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Trusty Lab Assistant 3: Pam

by Carnaj

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© Copyright 2009 - Carnaj - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; shrunk; capture; torment; toy; insert; nc; XX

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Part 3: Pam

I dreamed in shades of gray…

I was in my home, the place where I had grown up, the safest place I knew. It was wrong though, and as I moved sluggishly from room to room I felt uneasy and a little bit afraid. The warm and sunny colors that my mother had decorated the house in had been replaced by dull and drab degrees of black and white. The walls were dark and barren. The carpeting was black and gritty under foot and I kicked up clouds of dust with every step. Thick, stifling curtains shut out the world beyond, letting in only thin slices of a bright and garish light. The furniture was worn and threadbare, and oddly huge.

I felt like a child as I moved between rooms, marveling incredulously at my surroundings, wondering what had happened. I called for my parents, my sister, but got no reply save a strange echo that lingered in the misty air. Every room I found was void of life, and my home seemed to have been deserted for some time, like some old abandoned house out on the outskirts of town. Each room was a struggle to enter as well, as it seemed that the place had been built to a scale well beyond my stature. I had to stretch up for every door knob and light switch. I had to stand on tiptoe to see the tops of the desks or tables that were left in the various rooms.

My own room was the worst. Entering it, the size seemed to double with every step. I could not reach the light switch, but light was filtering through the curtains and gloom so that I might see. My bed was huge, and it was a strain to hoist my body up the bedspread, like climbing the thick rope in gym class, a chore I had never liked. From that vantage point, atop my dusty and unmade bed, I surveyed the rest of the room. The dark walls had been stripped of anything I might have remembered. The overhead lamp hung from a chain lined with cobwebs, disappearing into the darkness behind the bed’s headboard. By climbing to the summit of the heaped up pillows at the head of the bed I could see the top of my dresser, but found it empty as well, a large plateau on the far side of an insurmountable gap.

I could see my reflection in the dark glass of the mirror rising above the dresser. I looked strange, almost a stranger, though I knew it must be me looking back. I was small, smaller even than I had first imagined. Less than a child. And aside from the obvious difference in size, my body looked different as well. My skin was gray, stretched over a body that was not my own. It seemed older, and obviously better defined and muscular. My hair seemed almost white, as opposed to my usual brown, and I assumed in this oddly monotone world that it should appear darker. My face was there, on the strange diminutive body, but it did not seem quite right. It was me, but older, and altered, yet familiar just the same.

When I saw the wall suddenly ripple behind me in the reflection, I realized who I was in the image. The wall was white, and seemed to flow like liquid as it rose behind and above my mirror image. It was like theatre curtains, in the old movie houses, swaying and shifting as I turned. I craned my neck, staring ever upward, following the massive wall of clean white fabric towering above me. I could barely make out curves and mounds along the edges of the wall far in the distance. Something huge floated over head, a shadow lost in the darkness, and I heard the sound of a motor purring far up and away. “Louise?” I asked, tentatively, my naked sweating body suddenly shaking in fear as I slipped into the role I seemed to have been cast. I heard a low rumble that sounded like laughter, and a jangling of metal and suddenly the sun burned overhead, hanging by a dusty chain from the sky.

“No, silly…” The voice was soft and feminine, and rolled overhead like thunder. The wall of white fabric had become a dress, draping the gargantuan body that towered over me. It was cut in a style five decades old, as was the full blonde hair of the giantess, hanging loosely about her shoulders and framing a face that I had come to know and love. It was Diane.

She was smiling down at me; her huge white teeth set in a perfect smile. Her eyes were dark, sparkling mischievously in the blazing light. She hugged a filthy, balding cat to her bosom, stroking it and cooing in its ear as she eyed me playfully. It purred, its rasping voice sputtering like the outboard motor of a boat as it eyed me as well, one milky eye staring into space. I started to back away.

She dropped the cat to the bed, and panic washed over me as I watched the great beast stretch and claw at the comforter. It licked its lips; whiskers twitching as it caught the scent of my fear and padded toward me. I froze, death approaching, as Diane bent at the waist, leaning over my little body. She was laughing now, as the cat’s paw lashed out, ripping my body open in a quick flick of claw and fur. I sprawled in a bloody heap, a black stain spreading beneath me. Oddly, there was no pain.

Diane dipped her finger into the gaping hole where my chest had been. Something ripped as she probed about, and her finger was smeared and damp when she pulled it free, holding it out for the cat to lick clean. “What’s the matter?” she laughed. “Cat got your heart, Billy…”




I woke in a panic, that feeling of not knowing where I was or what was happening. My heart was pounding like a jackhammer, and my skin was pale and slick with sweat. I sat up, spinning about, wide-eyed and terrified. I was surrounded on all sides by faded walls of blue, huddled in a shadowy darkness. I felt warm, and oddly safe, despite the overpowering fear that was gripping me. I cast my gaze skyward, following a curvaceous wall of pale blue, the dream already receding into the dim corners of my memory.

