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Subterranean Sally

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2015 - Wingco - Used by permission

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Part Two

The answer being YES two sleeps later! It was the drilling that startled me from a snooze. The TV on and showing Bob at work and I don’t mind admitting I was relieved having not seen him at all yesterday. For the first time I’d started to worry that he really HAD locked me away for good. ‘Silly Sally, course he wouldn’t’ I muttered as I watched as bucket followed bucket as lumps of concrete were hoisted away and then began work on the soil below. That took what seemed ages but as the scraping got louder I knew he was close. I screamed out loud on seeing the top of my coffin appearing and he heard me! A scribbled sign…

‘Hello sweetheart, nearly there’

Another hour or so and I was quietly sobbing as the coffin was raised out and swung onto the tarpaulin covered carpet. I watched him ease out the caps over the screws then wrrrr times eight and he paused to write another sign.

‘Brace yourself, opening top now’

I squealed in pain as the light poured into my eyes. It was SO bright and I knew I should have heeded his warning and closed them. “Sorry love, thought you’d be ready…” he chuckled, reaching in and untaping my fingers. Getting another wail as I unclenched them. “Won’t do that next time,” Bob said and I grinned behind the mask. I’ll not be doing this for a VERY long time… well at least not until I change the food recipes! 

That mask came off and he saw my teary and very tired looking face and the guy seemed concerned but I assured him I was fine. The rest of the restraints were unlocked, Bob noticing slack round my waist and joked I was half the size of last week. That got me to ask the date and I was amazed to find I’d only been down there five days and it was Saturday afternoon!

“But I counted seven sleeps, are you sure?” I gasped and he nodded, saying it was FA Cup Final day and he wanted to watch the match at 3pm. I tried not to sigh… or tell him to put me back down there but instead tried and failed to get out under my own steam. My muscles hurt like hell, I should have wriggled and flexed a lot more, he’d even suggested I start doing that a couple of sleeps ago. 

Bob looked at his watch and I knew… “Look, you go and watch the game, I’ll just lie here and exercise OK?” he nodded and we had our first kiss, him giving my torso a stroke too. “Proud of you Sally and well done too” he said then hurried off to watch some pointless match… cheers dad!

By the time he returned, happy his sweepstake team had won I was sitting up, massaging my legs but dreading the removal of the catheters that were now unplugged from the base. I’d had them before in hospital after a bad fall and had forgotten how painful they can be after a few days. We had another smooch then he brought me a cup of tea. 

“Thanks… if I do this again I’ll have to work out a way of serving hot drinks and stuff. But not yet” I said, seeing him look at me, probable thinking I’d be doing it again shortly. After the tea was drunk I bent down and unbuckled my shoes then Bob reached under my armpits, lifting me up till I was against his chest. Slowly he lowered me til my feet touched the ground… and to no surprise I could hardly stand without support. He changed grip and I clutched a shoulder as he turned round and we slowly walked to the staircase.

“No chance…” I said looking upstairs and he grinned, hand going under my butt and sweeping me off the ground. I squealed as my back muscles couldn’t take the movement that quickly and he apologised before carrying me to my bedroom. A sheet covered the bed and he laid me on it then suggested I remove the tubes while he ran me a bath. “Yeah, so you don’t have to watch eh? Wuss,” I chuckled and he grinned sheepishly, tossed me a box of tissues then fled into the bathroom. 

I had to stuff a hankie in my mouth to get them out! But there seemed to be no ill effects and I waited for him to emerge. Quite how Bob would take my request that he strip his daughter naked than put her into the bath, wash her from head to foot and suchlike I wasn’t sure. So when he came out he saw I was still dressed and paused. He’s quicker than I thought and shook his head when I tugged the hem of the dress.

“Not a chance Sal, I’ll carry you in there and unzip the frock but the rest you’ll have to manage alone, OK? I don’t mind the odd hug and kiss we share but no further. It wouldn’t be fair on either of us, understand?” I nearly had a tantrum but stopped myself, remembering I was the ‘new Sally’ now so grinned wryly. “Fair enough, and thanks…” 

I shuddered as he undid me, his other hand holding the two bits at my neck. Reaching up and taking them off him and I allowed Bob to leave. 

That bath never felt so good! And I was there long enough that I needed to top it up or I’d freeze. Clambering out almost defeated me but somehow I managed, staggering into the bedroom and finding Bob had left a long white nightie and patterned kimono hanging up for me to use. It wasn’t mine, I’m a PJ’s or T-shirt and shorts lass, so I’ll assume he wants me to dress like a lady now rather than slob around showing off. 

My skin was tingling as the silky fabric rubbed me all over… lovely and now my legs were stronger I strutted and swished round the room. Having read about the girls who liked these I now saw what the fuss was about, sliding my hands over my body, stroking nipples and feeling myself shudder. A long session on my hair followed by some discreet slap and I was ready. 

Slippers on and I carefully walked downstairs where I could smell dinner. I’d lost enough weight and was ravenous. Coming into the kitchen and Bob smiled as he saw what I was wearing.

“Yeah, the ‘new Sally’s much better,” he said coming over seeing me standing there. I walked into his embrace and grinned as his hands roamed onto my butt. We hugged for ages, no kissing but I was just glad to be held by someone again. “Right, sit down and we’ll eat.” I obeyed after fetching drinks and he nodded, seeing I didn’t plonk myself down like usual. Another warm smile and nod of approval. “Guess our days apart did the trick then Sal hon?” and I agreed. I was determined not to betray his trust again and told him that. 

Sitting in the living room later on we also debriefed the session I’d gone though, me giving my side of the story, how I’d felt and what I intended to do to improve things if or when I did it again. “Not too soon I hope?” he asked and I shook my head. “No, maybe we’ll use it as a secret dieting device. Shame it cannot be marketed but no. Guess you’ve got other ideas for me, yes?”

He nodded, saying that the other basement room was now fitted out the way it’d been for mum’s pleasure and that we’d have a look tomorrow. “There is a lot of kit and stuff for you to learn and enjoy, however Sally I want you to promise me you’ll never… ever practice self-bondage in there without me knowing first. Understand love, if you got something wrong it could place your life in grave danger, remember what I said when Donna got caught. Imagine me having to explain to you as an innocent fifteen year-old what had gone wrong?” 

My eyes were starting to water and Bob saw his point had been made. Somehow I managed not to cry but it was a chastened and very tired lady who was later led upstairs to her room. He kissed me goodnight at the doorway and did not come in. I was asleep barely minutes later, luxuriating in being able to wriggle about and suchlike.

Next afternoon however I found wriggling was impossible. Once we’d had a normal morning reading the papers, Bob filling in the grave while I’d prepared the midday meal it was going to be my first lesson in the other basement. We’d discussed safety words, mine was ‘Ink’, as it could be said from behind a gag. I’d already practised saying it while in the coffin and had no problem when I briefly wore a penis gag. Now I obeyed the order to dress in my fitness gear and trainers then somewhat nervously followed Bob downstairs.

The door creaked open and Bob went first then waved me inside. My eyes widened on seeing various implements that had once held my mother and I felt a brief pang of sadness. “Yeah, still missing her,” I replied to a question and we came together for a hug and kiss. There were several main items, a x-frame cross, a pole with various loops all round it, a set of stocks, a pommel horse, even a bondage bed, this with chains and loops from all sides and lastly a seated pillory. This being a bench with raised sides allowing wrists to be secured either side of the head. “This is mine, Donna used to cut my hair while I was locked in it, said it was the only way I’d stop moving!”

