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Bury Me Please

by Owlbear

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Storycodes: M/f; mast; sex; boxed; buried; garden; shed; naked; rom; X

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Dave and Jenny had recently found that Jenny really wanted to try being buried in the garden, and Dave was equally keen to bury her (just for a short time). But they had found that she needed to be buried in a box rather than just have the earth piled in on top of her, as she was worried about being able to breath with anything heavier than a couple of inches of loose sand.

They looked at coffins (obviously, as they are at least designed to be buried without collapsing under 6 feet of soil), but even a relatively plain one was rather expensive for what they had planned, so instead Dave looked at packing cases. They found a reasonably priced one that was just large enough for Jenny to be able to lay flat with a couple of inches to spare, which had a hinged lid and a couple of simple clasps to hold it shut which couldn't be opened from the inside, so they ordered it and waited for it to arrive.

Eventually the box arrived, and they quickly checked it out. The inside was pretty much plain wood, but they had bought some foam camping mattresses and cut those up to line the sides and base, so that Jenny would be reasonably comfortable inside it. The lid didn't look as strong as they had expected, so they added some battens to the underside of it, and then checked that it would hold the soil by burying the empty box in a 4 foot hole, and then they jumped up and down on top of the soil to give it some extra pressure. When they opened it up everything looked to be in good shape, so they decided it was going to be safe to use.

For the first test, Dave decided that it would be indoors just to check how long the air inside would last without adding any ventilation. Jenny stripped off, climbed into the box and lay down.

"Does that feel OK?" asked Dave.

"Yes, the padding is fine so let's close it up."

"OK. Once I've closed it I'll tape up the edges of the lid so it should be airtight to give it a proper test. Now remember, if you need to get out because it's too much just knock on the lid. Or if it gets hard to breathe, or even if the air just feels stale and you don't think it will last for much longer, then do the same. As soon as I hear anything I'll open it up, which should only take a few seconds. And just to be extra safe, I'll knock twice on the lid every few minutes, and when I do you need to knock twice in reply. If you don't, I'll open the box up immediately. Here we go then." and with that Dave closed the lid and the clasps to hold it in place. He then used duct tape around the lid just to make sure that no air could get in, in order to simulate it being below ground.

After a few minutes Dave knocked twice on the lid, and got 2 knocks in reply. This was repeated several times, but shortly after the hour mark he heard a single knock, so he quickly pulled away the duct tape and opened the lid.

"Are you OK?" he asked.

"Yes I'm fine, it was just beginning to get a bit stuffy so I thought it best to come out. I came 3 times while I was inside, and now I really need a drink."

"That's great. Sounds like we could go for up to an hour before we need to modify the box, which will give me time to work out how best to add some air flow to it."

For the first proper run, they decided that Jenny would only be buried a few inches down, and that she would only be left in there for a few minutes, just to check that she really was OK with being buried for real. It also meant that they wouldn't have to worry about sorting out breathing tubes, or getting rid of waste (which was likely to be the tricky part).

Dave dug out a hole so that there would only be about 3 inches of soil above the box, and placed the box in it.


"Yes" though there was a slight tremble in her voice, which Dave put down to the anticipation. Jenny had been so excited that she had barely slept last night. To be fair, he hadn't either. He couldn't remember when she had been so turned on, and they had spent most of the night fucking like rabbits.

Jenny dropped her dress (she hadn't been wearing anything underneath it) and stepped down into the box, and then lay face up.

"See you in a few minutes then." And with that, Dave closed and fastened the lid.

Picking up the shovel, he started by filling in the space around the sides of the box. Inside, Jenny was in heaven (or so it seemed). She could hear the soil scraping down the sides of the box and thought This is it. He's really going to bury me. Although she had been buried in the garden once before, that had been with a snorkel and so even when covered with the soil she still knew that she was only a couple of inches down and could probably get out just by sitting up. This time she would be trapped underground whether she wanted it or not. She had barely even touched her pussy before she came harder than she could ever remember coming before.

Once the sides were filled in, Dave bent down and knocked on the lid, saying "Last chance before I finish doing this".

He heard a muffled reply "Do it now".

