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Home Invasion 3: Crime & Punishment

by Carnaj

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© Copyright 2014 - Carnaj - Used by permission

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Part Three: Crime & Punishment

5 Crime

In her dreams her captors tortured her…

Well, perhaps tormented was closer to the truth. They had kept her naked, gagged and bound, hog tied on the floor of her tiny Manhattan Studio apartment for days with little to eat or drink while they gathered her possessions to steal. The masked man and woman had been living there the entire time of her captivity. Eating her food, watching her television, enjoying themselves while she suffered in bondage.

Every night they had sex in her bed while she groaned in pain and exhaustion, and during the day they took even more pleasure in making Jennifer’s life miserable.

The woman was the worst, taking much delight in tormenting poor, captive Jennifer. She would plant her smelly, sock covered feet right on Jennifer’s head while she watched TV, rubbing the gritty, grimy soles all over her face and making her smell the horrible odor. Several times she had straddled Jennifer’s helpless body and slowly, finger by finger, inserted her fist deeply into Jennifer’s pussy then pumped mercilessly until Jennifer was writhing and screaming for release that the evil bitch would never allow. On the brink of orgasm the woman would withdraw leaving Jennifer gasping and sweating and trying to hump the floor, the woman swatting her ass hard with a cruel laugh before walking away.

For his part, the man seemed a sadist and enjoyed making Jennifer cry and whine and beg into her gag. He would grab her fat puffy nipples and pinch, twisting savagely as Jennifer screamed into her gag. He would light his Zippo and hold it close to her skin; under her sore nipples or at her pussy, chuckling as her pubes sizzled and burned away.

His greatest pleasure though, his favorite tortures seemed aimed at her feet. He would tickle her mercilessly with his fingers or her feather duster for what seemed like hours. Jennifer would squeal into her gag and wet herself as she laughed uncontrollably, gasping for breath through her snotty nose. Other times he would poke her bare soles with his pocketknife, digging deeply and drawing blood as Jennifer shrieked muffled cries of pain. He had used one of Jennifer’s thin, stylish leather belts to beat her soles relentlessly.

And still other times he would be on his knees and at her upraised feet, kissing them. His hot tongue would run the length of her soft, wrinkled soles, dipping between her toes, pressing hard into her arches and rubbing the balls of her feet. Jennifer would squirm trapped somewhere between lust and disgust as he kissed and licked, his tongue and lips relentless, making her shudder and jerk in her bonds…


Jennifer Monroe woke, blinking groggily, jerking in her bonds. She was disoriented at first there in the dim flickering candle light, wondering why she couldn’t move, could barely breathe, why she was on the floor. Then slowly, very slowly everything started to come back to her, flooding her memories…

She was tied up, bound hand and foot and laying on the floor of her small Manhattan, Chelsea apartment that had been taken over by a group of Tinies; people shrunk and forced to survive outside society. Her ball gag hung loosely about her chin and mouth, but her arms were cuffed behind her back and her ankles were bound as well.

And she felt something, whatever it was that had awakened her from her restless sleep and dragged her groggily from her nightmares. Something at her foot, poking and touching it.

Her eyes suddenly flew wide open and her legs jerked as she felt the tickling sensation on the sole of her bare foot and she stretched her legs out in involuntary response, flexing at the creepy feeling. She heard a shocked shout of terror and then her foot slammed into the leg of the desk, a high-pitched scream piercing the calm, otherwise silent night. There was a sharp crack as something snapped under her foot along with another higher-pitched shriek that cut abruptly short.

Breathing hard Jennifer tried to focus and see what had happened, as the candles scattered about her floor were all out save one and that was near the door to the bathroom casting the apartment in an eerie glow. She heard the Tinies waking to see what was going on as she squirmed and craned her neck, voices grumbling and rising in pitch on the intrusion of noise into their slumber.

“Whathefu-“ came a voice, and then another:

“What was that?”

“Was it her?” a groggy, female voice asked. “Is she trying to get away?”

