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Jane's Toy Part 7

by Carnaj

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© Copyright 2011 - Carnaj - Used by permission

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I looked at the Giantess as my bound body swung and twirled, hanging upside down at the end of the long leather cord that was perpetually wrapped about me in one way or another. She was smiling at me, her eyelids drooping as she lounged back against the far wall of the tub looking satisfied, and glowing just a bit. She smirked and flicked her fingers, making me bob and dance at the end of my tethers.

"That was good," she cooed, casually setting me to swing from side to side with the slightest twitch of her fingers. "See, you do have a purpose."

The giantess laughed and dropped me back into the water. I shot straight down below the surface, my head thunking off the bottom of the tub before I floated back to the top. I broke surface, gagging and gasping again as my bound body settled on the water's surface. I was buoyant and bloated after my last encounter with the Fazer, fat, and I floated easily. The hard part was staying face up, but with some floundering I managed.

I lay there, floating in the water, my tiny cock already standing at attention and starting to grow again as I saw Jane rise from the water. Her long, statuesque body just kept rising higher and higher, her skin glistening in the harsh bathroom light, dripping water as she rose to her full height of 5'5"- 50 feet at least to me!

I watched and stared up her body as she wiped away at the excess water, running her soft hands back through her damp, shoulder length hair. She stared back at me, her face in shadows, her body almost silhouetted by the glare of the overhead light as she loomed, looking down past her full breasts at my tiny, simpering form flopping about in the water. She was beautiful, her legs long and lean, her stomach taut, her form curving in just the right places. Despite myself, I felt my hard on growing, my penis thickening and starting to drip.

"Is that for me?" she asked, giggling as she brushed her hair back behind her ears. her grin was wide as she started to churn the water with the simple kicking of her leg. I bobbed and rolled as waves roiled past, sputtering as I turned and floundered.

"I'll be back soon," she said as she stepped out of the tub and pulled a terrycloth robe from the back hook on the door. She slipped her arms into the voluminous sleeves, gathered the placate and belted the thigh length baby blue robe. I saw her look down and her legs moved; I assumed she was stepping into slippers. You enjoy your quiet time," she said as she leaned down, one hand resting on the tub's edge as the other dipped below the water.

I heard a thump and saw the drain plug in her hand as she stood again. My eyes went wide as panic swept over me. I remembered the open grill at the tub's drain from our shower before.

"Calm down," she said with a smirk as she set the plug aside. "You're too fat to go down the drain, piggy. Just relax and enjoy your free time. you made me happy, so I'll give you a few minutes."

I stared as Jane glanced in the huge mirror, then turned on her heel and left the room. I heard her voice a few minutes later, but too far away to really hear what she was saying. besides, I was too worried. My tiny body was starting to spin in the whirlpool over the drain, and I could see the water level sinking lower and lower.

It took about ten minutes before the last of the water trickled away. I was left lying in the bottom of the tub in the slimy residue of soap and shampoo, over the open drain. Jane was right in that I was too fat to get sucked into the pipes, but still I worried a bit until I thumped up against the metal rim. I lay there dripping and breathing hard for another few minutes, before I saw the door swing open again.

It was Anthony...

He stepped into the bathroom, looking about, his eyes finally locking on me. he was still dressed in his butler's uniform; black slacks and vest with a white pressed shirt. His kinky, greasy black hair was loose now, gathering in clumps about his shoulders, hanging down as he came to the tub's edge and stared down at me with a wide grin on his lips.

"Hello, toy," he said, his grin growing wider. "Mistress Jane certainly does leave a mess," he said, kneeling down and reaching into the tub to scoop me up in his rough, callused hand. "But it's my job to clean up, and that's why I get paid the big bucks." He chuckled as though he was the first person to make that joke.

He held me up before him, my bloated body squirming in his loose grip, flushing red at his scrutiny. I could see the lust sparkling in his eyes as he licked his lips, raping me with his gaze. Had I been normal sized I'm sure that he would have taken me then and there, and in some ways I think that might have been better- get it over with.

Instead, his thumb rolled over my body feeling rough and callused as he felt me up. His fingers massaged my sides, squeezing as his thumb made small circles, rubbing my belly, pressing on my nipples and flicking at my penis. He scratched my balls, grinning widely as he pressed, making me moan and writhe in pain. All the while my dick betrayed me, growing larger and longer, springing out at his unwanted touch.

"Noooo..." I cried, shaking my head from side to side. There were tears in my eyes as he leaned closer, rising me up to meet his lips. I saw his tongue snake out of his mouth, huge and red, dripping as it probed, finally brushing along the tip of my cock. I shivered at its hot moist flesh, thrashing as Anthony licked the length of my quivering shaft, under my balls.

"Shhh," he whispered, licking his lips before continuing. I felt his fingers close tighter to hold me still as his tongue laved the length of my body. I tried to cry out and his finger crooked over my face, pressing over my mouth to stifle my whining as his lips pursed and took in my cock.

