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Jane's Toy Part 4

by Carnaj

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© Copyright 2011 - Carnaj - Used by permission

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I don't know how long I spent on the floor at the feet of the Giantess Jane, she who now owned me, apparently. I was only now, after all the things that happened to me; the shrinking and experiments, the indignities and punishments to realize that my captress and her friends all considered me as less than human. Not a man any more, but more a pet or toy for their amusement.

It was horrible, degrading the things that they did to me, and made me do. And being tiny, between 2" and 3' ever since I had volunteered for the science study at University, there was nothing that I could do. My captors simply did as they liked, from the women scientists at the University, to the Giantess Jane whom I had been given to as a gift. I was so small in stature that any struggle on my part was futile and laughed at, more amusing than effective.

Even now, I was three feet tall, but the Giantess had easily dressed me in a little girls' pink party dress, white knee socks and patent leather Mary Jane's locked onto my feet. I had been bound hand and foot; hog-tied after I had been led through the shopping mall on a leash like a bratty child with a pacifier shoved into my mouth, much to the amusement of shoppers that we passed. No one cared or tried to help me. It was humiliating and horrible, and I was beet red throughout the walk.

Back at the house of my keeper, after a ride in her trunk like baggage I was manhandled by one of her staff, I assumed, and taken advantage of with some quick gropes that I had to suffer due to my helplessness. He carried me inside and dumped me on the floor at the feet of the Giantess Jane who promptly used me as a footrest for a bit.

Finally, after I don't know how long she cut me free of my dental floss hog-tie, though keeping my wrists and ankles bound. She then plucked the dummy from my mouth and commanded me to remove her socks with my teeth. I did, leaning in and wriggling about on the floor before her, biting on the tips of her long, woolen socks, knowing enough by now not to scrape against her toes lest I suffer more abuse.

It took some doing as I jerked and tugged, as her socks were warm and sweaty having been in her Ugg Boots the better part of the day. I smelled her scent as I worked; her feet overshadowed by the lingering odors of well-worn leather and her bath oils, body washes, foot powders, whatever. It was a strong, heady mix that sent my mind reeling and made my penis throb against my will. I did not know what it was, but the whole scene of me being small and helpless and subservient was driving me wild as much as I loathed it.

Eventually I bared her feet, which were breathtakingly beautiful. Her skin was soft like the finest velvet, and pale from the winter months. Her toes were small and flexing as I lathered my tongue over and between, tasting the salty, bitter taste of perspiration, the nails smooth, glossy and defined, her feet obviously pedicured and well-cared for. I licked for all that I was worth, hoping that if she was pleased she might be lenient, but also enraptured by the whole scene and ordeal. I was hard and throbbing as I squirmed to get at her soft soles, nibbling at her smooth heels, laving my dripping tongue along the top and sides and about the ankles. I was in heaven, my whole body a tingle as I debased myself before her, for her.

I was sucking on her toes when I realized that she had fallen asleep. She had been enjoying my ministrations apparently as she watched the news on her television and dozed. I looked up, captivated by her beauty, her body even in the chair and relaxed towering over my childlike frame. I knew my chance had finally come, but I had to work fast.

Watching the Giantess the entire time I wormed my way up and onto my knees. I twisted about, groping for the scissors that she had used to snip away my hog-tie, and with a bit of fumbling, finally managed to grab them. I squatted, first cutting the floss about my ankles, then with some effort, craning the scissors about to laboriously cut at the cord binding my wrists. I was silently cursing throughout, the angle awkward, but finally snipped enough away that I was free. I ran for the door...

I had no idea just where I would go, but I knew that I had to get away. Someone, somewhere would take pity on me and work to free me of this shrinking curse. At the door I unlocked the deadbolt and thrust the door open- only to have it stop with a jerk at a few inches. I looked up and tears welled in my eyes as I saw a chain holding it to, well up and out of my reach! I was so close!

I jumped several times and must have looked a fool with my skirt billowing and my skinny arms flailing. I needed something to stand on I knew, but panic and desperation was starting to set in. I turned about, looking for something to move towards the door to give me the few inches that I needed and paled...

The man was back, dressed in black slacks and vest and a white pressed shirt, his long, kinky hair pulled back in a tail. His dark eyes sparkled as he barely suppressed a grin to see me, my back pressed against the cold, oak door. I glanced about, started to run but he easily scooped me up, kicking and cursing as he casually and effortlessly slipped me under an arm, moving to wake the Giantess...

"Mistress," he purred, gently touching the shoulder of the Giantess Jane to rouse her as I futilely pounded my tiny fists against his well-muscled side. Helplessly I watched as my captress woke, stretching dreamily, finally focusing on me with some concern.

"He was trying to get away," the man offered, unconcerned with my struggles. "I was coming to announce dinner when I saw him trying to undo the door chain."