Jennifer craned her neck to look at the source of the tinny, tiny voices and saw the little people that had invaded her apartment stirring and starting to rise. They were a couple dozen strong in various degrees of size and shape scattered about her two pillows and lining the high edge of her bed. Several of the bolder ones, their leader Linda included, approached her and made their way down the long expanse of her body to investigate her bindings, no doubt suspicious that she was trying to get away.

“Omigod!” she heard a squeaky voice choked with tears suddenly shrilly screaming. “She crushed Ed!” someone shrieked and she looked down her bound body trying to see what was happening. There were two women and a man gathered near her feet, but she could not see what they were looking at. Jennifer shifted her legs slightly to see, which sent the Tinies scampering back and out of range, screaming in terror as they ran away.

Jennifer stared hard in the shadows and finally focused, her eyes growing wide with sickening horror. She saw a tiny crumpled body down by her feet, the Tinies inching back to gather about it, looking down on the crushed remains of one of their own. Its spindly limbs seemed skewed and shattered, its upper torso looking as though it had exploded. There was blood splattered everywhere. Tears welled in Jennifer’s eyes as she slowly realized what must have happened.

What she had done.

“Fucking cunt!” A tiny fist slammed into her ankle. Jennifer barely registered the impact as less than a shin bump against a piece of furniture. She stared at the tiny woman who hit her once more before falling to her knees, howling and sobbing with her face in her hands.

“Bitch!” someone else shouted and then the words started coming fast and furious, all the Tinies shouting out curses, shrieking for their fallen friend, demanding retribution, and revenge. All but one…

Linda stood near Jennifer’s face and raised her hands calling for peace and silence, waiting patiently as the din refused to subside. She called out again and Jennifer saw a couple of the little people heed her words but most were still railing, shouting or crying. Jennifer felt pricks in her skin and jerked as the tiny mob started to jab at her with their weapons; nails and needles, safety pins. “Ahhh!” Jennifer squealed as a razorblade mounted on a matchstick like an axe slashed deeply into her thigh. Jennifer jerked again with that sudden pain and the Tinies scattered once more.

A shrill, high-pitched whistle cut through the air and Jennifer jumped to see the tiny man, Jason standing near Linda with fingers in his mouth. Finally the mob started to settle to seething rather than raging, all stepping back as Linda slowly strode the length of Jennifer’s body to see what had happened, Jason following on her heels.

Linda stared long and hard at the crushed remains of the Tiny, Ed. He lay crumpled and broken on the floor at the base of one of the desk legs, most of his torso flattened, his little body burst from the pressure of Jennifer’s foot slamming him into the heavy wood, his blood spewed everywhere. His eyes were bulging in shock, his mouth wide as steam rose from the remains of his chest cavity. Linda covered her mouth and nose against the stench of his excrement, his bowels having emptied as he died. She crouched down and gingerly put her fingers to his eyelids, closing them.

“She killed Ed,” someone said as Linda stood again. Jennifer tried to see who had spoken, but all eyes were either on the crushed Tiny or her.

“No…” Jennifer whispered, her own voice choked with sorrow. “It was an accident. I didn’t mean… Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”

Jennifer shrieked as she felt something stab deep into her leg just above her ankle. Tears of pain flooded her eyes and she flinched, kicking out. She heard screams as the Tinies scattered again with her massive movements, one scream howling above the rest. She vaguely saw one of the little people tumbling across the floor and into the shadows beyond the edge of her bed.

“Stop it!” Jennifer heard Linda’s voice shouting above the screams with authority. “Just everyone! Fucking! Stop!” The tiny woman whirled about and pointed her sword at Jennifer, her face dark, eyes glaring. “You too! Stop moving!” She spun about again waving her sword at her Clan. “Everyone just get fucking back and stay away from her. Somebody go and see to Tommy.”

Linda walked in a wide arc, waving her sword and gesturing for all of her fellows to back off and away. Jason followed close behind; adding to her authority and slowly they made their way back to Jennifer’s face. Linda glared at Jennifer for a long, tense moment, then sighed and turned to her companion.