Diane hovered over me, her sweet face marked with concern. She was sitting cross-legged on her bed, still wearing the jeans and tee shirt that I had last seen her in, though she had tied her hair back into a pony tail, and a thin pair of wire rim spectacles sat on the tip of her nose. She hovered over me because I was resting in the safety of the cubby-hole created by her crossed legs. I remembered then that I was still six inches tall, and reality came crashing in on me again like a tidal wave…

While doing detention time, I had been assigned clean-up duty in the high school science class for a few days after school. It wasn’t so bad, as I was under the supervision of Diane, a girl I had grown up with and whom I considered one of my best friends despite the difference in our ages and social status at school. She was a year or so older than me, but in the safety and seclusion of the science lab we had gotten along well, remembering happier times when we were younger. As I was cleaning, however, fate stepped in and I had an accident of monumental proportions. I tripped, dropping a tray full of various, and of course, unknown chemicals, which had more than detrimental effects on my body. The long and short of it was…I had shrunk.

Luckily Diane was there. She helped me as best she could, keeping me safe and taking me home with her as we tried to figure out some way to get me back to normal. In the end, after a few brushes with disaster, we mutually decided to take me back to the school science teacher, to see if he might have a clue as to how to restore me. Back at school the next day, however, we learned that Mr. McCormick was little more than an aging ‘Mr. Science’ waiting on retirement. His boss on the other hand, had a sharp mind, but she was not quite so interested in science as she was in getting rich and making a name for herself.

Diane reluctantly handed me over to ‘Doc’ Ellington, McCormick’s supervisor and head of the science department, and I spent the worst day of my life in her ‘tender’ care. The truly evil woman subjected me to a series of tests that were in reality the cruelest tortures that she could imagine. I was taped down to a plastic slide and gagged as she poked and prodded me, took my blood, burned me and finally diced me up like a piece of fruit. The only thing that was finally resolved by the end of the day was that, in addition to being the smallest man alive, I was also the most resilient. My body had become something akin to living rubber; virtually indestructible, and would eventually mold back into its original six inch shape, no matter what the mad scientist did to me, and she did things that would have had the Marquis de Sade spinning in his grave with lust.

Doctor Ellington of course saw this as her chance to not only get rich, but to live forever. If…she could unlock the secrets surrounding my accident. She covered her tracks well, telling lies to Diane, and making plans that would eliminate me from my life as a real person. She had planned to take me home with her, to discover just what made me tick, and she made no attempt to soften the blow, telling me in some detail what hell my life was about to become. Luckily Diane cared enough not to be fooled however. She did not believe the doctor’s lies and came back at the end of the day. She fought for me, and was willing to even kill for me I found, as she slammed the doctor over the head with a fire extinguisher, rescuing me. Doc Ellington survived, unfortunately, but I was free, none the less, and safe again, with Diane…

“You okay, Billy? You were twitching in your sleep.” Diane stared down at me, concern wrinkling her brow. Her huge brown eyes took me in with warmth that chased the last demons of my nightmares away. My heart was still thumping madly, but slowing to a more normal rate, and I almost had my breathing back under control. I looked up at her, her huge, beautiful face taking up the entire field of my vision. When I had first woken from my accident the day before, I had compared Diane to God, and it still seemed appropriate.

“I-“ I choked, trying to find my voice. “I’m okay. Just a bad dream…I’m fine.”

Diane’s huge lips twisted in disbelief, but she took me at my word, apparently, and accepted. She had been resting her arms on her thighs, reading a magazine above me as I slept, and now laid it aside. She then took off her glasses and laid them beyond my line of sight on the far side of her legs.

“Want to tell me about it? You fell asleep in the car, on the way home from school. From exhaustion, I imagine, and I didn’t have the heart to wake you. You were out for a couple hours.” She leaned back against the headboard of her bed, watching me as I in turn leaned back against the warm denim that covered her calves. I was suddenly chilled, and her body radiated a warmth that dried the sweat on my skin and made me feel safe. I could smell a faint odor of the soap in her jeans, and her perfume, which barely hid her more personal, private scent at my size and closeness. It was intoxicating.

I wanted to tell her about my dream, but I was hesitant. I had trusted her with my life, and she had saved me. I had told her one of my most closely guarded secrets, and she had accepted my desires willingly, with only a little trepidation. At six inches, however, I felt like a freak, and though she had taken on the role of my guardian for the duration, and had proven herself to be a true friend, I did not want to do or say anything stupid that might drive her away. Under the current conditions, with my life as stressful as it was likely to become over the last day, it was only natural that my dreams would take up where my waking hours would leave off. I hoped that she would realize that. I did not want any secrets.

I leaned my head back against her leg, closing my eyes, and could feel the pulse of her heart through her pants. “You won’t laugh?” I asked. “It was kinda’ weird.”

