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Prisoners of the Kinky Clown MILFs

by ZTVFemdomtales & Drebintooyou

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© Copyright 2021 - ZTVFemdomtales & Drebintooyou - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F+/m+; clown; costume; giantess; bond; balloon; face-sitting; oral; gag; tape; smother; scarves; shrink; kidnap; sex; tickle; spank; reluct; nc; XX

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The clowns play with their prey

Burt had no idea how he ended up in a room with his former teacher, half-naked and dressed like a sexy clown. He had just been going to the fair with his pals Trevor, Sam, Nico, and Mikey. The others dragged him into this funhouse run by a group of sexy clown ladies. You had to run from one end to the other. Going room to room, players were knocked out until only one remained. That player, who turned out to be Burt somehow, won the grand prize. He had no idea what it was only that it was sexual. His busty former heath teacher was a surprise for both of them.


“Mrs. Merriweather?!”

“What… what are you doing here?” Burt asked.

Merry, as she called herself, sighed and sat on the side of the bed.

“I’ve always had a thing for clowns. Hell, I always wanted to be a clown. My parents wouldn’t have any of it. They insisted I be a teacher. So I put my dreams away and went to school. I was a good student. I did my work and kept my head down. Then one Halloween everything changed.

“My roommate wanted me to go to a party with her at the local sorority. I argued that I didn’t have a costume. She had already bought me one. She had no idea about my past so I guess it must have been destiny. She tossed me some white face paint and the skimpiest clown costume I had ever seen. My heart stopped, my breathing became heavy, I felt an excitement I hadn’t felt in years. I had to do it.

“At the party, I met a cute boy. Turns out he was very turned on by my costume. It was some very hot sex. We would sleep together every weekend. I would always wear the costume. It got to the point where I could only have sex dressed that way.

“After I left school, I started my teaching career. I tried to put the costume away. I tried to be normal. That meant I went a long time without sex. If I did it was only with strangers out of town, dressed as a clown. I was ashamed of my behavior. I could never let anyone in our town know about me.”

Burt sat down next to her and patted her leg.

“I won’t tell anyone.”

Nico shivered in fear as he looked up at Bongo. He didn’t know why but the look in her eyes scared him deeply.




“Well, that’s too bad.”

“Can you help me up?”

“I can.”

He waited for her to do something. She just stood there. Watching.

“Are you?”

“Am I what?”

“Going to help me up?”

“Hell no.”

“Why not?!”

“You have to earn it.”

“Earn it?! How?!”

“You’re going to kiss my ass.”


“You heard me, little boy. If you want up off that floor you have to kiss my big, juicy ass.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Why not?”


“Then I’m afraid you’re stuck there.”


“You know what I want.”

“Fine. I’ll do it.”


She flipped up her skirt to reveal her massive ass.

“Just kiss it. Who knows, you might even like it.”

Somehow, he doubted that. She slowly lowered herself down until her ass was just inches from his face.


“I guess.”

“That’s the spirit.”

She gently laid it over his face. He sighed a big sigh. Then he puckered his lips and kissed her ass. He had expected a terrible taste to assault his mouth. After all, it was her ass. Instead, it tasted like buttercream. He felt something on his lips. It was a lotion of some sort. He found he rather liked it. Nico kissed it again.

“Good boy.”

He kissed again and again, becoming lost in the sensations.

“That’s my good boy.”

“Alright, you’ve had your fun,” Bongo said, standing up.

Nico moaned, wanting more.

“Now it’s my turn.”

She pulled a Twizzler out of a box in the cupholder of a nearby seat. She rolled it between her fingers for a second. Seemingly satisfied she rubbed it on her mouth. It produced what Nico realized was lipstick. She smacked her lips a couple of times before looking down at him, smiling wickedly.

“Your face needs more color.”

He never got a chance to ask her what she meant. She bent down and planted a big wet one on his right cheek.


Nico couldn’t see it, but he could feel the large red lip print she had left.

“Still not enough.”

She planted one on his left side.


“There, now you match.”

“Is that all?” he asked.

“Why, whatever do you mean?” she teased.

“It’s only two spots. Shouldn’t my whole head match?”

“By George, I think you’re right.”


Soon his whole face was covered.

“Do you want a taste?” she asked, smacking her lips.

He nodded dumbly.

“You have to promise me something.”


“Thank you,” Merry whispered.

Part of her was glad that of all her students it had been Burt. He was one of her favorites because he had a little secret. She had stumbled onto it when she subbed in at the computer lab. Cute little Burt had been looking at sexy clown art. To find someone who shared her passion lifted her heart. This was the only chance to act on this knowledge.

Merry straightened up and took on a more regal tone.

“Welcome champion. To win your prize, your currency of the realm…”

That’s right. It was two hundred dollars.

“…you must reach yonder door while avoiding me and my many traps. Pray, think you can do it?”

“I’ll try.”

“That’s my boy. Now begin.”

The suits of armor by the door raised their crossbows at him. Burt gulped.

“Better start running,” Merry warned.

He made a break for it as the weapons fired. He ducked as they dragged a net just overhead. This was nuts! He army-crawled across the floor. He climbed over a green lump only for it to shake and sway. Burt realized too late that the lump he had bothered had been a tail. A dragon’s tail. The great beast’s mechanical head descended from a faux window above mouth agape.


Instead of fire, it released a strange, sweet-smelling gas. Burt shook his head but it already felt heavy. So did his limbs.

“What…is…this?” he coughed.