He sucked, the tip of his tongue flicking my dripping penis. I gasped into the flesh of his finger as I felt his teeth biting down, just enough to elicit a tiny cry of pain stirred more by fear than hurt. And that made my cock pulse all the more.

I was throbbing now, and my moans of torture were now whimpers of pleasure as I felt another load of sperm boiling to explode from my dick. I tensed, trying to thrust against his huge lips...

And he pulled away, laughing.

Anthony eased his grip, chuckling as I rolled about in the palm of his hand, trying to hump against his skin, his thumb, whatever friction that I could find. He toyed with me a bit, chuckling at my near-crazed antics, listening to me grunt and beg before finally tipping me casually from his hand.

I screamed as I started to fall, then cried out as my fall jerked short and pain burned in my ankles and legs. He had caught up the trailing lead of my leash, once again letting me dangle and bob at its length. He stood letting me twist and sway helplessly.

"Madam would not be happy if I make you come again, I don't think," he said as he glanced about the room, looking for a place to hang me I imagined. "Ah," he said with a grin and stepped over and up onto the toilet.

The butler reached up and secured the end of my lead to a small hook in the ceiling, apparently there for a potted plant that was missing at the moment, but also conveniently placed for my continuing torture. Once looped about the hook, Anthony played out the leather letting me dangle as he stepped back down to the floor. He opened the toilet, lifting the lid and let me plunge inside.

My eyes went wide as my head dipped into the chilly water in the toilet bowl. I gagged and sputtered, arching my back to get my face up and out of the standing water and I saw Anthony looming above me, watching. He had tied off my leash just long enough that I would continually have to arch my back or bend my legs to keep my head up and out of the water.

"Please," I pleaded. It was too much. He simply laughed and flicked the cord, making me swing and bob in the water.

"Quiet, little toy. I have work to do now."

And with that he simply turned away, ignoring me as he got down on his knees and started to scrub out the bath tub, leaving me to fend for myself in my misery.


I spent the next several minutes just trying to breathe. I bobbed and twisted, arching my body and back to get my head out of the toilet's water, and I could for a time. I was not in the shape to stay in any kind of odd position however, and eventually I started to ache and had to dip into the water again, only to struggle and splutter and arch out once more.

I writhed at the end of my tethers, aching and sore, but my tiny voice went unnoticed or ignored as Anthony the butler simply went about his duties. I could hear him humming as he scrubbed out the bathtub, his sing-song voice echoing oddly in the toilet bowl. I some point later I saw his form flit through my peripheral vision as he picked up the bathroom, straightening things. It went on for some time- agonizing to me- but eventually he was looming over the toilet again, I saw as I came up for air.

"This is just too good to pass up," he said, and my eyes went wide as I saw his hands move to his crotch, fiddling with his fly. In a moment he had his massive and long cock out, hovering over me as he held it in hand. I looked up and gasped, both at the size and realizing what was coming.

"No..." I whined even as the steaming yellow stream of his urine came raining down on me like water from a fire hose. My body, dangling helplessly, swung and bounced at the pressure of his stream. I was gagging at the taste and scent as his piss inundated my every fiber, soaking me with what seemed the foulest liquid that I had ever encountered.

Anthony laughed as he sprayed me, taking great delight as he directed his stream to get me swinging about the confines of the toilet. I spluttered and hacked, feeling sick at this latest degradation, but there was nothing that I could do but endure. I was too tightly bound. It went on for awhile...

And then, little by little, it was over. His stream turned into a trickle, then into a drip. I was hacking and coughing as I saw him slip his cock back into his trousers and zip up his fly. He was grinning widely.

"You are so hot," Anthony said, "and so much fun, little toy. I will thank Mistress Jane for letting me play with you." He grinned, started to turn-

"She likes me best, you know."

And then he was gone, and I went back to dangling and dripping urine...


I don't know how much time passed. I could just see the glow of light coming through the bathroom window and figured maybe it was afternoon when I finally heard the Giantess' voice as she moved about in the hallway beyond the closed door. I could not understand what she was saying, but she seemed to be near the door, and a couple of times I heard the latch rattle.

Jane opened the door with her cell phone cocked to her ear. swinging the door wide she did not see me at first and stepped into the bathroom, posing almost as she continued the conversation...

"Yes... No I'm almost ready. Fifteen minutes maybe and I'll be on my way... Well tell Suzi to wait. She'll love it, I swear. Yes. Love... love... Love... Okay, see you soon. Bye."

Jane clicked her Blackberry Curve off and slipped it into the case dangling from her wide black leather belt. She looked gorgeous, dressed in a pleated black skirt that fell to mid-thigh and showed off her well-toned legs, and a gray and white striped tank top under a short black fashionable blazer. Her hair was brushed out and touched lightly at her shoulders. She had on a silver pair of hoop earrings and a silver necklace as well as a bangle bracelet that coiled about her right forearm like a snake. So hot, I felt my cock going rigid again.