She smiled. “I’ll try not to.”

I stared up into her trusting eyes, so full of sympathy, and pity. I still could not decide if it was love I was feeling, or some strange pseudo love, like a patient feels for a doctor who has saved his life. My heart melted again, regardless, as I could see that above all else, she really, truly cared.

“I dreamed that I was Scott Carey, and that I was back home-“

“Who’s Scott Carey?” she asked.

“The Incredible Shrinking…man…”

I saw the smirk start to curl the corner of her mouth, and even I had to admit how stupid it sounded. Me, in my six inch glory, dreaming that I was shrinking. To give Diane credit, however, she tried to control her amusement. She quickly slid a poker face into position and looked at me waiting to hear the rest.

“I think I saw that once, when I was little. It was a movie, right?”

“Yeah.” I nodded, remembering one of those happier times we had shared. “We saw it together one Saturday actually, at the theatre. It was a double feature, with the Amazing Colossal Man.” She did laugh then, and I had to join her. It was just so ridiculous.

“You got sick on Milk Duds and Junior Mints. I remember…” She giggled, and I felt the bed shake beneath me.

I stood up and patted Diane on the leg, wanting her to open up and let me out of the little secure area she had formed around me. She did not get the hint though, so I climbed up the side of her leg, using the seam of her pants as a toe hold, and eventually stood on her thigh. My first view of the world beyond her told me that nothing was changed. We were on her bed, as I had thought, and beyond were her dresser and vanity, her pile of dirty clothes in the corner, her coat hanging from the hook on the back of her door. I saw her purse; my ‘mobile home’ lying in the chair of her vanity table, and her shoes were lying on the floor near the half open closet doors. The dresser was littered with junk, a jumble of makeup, a key ring, papers and pens. Not unlike my own dresser back home, though nothing like the dresser from my dream. Though a bit more feminine, of course. I felt something sharp poke me in the back, and turned to see Diane’s hand hovering near me.

“Go on.”


“Finish your story. Your dream…”

I waved her off. It did not seem important somehow, anymore. I glanced at the magazine laying on the bed. It was a curriculum guide from the city university. “It’s gone.” I said, pointing at the magazine. “What’s that?”

“Oh…” She leaned forward and held the magazine open so that we both could see it. It was turned to pages that described the Science Department and teachers at the university. “It’s a prep book for the college. I snuck it out of Pam’s room earlier. I figured that we were on the right track, getting some scientist to figure out how to help you. We just have to find one that’s a little less ‘mad’ than Doc Ellington.”

“A lot less mad, thank you very much.” I said with a little laugh as the memories of the hell she had put me through welled to the surface again. The bitch had driven a pin through my larynx to keep me quiet at one point, pinning me to the table like a bug. I shivered, hugging my arms about my chest, remembering every detail. I heard Diane moan in sympathy, and suddenly I was being scooped up into her arms like a baby. She held me tightly, and I could see her eyes welling up with tears. I know she felt a little responsible for leaving me with the woman.

“Jesus, Billy. You’re freezing. Your skin’s like ice. Do you feel all right?” Her giant hand probed my body, lightly pressing the backs of her fingers along my skin. My teeth were suddenly chattering, but I sputtered out that I was okay. “I hope you’re not getting sick. I better find you something to wear.”

“I-I-I’m…o-k-k-kay…D-D-D-iane…” I chattered, “Really…” I tried to force my teeth together as I snuggled into the crook of her arm, trying to soak up her warmth. I was cold, but I knew that I was not sick. It was fear, plain and simple, as the horrible images of the day’s trials tried to overwhelm me again. Diane looked dubious, but she held me, and comforted me until the bout of the shakes had subsided. I explained to her that the doctor, in one moment of devious ingenuity, had infected me with some strain of influenza, and that my body’s new defense mechanisms had cleansed me of the disease within minutes. Apparently, whatever it was that made my body resilient in my tiny form also kept it healthy.

I could almost hear the wheels turning in Diane’s brain as she stared down at me, not really seeing me. She cocked her head, thinking, as what I had told her slowly sank in with all its far-reaching implications. Suddenly, her eyes grew huge, and she gasped. For a second, I’m ashamed to say that I was a little worried.

“Billy…” she said, her voice a breathless whisper. “My God! No wonder Doc Ellington wanted you so badly. If your body can fight off the flu…”

I nodded. I had considered the implications while I had been taped down to the slide in the doctor’s lab station. At first I had wondered why she had become so ecstatic when I had recovered from her injection so quickly. Then I realized that, if I could fight off the flu, then someone could create a cure from my blood, and everyone would be able to do the same. And it would not stop there. I could be infected with every disease known to mankind, and if my body fought them off, then a cure would be made. If I succumbed to the disease, then no great loss. What was one more lab rat dying in the cause of helping humanity? I could potentially be the catalyst for curing everything from the common cold to cancer, however, and Doctor Ellington saw that, right off the bat. And now, so did Diane…

“My God…” she whispered once again. She leaned forward to close the college book and I took that opportunity to leap out of her embrace. I landed easily outside of the confines of her legs and paced off a ways, putting a little distance between us, so I could see her more easily, and to be out of easy reach. She stared down at me with a look somewhere between astonishment and awe, her eyes sparkling in wonderment. I saw her breasts heave as she took a deep breath, trying to regain her composure before she focused on me again.

