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Emma's Entombment 5

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2015 - Wingco - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/mf; court; sentence; prison; cell; incarcerated; grief; outdoors; cuffs; pit; stake; gallows; sarcophagus; silkgown; cuffs; collar; encased; emtombed; sealed; cons/nc; XX

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Part 5

The words were repeated and she knew it was Tony himself. Her beloved husband… and executioner!

Emma Cline turned around to see him standing there. Alone, smartly dressed in a suit. Suddenly realising he was wearing the same one used on their wedding day. Just like her bridal suit there in the wardrobe. Even the heels had been returned after she’d lost them at the courthouse. But why today?

She got up from the floor, dusting down the simple black frock worn today. Coming closer then reaching nervously for him and they touched. The first physical contact she’d had with a human for a year. They finally kissed before Emma broke down, Tony the same and they held each other tight. His hands rubbing her trembling body, even brushing over her ass and he felt Emma twitch at that.

Eventually they broke off and he led his wife to the bed.

“You’re a day early… ” she whispered. Using her voice for the first time in a month, having started talking quietly to herself again. He looked at her calendar, seeing the 24th not yet crossed out.

“No, your calendar is wrong sweetheart. It’s got a November 31st, same as mine and neither of us noticed.”

Emma tensed up… “So it is today then? Happy bloody Christmas love… Have a death sentence as your pressie,” she sighed, Tony somehow managing to grin at that before she did with a resigned smile as they embraced again. “What happens now then?”

Tony took a deep breath, dreading what he needed to say. “It goes like this. You and I have til 5pm in here, well to get ourselves ready, though as you can see I already am. When the bell tolls I have to place these on your wrists,” getting out a set of handcuffs. “Then once they’re on I knock on the door. We’re let out, whereupon I escort you downstairs, surprisingly we’ll be alone as the warder will be packing up the rest of… your stuff. He’s doing mine as we speak.” She nodded, shuddering, as the worst bit was to come.

“Once downstairs I lead you outside to the courtyard. Two hundred feet away you’ll see… the pit… and the gallows beyond that.” Her fingers gripped tighter now. 

“We walk forward until our destinations are reached. You will be placed by myself into the hole. There are steps leading down so no jumping!” Emma gave him a stare for that one but he ignored it.

“You’ll be secured to the pillar within it by cuffs, one for each of your limbs. I’ll blindfold you if you require it. Then sand will be thrown into the pit until it reaches your chest and levelled out… ”

Emma shivered again… “Then wallop?” she asked and Tony nodded. Unable to speak now.

“Well love, I hope your aim is good then… ” she tried to joke but now it was Tony who began to cry.

“It should be… I’ve spent the last two days practising!”

Emma Cline held her man as she watched the time ticking round. Already 4:15 so she got up, making him jump. “Well, I’m going to have a shower… ” a shy grin. “Care to join me?” He looked up to see her there. That lovely body inches away so he stood up, reaching for the zip on her dress.

The water helped hide the tears as Emma and Tony gently washed each other’s bodies. She even stroked him hard, his hands working on her breasts but they didn’t go too far. Towelling down again with kisses before they both got dressed. “Never imagined this suit would get so much use,” she said doing up the blouse. It earned her a gentle breast rub before he held the jacket and she wriggled into it.

He did Emma up then glanced at his watch. 4:55 and he sighed and reached for the handcuffs as she placed the white scarf over her head. A check in the mirror and she was satisfied. 

“Tony love, if I promise to be brave. Would you do something special for me now?” she asked as he unlocked the loops, motioning for her to turn around. He said nothing but winced as she shuddered feeling that first one snap on. “Please honey, don’t do it like this,” Emma pleaded knowing the time had come for her last walk. 

“I’m sorry darling. They insisted you be restrained. To prevent an attempt at delay.” She looked so sad as he reached for her other arm. Tugging it back and Emma squealed as he locked it and pocketed the keys. Now she turned to look at him. Giving Tony such a devastating glare he knew she would play up once downstairs. But he had to obey the instructions. He couldn’t bear the idea of anyone else being allowed to touch her. He advanced and made to kiss her but she shied away, tears rolling down her cheeks as she heard the far door of the cellblock being unlocked then slow footsteps. Tony took hold of her waist, drawing his wife closer again and this time she surrendered and their lips met. 

