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Jane's Toy Part 3

by Carnaj

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© Copyright 2011 - Carnaj - Used by permission

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I tumbled about with her movements...

My captress, the Giantess Jane had declared that we were going out- "to the mall," she had said, and for her convenience rather than my comfort she had simply and literally dropped me into her purse. I hit hard, my little four-inch body slamming on something hard and metallic, knocking the breath out of me in a gush. I bounced and rolled, wrapped up in almost a ball in my hog-tie, sliding deeper into the depths of her bag.

I finally came to a stop, wedged between the metal and something stiff and bristled that jabbed me in the back, shoulders and ass. I had looked up blearily and scared to see her beautiful, gigantic face peering down at me with a final grin as she had zipped the top of her purse closed with an easy flourish.

I laid there for a bit, my eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness as I took deep breaths, trying to calm down. I already knew that I could not escape from the bondage that she had so effortlessly put me in. The original Christmas ribbon had been impossible to break or pick at the knots, and that had been exchanged for a thinner, stronger binding that was actually coated in wax: dental floss. It was just so ludicrous; me, a 'grown' man (sort of), tied to helplessness by something so trivial and trapped in a woman's purse. I did not know whether to laugh or cry, it was so crazy.

Or maybe it was me...

Maybe I was already insane and this was all some maddening delusion that what was left of my mind was creating. Or maybe I was dead and this was my Hell? It certainly seemed like it.

But it was all too real I knew. I was a victim of a science experiment gone out of control and reduced in size and stature to four inches and given over like a toy to a cruel and beautiful woman that took great delight in tormenting me. She kept me naked and bound hand and foot, humiliating me at every chance, and somehow always keeping me on the brink of orgasm. How I did not know...

Of course she new how to stimulate me, as that much of my manhood remained, but I seemed hard almost all of the time. Was it her dazzling beauty? I cannot believe that the things she did to me were exciting me. I hated being the victim, hated this new life I had at her mercy, but - My penis was throbbing even now, just thinking of it... of her.

I continued to breathe deeply, trying to calm down and after a few minutes I could feel my pulse slow to a more normal rate, the flush of my skin easing. My member finally started to soften and shrink again even as my stomach lurched and I was jostled about. My world seemed to spin for a moment as all became weightless, then slammed sideways abruptly.

I moaned as the contents of Jane's bag piled into and about me. I yelped as something sharp jammed into my thigh, just as something else toppled and thumped me on the head. All the while my stomach roiled and my senses spun with a queer swaying sensation. It took me a moment after things settled into place that Jane had casually slung the strap of her purse over her shoulder, letting the bag slump against her hip, and it was swinging as she walked.

And again everything spun and tumbled as the outer movement came to an abrupt halt. Again I was crushed under the debris in her bag, my tiny ball-like form worming its way down to the bottom of the bag. I both thanked and cursed the resilience of my new body; able to withstand much punishment, but feeling the pain potentially forever.

I heard a tremendous explosion beyond the muffling confines of my prison and wondered what had happened. It had sounded like a bomb gone off, but even as I pondered that oddity I heard a mighty roar and my little dark world started to vibrate for a time. It all seemed vaguely familiar, but in my new world more like a dream that I could not quite recall. The vibrations settled and the roar became a low hum as movement resumed. Not the same as before however, the swinging was replaced by a gliding, as though the purse was rolling along somehow...

We were in her car and going to the mall. My terror was making me stupid, apparently. The slamming door, keying the engine to life, all amplified in my miniscule state of being, alien but oh, so familiar.

Time had no meaning to me there in the dark, so I had no way of knowing just how long the trip took. I shifted about, wiggling as best as I could in my tight hog-tie, trying to ease the over-sized contents of the Giantess' purse off of me for what little comfort I could gain. As my eyes adjusted I started to recognize the obscenely huge shapes; a gargantuan hairbrush whose bristles had been digging into my skin like dull knives, a giant perfume spritzer bottle that had hit me in the head, and the huge metal box that my mind placed as a cigarette case, though I had never seen the Giantess smoke. There was a massive Bic lighter though that was almost the same height as I was- unbound of course. Beneath me there was a pen and notepad, and about me I saw a plastic container of Tic Tacs, a tube of lip gloss, a coin purse of the same soft leather as her bag and far larger than I was. There was a deadly looking key ring thankfully a ways away and hooked to a dangling clip. And there were other things as well, too dark or alien to distinguish...

