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Jane's Toy Part 6

by Carnaj

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© Copyright 2011 - Carnaj - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; M/m; giantess; bond; bdsm; resize; leather; outdoors; susp; torment; bath; insert; mast; climax; nc; XX

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I bucked and moaned as the light of the Fazer played over me. I felt that sensation, as though a sledgehammer had just been slammed into my stomach, and I was suddenly sweating and vomiting the jism that I had swallowed not so long ago. I rolled about on the bedspread, feeling my body dwindling in size and mass. Worse, the leather cord shrank as well and continued to hold me wrapped tightly from head to toe. I pissed myself in final insult, before the sensations and effects of the Fazer finally started to recede.

I lay there in a daze for several minutes, my body weak and helpless, my sight dazzled and blurry. My body ached, and my head was pounding as I pathetically wriggled about, more spasming than trying to escape or actually move. Slowly though my senses started to return to normal and I peered about the room. It was huge of course, and decorated softly in pastels and pale wall paneling. I saw a dresser and a vanity against one wall, a bureau against another and several potted plants. There were two doors that I assumed led to a closet and bathroom. Windows lined the final two walls, draped with thin curtains. Oddly, I did not see the Giantess, Jane.

I started to struggle, to test my bindings but I knew immediately that it was hopeless. She had tied me too tightly, too thoroughly. There was no way to reach the knots at my throat or ankles as my arms and hands were wrapped completely beneath the leather cord, as was all of me save my head and penis, the latter which was raging, pinned between the cords of my bondage.

My groin hurt and I was horny as hell from the things that Jane had done to me. I wanted to explode again, to cum. And so soon. I wondered if the shrinking and growing had affected my sperm as well. It had not been that long ago since I had ejaculated for her butler, and I had almost in her very hands. I had never been THAT fertile, though I recall that that had been one of the requirements on the questionnaire I had filled out for the science project that had gotten me into this in the first place. I wondered...

"Back with me, Toy?"

My eyes grew wide as the Giantess Jane strolled back into the room. She moved gracefully, gliding across the short expanse of room, her hips swaying, the slight scuff of her slippers on the floor the only sound to be heard past the hammering of my heart. She stopped at the foot of the bed, her hands in her voluminous pockets as she looked down at me, her lips quirking at the corners in a cruel smirk of amusement. I squirmed under her scrutiny, and my cock started to grow.

She grinned. "Happy to see me, I see." Jane laughed as she sat on the edge of the bed and scooped me up into her hand. She laid back and dangled me by the trailing end of my leash so that I was hanging upside down right above her beautiful face.

"I really was going to give you a treat, y'know," she said as she flicked her fingers and started me swinging back and forth. "I'm not a bad person, but there's just something about you that makes me want to torture you. You're so cute and helpless. I love the way you squirm for me."

Jane pursed her huge soft lips and blew a gust of warm breath on me, starting me to twirl. her breath tasted of mint, as though she had just brushed her teeth. She raised her other hand and flicked my cock with her long fingernail, which set me to writhing again much to her amusement. She smiled, biting her lower lip as she watched my antics at her touch.

She lowered me then, and my eyes grew wide as she opened her mouth. As I came closer I could finally judge that I was probably two-inches tall now, and that terrified me all the more. The Giantess could easily simply drop me down her throat and swallow me whole, I was so small. I started screaming as she dipped me into her mouth.

I immediately started to sweat as the temperature and humidity rose to 98 degrees. Jane's tongue rippled and reached out, brushing over my penis and exciting me. It was soft, hot and moist as it flicked and rolled, caressing my helpless, engorged member. I could feel myself building again, ready to burst and she yanked me out.

I dangled there above her for several minutes as she watched me. I blushed under her gaze, feeling so helpless and useless. My heart was hammering and I was making strange noises as the panic started to subside. "I was going to let you get a taste tonight. I was feeling SO raunchy, but now, well, you were trying to get away again. AND you had sex with Anthony." she reached up and gave my dick a very hard flick with her finger. I started to swing again and was writhing with agony, screaming and crying. It was like getting kicked in the balls I imagined.

"I didn't give you permission," she continued, seemingly pouting. I saw through my teary eyes that she was frowning, her lower lip sticking out. "You need to be punished again."

The giantess lowered me again, but this time laid me across her closed lips. They were soft and warm and I started to roll as she moved them in a motion, like wetting her lipstick. I swayed back and forth, with my cock receiving most of the friction. her tongue kept flicking out as well, brushing and stabbing my dick at her pleasure. She was driving me crazy with lust, bringing me to the brink, then simply letting me lie on her lips until I went soft again. it was agony.

