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Jane's Toy Part 5

by Carnaj

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© Copyright 2011 - Carnaj - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; M/m; giantess; immerse; fridge; bond; tape; bdsm; punish; foot; electro; torment; mast; climax; nc; XX

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I was floundering in the icy cold, wet dark...

My arms and legs were aching and cramping as I treaded water, trying desperately to keep afloat. I don't know how long it had been since the Giantess Jane's butler had dropped me into the pitcher of ice water in the refrigerator, but it felt like eternity.

I could feel the icy chill permeating my bones, seeping into my skin and making my tiny, six-inch body sluggish. My muscles were cramping from both the cold and the effort of keeping my head above water. True, I was resilient since I had been shrunk, but I still felt pain, and extremes of hot and cold, and after having just been encased in hot wax, my skin was even more tender and raw against this new, frigid punishment.

One thing; my erection had shriveled away into nothing.

At one point I had given up, or at least thought that I had. My aching tired body had been paddling for what seemed hours, and the punishment and hopeless, helpless thing that my life had become unbearable; the constant torture from the giantess and everyone it seemed, the humiliations at her hands, and the alienation. No one would help me, and in fact, everyone I encountered seemed to want to see me abject and humiliated, if not outright hurt. It was too much...

So, when my body started to ache too much and I was shivering too hard in the icy water I had simply succumbed and let gravity drag me down. I thumped on the bottom, still shivering and sore, and waited to drown. And waited...

And waited...

I shot back to the surface after what had to be minutes and gasped for air as soon as I broke the top of the water. I had not drowned, but I still did need to breathe. I did not understand, but I floundered and kicked on the edge of panic for some time. Finally though I had started to calm, my heartbeat slowing again, the pain returning.

I had not died. Had I really wanted to? If I had, did it matter?

And then I had to wonder. I had heard often of children dying, suffocating in abandoned refrigerators because some idiot had not removed the door. The air had run out. The air would run out on me, maybe should have already.

I don't know, but I am still here, still paddling after what has to be hours in the dark and icy cold...


I jerked as the massive refrigerator door heaved and swung outward, gasping at the sudden surge of wind and chill air roiling about my glass prison. The refrigerator light flickered to life as I was bathed by the light beyond. And for just a moment the Giantess Jane was silhouetted, her hair aglow and her eyes sparkling amidst the shadowy dim and I was captivated...

And then she laughed at me.

"My god," she chuckled. "I told him to give you water, but this..."

The Giantess was in near hysterics at my predicament as she reached into the refrigerator and picked up the pitcher of ice water that had become my latest prison. The world swam as she moved, lights and colors flashing and swirling in the distance. I felt my stomach churn and was forced to close my eyes until a solid thump reverberated through the water.

I opened my eyes just in time to see the Giantess' hand swooping down to pluck me from the icy liquid. I screamed as I rocketed skyward, only to bob to an abrupt halt, dangling helplessly as I hung upside down, her finger and thumb pinching tightly on my left ankle.

Jane held me up before her face to inspect my dripping, shivering form. She jiggled me and I screamed again.

"You seem okay," she said with a wry grin, eyeing me closely. I could feel her fingernail biting into my ankle and I squirmed in pain. "That's good. I wouldn't want you to leave just yet. I have so much planned for you, starting with the rest of your punishment."

"Nooo..." I moaned, tears welling, my voice catching. my skin was tinted blue and I could barely feel the tingling in my extremities. hadn't I suffered enough. "P-p-please. Let me g-g-go. Change me b-back! You can't d-d-do this."

"Sure I can," she said, barely keeping a straight face. "It's easy."

With that the giantess strode off with me still in hand. She basically ignored me, letting me sway with her stride as she passed through the gigantic blur that her home had become for those few seconds. I could feel my stomach roiling again and I wretched dryly until the motion stopped. Light flared and I blinked, trying to take in my surroundings. It took a moment, but the over abundance of polished white and steel and I realized that I was in her bathroom.

