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Emma's Entombment 3

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2015 - Wingco - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; archaeology; digsite; tomb; sarcophagus; strip; silkgown; cuffs; collar; belt; encased; discovery; winch; emtomb; accident; stuck; sealed; cons/reluct; X

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Part 3

He’d honour that promise too. A hero’s return to England, bravery awards to him and the two lads, Cline making sure their actions were recognised but all the time he was dealing with her. Firstly the debrief for the trip, then an extensive series of operations on her ankle before rehabilitation began, this last bit paid for by the Army. They’d been so proud of him, and rather than ‘standing a few rounds’ he’d asked them for physical and financial help for her. But on personal notes it was soon apparent that Emma Lewis and the Prof were becoming ‘an item’.

Within eighteen months they got engaged, a year later a quiet registry office saw her becoming Mrs Tony Cline. Only a few were there. Both sets of parents, Tony’s closest mate was best man and Emma’s sister was bridesmaid. Even here the girl showed a slightly rebellious side. Turning up at the place wearing a cream trouser-suit and heels rather than a ‘meringue.’ “He’s marrying me, not the dress.” she’d said when telling her mum what was to be worn at the service. “It’ll keep the bills down too dad,” and they’d all laughed at that. Cline however was thrilled when she arrived. “Typical Em, do this and straight to the pub,” he chuckled and things went ahead.

Two weeks later her new passport had arrived and they were off on honeymoon… to Egypt! “Thought that would be the LAST place you’d go guys. Guess you could do some work for us too?” they were asked chatting to the others in the Oxford faculty. Both grinned but didn’t say that they intended to return to Neen-Al-Tudlobry, the site of their dig to see what progress had been made by the Museum staff who’d taken over. Only the couple knew there was another motive and it was Emma who’d proposed an idea.

Despite what had happened she still had a thing about that sarcophagus and what it had contained. “Yeah I like you wearing that robe too,” Cline chuckled when talking about it, but his fiancée wanted to take it to the next stage.

“I’d like you to bury me in there while dressed and restrained!”

He was amazed, Emma showing him how it could be done. “There must be spaces there in that room or the bigger one where tombs are placed, just haven’t found one yet. It’d just be for a couple of hours’ mind. The air in that thing was a bit stuffy after thirty minutes last time. We could measure it. Close the lid while above, time it then I’ll knock on the top when I’ve had enough, or after two hours you’d open it anyway.” After a night’s sleep to think it over he had agreed, earning him a long smooch.

So the newlyweds arrived in Cairo, pleased to be back as familiar sights and smells of the capital enveloped them. They didn’t bother with that many of the sites. “Seen one pyramid, seen em all!” he’d joked but they did go to the National Museum. The pair wanting to see the display of artefacts from their dig, all the stuff having been returned to Egypt after examinations and a year-long exhibition in Oxford. The local archaeologists were delighted to have the pieces back rather than losing them and were grateful to the British. They were just finishing when a big man turned up. “Mr Tony, welcome back,” he’d said effusively.

Professor Feroz greeted Cline like a brother, the bearhug and rub of faces something he was used to. Emma didn’t get that, the Egyptian was unsure but eventually they carefully shook hands as he inclined his head. The girl happy with that as she was introduced as Mrs Cline instead of Miss Lewis. “Ahh, now I understand, rescue the lady, then marry the lady, good plan,” he said. A cheeky wink to her and she blushed SO red under her headscarf. Having dressed today in a shawlwa-kameez, the robes most women in Egypt wore and that had earned her a lot of respect from the hotel staff and approving looks here too. The locals used to Westerners’ flaunting themselves in public.

Coffee was brought to the boss’ office, Emma dutifully serving them, mainly so she could dilute her drink first. A big cup of this stuff would exceed her normal caffeine intake for the day!

They talked a while about the exhibition then chatter turned to the site at Neen-Al-Tudlobry itself. Feroz said while the wreckage had been cleared, building proper accommodation and suchlike they’d continued for a year once the political crisis had eased. But then they’d stopped six months ago due to financing problems. “Yeah, we’ve all had that,” was her retort and that got Emma a laugh from both men.

The place was so remote, nearly sixty miles from Cairo on bad roads too so any ideas of opening it to the public had been abandoned for the moment. The equipment had been left on site but mothballed, a caretaker visited once a week and no problems had been found. Yesterday’s report was the same. While not good news for tourists Emma’s heart had leapt as it meant… they’d be alone for… playtime!

Cline didn’t mention they were going there and Feroz soon changed the subject onto something else. They left an hour later; Emma blushing as this time she did get a warm hug. “Tony Cline, you look after your lovely lady!” he was ordered and the Prof laughed.

“Good stuff, means we’ll be fine,” she grinned as they returned to the hotel and that night their lovemaking was as passionate as they’d ever been before.

Driving down the track next day Tony had watched Emma out of the corner of his eye. Seeing her fingers trembling slightly. Feroz had made no comment about the Abdul situation, leaving the couple wondering if he’d ever turned up or what. It also had not been mentioned during the Oxford debrief.

Pulling into Neen-Al-Tudlobry was like going back in time. Seeing the dusty buildings that had appeared since they were last here. Taking Emma’s hand Cline led his wife towards the dig, feeling her shaking, but this eased as they got closer. Walking inside they wandered around seeing new passages leading to empty chambers. None with any wall markings and this was partly the reason progress had stopped. The place just wasn’t providing clues and rewards had been slim.

Finally they came back up the passageway to ‘her’ stone, still amazed that nobody had realised what lay beyond it. It took a harder shove this time; sand had blocked the groove until Tony swept the slot out with a hand before easing the stone back again. Crawling up the passageway following his wife’s lovely ass.