“Emma honey. If you promise me now, as my beloved partner not to fight, not to scream or make a scene out there that would show them how scared we both are, then I’ll put them round the front, by your waist so we can hold hands. We can walk as a couple, as man and wife, like we did that day. To show these bastards we’re British and what that means’. Even in a situation like the one we face, you remember the movie stars, stiff upper-lip and all that. Let us be the same sweetheart.” Her lovely face streaked with tears brightening as he held the key up. Slowly Emma nodded and kissed it.

“OK honey, I promise,” she whispered. He paused then went behind and unlocked her. Emma bringing both arms to the front, allowing Tony to secure them again just as the bell rang. She’d stopping crying by now so he quickly dried her face and she eventually smiled.

“Good girl. I’m proud of you… ” and at that point the cell was unlocked. Tony walked to the door and it opened, turning back and seeing her looking around… one last time. She turned towards him and smiled, stepping forward and he took her hand. Leading his wife out of the cell and along the long passage to the far door. She squinted, her eyes that bad after a year of short-range vision so needed his quiet words of encouragement. Managing steps in heels was damn tough after all this time and she sighed once the bottom was reached. The clicking echoing as they marched along the last corridor to the outside and…

Coming into the fresh air made her almost retch. She’d got used to the slightly stale smell inside but this was so clean. The sun was setting over the wall behind them so her eyes thankfully were all right. He slipped his arm between hers, clutching both hands in his then set off. They paced slowly along, Tony whispering how brave she was and stuff like that. Guards stationed every twenty feet in a line that led towards…

Emma saw it clearly now as they approached. The hole with the upright pillar poking up from the middle. A pile of sand that would fill it to her chest but finally she saw stones. The instruments of her forthcoming death and she quietly gasped. “Oh my God… Tony… .” she murmured as the couple came closer. Cline feeling her starting to tug back a little and his heart sank.

“Sweetheart, Em you promised me you wouldn’t fight… ” he murmured, slowing down and hoping the guards were not listening now. She looked away from them, back at him and he saw her eyes. She was terrified now but also a steely determination emerging. “I did, I’m sorry. It’s these bloody shoes… You try walking on soft sand in stillies!” It was hard not to smile at that and soon they stood above the hole. Emma glad she’d made use of the toilet before Tony had cuffed her or she’d have wet herself by now.
They stopped close to the edge. Emma looking down and seeing the cuffs. Two at the base, two more near the narrow top of the pillar but round the other side. He paused then looked his wife in the eyes.
“I’m unlocking you now honey. I beg you not to resist. Please sweetie, just do this for… us.” He said and she nearly broke down. Holding her wrists out and waiting. He inserted the key and did one, then the other as she waited. A smile now emerging as he placed the cuffs back in the pocket. “Shall we?”

Emma nodded. Allowing him to step into the hole then reach for both hands to guide her down. Heart pounding as she did her last ever steps and grinned having made it. She looked at him again and he slid both onto her waist then turned her slightly.

“Back up Emma… please… ” he said and her eyes dropped but she obeyed. Leaning against the pillar with a gasp. He reached down and grabbed the first cuff then lifted her trouser leg then locked it around her ankle. Another faint ‘nooo’ followed the second then he stood up. Their arms holding each other then despite the gathering guards he had to kiss her. Their lips meeting for ages then he broke off and went behind the pillar. Drawing Emma’s wrists carefully back and soon they were restrained. 

She was silent now as he returned to face her. Those lovely eyes brimming with tears as she whispered ‘I’ll always love you honey. God Bless.’ That almost made him break as he produced the pads and a blindfold. Emma trembled violently now as he wrapped the material around and tied it off. The job was nearly done and he saw the bloody hangman had arrived too. Well it was still ten minutes to six so he could damn well wait!

Emma jumped badly as he touched her again. Correctly assuming this was the last one. Their kiss was slow, sensual, but over too soon and he could see the tears rolling down her face despite the pads.

“Goodbye my darling Em, I… ” and he couldn’t say the rest. Stepping up to the top and reaching for the shovel to start tossing the sand in. Two more men arriving as he grabbed the implement and stabbed it into the pile. Turning around to… and stopped as a hand was placed onto the barrel.

“What the hell are you doing Tony?” a voice said into his ear. Making Cline freeze. Looking up into the face of… Rashid Feroz. 

