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Bury Me Please

by Owlbear

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Storycodes: F/f; MF; bond; cage; fetters; mast; sex; boxed; encased; exhib; X-frame; dungeon; nightclub; hidden; naked; cons; XX

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4 - Restraining order?

The next morning Dave and Jenny talked about what Liz had said, regarding being restrained.

"Most of the BDSM videos I've seen on the internet have been about either inflicting pain or humiliating someone, and I've never found those to be exciting, but the idea of not being able to move is pretty close to what I feel when buried, so maybe the two together would intensify the experience for me," said Jenny.

"Same here," said Dave, "but maybe we just haven't seen the right videos before. Looks like we need to do some research then."

"At least saying it that way sounds better than just saying let's watch more porn," laughed Jenny.

Over the next few days they identified a couple of sites where girls were physically restrained, but not always painfully, so they checked out a number of the videos on them. Some used ropes, others handcuffs and spreader bars. Still more went for cages or boxes. It looked like there were any number of ways to keep someone restrained without causing pain, but where to start?

They decided to get in touch with Liz, as she had implied that she was willing to help out.

A couple of days later they were in a smart part of town following the directions that Liz had given them, and when they knocked on the door Liz opened it and asked them in. She got them to follow her down to the basement where they found themselves in a quite impressive dungeon. There were various things around that were obviously designed to have people strapped to them, as well as numerous whips, riding crops, chains, and stuff they didn't even recognise. Jenny looked rather nervous at the sight of the whips.

"Don't worry," said Liz, "I said we would just look at restraints, so most of this stuff is going to stay where it is."

"Thanks," said Jenny. "Isn't Mike joining us?"

"No, he's a bit tied up at the moment. And blindfolded. And ... well you don't need to know everything," laughed Liz. Dave and Jenny just looked at each other and smiled.

"So, let's get started. I thought we'd start with the basics, so handcuffs, spreader bar, and then see how it goes from there. We can certainly start with you still clothed if you wish, though you might need to remove some things as we go along."

"No that's OK, I'll strip off," replied Jenny, and she proceeded to do precisely that.

They then tried using the cuffs along with ankle cuffs, spreader bars, and even some rope, all in various positions to see which ones got Jenny going, but none of them really seemed to get her excited. Liz on the other hand was getting wet with all the different positions that she was getting Jenny to try.

"OK, so now we know that just being tied up doesn't really do it for you. Let's try the cage," and with that Liz pulled a sheet away from one corner of the room to reveal a metal cage just a bit bigger than a dog kennel. "In you go then."

Jenny crawled into the cage but didn't think it was particularly great until Liz suddenly padlocked the door shut. Liz couldn't help but notice that Jenny was getting damp, which had a similar effect on her. "OK" said Liz, "That seems to be doing the trick. Now lay down on your back with your knees over your breasts."

Once Jenny was in position, Liz quickly used the cuffs to secure Jenny's wrists and ankles to the bars of the cage, and then draped the sheet over the cage as well. Both Liz and Dave could hear Jenny's breath quicken. Liz quickly whispered to Dave "You may have noticed that doing all of this has been turning me on. I'd love to finish both myself and Jenny with a dildo while she's stuck there. Would that be OK with you?"

"Sure, go ahead. It'll be a hell of a surprise for Jenny, but she is a little bit bi. I know she mostly dated guys at university, but she did have a fling or two with other girls when she was there."

And with that Liz reached into a box and pulled out a large double ended dildo, and lifted the end of the cloth to reveal that the end of the cage had a hole just the right size for the dildo to slide through, and it slid straight into Jenny's pussy.

"What the fuck!" shouted Jenny as she couldn't see what was happening but Dave called back, "don't worry, just enjoy it."

Liz then angled herself to get the other end of the dildo into her own pussy as well (she wasn't wearing knickers under her dress) and started to thrust back and forward on it, rapidly bringing both girls to a climax. Once done, Liz removed the dildo and the sheet and unlocked Jenny so that she could get out of the cage. "Sorry, but I really needed to come and Dave said you'd be OK with it."

Jenny wanted to be angry, as it had been a bit of a shock, but at the same time it had been a huge turn on so she just said "Don't worry about it. I was just caught by surprise. I didn't know you were into girls at all."

"Most of the time I'm not, but locking you up so much over the last hour or so has made me really horny, and when that happens It doesn't matter much who I'm with. If Dave hadn't said you were OK with it I might have left you under the sheet and ravished him instead."