Movement startled me awake as my world started to swing and sway again. I felt the familiar lurch of weightlessness as I was jostled about once more, cursing as the things in her bag seemed to come alive and attack me. I heard the door slam again, and again the purse slammed against the Giantess' hip. My world rocked and swung with her giant strides and I assumed she was crossing the parking lot of the mall. I could feel the bitter cold of winter's air seeping through the soft, rich smelling leather and I could hear things as well; things again strange yet familiar. The sound of passing cars and the clack of heels on pavement. I heard music, briefly loud and thumping as it passed. Worst however, I heard voices, more and more as she approached the mall's entrance. Happy, laughing, chattering voices that were in their own little worlds and totally ignorant of the tiny little man tied up and held prisoner in the purse of the woman they were passing.

I wanted to scream for help, but in the end I simply screamed in frustration and hopelessness. Why was this happening to me?!

The cold finally, slowly eased and the chatter turned into a constant drone of voices, one conversation blending into another as the Giantess strolled into the mall. I could hear the faint strains of Muzak piping in around me as the movements of my prison finally settled into a slower rhythm.

I could picture Jane in her Giantess world casually strolling the shining expanse of the mall, smiling at the people she passed, grinning with the secret contained in her bag. I imagined her, just another shopper glancing in the windows of the stores, perhaps wondering what to buy, thinking of trivial things that she might need. Her life went on, regardless of her little captive. I needed little to no attention and could simply be wadded up and stuffed into a pocket if need be, totally ignored and forgotten until she chose. And I had visions of her beauty; her smiling face framed by her dirty blond hair, silver earrings dangling and sparkling, her gorgeous body dressed for winter but still captivating in a long black woolen coat, perhaps a scarf and those boots...

I closed my eyes and tried to calm down again. I could feel the stiff pulsing between my legs again and could not believe it. Why was this exciting me?

"Hello." I heard the Giantess' voice suddenly, and that snapped me back to the reality of my situation. Whatever it was that was sparking my erotic excitement fled as strange new sounds entered my confinement. There was a chirping, twittering noise that sounded like birds, and the barking of a small dog sporadically. Odd smells crept about me as well, gritty and damp though not unpleasant. Was she in a pet shop? I vaguely remembered a dog running about for a bit at the party, but most of that night has become like a blurry nightmare...

"Jane!" I cringed to hear another voice; a voice that apparently knew my captress, and worse, was female. Since my shrinkage I had come to realize that women were definitely the deadlier- or at least the crueler- of the species, to paraphrase the old saying.

"It's been ages," the woman continued, and I detected a slight foreign lilt to the silky smooth voice. French? "How have you been? How were the holidays? How's ... "

I listened intently as the two Giantesses spoke, two friends catching up on recent activities in their lives. I squirmed there in the bottom of Jane's bag, the rich, almost exotic scent of the leather purse mingling with the strange odors of the pet shop conspiring to put me to sleep again. I struggled to remain awake however, an impending sense of dread falling over me like a heavy blanket, certain that something bad was about to happen.

I was right...

I craned my neck and squinted into the sudden flare of light that illuminated the insides of the purse as Jane drew open the zipper with a quick jerk. I blinked, trying to focus as her gigantic hand dipped inside, her long scarlet nails looking like shields as they twitched and flicked, bashing the contents of her bag aside. I screamed as her fingers finally brushed me, her nails sharp and scratching as she blindly felt for me, still conversing, her sweet voice no longer muffled by the soft walls of my prison -

"Wait'll you see this," she said, her voice bubbling with excitement. Her fingers cupped about me, then traced the bonds of my hog-tie and finally pinched on the trailing thread of the dental floss. "You're going to love it," she continued, as with a swift jerk I shot skyward, up and out of the confines of her bag.

I twirled, spinning madly and bobbing as I rocketed up and up. The world blurred past, a myriad of colors that were indistinguishable and made my vision swim, my head spin and hurt. My stomach roiled and I swallowed back bile as my ascent halted as abruptly as it had begun. I moaned as my body hung suspended at the end of the floss, my wrists and ankles taking my weight and burning in agony. My back bowed as much as the bondage would allow, and my penis dangled beneath, huge and dripping, pointing straight down.