They’d watched the whole event from start to finish on the monitor. Emma and Tony’s walk, from cell to here and what was happening as he’d prepared the girl. “I’ve never seen such courage or devotion. Look at them… ” said the first man. This being the Judge who’d sentenced the pair last year. Now after extensive enquiries and many arrests he’d got to the bottom of the facts. How the pair had been ‘stitched up’ by the police. The officers had lied in HIS courtroom. Making him look a fool too. The only problem being the death-sentences could not be commuted… could they?

Rashid Feroz and the guys at the Museum had worked tirelessly in pursuit of justice. Despite the British media condemning the pair without knowing the full facts, both being written-off as guilty and deserving their sentences. Even Cline, with media access via some friendly guards knew nothing of the attempts to get them out. 

Finally three days ago Rashid had called the Judge directly and suggested a remarkable idea, telling him the full story of Emma and what had happened to her. “Technically they will not survive the event anyway, but there is something at Neen-Al-Tudlobry that I don’t understand but those two do. It would be seen as justice is done, then once you’ve filed the report on their demise… ” The man had questioned Feroz for hours over this. He’d even paid a brief visit to the site and saw the museum guy’s idea.

“Very well, I believe they deserve the chance now. I was always a little unsure about that case, this may work with God’s blessing. Meet me at the jail at 4pm. Do NOT be late. We’ll watch it up to the point where she’s about to be buried,” he’d ordered and Rashid was thrilled. Telling Fatima too and she was in tears of relief.
So they’d waited until Tony Cline had exited the pit. Seeing the blindfolded form of his wife. Her bound body ready to be buried…

“OK Professor I’ve seen enough, and I was right. They must have another opportunity. You have my written authority here,” he said, handing over the paperwork. “They are released into your custody as of now. Do not fail me. I’ll see you there on the night of the 28th.” Rashid Feroz bowed deeply, then hugged the man who called the rest of the execution party off. Seeing Tony about to start he hurried over…

Tony Cline stood astonished as Feroz told him the basic outline of the tale. Looking around, seeing the guards walking away leaving them alone. Even the hangman had left and it was almost too much. “Will you help me free her… ” he wept and Rashid nodded as a man-hug was shared. 

Mrs Cline waited, shaking as she expected the sand to have come tumbling in by now. But there was nothing. Just faint voices nearby then she tried not to scream as footsteps came… many steps and she braced herself for…

Jumping as hands placed themselves on her hips, more noise behind and she squealed as the wristcuffs were UNLOCKED…

“Emma honey… we’ve just been… reprieved… ” was all she heard of Tony’s trembling voice before she fainted away.

Coming to hours later. Back in her cell, wearing a night-shirt and wrapped in sheets. For a moment she was fearful that it’d still go ahead or she’d been dreaming… but her door was OPEN. So nervously Emma leaned out of it. Seeing a man sitting nearby she coughed and he smiled, waving at her to stay put before going into another open cell nearby. Emerging with a bleary-eyed husband as it was 1am the following morning. Tony walked into hers and they fell against each other. 

The tears, the kissing it was endless and neither wanted it to end. “I swear Emma, I have no idea what Rashid did, nor what he intends to do… with us. He’ll be here in the morning, proper morning time to explain. All I know is it’s a Judicial reprieve, not a release. We cannot leave here yet, alright?”

“Yeah, I picked up on that. So we’re not really free. Just in limbo… ” she said, trying not to sound that disappointed. He grinned at her, looking down at those legs she’d kept toned. A bit white now but if Rashid came good she’d soon be a healthy colour. He eased a finger over her inner thigh, making Emma giggle now. “Great, all you can think of is… Lock the door after you go. I’ve got a headache!” she chuckled but soon enough there was quiet groaning coming from the cell as two people reaffirmed their commitment to one another.

The rumble of the breakfast trolley woke her up to find Tony had left after a cleansing shared shower. Emma covering her body with the blanket as it came closer and a man appeared. Carrying her normal food tray but he didn’t seem surprised to find this cell open. Knocking politely as Emma got up. She took the tray, bowing deeply to the man.

“You… release… today?” he asked in badly accented English. Emma paused, she didn’t know but nodded anyway. “You… good girl now. Please, no come back?” and that made her smile, as did he. Saying nothing else but departing and she retreated to the table, wolfing it down as of course she’d had no ‘last meal’ yesterday evening.   