"Please..." I whimpered as she started in again. She stopped.

"Please, what?" she asked, her voice muffled with me draped across her lips. her breath and the vibrations tickled me.

"Please... stop. I can't take it..."

"Wrong answer," she said.

In a flash she sat up and then stood. She strode swiftly to her bureau and picked up something that shimmered in the soft light. I stared as she brought it up, and me towards it, her hands coming together. I twisted in her grip as I saw what was about to happen-

"No! Don't!"

She held in her other hand what looked to be a salt shaker of clear glass and only slightly larger than I was. I was screaming, but she ignored me as she shoved me feet first into the tiny glass jar, pushing me until I bent my legs and at the waist enough to fit all the way in. She removed her thumb from the top of my head, but before I could react she was screwing the cap back on, sealing me inside.

I was near panic, crying and breathing hard. Luckily there were holes in the top or I would have quickly suffocated- maybe. I still was not sure about my time in the refrigerator.

I was almost doubled over. My feet were crammed into a corner at the bottom edge of the octagonal base. My knees were pressed to the opposite side somewhat up, then my ass, then my shoulders. My head pressed against the inside of the cap. It was a horrible position, and there was no way to get any comfort. My whimpering and crying increased as I realized that I would probably be in here for quite awhile. I had no idea as to the time, but it seemed that the night was still young.

I shrieked as the Giantess Jane tossed the salt shaker in the air. My stomach churned as it- and I- tumbled and turned, arching up and finally falling into the soft pad of her waiting palm. The world rushed as I rose to the level of her face. I saw her twisted visage, her beautiful face warped by the thickness of the glass shaker. I could make out her cruel smile though.

"Definitely more quiet time, bitch."

She laughed and shook the shaker as she walked. It hurt, and I could not move I was so wedged in. I heard a rumbling, like thunder and suddenly I shot up into a darkening world. With a thump I finally settled to a stop. I looked for Jane, but could not see her from the odd angle. I was somewhere high up.

"You just stay there and think about things, Toy. You could have a lot of fun if you'd just comply." Her voice boomed in an odd, muffled way, coming at me from all sides as I could not see her. It was creepy. "So could I," she said with a giggle.

I heard the rumbling again as the light thickened, dimming to darkness, and then pitch black as the world slammed shut and locked.

Jane had put me on the upper shelf of her closet to think...

Quiet time they called it now. It used to be called solitary confinement...


Hours passed...

I was crying non-stop as my muscles complained over the tight confinement, wrapped up in the leather cord like a mummy out of some fifties horror movie and stuffed into a salt shaker. I could not move. I could barely breathe I was so twisted and compacted. It hurt. It was agony. What had I done to deserve this hell?

I had signed my life away and volunteered for an experiment that had shrunk me and left me at the mercy of my new owner- the Giantess Jane for a little bit of money that I would never spend. I was an idiot. I deserved whatever happened to me.

I tried to wriggle about, to gain just a modicum of relief, but my cell was way too small. Whatever relief I gained in one area made another scream in hellish pain. My muscles were cramping from the bondage and confinement. It was torture plain and simple, and there was nothing that I could do but endure, being two-inches tall and at the whim and mercy of Jane.

And every time I thought about her my cock swelled and pulsed, thickening and jutting from the exposed part of the leather bindings. Jane had left my member uncovered for her own pleasure no doubt, but despite my pain it was alive and wanting, craving my Giantess tormentress. all of this was making me hot and I did not know why. It was agony and humiliating to be the plaything of another, magnified a thousandfold by the helplessness of being a bug compared to them, but it was making me excited.

Why was I liking this? What is wrong with me?


I heard movement, eventually.

I blinked and whimpered at the pain again. Through my tears I saw a sliver of light far down from my perch on the shelf, shadows moving beyond the closed door of the closet; Jane's closet that was my prison.

I simply knelt there in my salt shaker prison. There was nothing else to do. I had struggled with the bonds, but I was helplessly caught in the leather cord, and then within the shaker that had a top screwed tightly in place by the strength of a giantess.

"Please," I whispered. "Please set me free..."


Light exploded into the confines of the closet...

I blinked against the brilliance, my tears clogging my eyes as I saw the blurry silhouette of the giantess Jane standing in the now open doorway. I whimpered, sobbing. Please...

"Good morning," she said, her voice light and cheerful as she reached up and plucked my prison from its shelf. My world swam again as motion reeled about me, shifting and swaying with her movements. I held my gag reflex in check as I heard the harsh grinding of the salt shaker's top being unscrewed.