"What the - " I heard a gasp filled with shock and astonishment. My helpless body slowly spun, and I started to make out my surroundings. I focused on the long fall to a hard, dark field beneath me, my eyes wandering as my brain tried to assimilate what I was seeing; a gigantic pen, blanket sized scraps of paper, paper clips and rubber bands. It was a desk, or more likely a countertop. "Oh my god ... "

I looked up at the whisper, still rotating like a fish on a hook. I saw a wall of black as I craned my neck up, like the long thick curtains that real movie theaters used to have in the old days, stretching down beyond the limits of my sight. Behind the curtains was a darker black wall, soft and tight, and as I looked upwards I saw a slash of creamy pink and realized that it was the V-neck shirt and the enormous (to me) cleavage of the Giantess Jane.

"Is that... Is it alive?" the mystery woman asked.

But with something to focus on, I ignored her curiosity and struggled to look up at the woman that literally held my life in her hands. I saw those lips first, glossy and full as they parted to speak- "Alive and kicking," she said with a giggle, her voice booming over me with a gush of sweet, warm breath. As if to emphasize her point, the Giantess jiggled the floss and sent me bobbing and thrashing much to the amusement of both women.

I screamed, cursing, pleading for her to stop, but as I looked higher and saw the wicked gleam in her dark eyes I knew that she was enjoying my predicament far too much to quit. Still I continued to struggle, ignoring the biting pain in my wrists and ankles as I continued to turn.

I finally saw the other woman then, the other Giantess. She was older than my captress, her long hair peppered gray and tied up in a loose bun, smile lines at her eyes behind the thin wire frames of her glasses and at the corners of her pale lips that were rounded into an 'O' as her gray eyes took me in. I could see the fascination as she stared, watching me squirm in my bonds. Her eyebrows were arched, her eyes wide but they sparkled, and she made no move to help me.

Finally I sagged in my bonds, my legs and shoulders straining from the position, my back aching with a dull continuous burn. I could not feel my hands and feet anymore -

"How... "

The new woman asked, her question unfinished, but Jane knew what she meant and went into the long tale of my shrinking and captivity. Somewhere in the midst of the story I was unceremoniously dumped onto the countertop. I sagged with relief as the various aches and pains started to recede just a little bit. I moaned, rolling about as best I was able, looking up at the two women but ignoring their amused scrutiny. My skin flushed red, however, and again my penis betrayed me, expanding to their chuckles.

"He whines and cries," Jane continued as she concluded her tale, "but look... " Her finger appeared at my side, her huge nail slipping under me and flipping me over to expose my throbbing member. It was huge and red and ready to explode- at the brink as always, but denied. "He likes this more than he'll admit. Imagine how big that would be if he was a real man?"

"I am a real man, dammit!" I screamed, and the two Giantesses just laughed.

"He's so cute," the other woman said, her own finger tentatively tracing the side of my body. I shivered at the cool touch of her flesh. She had no nails to speak of. "God, I wish I had one. I wish I had a hundred. I could sell these no problem." I saw her face looming over me as she licked her lips with growing excitement. "We'd be rich!"

"That's part of the reason I'm here," Jane replied, and when I looked to her I saw a truly evil grin on her face. I shivered, suddenly worried again. What did she have in mind?

"That, and I need some toys for my new pet... "

Oh god...


They played with me. Like I was a toy, or a pet, the two women poked and prodded me, making me squirm as they tormented my tiny bound body. It hurt, and before long I was screaming for them to stop, then begging for them to just leave me alone. They laughed and ignored me, of course.

I could not understand why this new woman (whose name I finally learned was Marie) had no qualms about abusing a tiny, obviously captive person. Just like the guests at the Giantess Jane's party, there was not an ounce of pity in her, or sympathy. The guests at the Christmas party who had realized that I was a living being simply marveled all the more but ignored my plight, most actually enjoying it as I writhed and pleaded for their amusement.

I could not understand. Why wouldn't anyone help me?

And as they tortured me, Jane explained her ideas...

First she wanted to buy some things; something to keep me in like a fish bowl or cage with a water bottle, maybe a hamster wheel and all the accessories. She also wanted a proper collar and leash, explaining the problems of the 'Fazer', stating that it had to be organic- no metal or plastic. Marie listened, nodding, saying that she had just the thing.

Jane then explained that she might be able to get others like me. She would talk to Monique from the University and the three of them could go into the 'Pet Male' business and, like Marie had suggested, get rich. Marie had grinned widely at the prospect, poking me in the ass with a pencil. She was apparently all for the idea, and for about a heartbeat I pitied my fellow men who might blindly fall victim to this shrinking curse.

