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Home Invasion 2: Linda's Story

by Carnaj

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© Copyright 2014 - Carnaj - Used by permission

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Part Two

3 Linda's Story

Sleep was a long time coming…

The Tinies had worked long into the night making as much of Jennifer’s small studio apartment as accessible as possible. Rope ladders dangled from the kitchen counter, her bed, her desk and she assumed her bathroom as some Tinies had emerged from there shoving a half-full bottle of aspirin, her dental floss, a roll of white surgical tape, a bag of cotton balls and a box of bandages. They had filled sandwich bags with safety pins, paper clips and clamps, sewing needles and small nails from a box on her dresser near the hall. They had taken batteries from her desktop, pushpins and even her old I-Touch and charger. From her purse they had taken nail polish and gum, a pack of cigarettes, matches and her Zippo lighter and fluid, an emery board and finally her cell phone that lay on the floor tantalizingly just out of easy reach.

Or would have been if she was not handcuffed and hog-tied, naked and gagged on the floor.

As dusk turned to night they had found her candles, several that were left over from the blackout after Hurricane Sandy, in the cabinet below the sink. They had scattered them about the floor of the apartment, lighting them and giving the scene a strange, surreal imagery as the Tinies did their assigned tasks, scurrying about the apartment. Most everything they had gathered was piled near the stove to be transported to their ‘Holt’ the next day.

They had filled several of her plastic take-out containers with water and dragged them near the pillows, lining them up in front of the radiator. Jennifer Monroe stared longingly at the water, her throat parched and her body dehydrated in the heat and the humidity of the summer’s night. They had worked hard to push a few of the containers into the bathroom, she assumed to use as bathtubs and a communal latrine.

Throughout, the tallest Tiny, Linda directed everyone in their tasks. She was definitely the leader of the group, and Jennifer suspected that the little woman had been in the military at some point, or at least worked in some managerial position where she commanded respect. All the Tinies jumped at her command and followed her lead without question.

“All right, let’s call it a night. Let’s eat and get some sleep. There’s still a lot to do tomorrow.” Linda turned as she spoke making sure to include everyone. “We did good tonight. A few more hard hours of work tomorrow and then we can relax for a few days.” A cheer went up at that and Linda turned to Jennifer with a smile and a wink. Jennifer thumped her head against the floor and sighed into the ballgag jammed into her mouth.

Jennifer jerked to feel a tiny hand stroking her cheek. Her eyes snapped open and she saw the tiny Linda standing beside her face, a sympathetic smile curling her lips.

“I really am sorry for all this,” the little woman said. “It’s just too good an opportunity to pass up. We need supplies. It’s a hard life living in the walls and eating garbage, fighting off the rats, looking over our shoulders every second. You ‘Norms’ don’t have a clue how hard it is for us.

“IF we get away from the sadistic psychos and perverts, we live like savages in the building walls, under the floors, in the sewers, wherever.” The woman shrugged. “It sucks, but it’s all we got. Very, very few people actually want to help us. Most want to keep us as pets or slaves. The government wants to experiment on us… ‘Cure’ us. Hah! What a crock.” Linda watched a moment as her people lined up for dinner; cold bits of lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, thimbles brought from their Holt filled with water.

“I was lucky,” Linda said with a sadness in her voice, “for awhile at least. I shrank in the first few months after the virus became public, but I was in my apartment- not so far from here- and my girlfriend found me, six-inches short and terrified as she towered over me. I shrieked like a maniac the first time she picked me up. I’d heard stories even then. She loved me though and set my fears to rest.

“She wanted to take me to the hospital, but I didn’t want to go. I’m a Conspiracy Theorist you see, one of those oddballs that thinks the government is out to control us and that a select few of the super rich call the shots and there are dead aliens being vivified in Area 51.” Linda laughed and plopped down on the floor in front of Jennifer’s face staring up at her.

“You look like Carol,” she said with a sigh as she stretched out her legs and crossed her ankles, leaning back on her arms. “A little bit at least. Hair’s about the same color but longer and your eyes a sparkling brown and dreamy just like hers. God, I miss her so much.” Jennifer felt a pang of sorrow as the tiny woman sighed and wiped at her eyes.