I gasped as fresh air enveloped me, but all too soon my little prison tilted and I was falling...

I landed softly on the bedspread of the Giantess' bed. I stared up at her, watching as she stepped away for a quick moment to set down my prison, then return. She was dressed in a black sports bra and lycra shorts. She had an I-Pod strapped to her arm and a water bottle in a pouch at her fiber belt strapped tightly about her waist. She grinned down at me as I wiggled like a worm on the bed.

"And how was your night, Toy?" she asked, her voice sounding amused at my condition. "Had any revelations?"

"Please," I whimpered, but she just twisted her lips as she adjusted her I-Pod's settings. "Please let me go," I begged.

"You know what I want," she said as she slid her I-Pod back into its sheath. "Say it."

I almost did.

I swear I almost broke and called her Goddess. And she was. She held my life in her hands but I would not admit it. She had freed me, so hope remained. I hung my head, remaining silent.


I looked up and saw the Giantess Jane leaning, reaching for me. She had something strange in hand, and it took me a moment to realize what it was, it seemed so bizarre and distorted at my little two-inch size. It was dark plastic and spread wide on hinges with teeth ready to take a bite from me it seemed. By the time that I realized what it was however, it was too late and it had closed about me. I screamed, struggling as I was swooped up into the air and towards the back of the Giantess' head.

A butterfly clip...

I tried to fight as she opened the clip a bit and affixed it into her shoulder length dirty blond hair. I could smell her shampoo and body wash from her morning shower. The clip closed and locked me in, trapping me against the back of her head, entwined in her hair. I writhed about, gasping for breath as the plastic teeth pressed into me, binding me and holding me fast...

"One simple word, Toy," she said as she headed for the front door. My world bounced and bobbed with every step she took. "Acknowledge me as your Goddess. Worship me and it ends."

I said nothing as I felt the cold blast of air as she opened her front door and moved outside. She shut the door behind her, "Fine."

Jane started her morning run, and I tried to hold on. I could feel my ribs cracking with every stride she took, pain burning in my chest as I gasped for air, trying to breathe…


Being trapped in her hair was not as bad as being strapped to her foot for her morning run. Still, it was bad...

I was freezing, the leather cord that was tied about me doing little to provide me any warmth against the chilly winter air. I was naked underneath, and shivering wildly as she ran, adding to the cold with the breeze she stirred. My tiny cock continued to poke through the leather bindings and it was hurting in the frigid air, burning and numb despite my erection.

The Giantess ran hard, and my body bounced along, thumping with every step that she took. She started to perspire soon enough despite the cold, and the pleasing odors of her shampoo and body wash were swiftly replaced by the harsher scent of sweat as the dampness washed over me. I was breathing hard, and every breath was painful as the teeth of the butterfly clip pressed into me, constricting not only my movement but every breath I took. Little puffs of vapor escaped my lips, through chattering teeth. My lungs burned and the cold seared my throat with every tortured breath.

I could hear her music blasting from the ear buds of her I-Pod and knew that she would not hear me if I pleaded for release, or even leniency. She did not care, so intent on her run. I was simply another bangle to her now, an accessory to her wardrobe.

Her run took her along a woodland that I had seen through the back glass doors of her home the day before. We passed other houses along the route, most of which were set back with long driveways, the properties either walled or gated. Cars passed by oblivious of me and my plight, people going about their lives as the world turned without me.

After some time we reached a point where Jane stopped. Still, as her head shifted, I kept moving. I cringed as her gigantic hands came into view, her fingers pulling the ear buds free, then dropping out of sight once again.

"Still with me, pet?" she asked and I could hear the amusement in her voice. Her head tilted back then, causing me to dangle in the slick, damp hair of her ponytail. I heard her drinking, and felt every swallow as a shiver ran through me. I licked my lips, parched and dehydrated from the cold, craving water myself. She ignored my needs of course and I felt more than saw as she replaced the plastic bottle into her belt pouch.

I heard a series of quick loud beeps then, and the oddly magnified sound of a phone's dial tone connecting as her hand went to her ear again...

"I'm half way," she said without greeting or preamble. "Draw a bath and make it hot. And coffee." I heard the muffled response and then the telltale click as Jane snapped her cell phone shut without a good bye. She had apparently called her butler with instructions.

She shifted her body a bit, her arms moving as she clipped her cell back into place, then replaced the ear buds to her ears. And soon we were under way again...