I really laughed at that and he grinned, especially as I normally do his hair in the kitchen, so I’d joked it’ll be better done here in future. He opened the wardrobe in the corner and I came close, seeing enough cuffs, collars and chain to restrain an army. Gags, whips, paddles and a couple of hoods completed the bulging inventory. My dreams about wearing some of this was interrupted…

“Right Sally love, which piece first…” and I paused then pointed to the cross. Coming up and staring at the straps at many points. I shuddered a bit and a question was asked if I wanted to continue. I did and turned away, got another hug then asked Bob to secure me to it. He nodded, placed hands on my torso then eased me back till my butt hit the device. Looking down he instructed me to ‘open my legs’ and I giggled loudly at that. Shaking slightly then stepped onto the little blocks, feeling the straps brushing my limbs and he let go as I steadied myself. Leaning back and my head rested against the rear part, feeling another strap that I assumed was to go round my neck. 

The first straps he allowed me to do myself. Around the waist and a second going just under the shoulders. I was committed now as Bob got to work. Each one as it was applied sent tremors running through me. Ankles, one on both sides of my knees then the last two just at the top of my thighs. Then he took my left hand; kissed it then secured the wrist, two more near the elbow then the right arm got the same treatment. I was staggered at how it felt, my chest heaving now, probably very flushed cheeks too and he remarked that I was ‘quite a sight’. He went round them again and tightened each by a notch and I joked I shouldn’t fall off now.

He asked about the neck one but for once I declined, worried I might choke or jerk against it. “Hmmm, very wise Sal, once you get used to it we’ll try again.” I agreed then asked him what was next. Bob suggested a blindfold and I nodded, saying he could gag me if he wanted. “OK, your wish is my command love.”

My vision vanished to inky blackness as he laid the mask over the bridge of my nose then tied it off. Then the gag was slid in and secured before being pumped up. I squeaked a bit and he paused, asking if it was too tight and got a shake of head. “Isss ookkayy…” I ‘said’ and heard him chuckle. He got me to test my safety word and I complied. “OK that’s good honey. The next time I hear that, I’ll free you immediately alright?”

That was reassuring to me and I hung there silently, this was all I’d dreamed of since starting to read bondage sites and seeing models in poses. Now I was that lucky girl so sighed and wriggled in my bonds, trying to listen to what Bob was doing… but there was silence now. My breathing through the nose was too loud to hear and I wondered if he’d left the room. No doubt hoping to watch the re-run of yesterday’s football!

I jumped and squealed feeling something touch my leg. Not a finger but somehow light or fluffy as it rose above my knee. My breathing getting louder as a second joined it on my other leg. Both heading north and I sighed as they caressed my thighs. Obviously Bob wasn’t going to physically touch his daughter there. Some might consider that inappropriate so these… feathers I deduced were to do the work instead. My face felt red now as one of them came up and tickled my ear. I shook a lot more and was glad of the bindings, still thinking I might fall off! 

They returned below and while one roamed over my legs the second was giving my stomach serious attention. This continued for ages and I felt myself starting to get wet. I hoped he wouldn’t smell that and stop. But no, those damn things teased and tormented me enough that I felt sweat running down my back. “Enjoying it darling?” he asked as I bucked and rocked, trying to stop those damn things touching me as Bob moved them all over, jabbing a nipple with the quill, rubbing up my thighs and making me start groaning as feelings I’d suppressed for too long began stirring.

Bob however could see I was starting to get a little excited or tired now, (both actually) Sweat pouring off me and he stopped, hearing me sigh as he went to the cupboard, saying he was putting the feathers away. I tried to relax in the bonds and nodded on being asked had I had enough. “Well done Sally, that’s not bad for a first attempt. Now stay there, I’ll be back soon…” he said then left me to cool down for what seemed ages! Finally I sighed on hearing him return and he took off the blindfold.

The gag was removed and a straw inserted, finding a full glass of milk to be dispatched. I knocked half of it back in one go, the rest after a couple of breaths. I nodded in reply about freedom and Bob released my arms, a faint gasp as blood rushed to my hands and I probably would have fainted were my legs and torso not still attached. He undid both legs and allowed me to do the last two, his hands ready to catch me. 

Thankfully I was alright and walked gingerly to the bondage bed to examine it closely. It really was something and I looked down at the design. Seeing that the barred sides all round could be raised to form a cage. The top bit inside the high frame could be lowered to complete the confinement. It seemed older than the rest of the toys and I turned, seeing Bob look a little wistfully at it.

“Yes Sally, it’s older than you love… I… well…” and he looked a little sad now. He came closer and despite my sweaty body I needed to hug him and did so. He didn’t pull away, just wrinkled his nose but held on all the same and was soon smiling again. “Thanks, I guess you’re right. Your mother loved this bed. She spent many a pleasant afternoon on it. In fact… it was a wedding present from her father!”

I’m glad I wasn’t drinking at that moment. I’d have choked as I coughed and spluttered “You WHAT! You mean granddad KNEW!” He smiled and patted the surface, indicating I was to sit down and listen. I did so and he told me the full story of how he and Donna had met. Every now and again his fingers touched one of the restraining rings with a tremble as the tale emerged. 

He’d been in London to watch a football match that got abandoned due to weather. Moping around he was in Soho when another deluge began. Diving into a doorway my dad bumped into a girl also taking shelter and over the next hour his silvery tongue succeeded in chatting Donna up. She was a bit embarrassed to say what she did for a living but eventually, once the rain stopped Bob insisted on escorting her to work. Only to find Miss Robbins as she was then, worked in an ‘adult’ shop owned by her old man! Turned out Ronnie Robbins was a rather important figure in that world and was teaching his girl all about it. “Like you’ll be learning in the office next week. But not about stuff like this!” and I roared with laughter now.

“Yes, Donna said she’d had some retail experience. No wonder she’d kept it quiet to everyone!” I laughed and Bob smiled, raising one of the sides and showing me how to secure it. Undoing it again then test the others one by one. As he went on I leaned back and swung both legs onto the cool leather padded surface, turning round and lying down with arms alongside me then closing my eyes. Thinking I could smell mum’s lavender scent rising from the surface but didn’t tell him that. Every now and again I heard him moving stuff, the odd clunk and clicking as he paced round the room but took no notice as the story continued. 

The fact they began dating and so on. I felt a vibration then noise from above but ignored it, assuming he was testing the top cage bars. Instead I asked questions about them and eventually the wedding itself. This house had been Ronnie’s and was the main gift to my mum and dad, as he was selling the shops and retiring. Bob had recently started his company and he didn’t wanted Donna to continue working in Soho alone. So to ‘keep her amused’ Ron had set this bed up in the basement as a bonus pressie for them to find after the honeymoon.

“We did, on the second afternoon and for some reason we didn’t leave” he chuckled, eyes warmly remembering that night. “In fact Sally dear, you might well have been started on this! You did arrive bang on time nine months later.” That cracked me up and I got off the bed and embraced him, thanking Bob for finally admitting this, poking a finger into his chest. “Thought parents weren’t supposed to lie to their kids.” I said and he looked sheepish. “Well, better than having you explain to your schoolmates what your mum and dad did when they were young.” We had another hug and he suggested I go and have a shower then prepare our tea as it was six o’clock. I was amazed, we’d been in here all afternoon.  

Sitting up late after match-of-the-day and trying not to look too bored while stroking my body through the slinky nightie I thought more about that bed. Just the idea of mum lying on it possibly restrained with dad giving her one! Made me smile inside I can tell you, but it also made me want to be closer to her again. Once the programme had finished I nervously asked Bob if I could sleep on it tonight, having to explain why too. He seemed surprised and thought about it for a long while before agreeing. For that he got a hug and kiss before I cleared up, did my teeth and finished ablutions then padded silently downstairs. 