"Oh was he?" the Giantess said, obviously knowing the truth. I watched as she uncrossed her legs and stood, stepping towards the small table near her chair. "Set him down," she said, and the man complied gathering the lead of my leather leash. I strained, trying to run but he simply jerked and I stumbled back into place again and again.

When I looked to the Giantess again I quailed, my penis shriveling as I saw that she held the Fazer in hand.

"No," I whimpered, pleading, "please don't..."

Giantess Jane ignored my pleas and thumbed the controls with a hard frown. I immediately dropped to my knees, feeling as though someone had hit me in the stomach as I was enveloped in the queer flickering light of the device that controlled my height and mass. Sweat gushed from my pores as my mind reeled, the world twisting madly as it started to grow. I collapsed as Jane depressed the button that sealed my fate, watching as she expanded, even as the little girl clothes became voluminous and billowing about me as I dwindled...

The thin, flimsy pink dress became heavy on my shoulders, weighing me down. My knee socks bagged and drooped as I stumbled forwards, stepping out of the shoes. I staggered, the tiny beret that they had pinned in my hair no longer finding a grip as I shortened falling before my face to bounce on the floor. I was being swallowed by my clothes, but the organic leather cord about my throat stayed tightly knotted and choking as the man held me in place.

On my knees and groveling between them, I vomited and expelled my bowels of what little food there was within. I was crying in agony as the world started to flake and gray, my pleas falling on deaf ears...


I screamed as something drooled down my skin, burning and thick. I writhed in my bonds, tugging at the dental floss that held my wrists behind my back and about the thick, waxy pole behind me. My feet were bound as well, but already immobile in the thick puddle of soft, cooling wax that I was standing in ankle deep.

I stared at the Giantess, watching my struggles with amusement as she casually ate her dinner, the smell of the well-prepared food driving me wild with scents of spice and vinegar, steaming vegetables and roasted meat. I writhed about, whining and grunting as wax continued to drip down, pooling about my legs, coating my shoulders and body, making it harder and harder to move.

The Giantess Jane had shrunk me down to six inches again as far as I could tell. Then she had tied me off with my back to a candle placed on her dinner table, like a witch to be burned at the stake. I had screamed as the man had lit the tall red candle, realizing what was happening. I struggled, tugging at the unbreakable floss as the first trails of wax flowed down and sizzled against my skin.

I started screaming and had not stopped.

And the giantess Jane just watched and smiled and savored her dinner with my agonies as the wax started to encrust about me...


It hurt so much.

My skin sizzled and reddened as the hot wax continued its non-stop steady flow down the side of the candle, washing over my shoulders and drooling down my writhing body, coating me with a thickening, waxy layer that slowly started to hold me fast. I struggled as best as I could, but my wrists were bound behind me and the candle with the ever present and convenient, unbreakable dental floss. Likewise my ankles were tied to the pole of the candle, and at such an odd angle that my binding left my knees spread wide and my genitals exposed in the open.

And the hot, almost scalding wax continued to drip. My back was coated thoroughly already, and the wax was starting to pin me to the candle, but for my struggles. Wax heaped on my shoulders, growing about my neck and encrusting the leather cord tied about my throat like a leash. Rivulets ran down my chest, thickening slowly and burning, making me squirm in a torment of agony. I would heal I knew- if the torture ever stopped, but for now the pain was fierce and unending. Wax was coating my arms, trickling down my legs and pooling about my feet as the excess was caught in the glass holding tray that I was standing on. My feet were stuck already, and it was like in the bad gangster flicks I imagined, warm, wet cement.

I struggled, whining and mewling pathetically from the pain and hopelessness. I knew that I was trapped until the Giantess chose to let me go. And I knew that that was never going to happen. I looked up forlornly and saw her staring at me, her brown eyes smoldering, her lips curling slightly, evilly at the edges as she took in my plight. She was enjoying my pain, enjoying watching me struggle in my bonds as she casually swirled brandy about in a huge snifter.

"Please," I cried, wincing as hot wax drooled against the back of my head as I craned my neck to look up at her. "Please stop," I whined again. "It hurts! I'm sorry!" I shouted, straining to be heard. I knew that she would ignore me, as I was being punished for trying to escape, but it was too much. Too much...

To my surprise, the Giantess did not ignore me. My eyes snapped open wide as I saw her right index finger floating slowly towards me, her long sharp nail coated blood red and aiming at my face. I started to scream and struggled all the harder but the finger kept coming, the nail finally pressing against my forehead, forcing my head back until it hit the candle. I screamed again to feel the hot, searing wax burning the back of my head and immediately the wax started to build up on my face, along my brow, pooling in the sockets of my eyes (which I swiftly closed), running along the grooves of my face and building. I tasted the wax at my lips.