“What?! Why would… why would you… use that?”

“Because when you wake, you’ll think all of this was just a weird dream.”

“How…how do… do you know… know that?”

“I’ve done it over two hundred times over the last five years.

Burt couldn’t understand her words as the darkness took him.

Merry smiled down at Burt’s sleeping body. She gently stroked his face. There was just something about him. She just wanted to explore every inch of the boy. She tossed off his socks and shoes before sliding him right out of his pants. She ran her hands over him, kneading and feeling. She propped him up against a large body pillow, securing his arms to the headboard behind him with a pair of fuzzy cuffs. None of her other kidnappings felt this good.

The first came six years ago. A year before she would join this motley crew of clown MILFs. She had begun role-playing online as Merry Weather, her clown-sona. It had been harmless flirting at first. Soon the conversations became increasingly sexual. It was the most erotic thing she had ever done. At least until that message.

I have a strange fantasy, the man messaged her.

Do tell, she typed back.

I want to be kidnapped by a clown and kept as her sex toy all night.

Wow, that is a different one.

Bad different?

Good different.

Would you do it?

The question caught her off guard. Not as much as her response did though.

Tell me where. 

He was right where he said he’d be. At the bar in a fancy old hotel. Oh god, was she really doing this. At least this was in another state. Merry Weather sauntered through the lounge and up to the bar. She stood right behind him, breasts pressing into the back of his head.

“You look like you’re having a very boring night.”

He gulped.

“Yeah, a real snooze.”

“Maybe I can… lighten things up.”


“Turn around.”

He did, burying his face in her tits in the process. She took out her fuzzy cuffs, the very ones Burt now wore, and secured his hands behind his back. She scooped him up bridal style and took him to the room she rented for the best sex of her life.

She performed this ritual several times over the year, and into the summer she met the others. Those had all been sexual. This was not. Then why had she taken Burt’s pants off?

“C-cutie?” Mikey said, more than a little nervous as he looked up at the towering MILF.

Blossom giggled in response.

“Again, I’m just teasing you a little sweetie, but you are very cute, couldn’t lie about that.”

She reached a hand into her cleavage and pulled out a ridiculously long balloon.

“Now about that boa constrictor? This is a bit of a special technique, kind of a trade secret ya know? So when I say close your eyes, shut them real tight like a good boy okay? And don’t open them till I tell you.”

“Um… okay… but if it’s just a snake then-”

“Boa constrictor,” Blossom corrected.

“Uh right sorry… ya know what, yeah I’ll just shut up. I’m sorry it’s just I'm a little… you’re very… oh god… uh.”

“If your face was any redder sweetie, I’d mistake you for a tomato. No need to be nervous. Just relax and let a professional show you how it’s done.”

Blossom took the nozzle of the balloon and blew into it until it was about half-inflated, then she tied the top of it shut.

“There we are. You see, cutie, if you inflate the balloon too much you won’t be able to tie it off anywhere, so you should only fill it up about halfway. Now watch this.”

At an unbelievably rapid pace Blossom managed to tie the balloon off at perfectly measured foot long intervals, until she held the tip in her hand letting the rest dangle to the floor in a coil. “There we go, halfway done!”

“Halfway? What’s next?”

“Well Mikey,” she said, flashing him a bit of a flirty smile, “I would tell you, buuuuut… it’s time to close your eyes.”

He did as she said.

“Wait… what do you mean?”

“Ah ah ah, you said you would be a good boy and close them.”

Her warm smile continued to block out her more suspect words and Mikey took a deep breath.

“This will only take a minute…”

Seconds passed and Mikey felt nothing, other than the occasional scrap of the balloon across his flesh. He figured she must have been coiling it up or something and that was just accidental. However, he would soon be proven very wrong.

“Okay… open your eyes,” spoke Blossom’s sultry voice.

When he did he saw her holding the end of the balloon, and with a flirty giggle, she pulled on it with a firm yank, which led to Mikey feeling a tight constriction around most of his body, taking his breath away.

“What the hell?!”

He looked down and saw the balloon had been coiled around his body, save for his groin and butt. Not only that, but the balloon was surprisingly strong. What should have been an easy task of breaking free, turned into a wiggling struggle.

His struggling ceased however as Blossom put a single finger on his chest.

“Watch your language mister.”

All it took was the tiniest shove to get him to fall over on his back, and yet no pop.

“Industrial strength balloons sweetie.” she said after a moment, “They’re quite formidable, and no offense, but with noodle arms like that you won’t be getting loose any time soon. Which is just fine by me.”

He looked up at the buxom clown MILF, as she smiled down at him. His worry increased as he saw her holding a roll of white tape in her hand.

“Ms. Blossom… I don’t know what you’re doing, b-but I don’t feel comfortable with… whatever this is.”

“Oh is that so? Well, let me fix that.”

With another giggle she walked over him and plopped her large butt down on his chest covering his torso and even his groin, her thicc thighs on either side of him, as she peeled off a stripe of tape, holding it over his mouth with her lips pressed against it.

“No no no no no!” He panicked. “Wait what are you- gmmm dommph? Mmmm mmmph!”

“MMMMMMMMWAH! I’m going to make you feel nice and comfy sweetie, and once you’re all relaxed then I’ll have my fun”

She stood up off his chest.

“Fummph? Wmm ymmm mmmph?”

“Sssssshhhhh… Just relax,” She said as she sat down on her heels and placed his head in her lap as she stroked the top of his head lovingly and began to hum a gentle tune.