I was fading in and out when we finally returned to the warmth of the Giantess' home. I was numb all over and shivering uncontrollably. I could not feel my cock or my toes and feared that I had frost bite. I wondered if my resilient little body would compensate. I recalled Monique mentioning to Jane that the smaller I got, the tougher I became. I hoped that she was right.

There was a fire blazing in the hearth as the Giantess walked into her living room. It was warm within, as she began to remove her gear; cell, keys, I-Pod and belt. Once the material things were removed, her smooth hand swooped up to envelope me.

I opened my mouth to scream as I was enclosed in the chill darkness of her hand. I felt the pressure on my chest ease just a bit as she squeezed the butterfly clip and freed it from her hair. She quickly removed the tension however and let it close about me again. I winced as it pinched closed about me once more, tears welling as she brought me about in the palm of her hand and looked down on me.

She smiled as she held me in the soft palm of her left hand. I was still shivering from the cold, and now from fear as her right hand appeared, her index finger extended, its huge, sharp nail scratching at my engorged and frozen cock.

I jerked at her touch and she laughed, pressing on my member and separating the cords enough so that my balls popped out as well. She jabbed at my miniscule genitals over and over, making me writhe as sensation returned like red hot needles piercing my skin all over my body.

"Blue balls," she mused, chewing her lower lip as her finger probed mercilessly. I bucked and moaned through chattering teeth. "Cold, little one?" she asked, but continued before I could answer. "I'll bet. Not to worry, I have just the thing to warm us both up."

With that she simply pulled her finger away and cupped my tiny body in hand. The world dropped away as she lowered me, her arm swinging as she strode elsewhere in her home.

My stomach roiled with the movement, and the pain in my groin intensified as she had brought me right to the brink again before pulling away. I ached, physically and mentally. My emotions were a storm, flashing bright one moment then leaden gray the next as I squirmed in her grip, humping her hand and trying to get off.

The Giantess sensed what I was up to and adjusted her grip, her thumb and index finger pressing into my sides so that my cock bobbed free and frictionless. I moaned and whimpered in frustration, still cold and so helpless.

Jane simply chuckled and moved on...


I dangled helplessly at the end of my tethers. The leather cord that had become my permanent collar apparently had multi-uses, from a mummifying wrap, to a simple leash, to a pendulum-like form of bondage. Each was equally frustrating as it was humiliating...

I hung over the porcelain edge of the huge bathtub/Jacuzzi in the Giantess' master bath. My arms were stretched above my head, reaching for the slick tiled ceiling as my wrists were bound in the long leather cord that had become my new best friend. The cord was then draped over the shower curtain rod far overhead, then drawn down and tied off to the tub's faucet with a simple slipknot looped over the knob. My body spun and swayed at the end of the cord, the knots binding my crossed wrists too tight to dislodge. I kicked and shivered, which did nothing more than set my body to spinning more swiftly. To me the edge of the white tub was some thirty feet at least...

Above me, my captress towered. The giantess, Jane had been in the act of undressing for several minutes now, after first unwrapping me from my mummified state and then binding me to dangle above the bathtub. She was taking her time, examining her body and enjoying the steamy warmth of the bath that almost boiled beneath me. The room was hot, and we were both sweating, but for some reason I was still shivering madly. Fear? I don't know, but I felt strange.

I craned my neck to gaze up the long, lean body of my owner. My cock was rigid and dripping as usual as I looked at her; her beauty and grace and dominance. She seemed so sure and certain in everything that she did. So powerful, and cruel to me, yet I also sensed that she cared, which made my head spin. She kept me around for her pleasure and amusement, an exciting new toy for her to play with.

I stared at her, her strong thighs just about at my eye-level from where I hung suspended. Her skin was smooth and milky, pale from winter's dim but so appealing. Her legs were strong; a runner's legs, and she was athletic, her body fantastic and perfect as I gazed skyward. Her ass was round and firm, barely held in check by the thin black lace panties she wore. She had stripped off shoes and socks first after returning home from her run. Next had come her Lycra shorts, peeled off of her hips and legs and cast aside to the floor.

She had let me savor her essence for a bit, slipping my bound two-inch body deeply into the toe of one of her mesh running shoes, then stuffing her shorts into the opening while she made natural use of the facilities. I was not imprisoned within the shoe for too long, but long enough. Jane had worked up a sweat during her long, hard run, and the effects had dripped down and lingered in the shoe's sole and material, as well as her shorts. I was gagging in the humid enclosure soon enough, smelling her more basic scents and begging for release. My rigid cock betrayed me however when she once more removed me from the shoe. She had laughed and bound me anew...

