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R.A.B.B. Revenge Against Bad Boyfriends

by Underdog

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© Copyright 2010 - Underdog - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mmm; shrunk; revenge; cages; injection; bond; mast; oral; sex; cons/nc; X

Chapter One

Susan woke up early, and slid quietly out of the bed, leaving Tom, her new boyfriend still asleep. Creeping still naked to the kitchen, she started the coffee and turned up the thermostat. She loved being naked, especially when she knew she was being watched... there on the huge kitchen table were her three pets, naked, shivering young men, barely three feet tall squeezed into tiny barred bird cages made just for them.

The first was 23 year old Jason, a clean, smooth dark skinned and complexioned young man who had dumped her last year after taking up with her girlfriend Patty. After Patty discovered what a selfish pussy chaser he was, the two of them agreed to fix him for good.

The next guy was 24 year old Marty... who after three months of dating her, set up a threesome, with another guy. The experience was pretty intense, except Marty was more interested in the other guy than he was in Susan! After that night, Marty rarely showed up without his new boy friend, and the threesome thing got real old real fast. The final straw was a bondage night where Susan agreed to be tied to the bed for the night, alone with Marty in an attempt to win him back from his gay friend.

The plan backfired however, Marty started with a quick rather unimpressive fuck, then his friend showed up... for the weekend! Marty tried convincing Susan to accept both of them and laid there getting fucked and giving blowjobs for two days before Marty finally untied her, and dumped her for his friend!

The third guy was actually her friend Patty's last boyfriend Ricky. After a month of dating, Patty could barely walk..... Ricky had a cock like a baseball bat and all he wanted to do is fuck!! After a rock concert one night, Ricky had bought some killer weed and the two of them were having another long sexual romp, in the park this time, when the cops showed up. Ricky took off leaving Patty naked and in mid orgasm with his weed next to her in the dirt!! She was arrested for indecent exposure, possession of a controlled substance and public intoxication and spend 13 hours in jail where she was molested by two dyke lesbians all night long!!

Susan just smiled at her three miniature captives. The cages were specially built for the human form, the body curved inwards around their shoulders and topped off with a smaller cage over and around their heads. The head cage was so small the threes noses protruded out between the bars and they couldn't even turn their heads. Their hands were pulled and cuffed through the cages behind them and their feet were sticking out with the cage bars painfully between their toes.

The bottom of the cages were lined with coarse sandpaper which the guys naked butts sat on. In the center of the cages floor was a 3 inch hole, its purpose was quite obvious as the guys were forced into their tiny prison. Thee 8 inch rubber dildos were placed on the table, before the guys were lowered onto them. For over 10 hours now, the grunting, squirming, whimpering mini-men sat suffering in semi silence thanks to rubber penis gags strapped into their mouths.

Susan smiled and opened a small black case, sitting it on the table in front of the three cages. Inside were only two small hypodermic syringes full of a thick green fluid. These injections were the last of 4 intended for her frightened little men.

"This injection" Susan explained.... "Is the one you've all been waiting for... until now, your condition has been temporary... with this in your bodies, you will remain at your present size... forever!"

Suddenly the cages began to shake as the three young men tried to protest. The look of fear in their eyes was priceless to Susan, as was the sight of three half size morning piss hard ons waiting to be drained.

As Susan stabbed the first needle into Marty's naked butt, she continued to explain the drugs effects.

"You'll also begin to feel a reduction in strength" she whispered... "That means, at my size, compared to yours, anytime you feel rebellious, and refuse to comply with my commands, I'll simply kick your ass, beat you till you're black and blue, then you'll follow my orders anyway!!"

Susan injected Ricky next and stood back to watch the tears roll down their eyes. Not only did the injections permanently convert the them into miniature slaves, they hurt like hell!!!

Lastly she just smiled at Jason who didn't get an injection.

"I have very special plans for you" she said. "By his evening, these two will look like giants to YOU!"

Susan next produced a thick rubber hose and a bucket. One by one she slipped the hose thru the cages bars and onto each slaves cock, and allowed them to piss into the bucket. The combined morning piss was then poured into three fat enema bags. There were hung over each cage and the hoses pushed into the penis gags each little man held in their mouths.

"Drink up" Susan stood back, and giggled...

"The last bag emptied, gets MINE!!"

The only way the three of them could actually get the piss thru the gags was to suck it thru, hard!! Susan was actually getting horny watching the three guys viciously sucking on the rubber cocks... and choking on the hot piss flowing down their throats!!

Today, Jason was last.... and got a second quart to gulp down!!

Marty, appropriately, was removed from his cage and literally dragged upstairs where Susan's newest boyfriend was just waking up.

"I brought you breakfast" Susan whispered in her sexiest voice.

Susan pulled the covers back and forced Marty onto his belly with his hands still secured behind his back. Marty's eyes grew wide at the sight of Toms huge morning erection!! At half his original size, Tom was even bigger to him now!!!

"Start sucking" Susan ordered!!!

As Marty dropped his head into Toms crotch and all of his proud 7 inches filled Marty's throat. Susan placed a tray with Toms breakfast over Marty's head and into Toms lap!!

Susan covered Marty, and Toms legs back up, and Marty discovered that with the tray over his head, he couldn't raise up.... Toms cock was lodged in his throat!!!

"Enjoy your breakfast" Susan chuckled...

"You got your little man, I'm going to go shrink Jason down to a size I can use!!"

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