Looking up he couldn’t even see her face, only her massive breasts encompassed his view, and while he wouldn’t particularly mind this on any other day, his nerves still flared from the unreal situation he was in.

“What is she up to,” he asked himself, “what is she gonna do to me… man her lap feels soft… I've gotta break free but these balloons are too tight… She has a nice voice… I wonder if she’ll kiss me again? No! She’s planning on this! Well, I'm not giving in that easily! You gotta take me to dinner first, lady!” Mikey began thrashing around in his bonds and yelling into his gag. “LMMM MMM GMMMPH! IMMM NMMM MMM TMMMPH!”

This didn’t even phase Blossom who just smiled. “Aaaaww, looks like the naughty little boy doesn’t want to wait for another smooch.”

“HMMMM?! MMM MMM!” He shook his head.

“Well in this case,” She pulled him up into her arms, and brought his face right in front of her puckered lips, “I wholeheartedly agree! PUCKER UP CUTIE!”



After her barrage, she looked down at his face now covered in kiss marks and licked her lips.

“You’re quite the tasty young guy Mikey. I could do this all day, but we’re on a bit of a tight schedule tonight, soooo… I think the next fifteen minutes will have to do. Then I’ll pack you up for our trip.”

“HMMMMMM?! Whmm dmmm ymmm mmmph? Mmmm hmmph lmmm mmmmm gmmmph!”


Blossom was now laying on her back, rolling around from side to side on occasion. Her arms squeezed Mikey’s puny chest into her breasts while her legs locked around the rest of his body, all while she humped him nonstop, nearly losing herself in the exciting moment, as she painted his face red.


During her lust-crazed make-out session she had rolled over on top of him and her weight combined with her heavy thrusting resulted in…


Blossom had fallen on, the now smothered and squished, Mikey, but had hit her head on the way down. Not too badly, just enough to break her concentration.

“Ouch… goodness that really hurt… huh?”

She looked up and saw Mikey, with the tape ripped off his mouth, making a break for it.

“Oh no, you don’t mister!”

Reaching into her seemingly endless cleavage she pulled out a series of colorful scarves all tied together, with a lasso on the end. The same one she had used to save him before. Once again utilizing her rodeo clown skills she expertly threw it, lassoing Mikey around his torso. With a smug grin, she began slowly reeling him back in.

“You’re quite the squirmer aren’t you,” she giggled, “I like that. Looks like I’ll have to take drastic measures to keep you in line though.”

“No no no! Look whatever you’re planning please don’t! I don’t wanna be kidnapped! Let me go,” he begged.

“Oh but sweetie, how could you know you don’t like something until you’ve tried it?”

She pulled him in closer and closer.

“You can’t do this!”

“Sweetie, the only reason I haven’t pulled you in yet is that I think this is cute. But it’s time these games came to an end. However, I’m a professional, and I never leave a job unfinished.”

She yanked him into her waiting arms and held him tightly, yet effortlessly, his feet dangled off the floor, and he wasn’t even at eye level with her.

“And I believe that I missed a spot, right here.”

She placed her finger on his lips, the one part of his face she hadn’t kissed directly, because of the tape.

“Pucker up one more time for me baby.”

Mikey watched as her plump puckered lips came towards him, and in no time at all, planted firmly on his lips, her tongue reaching deep in his mouth. His only natural reaction was to kiss back. At this point, it was practically impossible not to. As the kiss dragged on though, he became exhausted and uncomfortable. He started to thrash around but she gave him no respite. Every second that passed she stole his breath away until she finally broke the kiss leaving him on the verge of him passing out.

“MMMMMMMMWAH! Aaaahhh… now that was a kiss. You were amazing Mikey,” she looked at his drained body and smiled. “Hehe, that one always gets ‘em. Only difference is that I'm playing for keeps this time around.”

She quickly used the rest of the scarves to tie him up, wrapping them around his torso and arms, pinning them to the side, and wrapped some more around his legs.

“There we go, nice and comfy. Now let’s take care of those ‘drastic measures’ shall we?” She pulled out a remote and pushed a single button. In seconds a very small car pulled up behind her. It wasn’t even a foot tall. She squatted down and opened up its tiny door.

“Hehe, all aboard.”

Coming back to his senses a bit Mikey was confused. “Uh… I’m short, but not that short. I won’t fit in there.”

“Oh, nonsense cutie. Here I’ll help you.” she quickly shoved his behind into the small door.

“What? No stop, I won’t fit!”

“Oh you’ll fit lover boy,” She picked up the car and put it on a bench, putting him at eye level with her big thicc ass, “I just have to apply the right amount of pressure, that’s all.” A devious giggle escaped her lips.

“Oh for the love of g-” SQUISH! Blossom thrusted her ass back into him. Pushing him slightly more into the car.

“What do you think cutie?” SLAM! “I like to think I’ve got what the kids call a big donk.” SQUASH! “Honestly I was worried I wouldn’t have time to sit on your face today,” SQUISH! “And what a comfy face it is.” SQUASH! “I wouldn’t mind spending an afternoon or two,” SLAM, “just sitting on your face while I read a sexy book.” SQUISH SLAM SLAM! “Okay, I think one more big one outta do it. Ready?”

Mikey was almost complete in the car, contorted, but not hurt somehow. He looked ahead at the MILF clown’s massive ass and wondered how things wound up like this. “How the hell did I get here?”