She stood now looking into the huge mirror that took up the wall before her. Her left hand played lightly over her trim stomach, fingers tickling and brushing the skin, while the right played equally about her breasts and nipples. I squirmed as her fingers drifted, rolling and caressing, pinching, all the while her face drifting through emotions, her tongue poking out occasionally as her body seemed to shudder.

I saw the fingers of her left-hand dip down into her panties while the right slid the sports bra further up and off off her breasts. My cock waved as I spun, my head twisting to watch.

Her eyelids were drooping as her full lips parted. I could hear her gasping, her breath coming in staccato bursts as her hand slipped deeper, and her fingers probing that moist area between her legs. Her huge body swayed, and she stepped to compensate. I saw her dark nipples were rigid and long-

"Oh..." she gasped, her eyes closing as her fingers danced. Her skin was shining, a sheen of perspiration and steam making her all the more attractive. Her damp hair turned kinky in the humidity, brushing her shoulders and flipping in rhythm to the turns of her head. "Oh..."


I stared, mesmerized as Jane's right hand shot out, her palm slapping against the tiled wall to steady herself. Her left hand slowed to a smooth rubbing that seemed to calm her, her own caresses making her full and bringing her off. I was writhing at the end of my bonds, wanting my own relief.

Jane must have seen the movement as she finally turned towards me and grinned sleepily. "You liked that, baby?"

I nodded vigorously, my own desire for satisfaction blinding me to the fact that I was her prisoner and slave.

"I can see that you did," she mused, looking at my raging hard-on. "Don't worry," she cooed, turning back to the mirror and wiping away the condensation with the flat of her right hand- the left still occupied. "Your turn will come. Just say the word."

"Please," I gasped, my body bucking and thrusting against empty air.

"Please what?" she asked, cocking her head and removing her earrings, left and right. She set the tiny studs on the mirror's counter, then slowly pulled her sports bra the rest of the way over her head. I watched in awe, trying to ignore the question. I knew what she wanted me to say.

I would not acknowledge her. I was still a man!

"Fine," she said and leaned in. In a flash her hand wrapped about me, her fingers closing tight and giving me a hard enough squeeze to make me scream. Then she drew me back, arching my line and simply let me go...

I screamed again, or continued as I swung, my arms aching with the force of gravity as the far wall sped towards me. I slammed hard and bounced away in the space of a heartbeat, my captive, tiny body swinging back the way it had come...



I reached the new apex and swung back...

Again and again and again...

The Giantess had vanished momentarily as I swung, helplessly kicking and screaming, flailing in my bindings. When she returned I saw (in a spinning dream) that she was naked. She dropped a fluffy terrycloth towel onto the toilet seat and laughed as she stepped past me and into the warm, soapy, fragrant waters of the bathtub, settling down to enjoy her bath...


The Giantess Jane purred as she eased her gigantic body into the steamy bubbly water. Her skin, creamy smooth was already glistening from her morning run and the heated air, but now it took on a truly exotic radiance, turning towards pink as she sank against the back wall.

"Ahhh..." she cooed, her eyes closing in pleasure her full lips pursing. She remained thus for what had to be several minutes simply luxuriating in her quiet bath.

And I was forced to simply dangle and watch. The arc of my swinging eventually slowed to nothing leaving me turning round and back again, over and over. My wrists were soon burning with the relative agony of supporting my weight. Before long my arms were growing numb and the pain spread, traveling to my shoulders. It felt as though my arms, my entire body had endured a session on a medieval rack. Something I would never share with my captress, she has enough cruel ideas of her own.

I was still slowly twirling, my head hung in defeat, exhausted, aching and sickly for some reason when I heard the Giantess stir. My back was to her when I heard her giggle and a moment later I felt a stabbing prod from her sharp finger nail in my bare ass causing me to start swinging again. I gasped in surprise and that quickly changed to tearful whimpers of pain as new agony shot through my tortured arms. Jane just laughed.

"What a wonderful sight to wake up to," she said when her amusement calmed a bit. I felt her warm, minty breath roil about me, adding to my momentum.

Once I was swinging sufficiently for her pleasure again, Jane went about the sensual task of actually bathing. I watched in helpless fascination as she lathered soap into a wash cloth and then began to slowly pass that about her body. Her dark eyes were sparkling, watching me every time I spun about to face her again. The whole show was so erotic, and she was gorgeous. My cock was hard as a rock and dripping despite my pain. I stared lustfully as she swirled the cloth about her breasts and I saw that her dark nipples were as erect as my penis only they were larger. My eyes went wide with awe as her huge leg rose out of the soapy water like some massive sea serpent. She laughed to see my expression and flicked me in the dick with a 'SNAP'. She laughed all the harder as I kicked and screamed in new pain, bobbing and dancing at the end of my tether.