Tony bustled in, as she was finishing. Looking weary but smiling as they hugged and kissed. “I really thought my number was up then,” she grinned. Trying to put off nagging thoughts about what might happen next. “Well Rashid’s on his way here now. So please get dressed into something decent or you’ll be on another charge!”

The suit was a bit crumpled so Emma wore a black dress and jacket, the one used when out shopping with Fatima Feroz. Even donning a headscarf despite being indoors. They’d just finished yet another snogging session when they heard him whistling his way along the block. Coming in to be buried with hugs from both the Brits before being allowed to sit down.

Emma’s joy at the reprieve was soon dampened on discovering that the British Government had turned their backs on the couple. Even their passports had been cancelled. Technically they were Stateless!

“So we can never return. What about our house, jobs… and everything else… ” she wept, Tony stunned into silence. Feroz had answers for that too. Most of Cline’s associates didn’t believe what happened was the truth. So they’d arranged for the couples property to be stored securely. Easy enough as they’d hardly unpacked anything having only moved a week before the honeymoon. “You have very loyal friends out there. Plus one here… I hope?” and he got a shoulder punch from Tony for that one.

Now he paused and gently broke the news that the Egyptian authority still expected their sentences to be carried out in full. Emma was devastated, collapsing into Tony’s arms and it took a while for her to recover any composure. He then told the couple about his plans to ‘see’ that carried out in secret!

“We’re going to bury you at Neen-Al-Tudlobry” he said at last. Tony stared at him, Emma shocked. “What… alive… you cannot DO THAT!” she squealed, thinking about the time spent in the casket.

“But I can folks. You two are under my control now. Authorised by the same Judge who sentenced you before… ” Emma threw up her hands hearing that and stormed out, sobbing then going into Tony’s cell and falling onto the bed in hysterics.

“Well I hope you’re prepared to listen my friend?” Rashid said as the noise continued. Tony actually going to the door and closing it to muffle her grief. He nodded, thinking Feroz had lost the plot.

“Right. The intention is for you and Emma, to be buried alive in a double sarcophagus that I’m having converted from two normal ones. I don’t know what kept her going last time but it must be something special. She was in there ten hours, my people reckoned she should have been dead in about three. All the Judge has to see is you two in the sarcophagus and it being lowered into the ground. Covered with a plate that’ll be welded shut. After that, well we wait, maybe overnight, maybe more. I just don’t know. If you survive, well that’s good… ” Tony snorting at that. 

“But if you do make it through then it becomes very good. It gives me a real opportunity to do some long-term research there. And Tony, as you’ve rightly said, you cannot go home… so why not remain in Egypt working for me, both of you in fact?”

He was amazed. “But we’ll be gambling, risking our lives… ” Feroz interrupting. “Tony, you should already BE dead. You with a busted neck, Emma with her head smashed in! If you take this chance it may keep you alive for a hell of a long time.” 

Cline thought about it. “I don’t have a choice. If I say no, guess we’ll remain here. Yes?” Rashid Feroz shrugged. “You will. No second chance and you’ll be executed on Friday. Hobson’s choice my friend. So you could become part of the most interesting experiment ever undergone here. Or you can waste the chance. You’re an archaeologist Tony. Think what else we could find”. 

He waited for Tony to decide. “What do I tell Emma, this constant threat of execution over her. I don’t think she’ll last too much longer if it’s one minute from death then another year, then actually about to be stoned, then freed again. How would your Fatima cope?” and Feroz saw his point. “Alright. I guess we’d better not say a thing. You two can pack your stuff. I’m taking you back to ours til the 28th. That’s tonight, all day tomorrow then Thursday morning. The burial is scheduled to be at 6pm. So you’ll be free until then. But Tony, please remember that I’m personally responsible for delivering you both to Neen… ”

Cline realising what he meant. If the British pair tried to escape, then probably him and Fatima would be put into the casket instead! 

“I understand old friend. And we accept, OK?” he said, shaking hands with his fellow professor. “By the way,” Rashid asked. “How good would your aim have been out there?” and Tony smiled wryly.

“According to the guards who trained me I’d have done it in 3 shots, then a minute walk to the gallows. All over by 6:05 so thank goodness you two were not late.” he replied.