I was swept upwards again and flipped about until I nestled in the soft warm palm of Jane's hand. My tiny legs dangled and my cock stirred again as I stared up into her beautiful face. If only she was not so cruel to me, I could almost worship her for the goddess that she seemed to me in my shrunken state.

I gasped as her thumb slipped over onto my penis and started to rub. I moaned and felt instant arousal despite I was still shivering madly. She pressed, watching as I squirmed and writhed in the palm of her hand, whimpering as my body started to tingle and burn as the icy chill finally started to fade at her ministrations. Her smile grew as I arched my back, feeling the pressure in my cock. I was gasping, ready to burst-

She pulled her thumb away...

"You like that, little toy?" she asked as I panted and heaved in the palm of her hand. I could not speak, but simply nodded, and Jane chuckled again. I whimpered.


The Giantess flipped her hand about and slammed me into the huge mirror that dominated the wall over the sink. It hurt, and she held me there easily, pressing me to the point that I thought I might be crushed. But then I heard a strange sound...


A moment later and she was pressing something sticky against my arms as she stretched them out and overhead. She held me in place as the process was repeated, and as I tried to pull away and get free I realized just what she had done. The Giantess had taped me with Scotch Tape spread-eagled to the face of her bathroom mirror.

I squirmed, pulling at the cellophane tape but the adhesive held me fast and the plastic was too strong to break. After a couple minutes I sagged in my new bondage, defeated again. I looked up and saw the Giantess' reflection watching me with interest and amusement, smiling as usual at my antics.

"You look very cute like that, pet," she almost purred as she opened a nearby cabinet. "Almost cute enough to pardon... almost. But it hurt me when you tried to run away before, so like any pet you need to be taught your place." She rummaged about for a moment, then slammed the cabinet door shut. I could sense her anger.

My eyes went wide as she turned about and I saw what she had in hand. I started to wriggle in my bonds, tugging for all that I was worth, but I was held fast by the Scotch tape to the mirror, and forced to see her every move.

"You need to be taught, my pet," she said as she slipped the thick red rubber band over her index finger and thumb, drew it tight and then placed the slack draped above my backside. I cringed at the touch and struggled all the more.

"You need to learn who is the master and who is the slave."

I felt the scrape of her sharp nails as she plucked the rubber band with her other hand- her right holding the edges tight on either side of my trapped ass, the left drawing back the slack to its limits.

"No,"I whimpered.

"You need to know, I'm your Goddess."

I felt the rubber snap against my ass and I shrieked in agony. My body spasmed in pain, flailing against the smooth surface of the mirror as my ass burned. Tears welled in my eyes immediately at the sharp pain that shot into my ass and bored through my soul. After one snap I was begging for release, but she just scraped about my butt and drew the rubber back again...


I wailed as I humped the mirror. My penis had grown in an instant and exploded involuntarily- there was not a thing to do. I was rubbing up and down in my cum, smearing my jism as I tried to withstand the burning pain that seemed to drill into my ass like a white-hot poker.

"Bad boy," she cooed...


I screamed, gasping for breath, my ass on fire-


My voice cracked as I squirmed and twisted, trying to shield myself from the next-





Help me...





I was a sobbing husk hanging from the Scotch Tape bonds, spread-eagle and flush against the bathroom mirror, my mid-section smearing my jism on the smooth, reflective surface more and more every time I jerked in agony. My eyes were filled with tears and they were flowing freely. I was flush red with humiliation, a grown man shrunken to the size of a doll and taped to the mirror to be punished, spanked, whipped with a penny red rubber-band.


I stared at the Giantess, she that seemed to own me now, only because there was nothing I could do about it at my current size of six-inches. I had been less, but at the moment, this was the worst. I was being punished for trying to escape her custody, civil rights thrown right out the window. I was the Giantess Jane's prisoner and slave for all intents and purposes. She was making absolutely certain that I knew it.