“Keep them in check for a couple minutes, Jason. Me and the big bitch need to talk and I don’t want any of them doing something stupid and getting hurt,” she looked back at Jennifer, “or killed.”

The little Asian man scowled darkly at Jennifer, but finally nodded and hurried off to the others who seemed to be gathering their courage once again. Linda watched them for a few moments as Jason herded them back and away then asked without turning:

“Quietly, tell me. What happened?”

“I…” Jennifer began and her voice choked. She swallowed and tried to calm her breathing and rapid heartbeat before starting again. “I don’t know. Really… I don’t! I woke to something tickling my feet and I just jerked. It was like having a bug on me in the middle of the night, waking up…” Jennifer immediately regretted her simile when she saw Linda’s shoulders slump a bit and look away as she compared them to bugs.

“My legs just twitched and I must have slammed him into the desk. It was an accident! I didn’t mean…”

“Shut up!” Linda snapped, her voice low and gruff, filled with pain. “Damn you, Ed.” Jennifer blinked back her tears, not knowing what was going on as Linda turned to face her again. The little woman’s face was shifting between pain and anger, but for some reason Jennifer felt it was not directed at her. Finally Linda sighed and stepped closer to Jennifer’s face.

“I believe you,” the woman said planting the tip of her sword to the floor and leaning on it as though the weight of the world rested on her back. “Ed had a foot fetish, and I guess it got the best of him. Quite sure he was having a field day when you woke up and smashed him into the desk. Wasn’t your fault, anyone would’a done the same, jerking out of sleep like that.

“Unfortunately, they’re gonna want justice.” Linda gestured at the group of Tinies, some staring at her with pure hatred while others still sobbed over their friend’s demise.

“They’re gonna want blood.”

6 Trial

“Quiet!” Linda shouted over the growing din of angry babble again, waving her overly long cutlass high over her head, the metal glistening in the candle light and the dim pale of false dawn just slanting through the window blinds. Her gaze swept across her gathered clan, most still looking furious and staring daggers at the giantess lying behind their leader, watching her intently. Only a few faces seemed reasonable to Linda, or at least impassive. Claire for one, and Anne whose face only changed to contort with pain. Tiny Stacy looked to be in a state of shock, the two-inch tall woman and Ed having been lovers for months since joining the clan. Beverly, a middle-aged, plump and slightly taller woman sat with her, trying to comfort the younger woman in her grief.

Linda sighed regretting what she had to do, but she knew that it had to be done. There were rules to follow in the world of the Tinies, laws to obey just like in the real world. But in the clan justice usually fell at the feet of the leader, though Linda tried to involve everyone when a problem arose. Usually some petty squabble over found property or food, maybe a domestic dispute. In her first month as leader of the clan she had been forced to banish a man from their group because he had been beating his wife, a weak-willed woman barely half of his own three-inches. Jack had been thrown out with a taste of his own medicine. She had hated that, hated the responsibility of deciding someone’s fate, deserved as it was. As now…

She glanced back at the giantess, the woman’s eyes still glistening with tears as she mewled into her gag. It had taken ten of them to force the fat ball back between her lips and buckle the leather straps tightly behind her head; four tugging on the belts and buckle while the rest pulled on the huge woman’s hair as she thrashed and fought. Finally, all together they had held her head steady long enough to get the ball gag back in place, all the while the giantess crying, screaming and begging for them to stop. They were all breathing hard after that, members of the clan nursing bruises taken during the struggle as some of them had been thrown about by the giantess’ thrashing. They had waited there in the dim shadows then, hoping that no neighbor had heard her screams for help, hoping that no one would come to investigate the commotion. But in New York City, Linda knew all too well that most people kept to themselves and minded their own business; not wanting to help or get involved.

Fifteen minutes later Linda had deemed it safe and had gathered all of her clan together onto the pillows to call her court to order. She let them settle, some still fuming with anger, others sobbing with the grief of losing a friend. She had waited while Johnny and Frank had bundled and wrapped Ed’s remains in a black, plastic shopping bag and stored it in the refrigerator to fend off decomposition as best they could, at least for awhile. After the trial and punishment, maybe when they finally left the apartment for good they would find a place to bury him in the courtyard behind the building. Finally after Johnny and Frank rejoined the group she had raised her sword high and called for quiet.