Emerging into the room he saw Emma’s face lighting up as she realised the place was intact, though looking at the floor he could see a large pile of sand against one wall, slightly different colour to the stuff that was already on the ground. Right underneath the crack that provided the lighting in here. There must have been one hell of a storm recently or surely in 3000 years the room would have been filled long before.

Listening to his wife opening the sarcophagus and a sigh moments later. Turning he saw Emma holding the robe to her face, gently rubbing the material with her nose. She smiled, blushed then handed it over and began to strip off. Soon she was tying the fastenings at the back, Cline just happy to watch her manage it with some skill.

Emma Cline felt a wave of calmness sweep over her once she’d finished. Paused then beckoned him closer. Hands going onto her body and rubbing all over, noticing she’d stopped trembling now.

“You alright?” he asked and she just clung to him as he worked on. Feeling her nodding. “Yes love. It’s great to be back… and wearing this. Just feel so different when I’m in it. At peace with myself and not afraid to be here because of… him. Sounds strange but I do OK?” He grinned then turned Emma around, resting his head on her shoulder and whispering how much he loved her. Cupping her breasts from behind then stroking and she made no attempt to stop that. Shuddering as the nipples grew harder. “That’s lovely… you can do that all day,” she chuckled.

Minutes later they stopped and Tony led her to the sarcophagus. Removing the bands then waving her to step in. She paused then looked at him in disappointment. He grinned, apologised then replaced them all then tried again as they agreed the freedom time. A kiss was given once she was secure and then he locked the front. Leaving her alone while going off for a pee and a good walk round the caverns.

Emma was thrilled once the fourth thunk had passed. Gently writhing in her bonds, wondering if Tony would allow her to take the robe back to Cairo tonight. To sleep in it with him holding her all night, it would be nice so she planned to ask him later. Maybe she could have the belt too?

Tony wandered around the room having returned, scraping sand into piles as if he were about to make a sandcastle! Boots making ruts in the surface then one caught something; a lip or ridge and the archaeologist in him went to work. Soon he had two ridges at an angle, going further round and before long it formed a square, possibly about three feet in all directions. “Like a hatch?”

Looking up it was right in the middle of the room, measurements with a tape measure? Yes, it was EXACT. To the nearest inch in all directions, but what was it? He wondered whether to, but Emma was due out in... two minutes.

This time he did hear her calling and soon the sarcophagus was opened just as his watch began bleeping. “Well done, you just did the full two hours Em. How was it?” and she smiled, replying it’d been all right and surprised that the air was fine even after that session. “So two is not a problem, or maybe three hours at a push. But no longer.”

Looking a little sad to be asked to remove the robe and get dressed because he had something to show her. She’d ask her question lat… Then Emma glanced down at the floor, surprised not to have noticed what he’d found. They walked round it and eventually Tony decided to get a crowbar. Returning a few minutes later with the implement plus a couple of tyre levers from a battered truck parked nearby.

After ten minutes of levering Tony finally had his answer. It WAS a hatch and between them they raised one side. Folding the thing back, then letting it thump into the sand as it wasn’t hinged but loose. Both heads peered over the edge… to see nothing! The hole below was empty, going down about maybe eight feet? It was smaller than the hatch as the edge of the lid came in at an angle or they’d never have got it open without damaging it. So the hole itself was only about eighteen inches one way and two feet the other.

Fetching the tape measure he fed the end down, watching the length until Emma said stop on seeing the silver tab hit the sand and bend. “It’s ten feet deep exactly love,” he replied, making it off before looking up at his wife, but beyond her head was the sarcophagus and he got up. Holding the tape against it and reaching up.

“I’m six feet and it’s at least another one to the base of the stone loop on that stub. Add that and I’d say seven and a half. So… ” he stopped then reached to one side and told Emma to go around to the other so they could measure the sarcophagus itself.

Calling out the totals then the couple looked at each other… “Right in the centre, facing east if you lower it correctly… There’s your answer Emma love. It just fits with an inch or less all round. Well… Welcome to your tomb, that’s where you’ll be buried,” he grinned and she smiled nervously. Her eyes widening at the thought. Saying it was one thing, actually going through with it?

How to get the thing in the hole was the most important question as it weighed a lot. Probably half a ton or more and Cline was impressed that Emma had moved it alone before. She grinned, flexing her arms like Popeye and that got her a tickle. “Wonder if this place has a winch? Doubt it. Seems the guard might have missed a few bits vanishing but surely not an a-frame or similar. We’ll have a look.”

Coming outside to examine a couple of the buildings and finding them empty. One with unmade beds in and they wondered… “No, it’ll be getting dark in three hours Emma, plus the hotel would report us missing. We’ll come back tomorrow and look in the others. Nile cruise doesn’t leave til Thursday so we’ve got a spare day anyway.”

She looked rather disappointed, Cline knowing she was not looking forward to the drive back more like. They had a drink and left Neen-Al-Tudlobry and made it back after two hours of her hanging on for dear life. Tony not the world’s slowest driver, nor had he allowed her to bring the robe so it was a quiet ride back. She’d brightened up after dinner and they went for a walk round the square, marvelling at the hustle and bustle of this place.

