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Jane's Toy Part 2

by Carnaj

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© Copyright 2011 - Carnaj - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; shrunk; giantess; bond; bdsm; outdoors; torment; tease; hum; water; nc; XX

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I woke to darkness...

My world was spinning, swaying to and fro and I felt my mind swirling in kind as I tried to get my bearings.  I was still bound; hand, foot and elbow, and by the feel about me, still lying helplessly in the toe of an over-sized nylon stocking that dangled from the ceiling.

But truth, it wasn't the stocking that was over-sized, but rather me that had been shrunk down to the size of a mouse and deposited within for the night for safekeeping.  By my Giant captress, Jane, who was now missing.

As I twirled in my stocking prison, which dangled above the pillows on her bed- her empty bed- my eyes slowly adjusted to morning's light. It was early, and I could see the faint rays of sunlight easing through the bedroom windows, piercing the blinds and slipping through the slight crack in the curtains.  Spinning and swaying, I could see the red LED of her nightstand clock reading 7:12 AM.  I squirmed, trying to right myself as the swinging stocking slowed its pendulum-like undulations.  I could smell coffee brewing somewhere, and saw a sliver of light coming from beneath the bedroom door.

Foolishly I struggled at my bonds again, but the Christmas ribbons still held tightly.  I was trapped as I had been for over a day now, and at the mercy of the woman that now seemed to own me.  The Goddess Jane.  There was little that I could do but wait...

It was some time before the bedroom door opened again.  I saw the Giantess silhouetted there in the doorframe and instantly grew hard to see her huge, shadowy form.  Her body was massive to me at my miniscule four-inches, but perfect; a shapely hourglass figure, well toned with long, muscular legs and arms- yet feminine, and dominant as she struck a pose, hands on hips in the doorway.  As my eyes adjusted I could see that she was dressed for a morning run; a lycra sports bra and shorts, mesh New Balance running shoes with velcro straps and various electronic devices strapped to her hips and arms.  Her blond hair was pulled back in a tail and she held a mug of coffee in her right hand as she smiled at me.

"Good morning," she said as she strolled forward, leaning in at last close to my prison to stare at me.  "And how is my little man this morning?  Sleep well?" She chuckled as I squirmed, struggling in my bonds.

"Let me go!" I shouted, but she ignored me.  She set her coffee cup on the nightstand as she stepped up onto the bed, then stretched up on tiptoe to pull the simple pushpin from the ceiling that held me trapped.  she stepped back down and opened the top of the stocking.  I looked up and saw her smiling down at me before she slipped her hand within.  I screamed to see her gigantic hand sliding down towards me, groping...

The Giantess wrapped my tiny form in her fist and pulled me free.  She held me before her face, watching me as I writhed and struggled in her grip, twisting as I futilely tried to escape, hopeless as it was.  I could feel the warmth of her hand as she squeezed me, the fragrance of her soap from her morning wash.  I moaned as the pressure mounted, eventually begging her to stop, to have mercy.  Finally she eased her grip...

I watched in a daze as she sat on the edge of her bed and crossed her legs.  She leaned over then, her hands going to her feet and shoes.  "I'm going out for my morning run now," she said, her silken voice light and playful.  "I want you to keep me company..."


I struggled in her grip as she eased her hand down to her shoe, but there was nothing that I could do.  Compared to her I was nothing.  She easily held me to the top of her running shoe as she pulled the leather, velcro straps over my body and pressed them back into place.  I was held fast, bound to her shoe by the straps across my chest and thighs.  I flexed and strained, pushing against my bonds, but with my hands and arms still tightly wrapped I could get no leverage.

The Giantess Jane chuckled and twirled her foot, admiring her handiwork as I stared up at her.  "You're so cute," she cooed, stretching her leg to its fullest, tilting her foot to and fro before placing it back upon the ground and standing.