I was sobbing, breathing hard when she finally paused. I saw her blurry image in the mirror as I looked up with my pleading eyes ignored. I could see that she was breathing hard as well, the scene obviously exciting her. She loved having me at her mercy, and relished doing things to my helpless body. This punishment was just the latest in a long line of humiliating encounters.

She was beautiful though. Her face was almost angelic when she was not looking at me with evil intent, framed by short, dirty blond hair that brushed her shoulders. Her body was well proportioned, poured into curvy denims and a crew neck top with three-quarter sleeves, a different shirt than before. Her life goes on while I am at her mercy.

I feel her finger on my sore ass and I gasp, pressing forward at her cool touch. She presses hard, her fingernail sliding into and along the crack in my ass. I hiss through gritted teeth as she applies pressure and feel my cock hardening again, despite the pain.

"Yeah, you like that," she says with a chuckle, probing casually with her fingertip. I yelp as she shoves the sharp nail against my anus. I have to endure it, taped to the mirror as I am. There's nowhere to run to. Nowhere to hide.

"Please, Jane-"

I feel her fingernail slam into the small of my back as she flicks her finger casually. I yelp again in pain, sagging in the tape for a moment. It hurts...

"Not Jane," she says.




"I am Goddess!"


"Say it," she commands, stalling the snap of the rubber band for a moment as I gather my wits and breath.

"No..." I whimper through clenched teeth and tears. Though I do not feel like it, I'm a man- a MAN, dammit! I will not surrender!




"I can keep this up all night, pet. Say it! Call me Goddess!"

I licked my lips and took a long, deep breath while she waited. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth again.


I felt her cool fingers grab my sides then, her fingers and thumb pinching as she simply ripped me down from the mirror. The world spun madly as I was curled roughly into her fist. Jane was walking somewhere with a purpose and I had pissed her off with my obstinacy. I had finally won a round.

So why did I feel that I had lost?

When the Giantess Jane at last opened her fist I saw that I was in another room- her bedroom I imagined, with the huge bed that dominated the room. I looked about quickly, but my eyes finally focused on what lay directly beneath me, several dozen feet (from my perspective) below on the floor. Jane's Ugg boots were right beneath me, and as I gasped and yelped, she dangled me by my ankle again, above the opening.

I twisted, trying to crane my neck to look at my captress, and when I caught sight of her face I regretted it. She did not look happy. I screamed as her fingers pinched on my ankle, making me squirm at her delight.

"Not happy, toy," she hissed, bobbing me up and down. "Not happy at all. You need more quiet time."

With that, the Giantess Jane opened her fingers and I fell, screaming all the way, landing perfectly in the opening of her Ugg Boot. I hit the bottom with a thump, my world spinning and exploding in a star filled pain that took awhile to subside. I was out of breath, and as I breathed I tasted her scent, the odor of feet mixed with suede and leather and well worn rubber, perfume and powder all rolled into one there in the dark. It was intoxicating and my mind swirled even as my cock grew hard and dripping.

I moaned, looking up and saw Jane looking down at me with an evil smirk. "You stay there for awhile," she said, smiling. "Think about your bad self, inside a woman's smelly boot, stuffed with her smelly socks."


Jane laughed as her hand appeared in the upper opening of the boot. I watched in horror as she stuffed her socks down, in and over me. I gagged at the rank smell of sweat. She was clean I knew, but everyone perspires, and foot odor is a natural occurrence.

Look at me, trying to defend the woman that kidnapped me.

I was gagging as I felt the boot lifted and carried, where I had no idea. I could hear the thumping of the Giantess' feet somewhere beyond as she stepped across the floor. The boot was set down, abandoned, and thunder boomed.

The darkness thickened.

The silence broadened.

"Help..." I cried, my tiny voice dull in the leather of my newest prison.

"Help me!"



I pushed up on the wadded socks, balled up and blocking the opening atop the boot that was my prison. I was sweating within the stifling confines of the Ugg boot, breathing hard as the air was hot and thin and laced with the scents of the giantess who had become my captress and owner. It was almost pitch black, the faintest light seeping through the woolen socks that blocked the opening and held me within, illuminating little.

