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R.A.B.B. Revenge Against Bad Boyfriends 2

by Underdog

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© Copyright 2010 - Underdog - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/mm; M/m; shrunk; cages; injection; bond; insert; underwear; messy; mast; oral; anal; sex; cons/nc; XX

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Chapter Two

Susan had barely made it back to the kitchen when her friend Patty appeared at the back door. Still naked, Susan hurriedly opened the door and ushered Patty into the warm kitchen.

"Hello little boys" Patty said with a comfortable smile to the two still shaking and shivering naked bodies in the cages nearby.

Patty approached her old boyfriend Ricky and stared a moment at the still nice hunk of meat between his legs. At half size now, it was still 4 or 5 inches long. Patty reached thru the bars and stroked him just enough to get him arroused and erect, then she pulled her hand back and left him throbbing.

"Did you give him the last shot yet?" Patty asked.

"This morning" Susan replied.

Susan held a full cup of hot coffee in both hands, then moved to Jasons cage and sat it right in front of him so he could smell it.

"Who's missing?" Patty asked.

"Marty, he's upstairs, deep throating Tom while he eats his breakfast" Susan replied.

"OOOH..... lucky little boy" Patty said with a sly grin.

"Carefull BITCH!!" Susan warned,

"He's MINE".....and both girls broke into a friendly laugh.

"So whats up?" Susan asked.

Patty removed her coat, and handed Susan a small pouch, like the one she had with the hypos in earlier that morning.

"I want him smaller" Patty explained... nodding her head towards Ricky.

"Theres a fresh dose in here, you should be able to get him down to about 6 inches"

Almost immedietly Ricky started grunting in his cage... he didn't take too well to being only 3 feet high, now he was going to be only 6" tall?

"Are you sure?" Susan asked.... "Because thats what I'm going to do to Jason!!"

It was Jasons turn now, he started grunting thru his gag and shaking wildly at his upcoming fate!

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Susan screamed....

She pushed over Marty's empty cage then and picked up the 8 inch dildo that had been in his ass.

"See this?" she growled at now both of the young men trembling with fear in their cages.

"THIS... is BIG compared to what you two are gonna be... and you're both gonna be... the same place THIS was if you don't fucking shut up!!"

While both 3 foot tall slaves watched, the girls mixed the proper formula to reduce their boy toys to sex toys! It was when Susan turned her back for a second, that Patty added a couple drops of the activator to the inducer....

"Just to make sure you stay that way" she whispered to the guys...

"Where you're gonna be... we don't want you getting any bigger!!!"

Susan injected the formula and the girls carried the guys to a nearby closet.

"It'll take about 6 hours, and they must stay in complete darkness" Susan explained.

In the meantime, the girls joined Tom who had already finished his breakfast and was now just enjoying a long wet blowjob and his second approaching orgasm!

"So what are you going to do with you 3 foot tall cocksucker?" Patty asked...

"Well" Susan replied... "Tom seems to like him.. if I reduce him by a couple inches a week, and let Tom keep fucking him, by the time he's about 6 inches high, he'll become a human condom... Tom can wear him!"

Susan then leaned over to Patty and giggled....

"Can you just imagine what it'll feel like, being fucked by Tom with a screaming, wiggling little man stretched over his cock??!"

Tom came a seond time and Marty choked it all down, then Susan injected him in the ass, and the girls threw him in the closet.

"Lets go shopping" Patty said, "theres a store downtown, where I got the formula... that sells very interesting accessories for little tiny men... if you know what I mean!!"

"It's OK" Tom said, "I'll be here today, you two go get what you need.... be back by 7"

Chapter Three

It was well after 9PM when the girls returned home. The shopping trip was amazing, and even the now "Giantesses"... a term the girls picked up from the store, were shocked at some of the things they bought.

Tom was waiting in the living room... Marty had completed his shrinking for the day and was now naked, as was Tom. Tom was relaxed in his easy chair watching porn on TV... Marty was still tied up and gagged, but still screaming as Tom bounced his now just under two foot body up and down on his cock!!

Marty's cock, now not much longer than about 2 inches was flopping up and down, the girls just stared, then broke out giggling as they could actually see the bulge of Toms cock inside Martys little body as he was fucked.

Excited about their purchases, the girls dumped everything out on the floor and explained in detail all the things they had bought to enjoy their new miniature men.

Susan hurriedly ran to the closet to get their new 6 inch guys, but screamed when she saw what was waiting for her!!