Just before I entered I saw Bob, leaning over the bed and sniffing, his hands gently stroking the leather and a quiet voice saying something to himself. I began to worry that it might be too upsetting, also for the first time thinking that he might… no, but it did make me think it was about time he started looking ‘on the market’ for another lady to properly share his life. Perhaps I should play matchmaker. If she was interested in this fine, otherwise I’d substitute myself as long as he didn’t go too far and Bob promised he wouldn’t. Proving it two hours ago by never touching me directly. 

I slipped partway upstairs, coughed then came down again, by now Bob was standing up straight and a few paces away so he didn’t know what I’d seen. Coming over for a hug then leading me to the bed. He averted his eyes as I slid off the kimono and hung it up. The nightie thankfully was a high-collared one so no cleavage on display as I laid a blanket over the bed, Bob unrolling the duvet that would cover me up. The pillow I noted was from the coffin next door. Sliding on top I sorted my legs out, tidying the dress so only my feet stuck out then he tossed the duvet over me. “Great, that’s lovely,” I murmured and he smiled as we held hands before I tucked mine underneath and wriggled a bit as he pushed the material around me till only my head was showing.

“It’s a bit of a drop, so to stop you falling off I’ll lift the two sides, you know, like the hospital ones though they are a little high?” he suggested and I nodded, wondering whether to… and listened as the clinks of the latches were secured at each end.  “Right, that should do.” He said then looked at me as I blushed and he guessed. “I know, you want to be safe yes?” A wry grin then he reached for the frame at the end and did that, coming to my pillow and leaning over for another smooch then did that too. “Goodnight…” he murmured and I sighed and closed my eyes.

Listening to his footsteps then an unusual wrrr then a clunk from above as he lowered the top bars to complete the cage! And that did make me open them again and I shuddered as he flipped the various hasps around, two from each side and one for both ends. Stepping away behind me and going to the cupboard and I heard him rummaging about then return. My suspicions about what might occur next was confirmed and I watched as padlocks were applied and secured to each loop. “There, that better sweetheart?” and I nodded, smiling as he reached through the bars to stroke my cheeks then went to the door. The lights went off and he departed, locking and bolting that as well before his footsteps left me alone for the night.

I snuggled down and sniffed again, and knew… “Hello mum…” I whispered, “I hope you don’t mind…” 

Coming to next morning and I was soon in panic mode as I clutched the bars, praying for dad to come and free me. My heart leaping as I heard the bolts undo and the lock followed. “Be quick love…” I gasped once the light was on, dazzling me slightly and he looked concerned, seeing white knuckled fingers… “I need a wee…” and that cracked him up as he did the padlocks on one side, flipped the latches and dropped the bars allowing me to roll out into his arms. A whirr of silk nightie rushed to the door and shot upstairs and I just made it… hurrah. 

Arriving back down minutes later and finding him grinning as he finished dismantling the cage. We had a hug once he’d helped me into my kimono, apologising for not thinking about the obvious. “Next time I’ll keep my phone down here and call you if necessary!” that got a grin and we retreated upstairs where I made breakfast.

That Sunday was the start of my bondage training and in the following weeks I worked round the room. We hardly used the coffin now though I did get it moved next door, spending a couple of nights in it to ‘keep current’. I bought some latex and rubber outfits to wear, mainly to tease Bob when he’s strapping me down. One afternoon I received my first spanking and nearly came on the spot as he reddened my butt. Took a long time to be able to sit down that night I can tell you.

* * *

Starting work at Bob’s office too went well. The lassie I’ll be replacing is a sweetie and we were soon making progress. My previous work experience helped and I was loving life again. Bob too was happy, except when I have to lock him in the pillory to cut his hair or trim the beard. He’d joked I wouldn’t dare, only to be proved wrong.

So to celebrate six months of bondage training we went on holiday together to California, doing all the LA sights then a magical night desert drive across to Las Vegas. Bob wanted to attend ‘Bond-Con,’ the US’s biggest event for people who lead our sort of lives, so after three days in ‘Sin City’ we headed for San Francisco. Bob had warned me that this might be more hard-core than I’d expected and for part of the drive wondered if we were doing the right thing. It was a slightly tense discussion over dinner that night but I agreed to carry on, Bob assuring me that if I felt uncomfortable that we would leave immediately.

But I was determined to prove to dad that I could cope and on the morning dressed to surprise him. My favourite calf-length white number mentioned earlier, bringing all three with me, though I didn’t tell him that I’d eased myself into a new front lacing corset and adding the regulation silk stockings and stuff. Sure felt nice under my coat as I came into the hotel lobby after breakfast. The three-inch heels safely in my handbag with trainers on for now. He’d turned, seeing me looking demure as instructed and we embraced before heading to the taxirank. Giving the address on our tickets I noticed a smirk on our driver’s face but didn’t tell Bob. Wriggling slightly as the clips dug into my butt. “You’re not wearing…?” dad asked, seeing me squirm and my expression gave it away and I got a ‘tut’ but a grin all the same. 

We alighted nearby and walked along the non-descript road towards an impressive building alone with spaces all around. I saw nobody else and was trembling a little as we came into the doorway. It was like an office block with a reception desk, a very pretty girl sitting behind the counter, earpiece in place as most front-of-house staffers have these days. Only a solid steel collar round her throat gave something away. 

“Hey guys, welcome to Bond-Con,” she began, talking to Bob but at least looking at me as well. Her gorgeous blue eyes examining my coat and probably sizing me up too. I felt a little plain as I looked at her dress. Very tight latex and so short, barely skimming her ass but I smiled all the same to try and relax. Bob handed our tickets over and Caroline, according to her nametag input some details as apparently the bar-code scanner was broken. 

“OK folks, Mr and… excuse me Miss… Carver? This is your… daughter Sir? I’m… well I thought I knew you Brits but wow…” and I blushed readily now and Bob grinned as he shed his coat. Nervously I did mine and saw her give my outfit another look. “That’s lovely honey…” she said and I glowed a bit now. She came round the front and looked at my feet… my eyes staring at her mega height stilettos. “Oops… forgot.” I said and reached into my bag for the heels. Swapping my footwear, having to clutch Bob’s arm as I stepped into them and scrunched my toes down. Letting go I grinned and couldn’t help but do a twirl, feeling my dress swish round both legs. Bob smiled and called me a ‘show-off.’ Making Caroline laugh and even the security guard grinned from his seat by the door. 

We signed in our jackets, I was a little perturbed to have to surrender my handbag too and they were secured in lockers by the guard, Bob pocketing the keys. Caroline escorted us down the corridor, ass wiggling like a good-un as she teetered effortlessly on those spikes but I’m sure she’ll kick them off as soon as she gets back to the desk!

Sliding a card into the slot she ushered us through and as we were here for the day gave Bob a map of the place with cafeteria times and where the ‘rest-rooms’ as the Americans call toilets are located. I needed mine straight away and fled there trembling a little already. Once done I noticed they certainly looked after the female visitors. With no bags allowed on site there was all types of make-up laid out for us to use. I checked mine, not too shabby but touched it up all the same… well its free so take advantage Sally!

Returning to the patiently waiting Bob we entered the main hall, seeing the various stands you’d associate with any trade-show. Names like ‘Tight-Restraint’ and ‘Full Leather Jacket… and more’ were not however and we walked around, seeing racks of bondage apparel all over the place. Some girls trying bits’ on; even a bloke fitting a collar to his mate. “Bit like our wardrobe…” I joked and he grinned, his hand round my waist. Turning the corner we got into the furniture area and halfway down I gasped, seeing an underwear-clad model being spread-eagled and tied to what appeared to be a medieval rack!