“She died about three years ago,” Linda said sadly, looking up at Jennifer, her eyes shimmering with tears. “Blood clot. Cut off the oxygen to her brain. She almost crushed me when she fell. There… there was nothing I could do. I had to… stand there like a fucking… DOLL and watch her… die! God!”

Tears welled in Jennifer’s eyes as she remembered her own girlfriend, the love of her life that had passed away by the same affliction over six years prior. Erica had been a health nut; running every day, no alcohol, no meat, no dairy except a very rare omelet with cheese. Little salt or suger. Didn’t smoke. She had died one Saturday morning in March in Jennifer’s arms. Jennifer mewled into her gag trying to make the Tiny understand that she understood. Linda shuddered and wiped her eyes again.

“I managed to call 911 on her cell phone. Cops came, paramedics, firemen, but it was too late. Carol was gone. They bundled her up and took her away. One of the paramedics said I needed to come to the hospital for the paperwork. I was numb as I directed him to insurance cards and ID and such. We went to St. Vincent’s and I spent a couple hours answering questions and making sure her insurance was in order. Then they took me to see Carol one last time.

“She was in a small room, naked and laid out on a bed still strapped to the gurney. She had a tube shoved down her throat. God… I started screaming and crying as the nurse set me on the bed to say goodbye.” Linda went silent for several minutes watching her people get their food and settle in to eat.

“The nurse checked on me several times. Let me have an hour with Carol and brought me water and a cracker and a ripped piece of surgical gown to cover up in. I had totally blanked that I was naked, but I couldn’t eat. The last time she came in she looked worried. Said the cops wanted to talk to me. I said I would, but she shook her head.

“They want to take you,” she said and I looked up at her in confusion. I wasn’t thinking straight just then.

“They’re gonna take you and give you to the Feds,” she had said. “Tinies are being rounded up.” Her words sank in and I knew exactly what that meant. Kept in a hamster cage in some lab in the CDC and experimented on until I died.

“I can’t keep you, but I can get you out. If you trust me.”

“I looked at Carol a long final time then turned to the nurse and nodded. She gently picked me up and stuffed me deep into her bra until I was nestled snugly between her breasts and hidden. She snuck me past the police telling them that I needed a bit more time alone and I spent the rest of the day in her locker. At the end of her shift that night she got me and hid me in her panties- they were checking everyone’s bags at the exits looking for me.

“When we were outside and well away from the hospital she dipped her hand into her panties and pulled me free. I was covered in sweat and her juices as she set me on the ground before a sewer grate. I looked up at her, shivering from the cold and fear of what was to come of me.

“I'm sorry I can’t take you home with me. My husband…” she said shaking her head, a look of timidity clouding her face. “I’ve heard there’s others like you in the sewers. Maybe you’ll meet them,” she went on as she stood up. She looked down on me then, a giantess standing tall above me as she smiled sheepishly, then ran off, waving her arm and hailing a cab. I watched as she got in and sped away.

“I don’t know how long I stood there staring into the filthy dark sewer, but I jerked in surprise when I heard a shout: “Hey, look!”

I looked up and saw a group of teenagers hurtling towards me on skateboards; two boys and a girl all grinning widely. I thought for a split second about letting them catch me, then remembered how cruel kids can be. I took a deep breath, screwed up my courage and dropped down into the sewers. I was lucky I didn’t break my neck, but there was a short gutter to channel the rain down into the main line. I managed to stop my slide right at the edge of what looked to me like a drop of a couple hundred feet. It was probably more like six, but at our size…” she said with a shrug gesturing towards her companions.

“The kids had found a skinny tree branch and were trying to get me but they couldn’t get the angle. The girl even managed to squeeze her hand through the grate, but her arm was too fat to get past the wrist. I still had to duck under her long nails as I ran over to the wall and started rock climbing down to my new home and life.” Jennifer and Linda stared at one another for a long, thoughtful moment that broke with the small woman’s mournful sigh.

Jennifer watched as Linda stood and strolled towards where the Tinies had set out the food. She looked and saw that all of the others were seated on her two pillows, chatting away as they enjoyed their cold meal. She noticed that there seemed to be a few more of them than she first thought. She now counted twenty-three in the small group, plus Linda.