Susan carried out Ricky and Jason in her hands and dumped them onto the coffee table. Tom paused his bouncing Marty and just let him settle downwards onto his cock as he stared at the two figures, then he started to smile! Tom could feel Marty trying to push, against the huge intrusion inside him... at only two feet tall, and about 40 pounds, Toms cock felt like a small tree in his guts!! Tom laid Marty back onto his belly and took a moment to play with Marty's tiny little cock a second... barely holding him between his thumb and forefinger, and Marty grunted thru an unwanted little spurt of cum from his cock!!

On the coffee table, instead of two 6 inch little men, were two little guys barely 2 inches tall!!!

"OH SHIT!" Susan gasped, "I must have mixed the stuff too strong!!"

No one spoke for a minute or so, then Patty smiled and held up a pair of pink cotton panties.

"It's a good thing you did" she giggled, "Otherwise they wouldn't be able to fit in these!!"

Patty stood up and right in front of Susan and Tom, dropped her skirt and peeled off her panties. She opened up the pink panties she had just bought to show a little pocket sewn into the crotch right in front.

Patty picked up a terrified two inch Ricky and pushed his trembling naked body into the pocket in the panties. his hands were at his side and the pocket was tight enough to hold them there, only his tiny head was sticking out of the pocket!!

"PATTY!!.............. NOOOO....... PLEASE!!" his tiny almost animated voice cried out!!

The girls just laughed at his squeeky little pleas. Patty then stepped into her new underwear and slowly drew them up her long sexy legs. Looking up, all Ricky could see was Patty's unshaven crotch looming closer and closer to his head! At her knees he could smell her, after a days shopping, her aroma was rich and strong, Ricky could see she was already wet with excitement about her new panties!!!

"OH FUCK!!" Ricky cried to himself.

In an instant he recalled the arguments he and Patty had over her pussy... he loved going down on her but he wanted her to shave. Patty loved her thick bush despite the way it smelled after a long day!

Ricky struggled helplessly. His hands at his sides were useless to him, it was like being wrapped from his toes to his neck. Patty pulled the panties higher and Ricky held his breath as the mass of wet smelly hair engulfed him. Patty wiggled and pulled the panties on snugly, then adjusted them so that Ricky's head was nestled right between her pussy lips!!!

From the outside all that could be seen was a vertical bulge where Ricky's body was. She just stood there, spread her legs and waited for her tiny little boyfriend to start breathing!!

"OH!.... OH!.... FUCK!" Patty started grunting!!! "I can FEEL him!!.... LOOK!..... at him wiggling around!...... OH FUCK!... it's like these panties are ALIVE!!"

Indeed, they were. Ricky looked like a deep sea swimmer, wiggling his body trying to escape being pressed against Patty's pussy. He could pull his head back enough to breathe, but the air was right out of her body... the smell was overpowering, Ricky was dizzy and light headed... his whole body was soaked in seconds, with Patty's juices.

What Ricky didn't realize was that the more he struggled, the more his head moved back and forth against the fabric of the tight panties, that the big bulge on top of his head, was Pattys' clit!!!

"OH FUCK!" Patty grunted and began to stagger backwards towards the couch. "I.... I'M GONNA..... CUM!..... FUCK!.... he's making me CUM!!!"

Patty fell backwards laughing and grunting. Tom and Susan just watched this wiggling little bulge in her panties!

"AAAAAAAAUUUUUGGHHHHHHHUUUNNHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Patty screamed as her first orgasm ripped thru her body!! Ricky was drenched, he was not only gasping for air now, he was gulping desperately swallowing the waterfall of Patty's juice as she came and came and came!!!

Just watching Patty cum set Tom off...

"I don't know where you're gonna put this" he grunted to Marty.... "But I'm gonna fuckin' CUM!!"

"NNNNNOOOOOOO!" Martys tiny little voice cried out.... his tiny little hands grabbed his belly... a loud burp came from his throat as Tom began pumping his guts full of cum!!

It looked like Marty was being inflated... Tom was balls deep inside him, which already filled half of his body, then Martys belly just got bigger and bigger!!

Susan then looked down at Jason. He cowered in fear and looked around for somewhere to hide! Susan picked him up in her fist and brought him up to her face.

"I have Barbie, AND Ken dolls bigger than you!" she teased!!

"Please..... don't kill me... please... I.... I" Jason sobbed.

"Kill you?.... Kill you?..... you think I went thru all this to kill you?...... little man, you're gonna wish you were dead, you're gonna think you're dead, you might feel like you're dead, but you're very much ALIVE, and you're gonna make me feel alive from now on!!"