She looked about the room, first into the tub, then finally noticed my cord hanging and followed its length to find me dangling in the toilet. She burst out laughing.

"Oh, god," she said breathlessly after a bit, wiping tears from her eyes. "You are priceless, toy. Did Anthony do this to you, precious?"

I writhed and struggled helplessly, not even answering. Damn her! How could she do this to me- to another human being? I'm a man dammit...

Jane just started laughing again at my outburst. "We'll be leaving soon, toy," she said as she hovered over the toilet. looking down on me. "Wanna go a ride in the car?" she asked, like I was a dog. She turned about, her back to me as she hitched at her skirt.

"First things first, though..."

I stared in awe as the Giantess pulled down her skirt, and then her panties, exposing her magnificent and perfect ass to me. I was stunned and speechless, and did not even scream as she lowered her perfect ass onto the toilet seat without a bit of hesitation.

I was suddenly in the dark, just a thin shaft of light beaming down from between her legs. I struggled again, shouting and begging as I knew what was coming. The Giantess Jane ignored me, if she heard my tiny protests.

She peed on me...


Jane stood and hiked up her panties and skirt. I was blushing red and embarrassed, dripping wet as she turned about and without a second thought, hit the plunger to flush the toilet. I spun about for a moment until the water line dropped, but then I twirled, dangling at the end of my lead.

I squirmed as the Giantess sorted herself, leaning into the bathroom mirror to correct her makeup, totally ignoring me dangling head first in the toilet for some time. Finally she smiled and glanced in my direction...

"Guess I better get you ready."

Jane crooked a finger about my leather cord and pulled me clear of the toilet bowl. I bobbed and dangled as she lowered the seat, then stepped up swiftly to draw the loop of my lead from the hook in the ceiling. I hit the floor at her booted foot with a 'huff' and laid there as she looped the long leather cord loosely about her fist. When she had it to the length she wanted, she gave a jerk and I tumbled along...

You walk back to your bedroom, not thinking twice as you drag me behind. I bounce along the carpeting, being dragged. My skin scars with rug burn and I whimper but you ignore me, flexing your arm and drawing me up in a heave to flop on top of your bedspread.

"We're going out, pet," you say as you lean in, your breasts looming above me. My eyes go wide as you slip the little noose of my collar from around my neck and undo my bonds. I sprawl on your bedspread, free of my fetters for the first time in days and look up in terror, wondering what is coming. I know that it can't be good. I see you have the Fazer in hand.

"I need you smaller though." And without a second thought Jane zapped me with the Fazer!

I felt the familiar feeling; like a sledge hammer slamming into my stomach. My body curled up in agony, contorting as my muscles contracted, while my body dispelled its excess liquids. I started to sweat buckets and vomited. Worse, this time my cock sprayed urine as my bowels emptied. I was bloated from the last change, and Jane was now shrinking me and all that extra water had to come out.

I was lying in a damp spot on her bed, my head spinning wildly as the sweat on my body finally started to evaporate. My body was dripping and I realized as my senses returned that I was smaller by half at least.

I saw the Giantess moving about the room, ignoring me as she primped at her mirror and dropped items into her large leather bag. She tossed the bag onto the bed finally and glanced at me, saw that I was awake and coherent again- more or less.

"Oh good," she said as she grabbed something off of the dresser and then sat on the edge of the bed. her hand reached out and she casually used a finger to flip me onto my back. I sprawled for her, still too weak to fight back as she held a tiny strip of canvas up. It was a pale green and had a plastic clip on both ends, with a large, box-like device about midway that had two metal prongs sticking out. It did not look good.

"Jean Marie made this up special, just for you," she said as she leaned in and pressed the rough material across my belly. Her fingers slipped the canvas and plastic under me and I heard a 'click' as it snapped in place. Jane smiled and stood tall at the foot of the bed, looking down at me. I saw she had a slim remote in her hand.

"It's a shock collar, pet," she cooed, and I licked my lips as I saw her thumb gliding over the dial that controlled the intensity. "Usually used on bigger dogs, or unruly dogs, or dogs that are being specifically trained for guarding or whatever." She wrinkled her nose as she considered the device in hand. "I don't like to abuse dogs like this," she said, her frown twisting into a smirk, "you on the other hand..."

Jane pointed the remote and my stomach erupted in a blazing agony that set me to thrashing on the bed. I bucked and screamed as the metal prods poking into my belly went electric, stabbing into me with unadulterated force.

I saw Jane smiling, her tongue flicking out to lick her lips as the world went gray...

Then black.


I woke to darkness and the familiar scent of leather, not unpleasant, but overwhelming. It took me a moment to get my bearings, my eyesight adjusting to the dim and strange surroundings as much as they would. I did not rush. I hurt too bad.

My stomach ached, and as I went to touch it, to rub it my hand encountered the canvas belt that was wrapped tightly about my midsection and fastened behind my back with the big, interlocking clips. I felt too, the two metal prods that were poking into my belly, attached the box jutting out with a blinking red light atop it.