She saw Claire sitting high up on the pillow with her back to the massive wall of the bed, nibbling on a piece of tomato. Juice gushed and smeared her face as she bit into the soft vegetable and she wiped it away with a torn piece of paper towel. Jennifer noted Johnny, the one who had apparently discovered her and her helplessness earlier in the day. He was chewing on a tiny bit of lettuce and staring at her intently. Was that lust she saw on his face? He was young and probably shrank before his first chance at sex. She could only imagine what was running through his mind.

What made her eyes widen however was the small woman she saw reclining on the far edge of the pillows near the radiator. She was maybe three inches tall and young and pregnant. Very pregnant! Her stomach was huge for her size and it looked like she had swallowed a golf ball. She was trying to eat but looked miserable, sweating and in pain.

“That’s Anne.”

Jennifer jerked at the sound of the tiny voice beside her head. She shifted to see Linda standing near and crunching on a bit of carrot, sword in hand again and pinned to the floor.

“She shrank just two months ago. She was one of your neighbors actually. Lived on the sixth floor. Recognize her?” Jennifer shook her head indicating ‘No’. In Manhattan though, apartment’s changed hands frequently and it seemed that every month people were moving in and out. There were only a few of her fellow tenants that she recognized, and fewer still whose names she knew.

“Frank found her near frantic and in a bird cage on the coffee table in her apartment while on a scouting mission.” Linda pointed to one of the other new Tinies that Jennifer had not seen before. He was two inches tall, well muscled and black with a gray, unruly Afro.

“She’d been shrunk for a little over a week. Her husband found her the first day when he came home from work and she said that he was caring at first, for a couple days anyway. Then one day he came home with some woman from his office that he had apparently been having an affair with. Anne said, at first the woman was just shocked and curious, watching her. Then she started wanting to touch her and poke her and finally picked her up with an approving nod from her husband.

“The woman pulled off her little piece of scarf that Anne was wearing and started to rub her breasts and then between her legs. Eventually as the woman got more bold she popped Anne into her mouth and sucked on her for awhile.  When she finally spit her back out Anne started to beg but that only got her husband and his mistress more excited. They tortured her then had sex right in front of her. Then they had sex with her by stuffing her inside a condom.

“That happened almost every night for the rest of the week. When Frank found her she was numb from shock but started shrieking for help when she saw him.  He took her into the walls after he got her out of the cage that her husband had bought her as a ‘gift’. Fucking bastard. Him and his whore broke her arm while they were fucking. Didn’t care.” Linda frowned then took another bite of carrot as Jennifer peered at the tiny girl only then seeing the makeshift toothpick splint taped about her far left arm.

“Worst thing is she’s three months pregnant,” the Tiny said sadly. It took Jennifer a moment to realize just what that implied. She looked at the young woman and the huge bulge of her belly and her eyes went wide in horror.


Linda nodded glumly. “We think the baby doesn’t have the virus and is growing normally. It’s so sad and sick.” Linda paused and she and Jennifer watched as the woman seated next to Anne wiped her down with a bit of damp paper towel.

“We’re hoping things will change, but not likely. When it gets too much for her, we’ll put her down. Otherwise the fetus will just explode out of her belly. Sucks. She’s such a sweet kid. The hell she’s been through… Going through…” Linda’s voice was choked with tears before she went silent and Jennifer watched as Anne lay back on the pillow and relaxed as best she could, rubbing her huge, bloated stomach.

“Sucks to be us. Sucks to be tiny.” Linda popped the last of the carrot into her mouth and turned back to Jennifer. “It’s hell trying to live like this. Trying to find someplace safe, gathering food, trying not to get caught or stepped on.

“The sewers and subways are a horror I learned quick enough, but better than the streets. It’s fairly cool or warm depending on the season, but the water is rancid more often than not and food is scarce. Rats are rampant under the streets and vicious. And then there’s the Homeless. Most of them are on edge all the time, one step out of Bellevue. They’re cruel…” The woman hugged herself, shivering from some memory.

“I was lucky and hooked up with this group after a few days down in the tunnels. It was run by a guy named Tony at the time. Real Guido, but he knew his shit. Had everyone organized. He got us into your building through the gas lines when they were working on the boiler last summer. We found a place beneath the basement- it used to be a Fall-Out shelter he said, back in the fifties. A storage room now but hardly ever used or opened.