“Oh my goodness…” I exclaimed quietly as we came close. Seeing her face, unbelievably she was smiling as a guy clicked the roller and her arms straightening up. We watched engrossed over the next few minutes as he tautened the ropes and the girl’s face now starting to show signs of straining. He asked if he should continue and she NODDED! A few ‘way-to-go’ calls from the growing throng, women there too and I saw an older looking one licking her lips as she hugged a young female companion. Obviously she’s the Dom, or top in that relationship, I thought.

Now I was trembling more than the girl was as he got the lassie starting to sweat. Forehead gleaming as he wiped her down. After another five she said ‘that’s enough’ to groans of disappointment, Bob startled that I was one of them. The girl was freed to cheers as she accepted a drink and stretched her arms and legs then got off the rack. Her friend handed over a dress and she slipped into it then acknowledged the applause.

“Right folks… who is going next… on here?” the guy called out, Bob leaning closer, “Don’t you DARE Sally…” he whispered in my ear and I saw him grinning as I blushed. No way was I doing that anyway and I saw the same chap in the collar stripping off his shirt to more applause. He did have a magnificent six-pack and I got a gently slapped bottom for ogling as Bob caught my staring eyes, rolling his and leading me away… spoilsport! 

For another hour we wandered round the stands. Watching an amazing rope-binding session where the model is suspended from the ceiling of the stand. Her arms and legs tightly bound in the small of her back. For the first time the girl was naked and I caught Bob looking at her breasts! This time I slapped HIS bottom and he smiled and said it was coffee time.

Refreshed we returned to the hall and watched more demonstrations, mostly girls of course being strapped to this and that and I was actually enjoying myself. Bob saying he’d noted a couple of things we could try. We passed another stand and I looked at the steel collars and belts, along with cuffs and chains these were all painted in rather lurid colours, red, yellow, orange and green and I realised they were luminescent. One collar in a dark box glowing away. 

“You want to try one on ma’am?” a girl asked me as I peered closely, wearing a red-coloured collar herself and I wondered as Bob stood there. To my surprise there was the faintest of nods! “Er… I’m not sure…” I spluttered and she smiled and rubbed my arm. “It’s OK honey, we’re all a bit nervous first time out” and I blushed, saying I had stuff at home but had never worn it in public. “Well your partner there thinks you should, that’s why you’re here, yes?” she replied with a grin and I managed not to cough this time. “OK, I will,” I said, determined now and she selected one from the shelf with a number 2 on it, alongside the company logo. 

Handing it to Bob, recognising our assumed relationship. He undid the lock and it was a very solid clunk too. I lifted my hair off my shoulders, accepting the offered scrunchie in the same green from her and wound my locks into a ponytail. With my neck now clear Bob approached and I stepped forward into it, his hands closing the collar, then a pause and turning the key.


I was very impressed, it weighed a ton too and she saw my face relaxing. “That’s good honey, want some more?” and I was happy enough not to question Bob but nodded. She smiled and grabbed a box from behind where the collar had been, lifting out a belt, also with the 2 and handed it over. Bob was amazed at the quality of the device as it was unlocked. 

“OK Sally, breath in sweetheart,” he murmured then slipped it round my waist. Noticing there were loops on all four sides for things to be attached to. Another solid clunk and he handed the key to her and she placed it on the same keyring as my collar. Milly, her name was smiled and picked out a pair of thick steel manacles, a two-inch chain between them and a snaplock as well. Placing them on the cushion in front of her rather than handing them over.

Time froze and I stared at Bob, his eyes amused then widened as I asked him to put them on me! “You sure Sally?” and I nodded, the girl smiling and she handed them over. He knelt down to attach the snaplock to my midriff but I moved a little and he stopped, looking up at me. I paused then turned away, offering my ass and placing both arms just above the belt. “Wow, there’s a well trained girl…” Milly exclaimed and I tried not to faint as Bob clipped it on. Accepting the key from the lass and opening both cuffs.

I really shuddered as the first snapped over my wrist and was locked, the second followed and I turned back. Seeing Bob’s look of wonderment, a group of people now watching what was happening. “Nice dress…” I heard one lady say, her mate agreeing and complementing the bonds too. Milly put the cuff key onto the ring and placed it on the cushion.

Really flushing now I walked a few paces to the mirror, turning to admire my bonds. Tugging slightly but there was no give, the leather padding gripping my skin. Coming back and standing there while Milly looked approvingly. “I don’t suppose there are leg cuffs?” I asked and she grinned but said no. “Set 1 does, they’re yellow. There should be a girl round the place somewhere, she’s wearing the full set. All limbs secured, a gag and blindfold too, she loved it. If you’d got here ten minutes earlier…” My eyes bulged now and she grinned, a dip into the box and produced the matching green blindfold and gag, showing us it was now empty. I blushed again and Milly chuckled. “No need to suggest…” and handed them to Bob.

He approached a smiling daughter who nodded and he eased the gag into my mouth. Buckling the thing under my ponytail then came the blindfold. I trembled a lot more now as things went black, the padding just over my nose and I couldn’t see a thing. “That’s great, she looks stunning…” Milly said also asking if he minded her taking some photos for the company. He paused and the girl assured him that nobody would recognise me dressed like that. “You OK with that Sal?” and I thought it nice he asked so I agreed. Hearing the camera whirr a few times all round then Milly spoke again.

“Right then, there’s an offer on these… as there is no legs cuffs, they were damaged in transit so unsellable, but the rest is $300 plus sales tax. But if your partner models them around here for the next two hours, I’m allowed to sell you them for $250 exact!”

I blushed on being called his partner again… if she knew the truth… and I waited for Bob to say yes. Jumping when he rested both hands on my hips, kissing my gag. “Well sweetheart, how’s your stamina!” I was amazed, he surely wasn’t going to parade me round like THIS? While my dress was demure, to be bound and gagged in public! But the more I thought about it, the wetter I became so like a fool I nodded. A small cheer broke out and I flushed as he gave me a grope and this time kissed my nose. Milly said she’d keep the keys and asked Bob to be back by 1300.

So he led me away having been given a dog lead to attach to my collar, guiding me off the stand and we started to meander about. My high-heels clicked so loudly and I was thankful I couldn’t see everyone probably staring at me. My hearing however was excellent and I received many complements on my bonds, people asking Bob where the stand for these was. He only spoke to one guy, asking him not to take photos on his phone. I wriggled and twitched in the cuffs, my nipples rubbing against the corset, stockings tugging too and I was going to collapse if he didn’t stop soon as my feet began to ache in the heels. Going up some stairs (very carefully) I heard the clatter of crockery and realised I was back in the café.

Bob sat me down and I groaned as the weight came off my feet. He asked for my lunch requirement and I shook my head. “Oh sorry honey, I’ll ungag you…” and did. I worked my tongue and asked for something light and not too much to drink. If I needed the loo before 1300 we’d be in trouble, he said it was already 1230 so I’d be fine!

I grinned, hoping he’d remove the blindfold but instead jumped as he reinserted the gag a little roughly, well I’d not been expecting it. “Ugghhh…” I bucked a bit, rocking backwards and he whispered for me to calm down. This was a bit too far and my shoulders sagged a bit and I whimpered. He paused then cradled my face. “OK, time out Sally darling. If this is going too far love nod vigorously or say your safety word. We’ll go back to the stand then leave, if you’re going to carry on till 1pm then do nothing, alright?”

For a moment I wanted to nod, but I was too proud to give in, knowing he was testing me so did nothing. “Good girl, I’ll make it up to you later,” he replied, patting my leg then moved and tied the lead to the back of my chair. I heard him walk off so sat there wriggling and flexing my hands, trying to avoid the growing ache in my shoulders from being held this way.