Only a moment however as my pity became self-centered again, as Marie produced a pair of scissors. "Show me how it works," she said as she placed a finger in the small of my back, snipping the dental floss that held me in a hog-tie. I felt the cold metal blade scrape along my back and whimpered, moaning again as my legs unfolded.

"The floss is cotton," Jane said as she fished the Fazer out of her coat pocket. "It should grow with him, according to Monique."

"Better safe than sorry," Marie suggested. "Don't want his hands and feet popping off if she's wrong, oui?"

"Good point," Jane responded as her friend snipped free the rest of my bonds. She left one strand wrapped loosely around my left wrist so they might experiment. I struggled to rise, but the other woman held me easily down with one finger while Jane adjusted her shrinking device.

"This is the first time I've tried this, actually," Jane said as she keyed the Fazer, her tongue poking from the corner of her mouth.

"Just go for a couple inches if you can, so we can see what happens."

"Okay," the Giantess said, finally smiling with satisfaction, "got it."

The Giantess, Jane pointed the device at me even as her friend removed her finger from the small of my back. I knew this was my chance- maybe my only chance so I scrambled to my feet, ignoring the pain in my limbs and started to run...

A strange flickering light enveloped me before I had gone more than five long strides. My body convulsed and suddenly felt bloated as I was driven to my knees, agony racking my bones and muscles. I cried out, tumbling to the ground as though hit with a hot iron, writhing as the light washed over me.

My penis throbbed and grew as my joints and muscles popped and snapped. My world started to spin into the gray...

And the light stopped.

My stomach churned and I felt bile rise in my throat. I moaned, rolling to the side and vomiting whatever had appeared in my stomach; sour, steaming water. Tears burned down my flushed cheeks and my bowels emptied, puddling beneath me. My body adjusting to the change, apparently.

When I finally could I blinked away the tears and rolled onto my back. I stared up to my two tormentors to find them both staring down at me, leering in fascination. Apparently it had worked, and I had changed, but from my perspective huge was huge. Marie licked her lips and I heard Jane draw a deep breath.

"That was so hot," Marie said, tilting her wire-rimmed glasses a bit for a better look.

"I'll say," Jane responded, her finger flicking at my penis. It was standing tall and proud, red and throbbing. The touch of Jane's sharp nail almost put me over the edge.

But not quite...

I moaned in frustration as she chuckled. "Hot for him too, I'd say." She flicked my dick, her nail snapping against my balls and the two women laughed at my writhing and screaming.

"Let's go to lunch," Marie suggested, glancing off into the distance at a clock I assumed. "We can talk about this."

"Okay," Jane agreed, digging into her bag for the dental floss. "I'll just tie him up again."

"No need, really," Marie responded, setting a large wire cage on the counter. Jane smiled.

"We can do that, but we don't want him enjoying himself while we're gone." Jane casually flipped me over with her fingernail, no effort at all. She held me down with a finger as she took the stray strand of dental floss and wrapped the end about my wrists, behind my back. It had apparently grown with me, as expected. She knotted the cord, and I felt her press, applying pressure until I was squirming and begging for her to stop.

"You better still be hard when we get back," she warned, flicking her middle finger against my ass and causing me to cry out. I almost exploded then and there.

Jane removed her finger, but before I could move, her gigantic friend scooped me up. Marie held me for a moment, enjoying the sensation of my squirming in the palm of her hand before she tossed me into the wire cage. I landed hard, bouncing on the floor and tumbling into a heap. I looked up as the Pet Shop Owner closed the cage door and secured it with a tiny padlock.

"Sure he can't get out?" Jane asked, leaning in as she shouldered her purse.

"Not unless he gets muscles when he shrinks. The bars will hold." Marie smiled, tapping the side of the cage with a finger, laughing as she wandered away. "Let me get my bag and keys. There's a new sushi place on the third floor."

"No, chicken, maybe a salad."

They ignored me as I lay there, my hands bound behind my back, which was actually the most comfortable I had been in days. I watched as they moved about, pale shadowy images, massive at the edge of my sight, chatting casually, going about their lives. After a bit the lights went out and I saw them move to the door, and leave, locking up in their wake.

Confident that I would not get away...

Trapped in a cage like a bird or hamster, or dog...

Helpless until they returned.


Of course I tried to escape.

Pointless as it was, after a time of sulking in the darkness I struggled up to my feet and went to the cage door. I was rolling my hands all the while, twisting and straining to get my fingers at the knots of dental floss binding my wrists behind my back to no avail. The Giantess had wound the floss over and over, criss-crossing and knotting, knot over knot. Even if she did not know what she was doing, and the knots had been simple, she had made them basically unreachable.