“Him and a few others got crushed a couple weeks later. They were scouting an apartment early one morning and the tenant came back for some reason after she had left for work. She smashed Tony under her shoe and two others, grinding them into the floor like they were bugs, cursing like a sailor and laughing. They were people though. Good people…”

Linda plopped down on the floor again setting her sword aside. She looked at Anne but the girl was asleep now, wrestling with her dreams. “I became leader of the Clan after that. There were others been with the group longer, but I was in the army for six years. Two shifts and left a Captain. I knew how to get things done and organize people.” Linda sighed, leaning back on her arms and stretching out her legs, feet crossed at the ankles.

“I hate it. Hate being in charge but someone has to be. It sucks having to decide the fate of others.” Linda glanced up at Jennifer giving a wan smile. “Anne for one. And you…

“A couple people wanted to kill you outright so we can stay here until the stench gets to be too much and someone comes to investigate. A few others agree but want to starve you instead. Just let you wither away and die for however long that would take.

“Don’t worry. I know someone will come looking for you eventually. My peers don’t always think things through. Most of the time we live moment to moment. It’s rare we get an opportunity like this. After a few days, we’ll leave. Hopefully without having to find a new building to live in, or go back to the sewers.

“I know you’ll probably tell the Super, call the cops. They won’t find us, but we’ll have to move on cuz everyone in the building will be looking out for us and the Feds will probably be called in. Too bad too. I like it here.”

Jennifer stared as the tiny woman stretched and stood again, using the sword to get to her feet. She turned to the other Tinies, most of whom were drowsing on the pillows. “Lights out!” she called out as she moved off and started to walk about the apartment to extinguish the candles. All save one that was set near the doorway to the bathroom. She left that one burning as she strolled back past Jennifer’s face. The tiny woman reached out and patted Jennifer’s cheek.

“Hope you can get some sleep, Hun,” she said then moved on towards the pillows where she laid her sword aside and collapsed. Within moments, Jennifer saw that her little captor was asleep.

Jennifer stared at the Tinies arrayed on her pillows, exhausted and asleep from the day’s efforts. Her gaze lingered on Linda as she thought about all that she had said.

Sleep was a long time coming…

4 Ever-lovin’ Saturday

Jennifer woke with a start, jerking in her chains as loud talking suddenly blared filling her tiny apartment and washing over her. She groaned into her gag as stiff, straining muscles cramped and complained after hours of abuse with her movement. Her shoulders burned from the constant tension caused by her self-imposed hog-tie. Sharp pain stabbed into her calves and thighs as muscles clenched causing tears to well in her eyes and roll down her cheeks.

Struggling to ease the agony she started rocking and kicking as best she was able, bound as she was, handcuffed at wrists and ankles. Finally after agonizing moments she was able to raise her right knee enough and roll her shoulders to force her body to topple onto its side with a thump.

Suddenly the room erupted with laughter and applause, whistles and catcalls. Blinking back her tears and still sobbing in pain Jennifer tried to focus on the noise, trying to see. She knew very well where it was coming from though.

She saw the Tinies that had invaded her apartment the night before arrayed along the front of the bed; some sitting up high on her pillows while the rest lined the edge above. All were laughing or smiling at least. Some pointed and she even saw some of the males ogling her now very visible- and very bare- breasts and shaved pussy. Jennifer felt her tears welling again at the humiliation as her skin started to burn and blush crimson.

“You okay?”

Jennifer heard the now familiar voice of the six-inch tall Linda as the television remote oddly slid into her view along the carpeted floor. A moment later the woman stepped into sight and stood before her face, a slight look of concern causing her to frown, her brows creased. She was dressed as she had been the day before, though barefoot now and her long brown hair was tied back into a tail and held in place by a tiny bit of string. She started to say something, then thought better of it and her frown deepened. Jennifer watched through blurry eyes as the small woman stepped onto one of the buttons on the TV remote and the volume decreased.

“That’s better,” she said returning her attention to the hog-tied giantess before her. “Muscle cramps?” she asked with a slight smirk and Jennifer nodded, moaning into her gag.

“That’s gotta hurt,” the Tiny giggled and glanced up at the alarm clock above Jennifer’s bed. “Gotta figure though, you’ve been tied up for over thirteen hours, so you probably deserve a little pain for abusing your body like that.” Jennifer moaned as the woman strolled away from her face then jumped as she felt Linda’s hand on her right breast.