Convinced the whole room was watching me I stopped shuffling and sat motionless. Jumping minutes later when a broad American accent murmured close to my ear. “Nice chick, you belong to anyone?” and I shuddered violently. This wasn’t in the script and I assumed Bob would see him and charge across to rescue me. Another voice, “Nah, no sign of anybody sitting with it…” I bridled, I’m NOT AN IT! I wanted to scream, puzzled as I felt hands sliding onto my shoulders. “Keep still honey, just checking you…” and they moved downwards and ONTO my breasts.

“Ngghhh!” I said and the voice told me to be quiet as fingers roamed over my nipples! Now I really was starting to panic. The lead was undone and the unknown told me to get up or else. His hands moved under my armpits and lifted me to a standing position then the other heavy breather attached it to the front. “Walk sweetheart and look like you’re enjoying it!” he commanded and I was ushered away. My heart was pounding now, how the hell could I get abducted inside a bloody tradeshow in broad daylight?  

We clicked, well I did as the men led me out of the café, noise fading as the door slammed. My footsteps quietening as I moved onto what sounded like carpet and we entered another room after only a few paces. This door was closed more gently, still locked mind and I was brought to a halt.

“OK, missy. We’re going to remove your cuffs, then the belt, gag, next the collar then finally we’ll allow you to take off the blindfold. If you scream, try to move or generally become a pain… well you won’t want that, understand?” I nodded, trying not to wet myself with fear. Begin…” I shuddered as hands unlocked my cuffs and at least the strain was reduced on my shoulders. The belt was removed and I did nothing as hands rubbed my butt, they seemed quite small for a guys’ but as they were feeling suspender straps I tried not to blush!

The collar was next then the gag followed before the footsteps moved away, light ones too and I realised it must be a woman. “OK, you can remove the blindfold now please… Sally,” a different voice said and I reached up and undid myself, wondering how the hell he knew my name. Dropping it on the floor, blinking my eyes and wincing despite the lights being low.  I saw five figures a few feet away. Two blokes, two young women, quickly recognising Milly and Caroline the receptionist and both were smiling at me. The last, standing slightly to one side was BOB!

I paused, then rushed into his arms, managing not to make an exhibition of myself as the other four clapped. “It’s alright sweetheart, its alright now…” he murmured, rubbing hands over my back as I clung on. The girls coming closer and I broke off and embraced them too. Milly’s hands going for my butt… “So it was you?” I chuckled, calming down as I realised it’d all been a set up. She nodded then pointed to the table nearby set for a meal. With Bob and these four it appeared dinner was to be a private affair as a buffet had been laid out for us. “I need a wee… rapidly,” I whispered to Caroline who grinned and pointed to the door in the corner. “Down the corridor, second on the left, OK?” 

It was a much-relieved Sally (in more ways than one) who returned to the gathering. The blokes already charging into the food. Us girls had another hug then followed them along the line. Myself surprised both the youngsters were filling proper sized plates and not ‘one lettuce leaf and a chip’ We sat on one side, Caroline on my left, Milly to the right. Opposite me was dad, alongside the two guys who now introduced themselves as Dan and Karl. Both men worked for the American arm of the London based company whose restraints I’d been modelling just now. This meal was my reward for gaining several sales in the 90 minutes. There was another place set and Karl announced we were waiting for their boss who by chance was another Brit, Ms Mary Harrison.

I saw Bob’s eyes widen and he stared as if he’d seen a ghost. Even Dan noticed this, “You know her?” he asked. Dad nodded. “Yeah, or I used to many years ago. She’d be what, late forties by now, blonde hair, nice figure, slight limp?” and the guys agreed, wondering how he did, as was I, though for some reason thought I remembered the name now.  

He looked over and reached for my hands, the girls looking a little perplexed now as they twigged something might be wrong. “Well this is a coincidence love, but Mary Harrison, if it’s the same lass… was Donna’s bridesmaid at our wedding… they worked together in London too. And Sal dear, she used to babysit you!” Somehow I managed not to faint at that, guess Milly helped by digging her nails into my waist and even the two blokes went ‘jeez.’

Caroline excused herself and hurried off saying she’d be back shortly. I’d noticed she’d changed out of her latex dress and the nice black number with ‘sensible’ 4-inchers she wore now was more suited to her lovely figure. In fact I stared a bit too much and Milly jabbed me in the ribs. “She’s already spoken for love,” she whispered and I smiled and relaxed again as Bob and the guys spoke to each other. “So how do you two?” she indicated to Bob then looked at my hands and the lack of rings… “Yeah, I’m Bob’s daughter, not partner,” I chuckled and she went redder than the collar. The guys all laughed now as Milly apologised, fingering her neckwear and it gave me an idea. Quietly I asked for mine back and she complied, locking it around me and I felt better.

“Was looking underdressed, as these two are done…” I said to Bob’s expression and he grinned. Caroline returning with a file and went to dad’s chair and showed him the photo within. He smiled a bit, saying yes, that looks too like Mary to be anyone else. We tucked into our food as it appeared she was running late, Milly’s phone screen began to blink and she read it. “OK, she’s still thirty minutes away so we’ve time to piiiiig out!” and everyone laughed now.

All of us raided the buffet table again before Caroline had to go and relieve her stand-in. We had a hug and kiss before she left, leaving the guys, myself and Milly trying to work out whether we should wait around or to hide the fact Bob and myself were here. “She knew… Donna passed away, sent flowers and a lovely letter, she was invited to the funeral but I never saw her directly as she apparently was delayed, just saw her in a photo of the congregation.” I shuddered trying not to remember one of the darkest days of my life and got another gentle shoulder rub from Milly who sensed I was getting upset.

“I don’t think she will mind folks,” Milly said, “She’s got quite a wicked sense of humour, like the rest of us. When you work in this industry you need a thick skin, she’ll cope,” and the others agreed. “OK, we’ll stay on,” Bob said, looking at me with a raised eyebrow as if he were asking if I was alright. But the way he said, “I’d like to see what she’s like now,” sent alarm bells ringing in my head. I wondered if, due to circumstances he might finally… finally be thinking about women again, and this Mary character… well good for him.

Milly’s comment about humour got me going and I suggested a joke to play if the Americans thought she’d get it. This would involve me going back into my restraints and sitting there, Bob and the others not letting on who I was. They loved the idea so we two girls freshened our make-up in the restroom then came back. I was soon cuffed gagged and blindfolded again, trembling as Milly’s fingers seemed to linger a bit while she was securing me. I didn’t dare tell dad I’d just kissed her while we were in the ladies, thanking her for letting us do this.

“If it works, do you think Bob and Mary might get together?” she’d asked while in the restroom and I wasn’t sure. “I hope they do actually, least she understands our world, if they start playing he can strap her down and go all the way. It must frustrate him when I’m spread-eagled in the playroom…” and I laughed seeing Milly’s face. She obviously assumed I play with my boyfriend, not letting my dad do it. “Guess your parents?” and she shook her head and sighed, “No. They’d never understand. I’m working on a college lad, but my fellow Californians are SO backwards…” she sighed and we’d stared at each other then had a lovely smooch, the first time in years I’d done it with a girl. “Get your dad fixed up Sal, then start thinking ‘bout yourself. Bloke or broad, you deserve it OK?”

Now I sat there and heard Mary finally arrive, greeting her workers with enthusiasm, she certainly sounded friendly enough. Then her voice faltered on realising the guy sitting opposite me was probably the last person she’d expected to be here. “Oh my goodness, Bob Carver isn’t it?… er hello…” she murmured and I heard some mwah mwah air kissing. “I’m really sorry about Donna, Bob, you know how badly I miss her buddy?” and he agreed, a heavy sigh and I was glad the blindfold was hiding my watering eyes now. 