Emma Cline was shaking as Tony told her that she could pack the stuff into her suitcase, as they were to be guests of the Feroz’ again. “Why, might as well leave it, not gonna need more than a couple of bits,” she sighed, the tears not too far away. Tony tried not to groan but she saw it all the same.

“How the hell can you be so calm?” she snapped, seeing him now rolling his eyes. He turned on her, grabbing Emma’s arms and steering her into the corner.

“Now you listen carefully young lady. Rashid’s done his best. He’s got us the chance to enjoy the next couple of days properly. Not locked in dingy cells, though again you seem to have come off better. So make your mind up honey. Stay here, or have the opportunity to become a proper human being again. Your call… ” and she played the sympathy card by crying. Suckering Cline into it and he cradled her to his chest until she calmed down. Though she did finally apologise and agreed to come.

Smiling as she signed her release documents then allowed her baggage to be searched. Trying not to laugh as that red number was held up briefly. Then the magical moment as she stepped out of the door to see Feroz… and Fatima there. The two women embracing with many tears before being urged to get in the back, allowing Tony to chat to his mate. The ladies held hands all the way home and the men hardly saw them again after being chased out of the kitchen. Emma just pleased to be somewhere with a sense of normality as they prepared the evening meal.

Though she did worry Tony next morning when he couldn’t find her. Rashid in his study was alarmed to find she was missing until his wife said she’d sent the girl off shopping! Forgetting that Emma had no identity papers or passport and he sighed with relief when she finally appeared an hour later. Laden down with food bags that she carried into the kitchen. Only then did she realise the mistake.

“Well, no harm, no foul, proves I can be trusted then?” she grinned and there were a few smiles banded about as Tony gently slapped her ass. That night the Feroz’ agreed to go out for the evening, leaving the others alone. A look between the women spoke volumes and when Emma entered the bedroom she found one of ‘those’ robes awaiting her.   

Tony arrived and saw his wife standing there dressed to thrill, the lights down low and he knew… Stripping off then taking the girl into his arms and lying her down.

That was how the dawn found them hours later amongst the rumpled remains of their bed. Emma wrapped in his grasp, trying not to cry knowing what tonight would bring. These two days had been more than she’d hoped for and Mrs Cline decided she’d go to the casket with a smile. 

It took ages to wake him up, even grabbing his cock didn’t work but eventually he stirred. Stroking that warm skin next to his, asking Emma what she planned to wear… only to get a smile as she patted her silk covered hips. “I think this will suffice, two of them should protect my modesty. Fatima said she’s converting one into a suit for you to wear,” she grinned and Tony relaxed seeing his Em was taking this better than he thought.

Lunchtime passed smoothly but by 2pm she was in tears again and Tony’s heart was sinking. He really should have told her what Rashid planned. Even Fatima knew the basics but was sworn to secrecy by her man. Doing her best to comfort the girl. In fact Emma was relieved to find she’d be accompanying them to Neen-Al-Tudlobry. “I want to see what it’s all about,” she’d said when hearing Emma’s story while they’d been cooking yesterday.  

The car drove them there, the women in the back, holding hands as before and Emma was pleased. Fatima could feel her trembling and by the time they arrived she wouldn’t let go until the bathroom was required. Mrs Feroz helped the girl do her hair and make-up as she was too nervous to manage it. “You look lovely anyway, but a little will help.” Doing some for herself to make Emma not feel out of place. They had a drink together then Fatima sadly looked at her watch. Em shivering now and grasped her hands as she was led into the dig. Stopping at the entrance and staring at the dimming sky ‘for the last time.’

Bypassing the chamber where the new casket was apparently, the place unused until now but had been prepared by Rashid for this event. They carried on into the next smaller room where she was to change. Seeing a small rack with the dresses for her use plus the suit for hubby. The couple shared an emotional hug and kiss, managing not to smudge Fatima’s hard work then she walked out. Tony arriving minutes later having thanked the Egyptian for dealing with his lady.

He walked in, seeing Emma half undressed so slid up behind and ‘goosed her’ The girl spinning round in surprise as she hadn’t heard him come in. “Least it was you and not one of the guards,” she joked. Trying to keep her spirits up as he turned Em around to do her back ties up. 