“Billy. This is way too big for us. Way too big for some teachers at the local college, too. We have to contact someone important, like the Mayo Clinic, or the CDC; someone from the government.”

I swallowed a lump in my throat, seeing the sudden determination on Diane’s face. Call me paranoid, but somehow I did not think that any government agency would have my best interests at heart. I quickly told Diane so…

“C’mon, Diane. You’ve read Stephen King enough to know what happens to freaks like me. Give me to the government, and I’d be handed over to the real world equivalent of the ‘Shop’, and that would be the last you ever saw of little Billy. They’d dissect me so fast your head would spin. And do you think that anything they discovered about me would be used for the good of humanity? Please… Rather than find a cure for cancer or Aids, they’d figure some way to make troops invulnerable, or create some missile to shrink down the enemy. Wake up, Diane…”

“But-“ she frowned, knitting her eyebrows as she thought of an argument. “I’d stay with you. I’d make sure-“

“You’d be dead.” I said in the coldest voice I could muster in my six inch size. “Or they’d lock you up too. Anyone who knew you would disappear.”

“We could tell the press; the newspapers and television. They’d help, and then the world would know-“

“Until I suddenly ‘died’ for unexplained reasons.” I cut her off again. I could hear the catch in her voice as she was getting worried, realizing that there was at least some truth to what I was saying. She was getting discouraged and starting to feel helpless. I pressed on, not giving her a chance to interrupt again. “Oh, they’d parade me for the press for awhile, at least until they figured some way to fake my death; maybe with a clone, or some poor slob that nobody would miss when they managed to recreate the accident that shrank me. Any way you look at it, I would end up the same; locked in some cage like a lab rat until I died, one way or another.”

I watched as the excitement quickly drained from her gigantic body. I was forced to scurry back and out of the way as she brought her knees up to her chest, hugging them with one arm as she picked cat hairs from the bed spread with the other. She looked miserable, and I felt like shit for making her that way.

“So what do we do, Billy?” she whispered, eyes downcast, not wanting to look at me.

I threw up my hands and shrugged my shoulders. “I dunno. I guess we’re stuck until we think of something else, or at least someone we can trust with our ‘little’ secret”. Diane smirked at that.

“You’re the one that’s ‘stuck’, shorty.” She giggled lightly, extending a leg too quickly for me to avoid. She thumped me lightly in the chest with her toes, just enough force to knock me over, sprawling me on the bed. Before I could react, her sock clad foot spread out over me and pinned me down with just enough pressure to hold me in place with no pain. The smell of her feet; the sweat and foot powder, and a faint aroma of the leather of her soft, white Puma’s immediately overwhelmed me. She leaned forward tentatively, knowing somewhere in the back of her mind that she could not crush me, but still not wishing to take the chance. Her wide smiling face hovered over me as she scooted forward on the bed trying to get comfortable. I felt her toes flexing on my chest, and it tickled a bit, forcing me to laugh.

“Like that, hunh?” she sniggered, curling her toes and scratching my chest. She brought her hand close and extended her index finger, scratching the nail lightly along my ribs causing me to burst out in a fit of giggles. I begged her to stop.

“You know, I could force you…” she said, tracing her fingernail along the little bit of my body that was exposed from under her foot. I pushed against her big toe with one arm, and slapped at her finger with the other, all to no avail. “I could put you in a jar and screw on the lid…poke a few air holes in of course- and then dump you off at any lab I wanted. I don’t have to help you. I don’t have to care.”

The tickling stopped, and I felt Diane’s foot rose off of me, pivoting on the heel to land beside me. I lay there breathing hard, still grinning like an idiot, worry scratching at the back of my brain. She was no longer smiling…

“But I do, dammit.” Diane slumped back against her pillows, more lying than sitting, and planted her other foot opposite the first with me in the middle. She sighed, staring down at me past her breasts, her face shifting from despair to concern. Worried as I was from that position, I had to admit that I enjoyed the view. “I don’t know if I love you Billy, or if I’m suddenly in love with you. But I do know that I love you enough not to see you hurt.” She smiled at me, and my heart melted again. I wondered if that was some side effect of my dilemma; shrunk, indestructible, melting heart…

“So I guess…” she continued, “that until we decide on what to do, we just keep on going like we’re-“

We both turned towards her door as we heard the front door slam and Pam announce that she was home. Diane frowned and cursed, leaning forward to scoop me up in her hand. My stomach lurched at the sudden swift movement as she swung her legs over the edge of the bed and held me gingerly in her fist.