“Whose is this… rather splendid creature?” she asked next, obviously referring to me and Milly said it was one of their customers who’d volunteered to model the restraints in return for a discount. “Not too much I hope young lady…” and a hand rested on my shoulder then touched the collar before going round to check the rest and her fingers gently brushed my breasts. Cupping both and rubbing me! “Hmmm, lovely frock, and she’s got a nice rack… what’s her name?”

Milly, trying not to laugh replied it was ‘Sal’ and I heard Mary grunt. “No doubt short for Sally?” and I cautiously nodded as she stroked my cheek then let go. “If I recall Bob you had a girl called Sally too, is she OK?” and that I thought was class. There was definite warmth in dad’s reply as he’d just seen his girl groped in public by one of mums oldest friends, “Yeah my daughter’s fine. Mid-twenties in age, when she feels like acting it I suppose. Happy and… sitting in front of you obviously enjoying being fondled!”

We all laughed at the breathless squawk from Ms Harrison…”Oh my god… my dear I’m SO sorry… Milly love, please free her…” she said. But the fact I was rocking with laughter showed I didn’t mind. The blindfold was removed then the cuffs and belt, Karl helping Milly and I did the gag myself. Seeing her with a stunned look. We embraced as the others clapped. 

“Well hi sweetheart, haven’t you grown…” and by now tears were running down my face, Mary delving into her bag for tissues that we needed by now. We both sat down and Dan brought drinks, then saying he and Karl needed to head off to the workshop. Milly checked her watch and realised she’d been here too long. “Goodness, I’m late…” So gave me a hug, shook dad’s hand then hurried away. 

I liked Mary from that first minute. Still very attractive, wearing a trouser-suit similar to those I used at work and within ten minutes she was holding my hand and cradling it as I explaining about our holiday and what we were doing here too. “Yeah, looks like habits run in your family. One day Sally dear if you want I’ll write and tell you stories about your mother and me. She was a very special lady, though of course you knew that”. I’d love this idea and agreed, asking her if she’d eaten yet or should I fetch some for her. “My dear that’s so kind, but it’s OK love I’ll get some, bit fussy I’m afraid,” she replied and got up to go to the buffet, Bob saying he wanted another, yes another caramel dessert. I called him a pig and he grinned before they went off. 

Just seeing the way Bob had brightened up with Mary there told me loads, but I suspected some of their chat might be stuff for them rather than me. I packed up the restraints and waited for the pair to return. “Look guys, if you want to chat in private I’m quite happy to…” I began but it was Bob who stopped me. Saying we had complementary tickets for a 2nd floor show to use as part of our package and perhaps we should let Mary eat, do her work and stuff then we’d reconvene later. After that we’d pay for a 3rd floor viewing if there were time.

Ms Harrison looked surprised, asking him which show he was going to. “Some 2nd’s are a bit… well strong. If all you’ve seen before are the regulation wam bam films then perhaps you ought to think twice. And don’t whatever you do go to a 3rd floor. They’re for the real hard nuts… some involve audience members taking part, Bob you promise me not a 3rd, for either of you OK?” I looked startled as she poked a finger at him and he shrugged.  

So came the explanation. “The 3rd’s are proper full-on shows for the true voyeurs, the gals and guys acting are real-porn people who have shot movies and stuff. Anything goes up there, full-sex, pain, and I think it’s a bit much, certainly for Sally, hopefully you too. Might sound like I know, I do, but though I’ve been coming here for a decade I only lasted five minutes on the 3rd floor then had to walk out, that’s how bad it got.” Now I did look worried, my face paling and I think both Bob and Mary saw this as they watched me. “OK, I’ll start a 2nd and if it’s too bad then we’ll leave… OK dad?” 

He agreed and she seemed to acknowledge this with what I thought was a sigh. We shook hands and left her to it. Coming out and heading for the lift after a restroom pitstop, tickets in Bob’s hand. Showing them to the operator who tapped his PDA then ushered us into the lift. Up we went and soon stood in the 2nd floor lobby looking at a list of what was ‘on’. Hearing a few cheers from behind closed doors for shows that were already running.

Deb’s Driller Thriller.
Monica Mayhem.
Stripping Sally. 

Were just three of the list, a picture of the ‘star’ one the board and a synopsis of what would occur. I felt my face flushing already, not helped by the fact everyone else up here was male. Bob looked around and saw a few giving me the eye, one huge guy staring very intently but thankfully I didn’t know this till later. “Think ‘Stripping Sally’ is too close to home love,” he said and eventually ‘Deb’ won the round and we went in and sat down.

Deb apparently loved being screwed by machine and was wanted to test a new one for a manufacturer. She fully expected to be satisfied but wanted to ‘be pushed to the limit’ 

The lights went down and ‘Deb’ arrived… stark naked except towering heels and I managed not to gasp. She was gorgeous, a typical Californian beach babe too. Flowing blonde hair, big breasts, tiny waist, shapely hips, all that was missing was the red swimsuit and she’d have given a certain TV star a run for her money! She greeted us and hoped we’d enjoy the show. A few cheers from the thirty odd people present, I murmured quietly, dad the did same and he reached down and grabbed my trembling hand.

Then two guys arrived, both in engineers white coats, clipboards in hand and I saw dad start to grin as they wheeled the machine out of the cupboard then pretended to check it over. “Do they look like our boys Bob?” I whispered and he chuckled a bit. “I’ll never look at Peter Morris the same way again,” he quipped and I managed not to giggle as he DID look similar to dad’s head of engineering. Deb went towards the device and stroked the tiny dildo attached to the rod. “Is it BIG enough?” she asked so coyly and the audience yelled “No way!” One man opened a box and asked her to choose. She dipped in pulling one out and held it up for judgement.

“Still too small!” someone shouted and she smiled and tossed it away. Twice more this happened with the same result. The fourth and last however was huge, myself and Bob staring goggle eye at it. Red Rum, one of Britain’s best racehorses would have been proud to possess that at stud. She waved it and got cheers this time, handing it back and he tried to screw it in, but it wouldn’t fit. Nor would the next biggest and there were boos now. 

Shamefully I was one and Bob looked sideways but didn’t frown. Assuming I was acting up to protect myself from stares as he saw men watching me as well as Deb. The midsize one, which to me still was a bit large, did fit on and we cheered this time. The smallest was tossed into the audience, a guy behind my ducking head caught it over his shoulder to catcalls. I guessed it was aimed at me!

Deb walked around then bent down and kissed the dildo. Her tongue licking it, a glimpse of her butt as well then she put on wrist and ankle bands plus a waist belt, a collar too then mounted the sawhorse nearby, legs astride it, lying back over the top and giving a perfect view of her shaved fanny. The two guys began attaching straps to her cuffed legs to more cheers and I felt myself flushing as she provocatively rubbed those breasts. Her arms were tugged over her shoulders and strapped, arching her back and the collar was done last. The whole lot was on a turntable and they spun her round a few times before stopping it and wheeling the machine into position.

She groaned loudly as it was slid partway into her, one guy shouted ‘deeper mate, she’ll take it,’ and the others in his party guffawed and joshed him. Bob trying not to smile too much but I was grinning… and she gets paid for this too?

The switch was pressed and the machine slowly eased the dildo in then out… right out and there were groans then shouts of derision as he stopped it and moved the whole lot closer. “Told you she could hack it…” Boorishman said and more laughs before it was restarted.

