck me together, but I can't really ask Jenny now."

"That's OK," said Dave. "We talked after the last time and agreed that if it was just between us four and we don't try to hide anything then it's OK."

"In that case strip and fuck me hard right on top of Jenny so she can see us."

Both guys stripped off pretty quickly only to find that Liz had beaten them to it and was already on her hands and knees.

"Just go hard and fast. I'm already on the edge."

And with that Dave shoved his cock deep inside her pussy, while Mike shoved his into her throat. Liz wasn't kidding when she said she was already on the edge, as she came as soon as both cocks were inside her. The guys carried on and despite only lasting a couple of minutes Liz was already into her second orgasm.

"Oh god, I needed that" said Liz as she lay back down and waved at the camera above them, knowing that Jenny would be able to see her. "How long do we leave her under there?"

Dave had got up and wandered over to the PC. "Oh, we can leave her there for an hour or so today. From the readings on the fitbit monitor I think she's been enjoying herself as much as us, so we could probably all do with a bit of a break. Unlike your dungeon, there isn't a shower here, but if we just make ourselves look decent in case the neighbours see we can go back to the house and freshen up there."

"What about leaving Jenny unattended?" asked Mike.

"That's no problem. I've got my phone, and it will alert me if there's any issues. And the camera doesn't cover this area so even if we are here Jenny wouldn't see us unless we're almost right on top of her."

And with that the three of them headed back to the house to have a quick shower.

An hour later everyone was back in the shed, feeling somewhat refreshed, which was just as well as they now had to dig Jenny out. They waved to her via the camera and then lifted the floor panel out of the way, and each took a shovel and started removing the soil from above her. With the three of them working together it only took a few minutes to get down to the box, and then they carefully removed some of the dirt from around the edges before Dave got a brush to clear what was left from the top of the box. He opened the clasps, knocked 3 times on the lid, and then opened it up. Liz and Mike saw that Jenny had her eyes closed and then started to open them while shielding her eyes from the light.

"It's a bit bright going from just the light of the tablet to full daylight, so I always knock three times to let her know I'm about to open the box."

After a couple of minutes Jenny's eyes were open and she was sitting up in the box. "That was fantastic, one of the best yet. Having all three of you bury me was soooo good, and I think I came three times while you guys fucked. But I still need more, so as long as you're OK Liz can I borrow Mike for a few minutes?"

"Of course."

"Don't I get a say in this?" asked Mike.

"No" came the reply from both Liz and Jenny at the same time.

"Good job we've had a bit of a rest then, isn't it Dave?"

"Definitely." And both of the guys promptly stripped off while Liz unexpectedly went down on Jenny, finding that she was dripping wet already.

This time the guys lasted somewhat longer, and so swapped places a couple of times before they finally unloaded in Jenny's mouth and pussy at almost the same time. Despite her earlier orgasms, she still managed to get another three, leaving her feeling deliriously happy. Once all four of them had freshened up (again) they sat and talked about what had happened, and how much fun it was. They agreed that Liz and Mike would be welcome to join in whenever they were planning on doing another burial, and Liz said she really wanted to be involved in the next long term one.


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