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Bury Me Please

by Owlbear

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Storycodes: F/f; mast; sex; boxed; buried; nightclub; hidden; naked; rom; cons; X

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(This section is partly inspired by the Guatemalan performance artist Regina Jose Galindo's performance "Common Ground" where she lays face down in a box embedded into the ground with just a perspex cover that people can walk across her.)

3 - The nightclub

Dave and Jenny had been having fairly regular fun with Jenny being buried under the garden shed every few weeks. They didn't want to do it too often, as it would have taken some of the fun away from it, so they kept it for those special weekends when neither of them had anything else planned and when they knew that neither set of parents would be coming around. After a while, Jenny wanted to try going for a whole day, so they got hold of some catheters and waste bags and experimented with using those, along with having a drinks bottle with a long flexible straw to keep Jenny hydrated. They also got a fitness tracker that would allow Dave to monitor her pulse from either his phone or his laptop, and it even showed if she was sleeping, so he didn't have to worry as much if she stopped moving around. Using these, Jenny eventually worked her way up to staying buried for a full 24 hours, although the first time they did that Dave seemed to be in more of a mess when she came out than Jenny was. He hadn't slept at all despite having the tracker set to alert him if her pulse went too low.

This kept Jenny happy for several months, but one morning at breakfast, Dave could see that something was on her mind. She was clearly trying to decide if she should say something, so he decided to get in first.

"Spill it. What's bothering you?"

"I've been looking on-line and found some ideas about more things to try. There's a performance artist who got put in a box sunk into the ground with a perspex sheet over the top so that people could walk across her. It looks like it's in a park somewhere, so anyone could have seen her. I want to try doing something similar so that people can walk over me and see me beneath their feet, but I have no idea how we could do it without getting arrested."

"OK, then it's probably handy that I've been looking on-line as well. I've found that there is a local group of fetishists that meet once a month at a nightclub just outside town. How about we join, and go along to their next meeting and see if we can find someone else that enjoys this type of fun, and who can give us a hand."

"Oh, that sounds great, except that I'm not sure I want strangers to know who I am and what sort of things I enjoy."

"That shouldn't be a problem, as it says that people are free to wear masks at the meetings if they want for exactly that reason."

"In that case, let's sign up."

A couple of weeks later they rocked up to the nightclub, ready with masks to keep their identity private. Once inside, they found a weird mix of people. Some, like themselves, were dressed reasonably normally, although several of them were also wearing masks. Others were wearing various fetish outfits, mostly leather or rubber, and some were naked apart from boots, masks, and sometimes chains. After mingling for a while they found themselves chatting to a smartly dressed couple who seemed to be pretty important within the "Extreme Fun" club (and they later found that they owned the nightclub as well). They also had an interest in all forms of bondage.

Eventually Dave mentioned the performance art that Jenny had seen, and it turned out that Mike and Liz had seen that video as well, and thought it looked like fun, but Liz wasn't into being put into boxes herself (she preferred to be the one locking someone else in a box). So when they found that Jenny wanted to try it out they were keen to help. The nightclub had an outdoor area that was used during the summer, complete with a dance floor, and Mike figured that it would be pretty simple to put a hole in the middle of that where they could insert a box. It just meant that they needed to sort out getting a perspex panel large enough (and strong enough) to cover it over.

Over the next few days Mike found a fish tank company that mostly made custom tanks but also did other custom work with acrylic panels. He ordered a panel slightly bigger than Dave was expecting made of one- inch thick acrylic. Being a pretty astute businessman, Mike realised that once Jenny had shown what it was like to be embedded in the dance floor, they would probably get others wanting to try it out (or at least some doms wanting their subs to try it), and if it was made big enough he could easily see people ending up fucking while the others danced above them, so his plan was to have a larger box than Dave had suggested.

While waiting for the acrylic panel, Mike had lifted some of the decking that made up the outdoor dance floor, and had cut out a section the same size as the panel he had ordered. He then modified the cut out part of the floor so that the panel was still strong enough to hold the revellers but could also be lifted from the hole that he had dug, which had wooden sides put in which to hold the weight of the lid (either the acrylic or wooden one) to stop the sides from collapsing in on anyone that was inside at the time. He also put in a couple of pipes against the wall that fed underground to the box so that anyone inside wouldn't have to worry about the air getting stale. And although the outdoor dance floor was currently only used when the weather was good, he thought that this could make it popular enough to be worth getting outdoor heaters and a retractable awning so it could be used all year round.

Eventually everything was ready, and Mike asked Dave and Jenny to come to the club a couple of hours before the doors normally opened, so they could check the details and also make sure that Jenny was happy with the arrangements. As there wasn't any way to get rid of waste, Jenny had been careful about how much she ate and drank, planning on using the toilet just before the 'show' started, so that she would be able to last all evening without any issues.

