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Emma's Entombment

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2015 - Wingco - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; archaeology; digsite; tomb; tunnel; sarcophagus; strip; silkgown; cuffs; collar; belt; sbf; encased; stuck; cons; X

Part 1

Emma Lewis crept away from her tent, determined to visit that secret corridor she’d found at the dig. Being a gossip it’d been hard to keep it to herself until the last of the team had left for a long weekend in Cairo, leaving her as the senior member to catalogue their finds. It was still steaming hot as she slid silently past the guard, who as usual was asleep at his post.

Coming into the dig site Emma was pleased to see it was deserted, that everyone had left as intended. She really was alone and the girl smiled as she headed down the passageway into the centre of the complex. They’d only been here a few weeks and according to geo-physical radar this was only a tiny bit of what was at the site. Like Emma’s secret, the small rolling stone she’d nudged with her leg while brushing past a group standing there chatting. It had moved with surprising ease and she quickly shoved it back. Determined to see what was down there first, rather than playing second fiddle to the boss. Since then she’d only been alone there once and had a minute to move the stone, shine her torch to see what was there then roll it back before she got caught.

Now was her chance to explore and the youngster looked around then bent down and placed her hands and pushed. Emma smiled as it smoothly eased aside, allowing her to peer in.

At first Emma was disappointed. It was only about fifty feet long, the sandstone passageway and a very low roof. Barely four feet high with one entrance off to the right at the far end. Grumbling slightly she crawled through the gap then turned and tried to roll the stone back. It took an effort but finally she succeeded at her task. The slight ‘thump’ as it rocked into the groove underneath made her tremble. Emma paused then tried to move it, more strength was needed but it did eventually shift. Once Miss Lewis knew she could get out then her fears vanished.

The floor was surprisingly smooth as Emma crawled along, wishing she’d worn shorts rather than the trousers she had been ordered to use. The locals here seemed to ogle her too much and it was her boss who’d suggested to the girl she covers up. But now alone and ‘sealed in’ she didn’t care, once down the passageway she intended to strip off.

Finally the gap grew closer and the girl shone her torch through it… and gasped.

It was a huge room she perceived, flicking the light around the walls, nearly fifty feet square. As expected covered with hieroglyphics that no doubt would need the experts to decipher but nothing else, no tomb or anything. A small hole on the opposite side attracted her attention and Emma headed that way. Firstly though as it was still hot she did indeed remove all her clothes before… no, she remained barefoot too! It was only fine sand underneath and quite cool in here.

Chuckling at the imagined looks she’d get from anyone lucky enough to see the naked girl in all her glory. Emma had a ‘past’ and she grinned at the memories. “More cock than Cleopatra!” one of her tutors had once said and Miss Lewis refused to disagree as she’d allegedly slept her way up the academic ladder. Now she looked stunning, blonde hair to her shoulders… and blonde below too as her fingers brushed the mound.

Making her shudder briefly before her clothes were placed in a heap by one wall. So into the other chamber she headed and this time it was occupied by what she’d half expected to see in the bigger one.

A sarcophagus leaning against the wall and Emma trembled as she walked towards it. Shining her torch up at the head and she was surprised to see the face was female and quite young too. No doubt some Queen or other high ranking individual she assumed. Being next door to the bigger room where the King, or Pharaoh or whatever he’d been would be laid to rest. Emma wasn’t a feminist but she’d always wondered why Egyptian women were treated more respectfully than others’ were in the Middle East. Well in death anyway, rather than the way she was in the modern world.

Gently Emma touched the warm tomb. Blowing the dust off the face and marvelling at the carvings on the stone. “Hairstyle’s wrong, but could be my age,” she grinned looking closely at the design. The figure didn’t have its’ arms across the chest like normal but were by her sides. It also appeared to be… surely not Emma thought looking at the neckline above some sort of robe.

The figure was wearing a thin patterned collar!

“Well I never… ” she gasped, shining her torch firstly here, then down to the waist, seeing a belt with the same motif, then bands for both wrists. Crouching down Emma half expected to see the same on the ankles but the robe went right to ‘her’ feet, toes and bare skin barely visible under the hem of her outfit.