“I guess I better hide you, so we don’t have a repeat performance of this morning.” I was about to tell her to just make sure that she shut the door when she stood up and walked to her closet. My head spun as gravity flipped about me, and suddenly I realized that she was speaking again…

“-be perfect. No one will find you, and I know you’ll enjoy it. I won’t be gone long.” I was about to protest when I was tumbling out of the palm of her hand and falling. I briefly saw the gaping dark maw of some opening, like a mouth, before I was sliding down into the darkness. I bounced a bit, then tumbled roughly to a stop in the close confines of a new area. I scrambled to my hands and knees, and quickly crawled towards a shaft of light. Looking up, I saw Diane’s face beaming down at me. “Now you be quiet. I’ll be back as soon as I can.” I felt my temporary home shift as she moved it, and the light slowly dimmed, then faded all together as I heard her close the closet doors.

It did not take me long to realize where Diane had placed me for ‘safe-keeping’. I could smell the leather, overpowering, and a slight odor of her feet, which I was coming to recognize. Judging from the length of the ‘tube’ I had tumbled down, and the shape of my little room as best as I could make it out, I was in one of her boots.

As I probed my surroundings, however, I quickly became bored. True, I loved shoes and feet, but there’s only so much shoe worship a little man can do, especially when no one is there to appreciate it. Of course I tried to climb out, but the legging was too steep and I could not get a handhold. It would not knock over either, as I slammed my miniscule weight against the walls of my leather prison. Diane must have wedged the boot up against her shoes, holding it in place. I tried to fold the leather, but it was too stiff, and I was too puny. I was trapped, I finally conceded, until she returned.

I woke with a start, when I felt the boot move. I bounced around for a bit, trying to regain my senses from sleep as my prison rose swiftly into the air. I could feel it swinging as I held on, wondering what Diane was trying to do to me. I yelled her name, staring up at the sliver of light above me, but she could not hear as she pinched the top of the boot closed as she carried it. To where, I did not know…

The boot landed on the floor with a thump, and I bounced about again, my teeth jarring with the impact. I saw a shadow overhead, moving in and out of sight; Diane moving about the room, I assumed. Then, a moment later the mouth of the boot spread wide and I shook in fear as a foot appeared at the opening, toes pointing down to enter. I screamed, wondering what Diane was up to as the foot slid into the tube of the boot. Her toes hit me, and kept coming, forcing me onto my back, and then shoving me into the toe of the boot.

I was soon wedged in tight, with most of my body in agony as the foot tried to squeeze into the cramped confines, pressing me down into the insole. My head was locked between Diane’s big and long toe, her sock prying my lips apart, stifling my cries. My arms were pinned under her foot, so I had no way to get her attention. I was in tremendous pain as I felt my bones snapping; my body flattening and oozing sweat and blood. I screamed as I suddenly felt Diane’s full weight press down on me as she stood. The pressure was devastating, and the dark closeness was oppressive. I felt sick, blood in my mouth as the aroma of her feet overpowered my remaining sensibility. I realized briefly that something was wrong as I mercifully passed out.


I was drowning…

I woke engulfed in water, something tightly pinning my arms to my sides and holding my legs together. My body shook violently, my head bouncing twice off of a smooth white surface at the bottom of the water. Then suddenly I was flying again, spitting blood and water from my lungs as my stomach churned. I felt a pressure about my body, a slow, tightening force that radiated heat, and I realized that I was in the grip of a gigantic fist. When my rapid movement abruptly ceased, I finished hacking and coughing and tried to get my bearings. I was in the air, being held, and through blurry eyes I could see a huge, leering face forming before me. I screamed when I realized that it was not Diane…

Pam smiled wickedly as she stared at my little body squirming for freedom in her fist. Her eyes sparkled behind her glasses, radiating sheer delight with me, her new toy. I whined and moaned, feeling the softness of her hand as it squeezed on the verge of crushing me, and heard her titter like a little girl with a new pet. She shifted her grip, planting her thumb in my chest and pressed until I cried out. She laughed…

“You’re alive…You’re really alive.” She kept pressing, tipping my head back with the fingers of her free hand, totally ignorant, or uncaring of my agony. “When I saw you on Diane’s bed this morning, I thought you were just one of her old dolls. But you’re real…

“And you look familiar…Who are you?”

My mind was racing, my body trying to ignore the pain. If I could fool her into thinking I was no one consequential, or at least no one she knew, maybe I had a chance. I gasped, and she realized that she was pressing her thumb too hard on my chest for me to speak. She eased off the pressure, then shook me instead, to get me to answer.