Next morning they awoke to a stormy sky and a phone call from reception before breakfast. The Nile cruise had been delayed by 24 hours because of the weather but surprisingly Emma seemed pleased. “OK, we’ll have an inside day, maybe go back to the museum as we did miss a lot of it, then go to Neen-Al-Tudlobry Thursday. Don’t fancy that long drive today in crap conditions, especially after last night.” A slight edge in her voice so he needed to be conciliatory now. “If we check out of here tomorrow as planned maybe we could stay at the port and join the boat Friday. If I recall the hotel near the dockside is that one where they filmed Poirot.”

Cline agreed, as it was a great plan and not one he’d thought of. He was a movie buff and had wanted to go, but had forgotten about this til now. To actually stay there for a night would be superb. Getting the concierge to book them a room, also now discovering the port was closer to Neen-Al-Tudlobry than here so it would allow them more playtime as well. “Couldn’t have turned out better. But you better get dressed first love, not going out in your night-shirt!” he said once confirmations had come through.

She looked lovely again as they left the hotel, this time wearing a dark blue maxi-dress and matching jacket over the top, as it was rather cool. Obligatory headscarf so only her Western running shoes and a wisp of blonde hair coming from one side made anyone look twice as they headed for the museum.

Rashid Feroz soon heard the couple was back. Inviting them for a private lunch once they’d finished the bits they’d wanted to see. Then after that he allowed the pair to visit the normally off-limits restoration areas. “After all, you know most of what is in here. You might even have found some of it!” and that made Emma laugh. Her heart jumped on seeing a similar sarcophagus to the one at Neen-Al-Tudlobry. A brief look and she noted there were no pins inside. Tony had already forewarned his wife not to mention where they’d been yesterday or that they were going back. Just saying to the Professor they had done some ‘off-road’ driving in the 4x4, also about going on the cruise Friday.

Departing after ‘coffee plus’ they were in high spirits, hubby holding Emma’s hand as they trawled through crowded streets. Then out of the blue he paused, Em walking into his back; she’d been window gazing so not paying attention. Cline had turned around, his face paling. Murmuring “Quickly love, go into that alleyway, move it!” That last part delivered in his Army ‘do it NOW’ voice. The girl obeyed as he then followed, almost pushing her ahead then an arm grabbed her waist, the other coming across her mouth and she panicked until Tony hissed ‘shut up love… please’.

For a moment she froze, fearing the worst before he let go. Telling Emma to stay put while he checked something out. A minute later he returned, apologising for that but ‘suggesting’ they return to the hotel… now. She fell silent. Now getting frightened as he hurried her along. The dress trying to trip Emma up and only when they were in the lobby did he relax and let go of her hand. Once they were in the lift Tony told her what had happened.

“I’m sure we nearly bumped into that bastard Abdul!”

Emma was appalled. Bursting into tears and that took a while to get through. Ignoring a look from a hotel staff member as they hurried to their room. Only once the door was closed and locked did she start to calm down and apologise for that. He cradled her body, gently crooning sweet nothings until Emma was smiling again. She did request a room-service dinner and well before ten the couple went to bed, planning an early start. Tony lying there holding his girl tightly, her warm body swathed in a peachy cotton night-shirt.

“Not nearly as good as ‘that’ one I’ll be wearing tomorrow, plus all the other stuff,” she finally smiled, teeth glittering in the moonlight, Tony pleased that she seemed alright now. They didn’t make love as she assumed would happen as just for once he had the headache!

Up at five and Tony was surprised Emma took so long with her bath. Normally she’d hop in, wash then dive out again within minutes. But today she sat there gently rubbing everywhere with her sponge. Declining his offer to help, mainly so he could give her breasts some love! “No. I’m fine honey, no worries. Just savouring this. Once I’m there it’s gonna be a long time til the next one.” He grinned, looking again at his watch and she smiled then slowly got out, dripping water everywhere. Tony taking the fluffy towels and drying her from head to foot. Once at her dresser he was also allowed to brush that blonde mess into something more respectable.

Seven AM saw them at breakfast and if yesterday’s outfit was good, today’s’… was wow. Emma decided to wear her ‘bridal suit’ and those heels. Tony stunned at this so he took some photos of her out on their veranda, the sun low in the sky and she looked beautiful. The staff too almost fell over themselves to serve the pair though he noticed Emma not eating that much. “They think you’re some sort of film star love,” he chuckled as she sat glowing away. They were checked out by nine, with baggage in the 4x4 and soon heading for Neen-Al-Tudlobry where they arrived at eleven.

On the way they’d chatted about the dig in a professional way, Emma finally deciding that as ‘her’ room was the only one that had a full set of hieroglyphics on the wall that Neen-Al-Tudlobry had actually been abandoned before being used. The other part decorated room and the few artefacts found seemed to support that theory. “A shame Rashid Feroz doesn’t know. Guess once we’ve finished we could always ‘discover’ mine. Would be embarrassing for us but least it’d give him something better than what he’s got.”

Tony Cline thought that was a great idea and stroked her leg until she pleaded with him to concentrate on the driving! The girl quietening down as they turned up the last valley road, twisting in her seat and admiring the view away to the east. By the time they trundled down the track he could see Emma trembling, but a pat on the knee reassured her and least she didn’t bitch about the ride now they were alone. Arriving at the dig she sighed and got out. Changing her heels for the running shoes. “Way more practical,” she finally laughed standing upright again. They walked into the buildings not yet checked and she heard a ‘yes… result’ from her man.

Looking through the door she saw him pointing to an a-frame winch. Just what was needed to get the sarcophagus in and out of the hole. It needed to be dismantled first and getting it into the room was going to take time and effort. “Your bath is gonna be wasted love, you’ll sweat buckets. Least we’ve got towels with us!”