I shoved again, then fell back with a moan. I was too short, too weak to budge the socks. Defeated I sat back down on the insole of her boot, feeling the dampness of her perspiration under my ass. I was trapped, for how long I had no idea- maybe the whole night.

The Giantess Jane was angry with me for trying to escape. She had beat my ass raw with a rubber band, and become even angrier when I refused to acknowledge her as my owner- my Goddess. It seems stupid now. I could have just said it and saved myself a lot of grief, but I couldn't...

She thinks I'm a toy, a pet, but I'm a man, dammit. No matter how small she makes me I'm still a human being! I will not be owned and kept.

So I said, trapped and sitting in the heel of her boot...


I woke as the boot shifted. I must have fallen asleep- for how long I don't know- but now I felt the huge Ugg boot tilt and rise into the air, being carried. It swayed and my stomach lurched again, still not used to the suddenly fantastic speeds of the giant world. I tumbled down into the toe of the boot, where it was stuffier and darker, my body tangled in the all but forgotten leather cord that had been tied about my neck as a leash.

We traveled for what seemed an eternity as my head spun and I tried to untangle myself, when suddenly the boot landed with a thump. Finally able to right myself, I unwound the leather cord and crawled back towards the boot's heel even as I saw the first shimmering light creeping down from above. I squinted up into the glare, expecting to see the angelic face of the Giantess leering down at me. I was wrong...

My eyes grew wide and I backed up against the soft leather as I stared up into the face of her butler. His eyes were wide as well, but I saw the spark of desire burning in the dark irises as he licked his thick lips. I yelped, cowering as his hand then shot down into the boot's opening, his fingers spread wide, swooping in and enveloping me.

I felt the heat of his hand immediately as his fingers tightened about my tiny body. I struggled as he lifted me up, my legs dangling and kicking beneath his coiled fist pathetically. He swept me up into the air, the world spinning past, finally settling me before his face where he stared at me, cocking his head to the side and grinning.

I pushed against his callused, meaty fingers but knew that escape was impossible. I could not break free of the Giantess Jane's grip, and this man had to be stronger than she was. Still, I had to try, at least until my strength was spent, and not even then. He squeezed and the pain became intense.

"Nnnnhhh..." I moaned, finally going limp in his fist.

I saw that we were in a small room that I assumed to be his. There was a bed and bureau, a small desk and a couple chairs but little else. There were two closed doors, one leading to a closet I guessed, the other back into the house. There were two windows that showed the world beyond, out of my reach; the dead of a chilly winter's night.

"You're soft," he whispered, his voice husky and his breath hot, reeking of wine. He eased his grip a little, his thumb rising to rub across my chest. His skin was rough and scratched as he felt me, pressing on the hard nubs of my nipples. I writhed at his sensual touch despite myself, and felt my cock growing hard against his fingers. He felt it too and grinned.

"You like that, eh?" he hissed, his huge thumb roughly massaging my nipples. "You like Anthony's touch, little man?"

"No!" I shouted, struggling again. I did not like this at all despite my body's reaction. "Let me go!" He just laughed.

"I don't think so."

Anthony sat on the edge of his bed then scrambled backwards to lay down. He held me above him, shifting his grip until he was pressing me between his thumb and forefinger. I dangled above his grinning face as he stared up at me in wonder and what I assumed to be lust. I could see his left arm moving, his hand doing something but I did not know what until I heard his zipper slide down.

"No!" I shrieked, kicking and screaming but he held me easily as he guided me down towards his groin. I could see his left-hand working open the fly in his pants, then digging within to pull open his briefs. I gagged back bile as I saw his huge, erect cock spring out, bobbing like a giant snake, it's one blind eye dripping in anticipation.

The butler set me on the furry mass of his groin, coarse black hairs scratching my knees in a tangled mess as he held me in place. The fingers of his left hand gathered up the long leather lead of my collar, and as he shoved me up against his stiff pole I felt him looping the leash about me, securing me face first to his hot, throbbing cock.