“You poor thing. If you think this is strange… well you’ll see.” SQUASH! With a final thrust of her hips, she pressed her ass into Mikey, rubbing her donk in as much as possible to make sure he really got in there. That done she simply turned around, smiled at him, and closed the door. “Hmhmhm… sorry cutie, mama needs her man in… travel size.”

Pressing a big red button on her remote, the car shook and began to glow for a minute before suddenly stopping. She opened the door, reached in, and pulled out Mikey, who was now only 6 inches tall. This didn’t take long for him to pick up on seeing how her hand wrapped around his whole body and she held him up to her face.

“WHAT?! THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE… WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME,” he shouted in a voice that fit his tiny size. He was clearly scared.

“Relax cutie. It’s not permanent.”

“It’s not?”

“No silly. I can turn you back to normal no problem. And I will later, but for now, I need you at a more manageable size. Frankly, you’re just as powerless as you were before, you’re just more… stowable now,” she pursed her lips into a smile.

“But where are you taking me?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“But what are you gonna do to me?”

“Oh, baby what am I not gonna do to you,” she laughed.

“This is kidnapping!”

“That’s fine by me.”

“But… but…” he let out a defeated sigh.

“Ready to settle down now?”

“Yeah… you… you won’t… you’ll be nice right?”

Blossom smirked and brought him right up to her puckered lips which engulfed his face. “MMMMMMMMMMMWAH! I’ll be as nice as you are small and adorable, cutie. Now it’s time to go.” She lowered him into her cleavage until only his head poked out. “Give it some time hon. I bet you might even like being that small after I show you all the great spots to explore on Mount Blossom.” With a final poke of her finger, she pushed his head down into the endless abyss of her cleavage. Picking up the car she started to strut out of the room, making sure to put a little extra bounce in her step for her special passenger. “He feels pretty good in there. Maybe I’ll take a page out of Tiny’s book and put him in the ‘basement’ next time.”

As she walked Mikey was squeezed and tossed around in her warm, soft bouncy cleavage. He had no idea what the future held for him, but he had to admit, it could be worse.

Burt moaned as he came to. His eyes widened when he saw he had not been dreaming. Miss Meriweather was sitting Indian style in front of him on a large bed, dressed like a clown. Merry Weather. That’s what she called herself. His confused mind began to clear.

“Where are my pants?”

He tried to move.

“Why am I cuffed?”

“I want to talk to you about something.”


“Clown porn.”

His face turned a cute shade of beat red and he sputtered out whatever words he had prepared to say.

“Excuse me?!”

“When did you realize you were into it?”


She gave him a knowing look.

“Merry. There’s been some kind of mistake.”

“I’ve seen the art…”

“You’ve seen my art?!”

“Your art? You make your own?! Wonderful!”

She grabbed his phone out of his pants pocket. Using his face to unlock it she cuddled up next to him and pulled up what looked like the right app. He went to his gallery.

“Please don’t.”

The early works were all various Harley Quinn fanart.

“That makes sense,” she commented.

Fanart of the mime from An Extremely Goofy Movie followed.

“Mimes aren’t clowns.”

It then evolved into gender swapped Ronald McDonalds and Pennywises. The newest works were generic clowns his own age before aging and morphing into…

“The girls?”

She gave him a shit-eating grin.

“You saw their profiles online. You knew all about this place, didn’t you. I bet you dropped hints to get the others to come here, but not think it was your idea. Such a smart little pervert.”

“Please. I just want to go home.”

“No, you don’t. You’re scared and feel like you need to run. You want to let this go all the way. You need it to. I know. I’m the same way.”

She straddled him, causing her skirt to ride up and reveal her red and white dotted panties. He grew hard under her.

“Have you ever had clown sex before?”

He shook his head.

“You have no idea what you’re missing.”

The panties were proven to match the bra as it came into view. Merry sent her glasses and hat flying in the process.

She ground herself against him harder.

“Here, let me show you.”

Sam stared up at the 9-foot tall behemoth of a clown woman, still smiling down at him. Her eyes obscured through her hair, her hands still pulling on the coils of rope. Naturally, Sam was quite intimidated, only able to lightly shake, as she giggled getting closer and closer.

“Uh um, T-Tiny?”


“I don’t know if I want to play your game… sorry.”

Tiny stopped in her tracks. “Y-you don’t?”

“Well… it just looks… no, no I don’t… huh?” He looked up at Tiny as she started to sniffle and tears started to come down her face.

“WAAAAAAAAHHHAHAHAH,” she wailed. “Everyone I want to hug never wants to hug me back, or run’s away! I must be a freak!” She stumbled over every word.

Sam was completely taken aback. He went from being scared of her to feeling incredibly guilty in a millisecond. “Oh man,” he thought, “I was too quick to judge. She probably didn’t mean any harm. Man if I wasn’t such a wimp she wouldn’t be crying right now. Time to man up and make this right.”

Sam walked up to Tiny, who was now on her knees with her hands covering her face. “Uh… hey I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I don’t mind playing your game.”

“You… you don’t,” she said, picking her head up.

“Not at all. Before we do that… mind if I… hug you?”

Tiny’s smile grew so wide he could just barely see the bottom of her eyes through her hair, before she quickly pulled him into the tightest hug of his life, instantly standing up and smothering the top half of his body in her huge breasts, as she cheered, jumped, and laughed joyfully.

“Yay yay yay yay YAY! No one’s ever asked me for a hug before! Thank you sooooo much, Sam! Does this mean we’re friends?”

Sam did his best to respond though he was surrounded by soft jiggling boob flesh. “Mmm-hmm.”