"Maybe I missed out there," laughed Dave. "But it looks like being caged gets you going. Anything else to try Liz?"

"Oh yes. Lets try the St Andrews cross next." And she walked over to where a large wooden X was bolted to the wall. It had some shackles fitted to it for wrists and ankles, and Jenny was made to stand with her back to it while Liz closed the clasps to hold Jenny in place. As with the cage, Jenny really started to feel it when the clasps were padlocked and Liz dropped the keys into a drawer and closed it.

Again, Liz noticed the effect on Jenny, so decided to try something that she had originally thought might be too extreme, and that most of her 'victims' were in fear of. Opening a cupboard, she pulled out a metal cage in the shape of a woman with arms and legs spread, but it had no back to it. She asked Dave for a hand with it, as it was rather heavy. They carried it over to where Jenny was, and positioned it over her. Then while Dave held it in place, Liz went and got a power screwdriver and proceeded to screw the cage to the cross, completely trapping Jenny within it, with some of the bars ending up pressing against her skin leaving her completely immobilised. As the screws were being driven in, Jenny's eyes closed and she moaned softly as an orgasm hit her.

"Oh fuck," said Liz, "I really need a cock right now. Jenny, can I borrow Daves just for a couple of minutes?"

Jenny whispered "Yes" and almost before she had finished Liz was undoing Dave's trousers and pulled them and his pants down to his knees to reveal a rock hard cock.

"Just fuck me hard," Liz demanded as she dropped to her hands and knees. Dave was too horny himself to say no to such a sight, and promptly rammed his cock as deep into Liz as he could go.

"Don't try to make it last" panted Liz. "Just fill me with your come. I need it now."

And within a minute Dave was reaching the point of no return and slammed his cock home while he hosed down Liz' insides.

Once Dave had got his breath back he looked up at Jenny and asked if she was OK.

"Yes, I'm fine. If I hadn't already come a couple of times I would probably have creamed at the sight of you two going hammer and tongs like that. It was seriously hot. But my arms are beginning to ache a bit so could you let me out please."

"Of course," said Liz, as she grabbed the screwdriver and started removing the cage with Dave helping by holding it. Once that was out of the way she grabbed the keys and opened up the padlocks. Jenny stepped away from the cross, rubbing her arms to get the circulation going again after not moving for some time.

"I think that's enough excitement for today," said Liz "so if you want to freshen up before you go then there's a shower just through the door in the corner. And while you do that I'll go and get Mike."

"Will he be OK with what just happened?" asked Dave.

"Oh yes. He's a bit of a cuck at heart, so he'll probably insist on me describing it all in great detail once you've gone, and will then fuck my brains out," Liz said laughingly.

A short while later both Dave and Jenny had cleaned themselves up and had just got dressed again when Liz and Mike came in. From the smile on his face it was clear that he was fine with what had happened, and he said "Liz has said that you were a bit worried about my reaction, but I'm fine. From what I've heard the only thing wrong is that I didn't get to watch."

"Thanks," said Dave. "After all you've done to help us I didn't want to do anything to upset you, but Liz insisted you'd be OK, and quite frankly she didn't really give me much of a chance to say no."

"That sounds just like her. So don't worry, everything's good."

"And I've thought of something else that I want Jenny to try, though it may take a few days to put something together. But based on today, I'm pretty sure that you'll love it," said Liz, "And I also want to hear more about you being buried. We didn't really have time today."

"We can hardly wait," said Jenny.

A couple of weeks later they heard from Liz asking them to come to the club on the next fun night, but to arrive a couple of hours early as they had something planned. Dave and Jenny agreed, and spent the next few days wondering what Liz and Mike had planned for them.

They arrived at the club, apparently before the staff had even got there, as it was Liz that opened the door for them.

"Hi. Glad you could make it. We've got a couple of things planned for you, including one during the club night later on," said Liz. "But in the meantime let's go into the office."

As they walked in, they could see a packing crate of some sort stood on one end, so that the open top was actually at the front. And alongside that, there were several thick sheets of foam, similar to the foamboard that modellers use but a couple of inches thick rather than the usual size. The back of the box already had a sheet of foam fixed to it, so Jenny guessed that she was going to have to get in as well.