Emma Lewis stood back and stared at the figure. Trying and failing to clear her head from some rather naughty thoughts. While not a total prude the girl had tried a bit of bondage in her time but hadn’t enjoyed it until she’d begun reading about it online. Certainly her last conquest had left quickly enough when she’d asked him to tie her up!

More looking round the room didn’t provide any clues and Emma wondered whether to abandon the idea and go back to her tent and get a night’s kip. Thirst too was a problem, she should have brought water too and soon she was dressed and back at the stone. Easing it aside and listening, but only silence.

Minute’s later Emma was in her tent brewing a drink wondering what to do. Could she spend tomorrow in the room without the guard knowing she was there? Did he in fact know Miss Lewis had remained at camp rather than going with the others anyway? She mulled it over then smiled… and packed her rucksack. Water, food, extra batteries for her torch, the works camera and so on.

Emma made it back unseen. The guard was still snoring, like a cat, sleeping for 18 hours a day, she grinned, slipping past and was soon back in the bigger room though she was a little tired so decided a snooze first before explorations would suffice. Laying out a mat she stripped off and was soon asleep.

Waking with a start and stunned to discover sunlight was pouring in from the roof. Squinting Emma shielded her eyes and soon saw the cracks in the walls just below the ceiling, thinking it must be some sort of vent. Least she wouldn’t have to worry about air and it also explained why there was no musty smell in here.

Breakfast was eaten then Emma got out a notepad and wrote down her thoughts and impressions… but all the same she was thinking about that figure on the sarcophagus next door. Soon she was standing in there with her torch examining it… and thinking she was sure that the carved face had somehow changed?

It looked a lot more like herself now!

Hair… yes, it now reached to the collar… like mine does, Emma thought, wondering whether she was imagining it. The neck restraint and the rest still the same so she dismissed the idea. Taking flash photographs of everything having made sure to swap the works digital card to her own one!

Peering to the side see if there was a way of opening the sarcophagus without damaging it. No, latches and hinges hadn’t been invented 3000 years ago she grinned. Placing her fingers alongside what she assumed was the join, then tugging…

The front moved!

Emma squealed and let go. The stone moved back again and a gentle ‘thump’ as the two bits met. She stood for a moment fearful… but intrigued all the same.

Nervously she tried again, and to Emma’s surprise the sarcophagus slowly opened, the front coming round from the right side and she was amazed to see it WAS hinged on its left but you could only see them when it was open. ‘Stone hinges, remarkable’ she murmured, folding it back then she came back round looked inside… and froze.

The sarcophagus wasn’t empty, but there wasn’t a body either… looking down Emma saw a pile of white material…
Plus what appeared to be the collar and several other golden loops on top of the cloth.

“Oh my goodness,” she exclaimed, bending down and touching one. Feeling the warmth of the metal and slowly Emma lifted out a band. It was at least an inch thick but there was no sign of a keyhole. Unlike the sarcophagus there was a visible hinge on one side, a small loop nearby that seemed to serve no purpose. Peering at the rim she found a tiny recess with a strip of metal inside. Sliding her well-manicured fingernail underneath this she tugged upwards… and the whole device popped open!

Emma was astounded and checked the others and found they were the same. Realising that the small loops on the edges were so these things could be attached to something… but what? A glance into the sarcophagus provided no answers. But she also wanted to examine the robe. Gently lifting it out, amazed at the condition of the filmy material after all this time. Carrying it next door to look at it in daylight.

Like most women Emma held it at arms length, then brought it closer against her skin, the hem resting on her feet. Stunned to feel pure silk rubbing her nipples and she shuddered. She owned nothing like this and soon a smiling Miss Lewis was wondering if…

Another examination followed and Emma paused then decided… she HAD to try it on!
It seemed so strange she thought lifting the robe over her head, then sliding her arms into the sleeves then standing up and she let go…

A wave of silk flowed over Emma’s body and she nearly came on the spot. Holding the front then finding the small tie on either side at the top. She secured them together then did a couple more lower down, one just over her butt and the second in the middle of her back. Then decided to do the others as well. Soon Miss Lewis was running hands over her figure, marvelling at the fact she was wearing a garment made before the Romans had arrived on the planet!