“That’s quite a rack you have there, sweetie.” Linda giggled. Jennifer shivered as she felt the tiny hand sliding along her skin, Linda continuing her walk down her gigantic body. The tiny fingers seemed to tickle as they drifted sending shocks though Jennifer’s body and making her groan as her pussy quivered and dampened. She shuddered and groaned loudly when the woman wrapped her fingers about Jennifer’s stiff right nipple and gave it a hard squeeze, laughing. She heard the crowd laugh as well, whistling and shouting out words of encouragement.

Jennifer moaned as Linda finally released her nipple with a sharp twist and strolled back to the remote. With a hard shove she kicked it and it slid across the floor to butt up against the base of the pillows. Linda gave Jennifer a quick smile then turned and walked to the pillows herself where she climbed up a bit then flopped down and started watching whatever was on the television. She was facing away from the wide screen, but by the sound of what she heard, Jennifer thought it was the Today Show.

As her sobbing slowly started to subside Jennifer could finally make out the words coming from the television. Darlene Rodriguez was reading the news and most of the Tinies seemed rapt with attention. She noticed too now that she could focus that some of her captors had thimbles and seemed to be drinking, sharing in pairs and trios. It was then that she smelled the brewed aroma of coffee drifting through the air. ‘How did they get my Mr. Coffee going?’ she wondered, not to mention getting the coffee down to the floor. She set the machine everyday after getting home from work, but Jennifer was facing the wrong way, so might never know the answer to the second question she figured.

Jennifer jerked as another Tiny walked by her head, coming into her field of vision. He was not quite five inches tall and appeared to be Asian with a good shape to his body despite his diminutive size. Like many of the others he was wearing a makeshift toga of ripped cloth belted with a string. He was carrying another thimble and strode right up to wear Linda was sitting.

“Here you go, Babe,” he said reaching up to hand the coffee to the taller woman. She accepted it with a smile as he scrambled up the pillow to sit next to her. She took a sip and smiled.

“Mmmmm…” she purred, closing her eyes and grinning happily. “God, it’s been forever. That’s sooo good.” Linda looked back, up and around then raised her thimble high. “Let’s give a cheer and a bit of thanks to our hostess for all that she’s provided. A toast!”

Jennifer watched as all the Tinies holding thimbles raised them high, the others without clapping, as all cheered her. Jennifer simply groaned and closed her eyes, thumping her head to the floor.

“Aww, don’t be sore, Sweetie,” Linda said. “It’s just that it’s been quite awhile since any of us has had a chance to relax like this. Life in the walls is hell like I told you last night. Filthy and disgusting sometimes. And it’s been a couple weeks since we’ve been able to catch up on what’s going on in the world. Our radio’s batteries died and we haven’t gotten replacements till now. So just relax and enjoy your little kink for now.” Linda smirked. “And if you’re a good girl maybe I’ll give you a little treat later.”

Jennifer groaned and snorted into her gag as most of the Tinies giggled or laughed. Like she had a choice.


After the Today Show ended, Linda got her group organized and busy working again. She kept the three largest and strongest looking Tinies along with Johnny with her and set all the rest with the task of hauling her pilfered things back to their Holt somewhere within the walls of the apartment building, down in the fallout shelter in the basement.

There were some moans of protest, but Linda quickly cut them off. “You know we can’t stay here forever. This woman has a life and eventually someone will come looking for her if she doesn’t call in to work or family. Whatever, I don’t want to have to rush around at the last minute to get out with our supplies. If we all work hard and quickly, then we can enjoy the rest of our time here while we can.”

Grudgingly the others agreed, and everyone assigned to stealing her things filed by soon, heading towards the stove where everything was piled up and waiting. Jennifer noticed that Claire and Anne remained on the pillows, both apparently exempt from the physical labor; the prior due to her age and gimp leg, the latter because she looked ready to burst from her pregnancy. Jennifer noted that Claire was rubbing the younger woman’s belly as her face twisted with pain.

“What about us, boss?” Jason, the tiny Asian asked.