I stared up at her... and up and up.  She was looking down on me, glancing past her breasts held firm in her sports bra, a huge smile curling her lips.  I could smell the leather of her shoes and the odor of her feet and sweat well worn into the mesh fabric.  Her shoes were old and favored apparently, unwashed and worn.  My senses reeled at the heady aroma and I was gasping for breath against the tightness of the velcro.  I could feel her toes wriggling beneath me.

"Comfy?" she giggled as she placed her earbuds in her ears, fiddling with her MP3 player.  I started whining again, begging to be set free, but if she heard me she ignored me.

My stomach churned as she started walking.  I sensed a rush of motion with her every step, and I shook with every footfall.  My mind reeled, and she had not even started running yet.

She walked back to her kitchen, oblivious of my plight as she rinsed out her coffee cup.  A flurry of motion then, disjointed images as she headed for the door.  I cringed, shivering in terror as a mammoth dog came bounding up, slathering and yapping.  I was jealous of the dog's freedom, and Jane's apparent affection for it as she opened her front door and stepped out into the chilly air.

There was a light crusting of snow coating the ground, and the air was clear and crisp as she did several stretching exercises.  The dog frolicked and played in the yard while I squirmed and struggled in captivity.

Finally Jane called the dog to heel and started her run.

I moaned in agony every time her foot struck down.  Bolts of pain shot through me, and worse with every thunderous impact. The velcro straps rubbed into my nipples with the movements, exciting me no end.  It was a torture that I never could have dreamed, and with every step she took I felt my penis growing harder and harder...

I was ready to burst!


The giant world flashed by in a swirl of white, brown and gray, blurry and overwhelming to my senses.  My stomach churned as my body thrust up and down in a harsh rhythm, trapped on the Giantess' shoe as she ran.  it was like being on a roller coaster, every step she took rattling me to the core on impact, then lifting me up in another rush.

I was shivering in the cold, too, ice and dirt sloshing up on me with every step.  My body was aching, but all the while I was in constant sexual agony, my tiny body  on the brink as the velcro straps of her shoes rubbed me across the nipples, belly and thighs.  My penis was raging from the attention, ready to explode but every jarring footfall brought me back to reality.

I don't know how far she ran, or how long, but it felt like hours.  She paused at one point, and I could hear her breathing deeply far above.  I craned my neck, but could not see her face as my vision scanned her long, fabulous legs, up her body and settling on her breasts held tightly by her black sports bra.  I saw her take water, drinking from a small, plastic bottle and my mouth watered.  I was parched and dehydrated in the cold.  I could feel her sweat seeping into me from the shoe and smell the odors from her exertions.

"Baby want a drink?" she asked in a playful singsong voice.  I squeaked out a 'yes', but it was lost in the barking of her dog.  She squatted, pouring water into her cupped hand for her dog to lap at, but totally ignored me.  The dog lapped and guzzled, finally bounding away, scattering a flock of pigeons and starlings that were hunting the ground for food.

Jane watched the birds take flight, adjusting her MP3 Player for a moment, totally ignoring me.  Then suddenly her left foot came up and the rubber sole of her shoe was resting atop me, the heel pressing into my face-

"Lick!" she commanded, pressing harder and harder, a casual pose for her but the weight of the world for me.  I stretched my tiny tongue and started licking at the bottom of her shoe at the dirt and grit.  It tasted of salt.  I could sense her movements above- she was stretching I think, and totally ignoring my efforts in the process, concentrating on the rest of her run.  I saw the dog bound past, chasing a squirrel.

And then, without warning, she started out again, and the world blurred past...

I was exhausted by the time she returned to her home, spent and delirious from the pounding, the sexual frustration and overwhelming sensual input.  She let the dog run into the back yard (I assumed), while she went in the front door.  Someone was waiting within as I stared at a huge pair of black, high top tennis shoes just a few feet away- or yards...

"How was your run, Mistress?" a masculine voice asked as shadows fluttered overhead like rolling clouds.