“WOO HOO! Oh, I almost forgot,” she said, letting Sam free from her grip, and grabbing her bundle of rope, “Let’s play my game first then we can cuddle some more!”

Sam caught his breath and was blushing quite a bit before he looked back up at her. “Okay sure. So uh… what is this game anyway?”

“My friends taught it to me. First I tie you up, then I put some tape over your mouth, and then I do whatever I want with you,” she said cheerfully. “They called it kidnapping!”

Sam’s smile quickly faded. “That’s what I get for not going with my gut,” he thought before quickly making a break for it. “Aaaaaaahhh!”

“Oh great, you already know the first part of the game,” Tiny said, giving chase.

“Uh, isn’t there any other game we could play?!”

“Why? This one sounds so fun! Plus I get to keep you afterwards!”

Tiny was right on his heels. It was clear she was intent on dragging the chase out for the sake of fun. Soon they were off the bridge and close to the sealed door to the previous room. Sam cursed himself for not jumping off the bridge into the safety of the pit. His instincts had told him to avoid that at all costs due to his minor fear of heights and the uncertainty of the pit, though it was probably safe considering all he had seen. Now he had nowhere to go, except to the right side of the room, where he again would reach a dead end, except for the pit on his side. Not intent on repeating his mistake from before, he gulped and jumped over the side.

His descent was quickly halted as his collar was grabbed by Tiny, who wore a delighted smile on her face.

“Ha! I gotcha!”

“Oh crap…”

She hoisted him up until she was face to face with him. Her smile, though, quickly faded into more of a slightly disappointed frown. “Hmmm… that was a bit of a short chase. Maybe we should’ve played this game outside. It’s not really fun if I catch you this quickly,” she pouted.

Sam saw this as an opportunity. “W-well, maybe we should play something other than the kidnap game? Like charades, or tic tac toe?”

“Mmmm,” she grumbled, “but those are so hard… I never win tic tac toe, and Bongo always makes fun of me for it.”

If she wasn’t holding him in her grip like he was a stuffed animal, he’d find her pretty cute right now. Instead he put his plan into action. “Oh I know, how about red light green light?”

Tiny smiled at this, but not for the reason Sam had hoped for. “Not falling for that one again. A few short guys like you use that game to get away from me, and Blossom always told me never to fall for tricks more than once, and that if I fall for it for a fourth time she’ll get mad.” Tiny thought for a moment, and then her face lit up into another big smile. “Hey that’s right you never answered my question from before. Remember? At the front door?”

“No no no no no no no,” Sam screamed in his head.

“Have you ever been sat on before?”

“Uh… w-well I… you see-” she cut him off.

“Cause I love sitting on cute short guys like you a whoooooole lot, and I’ve got a pretty big butt.”

“Yes, I know-”

“You wanna see it?” Without waiting for an answer she turned around and dangled him right in front of her ass. Sam shivered at the sight, not because it was ugly or misshapen, quite the contrary, it was perfectly round, wide, tall, smooth, and bouncy, but it was huge to the point where it could swallow up his whole puny body without much effort, between her massive butt cheeks. Plus he had seen what had happened to that guy she had butt dropped last time, and he was way taller than Sam. “You can touch it if you want.”

“Uh no I’m- mmmmmmph!” Tiny shoved him up against her plump booty and started to rub him up and down the length of her butt crack, though she still had her pants on, it didn’t make much of a difference for Sam. “Mmmmph, tmmmph lmm gmmm ommf mmm!” Shouting was completely muffled by her warm butt which seemed very eager to swallow him up in it’s soft crevice.

“Ooooooo~~~~~ I like the way you feel back there Sam,” it was clear by her tone that her more lustful side was coming out.

“Mmmrrrrmmmph hmmm!”

“Hehe… you seem like the perfect size for a woman like me. I could stuff you into a bunch of different places. It'd be nice to have my boyfriend on me everywhere I go. Sure we’ve got a bit of an age difference, but Blossom always says that when it comes to love nothing else matters.” Tiny’s giggling intensified. “Come on Sam give my booty a big hug, for me? Pleeeeeease?”

“Mmm-mmm,” Sam shook his head, accidentally digging his head further into her ass.

“Come ooooooon,” she giggled as she wagged her ass back and forth, “it’s nice and squishy~~~~! You know once we start living together you can sleep on it. It’s nice and warm.”

“Wmmm wmmmmph?” She pulled him free from her huge caboose. “Wait, I thought we weren’t playing that game anymore?!”

“Well, not the normal way, but I’m still taking you. All of my friends picked a cute guy to take for themselves, and I picked you. We’re gonna be sooooo happy together!”

“L-l-l-l-l-look Tiny… you’re very sweet, and i like you, but-”

“HUH?!” She pulled him back around to her front in another tight boob hug. “YOU DO?! GREAT THEN LET’S KISS!”

“Wait, hold on, we need to have a serious talk first!”

Tiny was through listening as her plump puckered lips headed straight for him. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM-”

“Ma’am I’ve never kissed anyone before I need a moment to- Mmmmmph!”


Sam just went limp in her arms and muttered a neutral response, far too overwhelmed by his intense first kiss. Tiny, however, was more than willing to take that as a yes. “Tee hee! Oh Sam, too cute! I can’t wait to cuddle you when we get settled in our next town.”

“N-next town? You mean… down the road right?”