All to keep me from masturbating. 'You better be hard when we get back,' she had threatened. Like I wanted to get off.

Well... I did, but I wanted my freedom more.

I stared at the cage door. It was metal, simple hinges with a fold over hook that would keep a bird or hamster in check, but there was also a huge padlock attached that I knew would never budge against my teeny, tiny muscles. I backed against the bars though, feeling them up and even strained to bend them, but there was no give at all. I was just too damned small.

With a sigh and a sob I simply slid down the bars and slumped on the cold metal floor of the cage. I was not getting out until they decided to set me free, and I knew somehow that when that happened I would just be transferred from one Hell to another...

I jerked awake as light flooded the shop and thus, my cage. I scrabbled to my knees and shifted about, peering through the bars at the vast, shadowy forms moving in the distance. They seemed pale, like mountains on the edge of the horizon, though they were closer than that. A few yards away, that seemed like miles. Their laughter rolled over me like thunder, and I could feel my heart start to hammer with the anticipation of what was to come.

They finally came close enough for me to focus and I saw that both women were carrying bags. I don't know how long they had been gone, but long enough for lunch and shopping apparently. I watched as they placed their purchases on the floor, both then casually strolling my way.

I stared up at them as they both stood before my cage; the Giantess Jane that owned me (and I was finally starting to realize that's how it was), and her friend, Marie. Both were smiling down at me; Jane with a haughty look, her arms folded under massive breasts, her friend with her hands on her hips. Their eyes sparkled evilly as I cringed, finally looking away and backing up until I hit the rear of the cage. There was nowhere to go, and I was terrified. So why was I getting hard again?

What the hell was wrong with me?

"Miss us?" Jane purred as she leaned down, her huge face right up near the front of the cage. She giggled as I nodded tentatively, not sure what to say or trusting my voice not to crack with fear. "I missed you, little one," she continued, "and I brought you a present."

Her hand appeared suddenly, huge and menacing as her fingers shoved something through the bars of the cage. I yelped as it shot forward, a pale log like thing that hit the cage floor with a dull splat. I stared at it, smelling a familiar odor that I could not place.

"Go on..."

I inched forward, staring at the thing, when my mind finally registered on what it was: a French fry.

"Eat," she said, laughing as I examined her 'gift'. I could see the teeth marks now. It was not even a whole fry, but one that she had bit into and mashed a bit, probably spat out. The worst thing was that it made my stomach growl. I did not need to eat much anymore, but it HAD been awhile.

I dropped to my knees and bent low to nibble at the huge fry. I ate, not knowing when I might get another chance, much to their amusement.

But before I had taken my third bite I heard the padlock being removed, the door to my cage opening with a high-pitched squeal. I looked up to see Marie's hand swooping in, her fingers spread wide to encompass me even as I screamed and tried to scramble back. her fingers encircled me in a swift move, she taking me in a fist and lifting me, ignoring my kicking and screaming. My legs dangled from her fist now, kicking wildly, my head poking from the top of her fist.

Jane had used the 'Fazer' to enlarge me, and I figured I was now six-inches tall, as opposed to the four that I was before. Two inches made no difference to the giants however, as Marie whipped me from the cage with ease. She held me in her fist, squeezing slightly, her thumb brushing along my belly and chest. I looked up to see her leering down at me, her eyes sparkling with wonder as she felt me squirming in her grip.

"Please... " I moaned. "Let me go." she squeezed a little harder, then dropped me onto the countertop. I writhed about, trying to get my feet under me but was pressed down, a massive thumb in my back. I heard the distinctive snap of metal on metal- the scissors again, and I trembled as she snipped my wrists free of the floss, the huge metal blades scraping my skin.

I sprawled on the counter when my arms came free, but she gave me no respite. I heard the scissors clatter on the counter as she quickly scooped my tiny form up again. The world swam about me as I raced upwards in her grip, then abruptly down as she deposited me on the floor. I spilled from her hand and tumbled, thumping up against something. I moaned, looking up and waiting for my vision to focus and saw that I was at Jane's gigantic feet.

I looked up and up, along her high black leather boots and denim clad legs lost in the folds of her long dark coat. I saw she had the Fazer in hand, pointing at me again. Her face was far away, far above and shadowy, but I could see the white of her smile.