"Better stop screaming, boy," the Giantess Jane suggested as she pressed my head against the candle, holding it there as the wax dripped and flowed onto my face. "Keep that mouth open and you'll drown."

I believed her. I could hear the cold, icy tone of her voice and knew that she would keep pressing until the wax filled my lungs and clogged my nose, holding me until I stopped squirming and struggling. I imagine she thought that she could get a new toy from her friend Monique at the University if I perished. I imagine she was right. I took a final deep breath and closed my mouth just as the hot wax started to trickle over the edges of my lips.

"That's better, little one," she cooed, but did not remove her finger. I could feel the press of the wax hardening on my face. I could feel the pain of the burn and her fingernail lodged against my forehead. I had no illusion that she could not simply take that nail and slit my throat if she wanted, but I knew that she enjoyed me and wanted me alive. She was mad though, because I tried to get away.

"Don't even think this is your punishment, little man," she said, her voice muffled as wax drooled over my ears, cutting off all noise slowly. I already could not see, and with my lips clamped shut, I was quickly becoming gagged as well. "You are in so much trouble, mister."

I felt her finger, her pinky I thought, trailing about my groin. Her nail scraped my engorged and burning penis, flicking it casually and making me squirm with new sensations, making it grow and stand at rigid, flagpole attention. I moaned into my waxy gag, sucking air through my nose even as I felt the wax starting to build up about my nostrils.

"Mmmmnnn..." I moaned, hoping to get the Giantess' attention, but she simply snapped at me to be still. It was getting hard to breathe, but somehow I knew that she knew exactly what she was doing, in total control of me.

I felt another finger scrape across my nose, flicking away the waxy build up and allowing me to draw another breath, thank God. Her pinky was holding my cock up all the while, letting the wax coat it until it was sheathed in a thick condom, holding it out and rigid and stiff. From somewhere far away I heard her giant giggles.

Her finger flicked over my nose again and again as the wax started to really bog me down. At some point she pulled her hand away, but my head was welded fast to the pole of the candlestick. I saw the vague shadow of her hand receding and tried to struggle again, but could not move at all.

After awhile I sensed more than felt as she leaned in and blew the candle's flame out. I could see her shadowy silhouette flitting beyond my waxy blindfold as she finished her dinner. I imagined her smiling as she ate and sipped at her drink, watching her little statue of flesh and blood and wax, frozen at her whim, for her amusement.

"You're going to regret trying to run away, little boy." Her voice boomed in her Giantess tones, but still sounded dull and muffled by the wax covering my ears. "You're mine now. You belong to me. I WILL teach you your place," she said, and inside my waxy cocoon I shivered in fear...

What would she do to me next?


I don't know how long I stayed there...

After she blew out the candle, Jane continued with her dinner, no longer speaking to me, but watching me throughout. That was a torture in itself.

She had scraped away the wax about my face but left me tied and basically fused to the candlestick. The wax had dripped down enough, pooling in layer over layer to hold me fast; immobile and in the bound position with my back to the pole and frozen in place. My feet were shin deep in pooled wax, and my entire body was coated as though armored with only my face showing so that I could breathe. Struggle as I might, I could not move a millimeter in my exo-skeleton of wax and was forced to either close my eyes or watch the Giantess Jane.

Her dark gaze danced over my helpless form as she finished her meal; steak and vegetables, a salad and brandy. the aroma was intoxicating and made me realize just how hungry I was. I don't have to eat much in my shrunken state, since the experiments, but seeing and smelling the delicacies on her plate made my mouth water and my stomach growl.

I saw the Giantess smirk as she finished her snifter of brandy and dabbed at her full lips with a linen napkin. Her smile was like the icy cold touch of death.

"That was good," she said pleasantly, no doubt for my benefit, seeing the longing in my eyes. My stomach churned and roared again, and that made her titter with laughter as she slid her chair back and away from the table. I followed her with my gaze as she stood, towering over me. "Pity you tried to run away or you'd be eating my left-overs from a little dog dish on the floor now, puppy, instead of playing the centerpiece. Now you get to watch all this food get tossed," she said as she plucked another bite of steak from her plate and popped it into her mouth. "And no water either."

That worried me. Monique- the science student from the University that had given me to Jane had been adamant that I needed to have my body rehydrated. I already felt weak and feint from the latest shrinkage, which expelled most of the moisture in my body. I needed water to replenish. I had no idea what would happen if I did not get it.

"Think on that, little one, until I come for you again."

And with that the Giantess Jane turned on her heel and sashayed out of the dining room. I watched as her gigantic, hot ass swayed with every step, hugging the denim of her jeans, two worn, white spots eventually fading into the dim distance. And I was alone...

I struggled for about a moment, but the thick wax held me immobile, and beneath that the binding cord of the dental floss fastened me well to the candlestick. I was trapped... again... still...