Slowly Emma paced about. The hem just brushing the tops of her feet and it felt lovely. Taking some photos and grinning at the fact you could clearly see her nipples and pussy through the material.

But those loops were making her… could she?

Emma brought them all into the sunlit room; the belt on it’s own because it was so heavy. Must be ten pounds of… well whatever it was made of. So what could she do and the girl paused, collar in hand then opened it and reached up. Placing it around her neck and easing the halves togeth…


The sound echoed around the room and Emma’s heart pounded as she let go. She ran her finger around till the tab was found, easing her finger and tugging, the collar opening and only Emma’s good reactions stopped it clattering to the floor. Soon it was back around her neck again and the girl was delighted, going next and lifting the heavy belt. That too was applied and tested, the other four small loops then going over each limb, though she did swap one of the first two round as it seemed too large then Emma had realised the ankle ones would be a different size. Now she had heavy six golden bands on her body and a thrilled youngster posed for her camera again.

Walking back into the smaller room she looked at the opened sarcophagus more closely. Seeing what appeared to be several small pins sticking up from various places along its length. Two at the base, three in a line about halfway up and one near the top. Emma was sure they hadn’t been there before, maybe she’d been too distracted by the dress and bands…

… Bands.

Looking down at her wrists, easing the metal round… of course.

Emma removed her belt then reached into the sarcophagus and lined up the little loop at the back with the middle pin of the three. Sliding it down over the top and the thing fitted! Soon she had all six bands resting on their spikes and it made her shudder. The idea being that once they were on you’d be ‘locked’ to the sarcophagus… wow!

She closed the front and went next door for a drink, trembling now and wondering…

The girl returned and opened the sarcophagus again, taking the bands and applying each to her body, making sure the little loops were at the back. Then Emma said a prayer before turning her torch out and placing it down out of the way. It took a while for her eyesight to settle enough that sunlight from next door allowed her to see the sarcophagus in front of her. Slowly Miss Lewis turned around then stepped backwards over the edge of the old casket, feeling with her hands until she found the pin behind her belt. Easing the band up until the metal spike could be inserted. Leaning forward she was thrilled when the belt stopped her doing so.

Now Emma knew… lifting it up again and freeing herself for a moment then easing up onto tiptoes and bending down. Her ankles were pinned into position then she redid the belt. Hardest to do was her collar, she really had to strain and it wouldn’t go. Lifting up on her toes she grumbled when the waistloop popped off the pin.

A quick think and Emma took off the collar, settled down into position then leaned forward resting the opened loop onto it’s pin then eased herself back. Closing it around her throat with that lovely click. Now all she had to do was her wrists, first one, then she paused and smiled. Reaching out and bringing the front around till that little thump told her she was ‘entombed’ The other wrist slotted onto its’ pin and the job was done.

Emma sighed; wriggling in her bonds as the silky dress stroked her nipples hard. The silence only broken by her breathing and the girl wondered how much air she had. Sure as hell a sarcophagus had no ventilation slits and it soon was getting a little stuffy. After a few minutes she’d had enough and lifted her left arm free, pushing the front open and relieved at the fresh air coming in.

Satisfied at that Emma lifted herself up and was soon free of the sarcophagus. Though she didn’t take the loops or the dress off at first. Coming back into the sunlit room and wincing, it was SO bright after the darkness next door. A shame she couldn’t take photos of her in…

Two exhausting hours later Emma could. Finding several rolls of stone in a recess the clever girl had manoeuvred the sarcophagus into the sunlit room! Firstly she’d put the stones on the floor then toppled the tomb until it was lying on top. Pushing it forward and replacing the rollers as they came out the back. Like the way a tank moves and soon the sarcophagus was in the right place. Getting it upright however was another matter and it took all of Emma’s willpower to succeed. Straining muscles she didn’t know existed but by using the rollers as wedges it was eventually up far enough for her to be satisfied.