"Fantastic," the Giantess Jane admitted.  "In fact, I don't think I've ever had a more stimulating run."  I heard her laugh at that, and as I looked up I could see that she was dabbing at her skin with a warm, terrycloth towel.  The towering man laughed as well, then seemed to fall away and fade with an echo of thunder into the distance as he walked away.

Jane ignored me again as she strolled deeper into her house.  Again I had the feeling of a wild, roller coaster ride, but compared to before it was almost soothing.  The high walls and gigantic furniture blurred with the movement.  I tried to watch, to get my bearings, but it was too much, and in the end I had to close my eyes.

Finally the walking stopped.  her feet shifted a bit, turning this way and that, and at last settled.  I felt warmth beaming from above and opened my eyes to a radiant glare that seemed to be a tiny sun radiating heat.  It took my tiny mind a moment to realize that it was a heat lamp mounted in the ceiling of her bathroom.

I looked up just as my body hoisted into the air like an express elevator.  There was a moment of weightlessness, and then I was bobbing.  I screamed to see the Giantess' hands swooping in on me like great birds of prey, her nails glistening red from previous kills.

Her hands grasped the shoe and eased it off of her foot with a 'shush'.  Immediately I smelled the pungent odors that had been trapped within; sweat and powder, body wash and leather and rubber all mingling and overwhelming.  I felt light-headed for a moment as I gasped for breath, then, without a care she tossed the shoe- and me aside.  It bounced off the heel and spun in mid-air, thumping the far wall before miraculously landing 'butter side up'.  my luck was short-lived however, as a second later her sweaty ankle sock floated down to drape over me.

I was gagging from the powerful odors.  Sweat, and the age of the shoe added a truly pungent aroma.  I was gasping for breath, and I could hear her moving about, humming some Giantess tune.

Then I heard a cascade of water as she started the shower...


I gasped as the sweaty sock was removed, sweet fresh air filling my lungs.  I blinked against the sudden brightness, the overhead light and heat lamp glaring down on me.  I started to sweat in the steamy bathroom, steam roiling from the tub as the water roared and churned.

I squinted up into the light, trying to see as I struggled at my bonds, but tied as I was, and still held fast to the running shoe by the velcro straps, I was held firm.  I blinked, trying to focus as I strained, wriggling uselessly as the leather and sweat smells became intoxicating.  My movements just made me hard, and I could feel my cock rising again, and starting to pulse in rhythm with my heartbeat and racing blood.

I screamed as a shadow fell over me, and I saw the Giantess silhouetted by the overhead lights and towering over me.  It was both terrifying and exciting.  She was huge to me in my tiny state, like some monster from an old 50's sci-fi movie.  But at the same time she was awesome and magnificent.  As my eyes adjusted I could see her skin, smooth and creamy and shimmering in the vaporous light.  Her hair was wild about her shoulders, shadowing her face but for the sparkling of her dark eyes and the curve of her smile, wicked and showing a hint of white.  I saw then- realized then that she was naked, her hands rubbing softly about her torso, across her nipples about her magnificent breasts and smoothly down, brushing the slight golden patch of hair glistening about her moist pussy between her legs.  Her head tilted curiously as she watched me and I saw the flickering shadow of her tongue as she wet her lips, watching me.  I heard her giggle as I squirmed in frustration and helplessness.

And suddenly, swiftly she squatted down.  I yelped as her gigantic hands enveloped the shoe that was my prison, screaming as she ripped away the velcro that held me down and tight.  "Shh... " she soothed as her right hand slipped in, her long nails digging under me as she casually flicked me into the palm of her hand.  Before I could react her giant fingers wrapped about me as she made a light fist.

The world surged as she stood upright again, blurring as I rode along in her hand until I was right before her cruelly smiling face.  She squeezed and I yelped and struggled again, which made her smile and bite her lower lip.  She laughed -

"You love this," she said as her thumb pressed into my chest.  "I can feel your little pecker, hard as a rock.  You can't fool me."  Her thumb scraped back and forth across my chest, scratching my nipples and making them hard.  I moaned and she laughed again.  She opened her hand, and eased me back to lay in her palm.  A moment later her left hand was hovering above me.