The Giantess was wiping tears from her eyes when we both heard a light rapping on the door.

"Yes?" Jane asked with some annoyance in her tone. A soft male voice replied tentatively...

"Your brandy, Ma’am."

Oh god...

It was the butler.


Futilely I squirmed and twisted, dangling at the end of the leather cord draped casually over the shower curtain rod, my arms stretched above me and crossed at the wrists, bound by the leather. My frantic kicking and struggling simply tightened the bindings, both about my wrists and neck as the cord was also knotted about my throat like a collar. But I could not help it. I was panicking, watching as the bathroom door swung open at the Giantess Jane's command, a massive slice of the wall swinging inward...

I burned with humiliation as the giant stepped into the bathroom, looking all prim and proper in a black vest, tight slacks and patent leather shoes. He was older than I was, in his thirties I imagined, with olive Mediterranean skin tones, a Euro-Latino, and handsome as men go. Greek maybe, or Spanish. He was huge to me, and muscular with kinky black hair that was tied back in a stubby tail and dark eyes that seemed to spark with an inner fire when he saw me hanging there helplessly. He licked his lips, then looked to his employer.

"Your brandy, Ma'am," he said bowing slightly at the waist and extending a silver platter that held a snifter of warmed brandy. I watched as I spun, finally the Giantess coming into view again as she languidly extended an arm and slipped her delicate fingers about the stem of the huge goblet, lifting it from the tray. Her eyes were on her butler- Anthony- watching him watching me and a cruel smile curled her full, pale lips.

"You like my little pet, Anthony?" she asked, taking a shallow sip of the liquor.

"Yes, Ma'am," Anthony replied, sliding the tray under his arm. he licked his lips again, cleared his throat. "He's... He's beautiful."

Jane grinned at that, looking at me and I shivered as I saw the evil thoughts that were no doubt racing through her head reflecting in her eyes. "You wish to touch him, Anthony? Play with him?"

"Oh no, Ma'am," he said after a stuttering instant. "He is your pet. I couldn't..."

"You did before," the Giantess grinned, sipping at her drink again. "Snuck into my room and stole my boots for a little late night excitement. And you found the prize, like in a box of Cracker Jacks. You enjoyed my toy then with no problem."

"Forgive me, Madam," Anthony said as he dropped to his knees, pleading. "I was overcome... Wasn't expecting... " He glanced at me.

"Shhh," Jane soothed. "It's all right." She chuckled, swirling the brandy in the snifter as she looked between her butler and I. "In fact, I rather enjoyed it- fantasizing what you did to my little pet. Got me all hot and wet just thinking of him at your mercy, knowing what you did. And I DO know what you did."

I saw the butler blush even deeper, realizing that he was undone. He did not seem to realize however that the Giantess seemed to approve...

"Would you like to touch him again?" the Giantess asked, watching her manservant intently. Anthony's head shot up instantly, his gaze bouncing between his employer and me. After a moment he nodded vigorously.

"Yes, Ma'am!"

Jane smiled. "Good. Then do as I say and first unhook the leash from the faucet's knob."

Still on his knees the butler leaned forward and did as commanded, holding the long trailing end of my leash in his trembling left hand. I bobbed a bit, feeling the tightness of my bindings again.

"Hold him in your left hand and gather up the lead," she said. "You may fondle him if you like."

The butler's callused thumb immediately pressed down on my groin, eliciting a squeal of pain from the sudden pressure. His thumb slid swiftly back and forth, grinding on my enraged shaft as he reeled in the binding leather, looping it loosely in his right fist. I was squirming, caught between agony and ecstasy, the butler's rough touch driving me mad with lust.

"Now," the Giantess continued, "I want his arms behind him. No! Don't untie him. Force his legs and that cute little ass through the loop of his bound arms. He can take it."

I writhed and cried as the butler grabbed my legs and squeezed my ankles together. He was leering as he stared at me, forcing my legs through the opening of my bound arms until my ass wedged against my wrists. Obeying orders he grinned and started shoving my ass. It hurt, and I knew that if I was normal that it would not have been possible, but tiny and changed, with some effort, Anthony forced my arms behind my back. I was crying from the hurt as he went back to fondling my engorged cock.

"Now take the lead and pull it forward between his legs. Harder! Make it tight, so it bites into his groin... good. Now run it to his chest and loop it about him, pinning his arms. Knot it behind... Good. Now run it down to his knees and do it again, and again to his ankles. Loop the cord BETWEEN his legs and ankles and pull it really tight, so he feels it."