“Nope,” she said, not picking up on his worry, “me and my friends are packing everything up and heading out tonight. We’re going far away to set up shop somewhere else. We’re a traveling act after all, and you’re coming with us, along with a few other cute guys we caught. That’s why I have to tie you up. Honka says ‘the only way to keep a man in line is discipline, rope, and duct tape,’ she said with a silly impression of her friend, “plus they said that if i don’t tie you up you might get out of my butt and run away.”

“O-o-out of your butt?”

“Oh that reminds me! There’s just one more thing I’d like to try out.”

Without warning, Tiny, once again, held Sam to her butt thrusted her massive backside at the wall and pinned him there. It was becoming clear to him that despite her naivety Tiny had quite the mischievous and dominant side to her, as she lightly twerked her ass on him. She leaned over enough until his eyes were free. She wanted him to see this trick of hers.

“Check this out Sam!” She pulled off her big red clown nose and blew into it. Sam’s eyes widened as he watched it expand to ridiculous proportions until it was the size of an extra large industrial strength yoga ball. “Ta da! My big red nose doubles as a portable seat!” Sam gulped. “But what’s a seat… without a cushion?” Double gulp.

…A few minutes later…

“Wait Tiny hold on I think we should talk abou- tmmmsh mm gmmm mmmph!”

“MMMMMMWAH! There we go,” Tiny said as she smoothed a piece of tape over his mouth, “now it’s perfect.” She looked down at Sam with a big warm grin. She had taped him down, spread eagle to the ball. Sure he struggled all the way, but it did absolutely nothing to stop her. He was starting to realize that not only did she see him as a cuddly stuffed animal, he was about as strong as one compared to her. “I’ve been waiting to do this ever since I saw you Sam,” she spun around, casting the shadow of her massive ass over him, causing him to shiver in fear. “It’s bouncy time!”


Sam’s body was instantly compressed under Tiny’s soft doughy ass as it dropped down on him. Her immense weight nearly pressed the ball to half its original height. Sam was honestly surprised that the ball didn’t pop from all of this. This was an unreal feeling. If you were to somehow look at this scene from below you would see Tiny’s huge backside eclipsing Sam’s small body almost a dozen times over. In height and width he was nothing compared to the happy clown MILF’s ass.

Tiny wasn’t close to satisfied though as she bounced up and down on the incredibly resilient ball, laughing all the time and even letting out some pleasured moans. The constant push and pull of her bouncing caused him to, over time, get pulled deeper and deeper into the crack of her ass. Sam had to admit despite her hobo clown look she smelled very nice, even when shoved up against her ass crack, though it did have a bit more of a humid tinge to it.

After an hour of this, she finally got off of her ball and looked at her booty in a nearby mirror. All that could be seen of Sam was his leg jutting out from between her cheeks. With a satisfied giggle she pulled him out of her ass with a quick tug, and sat back down on her ball, placing him in her lap. She stroked his hair for a minute or two as she gazed at his exhausted face. She leaned in and placed one last peck on his forehead. “SMOOCH! I loved every second of that Sam. I know we’re a bit of an odd pair, but those are my favorites. This time though I’m not gonna let myself be outsmarted. This time I’ve gotta make sure there’s no escape for you,” she said as she pulled out the roll of duct tape she had used earlier.

The strip she had put over his mouth was still there, but she decided to wrap a bunch of tape around his mouth and head several times just to be sure. Then she wrapped some around his torso, pinning his arms to his side, and some around his thighs. Then she pulled out the rope she also had earlier, and tied some more of it around his torso, but also bound his arms and ankles. Sam was far too defeated by this point to even complain. He only looked up at her with curious and somewhat fearful eyes, but even he could help but have his heart warmed a bit by her lovely beaming smile.

Tiny stood up. “It’s time for us to go now Sam.”

“… Mmmmm… mmm…” He weakly moaned.

“It’s gonna be a long trip… buuuuuuut… I think I know a nice place for you to stay where you’ll be safe, cozy, and warm.” she held him under her arm and started to pull down her pants, including her clown themed underwear, revealing her massive bare booty. All Sam could do was nervously stare, before she mercilessly shoved him against her ass crack. She kept shoving, over and over letting her ass cheeks swallow him up, each shove sending him deeper and deeper into the tight fleshy abyss.

The sensation he was feeling was like nothing else, as he was slowly being sealed between her butt cheeks, with less and less of him free from the grip of her booty with each passing second. Tiny’s warm squishy mountains wrapped around him, and hugged his body with a strength he had never felt before. Sam was always bullied for his ridiculously short height before, but he had always stood up for himself as best he could. This wasn’t a fight though. This was a clear cut case of a toy being played with. That’s all he was at this point. A toy for this woman’s massive body to play with. He couldn’t fight her, and she wouldn’t fight him. From the moment he was within her reach, he was hers, and as the last of his body disappeared between her cheeks. He got acquainted with the surroundings he’d be spending a whole lot of time in for the foreseeable future. Sealed away in this big clown lady’s booty prison.

Tiny pulled up her pants. Her butt wobbled around, and her cheeks swayed back and forth as she hiked them up as far as they would go. Sure she was giving herself a wedgie, but she was kinda into that so no big deal. “Hehe, I hope you're comfortable in there Sam. You’ll get used to it after a while. And don’t worry. Once we get to where we’re going, me and you are gonna cuddle and smooch for a whole day! Then you can sleep in my butt cheeks all night and the morning after! Oh after that we should try sex, yeah that’ll be fun! Don’t worry I have a very comfy mattress so you’ll be fine.”