Mounting her camera on the tripod again Emma was soon shooting away. Both inside and out, dressed… and once she was naked but still pinned into position, but trying not to smile too much!

Another meal followed and Emma briefly dressed into her normal clothes and left the chamber because she needed a wee and her spare bottle was full. Creeping out, relieved to see the guard wasn’t about and she did her business then returned, having placed everything into her tent, noting where the sun was as she didn’t plan another night in here. Daringly she even stripped naked then hurried to the dig and back to ‘her’ chamber.

Emma dressed herself again, loving this silk as it caressed her skin. The loops too were almost comfortable now as she bent down and placed the ankle bands into position, easing the things open. The belt followed and lastly her wristcuffs were pinned. Collar in the sarcophagus awaiting her neck and Miss Lewis smiled. Briefly closing the door and looking at… herself. It really DID resemble her after all. A faint smile on its face matching her own so the girl grinned. Opening up and getting inside. She stepped up onto tiptoes and with some difficulty got her legs pinned. She must be tired as it took a lot longer, as if the pins were higher too? The belt was done and the collar soon enclosed her neck.

Lastly Emma closed the front before lifting her arms and slotted the wrist loops home onto the pins. Sure she hadn’t needed to bang her elbows into the sides before but the job was done and the girl satisfied. Writhing gently in her bonds like before, wondering why, after a few minutes it wasn’t stuffy. But that meant she could play a bit longer. Beginning to hump against the loops as her sensations stirred. Realising that she was LOCKED by all limbs into an ancient stone sarcophagus but nobody knew.

A faint lurch snapped Emma out of her reverie and she paused, breathing hard… but there was nothing and by now she’d had enough. Lifting her right arm and…

It didn’t come off the pin before her elbow touched the wall. Emma paused then tried the other… but no. Lifting her feet too produced a wince as her knee smacked into the front. Now she was scared, surely it wasn’t… was it?

Were the pins growing?

Emma tried again; sliding her arms up both sides, listening as the rubbing metal sound continued way passed what she’d remembered. Her legs too were firmly attached and Miss Lewis gasped, she really was STUCK.

Now Emma panicked, squealing… struggling against the grip of the metal. Gasping at the realisation of the fact she wasn’t going anywhere.

The lurch came again, louder this time and Emma screamed as her whole world shuddered and the wedges gave way. The sarcophagus sliding out from the base and slamming down, knocking the girl unconscious as her head rattled around.

Coming too Emma groaned, pain rushing around her head. Reaching up with her… She jumped; realising her left wrist was free. A twist of the right and… bingo. The other arm too was freed and slowly it dawned on Emma that with gravity no longer against her she could shuffle up the sarcophagus. Soon a smiling youngster could move her legs and everything. Using her knees as leverage the girl managed to get the front up and crawled out, somehow without damaging her dress. Once upright and thinking straight Emma looked down, seeing the pins were not any longer than she’d remembered. “Must have been more tired than I thought!” she murmured, reaching for her restraints and one followed the other as the six loops were placed into the sarcophagus, though Emma did grin and leave them open… for next time. Stripping off that lovely dress and laying it inside the belt loop in the correct place.

Another photo would have been taken had Emma not left her camera back in the tent. Somewhere she ought to be heading for now, seeing the light was dimming by the minute, plus she wanted to change the memory card before she forgot. She crawled up the passageway and paused before rolling the stone and clambering out. Replacing it took seconds and Emma left the dig, pleased that the guard was again missing from his post as she went to use the toilet tent for relief. Creeping past the bosses’ residence she paused, hearing scuffing footsteps coming the other way and Emma had seconds to react, whipping open the flaps of Associate Professor Tony Cline’s abode and stepping inside and dropping the front.

Breathing heavily Emma Lewis waited for the footsteps to pass, sighing with relief as they did so. After they’d faded she placed one hand on the flap… just as another hand came round the front and clamped itself over her jaw!

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