It didn’t take that long before Deb was sweating as the machine pounded her, the guys touching her nipples and tweaking both. From my seat I could sense they were rock hard and I felt mine too were reacting! My fanny too was… oh heck and the girl was starting to grunt and gasp. The device was switched to fast speed, this was the ‘drilling’ bit as she squealed, her hands opening and closing rapidly, torso bucking on the top even though her waistband had been well strapped in.

Just when I thought she was going to blow… they TURNED IT OFF! Her screams of ‘YOU BASTARDS!” made everyone laugh, cheer, jeers too, the noise was deafening and now I understood what the other rooms were probably like having heard before we’d arrived. They let her cool down then restarted it, straight away the ‘drill’ for a minute, pause then slooooww and she yelled and cursed “I WANNNA CUUUM!” her chest heaving now.

The third ‘drilling’ was enough and I sensed it would be… and she exploded ‘bang’ on time. A cloud of stuff flying out and I was amazed having never done that myself so much. I sure felt jealous! Her squeals soon drowned out by cheers from all, myself and Bob in unison, as the machine continued pounding her before finally they decided she’d endured enough and slowly it was stopped and withdrawn. A few boos, ‘again mate’ from Boorishman which made a few smile as the girl was unstrapped and she got off, accepting a towel which was wrapped round her midriff and a kimono that covered the rest. Deb bowed to the audience, took the clipboard and wrote ‘Pass’ on it to more cheers then waved and walked out of the door following her companions. We applauded her then everyone else filed into the lobby. 

Bob smiled at me then quietly suggested I hit the restroom. “You’re flushing love, go and calm down, I’ll see you in fifteen minutes over there for a drink, OK?”

I needed every minute sitting on the loo, trying to clear my head about what I’d seen. It had been good, she seemed to enjoy it, I know I did, seeing a little patch in my… damn, the spare knickers were in my handbag and it’s locked away, I grumbled. Dabbing away cleaning up as best I could, extra tissues sufficed and I checked my watch and emerged. The bathroom was the same set-up and I freshened my lippy with a sealed stick then did the rest. Coming out to see Bob there with coffee. “You alright, you’ve been half an hour…” He said and I was amazed, daydreaming is my worst trait and I apologised, listening to cheers coming from another room.

“Well that was… interesting, she really enjoyed that dad, but I think that’s as far as we go. I felt a bit jealous in there. I know they’re pros but that’s enough for me. If you want anot…” and he stopped me, finger to my lips. I kissed it and he thanked me for being honest. “Yeah, to be truthful I’m surprised you stayed to the end. But you’re right, so is Mary Harrison and thank you for admitting it darling, drink up and we’ll go downstairs, yes?”

Emerging from the lift one of the first people we saw was Mary, still carrying my restraints in a bag along with a take-away coffee. She saw us and waved, joining moments later and I saw her looking at me. “It’s OK Mary, I’m fine but it was enough. What Bob and I do to each other at home is good for us, even if he is my father. It’s what people who respect the other’s limits do. But thanks for the warnings and you were right, OK?” 

Her face relaxed from its’ schoolmistress stare and she would have probably hugged me if her hands hadn’t been full. “Good girl, at least you can appreciate the difference. Well done, both of you.” She smiled now and Bob patted her arm. “Listen guys, do you want that chat now?” I asked and Mary paused. “Well OK, Sally love, if you don’t mind. Could you take this to Milly, and I believe these are yours anyway, if you’re buying them?” I looked at dad and he grinned and nodded. “$250’s a steal, if no objections?” and she scowled then chuckled. “You drive a hard bargain Bob Carver, you’re as bad as Sally.” and we all laughed now. I took Milly’s drink and headed that way, arriving just as she was finishing a sale, a broad grin to the lady customer then she saw me.

To my surprise her smile didn’t seem so welcoming though it might have been my imagination as I came onto the stand. “You been upstairs?” she asked and I nodded, her face fading a little and Milly replied that Mary said we’d gone up. “Only to the 2nd, she warned us off the 3rd. But I had to see for myself. The difference between them… and people like dad and me. It’s… been an education today Milly, I have to learn. Walking round here seeing guys and gals who want to spice up their love lives with stuff like this,” I said holding my restraints. She sighed, “And…?”  

“Then theres the exhibitionists like ‘Deb’ and all the others. Who actually get off on people paying to watch them get screwed, either by men or machines. I watched, I cheered, I even got damp thinking about it, but I could NEVER allow that to be done to me. To ask my father to strap me to a sawhorse then shove a machine up my fanny then turn it on. Your dad would explode mine wouldn’t be far behind. What I did this morning, parading about bound and gagged was enough.” She smiled a little more friendly now and nodded wisely.

“Yeah, glad you seen sense and thanks for the drink Sal,” she replied and we had a little hug. “Oh, by the way, the full yellow set is back now…” and I sensed that twinkle in her eye.

She saw my face reddening and chuckled. “Come in the back and I’ll sort you out. We finish in two hours…”

I followed her in and once out of sight embraced, her hands stroking my butt and I chuckled that I thought she was chasing a bloke. “I am, so I guess will you. But just occasionally I like a change… so are you ready?” I nodded then reached down and loosened my belt then undid my zip. Seeing Milly’s eyes bulge as I dropped the dress and stood there, trembling slightly. “Are you seriously…?” and I chuckled seeing her looking me up, and a LOT of down. “Look I saw a naked lass getting roped up this morning, an underwear model tied and racked, whole lot of others posing, so me just chained up on your stand in my skimpies is pretty damn mild, yes?” 

Not sure who was smiling more as Milly handed me the collar, locking it and handing her the key. Belt, leg cuffs next as she attached the chain to my midsection. I shuddered as she put the wristcuffs on the back then came round and looked at me. I nodded and she took my left arm and slipped the manacle around and secured it. The second followed and she felt me trembling. The mask followed then I expected the gag, only for Milly to slide her hands onto my ass and our lips met. It felt great as she sensually kissed then rubbed my body all over before stopping. 

“Oh goodness… carr… ugghhh…” I started then she shoved the gag in. I squealed a bit hearing her chuckle as it was buckled up. “And you had the nerve to call Deb an exhibitionist? Cheeky cow!” The dog lead was attached and she led me out onto the stand. It seemed fairly quiet and I sighed.

“Shit, they’ve mostly gone!” I heard indignantly as she brought me to a halt, repositioning the lead at the back, tying me to the pillar in the centre of the stand. Soon… too soon for my liking I heard someone arriving. Milly using her ‘Hi guys’ welcoming mode, it felt like there were several sets of steps. The ‘wow love, you want something like that?’ just one of many comments I heard. She stopped someone touching me, a ‘please don’t ma’am’ and an apology given as punters circled around. 

Soon however she was making a couple of sales and over time I listened to her getting more pleased. One couple bought a complete set. Most just collars, two belts as well but I sensed Milly was earning some serious commission. They all left and she was delighted. “Well, just sold two thousand bucks of stock Sally, well done. We’ve just closed up for today. Now may I take a few piccies again” I nodded, hoping she’d hurry up as my feet were killing me. That was done and she’d just returned from the back room after replacing the camera when she gasped… “Oh SHIT, your dad and Mary are here… and they’re too close… damn.”

I froze, thinking I was really for it now as a “What the hell…” came from dad but a surprising chuckle from Mary Harrison. Milly starting to apologise… but she cut her off. “Did she put you up to this Sally?” Bob asked me and I paused then shook my head, murmuring through the gag which my partner-in-crime now removed along with the blindfold. “No, I said I didn’t mind, it was only going to be a couple of hours…” I stammered, seeing dad’s face, thankfully not angry, in fact I don’t think he knew which way to look! But he relaxed and grinned on hearing how much we’d just sold in the time, Mary too impressed and I let Milly finish freeing me. 