Linda turned and pointed. “We’re gonna get that dresser open and see what we can use. Gotta be clothes and such at least that we can alter and use for our clothes and bedding. Maybe we’ll get lucky. After that we’ll work on the desk drawers. We’ll run lines through the handles on the bottom drawer and with all of us pulling we should be able to get it open. Once the first is done the rest will be easy. Johnny, Bill, go get the lines set up.”

The two smallest of the five scampered off to do as they were told while Linda, Jason and a five inch tall, forty-ish man remained. Linda looked up at Jennifer’s face and smiled softly.

“I know you’re probably thirsty and hungry,” the tiny woman said. “If you promise not to freak and yell for help we’ll loosen that gag a bit and give you some water. I don’t want you dying of dehydration.” Linda shrugged. “Seriously, I don’t want you dying at all. If you scream though, we’ll shove that ball right back into your mouth and that’ll be the end of it. Will you be good?” she asked. Jennifer hesitated only a moment before nodding.

Linda strolled back by the pillows and picked up her sword/letter opener. “All righty then. Jason… Ed… First drag the water container over here in front of her face… and a straw, then get behind her head and loosen up that gag a couple notches.”

Linda whipped her tiny sword about in a flourish and set the sharp point at Jennifer’s throat. “I’ll have this pressing over your carotid artery. Give us any shit and I swear I’ll cut you. Understood?” Jennifer nodded worriedly feeling the point pressing into her skin. “Good girl,” Linda said with a wide smile.

Jennifer watched as the two little men struggled with the almost full container of water, dragging it over from the radiator and closer to her bound form. Linda meanwhile used her sword with a flourish to slice the paper wrapping off of a straw and withdraw it while the men scampered up Jennifer’s body and onto her back. Grunting and straining with the effort they managed to unbuckle the leather straps of her ball gag and Jennifer moaned in relief as it slid a bit from between her lips.

“That’s enough,” Linda said as she dipped the end of the bendy straw into the water. Jennifer licked her parched lips as best as she was able and breathed heavily even as the small woman slipped the other end of the straw between her lips. Jennifer sipped greedily for several seconds, swiftly draining the Tupperware of every drop of tepid water.

“Wow. You were thirsty.” Linda giggled then motioned for the men to tighten the gag again. Jennifer’s eyes went wide.

“No!” she shouted and as Linda staggered back, raising her sword. Jennifer lowered her frantic voice. “No… Please don’t. I’ll be good, I promise. Please don’t put the gag back.”

The tiny woman stared at her intently for a long time, then finally nodded, planting the tip of her sword to the floor. “Okay,” she said then looked up to Jason and Ed. “Jason… Get comfortable. Ed, get down here and get your weapons and some food, then get back up there. I want you both ready to tug the gag back in place if she gives us any shit.”

“You got it, boss,” Ed said as he clambered down from Jennifer’s back using her hair as a rope. He gathered weapons and food into a baggy and tossed them up to Jason, then handed two thimbles of coffee up as he climbed onto Jennifer’s arm, then onto her back again. Jennifer shivered to feel the two tiny men moving about on her back and had to bite her lip against the tickling sensation.

“What’s your name, Hun?”

Jennifer blinked and focused on the pretty Tiny standing before her, sword resting over her shoulder. “Jennifer,” she replied. The woman smiled.

“Linda. Pleased to make your acquaintance.” The Tiny laughed and Jennifer had to smile at the absurdity of the little joke. It just all seemed so surreal. In the background she could hear the others all busily taking away her food, getting it under or around her stove and somehow up through the wide hole in the wall where the gas lines wormed through.

“Heave!” she heard someone shout and then the dull grate of her dresser drawer opening a fraction. She craned her neck to watch, blushing as she knew what was in the lowest drawer of her dresser.

“Holy shit!” Bill the tiny climber exclaimed, his eyes wide as he peered down into the drawer.

“What?” Linda shouted to him, heading towards the dresser.

“This broad’s a slut! Jesus!”

“Hey!” Linda snapped as she drew closer. “Women aren’t broads, asshole! Watch the language. Now what’ve you got?”

Jennifer closed her eyes, burning with embarrassment as the little man hesitated. Then: “Well, we’ve got a stack of bondage magazines, a huge fucking dildo and some egg shaped things with wires attached. There’s a dog shock collar too with a choke chain leash.”

Jennifer opened her eyes as Linda stopped and turned around, staring in disbelief. “A shock collar?”