Tony did the last one then turned his wife back to face him. Watching as she stepped into the heels and scrunched her toes down. Her fingers were shaking as she looked up at her man. Hoping he’d change his mind. “Thought we were past this,” she murmured. 

Despite secretly hoping there might be a ‘miraculous’ chance of freedom Emma’s brain had convinced herself that this really was it. Same as when she’d gone to the pillar. Tony was too hot to argue with her now. “I’m sorry love. You know it’s what we have to do,” he said, getting dressed himself into the suit made by Mrs Feroz. 

Least this time they were both allowed to use undergarments. Emma the same bra and knickers as on her wedding day, Tony a simple pair of blue pants. To avoid anyone seeing the underwear Fatima had dyed the suit. Emma wearing the second robe and you could barely see their skin below. Once finished she embraced him, kissing and holding SO tight. “Does feel nice doesn’t it?” she tried to joke and he did grin briefly.

They walked into the room and she saw it… coming closer til once more Mrs Cline stood before a sarcophagus. He waited till she was all right then watched as Em paced the room. Touching the walls, even the odd disc was turned but there were no clicks now. No ‘secret’ doors for her to escape through. She came back, swaying those hips and he saw her face, no longer resigned but at peace as she ran her hands across the sleeves.

“OK Tony love… I guess we better get started then… ”  

He nodded then led Emma to the sarcophagus. She paused and touched the collar. Seeing it had her name on it again. The same style as before. “Rashid’s idea… ” he said with a pale smile but she just stared now. 

She didn’t look to check on the other half to see if his had a T but turned around then held her arms up. Tony placed his onto her hips, easing Emma back despite some gentle resistance. “Please love, don’t make this harder for me… was bad enough last time,” he said, nudging his wife as she’d gripped his forearms, ashen faced now as those eyes begged him to stop, the same as when he’d secured her to the stoning pillar.

Each footstep was SO hard for her. Trembling as she was guided til the metalwork of the collar and belt touched her body. He let go… half expecting her to try and leap out. Instead she waited… then a faint gasp of ‘nooo… ’ as her belt was brought round and locked. Emma knew that single sound meant she would never step out of here again. She’d been told that these restraints were welded to the pins, and there were no release levers…

Her ankles were next, the girl shuddering as Tony gently rubbed her calves before he left for a moment. Returning with a headpiece and veils and Emma looked surprised now. 

“But you said I’d be… ” she began, his finger going across to silence her.

“Sorry Emma. This was how you were found. It has to be done like that again.”

He worked the frame into her hair and arranged the material but didn’t lower them at first. The girl noticing there were three rather than two but didn’t say a word. Stepping closer and they embraced. Kissing Tony’s lips for the last time was so painful for her. The fact he’d be inches away but they’d never touch was going to be tortuous for both of them. Eventually he stepped back then reaching down he took her right hand and locked it. He paused, then delved into a pocket of the bag hanging nearby and brought out a box, her eyes widened as it was opened.

Producing their wedding rings. The golden bands thought lost at the prison, now returned and for the first time Emma smiled. Kissing hers as it was offered. Trembling as he reached for her hand and placed it on her finger. Now HE kissed it, put his own on and she offered another peck, then he slowly eased Emma’s wrist down into the cuff. Sliding it round and she shuddered on hearing yet another click. Just one more to go…

“Goodbye my darling. And thank you for being with me… as we soon will be… for all time.” He said, heart breaking as her now tear-filled eyes looked so pleadingly at him. 

The first of her veils was lowered and he saw her mouthing the ‘I love you honey’ he’d remembered before she was thought to be lost, then again before the reprieve. By the time the last was done, with the spotlights shining on the white silk layers Emma could barely see a thing, just a vague form in front but she knew it was him. Hands arranged the material around her neck, then eased the collar across before pausing… asking Emma was that all right? A long wait then she sighed and nodded.

“Yes. Do it sweetheart… and thank you for… everything,” she said at last.


That last sound was enough and Tony heard her start snuffling and knew the tears would follow. He grasped her fingers and she squeezed hard enough to nearly make him wince but then let go. Reaching up and touching Emma’s left cheek, the girl leaning against his hand then he knew it was time. Hearing Rashid Feroz’s voice coming down the corridor talking to someone else as he arrived to secure Cline in the other half.