“I’ve spoken with her,” Linda said her voice not loud but full of authority and commanding. “She said it was an accident.”

“Bull shit!” someone shouted and Linda cast a stern look at one of the smaller Tinies mounted high up on the pillows. He glared back; a pudgy squat head sat on a one-inch lump of a body. Linda did not break her gaze and finally he looked down and away.

“You’ll have your chance to speak, Robert,” she said coldly as she swept her gaze over the rest of the assemblage. “You’ll all have your chance to speak your mind. And I’ll listen. Just remember though, this is NOT a democracy. You all voted me clan leader to make decisions like this and my word will be the final say. I’m willing to listen though, because Ed was a good man, and our friend.” There was a general consensus of nods of agreement, though still some did not look happy. Linda continued.

“She said that she woke up and felt something poking and touching her feet, and she jerked her legs in reflex. She said it was like waking up with a bug on her skin.” Linda heard the grumbling and let the wave of anger ripple through the group a bit before quieting them down again. She had purposely used Jennifer’s words to remind them all of what they were, or at least how they were thought of. Whether the giants were good-hearted or bad, in the end they all thought of the Tinies as bugs or creatures in the end; another race all together rather than people that were once like themselves. People living and breathing, dreaming of a better life and struggling to survive.

“We’ve all probably experienced that. This city’s overrun with roaches and mice, flies and mosquitoes. Hell I used to wake up with leg cramps in the middle of the night and had to unconsciously stretch. It’s natural and you don’t think about it, especially when you just come awake.” Linda watched her clan and saw several grudgingly nodding in agreement. A few of the faces softened just a little.

“Then it’s manslaughter,” a voice called out and Linda saw a thirty-something girl barely an inch tall stand. She was pretty despite her raggedy, filthy toga, blond and well endowed. “But even lessening the charge, she still killed Ed and that needs to be addressed.” Linda recalled that the woman, Melanie, had been a lawyer in her past life, her normal life.

“Eye for an eye!” Robert shouted thrusting a fist skyward and shaking it. Several yelled their approval, agreeing with cheers. Linda heard Jennifer groan softly behind her.

“No!” Linda shouted back, raising her voice to be heard. “We are NOT going to kill her.”

“Then why are we even bothering with this?” the blond Melanie asked.

“Because it’s the right thing to do, Melanie. The just thing to do. No matter what the giants think of us, we’re not savages. Might does not make right. We’re people, not a mob and we will not lower ourselves to their level. She’ll be punished, certainly. But we decide what in this trial, and how much.”

“It’s not like we can put her in jail,” Melanie supplied, obviously returning to the role of her former career, taking the cause and voice of the prosecution. “That’s normally what would happen to someone found guilty of manslaughter; Time incarcerated depending on verdict of degree.”

“You’re right,” Linda agreed, nodding. “That’s not an option. But what can we do?” she asked addressing her clan, her gaze sweeping over the assemblage again.

“Leave her to rot, then,” Robert loudly provided. Linda wondered just what had happened in his past to make him so vehement over this. “Just fuckin’ chain her ass up, take her keys when we leave and let whatever happens happen. If she gets found, fine. If she starves to death, even better.” There was a babble of approval and even applause following Robert’s idea. But Linda saw other faces twist in disgust and disapproval.

“A vote then, on Robert’s proposal. All in favor…” Linda saw six hands shoot into the air. She tried not to smile. “Opposed?” Twelve hands went up at that, and she was glad. “And the rest abstain. Sorry Robert. You’re outvoted.” Linda was hard-pressed to hide her smirk as Robert cursed under his breath and sat back down with a huff.

“Any other suggestions?” Linda asked after letting the group mull over their thoughts for a few moments. Letting the jury hold council.

“Well, we could not feed her or give her water while we’re here at least,” Frank suggested.