She grinned and walked out as he started to dismantle the winch. Going into the dig and patting ‘her’ stone as she went past. Turning the corner to the right, knowing that only a few feet of earth separated her from the room where this had all started. The girl paused seeing something not remembered from before. A tiny disc in the wall, like the one on the sarcophagus that enabled it to be secured. So small you could easily miss it. She looked up and down the corridor and noticed a couple more. Reaching out she grasped one and with difficulty turned it. Jumping on hearing a familiar ‘thunk’ as if a lock had moved. Peering closely at it from where the sound had originated Emma discerned there was a vertical line nearby.

Emma heard Tony calling so she replied, asking him to come closer. He did, walking round the bend and seeing her point, telling him what had happened. He looked and smiled. “Reckon it’s a door?” She nodded so they got some tools and scraped three millennia of dust away to see the sides and top. After a few minutes work he tried and pushed… hard.

… CRACK. The wall moved! Emma squealed and grabbed his arm as he almost fell forward. The stone moving away on some sort of ridge and they stepped through...and found another empty room! Horizontal ridges cut from the walls as if they were shelves, alcoves too. “Looks like a storeroom,” was the agreed consensus.

“Bugger, probably loads around the place. You’re right love. I think we really should tell Rashid Feroz, he might find something decent after all,” he said and Emma laughed, jabbing him in the ribs before she got a tickle in return. They paused for a drink then he walked back up, seeing another disc, not that far from the stone. “How did we miss that?” she asked. Glaring at it then Tony relented. More scraping and shoving then suddenly a repeat performance as another secret door was opened. This one leading straight into the room and Emma’s heart leapt on seeing the sarcophagus that would soon be buried with her in it.

Now they worked quickly. Emma stripped off the jacket and over the next hour the winch parts were carried through the new entrance and Tony assembled it. Testing took a while. The sarcophagus was lighter than he thought once it was off the floor. Swinging from side to side on its loop. Emma weighed eight stone so he opened the door, got her to stand with her fingers holding it mostly closed from inside then tried again. Finding out it’d not be a problem.

She trembled when Tony put the sarcophagus right into the hole a couple of times as it looked SO deep. Butterflies’ orbiting in her stomach and the girl was glad she’d not eaten too much this morning. He turned having levered it out, seeing her walking out of the room, stopping it then following his wife back to the entrance.

Emma stood there holding the rocky outcrop, looking up at the sky. The girl jumping as he slid both hands round her waist then asked if she was alright. “Yes, just appreciating the view Tony. When I’m locked in there it is totally dark. Even after an hour I could see nothing. Not even that groove mark on the inside. Takes a bit of getting used to, OK?” He nodded, convinced now that Emma was having second thoughts and he couldn’t blame her. He’d once had an operation on his eye as a kid and needed to wear a patch for a month. Covering the other one time he’d stared into blackness and it had scared him. Now he understood a bit more.

She walked over to one of the huts and he followed, only to find she wanted a wee. Coming back Emma strolled towards him, those hips of hers swaying gently. Hair glowing under the hot sun and she looked stunning, her lacy bra visible through the material of her blouse. Coming and receiving a hug and kiss before asking him to take some photos of her. “Shame I cannot wear my ‘robe’ outside” Emma chuckled as he went to fetch the camera and her jacket. These were taken then he took her hands and said it was ‘time’.

Mrs Cline turned back allowing him to lead her inside again, walking over to the sarcophagus and patting it as she tried hard to show nerves. Looking at the face on the front, seeing it’s features so like her own, though the hairstyle was the one from her visit when it had all started. Then Emma bent down and stared… “She’s wearing… shoes, wasn’t an hour ago, I checked,” she exclaimed. Pointing to the base, Tony looking too. Yes, the figures’ feet had vanished and they could clearly see what appeared to be modern Western… heels? The toepoint at the front like the ones in the jeep, the ankle jacked up enough you could see the bottom of the binding they knew would be there, so Emma sighed. “Oh good. Two or more hours in stillies, should have taken them off before we got here,” but at least she was smiling now. A hand reaching up and touching the face. “Hiya Em, its’ the real Emma here.”

Tony laughed, patting his wife’s ass and they had a kiss. Wandering into the smaller room and looking around while he went and fetched Emma’s shoes. Coming back and seeing her flashing a torch round the bare walls. It was Cline who saw the disc hidden in the darkest corner as the light swept over it. Looking over at his wife and she smirked. “Go on, I dare you. Only one of these was any good, and that was to get in here anyway.” He began work and soon yet another room was entered. Dimly lit from a small crack at the far end.

It was like the previous assumed store but this one was full! A row of sarcophagus lying on the floor, their lids opened and Emma looked into one. It didn’t have the pins but the locking mechanism was the same. “Least we know where the spares are if we break… mine,” she grinned.

But her eyes were drawn to the far end where a shelf of what looked like restraints was placed. She headed that way, passing what appeared to be piles of the same robes used earlier. A feel and sniff of the fabric and Emma decided to use a fresh one, the other had been worn a few times now but these looked… well 3000 years old but still new!

Other material was piled nearby and she picked one up, seeing it was almost like a square sheet about three-foot square. “It’s a veil,” she remarked, holding it above her head and letting one side drape across her face. Further along were small golden-framed headpieces, like a tiara and she smiled now. Showing one to Tony, placing it on her forehead, weaving her hair about the edges to hold it in place.

“I crown you Emmaroah!” he joked and she chuckled, taking the material and affixing it to the top then let the veil tumble across her face, the rest coming down to both shoulders and covering her head.

