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R.A.B.B. Revenge Against Bad Boyfriends 3: Bens' Story

by Underdog

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© Copyright 2011 - Underdog - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; FF; shrunk; injection; cage; insert; torment; messy; food; swallow; oral; mast; sex; cons/nc; X

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Chapter Three: Ben's Story - Final.


Robyn left Ben hanging in his condom prison the next morning, with a few ounces of her morning pee inside, just to "piss" him off! She was in the kitchen when Brittany arrived.

"You actually fucked yourself ....with him?!" Brittany laughed.

"Head first!!" Robyn explained!!!

"You HAVE to let me..." Brittany pleaded...

"He's upstairs, hanging on the bed post, go have fun!!" Robyn said!

Robyn was still in the kitchen when Susan arrived for a follow up. The two of them sat there drinking coffee while Robyn detailed her previous evenings fun!

"You really should try him, it's a remarkably humiliating experience for him!" Robyn offered.

"Of course, you'll have to wait a bit, right now he should be ankle deep inside Brittany, hell, I might even rent him out to every little slut and whore I can find, just to keep him busy!"

"Well" Susan said with a big grin... "As attractive as that sounds, I have my own!"

Susan stood up and lifted her short leather skirt, then she pulled down her favorite pair of red silk panties. There hanging from Susan's pussy was a short thick gold braided cord. She patted her belly a couple of times, then pulled down on the cord. Out of her wet slit, came an oval shaped gold egg! Susan lifted it up, dripping with her juices onto the table, and snapped it open to dump out a tiny little soaked and struggling 2" naked man!

"This is mine" she said.

"Meet Jason, an asshole of an ex boyfriend, but a wonderful little pussy slave!"

Jason looked up at Susan a moment, then at Robyn, wiped Susan's pussy slime from his face and assumed his position as a slave, on all fours.

"You.....WEAR HIM?..... inside you, I mean, you just carry him around, all day?"

"And sometimes at night too" Susan explained...

"Of course I have to take him out when Tom fucks me, but once Tom cums inside me, I just shove him back in!!"

"OOOH, THAT'S like, TOTALLY NASTY!" Robyn scowled...

"Yeah, I think so too" Susan agreed.

"But Tom kinda loves the idea of an old boyfriend of mine swimming around in his cum all night long!!"

"You gotta do that to Ben!" Robyn laughed... "I want THAT.... I want Ben that little, I wanna fucking wear him inside me to work!!!"

"I have the shot with me" Susan said then, "I can have him that size in hour or so!"

"I WANT IT!.... I'll do whatever it takes, I'll fuck your boyfriend again, I'll suck his cock, he can fucking cum in my mouth, I want Ben that little!!!" Robyn kept asking!!

Susan just smiled, and pulled out a hypodermic needle. She took a glass and inverted it over Jason, and looked right into Robyn's excited eyes.

"You don't have to fuck Tom" Susan whispered... "But there is one thing....."

Susan stood up again, and pushed her sexy panties to the floor, then raised her skirt, and sat back down, with her incredibly long sexy legs spread wide.

"Get on your knees" she said to Robyn! "Do you know how to eat pussy?!"

Robyn just stared at Susan, then looked down. At first glance, she saw a beautiful baby smooth pussy, but as she nervously dropped to her knees and moved her face closer, she could see a fine blonde fur around Susan's dripping hole!!

"Nice and slow" Susan instructed. "I wanna feel your tongue... inside me, and say..... 5 or 6 nice orgasms..... thats my price!!"

Robyn was as ruthless with Susan as Brittany was with Ben! Susan had tumbled off of her chair and tried to actually escape Robyn's vicious tongue for a minute, but Robyn was going for Susan's gushing pussy like a shark!! The two scooted across the kitchen floor and were now in the living room!! Susan was on her 4th or 5th orgasm, she wasn't sure, they just all seemed to run together, when Brittany finally arrived!

"FUCK!" Brittany just grunted!! "I always miss out on all the fun!!!"

Robyn sat back and wiped her face with her hand. She licked her fingers and watched Susan trying to breathe again!

"Why?....were we doing this again?" Robyn sighed...

"I... ohhhhhh... mmmmm... uh.... don't.. know!" Susan whispered....

"But I hope we have to do it again sometime!!"

By that afternoon, Bens dilemma was much worse. He got his final shot and now both Robyn and Brittany were taking turns tormenting his now 1 1/2 " body! Ben was trying to stay afloat in a small plastic container of thick yogurt Brittany had dropped him into. She repeatedly scooped him up in a spoon and actually put him into her or Robyn's mouth to suck on, then spit back into the yogurt! When the yogurt was gone, they dropped him into a tiny little glass and kept spitting into it until Bens head was under!!

"Drink it down little boy... or drown!" they teased.

They made him swim in a bowl full of their fresh hot pee, and buried him in various foods they chewed up into a gooey slimy mush, then spit back out onto him and watched him dig his way out!!

After Brittany left, Robyn stripped naked and laid back, making Ben start at her feet, crawling his way up, licking her as he went, up her legs, around her pussy and up across her sexy tummy and onto her tits, playing with and licking her huge, to him, nipples! She loved to soak her feet in a plastic tub, with just enough water to cover them. Then she would place Ben on her toes and dunk him, making him climb up onto her toes to rescue himself, and she would just drop her foot and dunk him again!!