"Nooo... " I moaned, but he ignored me as he pulled the leather taut. He had pinned my arms at my sides and looped the cord all the way down my body, pressing me flush with his hot pulsing flesh before finally knotting off the end to secure me in place. There was more than enough cord to encircle my whole body, head to toe and then some.

I struggled and squirmed in my new, cruel bondage, but my efforts gained me nothing and simply made his penis grow all the harder. His precum dribbled down the side of his shaft and into my face, lubricating my chest and finally oozing to mix with my own leaking jism.

"Yes..." he moaned, his finger scratching at my back, trailing down to poke at my still sore ass. I whimpered as he pried my cheeks apart, his finger sliding in again and again, a little deeper with every thrust. I lurched forward with each new assault, and that just excited him all the more as it seemed that I was humping his shaft that towered over my tiny, bound body.

"Lick it," he moaned, flicking my ass with his finger. "Hump it. Let me feel it." He flicked again and again, his fingernail slapping the flesh tenderized by the rubber band not so long before. I yelped, tears brimming but tried to hold out. This was too much.

Finally I felt his finger and thumb grasping the sides of my head and shoving me face first into his dripping cock. "Kiss it!" he commanded, shoving my face into the warm flesh. "Show it reverence." I didn't at first, clamping my lips shut. Then I felt him starting to squeeze. I felt the pressure, the roar of blood rushing through my ears. My sight was starting to fade as I finally faced front and puckered...

I kissed the Giant's penis, over and over. I was crying with pain and humiliation both, my body wriggling as he held my head. When he ordered me to lick it again, I did without hesitation. I licked for all that I was worth as he pinched my neck, guiding my head with ease to place my tongue where he wanted. It was disgusting, and I could feel his cock pulsing because of my ministrations.

Worse, I could feel my own prick throbbing, getting harder and hotter as I rubbed against the giant's shaft. He started moving me up and down, rubbing me against his flesh and soon I was moving of my own accord, almost hypnotized with his lust. He still guided me, but my legs dipped and straightened to the rhythm he had set. I kept licking, my body bound to his shaft and unable to get away, his hand on my head and shoulders, fingers pressing me.

My breathing was hot, hard, coming faster and in pants...

I could hear his moans, like thunder rumbling in the distance...

The cords about my body grew tighter as his shaft grew thicker and thicker, pulsing, throbbing...

I was gasping now, his finger pressed into the back of my skull, shoving my face into his penis. My hair was thick and dripping with his precum, coating my shoulders and dribbling down my back...

He moaned as his cock bucked, the force of his ejaculation lifting me off of my feet and waving me about as he spurted high and hard like an erupting volcano. His cum spewed, raining down hot and thick as it spattered his legs and belly, and me. He came fast.

But I came faster I realized as my own tiny penis was pumping against his huge shaft- again. My load was nothing compared to his, but for a second it was just as forceful. Then I was dribbling, my cock jerking in its death throes as I sagged in my bonds against the butler's shriveling cock.

I was crying, not even struggling anymore I was so ashamed.

What had I become?


I sagged in my bonds...

I was spent and exhausted. The constant torture and humiliation had both my body and my mind on its last legs, and this latest was the worst. The Giantess Jane's butler had found me and abused me like everyone else, without a care as to my rights and feelings. In the end he had bound me to his cock with my leash and together we had reached orgasm; me catering to his needs by rubbing and licking his Inflamed penis as I got harder and harder.

He had moaned after, breathing hard and fast for a time. I felt his finger caressing my tiny bound form that was lashed to his deflating penis, the nail of his right index finger tracing down my back and causing me to shiver. I squirmed at his touch as he shoved me forward.