It almost made her wish she’d had a proper white wedding with the big dress and all that, but at the time she’d not been that fussed. “Yeah, if I’d walked down the aisle wearing it, and one of these robes, I’d have been arrested!” she laughed, taking it all off again and after that got a long kiss and cuddle.

Arriving at the packed shelves for the restraints Emma looked them all over, seeing different size collars and cuffs, some quite small and one so thin you could have snapped it with bare hands. A couple of the bands had letters or numbers on and Emma peered at a few then started before she paused…

“Oh my goodness,” she exclaimed, reaching down and lifting one of the larger collars. Turning it around and seeing the lever like all the others. Tony saw her eyes widening as she touched… a stylised letter…


Her hands shook now and he came across, taking it, amazed at the weight and thickness as he opened it. Looking to see the loop at the back as expected.

“E… for Emma? It’s as if someone knows it’s me… like the way things keeping changing on the figure… it’s daft really but I’m… Tony dear, I’d like to wear this one when you bury me,” she said at last. Trembling at the idea as he went next door briefly. Removing the old collar and putting this in the sarcophagus. “Well it fits there, but does it… ” he began, coming back and saw Emma holding her hands out.

“One way to find out love,” she replied, lifting her hair up and he advanced. Slipping the collar around his wife’s neck and easing it…


“Wow, it’s much tighter,” she whispered as he held on. Reaching up and she could barely get fingers down the side. “But it’ll be fine, alright?” He nodded and stepped away, looking at her, that thick golden band with the ‘E’ right under her chin, running her fingers into the engraved letter. “Yeah, just in case you forget your name eh?” and now she was smiling again. Feeling for the lever and undoing it, allowing Tony to lift it away from her.

Emma wandered along the row, picking at cuffs and belts, trying various sizes round her waist, wrists and a couple for her legs, Tony seeing her smiling now and again. Once she’d got to the end there was a completely new set of restraints waiting to be fitted. He guessed they were going to be tighter on her than the originals and she looked and blushed. “You’re not supposed to be able to read me yet matey!” Emma grinned as he returned with the older ones and laid them into the spaces left by the new bits now in position. Saying, as these were bigger the pins were slightly higher. Now she would need those heels after all.

They went next door and he saw Emma looking into the sarcophagus and gently patting that collar then turned to him and she began to strip. Cline carefully folding her Western clothes then he went into the store and returned with the robe she’d chosen for this time.

Tony held it up, allowing Emma to climb into it. Holding the top as he went behind and did the various ties sealing her inside. Noticing he’d done them tighter than she could manage on her own, thus those nipples would be constantly stroked every time she twisted or turned. Again she felt a… inner calmness descending over her once he’d finished the last so Emma knew she was not making a mistake, she would go through with this.

“I’m happy now love… ” she said after stepping into her shoes. Posing for some rather explicit photographs standing by the closed casket. Though she did ask him to take the ones of her inside later, after they’d finished the allotted time. That was granted and she smiled before he said she was trying to put it off! Gesturing to the sarcophagus. “Go on missy, get inside.” He placed his hands on Emma’s hips then kissed her. Fingers running over that silky clad body before he guided his wife into her ‘new home’ as it had been called earlier.

She smiled back and settled herself within the opened loops and looked down as he crouched at her feet. Easing the first binding across and the ‘click’ as it was locked; soon followed by the second and he heard her breathing shorten. Coming up and closing the waist band with another satisfying noise. It gripped her midriff and she shuddered knowing what was next. He allowed Emma to secure her collar before taking her hands and kissing each before locking both wrists by her side. She tugged slightly and smiled at the fact she was now being held, as she wanted to be.

Cline kissed her and formally asked Emma was she ready to go through with this idea? The girl nodded yes and he grasped her trembling fingers then stepped away. Peering at the front then going to the store, returning with the headpiece. He eased it into her hair then produced the veils. Remembering how she’d done it earlier he attached both to the delicate frame then pausing. “Yeah, you’ll look like her again, if you want to?” telling Emma one that had appeared on the front of the sarcophagus in the last few minutes, the face below it now indistinct.

Mrs Cline paused a moment then spoke. “Yes. I want to become her.” He looked curiously now until she corrected herself. “Sorry, slip of the tongue. Become LIKE her, but come on…

… Do everything sweetheart… entomb me please,” Emma whispered at last.

Smiling when he nodded. Another looong kiss then he opened her collar briefly, lowered the material across her head and making sure she was totally covered, tucking the edges around her neck, then again for the second before he relocked the restraint to hold it. Mrs Cline’s breathing making the silk billow slightly. He traced over the letter E on her ‘jewellery’ then stroked both glowing cheeks, seeing her lips mouthing ‘I love you honey’.

“Goodbye my darling. But is that E, for Emma, or entombment, guess it’s both, yes?”

She didn’t reply but her now barely visible eyes winked as he stood back then brought the front round and closed it. Twisting the various discs and Emma squealed with joy as she was plunged into darkness, listening as the hasps locked solid and she counted up to four. Tony walked around and looked at the figure. Stroking its veil and silently praying for it to look after his beloved. The girl inside oblivious, waiting as the guy clambered above, attaching the hook to the stone loop above her head. Taking a break to get his breath Tony closed up the storeroom door then flexed his muscles and began.

The sarcophagus rose into the air and Emma rocked in her bonds as it swayed before he steadied it. Easing his wife across the room till she hung above the hole. She could even hear the winch squeak as Tony began to lower it and she trembled as the edge of her coffin rubbed against the stone. Down she went with the odd graunch, the girl looking forward to watching this later as he’d set the video camera running for their evening’s entertainment.