Emma saw her man step away then turn to the right. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see him vanishing from her life. She listened and heard the backslapping as two friends’ bid the other farewell. Their voices murmuring words whose meaning she no longer cared about. Maybe she’d ask him once the burial had been completed. The couple had already been told once they were both secured and the sarcophagus about to be closed up that all speech was forbidden until the casket lowered into the hole and that lid placed over them and welded shut. Even this instruction had made her tremble, and quite how they’d know anyway, but now it was minutes away.

The last clicks could be heard nearby and he heard Feroz bid Tony goodbye. Then she was amazed as Rashid came to her side and stood close. His eyes staring at her face but she would bet they would look at least once down below! She managed not to squeal as he placed both hands on her and rubbed those shapely hips briefly.

“Tony apologises for what has happened my dear. He also asks that you shut your eyes when we close… you up. So you don’t see each other like you are. I hope you will understand?” he said at last.

Emma paused then nodded. Thanking him and promising to do that, her hands flexing and she jumped when he reached in and took hold of them both. 

“Fatima could not be standing here with me now, but wishes you farewell… and this is from her.” Gently rubbing his face either side of hers then kissing Emma’s nose!

That did make Emma smile, she owed Feroz’s wife so much over this day. The lady had been by her side all the time except for bathroom breaks and this last bit which Mrs Cline assumed would be too much to cope with.

He nodded and stepped away. Gesturing to someone.

“Begin the execution of sentence… ” a voice said loudly. Emma thinking it sounded like the bloody Judge who’d condemned them in the first place! Her eyes blurred as the first jolt shook the sarcophagus and she closed both tightly as instructed. The tears stinging her badly but she had to be brave now.

Despite knowing the silence rules that noise of the two halves slamming together, made Emma squeal. 

“Nooooggghhh… ” before she began sobbing uncontrollably.  

Hearing Tony’s breathing, right in front. Even feeling the air as he exhaled loudly now. The series of thumps coming down the sides as the discs were turned and the hasps engaged. More bangs as the stones were then knocked off, sealing them together… for all time.

Now she waited for the most horrific bit. The sarcophagus lurched into the air and she gripped her wrist cuffs hard. Trying to brace herself as it swayed then slooowwly rubbing against the stone as it was lowered. Emma’s mind seeing it clearly dropping out of sight, remembering how hers had looked on the video when Tony had filmed it.

The ‘bump’ as it struck the floor only increased the rate of tears. She even heard him ‘tut’ in disgust! Didn’t he think to understand? She wept. Eventually their oxygen would run out and they’d suffer an agonising death… just wasn’t fair. To be honest the stoning would have been less painful.

Lastly came the boom as the hatch came down and she knew the job was done. Leaving it a few minutes Emma waited then assumed the welders would have finished, sand over the top then they’d be abandoned in the room.

“It’s all over now honey… just us two, against the world eh?” she said once the tears had ceased. Emma now too exhausted to cry anymore.

To her surprise there was no reply. Just him breathing slower than her. A faint creak as he shuffled in his bonds. Emma left it a while, relieved yet dismayed the air seemed fine. She didn’t want to live like this for days in agony.

But she just wanted to TALK now. Nothing else they could do.

“Tony love, please say something. Even a joke if you’re up for it. I’m sorry we got into this, what more can I do or say that’d make it better… ?” Emma said, aggrieved now.

Silence… Another quiet shuffle from her partner and a sniff too.

Soon she was getting really annoyed. He couldn’t be that cross with her could he? If they’d refused this method of incarceration the couple would have been publicly executed, probably on live TV if recent reports were true. Yet her bloody man was trying to be the strong silent type she’d normally have adored… like the reason she’d married Tony in the first place. 

Eventually Emma gave up. Even shouting at him hadn’t worked. Her tears began again and lasted a while before she stopped… and sniffed louder than ever. These damn veils stroking her face, the inner one already sopping wet from her grief.

What was that smell? The girl wondered, sniffing quieter this time. It wasn’t perfume but more like… almonds?

She’d smelt that earlier too. Not here but elsewhere in Egypt and recently. Back in Cairo actually, at… the home of Rashid Feroz… and then HERE. It made Emma’s eyes snap open as she stared into the inky blackness…

“Fatima?” she said softly. “Is that you honey… are you in here with me now?” she murmured.

A gentle sighing in response.

“… Yes Emma love. I am.”

To be continued…

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