It was a shock collar. Made to control dogs in training, the one locked about my waist had been custom made by one of Giantess Jane's friends; Jean Marie if I remembered correctly- she who owned the Pet Shop. It fit snugly about my waist, and I knew even before I tried that I was not strong enough to open the plastic 'teeth' set in the small of my back.

I gripped the two prods that were poking my stomach, but they were wedged tight. I shuddered remembering the searing pain that had shot through them and into me, how long ago I had no idea. The giantess Jane had simply flicked her thumb and I was hit with excruciating pain, enough to knock me senseless and unconscious.

And I woke up here, lying in the bottom of Jane's purse...

I recognized the leather smell immediately, and as I lay there, started to see the familiar sights; her compact, brush, wallet, tissues the size of blankets and keys like swords and spears. It was dark, and looking up I could see that the zipper was closed overhead. I was locked in, but remarkably not bound. I did see the dental floss container not so far away, so the potential was there. It was warm and felt stiflingly enclosed.

As I lay there trying to get my head together, waiting fro the throbbing in my stomach to subside I took in my surroundings and listened. There was no movement that I could sense. We were not in the car traveling, though of course we could be sitting in it. Jane had said something about going for a ride, so I assumed we were wherever we were going.

I heard the soft strains of music seeping through the walls of the bag; violins- Beethoven maybe. Around that there were voices. I heard Jane occasionally, interacting with other, softer voices in the distance.

And I smelled food. A restaurant then, I imagined. She had been speaking with someone on the phone, saying she would be leaving soon. The Giantess Jane was having lunch with someone... somewhere-

I yelped as her bag shifted, a brief sensation of movement- then stopped again. My heart was hammering at the sudden shift, like a massive earthquake. I heard her voice-

"I promised you a surprise," she said, and I heard a horrible ripping sound as light flooded into my world. The zipper opened overhead, and a moment later her gigantic hand came swooping down like a bird of prey, snatching me from my reveries.

I screamed...


I could see shadowy images of her, my mind racing to form an image to coincide with her gargantuan body. It was totally surreal, as she moved so fast to my miniscule senses, floating me through space and then setting me down in reality again. I was a bit taken aback, as I had expected to be tossed into my new scenario.

I stumbled, trying to find my balance again in a gigantic world that towered over me. I stood on a field of white, and at first I thought it to be a snowy field, but there was no chill. I rationalized that it was a tablecloth, thinking back that I figured I was in a restaurant. As I looked about, trying to focus I saw huge, crystalline goblets and wide white disks littered with great slashes of silver surrounding me. I staggered, trying to get my bearings and realized that I was on a tabletop, the finished dishes of lunch scattered about me. My stomach growled to see half-eaten bits of chicken and some type of fish, scattered vegetables on the over-sized plates.

I looked up and around, quailing at the enormity of my surroundings. The room itself was cavernous, and I could see mountains moving in human form in the hazy distance. The music I had heard before echoed relentlessly in the background as I slowly turned, taking in my environs.

I froze. My skin paled and my dick shriveled (for a moment) as I stared at the giant women that sat leering at me. There were two of them. The first beautiful with long, black hair cascading about her shoulders and wearing a revealing black top that could have been a dress as far as I could see. The other had shorter, blond hair that was kinky and well-trimmed up off of her shoulders. She wore a pink top, and was beautiful in her own right, though not as devastating as the other. Neither held a candle to Jane however.

I shivered as I looked up at them, they in turn staring down at me. both had looks of utter confusion on their smooth, white faces, their lips forming an 'O' as they blinked, wide-eyed. Both sets of dark eyes were riveted on me as I started to back away. Both blinked as I tripped and tumbled backwards, landing on the plate behind me in the midst of unfinished Linguine and Marinara sauce. I heard Jane giggle at my antics.

"My surprise," Jane said, her soft hand waving over my head. I figured, just checking my surroundings that I must be about 4" tall and totally helpless before Jane and the two women. The blond finally gasped, blinking, and I saw the dark haired woman lick her lips as she leaned a bit closer.

"What is it?" she asked, her finger inching towards me, hesitating at the last second with her long, sharp nail just millimeters from my chest. "It's alive," she whispered, her dark eyes sparkling with amusement.

I of course was hard as a rock...

Her finger shot forward and jabbed me in the chest, knocking me onto my ass on the plate of linguine. I struggled, sliding in the cold sauce as I tried to get back to my feet. I would not show weakness.

"It's adorable," the other one said. "So tiny..." Her breath was a throaty gasp, her voice a hushed whisper. The two were shocked to say the least, but like everyone seemed to take my tiny stature in stride. Why wouldn't anyone help me?

I clambered out of the plate, having had enough and uselessly made a dash for the edge of the table. I could feel their eyes on my ass as I skidded to a halt, looking down. It was like a precipice in the Swiss Alps, the snow white side of a mountain swooping down and away in the form of the table cloth's skirts. It was a long way down.