A jolt startled her as the sarcophagus lurched, then dropped an inch, hitting the bottom with a thump making her wince, as she hadn’t expected that, followed by a small clatter as if something had fallen on top then came tumbling down the side. Tony Cline looked down, stunned that the stone loop had snapped just when he thought it’d be fine and he couldn’t see the bits, just the stub sticking up. The damn thing had withstood all the testing yet now…

“Emma honey,” he shouted, “The bloody loop on your sarcophagus has snapped. Gonna be a little while til I work out how to get you out… Be patient… ”

The girl sighed and flexed, hearing Tony saying something but she’d missed the beginning of it so waited. However he didn’t repeat it so that was unlikely to be important. Probably confirming how long she’d get. Loving the feel of her confinement, hoping not to be freed just yet… slipping off into a fantasy that she’d have to write about later on.

Tony grabbed their stuff and ran outside, not even rolling the door back as he went to the workshop where the tools had come from. Hoping to find a drill or something. But the place had nothing like that so he reluctantly decided he had to get to the museum and confess to Rashid Feroz what they’d done. Two hours driving then he hoped the Prof understood quickly and get a team of guys… who would also need to keep their mouths shut. Then two hours back again and rescue her. “Not gonna be pleased I’ll bet, he’ll think we’re crazy,” Tony said as he drove fast up the track, passing the wrecked gates and swerved onto the main road.

Narrowly missing a battered police jeep coming up from the Cairo direction. It tooted and hit the brakes but Cline was away, looking back he saw it pause then drive beyond their road and thankfully not turn to give chase. The traffic grew heavier as he reached the city limits. “Come on for… whatever sake,” he cursed. It had taken over two hours already and he hoped his girl was right about that air not changing.

Emma however was delighted as she stood in the blackness, wondering if there was a way of getting one of these things away from the dig, along with a set of restraints… and some robes of course! Listening to a faint hiss that she thought had begun somewhile after Tony had finished. Thinking of sand flowing down the sides thus filling her in for all time… that’d be nice… wouldn’t it? He could then lower that other stone across the hole…


Mrs Cline paused, then smiled at her imagination going into overdrive, thinking he’d done just that and marvelled at her predicament. She tried and failed to move more than her arms slightly, fingers too as the metal loops maintained their grip… that new waist belt locked firmly and the ‘E’ collar around her neck… lovely.

Professor Feroz was indeed in a mood, listening to a phonecall from one of the outlying police departments. The young sergeant on the other end reported signs of graverobbers at an abandoned dig west of Cairo. He asked what place and was surprised to find it was at Neen-Al-Tudlobry. He asked what had been taken and was relieved that the answer was nothing. “My men nearly hit a car coming out of the site. Went in themselves and found a winch over a tomb, but it looked like something broke. We’ve taken some photos that I’ll e-mail to you.” The museum man then asked was the site secure now, pleased when the Sergeant replied. “One of the men topped the thing with sand from a pile nearby then closed the hatch on top then covered that too. Raking over their tracks before leaving. It’s safe… ”

“… You wouldn’t know there was anything there now.”

He settled back and thanked the officer, saying if they could keep an eye while on patrol in future then he’d not need to inform anyone in authority. That was agreed and the call ended. His computer bleeped minutes later and the file was opened. Professor Feroz fetching the old paperwork from the British team involved first time around. His eyes smiled briefly, thinking about Tony Cline, more about his pretty young wife actually! He jumped… of course the pair was actually in Egypt at the moment!

Due to sail tomorrow down the Nile so maybe he could speak to his friend. He didn’t have a phone number but knew they’d stayed at a certain hotel. Ringing the place but was dismayed to find they’d checked out earlier. Getting their forwarding address at the port and calling there too. Only to find the couple had not yet arrived. Well it was only 2pm so probably still en-route.

Leafing through the report and photos taken by Miss Lewis, as she’d been then Feroz was puzzled. The shots taken by the police did not quite match with hers. Yes the first corridor looked the same but… no. The stone seemed to be right but where had that entrance come from? He didn’t remember that, though he’d only been to Neen-Al-Tudlobry twice himself. He wasn’t an archaeologist anyway, but a curator.

It was baffling him and he sighed, just as one of his staffers arrived, saying there was an Englishman at the entrance wanting to see him on a matter of the utmost importance. Shrugging he allowed the man to be shown in… stunned to see it was Tony himself. The subordinate left, seeing Feroz greeting the guy warmly so he must be alright. But the Egyptian was also assuming the lovely Emma would be alongside him, dressed in whatever… but Cline was alone.

Tony Cline paused then began his tale of woe and misfortune. Feroz listening in incredulous silence as the man admitted that he’d locked his wife in a casket three hours ago and now there’d been an accident and she was trapped.

“Why on earth did you do that, and where did you do this?” he spluttered as Cline looked shamefaced. Scuffing his feet like a schoolchild up before the master.

“Neen-Al-Tudlobry. We’ve been there today and well… oh goodness Rashid this is SO embarrassing for me… ” he said looking pleadingly at his friend. The Egyptian stunned at this crazy tale that sounded too far-fetched to believe in. He waved to the report, lying to Cline that he’d been going over a ‘few things’ and saying he was applying for more funding to recommence work there. This was just coincidence… wasn’t it?

“Tony, as your friend. Please tell me everything… This was planned?” and the way Cline paused made the professor think there really was something else happening here.

So the Englishman did. Saying that Emma had always had a fascination with entombment and had wanted to revisit the dig at Neen-Al-Tudlobry. To banish her fears at what had happened to her… Before he realised that Rashid did not know about Abdul and his rape attempt on the former Miss Lewis.