"Time to go home, baby," she said, and I saw her press the button of the device...

My world exploded as I writhed in pain. My body popped and cracked as that bloated feeling overwhelmed me again. I cried out, scratching at the floor, groping. My hand fell on the toe of her boot, then wrapped about her foot, then clutched at her ankle...

And the pain eased, and her foot shifted, pressing my hand into the floor.

And I was changed...


I screamed as I felt the weight of the Giantess, Jane's foot pressing down on my hand. It hurt, and I struggled, trying to slide my hand free of the gritty sole of her boot to no avail. She simply laughed, watching my fruitless struggles as I writhed about underfoot.

She had 'grown' me, using her Fazer, and I was now maybe three feet tall, still helpless before her. I whimpered as she leaned forward, her foot pressing into the back of my hand, begging for her to stop, but she ignored me, enjoying my helplessness.

Finally though she stepped off and back. Her boots were right before me, so close I could smell the suede of the leather. I stared as I massaged my throbbing hand, sensing her friend Marie as she stepped up to my side as well. What they were planning now I had no idea, but I knew I was doomed, whatever it was.

I heard the rustle of paper and looked up through tear-filled eyes. I saw the Giantess Jane as she pulled a pink and frilly dress free from a shopping bag, dropping it to the floor in front of me. It was a little girl's party dress, complete with a pleated skirt and poofy sleeves, touched with white at the bosom and black along the fringes.

"Put that on," Jane commanded as I stared at the dress, massaging my hand. I looked up at her again, but she just grinned wickedly.

"Please..." I said and felt something slash across my naked ass. I screamed and rolled over to see Marie hovering over me with a long strand of leather dangling from her fist. She was biting her lower lip, trying not to laugh aloud.

"Do it!" she commanded, and I rolled back, gathering the dress. There was nothing I could do. They had made me bigger, but I was still too small to fight back- though I would try,

I got to my knees and gathered up the garment, slipping it over my head, my arms into the sleeves then tugging it down uselessly. It was woefully short, and I knew that if I bent over my ass would be exposed. Too, my raging hard on made the front tent out, the two giantesses laughed as I stood at their direction. Jane dropped a pair of shoes and long white socks at my feet, again ordering me to don them. They were Mary Jane’s, tight and shiny.

I did as I was told feeling stupid and embarrassed, mortified to be dressed in little girl's clothes. I stood there for their approval, tugging at the hem of the dress, but eventually Marie slapped my hands away and ordered me to stop fidgeting.

"He's so cute," she cooed, her hands at my nipples and shifting the material. She felt the nubs of my breasts and twisted, giggling as I writhed with her torment, going on tiptoe in my tight shoes. My cock was sticking straight out and dripping when she finally stopped, and I was a quivering mass of pain and humiliation.

"Not done yet," Jane said as she stepped up, her denim clad legs pressing against me as she first snapped a tiny pink, plastic barrette into my hair, then shoved a rubber pacifier into my mouth. It was thick and long, scraping the back of my throat, and I felt her tying the leads tightly behind my head to ensure that it would stay in place. Finally satisfied, she stepped back.

I could only imagine what I looked like; a tiny man, three feet tall if I was lucky and dressed in a little girl's party dress complete with Mary Jane shoes and a dummy tied into my mouth. Tears welled in my eyes and I whimpered, my hands raising to untie the pacifier. I had had enough!

I yelped into my gag as something slapped against my ass. It hurt, burned and I staggered about to see Marie grinning down at me. "The pacifier stays in, tiny," she said, waggling a finger at me, "and you behave, or else."

I stamped my foot and reached up to undo the gag again. I was a man dammit! They could not do this to me- or so I wanted to believe...

Marie grabbed my arm and twisted it roughly behind me into an arm lock. She tugged my arm high, making me go up on tiptoe again before she flopped into a convenient chair and dragged me across her lap. I kicked and struggled for a moment, then felt her leg drape over mine as she held me down, her other hand gathering both my wrists and then holding me tight...

Her hand slapped against my ass...


And again...

I was screaming and writhing in her grip by the tenth blow, and she was laughing. Through tear-filled eyes I saw Jane standing before me and I looked up and up for intervention, but only saw her cruel smile. Finally Marie landed the 15th swat, then shoved me off of her lap and onto the floor.

I was crying, my ass burning from the spanking as the Giantess Jane slid her foot under my face.

"Kiss my boot," she commanded, her hands resting on shapely hips. "Do a good job and maybe I'll be lenient."