He went back to the pile of dirt and started shovelling it on the top of the box. Jenny promptly came again just at the sound of the dirt hitting the lid. After a few minutes she could hear the sound of the soil getting fainter and then it stopped, and she realised that she was now completely buried in the garden. And at the thought that if Dave didn't dig her up, she'd never be able to get out, she came yet again. By this point she had lost count of the orgasms and was just laying limply waiting for them to subside.

Meanwhile Dave had roughly levelled off the soil, leaving it looking so much like a flower bed waiting to be planted.

After about ten minutes, Dave started to dig the box back out. Once the lid was pretty much clear, he opened the box up to see Jenny laying there with a dreamy smile on her face.

"Oh, is it time to come out already?"

"Yep. You've had just over 15 minutes, so it's time to check how you are. Feeling OK?"

"Oh yes. But if anything, that was way too short a time to really appreciate it. But right now I'm so horny I need your cock."

Dave dropped his trousers as Jenny climbed out of the box and lay down on the bare soil beside the hole.

"Fuck me now. Hard." She ordered, so Dave did. Twice, before she was satisfied enough to consider going back indoors.

It was a couple of hours later that Dave was finally able to come back to remove the box, and fill in the hole so it would look normal if they were to have anyone call round. The box went into the shed for now, though it was getting a bit cramped in there, and the shed door was beginning to look like it would fall apart soon.

Maybe time to get a bigger shed, thought Dave. And that gives me an idea.

After Jenny had her first experience of actually being buried, she wanted to do it again, but for longer. However, Dave insisted that she stick to no more than 45 minutes as they hadn't added any way to get fresh air into the box. But after doing the short sessions a couple more times Jenny wanted to know why Dave hadn't done anything to allow her to stay underground for longer.

"Well I have been doing something, you just haven't known about it" he finally admitted when she confronted him for the third time in one day.

"The garden shed is a bit too small to be of much use nowadays, especially as I wanted to try doing some metalworking, so I've ordered a new one which I'll put in the corner close to where you've been getting buried, and then I can sort out replacing the door on the old one. That will continue to be for the mower and stuff like that, and the new one will mainly be for us to play in."

"But will that mean you can't bury me any more?."

"Not the way we have been doing, no. But the new shed is quite a bit bigger than the old one, and will need a new concrete base put down. And when I do that, I'll be leaving a section out so that you can be buried whenever you want, regardless of the weather. And I can put in some pipework and a fan to make sure that you have plenty of fresh air as well, so you can stay down for longer. Plus, the shed itself will block the view to an area in front of it, so we would still have plenty of open space that we could use if you really insisted on being buried outside. Will that do?"

"Why didn't you tell me? That sounds brilliant. When does it all arrive?"

"The shed is due in a few days, and I've got the following week booked as holiday so I can install it."

"Have I ever said I love you?"

"Often, especially when I do something for you," Dave joked.

Jenny hit him playfully on the shoulder, and then kissed him. And as usual, one thing led to another.

A few days later the shed arrived, as a set of panels that needed to be put together. Dave got the various pieces into the garden and measured everything to make sure he could lay a concrete base the right size. He had already spent a couple of days clearing and levelling the soil so that everything was ready for the concrete once he was certain how much would be needed.

He poured the concrete into the wooden former that he'd made, with a rectangular gap just inside one end big enough for the box to go into with a couple of feet spare all around. He also left a couple of small holes next to where the end of the shed would go, so that he could insert a drainpipe in one, and a dummy drainpipe in the other (which was really 2 pipes, a small diameter one inside the other larger diameter one). This was going to be how Jenny would get air while buried. From the outside, it would look like it was just a second drainpipe, but when everything was done it would go down and then curve back into where the hole would be dug. Once the concrete was set, he removed the formers, and then started to erect the shed itself.

Once the shed was up, he plumbed the drainpipe into the main drain (fortunately it left the garden just to the side of where the shed had been built, which was an added consideration for putting it there) and then ran a mains power extension into the shed as well. He also made a wooden floor panel to go into the gap in the concrete, so that it was safe to walk around without tripping over the edge of the concrete, and when he laid a rug across that end of the shed no-one would even notice that there was a hole.