Tiny shrunk down her big red nose and put it back on, and gave it little honk to amuse herself. With that done she started to strut out towards the door, making sure her butt bounced around for her new boy toy. “Let’s go meet up with my friends Sammy, I can’t wait to see their new toys too!”

Merry slipped her panties off and placed them around Burt’s neck.

“Looks like a collar. Says I own you.”

He blushed at her words. She felt him get harder. She pulled off her boxers to see for herself. She gave a low whistle.

“Looks like I’ve got plenty to work with.”

His face felt like it was on fire from all the blushing. She slid him deep into her both moaning all the way. Without warning she began riding him like he was a bucking bronco.

“Don’t just lay there. Join in.”

Burt’s sexed up mind didn’t need to be told twice. He began to thrust in a futile effort to keep up with her. She unleashed him from the cuffs. This only lasted long enough for her to remove his shirt. Soon his hands were restrained behind his back. She pulled him up closer kissing and nibbling on his neck and ear. He moaned and thrusted. He tried to reach out and grab her, too lost in his lust to remember the cuffs.

She laughed at his little efforts and shoved his face into her tits. He immediately began kissing and nibbling of his own.

“Such a naughty little boy, you are.”

She tightened her legs around his hips to keep him in place. Merry reached up above her and grabbed a hold of the metal bars in the well-built canopy bed. She lifted them up into the air a few inches above the mattress. She swung them back and forth adding a little extra oomph to their wild thrusts.

“Oh god yes!” Burt shouted.

She let him slip out before throwing him onto the bed. She flung herself onto him, wrapping around him and rolling off the bed with him. Laughing like a madwoman she began tittie fucking him while dragging him under the bed for every wicked trick she knew.

“I can’t breathe,” Trevor gasped.

“Is that so?” Honka teased.


“Please what?”

“Please let me go.”


“Why not?”

“I was going to kidnap that boy. You took him from me.”


“I think a punishment is warranted, don’t you?”

Trevor smacked Honka’s leg.

“Tapping out are we?” she teased.

“Yes! Whatever! Just let me go!”

She opened her legs and let him fall to the floor. Trevor moaned in pain. She grabbed him by the back of his pants and picked him up like light luggage.


She walked over to the librarian’s desk and tossed him on, face first.

“Watch it!”

She yanked down his pants and underwear in one fell swoop.

“Hey! Hold on now!”

She sat behind the desk and pulled out a ruler.

“Oh god! Please! No!”


Trevor jumped and shrieked at the blow. Not because it hurt. It did, but only so much as a playful spank in the locker room did. He jumped and shrieked because… he liked it.


He jumped again, this time feeling his dick harden.

“What the fuck?” he whispered.


“What was that?”

He moaned. He moaned like he was having sex. What was wrong with him? Honka looked at him for a moment. This opened up so many new avenues.

Honka walked Trevor over to one of the study tables and sat him down in one of the chairs.

“Make a sound and I punish you. I punish you and you lose a piece of clothing. You lose all of your clothing, I kidnap you instead.”

Trevor wanted so badly to argue but he knew he would lose a piece of clothing immediately. So, he sat there in terrified silence. Honka went behind the counter and came back with a feather duster. What the hell was that for? She plucked a single feather from it and tossed it aside. Trevor gulped. She turned his chair and the one next to it so they were facing each other. Then she sat down.

Trevor felt sweat forming on his forehead. She wouldn’t dare. She ran the feather up his bare leg. A shiver shot through him. It took all his powers of concentration to not react. She ran it up the other. It was harder this time. Faster and faster she ran it, up one leg and down another. Each pass his resolve dissolved a little more. Each time she got closer and closer to his briefs, to his most private areas.

She stopped less than an inch away. Trevor shook his head at her. She just smiled wickedly back. She slipped the tip of the feather up the leg hole and against his balls. This tickle led to uncontrollable laughter.

“Sh! This is a library.”

He kept laughing.”


He couldn’t comply.

“That’s it.”

She dragged him back to the desk and grabbed the ruler.

Hours passed. Honka looked down at Trevor. He was sitting in the chair now down to only his underwear. He made any noise, he would be spanked. He would lose that last bit of clothing and be kidnapped. She had moved past tickles. She had a better, crueler option. She pulled the pants down enough for his manhood to pop out. She slipped it between her big ol’ clown tits. He hung his head in defeat. The tittie fuck that followed got all the noise she craved. After his spanking, she tossed him over her shoulder and took a back door out into the fair.

Burt and Merry lay panting against a back wall of the room. By her estimate the two of them had made love on every surface in it. Twice.

“I love being a clown,” she beamed.

“Then don’t hide it. If it makes you happy, do it.”

She smiled down at him. A phone rang. She groaned and walked over to the wall. She pushed a panel open and pulled out the receiver.


“Time to leave,” Honka told her on the other end.

“Get what you came for?”

“Oh yeah. We each took a boy. Turns out they were part of the group we saw out front at the beginning.”


“Oh don’t give me that. It’s just some boys from outta state.”

“Tell me about them.”

Her heart sank as she listened. It was Burt’s little gang. She had told the girls not to take groups hundreds of times. It would draw too much attention. The police would figure out her role in this whole scheme. They couldn’t just let them go and hope they didn’t say anything. This was her worst nightmare. Miss Merriweather could never go back to her old life. The life… she never wanted.

“Pack up. We’re leaving. Now.”


“You finally got your wish. Beatrice Merriweather is dead. There is only Merry Weather now.”

“Excellent! What about your boy?”