I moaned as Anthony complied and the leather cord bit into my spongy flesh. He knotted the cord tightly, his fingers shaking throughout as he touched and fondled my helpless, tiny body. He did a good job considering that I was only two inches tall. When he finally finished as per the Giantess' instructions I was bound hand and foot; my wrists crossed behind me with a knotted loop about my chest, above my knees and around my ankles. I squirmed in his grip a bit, but I knew that I was totally helpless again... still.

"Very good Anthony," Jane said with praise. "You've done well. Now drop him in the water please."

"Noooo..." I screamed as the butler did as ordered, reaching forward and simply- maybe regretfully- dropping me into the soapy water of the bathtub. I screamed again as I fell, but not from fear of drowning. No, I saw the Giantess as I fell, and in her hand was the Fazer!

"Thank you, Anthony. You're dismissed."

I heard that as my body slammed against the water flatly in a belly flop that sent a new burning sensation through me. I sank, struggling at my bonds, fearing what was going to happen-

And my world exploded in a blinding glare of white light and pain!


I screamed in agony, despite my situation, submerged in the murky waters of the Giantess Jane's bathtub. My eyes went wide as my oxygen went with my screams, a flurry of bubbles shooting towards the surface. My body was wracked by convulsions, my muscles contracting and cramping as the mysterious rays of the Fazer enveloped me. My head began to pound and my stomach roiled as my body began to swell...

Nausea overwhelmed me as my body seemed to bloat. I remembered that my growing and shrinking was the result of the liquids in my body being taken away or replaced. I could not imagine what was happening to me fully submerged as I was, but it felt as though I had swallowed gallons of water in an instant. I moaned and hacked as my tiny, helpless body jerked and jumped as it began expanding. The Giantess had decided to grow me again, for whatever evil intent I had no idea.

My eyes were wide with the pain as I started to float towards the surface again. I could see the shadowy form of the Giantess' legs to either side of me as I rose, like undersea mountains in the distance. I swirled and twisted, kicking slightly until I finally broke surface.

I gasped precious air, immediately regretting it as I sputtered and coughed sour water from my lungs. I squirmed as I hacked and gagged, trying to float and stay on my back, trying to keep my head up so as not to simply swallow more water in my struggles. My eyes were watering and stinging from the soap, but I could still make out the Giantess watching me, her dark eyes alight with mischief, her lips twisted in a cruel smile.

She was sitting a bit higher in the tub, still leaning against the back wall, but her massive breasts now loomed just above the water line. Her skin was glistening and I could smell the lavender of her soaps and bath oils. Her hair was a bit damp where it brushed her smooth shoulders, and her nails sparkled in the harsh glare of the overhead lights as she held her snifter of brandy. As I gasped again, my breathing finally coming under control I heard her chuckle.

"Now that's interesting," she purred, her voice sounding slightly curious. I wiggled as I felt her free left-hand swoop up beneath me, cupping me in the soft, damp palm as the Giantess lifted me from the water. I squirmed a bit as Jane shifted me back and forth in her hand, examining me. I looked down my helplessly bound body and saw what intrigued her so suddenly.

She had grown me to probably 9 inches I imagined, judging my size against her hand and arm. But the strange thing was that suddenly I was fat! I could not see my legs as they drooped over the edge of the giant hand, but my belly was wide and bloated, as were my breasts. I could just make out the head of my engorged cock poking up above the horizon of my huge, round belly. Jane's chuckle became a laugh as her pinky snaked up about my bound legs, her nail flicking my traitorous, flag pole penis. I whined with the sharp pain, wriggling in her hand as she considered...

"Must have been the water," she mused, taking another sip of brandy before setting the snifter out of sight beyond the pristine white wall of the tub. "The Fazer made you big again- well, bigger- but I think because you were under the water that you took in more hydration than normal. Made you fat, pet, like a little stuffed pig all bound up and ready for the oven." Jane laughed as her thumb and fingers came about my body, her grip tightening as she rubbed me, her fingers lightly flickering over my nipples and belly, tickling and driving me wild. I could feel my cock straining, ready to explode...

And she stopped.

"I'll have to call Monique and tell her what I've discovered," she said watching me writhe with frustration. She saw that I was squirming to rub against her hand but she easily held me in place, my cock rigidly pointing skyward. "But later for that, eh, Toy? We have more important things to do at the moment."

"Please..." I whined, though not really certain just what I was pleading for. Release in one form or another; either untie me or get me off. I felt ready to explode. "Please..." I repeated, but Jane just grinned.