“That’s lame,” a forty-ish woman named Connie countered, the one-inch tall woman standing and shouting to be heard.

“And goes without saying,” Linda added, agreeing. “She’s lost her luxuries for the duration.” Linda heard the giantess whimper at that bit of news.

“That’s not enough.”

Linda turned to stare at Claire, surprised to hear the eldest member of the clan chime in. “What did you have in mind then, Claire?” she asked planting the tip of her blade to the floor.

Claire squinted as she stared at the gigantic woman in the background and Linda recalled just how blind the woman almost was without her glasses. Claire could barely see a couple inches ahead of her, and Linda was sure that the colossal Jennifer was just a huge pink blur to the older woman.

“Maybe we should let Stacy decide. She was Ed’s girlfriend after all.” All eyes turned to the tiny woman in question, but Stacy still stared vacantly, her red cheeks streaked from rivulets of tears, crimson eyes glassy and her expression blank. Beverly turned to the girl and whispered something into her ear and the girl blinked and shuddered, seemingly slipping back into reality from wherever she had been a moment before.

“W- Wha- What?” the girl asked looking at all the faces focused on her. Beverly spoke softly to her again, hugging her as she did so. Anne groaned and rubbed her belly, shifting slightly.

“I… I don’t understand,” Stacy said, her voice choked with emotion and confusion as she looked about the group. Finally her gaze settled on Linda. “What… What do you want me to do?”

“Stacy…” Linda began softly trying to sound both comforting and authoritative. “The giantess needs to be punished for killing Ed. She didn’t mean to, but she did, regardless. Since you and Ed were involved, a couple, we’d like to hear what you might want. Okay?”

Stacy stared blankly at the clan leader for a long moment, then shifted her gaze to the gigantic woman behind her. A hush fell over the assemblage, an incredible tension sweeping the room in anticipation…

“Kill her!” the tiny woman shrieked her voice ripping with torment.

Linda shook her head. “We’re not going to do that, Stacy.”

The Tiny’s face twisted with grief, then rage, then sorrow at the loss of the man she had come to love. Her little body heaved with a racking sob as Beverly held her tight, stroking her hair. Finally Stacy looked up again, snuffling as she swallowed, her deep brown eyes sparkling as she stared at the bound giant woman.

“Then hurt her,” the tiny woman snarled and spat. She brushed Beverly’s hands aside and shakily stood, stepping off of the pillow and striding forward until she stood before the towering face of the giant Jennifer. "I want her to suffer," Stacy said, hawking and spitting on the bound giantess. Jennifer jerked in her bonds.

“I want her to feel the pain that Ed felt when she crushed him.” Stacy’s hands curled into fists as rage seemed to consume her. “And I want to be the one to make her feel that pain.”

Linda sighed as the clan erupted in cheers and applause – most of them anyway. She had been expecting as much, but she hoped that Stacy would go easy in understanding. The course was set though and all that was left was for Linda to approve. And she knew she had to.

“Done,” she said tapping the tip of her sword three times to the floor, signifying that the trial was over. They had all just agreed to torture a fellow human being. Linda was not happy about that, but there was really nothing to do about it. All that remained was to decide how. She was quite certain that there would be plenty of suggestions.

Linda turned to Jennifer, the giantess’ eyes wide and full of tears. She shook her head, whimpering, but Linda remained cold and aloof. She stepped forward and pressed the point of her blade to the gigantic woman’s throat, mostly for show.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, then turned and walked away…

7 Punishment

Jennifer stared as the Tinies organized. Her wide, tear-filled eyes started to flow as she saw the shock collar being dragged across the floor, two of the tiny men muscling it closer finally letting it fall right before her pussy, the prods pointing at her exposed and dripping sex. The toy that Erica had bought her years ago for some added spice to their dominant games was about to be used on her to really torture her. Jennifer shivered, staring at Linda, hoping for reprieve or at least mercy but finding nothing in the woman’s cold gaze.