I was half-dozing when a massive shadow flickered at the edge of my vision. I shifted my gaze, blinking back sleep and saw the man again. I assumed he was Jane's butler, and was certain now that I had seen him that first night, at the Christmas party, if not simply an employee, then a friend as well, but now he was busying himself with clearing away the table, piling the dishes onto a serving cart. It took some time, and he was almost done as far as I could tell when he finally leaned in close and eyed me...

"You're fuckin' hot, little man," he hissed as he leaned in close. I could feel his breath on my face and worried as too, I smelled the alcohol. His dark brown eyes danced and sparkled as he peered at me with intensity. There was a hunger in him, in his gaze, and I started to blush and sweat under his scrutiny. "I hope she gets tired of you, soon. I'd love to have a little man like you rubbing and kissing my dick."

With that fearful statement I shuddered, even as he raised his hand and flicked his finger- hard- against my frozen penis and balls. I screamed in pain as the wax that had been encasing my cock and balls shattered and fell away. It hurt like hell and had my whole body shaking in my waxy bondage. The man just laughed.

He finished clearing away the rest of the dishes and linens, wiped down the table and then finally returned his attention to me. He reached out with both hands and enveloped me in his fingers, his thumbs pressing on my chest as he squeezed and started to flake away the cracked wax.

I squirmed in his grip as freedom and movement returned, but he simply kept squeezing and flicking, his thumbs brushing away the spent wax and caressing me all in one. His callused thumbs kept scraping my nipples sending shocks of excitement through my tortured body. I moaned in torment, to which he chuckled and simply increased the friction of his touch. His thumbs pressed against my genitals as he flaked away my sheath, his fingernails scratching at my privates and sending me into a shivering fit. My skin was still hot and raw from the hot wax, and overly sensitive- at least that's what I told myself.

Finally he stopped, releasing me and I sagged, sweating and breathing hard. My cock was rigid, standing at attention as my mind reeled, trying to grasp what had just happened. Jane and her butler had tortured my tiny, helpless body as they liked, and my body had reacted, enjoying the abuse. What was wrong with me?

I gasped as a flash of silver caught my eye and I focused on the huge pair of scissors that once again floated before me. The giant made snipping motions and I shriveled, panic welling inside me. They swept behind and I screamed to feel the cool metal touch my blazing, tenderized skin. I heard a 'snip' and suddenly my hands fell free.

I almost pitched forward, and would have but for the scissors suddenly jamming down again and again into the waxy build up of my base. I grasped the candlestick behind me so as not to fall as the giant drove the points of the scissors into the wax piled and hard about my legs; breaking it up.

I started screaming as I felt the pressure at my middle, struggling as I was swept along the candle and suddenly flying in the grasp of the giant butler. He flipped me about between his fingers and I saw that flash of silver scissors again just before the cold metal snipped through the floss binding my legs.

My stomach roiled as the world flashed by; gigantic forms fading in and out of clarity, swirling images that seemed vaguely familiar. I saw great walls of darkness broken by shockingly colored rectangles. Flashes of light as the giant moved, his footfalls like thunder in the distance. I was suddenly blinded by a brilliant white glare, sterile almost and shining. my eyes grew wild as I struggled, my tiny fist beating on his own massive one as we approached a huge, white monolithic box that was as a building to me.

It took me a moment to recognize a refrigerator, and only then as he opened the door and my still sensitive skin felt the sudden gasp of chill air. What was he planning?

I knew soon enough. The giant twisted me about again in his grip and held me up, close to his face. Very close...

"Mistress wants you to cool off," he said with an evil grin. "You think about what you did, and chill..."

With that I felt the air temperature drop as the giant thrust his fist into the refrigerator. I felt the sudden chill even as he rotated his hand, then opened his fist. I screamed as I fell, dropping from his sweaty palm...

... swallowing a lungful of water as I hit the frigid liquid beneath me, sinking like a stone. I thumped on the bottom of the strange glassy pool, then pushed off with my legs and shot to the surface again, actually rising up and out from the icy water for a moment before splashing back down. I paddled and kicked my legs, trying to tread water as I started to shiver almost immediately. A large (to me) chunk of ice thumped into my back and another bobbed past as I paddled. I looked up and around and realized that I was in a gigantic pitcher of water- ice water- set on the rack in the refrigerator!

"How's that, shorty?"

I saw the giant leaning in, bent at the waist and one hand resting lightly on the door as though he were looking for a midnight snack. His face was huge and distorted through the oddly shaped glass of the picture, looking monstrous as he leered at me with a wide, wicked grin.

"You got some 'quiet time coming'," he chortled. "You think about what you did until Mistress Jane comes to get you, and then I suggest you be really, really sorry."

He laughed and shut the door, leaving me alone in the icy water and in the dark...

Yes, the light goes out.



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