She flicked at my penis with her left index finger, increasing the impact with every turn, sometimes hitting my prick, other times her nail striking my balls and making me scream and writhe in agony.  She ignored my cries, continuing her torture and watching as I built towards climax, then pulling back to leave me frustrated in her hand.

I was frantic and panting when the world shifted sideways again.  The room blurred as she moved, taking me with her, her fingers closing about me again.  Steam swirled about me, and the soft pastels of the bathroom faded to a dull white and I realized that she had stepped into the shower.

I was soaked instantly, which actually helped me calm and feel somewhat better.  I vaguely remember Monique from the University's Science Labs saying that I needed water, and apparently she was right as again my body started to settle and recover, and I started to calm.

And then I was falling.  The Giantess Jane had simply opened her hand and let me drop.  I spun haphazardly, twisting in the steamy air as I fell, shades of the white shower interior flickering and blurring about me.  I opened my mouth to scream, and just as suddenly I hit something soft, and the air gushed out of my lungs.  It was smooth and pinkish, and as I gasped for breath I stared in wonder, realizing that it was Jane's foot.  I saw her toes in the distance, cute and perfect, the nails painted red,  then I was rolling down the foot and falling again...

I hit the bottom of the tub hard, a thin sheen of water splashing with my impact.  I moaned in agony, as even that short drop had hurt, landing on my shoulder and hip.  I squirmed and flopped about like a fish in the shallows as warm water ran past me towards the drain at the foot of the huge bathtub.  I rolled about and saw Jane's enormous feet on either side of me, both longer than I was tall, looking clean and smooth and beautiful for some reason.  The mere sight of her sexy feet got me harder and harder.

I saw movement far above and saw the Giantess had taken up a bar of soap and a skrungy and was lathering herself up.  I watched breathlessly as she ran the soapy mass over her body, her skin shining with the sheen of soap and water as she rubbed her stomach and breasts, along her arms and shoulders.  She cocked a leg and ran her soapy hands along her thighs, then down her calves.

Her eyes locked on mine and I shivered to see the cold fascination and delight shining for Jane's new toy- me!  He bounces, and cries for mama when you squeeze him.  I suddenly felt even smaller than I actually was, helpless as huge drops of hot water splattered on and about me in a relentless, almost scalding storm.  Lather splashed to the floor of the tub as she soaped herself, eventually hitting me and drenching me in a slick, filmy mass.

Suddenly her huge foot rose and floated towards me.  I screamed as it hovered overhead for a moment, then slowly descended, easily covering me fully in length and width.  I had been stepped on before, even stomped on.  That seemed a favorite test for some of the crueler 'scientists' back at the University, but despite their worst; stomping and grinding and crushing, I survived.

Still it was frightening to see a giant foot coming down on you as though you were a bug.  I cringed, curling into fetal position as I begged and prayed at the top of my lungs-

"No!  Please!  Don't!!"

I was ignored, or unheard, both of which amounted to the same in the end as the foot came down, its white wrinkled sole pressing me into the slick, warm porcelain, pressing me down...

I felt the ever-increasing weight.  I felt the crush, my blood pressure boiling as her mass increased, flattening my resilient body.  It hurt, agonizing as I stretched first, trying to ease the pain, rolling flat on my back as she stepped down.  She held me there and I imagined that she enjoyed the sensation of having a man underfoot, squirming at her pleasure.  I can only imagine the wicked thoughts that raced through her mind...

Her foot shifted to the left, rolling me along the slick porcelain until finally I was free.  I gasped and heaved for breath, sucking up soapy water until the foot came back, rolling me in the other direction.  She squashed me under her sole, kneading me with her toes and grinding me with her heel.  I moaned and whined throughout, gasping for every breath and pleading for her to stop, begging to God- or Goddess...