“Yeah!” Bill called back. “I had one for my Pitbull… Back when I was normal. Hurts like a bitch. Even on the lower settings.”

Linda smiled widely at Jennifer who blushed a deeper shade of crimson and thumped her head to the floor with a groan. “Well drag ‘em out. I’m sure we can find some use for them before we have to go.”

Linda looked at Jennifer with a wide, wicked grin. “It’s the least we can do, Honey,” she said with an evil chuckle. “Get you off before we go after stealing all your food and your apartment for a few days.”

Jennifer groaned again and closed her eyes, blinking back her tears.


“Yippee-kay-ay, mother fucker!”

Jennifer groaned in frustration as the egg vibrated all too briefly within her pussy, driving her to the edge of orgasm, then abruptly shut off again. She moaned as she heard some of the tiny women laughing, knowing just what she was going through.

In the background Bruce Willis was wending his way through the Nakatomi Building trying to stop Hans Gruber and his terrorists from stealing millions in Negotiable Bearer Bonds. The Tinies were scattered about watching the movie like they were at a drive-in; some on the bed, some on the pillows, some on the floor right before the huge television. They had discovered Jennifer’s DVR.

They had popped popcorn in her microwave and had managed to open one of her cans of beer. The promised party after a hard day’s work had ensued and Jennifer noted that a few of the little people were more than a little drunk. They all cheered as John McClane dropped a brick of C4 down the elevator shaft blowing a big chunk out of the building. Jennifer just groaned as the vibrating egg started to churn in her sopping wet pussy once again.

Her eyes were half-closed to lust-filled slits as she saw the tiny Linda leaning on the remote to the vibrator, watching her and grinning evilly. The bitch was settled back against Jennifer’s huge left breast resting on the floor with a thimble full of Old English “800” beside her along with a few pieces of salty, buttery popcorn. Occasionally the Tiny would toss a piece in front of Jennifer’s face, giggling as the normal sized woman had to snag it off of the floor with her tongue and squeeze it past the ball gag, when she was not writhing from the vibrator of course.

“Having fun, baby?” Linda called out as she reached up and squeezed the tiny butterfly paperclip that she had attached to the larger woman’s left nipple. Jennifer whimpered as the vibrator kicked up a notch when the Tiny’s foot clicked the voltage up a level.

“Please…” Jennifer pleaded, her eyes tearing up, starting to thrash with the stimulation until she felt the squeezing pressure on her abused, puffy nipple increase as Linda squeezed harder, both hands gripping the clamp.

“Now, now…” the little woman mocked still pressing on the paperclip, “You promised.”

The vibrator blessedly died again as Jennifer nodded, whimpering and breathing hard. Her skin glistened in the flickering glow of the television drenched in sweat and she knew that the towel beneath her had to be drenched with pussy juice. Jennifer sagged in her bonds, thinking back…

They had all stepped back as Linda had supervised her rolling over so that she too could see the television. It had taken some effort, but she had finally ended up facing the TV. Jennifer had then begged her tiny captors to undo her hog-tie at least, as it was really starting to hurt. Linda acquiesced and it took five of them to undo the C-Clamp holding her wrists to her ankles but at last she was able to stretch out her legs. She had moaned in ecstasy and thanked her captors profusely.

They had given her more water, and food; lettuce and carrots dumped on the carpet before her face. She ate it all thankfully, licking crumbs from the floor. She had been famished, having not eaten since Friday morning and it was now Saturday night. She had chosen to fast before her bondage session. It had seemed a good idea at the time.

“I’m gonna need to use the bathroom,” she had said. Linda laughed.

“That’s not gonna happen,” the tiny woman said but then frowned. A moment later she ordered five of the Tinies to drag a towel from the bathroom and over to Jennifer’s bound body. Linda commanded Jennifer to rock back and then told her companions to spread out the towel under her. When Jennifer adjusted her body again, the soft terrycloth towel was spread and folded up under her pussy.

“That ought’a do it,” Linda said, nodding her approval. Jennifer was not so sure.

“What if I need to do Number Two?”

Linda smirked. “That’s our bad I guess. You just do your duty and we’ll drag it into the bathroom.” Linda laughed. “You’re gonna have some shit to clean up after we leave. No doubt about it. Sucks to be you, hunh?” Linda laughed.