“It’s gonna hurt,” the little six-inch tall woman had said without emotion. “You’re going to scream, and cry, and beg,” Linda had said with a frown. “Not what I want, but nothing you don’t deserve.” Jennifer moaned into her gag and squirmed as the Tinies gathered about, most gleefully wanting to make her suffer for killing their friend. Jennifer sobbed, starting to cry and her torture had not even begun.

Jennifer saw the tiny girl, Stacy, caressing the remote for the shock collar, eyeing her with malevolence. A shiver of fear ran through her, making her shudder as she felt two of the little men shoving the short prods against her exposed pussy, digging the metal prongs past her labia and into her. Jennifer whimpered to the tiny girl, pleading, but saw nothing but hatred smoldering in her dark eyes. She wanted revenge for the death of her lover and Jennifer could see that the Tiny was going to enjoy every moment of what was to come.

As the two small men held the prods in place Jennifer felt another climb up her body by the hair at the back of her head. She shivered as he trotted the length of her bound arm, then dropped to her hip, waving down at yet another of the small men in the group.

“Toss it up,” the Tiny on her hip called down and Jennifer saw the tiny black man, Frank, toss a bit of string up to him. The one on her hip started hauling on the ‘rope’ and Jennifer realized that it was tied to the black plastic snap of the shock collar. The man on her grabbed the huge plastic buckle, then turned and rappelled down Jennifer’s ass, hitting the carpet behind her. Jennifer saw that the Tinies had stretched the canvas collar to its limits and immediately realized why as she felt the little person behind her forcing the buckle as far as he could between her body and the floor.

“Nnnn…” Jennifer groaned as she tossed her head from side to side, squirming helplessly and rolling onto her back. She heard the little man behind her yelp in fear, those in front scattering in panic as her struggles increased, thrashing and rocking from side to side as best as her bonds would allow. Desperately she tried to sit up, but it was hard. She was tired from her ordeals and weak from lack of food and water, but she still managed to force herself up, hooking her feet under the desk and shoving her hands back beneath her and propping on her forearms.

“Nnnngh!” Jennifer grunted into her gag as something dug into her ass cheek. She looked down and saw Linda through teary eyes, the tip of her sword buried into the thick flesh of her butt cheek, a trickle of blood dribbling from the incision. Jennifer rocked her body even as the six-inch redhead pulled the blade free again, the wound slicing more and feeling like an intense paper cut.

Ignoring the pain in her ass and aching muscles Jennifer heaved, pushing up to a sitting position with monstrous effort. She heard most of the Tinies screaming in panic, scattering away from her, shouting obscenities as they backed off for safety. She saw Jason charging forward, the razor blade axe in hand and raised high and gleaming in the flickering light of the television and the candles they had re-lit earlier. Jennifer swung her bound arms towards him as he neared and flicked two of her fingers squarely connecting with his chest. The axe spun from his hands as he flew backwards with the impact, tumbling head over heels to slam up against one of the pillows. She saw him shake his head and groan, clutching his chest, hurt but not dead, thankfully.

Jennifer swiftly pulled her legs in, sweeping her feet and bound ankles across the floor in a wide arch. A couple of the more daring Tinies that had been moving closer jumped back out of the arch, scrambling for distance and safety beside the desk and beyond the bed. Jennifer folded her legs at the knees, then shoved with her hands to the side, struggling with all of her strength to force herself into a kneeling position, her butt finally resting on her heels as she swayed trying to keep her balance. She groaned, breathing hard through her nose as she forced her leg muscles to work, awkwardly rising up on her knees.

“Nnnnneeeee!!” Jennifer squealed into her gag as electricity shocked through her pussy. It was intense… agony and unrelenting as she felt her sex shiver and pulse, burning as though on fire. She wavered and arched her back, squirming under the onslaught, gasping as it ended. She had a brief glimpse of the shock collar still wedged between her thighs, though the straps hung limp and dangling. She wriggled to get the long, metal prods to slip from her slit, whimpering in panic then shrieking as the pain resumed a heartbeat later, coursing through her entire being.