Cline revealed all now as Rashid hurriedly wrote it all down. Nodding in approval at his actions. “Yes, I can see why you two… got together. But I still don’t understand where you’d get a sarcophagus from. Your report, plus the others my people did said nothing about finding tombs. That’s why we abandoned it because of the lack of finds. Yet now you go there and in less than one day find… ” and stopped as Cline looked even redder now.

Sighing and telling the Prof that they’d been there twice. This morning and all day on Tuesday. “Why didn’t you say yesterday what you’d found. Dammit Tony this isn’t a game to play with me. Some silly prank… I’m very disappointed. We’re not backwards in Egypt. Our civilisations go back thousands of years longer than yours!”

His rant continued and he saw real fear on Cline’s face now. Probably worried about his lady and no surprise. So he began asking about the sarcophagus. How much air did Emma have? “They’re not designed to keep living bodies in. it’s not a bloody toy!”

But all this time he was getting worried about the fact that he knew it was THAT hole she was in. The one now sealed up by the police and Tony didn’t know about that. Partly his concern was for her but also the authorities would surely find out if a group of people went crashing about in there. Cline had asked for a rescue party and no way would Feroz be able to keep this quiet. Drilling and all-sorts, plus one of the men would eventually talk to his mates. ‘Oh we saved a pretty blonde yesterday who’d been buried alive by her husband!’ If the media found that out it could mean uproar, especially if the religious aspect got mentioned.

His brain was all over the place trying to find a way out, plus the nagging realisation that every minute he delayed would imperil the lovely lady further. She’d be in there at least another four hours by the time a party arrived but he had to give his friend some hope.

“It’s going to be tough Tony. We’d have to drill air holes first so allowing her to breathe. Then if the sarcophagus cannot be lifted out, then break the floor and come in from the side. Or maybe just get Emma to cover her head and cut a hole in the top then she can climb out… that might be easier.” Cline’s eyes closed as the Prof spoke. Knowing this was getting worse by the minute… He was going to have to tell him the rest!

“Emma will not be able to do that Rashid… I placed her in restraints too. Neck, a belt round her waist, both wrists are secured, plus her feet, all attached to the wall. She cannot move at all!”

Professor Feroz stared in horror. Just how bad was this getting and his anger was really burning now.

“Surely Emma didn’t consent to this. She looks far too sensible. My Fatima does what ever I tell her to do. Rarely does she suggest or demand things from me. I look after her. I love her. Never would I think of doing something like this. It’s crazy… sordid even. I thought I knew what you English were like. Come on Tony… be honest, you must have flipped… forced her in. She must be terrified?

“NO I didn’t,” he wept. Rashid Feroz amazed as Cline broke down in tears. “She went in of her own free will. It was her idea buddy. Emma wanted to try it in the hole. She’d been in it before but only above ground, couple of hours at most. When she came out she seemed SO happy… and also commenting that the air was fine so I’m sure she’ll be alright. Please Rashid, please help me get her out!”

The Egyptian sat there watching Cline. Now slumped forward, head in hands and shaking.

“Very well.” Feroz said after a pause. Then his face darkened “But you listen carefully to me Tony Cline. This WILL get out. One of the men will eventually talk. You… and her will be in disgrace. The authorities will HAVE to know. So are you prepared for the consequences of this? That is if she survives. If not then I’m sorry, you alone will. Think about it. I’ll give you five minutes.” With that he left his office, slamming the door and heading for the bathroom.

Meanwhile Emma was still waiting… relieved but surprised that the air in here remained cool and fresh, the faint scent of her bath oil used this morning the only smell evident. Surely by now there shouldn’t have been enough oxygen? The sarcophagus she’d assumed was airtight and the first time she’d been locked in it had got stuffy, yet she must have been in here what, probably an hour now rather than the thirty minutes and it was fine? Then she remembered it hadn’t been that bad during the Tuesday tests either. If he really was leaving her for a longer time it shouldn’t be a problem, as she didn’t need a wee yet!

She was getting slightly bored though now so Emma twisted both arms in the restraints, bending her hands around, running fingertips along the rims of her wristcuffs. Stopping on finding the little levers that unlocked them! The girl paused, wondering could she free herself for a while? Wouldn’t be able to bend down to do her ankles, and of course the front was secured both by four stone hasps and the fact the hole edge was an inch away so she’d never get out. But it’d be nice to get the collar off for a while mind so Emma tried easing a nail underneath and a tug… click.

A broad smile below her veils and the girl eased her arm out, reaching up across her chest to the collar. Tracing… yes! Another click and her head relaxed as the loop disengaged. Dropping her chin as Emma had been resting her jaw on it for that long. Now able to flex her neck a bit before she went back down and eventually released not only her arm but also finding the belt lever underneath and doing that as well.

THAT was better and Emma was able to lean forward… a couple of inches and twist this way and that. Raising the veils off her nose. Her breathing had made them damp so a while away from those nostrils might dry them out. With some effort, resting her hands on the opened belt she was able to bend both knees a little, misjudging it once and the cuffs dug into her ankles hard and she winced, managing to remember not to curse. Her feet were killing her but the exercise regime continued anyway. Despite starting to feel thirsty Emma was thrilled. Running her hands over her hips then the girl paused, reaching up and beginning work on those nipples. It’d been driving her nuts as the material rubbed them. They’d always been a bit sensitive, as Tony knew well, the bugger could rarely leave them alone when he was in the mood.