Jennifer sighed, nodding.

Within a couple hours the laboring Tinies announced that all the canned food was finally transported to their Holt hidden somewhere within the buildings basement and walls. They had managed to open the rest of her dresser drawers and had taken most of her panties and socks and scarves, Linda apologizing and explaining that those were the easiest to convert into bedding and clothing.

They had dragged out all of her sex toys except for her dildo and set them within easy reach before moving on to her desk. The smaller drawers were easier to open, but they found little that would help their cause of survival; a few styluses, some old USB cables that they would convert to rope, a few more batteries.

As her labor squad had dragged away those things, Linda and another small Tiny had dragged a small envelope of photographs over before Jennifer’s face. Linda had set the Tiny to a task, then started to pull photos from the envelope, looking thoughtfully at each. Finally she moved one around for Jennifer to see.

Jennifer looked down at the old photo taken at a Squat Club called ABC No Rio down on the Lower East Side years ago in happier times. It showed her with her arm about a pretty Black woman both mugging for the camera. Jennifer’s eyes got misty with tears.

“Was that your girlfriend?” Linda asked softly and Jennifer nodded afraid to use her voice, knowing it would crack. “She’s pretty. What was her name?”

“E-Erica.” Jennifer choked on the name, blinking back tears.

“I’m sorry, Hun,” Linda said as she pulled another photo from the envelope and Jennifer sobbed.

“I know…” Linda whispered…


After the last of the supplies had been transferred into the walls everyone was getting ready for the celebration. Jennifer could hear the popcorn popping over the dull hum of the microwave oven. She jumped as she heard the beer can pried open with a crack and a ‘shish’ of escaping carbonation. Everyone seemed excited, save Jennifer of course.

Jennifer watched as Claire and another tiny woman washed Anne down with the now warm water from one of the Tupperware containers, the pregnant woman obviously in pain as maybe the fetus in her extended belly had shifted. Jennifer felt sorry for the girl and the pain she was going through, not to mention what she had gone through before.

“Right there.”

Jennifer’s attention was drawn away by Linda’s voice and she had glanced down her body. She saw the tiny woman along with Ed and Jason, the two men setting one of her vibrating eggs on the floor before Jennifer’s massive pussy. Linda caught her gaze and smiled wickedly.

“No reason you can’t enjoy the party too, Hun,” the woman said with a giggle. Jennifer watched as the small woman hefted the egg and pressed it against her labia, shoving hard to get it past her pussy lips. Jennifer had gasped at the intrusion, shaking her head as the Tiny shoved hard, forcing it inside.

“No…” she gasped, feeling her juices flowing already. “No! Please! Don’t!” Linda ignored her as she drove the egg as deeply as she could, her spindly little arm buried to the shoulder inside Jennifer’s cunt.

“There we go.” Linda had strolled across the towel beneath Jennifer and knelt down at the edge wiping her arm clean. The little woman had then dragged the remote over in front of Jennifer’s breasts before heading off to supervise her Clan…


“If this is how they celebrate Christmas, I just gotta be here for New Year’s.”

Jennifer screamed amidst cheers and applause as she was finally allowed to orgasm. Her body bucked and thrashed as the faint strains of ‘Let it Snow’ played in the background. The movie’s credits began to scroll as she shrieked, her pussy gushing cum in ecstasy.

When the DVR finally froze she was sweating bullets and breathing hard. She heard Linda’s voice vaguely in the distance.

“All right, people,” the Tiny said, “that’s a wrap. Get some sleep. Tomorrow we sweep the apartment again and see if there’s anything else we can use. Maybe we’ll tackle the closet and try to get into that tool box.” Linda strolled to Jennifer’s face amidst a chorus of cheers and approval. “Feel better, Hun?”

Jennifer stared at the tiny woman, still breathing hard, but starting to relax at last. Finally she nodded.

“Good,” the Tiny said as she patted Jennifer’s face, her miniscule hand soft on the giantess’ cheek. Jennifer’s eyes went wide as the little woman leaned in and kissed her, her very small lips pressing against Jennifer’s huge lower lip.

“Sleep tight, Sweetie,” Linda said as one of her Clan went about the room snuffing most of the candles. The Tiny gave her a smile, then wandered off out of her line of sight as the room went dark…


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