I hesitated and the electricity slammed me in the stomach again. Jane had activated the shock collar and I fell to my knees, clutching my stomach, screaming and writhing in agony...


The jolt of the shock collar strapped about my waist was not as great as before and only had me on my knees and writhing in agony as opposed to totally unconscious. It hurt regardless, and I clutched my stomach praying to whatever brittle, brass God might be listening to end my pain, though I was starting to realize that my life was in the hands of a Goddess instead.

I was hunched over, gasping deep breaths as I heard Jane's voice echoing on high...

"This is c; my little slave. He's not quite broken yet. Still has a bit of a rebellious streak, which is fun, really. It gives me a chance to put him in his place and test his limits. he will suffer for this, believe me."

I hung my head as a slight jolt shot through my belly again. I moaned, doubling over with the electricity, trying to no avail to pull the prods from my stomach. The shock collar was belted too tightly though, and I was at Jane's mercy.

Another hand swooped in and I gasped as a large nail flicked me in the side and sent me sprawling. I saw magenta as the nail flitted away, looking up to see the dark haired Giantess leaning in for a closer look...

"He's so cute," she said, her breath rolling over me in a gush of garlic and fish. overwhelming, I held back a gag as best I could, knowing that I would suffer otherwise. "Where did you get him?"

As the raven-haired Giantess scratched and probed with her nail, Jane explained how I was a gift from the local University; a test subject for the PHASE PROJECT given to her for 'field testing' such as it was. In reality I was a gift for her financial support from one of her followers. Jane showed her two friends the 'Fazer', but luckily for me declined to show it in action- at least for the time being.

"How can I get one?" the blond asked, her own hands reaching out now, wanting to fondle me. I looked up at Jane for rescue, but she simply smiled.

"That's why we're here," she said, and I saw her thumb sliding along the dial of the shock collar's remote, raising the charge between one and ten, up and down. "My contact at University will be here soon, and she will hopefully have a surprise or two. For now, enjoy my pet."

Jane leaned back in her chair and watched as the dark haired woman took me in hand and started to rub her thumb over my groin. I was writhing at her slightest touch, whimpering as her deep purple thumb nail dug into my chest as she pressed on my cock and balls.

"He's hot," the woman said as she dug her nail into my groin. "Is he hard all the time?"

"99%," Jane answered with a sly grin. "About the only time he's not is when he's thinking about escape. I can tell. And I put a stop to it. he won't acknowledge yet that he's mine. But he will. It's fun breaking him."

"I can imagine," the dark-haired woman said, rolling me about in her hand a final time before handing me off to the blond. She in turn wrapped me in her fist and held me up to her face.

"Is he house broke," she asked with a giggle, flexing her fingers as I squirmed and whined for release.

"Yes and no," Jane responded, sipping at a cup of coffee, leaning back and crossing her long, sexy legs. "He doesn't require much food or water, so he doesn't... excrete. When I change his size however, he does spew massive amounts of liquids; vomit, fecal waste, sweat. It's quite disgusting, but the amounts to me are so small that it is no big thing." The two friends laughed.

The blond opened her fist and dropped me onto the table again. I felt her finger slap me up on the ass as I staggered forward towards Jane. "Make him do something," the blond said and I saw the Giantess grin.

Jane placed her hand lightly on the tabletop, her fingers just touching the surface so that they were facing me. "Bow down and kiss my nails, toy!" she commanded. I stared at the five scarlet nails, like shields embedded in the ground, shining and reflecting my terror and hesitation. I licked my lips, not wanting to degrade myself and saw her other hand thumbing the shock remote. I dropped to my knees before her massive hand and started licking the huge nails. I heard giggles all around as I debased myself before my captress and her friends. I licked and kissed- kissed and licked until I heard a new voice that froze me in mid-lick...

"Monique!" the Giantess said as a new shadow fell across the table and me. I shivered in the dim, doom washing over me like a tidal wave, crushing and suffocating...


I glanced up, watching as Jane introduced the new addition to the quartet of Giantesses. It had been weeks I thought since I had last seen the woman that had changed me and made my life a living Hell. I realized though that only a few days had passed since the Giantess Jane had found me bound and squirming and stuffed into her Christmas stocking. My captress introduced her two friends; Suzi and Sharon (the blond), and then Monique as a scientist assistant working at the local university where they had made the Fazer and the Faze Chamber that had reduced me initially to a pathetic and helpless four-inches.

"Pleased to meet you both," Monique said with a beaming smile as she shed her long coat and scarf, taking the vacant seat. I saw that she had a large shoulder bag slung over the back of the chair as she sat, her dark eyes focusing on me with a sparkle of interest. "Hello, Curt," she said with a huge grin to see me naked and kissing Jane's fingernails.