"Clean me up, dirty boy," he had commanded as he settled back on the bed to watch I assumed. I knew what he expected and started licking again, licking and swallowing the great globs of cum that he had spewed and had settled all over his cock, and me as well. I was sticky and rancid, but tied and helpless as I was there was little else that I could do but comply. I licked at his rod, my penis stiffening again, so soon, his own apparently spent as it started to shrivel and tilt. I gagged on his jism as his cock faded, then, to my surprise, started to topple, still with me attached.

I yelled out as, still bound to his spent rod as it sagged and eased, once more falling to lie at ease on his belly, right on top of me. I gushed, my breath expelling as the butler's cock landed atop me and held me down, writhing and cursing and trying to right myself.

Anthony the butler chuckled at my antics and helplessness. His belly shook and the low guttural sound rumbled through his body like a wave of thunder. There was nothing that I could do. I was six inches tall, and his flaccid penis was still longer and thicker than my bound body. It weighed me down, almost crushing me in my pathetic helplessness.

I flicked and shifted, but to no avail. I drew long, deep breaths, hoping to force his dick up and off but realized I had no leverage, I was biting my lower lip, near tears when I heard a strange, low rumbling again. It took me a moment to figure what it was, but then I figured it out.

He was snoring...

The butler had passed out, whether from exhaustion or inebriation I did not know. I had smelled wine on his breath, and I started to put pieces of this puzzle together. I realized that he had not been expecting to find me, as I doubted that the Giantess had given him permission to do what he did. I belonged to her- not that I cared to admit it, but at the moment it was fact. Had her butler snuck into her room and stolen her boots and just got lucky? Maybe he had a foot fetish. I don't know, and frankly right then it did not matter.

Fate had dropped another opportunity into my lap. He was asleep and I had a chance to escape again.

I lay still beneath his shrinking cock, my body still pressed into the kinky, wiry dark mound of his pubic hair. It was torture, and humiliating, but I waited as his penis deflated, my leather bonds loosening as he shriveled. finally, slowly I started to wriggle my way out.

I knew that if I struggled too hard he in turn would become hard again as well. I had to go slowly and easily lest I excite him. All the while as I wormed my way off of his cock I could feel the low rumble of his snoring. His body vibrated with the thunderous noise, but I ignored it, easing my body from beneath his cock, bonds and all.

It took awhile, but finally I was free- or at least off his cock. I eased off of his body then, ignoring my bonds as I rolled to the bedspread, off of his belly. I landed with a soft thump and rolled away from him, only then trying to worm my way free of the cord.

And eventually I did. my leash was still wrapped about my throat, knotted securely in a choking slipknot, but I was free otherwise and able to stand and walk, and I did. I approached the edge of the bed...

I stared down and saw the soft Ugg Boots of the Giantess laying on the floor beneath me. It looked a long way down to my six inches, but I knew that the boots were soft and should cushion my fall. I could climb down the bed spread more slowly, but the desire to escape was too great. I swallowed, held my breath and jumped.

I landed on one of the boots, sinking into the soft leather that cushioned my fall. I thanked whatever god had decided to look favorably my way as I scrambled down and onto the hardwood floor. My leash trailing behind, I scurried towards the door.

It was closed of course, and maybe locked. It towered high, and I knew that there was no way in hell that I would ever reach the knob. There was a thin gap at the base however, and I dropped down and started to worm my way under.

It was tight- too tight I thought at first as the wood scraped at my back and threatened to wedge me in place. I knew though that I was different now, and virtually indestructible. I scrambled on the hardwood floor and pushed forward. I whimpered at the pain as my back scraped, but shoved forward. It hurt, and I felt the hot dampness of blood as I shoved my way through the gap at the bottom of the door, determined to be free...

And suddenly I was.

I sprawled in the dim hallway beyond the butler's door, gasping for breath and crying with the pain in my back, as well as the jubilation. I was free of the butler, free of the Giantess. I would find a way out of her house and eventually find some way to change myself back. there was someone out there that would help me. There had to be.

I forced myself up, first to hands and knees and then to my feet. I stood on shaking legs, one hand against the wall as I healed and surveyed my surroundings. Everything was huge of course. I saw two more closed doors along the long hallway as well as a towering table cluttered with giant things and a massive plant growing huge and rampant in a pot. I saw a dismal glow far off in the distance, the living room I expected and the light seeping through the front window. I headed that way...