"From what you've said, it seems that being encased as well as immobilised is what really gets you going, so we've taken inspiration from some videos that we found on-line. I want you to strip off and to sit in the box facing us, but as far back as you can go."

Jenny was happy to comply and found that the box was large enough that she didn't need to bend her head down. She got herself comfortable and Liz quickly got out a measuring tape and started to work out how much space there was around her. Mike was then kept busy with a large knife, cutting out parts of the foam panels as directed by Liz.

Once the first panel had been cut, Mike slid it into the box around Jenny's feet, finding that it was slightly too snug, so he quickly removed it and trimmed half an inch off the offending areas, and on putting it back in declared himself happy with the result. This continued and after half a dozen panels had been done Jenny's knees were just barely visible at the top of the foam.

"How's it going in there?" asked Dave.

"It's fine, apart from getting just a little warm," Jenny replied.

Liz and Mike continued, until they got to Jenny's chin. "Right," said Mike, "this is where it gets a bit more complicated, as we need to let you breathe."

He quickly got out a drill and put a half inch hole in both sides of the box level with Jenny's mouth, and then slid some plastic pipe into both holes leaving the ends a couple of inches away from her head. He cut off the outer ends of the pipe flush with the box, removed the pipes and added some glue to the inside of the holes. He then pushed the pipes back in from the inside so that they were flush, and left them for a few minutes so that the glue could set properly. Once that was done, he cut the next sheet to have a hole at each side, and used a couple of small pieces of plastic to stop the front piece of foam from sliding across the pipes. The same happened with the next sheet, by which time only Jennys eyes and hair were still visible.

"Are you still OK?" asked Mike.

"Yes I'm fine," came the rather muffled reply.

"Right then, just the last couple of sheets to do and you'll be completely hidden."

And so very soon all that could be seen in the box was the foam packaging. After checking that Jenny was OK, they left her to enjoy her confinement for a few minutes, as Liz and Mike took Dave to the far corner of the room so that Jenny wouldn't overhear.

"We'll let Jenny out in a minute, but if you think that she will be OK with it, we've got something planned for tonight," said Liz.

"Later on, we've got this to go into the dance floor box" said Mike as he turned a wooden panel around. It was about the same size as the base of the dance floor box, but had clasps mounted to it similar to the ones used on the St Andrews Cross a couple of weeks earlier. The ankle ones were spread apart, and the wrist ones were mounted near the sides of where the head would go. There was also a strap that would go across the waist which could be done up like a belt and a few small holes between where the legs would be. "But I need to go and get the staff sorted for the night" and with that Mike left the office.

"We want Jenny to demonstrate it for us, but that would be a little later in the evening. Before that we want to have a draw to see who goes into the floor display for the first hour or so." Liz continued. "But we need to put a table, or maybe a box" and she pointedly looked across to Jenny "outside as a stand to hold the bingo machine that we're going to use to select who goes down for the first part of the night. Then when they come out we can unpack Jenny, and install her back under the floor. Also, we were planning on letting her out now so she can go to the loo and have a stretch before going back in shortly before we open. The other thing we haven't told her is that we will be screwing the side onto the box before we take it out to the garden so it will look like we just had a box to put the bingo machine on."

"I think she'll want to kill all of us when it happens, but once she's had a chance to experience the thrill of it I'm sure she'll be fine."

"That's pretty much what we thought, but of course you know her far better than we do. Let's get her out for a bit and then we can put her back in a few minutes before we open. We've got the trolley ready to move the box with her inside out to the garden."

And with that, they started to pull the foam panels out of the box, uncovering Jenny who by now was a little sweaty. They helped her out of the box and to her feet.

"How was that?" asked Liz.

"It was fine apart from being a little warm. I thought you'd be leaving me in there for longer than that."

"Well we do have something planned, but we won't need to put you back in that box for a little while. So why don't you tell me all about you being buried. It sounds like quite a wild experience."

So for the next half hour or so, Jenny and Dave told Liz about their adventures at the beach which started all of this, and how they had experimented with burying her in the garden and eventually having a purpose built burial chamber under the shed.

"That sounds really hot. I'd love to come and see it in action one day."

"Of course. We usually restrict it to weekends, so let us know when you'll be free and you can join in."

At this point Mike came back in and said that it was time for Jenny to get back into the box.

"So you've obviously got something planned. Are you going to tell me what it is?" asked Jenny.