They looked at the floor and Dave wasn't sure where the hole was, until Mike flipped a couple of hidden catches and lifted up the wooden panelling to reveal the hole. Mike then got Dave to help him drop the acrylic panel onto the hole to show how it would stand up, with all three of them jumping up and down on it.

"How do you lift that clear panel off again though?" asked Dave, as there wasn't more than a millimetres gap around the edges of the panel.

"With these," said Mike, as he brought out a couple of suction pads like those used by glaziers. "You take one to the other end, and I'll do this end."

They both attached the suction pads and found it was easy to lift the panel up.

"Well Jenny, I guess it's time to try it out. It's certainly big enough" and with that Jenny lay down in the box and allowed Mike and Dave to drop the panel back over her.

"How does that feel?" asked Dave.

"I can only just hear you, but otherwise it's fine" shouted Jenny.

"How about now," called Mike as he flicked a switch revealing that he had installed a couple of LED lighting strips along the edges just under the floor.

"Oh wow. No-one's going to fail to see me when they're on," said Jenny.

With that, Dave and Mike walked onto the panel to give Jenny an idea of how safe it was.

A couple of hours later the party had begun, when Mike paused the music and announced "We have a special treat for you all tonight. As the weather is OK we will, of course, be opening the garden area, but tonight we will also be introducing our new dance floor. So if everyone would like to head out but please stay off the dance floor for the moment. All will be made clear in a couple of minutes. Thank You."

With that he headed out to the garden where Jenny was waiting dressed in just a mask and robe, with Dave keeping an eye on her. The wooden floor was currently in place, while the acrylic panel was propped up against the wall. Mike walked up onto the dance floor "Since we were last out here, I've made some modifications, which our lovely lady here will be demonstrating for you." And with that both Mike and Dave bent down to unlatch the floor panel and lifted it away while triggering the lights inside the hole. "Behold, the floor display zone."

At this point, Jenny dropped the robe to reveal she was naked apart from the mask, and then stepped down into the hole. She lay down on her back, while Mike and Dave went and got the acrylic lid, and carefully placed it over her so it was flush with the rest of the dance floor.

"So let's get the music going again, and have fun everyone." Mike started the music up, but for a while people seemed to be more interested in looking at Jenny than in actually dancing. The lights had been connected to the sound system, so they changed colour and flashed in sync with the music, giving quite a display. Eventually one couple decided to venture onto the panel, finding it surprisingly solid. Once they were happy to dance away, others joined in and soon everyone was enjoying the sight of the girl beneath their feet.

Jenny was thoroughly enjoying herself as well. Once people were above her, she found her fingers inching towards her clit, and she had barely touched herself when the first orgasm hit. She then took it easy for a while, but every now and again the reality of the situation got her fully worked up, triggering another orgasm.

As the evening wore on the number of dancers dropped, but instead couples started to have more sexual fun. Someone then suggested that they fuck directly above Jenny, and soon there were several people enjoying themselves while looking down at Jenny, trapped in the box beneath them. The sight of this had Jenny working her fingers inside her pussy, and she came several more times before the evening was over.

Finally the club was about to close, and Mike thanked everyone for coming, and asked how they liked the new floor show. Everyone seemed to think it was a great idea, and several either volunteered to go in it on future nights, or proposed others to go into it. One couple seemed to be desperate to be picked, so they could fuck while everyone else danced above them. It looked like Jenny had sparked quite a craze, and if it increased the numbers attending the sex club nights then Mike wasn't going to complain..

After that first time under the dance floor Jenny had been so horny, despite having come at least half a dozen times, that she practically dragged Dave to the bedroom as soon as they got home. A couple of hours later, they both needed a break, so sat down for a talk as neither of them was quite ready to go to sleep just yet.

"I take it that you enjoyed that then," said Dave.

"You bet. Just having people walk and dance above me with me being completely trapped was breathtaking. And when they started to fuck on top of me that was almost too much. I think the only thing that could top that would be if the people on top of me didn't know I was there."

"Well we could always ask Mike if you could spend an evening in there with the wooden flooring over you instead of the perspex cover. As long as the lights inside the box are left off, I doubt that anyone would be able to tell that you were there. The club is open 3 nights a week, and it's only once a month that the sex parties are held, so there are plenty of other nights that you could try. The only thing is that you would have to stay under for the entire time that the club is open and some of the normal club nights don't finish until the early hours of the morning. You could be stuck in there for six or seven hours."

"I don't think that would be a problem. It's not as if I get claustrophobic or anything. And as long as I make sure to go to the loo before going in, and don't eat or drink anything for a while before the club opens it should be fine."

"OK, if you still feel this way in the morning, I'll get in touch with Mike and see if he's willing to give it a go. But it's his club, so if he says no then there's no arguing. OK?"