That night, she placed Ben in a gold fish bowl, sitting on a small square kitchen sponge. She looked down, laughing at Bens terror, and peed into the bowl until it was several inches deep and the sponge was floating in it! She placed a small saucer on top of the bowl for no other reason than to hold the smell in, and said goodnight!!

* * * *

The next day was Monday and it was back to work. It was also Robyn's first day... of taking her new miniature boyfriend to work not only with her but IN her!!

"Here's how his is gonna work..." Robyn said... "The egg, donated by my friend Susan, is is made from a fine mesh screen, it'll allow some of my heavenly nectar to seep through, but it won't saturate you, and you won't be constantly squished inside me all day. "

"ALL....DAY!?" Ben squeaked!!

"Complaining already?" Robyn snapped.... "Maybe I'll leave you in there for a fucking WEEK!!"

"The cord hanging out is woven around a tiny little tube that'll allow you to breathe."

"Now, when I tap my belly, you get to work, I want you rockin' the boat baby, wiggling around, shaking like a little earthquake inside me... you'll know when I cum... that'll be your signal to stop, until I want you again!!"

Despite Bens whining and objections, Robyn pushed him into the nearly 3" long egg and snapped it closed!

"Feel free to jack off and cum all you want, I think it'll be fun having your teeny little cock spurting away inside me!!"

Robyn picked up the egg, and slipped it surprisingly easily and comfortably into her pussy!!! As she walked around the house for a few minutes, she could feel Ben being rolled around inside his little prison!!

"Your first time, will be on the way to work, in the car!" she said aloud... "pound on your cage if you hear me"

Robyn hated the drive to work, she picked up Brittany on the way, and then tapped her lower belly!! At 40 miles per hour, she just looked at her girlfriend watching her as she drove, and grunted through an incredible orgasm!!!

"Are you... serious?..... he's really..... down there?.... inside your pussy?!!" Brittany laughed!!!

"All.... fucking... day!" Robyn panted!!!

At lunchtime, Robyn couldn't wait to get Brittany alone!

"HELP!" she pleaded... "I.... I can't... do... this!" Robyn explained... "I've cum so many times, my panties are soaked, I can't fucking concentrate, damn!... I'm so fucking horny, I can't stand this... you gotta help me... take him.. take him the rest of the day!!"

"OH BABY..... I thought you'd never ask!!" Brittany chuckled!

In the bathroom, Ben was going crazy!!

"Robyn!!... NOO!.. PLEASE!..NO!... you can't put me in Brittany!..."

Robyn had just taken a well deserved shit... so she turned around and held Ben, in his gooey egg, over the messy brown filled toilet bowl!!!

"Maybe you'd rather go in there!!" she threatened!!

Ten minutes later, the girls returned to work with Ben now buried in Brittany's steamy pussy!!! Ben was in misery all afternoon... Brittany never did actually cum but it wasn't because Ben didn't try!! Being inside Brittany was like being underwater... she was soaked, and if it wasn't for the breathing tube, Ben wouldn't have suffocated, he would have drowned!!!

At last break, alone in the break room, Brittany yanked Ben out and handed him, egg and all to Robyn!!

"Here, he's yours, you can have him!" she grunted!!

Robyn opened the egg and let Ben drop into her empty coffee cup!

"I CAN'T!...... I.... I'm going out with that new guy after work... I need to be FUCKED!.... and he sure ain't gonna do it!!" she said looking down at Ben!!

At that time, another couple of employees walked in, and one of them asked Robyn to use her cup for some hot chocolate!

Robyn panicked, and dropped Ben into the nearly empty coffee pot on the counter and handed her friend her cup!!

At the same time, the new guy Robyn had her eyes on walked in and her mind just went blank!! As he flirted with her, and Robyn's pussy grew wetter and wetter, Brittany without even looking emptied the coffee pot into her cup and snapped the plastic lid back on!

Back at work, Brittany's supervisor was right behind her.

"You know coffee cups aren't allowed here!" he said.

"Get rid of it ok?"

"Sorry" was all Brittany said.

As she looked to her right, she saw the janitor coming with a trash can. On her left, the supervisor had moved away but was still watching her. Brittany popped off the plastic lid, and looked inside!

"OH FUCK!!" she giggled to herself!!

There cowering in an inch or so of coffee, was Ben, a naked, little 1 1/2 " man!

Brittany had seconds to react. she could see Robyn nearby still flirting with her new hunk, the janitor on one side and her supervisor on the other!

"Sorry little man" Brittany smiled, and whispered!!! "I hope you taste as good as you look!!"

Brittany took the last big mouthful and held it a second, listening to Bens screams and feeling him trying to hold on to something inside her mouth!

Suddenly Robyn was there staring at her full mouth!

"You.. OK?.... Britt?"

Brittany gulped once, and felt Ben sliding all the way to her stomach!!

"Must have been something I ate!" Brittany said, and smiled!

"Take care of our little boy toy a couple of days will you?" Robyn asked... "I'm gonna get something bigger than 2 inches inside me tonight!!"

"Don't worry.... I got him right here, where he belongs!" Brittany said.

"And he thought being in my pussy was bad!!" Brittany whispered to herself!!!

"He'll never want ANAL sex... again!!"

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