I whimpered but leaned in, pursing my lips and kissing the Giantess Jane's Ugg Boots over and over. I could not imagine how I looked.

Jane finally shoved me away, placing the sole of her right boot to my face and sprawling me to the floor. I looked up, but Marie was right there, affixing something to me, slipping my arms through leather straps and buckling things at my back. Finally she knotted a leather cord about my throat and tied that to the bizarre harness that she had set me in. finally they let me up.

Marie had fixed a child's leash to me; a harness that fitted over my arms and shoulders and basically kept me in check. Jane held the reins and tugged me into compliance as she handed me a bunch of shopping bags. She almost weighed me down, ordering me to hold the bags high and to be good. I stared at her with wide, terrified eyes.

Jane and Marie air-kissed, and then the Giantess Jane flicked the loose end of my collar across my ass.

"Move!" she ordered, and I started towards the door of the pet shop, sucking on my pacifier and flushing red as Jane opened the door and led me outside...


With Marie watching, bidding farewell I was directed out into the Mall again. I felt the weight of the leather harness that had been buckled onto me, affixed at the back and shoulders with straps and a leash that dangled behind and was held by my captress, Jane. too, she held the long leather cord that was tied about my throat; a true leash that I imagined was organic and 'shrinkable' as per the scientist Monique's instructions.

It was well into the afternoon now as the Giantess Jane flicked my reins to get me moving. I was carrying all of her purchases; things from the pet shop as well as other bags from various stores in the Mall. they were heavy all together, especially for my undersized muscles and frame, but I staggered on under the weight, my feet screaming in the too tight leather shoes that the women had forced me to wear.

I felt the fool walking through the packed Mall. It was just after Christmas, and the place was bustling with shoppers looking for end of the year/ after Holiday savings. I was bumped and almost trampled many times as I moved at Jane's directions, heading I hoped for an exit somewhere in the unseen distance. I heard the sound of Muzak echoing in the background, low and dull and almost lost in the constant drone of the shoppers. I was starting to sweat in my dress as the heat in the place was cranked high.

I tried to ignore the stares that I got as we walked. I knew that despite the dress and shoes, and even the barrette in my hair that it had to be obvious that I was male, if not a man. People turned to stare as we walked, and as far as I could tell, Jane was either ignoring or oblivious to my plight. After a time I started to hear whispers, and I saw people pointing at me.

The whispers eventually became louder, and some braver souls started to follow, just to see what was happening. I was burning a bright red by then, dragging and fatigued from the heavy packages. I could barely breathe due to the pacifier lodged in my mouth and the snot clogging my nose from my tearful snuffling. My eyes were wide as I shuffled through the Mall, wide and glassy and full of tears.

"Faggot!" someone said as we passed on. I didn't see who.

"...being punished." I caught the last half of a sentence. "Good for her."

"...sure it's a boy," some woman said with a barely concealed giggle.

I hung my head and shuffled on.

I was never so happy in a long time when we finally exited the Mall. Jane flicked the reins and tugged to get me going in the direction of her car and I complied without the slightest resistance. I just wanted this over and done. I quickened my pace, ignoring the people we passed, their stares and comments all through the parking lot until we finally arrived at Jane's car.

I was freezing now. It was winter and cold, and there was a stiff wind blowing up under my dress. I shivered as I waited for Jane to open the back hatch of her car for me to deposit the packages that I had been carrying. She took her time, smiling all the while. She knew I was cold and embarrassed and was loving it.

Finally she got the hatch open. "Set my things inside," she ordered and I did, happy to do so, as they were getting way too heavy for my tiny muscles. After I had loaded the last bag and shoved it in tight I felt a slash of leather on the back of my naked legs. I yelped into the dummy-gag, jumping at the unexpected pain. it was unexpected, and stung like hell.

"Now you," she commanded, pointing to a tiny spot that was not filled with packages. "Right there."

I looked at the space, then turned back to her. I could fit, but only by curling into a ball. There was plenty of room up front. Why was she doing this. I pleaded with wide eyes. Jane lashed the leather of both leads across my bare thighs, making me yelp and jump again.


I clambered into the back of the SUV, squeezing into the small space and twisting about. Jane grabbed my arm and threw me over onto my belly. I moaned into my gag as she roughly pulled my arms back and tied my wrists with the dangling leather cord of my collar, then drew my ankles up and bound them as well, effectively hog-tying me to the end tether of my leash. I could barely breathe as I squirmed in the small space, whining into the dummy gag as she rolled me over again onto my side.