“Get dressed, minx,” he said so Milly and I fled into the back laughing as the elders stood there, Bob being coerced into helping tot up the sales figures for today. Turned out they made over eight thousand dollars, by far their best trading all week. Today was the final day, Karl and Dan would be here to break down the display tomorrow. “Hate to think what they’d do if I left you chained up in the back…” Milly whispered and I giggled. As we were out of view we shared a long hug and kiss once I was dressed. Repairs to make-up took a while and we ignored the tut-tutts from outside as they nagged us to hurry up. 

It was a smiling quartet who left the venue. Milly going to her car, Mary to hers’ and we waited for our taxi. Not that we’d be apart for long, the two ladies were accepting Bob’s invite to dinner tonight and needed to get home and get changed. He knocked on the interconnecting door of our suite an hour later, myself fresh from showering was well wrapped in the fluffy bathrobe before I bid him enter. That grin on his face and I apologised for my actions today, both upstairs and with Milly. “I understand love, it was pretty daunting to strip off for a load of strangers eh?” and I nodded. But he did make me promise not to do it again, well ask first as he didn’t want me getting hurt. For that I got a hug then a chivvy-up because dinner was in an hour.

We barely made it but sure looked glamorous as we entered the restaurant across the lot from our hotel. Bob in a suit and bow tie, myself in a black version of the white dress worn earlier, it had a diamante belt nipping me in and felt great. Two small lines of the same material on the neckline so I didn’t need a necklace, I’d left it at home anyway. Teardrop earrings completed my rig and a few people stared as we came in. Milly and Mary’s taxi pulling up as we’d waited to be seated so we ducked out of the queue and greeted them with hugs and kisses all round. 

Mary’s midnight-blue outfit was lovely as both shed their jackets, Milly however in a white halter-necked jump-suit that showed off her tanned skin… jeez I was jealous now, she was lucky the green-eyed monster had been buried with the old Sally! This time the place fell silent as we were led to a private booth in the furthest corner. “Stop staring Curtis!” I heard someone hiss and it was hard not to chuckle as I followed Milly’s shapely ass to our seats.

Sitting down as a foursome, Milly and myself opposite the others so I assumed I’d be chatting to her leaving Mary with dad. But no, after the main course we ended up talking about our fetishes and dreams, Milly’s was fairly plain and involved steel. “I self-test all of ours, at work, none of the guys know!” even Mary didn’t realise that yet. 
Mary blushed on admitting she still loved being tied-up with cord or leather straps, making me think she’ll love our playroom, I’m already expecting a visitor not long after our return. Dad giving me a sideways look and I blushed and told the pair about being locked in the coffin! “You’re kidding Sally? No way,” they said in unison but I nodded and produced photos from my bag. None of me but clearly showing the casket and its’ bindings and there was a look of wonderment. “So you stay in there how long, couple of hours?” Mary asked, shocked to silence at the reply…

“So far, the longest was five days, and properly buried in our basement too!”

I really thought Milly was going to pass out! She went as pale as her outfit and I had to grab a hand. “Oh my god,” she gasped as I stroked it, “You’re… you’re not joking Sally, really?” 

My expression said no and over dessert told them how it went. The way ‘clever Bob’ had designed the systems and where the tales had originated. Milly knew these sites and had read a few. “Liked some, others, way too fanciful for real life… well I thought so anyway…” and we smiled then I told them why. If I really needed a ‘time-out’ this was my idea of getting away from it all. Once I was fine then Bob had brought me up. “It means I have to totally rely on someone doing the food. But the hoppers are big enough, I reckon if everything worked then someone could last a couple of weeks, maybe three before they needed refilling. It might be able for Bob to go away and leave me to guard the place remotely. Would need to put a TV set and some way of… well I’m working on it…” I said and saw Mary too was shaking a little. Even Bob looked surprised, guess he didn’t know I might be wanting longer down below but we’ll discuss that in the weeks to come.

To lighten the mood we saw some people moving towards the dancefloor so Milly and I left the elders to chat on, probably about me and how weird I was! We strutted our stuff to applause, I got to slow-move with a very suave Italian guy, Mil had a fellow blond, think he was a Dane and we were there for an hour till my feet began to protest. Rejoining the others and everyone got stuck into the coffee. Me assuring Milly that I wasn’t mad, it was just my way of coping after mum’s death and she had the grace to accept that. 

We had a real long smooch in the ladies before they left and she made me promise to call her if ever I needed a friendly word, handing over her business card but with all her personal stuff on the back. “Skype, email, text, you just get hold of me Sal promise, OK?” I agreed and they left while we went back to the hotel. Bob didn’t say much to me, just hoped I’d enjoyed the meal. I had and thanked him with a hug and kiss before he left. He seemed a little distracted and I assumed the reappearance of Mary was either bothering or exciting him. 

Early start Friday morning, our last day here as I wanted to have my photo taken by the Golden Gate bridge. It was a perfect sunrise and I’d felt wonderful striding across the parking lot. Wearing the same style dress and stillie heels as yesterday, the breeze ruffling my outfit and I was glad I’d popped in the weights to stop it blowing and exposing me. Bob took my hand and we went up onto the walkway and along the path till we got to the main span. Taking the requisite photos of ourselves and of Alcatraz in the Bay, a passing cycle-cop was persuaded to do one of us together. 

“Hope you and your wife enjoy ‘Frisco’ Sir,” he said in parting and we managed not to laugh until he was well out of earshot. “Don’t look THAT old do I?” I said mocking indignant and we embraced and this time kissed. A blast of truck airhorns scared the crap out of me as it whizzed past. Had Bob not been gripping my waist I’d have cleared the safety fence without touching it. Walking back I leaned into him… “Mary Harrison dad, when’s she coming…?” I asked, Bob stiffening at that.

“Monday… or maybe Tuesday if the jetlag’s bad… and just for dinner, OK?”

“Good,” I smiled, knowing exactly what it meant and I didn’t mind. He saw that and grinned sheepishly too. “But, Bob, promise me this. If things does develop and I hope they do, if you want me out of the way all you have to…” and he stopped me straight away, a finger over my lips. “That’s not going to happen darling. That’s a promise Sally. Mary, well she has the highest regard for you, she’s looking forward to your cooking too!” and that did make me grin. We had another hug then went back to the hotel to collect our bags, have lunch in the city before returning to the airport. 

Going through the x-ray scanner I was glad we didn’t have any of the restraints in our baggage. Mary was shipping ours back as freight along with part of the display stands, saying it’d save a fortune on excess weight charges. Not that it mattered. A smiling ticket-agent STILL relieved me of $100 because mine was two kilos over! Dad led his smouldering daughter away to the coffee bar to cool her off. “Serves you right missy, I told you that even summer dresses have to weigh something,” he chuckled and I eventually grinned. I had spent a bit… well a lot OK?  

Mary actually came to dinner on the Friday. Her boiler at home had burst while away and the whole of her ground floor was soaked and that of course took priority. I asked dad if she wanted stay the weekend and use one of our spare rooms, but no. A friend was putting her up as it was closer to work than where we live.

She loved what I served up and praised my culinary skills a lot, always a good idea to get on my good side by that. Saying that her idea of cooking was following the books religiously yet still stuff that emerged was barely edible. “Well cannot be that bad, you’ve survived this long,” I joked and she smiled warmly. Dad then took the piss out of my Yorkshire pudding failure as he won’t let me forget that, and she sided with me. Relieved I wasn’t seeing Mary as someone who would become a rival and disturb my life.

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