"You know what I want, piggy," she said raising her eyebrow and waiting, her smile wicked. She wanted me to call her Goddess, to acknowledge that I was nothing without her. That I was as she called me; a toy, a pet, not even a human being any longer. But I was still a man despite my size, despite what she did to me and I would be damned before I broke.

"No - " I started to say, but Jane's right hand flashed back over the wall of the tub and to my face. I started to scream, my mouth stretching wide as I thought she was going to hit me. Instead I saw that she had something spherical and purple held between her thumb and forefinger, and before I could react she had jammed it into my gaping mouth.

My mouth stretched to its limits, jaws aching as the thing lodged there. I gagged first, then moaned as I strained my tongue, pushing at the huge ball wedged between my lips, held in place by my teeth. I smelled lilac, and tasted soap. It was a bath oil bead!

"You won't say what I want, then say nothing, toy. Be a good little wooden soldier now, and stand at attention." Jane's right hand wrapped tightly about my lower legs and with no effort she picked me up. Her smile grew as I tried to stand straight, managing as she had my knees well within her fist. She squeezed her hand, giggling as I winced, sucking in air through my nose. "That's better."

Suddenly she dipped me down, plunging me under the warm water. I started to scream, but cut myself off and held my breath as she waved me about between her legs like a toy fish or submarine, or...

I quailed as I suddenly realized what she was about. I stared in wide-eyed horror as a dark swirling patch of hair grew larger with my approach. There was a shadowy motion and I saw Jane's left hand dip into my path, her huge fingers stretching wide to reveal the gaping pink cavern that was her pussy. The flesh seemed to ripple and quiver as her fingers created an arch that I would pass through...

And did. The Giantess Jane rammed me home and even bound and held I could feel her body shift about me as I penetrated her womanhood. I felt a rising sensation as she shoved me in, she lifting with the sensation. I heard a low, far away rumble, like thunder miles distant as her hand continued to press me in, twisting slightly to make me rotate.

It was warm within her mound; 98 odd degrees I imagined, and humid. The walls of flesh that encompassed me were slick and moist and alive with a throbbing sensation. I could feel the line on my body where Jane stopped pushing, just below my belly. She held me, and I could feel her fingers turning me, twisting at my legs as she eased me back a bit, and then in again. Over and over, forever twisting and rotating in the soft, moist flesh, she would not slip my dick inside quite yet.

The thunder continued to roll, and I realized that it was Jane's moans of pleasure vibrating and echoing somehow down through her body. Too, I could hear the distant tha-thump of her heart, beating quickly but steadily with her mounting excitement. I could feel the heat rising, and the walls of my fleshy prison getting wetter as she inched me in and out-

She rammed me deep suddenly, my head thumping against some barrier. I was jerked back as swiftly, then shoved deep again, my head slamming. My body twisted helplessly as she ground me in, thrashing and squirming as I struggled. Her voice boomed with her cries as my writhing apparently added to her pleasure.

She yanked back again, and again rammed me home!

And again...

And again...

Hot, sweet nectar gushed over me as I was repeatedly shoved deeper and deeper. I felt the Giantess shift, her pussy clenching, strong muscles biting into me and clamping down. Her screams exploded, but I felt the massive shiver more than heard as Jane reached orgasm. But unknown to her, gripped like a vice within her pussy, my penis exploded as well, at last.

I thrashed about as best I could, trying to arch my back and squirm with my own orgasm. My body shuddered, my tiny spurts of jism rocketing from my abused penis, mixing with the rivers of Jane's own juices that were still free flowing. I bit down and the bath oil bead exploded in my mouth as well, gushing liquid soap that erupted into Jane's womanhood as well as my mouth. I gagged as I inadvertently swallowed the bitter mixture, my body involuntarily gasping after my climax.

I was drowning I realized, and panic started to set, making me thrash about again. I do not know how long I had been without a breath, submerged under the bathtub's water and stuffed to the ankles inside the Giantess' cunt. But now I was aware and suddenly the world was starting to swirl and flake away in chips of peeling gray...

And suddenly I was flying backwards. I felt the sharp bite of the leather cord binding my ankles as I shot out of Giantess Jane's pussy, then through the murky, soapy water. I broke the surface and felt a sudden chill as I gasped in great lungfuls of air. My body bobbed and swung like a clock's pendulum as Jane dangled me above the water. I did not care.

I breathed deeply of sweet oxygen as I swung and dripped. My skin was slick and sticky and smelling of flowers and female but again, I did not care. I had survived again.

I was alive...


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