She looked over at Burt. He was her boy, wasn’t he?

The sun was rising and the fair was shutting down. A cute little clown car sat ready for the ladies and their prizes. Tiny sat on a bail of hay waiting for her friends to arrive. Though she was happy to wait and wiggle her ass back and forth. First to arrive was Honka who was carrying Trevor over her shoulder, his arms and legs had been bound and a simple cleave gag had been tied around his mouth.

“Hi Honka,” Tiny waved excitedly.

“Hey there big girl,” she happily replied, her assets bouncing with every step. “Did you get the shorty you wanted?”

“Yup,” Tiny said, giving her butt a pat. “He’s all tucked away right in here. And I tied him up after squashing the fight out of him just like you guys told me,” her smile beamed with pride.

“Great job sweetie,” Blossom said as she arrived from around the corner, “I knew you had it in you. Let me know if you need help restraining him.”

“Yeah, don’t want to hear her crying again, over another lost toy,” Honka added.

“Honka,” Blossom chastised.

“I’m just kidding. Relax.”

Blossom brushed off the comment and Tiny didn’t seem all that aware of it. “So, Honka,” Blossom continued, “I thought you wanted the short blonde guy?”

Honka smirked. “Yeah I did, and I was going after him, until this guy,” she gave him another hard spank, “knocked him outta the competition, so now he’s gonna be my replacement boy toy, and he’s gonna get some serious discipline, until he’s my proper sub. Gotta say, I don’t really go for this body type, but I think I’m coming around to this one,” another hard spank. “Plus everyone’s short and weak compared to me.” She let out a loud laugh. “But enough about me. Blossom, where’s your new mama’s boy?”

“Well Bongo’s gonna really get a kick outta this one,” she pulled the tiny Mikey out from her cleavage briefly. “That fancy techno clown car actually worked and shrunk him down,” she dunked him back in her boobs. “Now I’ve got a pocket sized little man, just for me. Honestly Tiny I’m starting to get why you like your men small.”

“Told you guys it was fun,” Tiny said happily.

“Huh,” muttered Honka, “Maybe I gotta give that a shot on tough guy here,” another spank. “Maybe a bit of butt crushing will teach him a lesson!”

Bongo arrived next. She carried a naked and bound Nico in her arms bridal style. “The mixture I bought online really worked. This little guy’s now totally addicted to the taste of my skin. Every kiss makes him happier and more submissive than I ever thought possible. Just for the chance to kiss me, he agreed to let me kidnap him. Crazy, huh?”

“Not as crazy as my little spanking slut here,” Honka remarked. She spanked Trevor once again for emphasis. He moaned in pleasure. “Or uh,” she pointed to Blossom who once again was holding the shrunken Mikey.

“Damn that thing actually worked?” Bongo said in disbelief. “I mean I knew it would work a little but, six inches?! Damn… Me and this guy could get some use outta that,” she gave Nico a naughty smile as she got a lot of ideas in her head.

“Well it’s packed up if you guys want to give it a try. But tell me more about that Mixture, and that cutie you have.”

“Well first, back off sister, he’s mine,” the four of them laughed. “And second off, it does wear off after a while, but by then he’ll be too trussed up to do anything, plus I’ll just put some more of it on and he should go right back to worshiping my big sexy booty. Which he knows he loves, doped up or not. Isn’t that right babe?”

“Mmm-hmm,” he happily muttered under his gag.

“Good boy.”

Merry and Burt, both still naked, arrived last. Merry casually carried Burt who was still cuffed, with some tape around his ankles and a strip or two over his mouth, but he didn’t look overly concerned, but that might just be the exhaustion.

“I knew you girls couldn’t hold yourselves back,” Merry said.

They all giggled in response.

“Well it’s not every day we get such a cute group of young men coming to our funhouse,” Blossom said stifling a giggle.

“On that, I agree,” she looked down at HER Burt with a loving smile. “I most definitely agree.”

“Hate to break up the party gals but the sun’s getting higher and we need to head out pronto,” said Honka.

“Yeah not gonna lie we’re a pretty incriminating looking bunch right now,” Bongo added.

“Is Merry coming too?!” Tiny shouted.

They all looked at her with hopeful looks in their eyes. Merry closed her eyes, took a deep breath and smiled as she opened them. “I am. Pack up your boy’s and let’s get this show on the road girls!”

Honka tossed Trevor into the passenger seat before squeezing in and sitting on him. Bongo carried Nico into the car next, squeezing in the back seat. Her squished boobs nearly swallowed him up. Tiny took the back seat middle hump, wiggling her ass until she, and her new cushion, were comfy. Blossom sat down next to her, rubbing her boobs together, every once in a while kissing the top of Mikey’s head. Last but not least Merry took the wheel with Burt, still cuffed, in her lap, pulling his upper body between her massive breasts, giving them a quick but strong squeeze. She gave the horn a little honk, and all five of them cheered

The funhouse began to impossibly fold up like an old school camper. One by one the rooms were sealed away. The only things left in the theater car as it closed up were Nico’s clothes. They were still stuck on the floor, ripped open by Bongo to get to her prize. In the library car, Honka’s ruler sat awaiting her next lesson for Trevor. Blossom had left the shrinking car in the trap door room, so she knew where to look when it came time to un shrink her lover. Tiny didn’t have such concerns, sealed up as her new toy was in her big body. Soon the funhouse was nothing more than a little trailer that hooked itself to the back of the car which drove it off into the sunrise.



Oh, like you didn't see that coming.

To be continued...

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