Removing the wood panel, he then dug down and slightly under the concrete to where the dummy drain was, adding an elbow and threading a smaller pipe through it all. This was then connected to a fan, so that once he had made some small holes in the pipe on the outside of the shed he effectively had an exhaust pipe with a fan to pull used air out of the box, and another pipe for the fresh air to stream in. The 2 sections then separated so that they would fit the connectors he had added to the head end of the box. He figured that with this in place, Jenny could stay down for hours at a time in complete safety.

Next morning he took Jenny to the shed to show her what he had been doing.

"Wow. This looks fantastic. And I can stay buried for longer now?"

"Yes. The limit at the moment is probably how long you can go without food or drink, and without needing the loo. If you want to go longer than that, I'll need to work out how to give you something to eat and drink, and how to get rid of waste safely."

"As long as I only need to pee, then a catheter and waste bag would probably do. I've read stories where that's what they use and it makes sense that it would work. But for now that means I can try for a few hours at least. So can you bury me after lunch and leave me until just before tea time. That'll give me time to make sure I won't need the loo."


Once in the shed after lunch, Jenny looked down into the hole where the box already lay. Dave showed Jenny the changes he'd made.

"First off, it now has a couple of connectors that are hooked up to the air pipes I've installed, along with a small extractor fan. So stale air will be pulled out from one side of your head, with fresh air coming in from the other side. I've set it to a fairly low speed, so you should barely feel anything. The other thing I've added is a tablet connected to a power line so that you can see whatever I feed to it. I've put a small security camera in the ceiling looking straight down at the hole, and I can also use other cameras if I want to show you what's happening. About the only downside to all of that is that the box pretty much has to stay where it is, so I can't put you in it and then give you the sensation of being lowered into the hole. But this way you get plenty of air and also get to see yourself be buried as well. And as you can see I've also made the hole a bit deeper than when we were in the garden, so there will be a lot more soil on top of you."

"Oh shit. That's making me wet just thinking about it. Let's do this" and she quickly shed her clothes and climbed down into the box, the top of which was about 3 feet below the level of the concrete.

Dave reached down and switched the tablet on, and Jenny could see the view from above showing her in all her glory. Then Dave closed the lid and started to shovel the soil back into the hole. As the lid vanished under the dirt Jenny had her first orgasm, enjoying the sight of Dave burying her. Once he had the soil almost level with the concrete he waved at the camera, and dropped the wooden panel over the hole and then rolled the rug back over it, making it look like no-one was there. This gave Jenny her biggest orgasm to date. Just the thought that anyone could be walking around up there and not know that she was trapped underneath them was enough to bring her to the edge again and it didn't take much for her fingers to complete the job.

Meanwhile, Dave went to the computer he had set up at the other end of the shed, and smiled as he switched on the tablet's camera so he could see how Jenny was doing in the light from the screen. He had taped over the little red light by the camera with black electrical tape, so it wouldn't show Jenny that it was in use and the monitor was outside of the field of view of the security camera that Jenny was watching, so to her it would appear as if no-one knew she was there or what state she was in.

After keeping an eye on Jenny while looking up various fetish websites to get more info on how to do a longer term burial, and moving the surplus soil out into the garden (after all, it wouldn't do to have a pile of dirt inside the shed if anyone were to visit), Dave realised it was almost tea time, so got up and pulled back the rug and lifted the wooden panel. Grabbing the shovel, he proceeded to dig down to the box, removing all of the soil from the lid and for a few inches all around.

He opened the box lid just a crack and called out "You might want to shield your eyes, as it's probably a lot brighter out here than it was in there even with the tablet screen going".

"OK, you can open up now," Jenny replied.

Dave opened the lid fully and switched off the tablet. He then reached down to help Jenny get up out of the box, noticing the sheen of sweat across her whole body.

"Was that too hot in there?" he asked.

"No it was actually quite pleasant, but I did get a bit worked up."

"Just a bit?"

"Well OK, a lot. Every time I calmed down I looked at the monitor showing where I was and got turned on again, so what did you expect me to do?"

"Get decent enough so you can get back to the house and get in the shower and I'll join you in a few minutes. I just need to shovel all this back into the hole out of the way."


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