As her body shuddered with the waves of electricity shooting through her pussy Jennifer felt something snag into her hair, and then the tiny ticklish sensation of someone clambering up her body. She turned her head and tried to focus through bleary eyes as another bolt of anguish shot through her and she saw the familiar head of reddish brown hair. Linda was climbing a knotted, thick twine, her sword slung over her back by a looped bit of thread at the hand guard.

Jennifer swayed and bucked as yet another shock tore through her causing Linda to swing out and lose her footing. She was crying hard from the pain as the collar did its damage, snot clogging her nose and drooling down past her lips and chin. She had used the thing for fun in the past, little jolts applied by imagined kidnappers in her role plays, with Erica, but always on her throat, and never at the highest settings save once just to see. The pain on her neck had been incredible, but in her vagina it was terrible, a thousand times worse as her tender, inner flesh was far more sensitive than the skin of her throat. Dimly through her haze of agony she felt something sharp poke into the soft skin of her throat as the shocks finally, blessedly stopped.

“You will FUCKING lie right the fuck back down or I will FUCKING drive my sword into your carotid artery and watch you FUCKING bleed out until you FUCKING die!” Linda shouted harshly as she dug her sword menacingly into Jennifer’s tender throat. Jennifer’s eyes were wide as she pleadingly stared at the tiny woman, anger coloring Linda’s face a deep red as she held the sword in one hand, the other clutching a fistful of the giant’s hair. She had no doubt that the little woman would follow through with her threat, so with a sobbing whimper of defeat, Jennifer eased back, propped first on her outstretched arms, then slowly lowering back down onto her elbows. All the while Linda dangled from her hair, the sword poised menacingly as she swung, ‘walking’ the giantess’ skin like a mountain climber; rappelling from shoulder to chest and then scrambling up to her face where she grabbed the leather strap of Jennifer’s ball gag.

“Watch her legs,” Jennifer heard someone shout from the floor as she started to stretch out. She felt the sword prick into her throat again as she unfolded her legs, watching carefully so that she did not crush anyone in the process.

“Get that belt under her!” Linda shouted as she held onto the leather strap of Jennifer’s ball gag, her sword still digging into Jennifer’s flesh. Jennifer felt the collar’s straps tighten about her hips as someone ran the end under her before Linda prodded her to lie back down. With a sigh Jennifer collapsed back to the floor in defeat, weak, exhausted and already in pain.

Slowly the Tinies moved closer again, some leery with caution, others bold and angrier than they were before. She saw two of them struggling with the collar finally locking the buckle with an audible ‘CLICK’ then tightening the straps even more; as tight as they could manage. She had bought the collar fitted for the larger dogs; Shepherds, Dobermans, Great Danes and the like so there was plenty of slack to tighten even settled as it was about her hips and waist. She felt someone climbing up onto her and trotting up the length of her legs. She glanced down her body, craning to see past her breasts and saw Johnny as he reached the black box of the collar’s housing. He actually climbed onto the box shoving hard and pushing the prods deeper into her vagina as the last of the collar’s slack was pulled tight, the business end of the collar now thoroughly embedded within her pussy.

“That was stupid.” Jennifer shifted her eyes and looked at the tiny Linda, both women breathing hard from their ordeal. Linda looked almost comical as she rose and fell standing on Jennifer’s chest and riding out the deep, heaving breaths. Jennifer sighed and snuffled through her nose as the little woman pulled her sword away, whirling it about to flick the tiny bit of blood from the blade to splatter across Jennifer’s bare, sweaty shoulder.

“If you had just cooperated, it probably would have been over by now.” Linda shook her head and gazed at her clan inching forward again, their bravery returning as they gathered about the bound giantess. “Now they’re gonna want more.” Linda stepped away and stood at the top of Jennifer’s cleavage. “How’s Jason?” she called out looking at a small group of the Tinies huddled at the edge of the pillows.

“Matt says he sprained his wrist when he hit,” a two-inch Tiny named Pete said after a moment. “And had the wind knocked out of him. He’ll live.” Jennifer did not know which Tiny Matt might be.