Finally she pulled her foot away as great drops of soapy water splashed down on and about me.  Through stinging, tear-filled eyes I saw her hovering overhead, washing her hair under the deluge.  I sagged, turning away from the pounding, soapy splashes, trying to recover in the brief respite from my tortures when the rush of water caught hold and I started to slide.

I was caught in the current, stronger now as she stood fully under the shower, and the floor of the tub was slick with lather, almost frictionless.  I skimmed along the floor, turning about in horror as the far end of the bathtub grew ever closer...

Where the water started to spiral and swirl away down the drain.

The gaping black maw that was uncovered, unguarded, open like a mouth waiting to swallow me whole...


I started screaming as the race of water washed me towards the open drain, digging my fingers, jamming my heels uselessly against the soap-slicked porcelain.  I caught flashes of the Giantess above me, apparently oblivious or uncaring as she rinsed shampoo from her hair, her body towering over me, her face lost in the shadows as she brushed her slick hair back from her face.

I tumbled and rolled, the dark maw of the drain looming closer, ever closer.  I would be sucked away, down into the depths.  I would drown I imagined, or if not, if I survived then I would die of starvation.  I did not need to eat much anymore, but trapped alone and helpless in the sewers, bound as I was I had little hope of survival.

I screamed again as my legs slid over the beckoning hole...

The foot of the Giantess slammed down onto me.  I gasped as the air was forced from my lungs with the impact, then squirmed as her toes manipulated my helplessness, trying to gain purchase.  After a moment of scrabbling and scratching, my face ended up wedged in the web between her big and second toes, which she scrunched together, pressing into my head -

"Uh-uh," she said as she raised me from the hole and the floor of the tub.  "You don't get away that easily."

Her foot muffled my new screams as she raised her long leg and simply flicked me out of the shower.  I flew, finally splatting, tumbling helplessly across the plush rug mats that littered the bathroom floor.  I tumbled right up against the toilet, my head ringing as it struck the solid base.

I moaned, writhing about as my head spun.  Looking up I saw the Giantess Jane step lightly from the shower, pulling a clean towel from a hook on the wall.  She stared down at me with amusement as I tried to regain my senses, tried to quell the panic in my breast from my near death experience.  Her full lips curled slightly as she ran the terrycloth towel about her long, glorious body.  Her skin shimmered in the glow of the overhead light and heat lamp.  Her shoulder length hair curled in the warmth, framing her angelic/ demonic face as she considered me.  she was obviously enjoying my helplessness, enjoying my pain and her dominance over me.

"You didn't really think I'd let you wash down the drain, did you?" she asked as she dabbed the towel about her full breasts.  I sputtered, started to speak, but I knew she would not even hear me.  Despite my ordeal, I was getting hard watching her again.  She was beautiful...

"You're my new toy," she continued, dropping the towel onto the toilet seat before stepping before the sink.  I heard the roar of a motor and saw her blow-drying her hair.  "My pet.  Or you will be once you learn who's the boss."  She paused and looked down at me, a wide grin on her god-like face.  "That would be me."

Giggling like a schoolgirl, the Giantess cranked the power on the blow dryer to full blast and pointed it at me, laughing fully as I squirmed in the onslaught.  I curled up in fetal position, trying my best to endure, and finally she stopped, but not until my skin was glowing as though sunburned.  She set the dryer aside, then strolled from the bathroom, gone in two gigantic strides and leaving me helpless on the floor at the base of the toilet.

I wriggled and squirmed, trying to right myself, looking for any release, any way out of this nightmare, but there was none.  When she returned a few minutes later dressed in a black V-neck shirt with 3/4 sleeves, blue jeans and black Ugg boots, I was still where she had left me.  She stepped right up, the toes of her boots right in front of me.  I craned my neck, looking up the long, sensual length of her body to see her standing there with hands on hips, looking down.