"Call him c if you have to give him a name," Jane said with a smirk. "He's not a man anymore, and needs to remember that. I call him toy or pet usually, whatever fits the moment." Monique laughed at that, actually tittered.

"How cute," she said, her finger reaching out to stroke me. I slapped at her finger and stood, defiant. It was her fault that I was like this and I would be damned if I would just accept it. They did not understand. I shook a tiny, impotent fist at the giant Lab Student-

"Bitch!" I shouted, my voice squeaking. "Change me back!"

Lightning shot into my stomach and forced me to my knees. Again and I tumbled over onto my side. Again and I curled up in fetal position, crying as Jane zapped me over and over with the shock collar. Not enough to make me pass out, but enough to bring tears to my eyes and make me gasp for air. Enough to make me suffer.

"You do not speak to my friends like that ever, toy." She zapped me again and I was writhing on the table cloth. I could see the other giantesses watching with amusement, smiling while I suffered. She zapped me again and I screamed.

Jane eased off for a bit as A giant came into view. My eyes were full of tears and my head was spinning but he seemed probably the waiter as his form had an overtone of black. I focused, wiping at my eyes and saw that he was staring at me, squirming on the tabletop, his mouth hanging open in wonder.

"Help..." I moaned. "Help me..."

He heard, but I don't know if he understood as he blinked and stiffened and turned his attention to Monique. "Is Madame ready to order?" he asked, his eyes slanting my way.

"Definitely," Monique said and rattled off a salmon dish with creamed broccoli and a small salad. The waiter gave me a furtive glance, then turned his attention to Jane.

"More wine, Ma'am?"

"Champagne I think, Garson." Jane smiled. "And then a bit of privacy please."

"Of course."

The waiter turned stiffly on his heel and made towards the distant horizon of the cavernous restaurant. The giant women made small talk for a bit, getting Monique caught up. Jane reveled in some of our adventures over the time that she had received me until now, and her three friends paid rapt attention, smiling and laughing at my antics. Jane at one point emptied her wine glass and upended it over me, effectively trapping me and cutting off my hearing. I stared, standing tall with room to spare under glass as the women spoke...

I could only catch bits and pieces, but Monique explained about the experiment and the group of volunteers that had been whittled down to me and...


God, I could not even remember the other poor soul's name; my fellow victim that had remained at University with Monique and the other sadistic scientists working on the Faze Experiment. I wondered what had happened to him, and if he was even still alive.

After a time the waiter brought Monique's dinner, and not long after the champagne in a bucket of ice. His eyes were on me as he worked the cork, easing it out with a slight 'pop', then pouring for the four Giantesses before leaving them alone again. Monique ate of her salmon, rolling her eyes at the taste as she spoke between bites...

"Jane's explained her idea to you, I'm sure, by now," she said, then taking a sip of water. "For a modest fee, you can own a 'tiny'," she continued, taking another bite of salmon. "For a bit more you can purchase a Fazer. We only have one more right now though, that I can offer. Jane has the second model, but as they are generic and work on all the altered humans, the University hasn't required many to be made. I have a tech geek working on more, on the side, but it takes time." Monique shrugged, taking the last bite of salmon and finishing her broccoli.

"We can buy a little man?" Suzi asked, licking her lips. Monique nodded.

"We have several now, and not just men. We've worked through the problems that we had in the beginning. Mortality is down 87%. More are surviving the alteration."

With that Monique shifted in her chair and unslung her bag from the back. She set it in her lap, opening the leather flap and unzipping the main compartment. She dipped her hand within, and withdrew what looked to be a small display case. She set it on the table and I stared. It was small; six-inches high and eight inches wide. I saw that it had four compartments, each less than two-inches, and each holding a tiny person like myself; naked and shrunk and terrified. There were two men and a woman.

"How much?" Sharon asked, leaning forward. "I want the woman." I saw the tiny female cringe in her glass cage as Sharon leaned closer.

"$25,000," Monique said without hesitation.

"And the Fazer?" Suzi asked.

"Bidding starts at $10,000," Monique said, smiling at Jane.

The Giantess Jane's friends were apparently wealthy. Neither batted an eye at dropping $25 K to buy a tiny, and Suzi ended up with the spare Fazer for half a million dollars, plus. Monique removed the two purchased little people from her case, handing the woman to Sharon and the man to Suzi, along with the Fazer. Even under glass I could hear their moaning and terrified whimpers as the huge women fondled their new toys.

"Business," Jane said, raising her glass of champagne and the other three women followed suit. They clinked glasses and drank...


As I stood helplessly trapped beneath the wine goblet I watched as the women played with their new 'toys'. They fondled the little pair of 'tinies' to their heart's content, oblivious, or at least uncaring as to their condition and shame.

The Giantess Suzi had hers pinned down to the tablecloth, holding her tiny man down with her long red fingernail pressed into his chest while she explored his tiny cock and balls with her free hand. I couldn't help but notice that he was sporting a raging hard on from the attention. He was squirming in apparent pleasure, forced as it was. If Suzi was anything like Jane, I doubted it would last long.