"Of course not," said Dave, "it wouldn't be much of a surprise if we did. So just relax and enjoy yourself."

And with that Jenny climbed back into the box and sat with her knees up as before. Liz and Mike made short work of putting the foam blocks back into place, and then told Jenny that they were going to put the front back on the box as well. She heard the screws being put in place, and by the time all ten were done up she was positively soaking. There was no way that she could get out now, and they could be about to do anything with her and she would be powerless to stop it. She then felt a new sensation as the box was obviously being lifted up and then brought to rest on something, which then suddenly tilted back and then seemed to move forward with an occasional bump. Oh God she thought, they've put me on a barrow and are wheeling me somewhere.

Indeed they were. They had lifted the box onto a barrow so they could wheel it out into the garden area, and it bumped a couple of times as they got it out of the office and down the passageway to the back door. That provided a much larger bump, as there was a good 3 inch drop into the garden. It then bounced her around a little as they crossed the grassy area to a point by the back wall, next to the dance floor. They then slid the box off the barrow and spun it around so that Jenny's back was against the wall. While Mike took the barrow away, Liz brought out the small bingo machine that they were going to use to see who went into the floor display first (and for those who don't know what a bingo machine is, it's a round wire cage with lots of numbered balls in it that gets spun around, and then you open a door and take a number out). The plan was that as people arrived at the club if they wanted to spend some time in the floor display they could add their name to a numbered list (or of course a dom could add their subs name whether the sub wanted it or not) and then two or three times during the night they could draw a number to see who goes into it.

Jenny, meanwhile, had no idea where she was, or what the thud had been that she had heard just above her head. With no more movement, it had also gone very quiet, not that she could hear much anyway but the air pipes did allow for some noise to get through. After a few minutes though, she started to hear what sounded like voices in the distance, so she guessed she was either in the main club room or out in the garden. After a few more minutes she could hear Mike using the tannoy.

"Right ladies, gentlemen, and anyone else. It's time to see who is going to be the first to occupy the dance floor tonight. We plan on having this as a fairly regular event when we are able to use the garden, so to allow as many people as possible to experience it the idea is that you will spend up to an hour in the display area, and then we'll draw a new number for someone else to take over. Although for tonight, we do have a surprise for you later so only a couple of you will get to enjoy it tonight."

Mike spun the bingo machine and drew out the first number. "OK, so we have number 7 and that is Stuart. So come on up Stuart, it's time for some fun," and Stuart walked rather reluctantly towards the hole in the floor, prodded along somewhat by a woman dressed head to toe in leather. He dropped into the hole and the unknown woman helped Mike to drop the clear panel over him. It was evident that Stuart wasn't overly happy about being under there, but the woman spent the whole of the next hour dancing on top of him, thereby making sure that there was no way for him to get out.

After the first hour was up, Mike drew another number, and this time it was a woman that was eager to get into the hole, stripping off completely as she did so. She spent the entire hour playing with herself while the others danced above her, and clearly enjoyed herself as she came three times before she was let out. In fact Mike almost had to climb down into the hole to get her out as she wanted to stay in there for the rest of the night, but he pointed out that there was something special about to happen so she relented and left the dance floor.

"Right, it's time for our special event of the night. We have a change to the dance floor, and someone that will be trying it out for the first time, so first let's get the new bit of kit in place." At this point Liz brought into sight the new panel that Dave had seen, and dropped it carefully into the hole.

"Now it's time to meet our volunteer to be the first to use the new setup," said Mike as he and Liz picked up an electric screwdriver each. They worked their way down the box removing the front panel completely while the crowd wondered what was happening. They then started to remove the foam pieces to reveal Jenny, and helped her to her feet.

"A round of applause please for our victim, I mean volunteer, for tonight's special event."

And as the crowd clapped, Jenny was led to the hole where she spotted the new restraints. Stepping down, she lay back and let Liz position her arms and legs correctly, and then closed the shackles around her wrists and ankles. Liz then pulled some padlocks from her pocket, and added those to make sure that Jenny was unable to move. She then did up the belt around Jenny's waist, making sure that it was tight enough to keep her still, but not so tight that it would hurt. Then as one final surprise, she pulled a vibrator out of another pocket, switched it on low, and inserted it into Jenny's already soaked pussy, with a peg inserted into a small hole in the board to hold it in place. She and Mike then replaced the clear panel and started the music going again to encourage everyone back onto the dance floor.


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