'You ever been in a sauna?" Susan then asked Jason.....

Susan dug thru her recent toys and found a chrome plated metal egg made of a fine mesh material, with about a dozen bigger holes all over it. About three inches long it was a two piece egg that snapped open and shut again.

"I hate wearing anything to bed" she explained to Jason....

"But tonight I'll make an exception!

Tom, had just pulled out of Marty's asshole and Marty was now in a tied closed trash bag, marinating in the flood of cum oozing out of his ass!

Patty was still writhing around on the couch, working on her fourth massive orgasm... the panties were soaked thru and so was the couch cushion!!

"Take me upstairs" Susan growled to Tom in her sexiest voice, "After that performance in Marty's ass, you should be able to fuck me for an hour... I need fresh cum inside me and if you don't give it to me... THIS... is going up your butt!!!" she said holding up the egg!

In the bedroom, Susan tenderly stuffed Jason into a ball, inside the egg and snapped it closed! She laid him on the night stand then laid back for the fuck of her life from Tom!

It an hour of grunting and groaning and screaming and thrashing around, half a dozen positions, Susan came half a dozen times and wanted to stop but she needed Tom to cum too! Finally Tom slammed into her and filled her aching and raw pussy with his slime. It was oozing out of her like a river when Tom pulled out. Near total exhaustion, Susan fumbled around for the egg with Jason cramped up inside, and held it between her quivering legs for a moment.

"Remember what I said about the sauna?" Susan panted...

"NO!....You can't be serious.... PLEASE... NO!" Jason was screaming!! Looking down he just stared in shock at Susan's swollen and leaking pussy!!

"Don't worry you little slime worm... the egg will keep you from being crushed, however it is gonna fill up rather quickly, so if you don't want to drown, I suggest you start swallowing!!!"

Susan gritted her teeth, and slowly inserted the egg, and Jason into her cum filled pussy!!! She could actually hear Jason screaming for a while, his thrashing around kept the egg dancing around inside Susan's body... and both she and Tom laid there watching her abdomen moving from the ouside!!!

"Notice I'm not leaking anymore?" Susan said a few minutes later...

"Uh" Tom asked....

"The egg?"

"It's surely full by now!!" Susan chuckled...

"He's not..... dead is he?" Tom asked.

"No.... he's still struggling, I can feel him moving.... the eggs lying horizontal inside me, that means there's less air space inside it, can you imagine it?.... a tiny little man inside my pussy, up to his neck in your cum, fighting to drink it down so he can breathe?..... FUCK!.... I think I'm gonna have another fucking ORGASM!!"

"We'll just let him swim for a while.... I know how you like your morning sex" Susan chuckled.......

"How 'bout a nice hand job in the morning, and you can shoot another load in there before we hit the showers?"

"Gee, I wonder what my pussy looks like from the inside?" Susan thought...

"Or it's like... being up to your chin in CUM?!"

Susan cuddled next to Tom, with his hand on her lower belly... loving the feeling of the egg constantly moving inside her body.

Down stairs Patty had finally ripped the panties from her body and freed Ricky. Upstairs Susan had gotten all the sex... Patty dug out another little toy and Ricky was suffering even more.

Patty placed Ricky in a hollow core soft gel rubber dildo. He was literally screwed in the business end up to his neck with only his head sticking out!!

"Hold your breath" Patty teased.... "This is gonna get messy!!"

Patty rubbed Ricky's head up and down her slit before plunging the 8 inch dildo and Ricky into her gooey depths!!

"Now THATS what I call a DICK HEAD!!"

After several mind blowing orgasms Patty dropped the dildo onto the floor and laid there panting!!

"You're the best fuck I've ever had!" Patty groaned!!

After a long break, she lubricated the dildo in her pussy again, and moved Ricky's head to her asshole!!!

"Remember how you begged me... for anal sex?!" Patty looked back at Rickys sobbing, plading eyes and asked.

The next thing Patty heard was Ricky screaming just before his head plunged deep into her ass, and Patty held him there while she exploded with another mighty orgasm!!!

Patty looked down at the special shoes she bought, with the 4 inch high heels and the cut out of a little man in the innersole!

It was for a 5 or 6 inch little man, but Patty was sure she could wear them down to the store and get something smaller, then spend the whole day shopping with her special little boyfriend whimpering under her sweaty foot!!!

"If I remember right" she thought to herself...

"He loved my feet, but he complained about the smell of them too!!!"

"Boy are you in for a long day tomorrow!!!"

Thanx for reading! The End

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