The other giantess was no less enthralled with her new charge. Sharon had the tiny woman cupped in the palm of her left hand while she eased her right pinky finger deeper and deeper between the woman's wide-spread legs. The tiny woman was writhing about as much as she was able, her body shuddering madly with orgasmic ecstasy. I could hear her high pitched squeals all the way across the table and through the crystalline wall of my glass prison.

Turning to look behind me I saw both Jane and Monique watching with rapt attention. Both giantesses were smiling widely, and Jane had that evil gleam in her dark eyes that I had come to know so well. I saw that Monique had pulled a slim necklace from her blouse and was rubbing the tiny charm between her huge thumb and forefinger absentmindedly as she watched the sexual tableau unfold.

I paled as her hand casually dropped away for a moment to pick up her champagne glass for a drink. I stared hard, my eyes wide to see that the charm was actually the poor soul (Eddie was his name I suddenly recalled), the other victim that was shrunk along with me- how long ago? An eternity it seemed. He was dangling, his arms flung out wide and stretching high. The final links of both ends of the fine silver chain about Monique's neck had been closed tightly about his wrists. He was less than an inch tall and seemed in a daze from whatever abuses he had suffered since we parted company. I could only imagine, having to deal with the entire staff of scientists back at the university lab experimenting on him where I only had Jane to debase and abuse me.

Why did I suddenly feel lucky?

My glass cage abruptly chimed, the ringing high and deafening. I clutched at my ears, wincing as I looked up and about and saw Jane's shield like crimson nail tapping on the crystal goblet. She grinned wickedly at my discomfort, then leaned close to Monique, whispering something. Monique smiled and reached for the case that contained the third tiny that she had brought with her.

She released the tiny little black man, which drew the attention of Suzi and Sharon, both of whom held their captives in hand to watch what was happening. I stared at the man too. He seemed familiar, vaguely- someone from school no doubt and probably an athlete from his well-toned and totally shaved body. Oddly he did not seem afraid to be encircled by the four giant women and actually seemed at ease as he looked around. He probably had no idea yet as to the hell his life had become.

I watched as Monique handed Suzi her new Fazer and directed the woman in adjusting the settings. The giantess nodded in understanding as she listened then, smiling, pointed the device at the tiny man and zapped him without a moment's hesitation.

It was bizarre watching as the man's body rippled and expanded and slowly grew. I had experienced the sensation first hand but had never actually seen it before. It seemed as though he were about to melt for a moment, then he blew up in stature like a molded balloon. For his part, the guy merely staggered a bit and then swiftly recovered, suddenly two-inches taller. The same effect would have knocked me on my ass, if not unconscious.

Pain shot through my stomach as Jane fingered the remote to the shock collar wrapped about my waist. I cried out in agony once again as I dropped to my knees, then rolled to my side, writhing with the sensation, the pain and electricity making my teeth chatter. I felt a cool breeze then as she lifted away the glass and set it aside, leaving me exposed and rolling around on the soiled tablecloth. I could feel all eyes focused intently on me now, large and small. A hush had fallen over the group, waiting to see what Jane had planned.

"What's your name, little stud?" I heard Jane ask, addressing the black guy. I tried to focus, wondering what was going on.

"Donald," was his reply, not a quiver of fear in his voice. Was he enjoying all this? I looked at him and he was standing almost cockily, looking up at the Giantess Jane.

"Well, Donald," Jane continued after a moment, sounding thoroughly amused with the situation, "Monique says you like men. True?" Donald nodded.

"Yes, Ma'am," he answered, looking to me as I struggled to my hands and knees. My whole body was shaking still, but I was sensing that I had to get up despite the pain.

"Well, my little c isn't much of a man anymore. If he ever was." Jane chuckled as all the women laughed at her little joke and insult. "But... You can have him if you want."

My eyes went wide- wider! Did I hear her right? Was she giving me away to the tiny black man as some kind of gift, or...

And then the weight of what she had said throughout finally hit me like a sledge hammer, right between the eyes. She wasn't giving me away. She wanted him to take me... rape me!

And 'Donald' was apparently fine with the idea as he strode towards me, a wide smile stretching ear to ear and a full mouth of bright white teeth. His dark eyes glistened as he stepped up, chuckling as I struggled to stand on weak and rubbery legs. His hand flashed out and caught me squarely on the left cheek, stinging with a loud 'CRACK' and sending me sprawling.

I heard laughter echoing overhead as he straddled me, standing tall with a foot on either side of my prone body. I looked up through teary eyes and swallowed when I saw the size of his cock dangling and bobbing not so far above my face. It was dripping already, and I could actually see it growing. I paled even further and he just laughed.

"You pathetic, yo," he hissed, reaching down and dragging me to my knees again, easily hefting me with a strong grip on my arm. I swung at him, but I was too weak. My blows hit his brawny arms and chest like love taps. I WAS pathetic. He slapped me in the face again to get me to stop as the women laughed again. "Gonna love tearin' up that ass."