“I-I’m…Jim…” I gasped, using my father’s name. “I’m a…friend…of Diane’s…”

Pam stared at me intently, actually squinting as she opened her palm, but held me down with the finger of her other hand to prevent me from jumping out of her grasp. I noticed then, as I started breathing normally again, that Pam seemed to be dressed up. I remembered then that it was Friday night, and I had a glimmer of hope in thinking that she might soon leave. She was dressed in a black tank top with a short black leather jacket over top. Craning my neck, I could also see that she was wearing a short black skirt, hose, and one boot, the other lying on its side on the floor. She wore a short purple sock on her exposed foot. She was also made up, heavily, at least for her, with lavender eye shadow and lipstick, and her light, sandy hair was teased out to look fuller. She still looked thin, but good. I was surprised…

Her fingernail traced a harsh line down my body, stopping at my genitals. I swallowed hard, staring up at this giant woman who held my life and manhood literally in the palm of her hand. Her nail scooped up and under my groin, holding my tiny sack on the tip of her nail. I saw her thumb inch forward, and before I could react, I was writhing in agony as she began to crush my testicles. I heard her laugh…

“I don’t know who you are, little man, but I don’t know any Jim. And I know that I know you.” She applied even more pressure, and I started to see those little gray flecks that usually filled my vision before I passed out. “Suppose you try again, and this time, if I don’t like your answer, I’ll just pinch off this little thing between your legs.” I screamed, barely able to talk, and begging for my life…

“Pam! Please! It’s Billy! I’m Billy!!”

I felt the pressure between my legs ease, and I collapsed back against the soft pads of Pam’s fingers. My groin felt wet, but whether from blood or urine I could not tell. Whichever, I knew I would heal. The pain was already receding as Pam lifted me closer to her face. She pulled her glasses down to the tip of her nose and stared at me over the rims…

“Jesus…I don’t believe it.” She gasped, probing me with her finger, poking at me. “It really is you. What the hell happened?” She prodded me again, and I quickly related a condensed version of my accident in the Science Lab, omitting the tortures of Doctor Ellington, not wanting to give her any ideas. She laughed through most of it, at my stupidity mainly. She made some comment too, about Diane’s soft heartedness, and that made me mad, though there was nothing I could do to retaliate. Just as I was finishing my tale, we both jumped to the shrill ringing of the phone, and a second later we heard Diane’s voice-

“Pam! Phone!”

I started screaming Diane’s name and calling for help as Pam leaned across her bed and picked up the phone. We were still in Diane’s home I realized then, and in Pam’s room. I saw that it was only a little different than Diane’s, with posters of rock stars on the lavender walls and furniture with a different style and shade of wood. Pam's room was also a bigger mess than Diane's, with clothes strewn about and junk piled everywhere. Diane shouldered the phone in the crook of her neck and pressed her thumb over my face to quiet me down.

“I’ve got it, Diane. Hang up.” I heard Pam speaking into the phone then, and quit struggling as I knew there was no way Diane could hear me. After a moment, Pam eased the pressure on my head, sliding her thumb back over my chest as she spoke…

“Hi Janice…
“No, actually…I don’t think I’m gonna make it tonight…
“Yeah…You could say it’s a guy…
“No…I don’t think you know him. He’s from my neighborhood…
“No…Listen…Call me tomorrow and I’ll tell you all about it…

Pam hung up the phone and returned her attention to me. She checked out my entire body, probing me with her finger. She flipped me easily onto my stomach and I felt her fingernail on my butt, poking and prodding. Finally she dumped me roughly onto the bed, folding her leg beneath her as I raised up on my knees before her. She grinned down at me…

“So what was my stupid sister planning to do with you?” she asked, totally amused with the situation. She slipped out of her leather jacket, tossing it to the floor, then picked a rubber band up from her nightstand and pulled her hair back into a tail, tying it off.

“She-“ I choked, and had to take a deep breath to find my voice. “She was trying to help me. She was going to find someone to change me back.” Pam smirked…

“Figures. Little Pollyanna Pureheart comes to the rescue again. Don’t think too much of yourself, kid. She’d do the same for any stray dog off the street.” Pam chuckled. “Still…You are kinda cute like this. With your little prick hangin’ out and all. I can see where she might want’a ‘help’ you.” Pam laughed and reached forward, flicking me in the groin with her finger and all the might she could muster. I screamed, flying backwards several yards (about a foot in real space), and sprawled on the bed, my hands dipping between my legs to ease the pain in my jewels as I curled up in excruciating agony. I heard Pam’s laughter as the bed shifted beneath me, and felt her hot breath as she hovered over me.

“Pathetic little wimp, ain’tcha?” I was crying, curled up in a fetal position, and in no condition to answer. I could feel a tingling between my legs though, the sensation of healing, and knew that I would survive. Pam batted me around in a little circle with her finger as she gloated.