It took some time but eventually I was in the living room again. I rested, breathing hard as I stared at the front door. I knew that it would be locked, chained and bolted. I would never get out that way. I had to find another exit, somewhere in the house. I charged across the living room and headed down another hall, towards the back of the house.

I recognized nothing that I passed. I was tiny and the house was huge, and if I had been through the hallways and rooms before, I did not recognize them or remember. I ran on, through a hall and into the kitchen. I dashed through a pantry and struggled down a set of steps to a lower level. I ran through shag carpet that scratched at my knees and across floor tiles that were terribly cold underfoot. I had been running for hours it seemed, but time was queer for me now, and odd. Almost meaningless...

Eventually I came upon a huge glass sliding door that seemed to lead out into the night and the back yard. I could see trees off in the distance, massive towering things that were dark and silhouetted by the huge golden moon. The ground was white with traces of snow as far as I could see. I looked up hopefully, my freedom just a few millimeters away, beyond a thick pane of glass.

The sliding door was not latched, and maybe...

I pressed my miniscule weight against the door and heaved. I grunted in the effort, applying and reapplying leverage. I strained, begging to every god I could think of to move the massive glass door. All I needed was an inch, maybe less. I was like a mouse now, and could squeeze through anything that I could get my head into.

I was sweating, whimpering, ready to surrender...

And the door slid in its track. Not a lot, but enough.

I thanked each and every god as I squeezed through the tiny opening, reveling in the chilly winter air that wrapped about my tiny body and made my nipples hard. I breathed deeply as I shoved through the gap, stumbling out to freedom, onto the wide expanse of patio beyond. Breathing of freedom.

I was free-

"Gack!" I yelped as the leather cord tightened about my throat suddenly and I was jerked backwards and off of my feet. I fell, skidding across the cement, then slamming against the tight gap of opening in the sliding patio door. I felt a jerk and was dragged back inside, gasping and choking as I tumbled to a halt against a pink, fuzzy wall.

I looked up, grabbing at the cord cutting into my neck and gasped again, starting to cry...

"Going somewhere, little one?"

The Giantess Jane stood above me, smiling, my leash curled in her fist...


I gasped for air as the leather cord about my neck tightened like a noose. My hands flew to my throat as I was dragged across the floor, then thumping up and over the fuzzy pink lumps of the Giantess' slippers, then hoisted into the air. I gagged, my fist coiled about the collar, trying to ease the pain and tightness as Jane drew me higher and higher, wrapping the length of my lead in her fist.

I dangled, kicking and choking in front of her huge, billboard sized face at last. Through a tear-filled gaze I saw her eyes sparkling with amusement, her lips curled slightly as she watched my helpless struggles. She cocked her head and her dark blond hair gathered at her shoulder as she eyed me.

"And here I was feeling sorry for you. I woke up planning to give you a treat, little one, but imagine my shock to find my boots gone." She smirked, bouncing the cord a bit and making me gag. "Oh, I knew where they probably were...

"Dear Anthony has a bit of a foot fetish, which I indulge occasionally, when I'm bored. He likes feet and shoes- a lot- and I let him have mine once in awhile. He cleans them, keeps my best pumps sparkling and gives a hell of a massage and pedicure. I was a bit surprised that he snuck into my room and took my boots though. Guess I've been neglecting him since I got a new toy to play with." She grinned. "I'll bet he was surprised to find you stuffed into my boot, hunh?"

The Giantess bobbed the cord, making me bounce a bit, then finally reeled me in to hold me in hand, her fingers cradling me from behind. "I was a little worried, especially since I was all prepared to give you a reprieve. I know I've been a bit... cruel, but you're just so damn cute. You bring out the devil in me, little man. I ran off to Anthony's room and found him passed out on his bed with his cock waving and my boots empty. I got a little worried then," she cooed as she rubbed her thumb across my chest, grinding on my nipples to make me squirm.