Emma’s feelings were bubbling nicely as she twisted and twiddled away before wondering… and smiling. Reaching down and beginning to lift her dress, the material sliding through her fingers as she tugged upwards. The back of the hem snagged on her calves for a moment and that did make her wriggle her knees and it slid up, before long the outfit was resting over the belt. NOW Emma was smiling as she reached… dipping a finger gently into her pussy and beginning to work herself off. If only Tony knew… ! She grinned, the guy thinking she’d have stood rigidly all that time, looking so demure, angelic even, rather than the state she was getting herself into!

Just as she felt the first good twinges of an orgasm Emma suddenly realised how stuffy it was getting. Of course panting away meant she was using her precious air far too fast and the girl needed to stop her actions. Groaning in utter frustration as she cooled down again. The lightheaded feeling not easing up and now she was really worried.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry… I’ll become you again,” she murmured, patting the front by her head where the figure’s face was and Emma knew what was required. Smoothing the dress down over her body then reaching up and taking the halves of her collar in both hands. Easing them together and listening for the ‘click’… But it didn’t come, the ends popping apart again and Emma was surprised, feeling around she found the release lever was sticking out. Closing the loop and a gentle push did not help as again the band opened by itself.

It was really warm now; Emma trying not to sweat or she’d damage the dress. Eventually she realised what the problem could be. Lowering the now dry veils across her face, tucking them tight around her neck the way Tony had done it THEN doing the collar again…


Emma sighed, feeling the lever now snug into position like last time. Closing her belt she was rewarded with another lock engaging… and already it seemed a little cooler? One way to find out and the girl reached down and placed her left wrist into its cuff and tried to close it.

‘Cli… But it popped open and the girl was surprised. “OK, we’ll do the left one LAST if you want to be pedantic!” she snapped, getting a little frustrated and upset now. Where the hell was Tony?

Trying to do her right wrist soon had the girl in tears. The damn things wouldn’t lock and she was worried now. There must be an answer yet all she tried yielded nothing. Even slamming the hasps together didn’t help. Emma lifted the cuff off the pin and brought it up to her veiled face.

“Please secure my wrists… I won’t survive unless you lock them. What more do you want from me… ?” she wailed. Even kissing the loop through the material didn’t help then she replaced it on the pin, feeling the lever still sticking out…

Emma’s heart leaped as she had a brainwave, though the thought of what she had to do was terrifying. Turn the cuffs over, so the levers would be by her forearms… and out of reach!

She lifted one and rotated it, then placed her wrist in it and closed the hasp… pushing the lever down then letting go.

Cli… “Nooo… ” she squealed then guessed what was required and a resigned sigh followed as the other cuff was rotated and replaced, both levers now on top.

Emma Cline brought her hands to prayer and begged the cuffs one more time to lock her wrists. Touching her collar that had got warmer just now before cooling, tracing the letter “E… ” in that wonderful style the Egyptians had used…

The girl paused, as it was further to the right now than she remembered, not under her chin as it had been when she had picked the band from the rack along with the other restraints. Having seen the collar with her initial on it. Her fingers moved to the left and the girl was stunned at what she could feel, whispering each letter to herself…

“E… M… M… A”

“Yes, it’s me, Emma. I’m here with you now.” She smiled and sighed, hands coming together as she thanked… well whoever then placed both wrists into the loops. Fingers moving the hasps apart then a pause before flicking hard…


She tugged gently on the cuffs, feeling the bands now clamped around her wrists and a brief grin crossed Emma’s face knowing she’d not be able to release herself again. Only Tony could rescue his wife… if she was to be freed… but he’d been gone so long now Emma was starting to think things might not be turning out the way she’d expected.

Mrs Cline stood silent, then her brain finally realised the truth about this place and the name they’d all tried and failed to master since arriving.

Neen-Al-Tudlobry was an anagram…

Emma’s sightless eyes crinkled, her mouth forming into a smile that would have lit any man’s heart.

“It means ‘Eternally bound’ and I wonder… ” she murmured.

Minutes later she was rocking her head slightly in the collar when it suddenly went click… and tightened a bit. Emma froze as a tink sound followed next then something small fell onto the dress between her breasts before clattering to the floor. She was puzzled but when the belt did the same moments later, making her gasp at the pressure Emma realised the release levers were falling out of her restraints!

Listening intently now Emma waited and soon enough one leg did the same, followed by the second and now she knew… “Sorry Tony dear, you’re going to be too late. I have become her,” she whispered as the wrist cuffs were last. The two defunct levers pinging about the sarcophagus before landing near the others. Silence fell and after nothing happened for ages she sighed, hoping the restraints would not tighten further or she’d be in real danger.

“As if it could get any worse… .” She murmured before a warm glow swept through her body.

“No love, I’m sorry. I mean any better?”

It did. She was on alert for any sound of rescuers, and there was a pop near her feet followed by another thunk. The same noise as the hasps had made when Tony had locked the front so long ago it seemed. Another one a moment later, closer to her waist as it was louder and Emma realised those discs on the front must be turning and maybe double-locking? … Or falling off like the handles. Adding more levels of restraint than she ever imagined possible. Inevitably the last two came, by her chest and the one by her forehead was the loudest of all.

Eyes closing and she breathed deeply, saying another prayer, feeling better as she got used to the tightness of her bonds and it WAS getting cooler. Her feet had stopped aching, even in the heels, she wasn’t hungry, that thirst had vanished and… she still didn’t need a pee!

The two figures, one in the sarcophagus, the other on its outside… were now identical.

Robed… restrained… both smiling gently under their veils… and the last thing Emma said?

“E. It does mean Emma… and also everlastingly… Entombed”

The End ?

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