“Trust Diane not to use you for the toy you are. I bet she hugged you and kissed you and promised to keep you safe, right?"” Pam held me down with a finger in my back and whacked me several times with her fingernail. I was soon crying all the harder, trying to catch my breath as I cursed her out. Pam picked me up by my foot, letting me dangle upside down as she giggled at my flailing and crying…

“Ah-ah-ah…Mustn’t call Mama bad names…” She tossed me high into the air then, and my hands brushed against the ceiling before I started to fall again. I saw Pam gleefully watching as I fell past, bouncing off the bed and into the air once more. When I hit the next time, I angled towards the edge of the bed and bounded over the side, falling. I hit the floor, pain shooting through my leg as my ankle buckled underneath me. Still, I gritted my teeth against the pain, hoping I would heal, and hobbled off, rolling under the trailing edge of the comforter.

I scrambled into the darkness under Pam’s bed, hearing her curses as I crawled through the accumulated dirt and dust. There were magazines and dirty socks, bits of food and paper, and a forgotten pair of fluffy slippers way back by the wall. I heard a thump behind me and knew that Pam had dropped to the floor, and a moment later a stream of light washed over me. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Pam reaching for me under the bed. I put my head down and ran for all I was worth…

Her fingernails scratched across my back, but I was just out of her grasp. I screamed and fell forward, arms windmilling to regain my balance. I tumbled through the dirt, spinning about to see Pam’s legs as she was running around the bed to my side. I got up and ran the way I came. Light fell over me again as she flipped back the comforter, searching for me. She cursed again, realizing that I was still out of reach, and I heard the bed groan and creak as she crawled across it to head me off. I poured on the speed, my leg barely throbbing, and dove into the wide, dark opening of Diane’s boot lying before me. I scrambled into the toe of the boot, hoping that I had been quick enough when I felt the floor shake.

Suddenly I was slammed into the sole of the boot as it went spinning out of control. I could only imagine that Pam had shoved the boot out of the way and was searching for me under the bed again. The boot thumped up against something; the wall or the door, and I shook my head and scrambled crab-like out of the boot. I saw Pam, her butt in the air, and her leg stretched out as she probed through the debris under her bed looking for me. Her booted foot was sliding back and forth as she shifted her weight, and I had to leap away before she accidentally stepped on me. Her foot kicked the boot, however, and she glanced back to see what she had struck.

She saw me…

I ran for the door, diving at the slight crack between the floor and the barrier. I did not know if I could make it, but I would break every bone in my body and squeeze through if I had to to get away from Pam. The door slammed me in the head as it swung open just as I reached it. I skidded across the hardwood floor, delirious, coming to a rest right before Pam’ knees. I was only half-aware, my head ringing in pain as Pam shifted her weight and shuffled forward, settling her ass on top of me and fluffing out her skirt around her. I could barely breathe, could barely hear Diane’s voice, though I could feel Pam’s whole body vibrate as she spoke…

“Pam…I…What are you doing?”

“None of your business, brat. What d’you want?” There was a pause, and Pam settled her weight over me. I pushed, but my arms just sank into the cool soft flesh of her behind. I was trapped and helpless.

“I-I was just returning your college- Are those my boots?!”

“Yeah…I guess they are. You borrowed my book…I borrowed your boots. What about it?’ I struggled with all my might, screaming into Pam’s panties for Diane to hear me…save me…

“Nothing…I…Was there anything…I mean…”


“Was there anything in them?” Pam giggled, and a soft, putrid breeze wafted past me. I gagged, struggling to remain conscious…

“No…Why? Lose something?”

“I…An ankle bracelet. I lost an ankle bracelet and thought it might have fallen…in my boot.”

“Nope. Sorry.” I felt Pam’s body shift, forcing me further under her body. “You want your boots back now?”

“No…I guess not. If you see it-“

“I’ll let you know. ‘Bye-bye…” There was a bit of silence, and I heard the creak of the door closing…

“Oh, Diane…”


“My magazine…”

I heard Diane’s foot as it touched just inches from my helpless body. There was a moment of quiet, when I guessed that Diane was handing her sister the college book, and then I heard the door latch closed. A second later Pam’s hand was yanking me out from beneath her by my ankle. I dangled, helpless as she stood up.

“I can see that you’re gonna be more of a problem than I thought. What to do…Hmmn…?” I saw her lip curl as she considered my fate as I hung helplessly between her thumb and forefinger. She carried me casually over to her vanity then, and dangled me from her fingertips as she leaned on the table looking for something. Then in a flash, she held me up again, holding me upright by my legs. She had a small white box in her other hand, and in a zip, she had a long piece of slick white string looped about my legs and was wrapping it about my body. It was dental floss.

Pam shifted my position as she wrapped the floss up and around my body, tying my legs tightly and pinning my arms at my sides. She looped the thin cord about my chest and shoulders, then knotted it, and started wrapping down my body again until I was thoroughly tied from head to ankle. The cord was stiff with wax, thick, and slick as well, and try as I might, I knew I would never snap it. It held me more or less rigid, and standing at attention in Pam’s grip when she finally broke off the line and knotted it off.