"I ran back to the living room, but it was empty, so I headed for the back door and there you were trying to escape. You were so cute," she giggled as she scraped her thumb across my chest and belly. Her expression changed to one of confusion as she rubbed her thumb and forefinger together in front of me. She smiled again, abruptly. "Trying to push the door open. You were struggling so hard that I almost let you leave. Almost..."

The Giantess raised her hand, and consequently me, to her face and she sniffed her fingers. I saw her grin widen as she stared at me, her brows drawing in an evil way. "You have been naughty, haven't you?"

Her thumb moved up along my chest, right up on my face as she rubbed. I was still gagging and kicking but she ignored my plight as her thumbnail scraped at the jism encrusted on my body. She flicked and flaked a bit, then slipped her finger into her mouth briefly. "Thought so," she whispered, smiling at me again.

"I see Anthony's been a bit naughty too, hasn't he?" If she was expecting an answer, she did not get one from me. My world was a spiral of gray snowflakes swirling through a dim haze...

I gasped as the tension about my throat eased as the Giantess took my weight in the soft palm of her hand. She held me loosely as she eased me closer to her face, licking her lips, her huge tongue snaking out and making them shine in the dim moonlight streaming through the wide patio door. She held my body close to her mouth and I recoiled as her tongue snaked out, lapping against me.

It was hot and soft and rough at my size all at once. She laved the length of my body, tasting of the cum stains that coated my skin. It seemed disgusting to me, in some little pocket in the back of my head, but at the touch of her tongue, my penis sparked to life and sprang forward. I was immediately erect and dripping like a kid just hit puberty, stiff in a strong wind. it was humiliating.

"Definitely Anthony," she mused, sliding her tongue over me again and again. Her touch made me shiver and quake, and she held me easily, casually in hand as she shifted me about to get at the jism on my skin and in my hair. Her tongue was hot and inflamed me as it probed between my legs, swirling about my nipples. I was soon gasping for breath for another reason. She was taking me to the edge again, and I was ready to explode...

She yanked me away.

"I'll have to have a talk with him, I suppose. Sneaking into my room and stealing my shoes- not to mention my toy." Her hand dropped, and me with it as she turned to head back into the house proper. She clutched me as she walked, her slippers scuffing along the various floors as she made her way back to her bedroom. Her thumb was pressing hard into my groin and making me writhe in agony.

Once in her bedroom she took me in hand again, tightening her grip. I screamed as she stared down at me, an evil grin on her face. I had plans for you tonight- a treat. I want you so badly. I'm dripping, feeling you writhing about in my hand, but you had to go and spoil my fun." her thumb pressed into my groin, threatening to crush my balls for a moment before she started to rub again. I sensed movement in the corner of my eyes as my sight started to spiral with the sensation. "I see you weren't ready yet. I see I have to break you some more."

The Giantess grasped me by the legs and started to wrap the leather cord tightly about my body. She forced my arms to my sides, and starting at the collar simply started to wind down. I squirmed a bit but she ignored my struggles, layering each loop right on the other, down and down.

When she got to my penis, she eased over it, making certain that it was hard and at attention as she started winding again, below my dick and around my legs. She shifted me in order to get down to my ankles with enough slack left to triple the knot that left me mummified in the leather cord, feet to shoulders. I could not move. hell, I could barely breathe. Her thumbnail flicked at my engorged penis- twice- and then she simply dumped me on the bed.

I flew for a moment, then bounced a bit across the thick comforter. Finally I rolled to a stop just about dead center of the lavender and lilac spread. I stared up at the Giantess, watching as she dipped a hand into the pocket of her housecoat and produced the Fazer.

"God no," I whimpered, thrashing about helplessly. "Please... Don't... "

"I told you... " she said as she pointed the Fazer at me. Light flashed and I screamed as the feeling of a sledgehammer slammed me in the stomach.

"Call me Goddess."


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