“Okay. Robert, get up here and bring the paper clamps. And one other, any takers?” Jennifer saw Johnny rush forward, lust in his eyes and licking his lips as he ran across her belly then scrambled up between her breasts to stand beside his leader. Jennifer tried to stay calm and lie still with the creepy feeling of the Tinies on her skin as Robert tossed the metal clamps up then climbed up her hair, grabbed the strap of her ball gag and swung up to join the others on her chest.

“You two get her nipples,” Linda said with a sweep of her sword. “Put the clamps on her and have fun.” Linda’s voice was cold as she stepped away down Jennifer’s body even as the two little men drew forward. Robert had an evil smile as he pressed the hinged paper clip open threateningly above Jennifer’s right nipple.

“I’m gonna enjoy this, bitch,” he sneered as he closed the clamp over Jennifer’s already sore and abused nipple, squeezing it tight with all of his might. Jennifer gasped, sucking air through her nose as she felt the pain, then shrieked into her gag as Johnny followed suit on her puffy left nipple. Then she screamed as electricity shot into her pussy again.

And again…

And again…


Jennifer was still sobbing hours later as her body protested, aching in lingering pain. Each of the Tinies that had wanted to participate in her punishment had been allowed to inflict some form of torture on her helpless body. They had traded off on the nipple clips for about an hour until Jason and William had come from the bathroom dragging her long, thin curling iron behind them. Jennifer had squealed and shook her head but the Tinies ignored her protests, Stacy shocking her over and over until finally she slumped into submission.

Jennifer had squealed again as the nipple clamps had been removed and blood started rushing back into her abused nubs hurting far more than when they had been attached. She had shrieked as the curling iron had then been closed over her sore nipples, burning them and squeezing harshly, two of the Tinies always working the wand, trading off with others.

And all the while Stacy kept shocking her relentlessly, a wicked smile curling her lips with each muffled howl of agony.

Someone had slashed at her soles with the razor blade axe as another waved a lit match over the wounds, cauterizing them. Jennifer jerked and squirmed, trying to pull her legs up and away until she felt Linda’s sword poking into her throat again. Linda had ordered several of the men to drag her dog choke chain over and they looped it through the ropes on her ankles and around the leg of the heavy desk. They had pulled it as tight as they could, then locked it in place with one of Jennifer’s small padlocks, efficiently holding her feet to the floor. The torture on her feet then began again and Jennifer cried out, shaking her head with the new pain as her soles were repeatedly slashed and burned. She knew it would be days before she could walk comfortably again, if they ever let her go.

If they let her live.

One of the women had come up with the idea of piercing her breasts with pins and needles. Several of the Tinies had mounted her and started shoving straight pins into the flabby flesh of her mammories. Jennifer wailed into her gag, her high-pitched shrieks muted as the Tinies abused her breasts sticking pin after pin into her, shoving deep and showing no remorse or mercy, most actually laughing at the wild ride on her heaving chest.

And Stacy shocked her over and over.

Finally Linda had called a halt to the torture. “That’s enough,” the tiny woman had said as she stepped up onto Jennifer’s chest again, roughly jabbing her sword shallowly into the giantess' clavicle. Jennifer was sobbing non-stop and could not even open her eyes as the little woman stared down at her.

“I’m sorry,” Linda said softly as Jennifer’s voice racked and heaved trying to draw breath through her snotty nose. “Get me a tissue!” Linda shouted out and a moment later Jennifer felt a Kleenex pressing against her nostrils.

“Blow,” Linda said, wadding the thin tissue over Jennifer’s nose and holding it in place. “After all that, I don’t want you suffocating on your own snot.” Jennifer blew thick, snotty mucous into the tissue, three times until she cleared her nose and lungs enough to draw a decent breath. After one more blow Linda wiped around her nostrils then tossed the messy Kleenex to the floor.

“You rest now, and don’t do anything stupid.” Jennifer felt Linda padding away, eventually dropping back down to the floor.

Jennifer just sobbed, lingering pain echoing throughout her body…


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