Initially, Mike wasn't too keen on the idea. He wanted to keep the vanilla club nights completely separate from the sex club nights, but this time it was Liz that found the idea appealing. As a dom she quite enjoyed locking people away in boxes or cages for a few hours at a time, and so the thought of dropping the wooden lid onto the underground box with Jenny inside was quite appealing, especially as the wooden floor panel had been modified to have a number of screw connectors that when twisted would lock the panel to the rest of the floor. This had been done so that it couldn't move at all during the normal club nights, but also meant that Jenny wouldn't be able to get out without being freed. With the acrylic panel, if all else failed she would be able to just lift one end up and slide it off, as long as no-one was actually on it at the time.

It took a while, but eventually she persuaded Mike to give it a try. They decided that the following Thursday would be the best time to try, as it was the quieter of the normal club nights, and also the one that ran for the shortest time as it opened at 9 and closed at just 2 in the morning, while the Friday and Saturday nights went on until 4. Also, the weather forecast was pretty good, so the garden dance floor would be expected to be open.

Mike got hold of Dave and Jenny and explained the plan. The staff on the normal club nights didn't know anything about the sex club (he had separate bar staff for that), so they couldn't be let in on what was going to happen, so Jenny would need to be installed in the box before the staff arrived at 8. And once in, she would be stuck there until the staff had left, which would probably be around 3 in the morning. This meant that she was going to have to stay inside for at least seven hours. They figured that as long as she had a water bottle but only sipped it now and again, it would keep her from dehydrating too much, while adding little risk of her needing to pee.

Thursday came around, and Dave and Jenny arrived at the club just after 7:30, to be let in through the back by Liz.

"Mike's in the main bar in case any of the staff arrive too early, so we should get you in the box as soon as possible" she said to Jenny.

Jenny quickly stepped out of her dress and shoes (she hadn't bothered wearing any undies) and jumped down into the box.

"Are you sure you'll be OK in there? The lights won't be on, so it will be pretty dark."

"No problem. Dave has buried me under a few inches of soil before, so I know what complete blackness is like."

"Oh really. I don't remember you mentioning that before. That sounds really hot. Well let's get the floor back in place. I should mention that unlike the perspex floor, this one bolts to the rest of the dance floor, so once it's in place it won't move whatever happens. Have fun under there" and Liz proceeded to twist the catches bolting it in place. She then took Dave and the bag with Jenny's clothes through to the office, to wait until the club opened.

At the news that she couldn't get out even if she wanted to, Jenny's heart nearly skipped a beat. The thought that she could be left in there for any amount of time, even forever, made her very wet. She also found that it wasn't totally black after all. As the floor was made of decking planks, there were a couple of very tiny gaps between some of the panels so a small amount of light leaked in.

A few minutes later the first of the bar staff arrived and Mike told them that they would definitely be using the garden area, so it needed to have the outdoor bar prepared. More staff arrived and set to work, and bang on 9 the doors were opened and the first of the public came in.

After a while, there were a decent number of revellers in the club at which point Mike announced that the garden bar and dance floor were now open, so a number of the guests went out to enjoy the fresh air. The music was being played out there as well, so some of them decided to dance the evening away. With the slight cracks in the flooring Jenny could see that people were moving around above her, and she was glad that the music was reasonably loud or they may have heard her moans of pleasure as she brought herself off several times during the evening.

Meanwhile, Dave had left the office and joined the people in the garden, sitting with a drink to one side of the dance floor. He wondered how Jenny was feeling right now and guessed that she was having the time of her life. And he had to admit that the thought of Jenny being trapped under the dancers was making him aroused as well.

Eventually the guests started to leave and the music in the garden was switched off. Dave went back to the office while the bar staff cleaned the glasses and cleared the rubbish. Finally all had left apart from Mike, Liz and Dave, so they made their way back out to the garden where they finally released the catches and lifted up the floor panel. Jenny was laying there covered in sweat, with the biggest grin imaginable on her face.

"That was wonderful," she whispered as she sat up, "but I really could do with a drink right now. I used up the water bottle a little while ago."

"One large glass of water coming up," said Mike as he grabbed a glass from the bar and topped it up.

Once Jenny had had a drink, she managed to stagger to her feet and stepped out of the hole. Dave gave her the bag with her clothes in while Mike and Liz replaced the floor panel. Once dressed Jenny thanked Mike and Liz for such a great experience, and hoped that she could repeat it some day.

"As long as it's only now and again I don't see why not," said Liz, before Mike could open his mouth. "And if you want to try adding some restraints then I'd love to help you with that."

"I hadn't really thought of that before, as I've never really had any interest in normal bondage, though I suppose normal isn't the sort of word to use when talking about bondage anyway. But I have to admit that part of the fun being under the dance floor tonight was the fact that I was trapped there. It's probably also why I get so turned on by being buried, so maybe I will give it a try someday. We'd just never bothered with BDSM because I find that pain is a real turn off."

"Well I promise to be gentle with you, as it will be your first time," replied Liz. "And while the SM part of BDSM is often about pain, the BD part doesn't have to. Being restrained doesn't have to be painful to be effective."

And with that they said their goodbyes and Dave and Jenny headed back home.


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