"Be quiet," you command as you lean in and over me. I see your breasts swell in your tight sweater as your long coat opens when you shift bags about me. "We'll be home soon," you assure, your hand sliding under my skirt and tweaking my engorged penis briefly. I writhe at the pressure of your touch, and you giggle, stepping back.

You slam the hatch on the SUV and leave me alone. Soon I hear your car door open and close. The engine starts and the radio goes on. We start to move and I shift, trying to get comfortable for the ride home...


The ride back to the Giantess' home seemed shorter than the eternity I had spent in her purse during the ride to the mall. It was however, just as excruciating in its own way. I could barely move, bound at wrists and ankles in a hog-tie and wedged into the back of my captress' SUV surrounded by bags and boxes. Breathing was hard with a pacifier stuffed deeply into my mouth and tied off behind my head, not to mention the leather coil of collar that bit into my throat if I stretched too far. My feet ached in a pair of too-tight Mary Jane’s strapped to my feet, and I was freezing, my little girl's pink and frilly party dress riding up and exposing my bare ass to anyone who happened to glance in the rear window of her car.

I thumped my head against the floor of the rear storage, my fruitless struggles at attempting escape making me ache and sweat. My skin was flushed with the effort, coupled with the humiliation of being shrunk, tied and dressed like a little girl. Worse, my penis was raging, dripping and wanting relief. Why, I had no idea. I seemed to be hard all the time, despite the pain and humiliation I was enduring all the time as well.

Or because of it?

I moaned into the dummy crammed into my mouth, clamping my eyelids shut against the tears welling there. What was happening to me?

The car lurched and bumped, finally slowing, eventually stopping with a jiggle. The engine died, and a few tense heartbeats later I heard the front door opening and slamming shut. There was a brief, fading shuffle of receding footsteps, then another door banged closed far away and muffled.

God... Please...

Let me go...

A few minutes passed when I finally heard the chirp of the rear hatch lock, the clack as it opened. I looked up and shriveled...

A man stood at the back of the open hatch, a curious look on his olive toned face as he stared at me. His eyes were deep, dark brown and shining, his wavy black hair unkempt and long. He was magazine handsome and muscular, wearing a black Polo shirt and Khaki pants that I could see. he stared at me for a moment, his mouth forming a silent 'O', but then slowly his thick lips shifted into a devilish grin.

"She wasn't kidding," he said as his hand reached out and tentatively stroked my bare thigh. I squirmed and felt my penis pulse at his touch. Jesus! Why?

"You really are a little man," he said with a chuckle as his smooth hand slid along my skin that was now bubbling with goose pimples. I was burning in humiliation to have a stranger seeing me like I was, but I could feel excitement mounting as well. "And so cute in your party dress."

His hand slipped under the hem of my dress and I felt his cold fingers feeling me up. I squirmed and moaned, trying to hold back the tears, the panic. There was nothing I could do as he cupped my ballsac, squeezed...

"You're hot, and ready to blow," he said, swiftly withdrawing his touch, leaving me on the brink and wanting. "That's for her, sweetie. Better hold it in."

I was breathing hard and snuffling, trying not to cry in humiliation and shame. I watched as the man emptied the car of its bags and boxes, carrying each into the house, reaching over me to get another, or shoving me aside. I could smell his musk and manliness, his sweat as he lugged the packages until I was alone in the back of the SUV. Finally he returned for me.

"You're next," he said with a wicked grin and simply scooped me up in his arms and hefted me out of the rear of the car, he shifted me in his hold as he slammed the SUV's hatch, then lugged me like the other packages, into the house, ignoring my plaintive moans and struggles.

We entered the house, and without warning he simply dumped me onto the floor of the living room. My head thumped against the hardwood floor and the room flickered and spun for a moment as I tried to get my bearings. I smelled leather briefly, and then something dug into my shoulder blades.

I looked up and saw the Giantess Jane relaxing in her recliner, still dressed as she was, sans outer layers of coat, scarf, etc, and boots. She had her ankles crossed, socked feet planted on my back between my shoulder blades. I could smell the dampness of the snowy morning walk and the sweat mixed with the leather of her boots lingering... intoxicating...

"Hi, baby," she said, smiling then sipping a drink she held in hand.

I heard the clack of heels as the man walked away, a door closing...

The Giantess dug her heel into my back, laughing as I squirmed.

"Welcome home."


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