"We're going out," she said, her lips pursing a moment as she took me in at her feet.  "First though..."

Her hand swooped down, a bird of prey with scarlet claws scooping me up in her grip.  I did not even have time to scream as I was elevated to hip height in a flash, then carried out of the bathroom.  My stomach churned with her long strides, until a moment later when I sprawled on what I assumed to be her dresser.  There was a brush right next to me, looming huge, and a comb and hand mirror a ways away.  I saw bottles lined up in the distance, and ornate boxes.  When I looked back at the Giantess I saw that she held a huge pair of scissors in hand.

"Nooo!!!" I screamed as she casually flipped me onto my stomach.  She easily held me down with a finger as the cold slabs of sharp metal slipped between my arms first, snipping the Christmas ribbons that she had originally bound me with at wrist and elbow.  A moment later and she had freed my ankles as well.

She removed her finger and I sprawled, moaning in relief.  I stretched, massaging my sore wrists, happy to at last be free.  I rolled over, prepared to thank the Giantess, but my eyes went wide with fright as I saw her looming over me again.  She had a small white box in hand, and as though understanding my confusion, she tugged on a bit of thread, zipping a long length free as she eyed me with an evil grin.  It took me a moment to understand, to recognize the little white box...

Dental floss...

I remembered what the woman Monique had said about metals and Organics shrinking with the affects of the Fazer.  The Giantess Jane had apparently found a solution.

Her hand swooped in again and she casually flipped me onto my stomach again with a flick of her long fingernail.  She planted a little finger into my back as she wrestled with my flailing arms, easily overpowering me and my struggles as she looped the dental floss about my wrists, then my elbows again.  But she did not finish there.  She drew the thread down to my knees and looped it several times, then ran the line to my ankles and did the same.  From there, she folded my legs back, pressing until my heels touched my hands and knotted the line a final time, hog-tying me securely.  I heard the snap as she cut the cord, and finally the pressure was released from my back.

I rolled about, struggling in my new bondage, cursing and spitting, actually praying to God for release.  He ignored me of course.  I was starting to believe that I was in the hands- literally- of a Goddess more powerful than the God that I did not even believe in.  I believed that the Giantess Jane now controlled me, and held my fate in her whim, but still I struggled.  I had to make her understand.

I was a man.

I was human, just like her...

Or was I?

The Giantess wandered off after watching me for a bit, to do giant things I imagined.  I rolled about, struggling uselessly against the tight, waxy cotton cord.  Eventually I gave up, winded and weak, resigned to my fate- at least for a time.

Jane returned after some time, slamming something huge onto the dresser top right beside me.  RIGHT beside me.  I felt a gush of warmth between my legs as my eyes went wide.  I knew that it took a lot to kill me now that I was shrunk, but the old terrors died hard.

Jane laughed to see the tiny puddle pooling beneath me.  "Bad boy," she said, and her hand dropped from the sky, her long red nail slapping against my thigh with a casual flick that sent me into new fits of pain and screaming.

She gathered some things that were huge to me, but familiar; her keys jangling, grinding loudly, a bottle from her dresser, something wide and white from one of her drawers that boomed closed.  Then her fingers enclosed about me.

I squirmed in my bondage, pleading for release as she brought me up to eye level.  I dangled between her thumb and forefinger pressed together about the tiny strip that connected my wrists to my ankles.  She laughed, bobbing me a bit, watching as my penis grew before her huge, billboard face.  Her dark eyes sparkled with mirth and I saw her tongue slip between her huge, full lips, wetting them.

"We're going to the mall," she said sweetly, her voice booming.  Then suddenly I was flying again, swooping through the air as though suspended from a crane.

I jerked to a halt, and saw a dark opening beneath me, a mouth bordered by metallic teeth, surrounded by mounds of soft brown.  It took me a moment to make the connection- an every day thing suddenly huge...

Jane dropped me into her purse, a moment later zipping it closed, leaving me in darkness...




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