My ears were still ringing from his blow when I felt something thick and warm pressing at my lips. I blinked and gasped, which was a mistake, letting Donald shove his huge dick into my mouth. He thrust forward without a hint of mercy, the tip of his thick cock slamming against the back of my throat and then starting to slip down and in. I gagged and choked and tried to pull free, but he just clasped a hand to the back of my head and shoved me forward as he pressed against me until my lips were touching his groin. He palmed my head like a basketball and started dragging me back and forth, the dick sliding in and out.

"Get me hard, boy," he commanded, still thrusting, still shoving on my head. "C'mon, pussy! Suck!"

I could barely breathe, and I felt like I was going to vomit. I caught glimpses of the Giantesses as my head bobbed; Monique and Jane laughing at my utter humiliation, egging him on, cheering him. I was crying, gagging, my skin burning red with shame.

I don't know if I actually sucked or if it was my gag reflex that got him harder, but I felt his cock getting bigger in my mouth; longer and thicker. He was sweating, his dark skin glistening and I could smell his musk as he was getting worked up. Until abruptly he pulled free of my mouth, his cock standing ramrod straight and looking twice as huge as before.

I gasped for breath, snuffling, hoping it was over, but Donald hefted me to my feet in one quick jerk and deftly spun me about, bending me at the waist. "No..." I whimpered as I felt the tip of his shaft pushing against my anus. He slapped my ass and I yelped, lurching forward-

"Stand still!" he shouted, and I felt his hands on my butt, his fingers prying my cheeks apart as he began thrusting again. He was slow at first, and steady until he was in far enough, and then he quickened the pace and was soon slamming deeper and deeper. Tears were streaming down my face as he rammed home and I was moaning louder and louder the deeper he went. It hurt like nothing I had ever experienced, he was so huge and brutal...

And dammit, I was hard.

I could not believe that I was responding to his assault- his rape, but my own cock was hard and dripping. And by now he was sliding smoothly with his thrusts, finding a harsh rhythm that made me whimper and squirm with pleasure every time the head of his dick struck home deep within me.

My head was spinning. I could barely stand from the pain and pleasure and was about to collapse when I saw Jane's huge crimson nail tap the table before me. I looked up to see that wicked smile and my eyes went wide when I saw her pointing her Fazer my way.

"No!" I cried as light erupted, but oddly I did not feel the familiar slamming and sweating that usually accompanied my sudden size changes. I felt worse...

Jane had used the Fazer on Donald, not me. His penis exploded up my ass as he grew, I don't know how much. His dick inside me felt like it had trebled in lengthy and girth. It was throbbing and pulsing and I could feel that he was about to come with enough force to blow me apart. But he was not done. I felt his hands on my chest, his fingers pinching about my tits as he easily hefted me up. I screamed again, continuing as he slammed my back against his chest, ramming his rod ever deeper until it would go no further.

He snaked a huge arm about my throat, flexing and making it impossible to breathe. I was choking for air as I felt his cock pulsing within me. My eyes focused for a moment and I saw Jane again, this time holding the shock collar remote...

Pain lanced through my belly as Donald shot his load up my ass. I was shaking uncontrollably, my eyes rolling in agony and ecstasy, my whole body aching with orgasm as somewhere in the back of my mind I realized that I was coming too. Vaguely I saw the giantess' finger in front of me, hovering as Donald's stream of sizzling jism continued to fill my ass to overflowing. I dangled on his cock, his arm about my throat keeping me weak and breathless as he jerked and slammed and forced out every drop. It went on and on, and I just hung there like a rag doll, a puppet whose strings had been cut.

And then, thankfully, it was over...

Vaguely I heard the sound of thunder in the distance and only realized later that it was applause for our performance. And laughter and cheers of approval. Donald simply shoved me off of his cock and let me collapse to the floor at his feet.

I crumbled, a huddled, sobbing mass leaking jism from my ass, aching and beaten. My skin sizzled with shame as I gasped, great wracking sobs as I tried to catch my breath again. The world was spinning wildly and I started to dry heave, gagging on bile and stomach acid as that was all there was in my stomach.


I looked up and through bleary eyes I saw Jane's gigantic finger resting right before me, knuckle down. I stared and saw a sticky pool of cum resting in the cup of her fingernail. She slid her finger forward until it was right beneath my face.

"Lick it up," she commanded. I hesitated only a moment, not wanting any more pain. I leaned forward and started lapping at the little pool of my own, cooling jism that she had caught. I heard laughter again, but did not care.

"Poor toy," Jane's god-like voice boomed down in mock sympathy. "Who's the BITCH now?"

I sagged, defeated. I finally knew, finally admitted then and there that my life was over as far as I was concerned. I lived and breathed only if she chose. My life was hers. I was beaten. I swallowed my jism as I had no pride left...

"I'm the bitch...



Story © Carnaj 2010


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