She held me up before her face and licked her lips, smiling as I struggled in her grip.

“There…That’s better.” She giggled and I saw her hand lifting her skirt. “Now let’s see what kind of fun we can really have.”

I screamed and screamed as I was plunged into the darkness beneath her skirts. It all went on for some time…

I woke to darkness…

I was still tied, wrapped head to toe in stiff, waxy dental floss that bit into my skin and hurt as I moved. My body was sticky, coated in a stiff, dried substance that I knew was Pam’s ‘sexual juices’. My hair was plastered to my head, and it took some effort to force my eyes open as they were crusted shut. I smelled of her, and it made me gag. I moaned as I tried to get my bearings, rolling about, unsure of where I was or how I had gotten there.

I remembered that Pam had used me. Diane had left me, oblivious to my plight, literally in Pam’s hands, and bound to do her bidding. I learned that night that Pam had a truly wicked and devious mind. After catching me, smothering me and binding me like a miniature mummy, she had used me as a dildo; a human dildo six inches long. I am quite sure that she enjoyed it, as I move in ways that no vibrator ever could, but to me it was the next best thing to hell.

I remember the darkness, and the heat. It was incredibly warm beneath her skirt, between her legs. It was a slimy, tight feeling, and I recall her muscles closing in on me…pressing. I’ve read stories of men that had a shrinking fetish, and cannot believe how any of them could believe that they would derive any pleasure from that humid, airless void between the legs of their lover. The woman might enjoy it, until the little man stopped struggling and passed out before he died. For the man however, I can only imagine that it is like being buried alive in hot, steaming mud, water clogging your lungs, your nose and mouth, suffocating you until you died…

I luckily passed out. I have yet to die…

I stared about, waiting for my sight to adjust to the darkness. I was in a stifling, enclosed space, I could tell, and there was a horrific stench that left me gasping for breath fighting with Pam’s more feminine odor. I could smell leather, overpowering my senses, and the fading scent of shoe polish and foot odor. I could feel the hard stiffness of a gigantic shoe about me, as my time in Diane's boot had well aquainted me with the shape contoured to a woman's foot; the roughness of the sides, the slick, worn sole, the confines of the toe. These were not boots though, but something cut lower. Not pumps, as the toe was squared, and the insole flat, and too stiff for sneakers. Loafers I thought, and I moaned, wondering how I had sunk so low as to wonder what type of shoe I had been imprisoned in…

I wriggled about, testing my bonds. Pam had tied me tightly, and my ‘new’ rubbery skin seemed to bulge over the stiff, waxy cord. She had wrapped me twice that I could tell, up to my neck, and back down to my ankles. The yards of dental floss in a single container made the perfect utensil to bind someone of my size; neat and accessible, and almost endless. It was strong as well, almost like fishing line, and try as I might it would not break no matter the force I used. It had one drawback though…

The wax on the floss made it slick. The more I moved, the more it bunched up and slid over my body. I was sweating as I rolled about in the huge, smelly shoe, and covered in Pam’s ‘love juices’, which at first had been sticky, but now, with my exertions, seemed to be aiding in my escape. Pam of course had been conceited in her power over me, and her size. Maybe she had never tied anyone up before, or maybe she just did not really care, thinking that at my size I was probably helpless, but in her arrogance, she had not tied my hands. True, my arms were pinned tightly to my sides, but as I squirmed in my bondage, it was a simple matter to gather the floss in those areas that bent; my knees, elbows, and waist. Rubbing against the rough sides of the inside of the loafer helped as well, like a rough stone wall. I got a bit of friction burn in the process, but I heal real fast.

Being more flexible since my ’accident’, it was relatively easy to bend my body in such a way as to reach the floss now gathered at my ankles. It hurt a bit, but I had endured far worse, for instance the crushing weights of two separate women, not to mention the various portions of my body that ‘mad’ Doctor Ellington had cut away. I try not to mention it, but I’ll never forget, and it still haunts my dreams.

The floss was knotted at my ankles, but I could get at the knots with my hands. At one time, knotted dental floss would have been impossible for me to undo, but at my current size it was like a thin nylon rope. It took a bit of manipulating of course, in the dark, but eventually I felt the knot slide free. I then started to undo the loops, spiraling the cord up and about my body, loosening my bonds. The floss snagged at the bunching at my elbows, where the next knot had slid. I had loosened the bindings enough however that this was hardly an obstacle. I wormed about in the confines of the shoe for a time, again using the rough sides and the sweat of my body to slide the waxy floss, getting the knot into a position that I could reach. The knot had pulled taut, but it was simple; a square knot, and did not take long to undo. Again I squirmed, my body soaking up the odor of Pam’s feet as I rolled about, my head thumping on the toe of her shoe in my struggles. Eventually though, I felt the bonds fall away until only one knot remained; the slip knot at my ankles again, the first, now the last. I pulled the loop open and slipped my feet out of the loop, finally free.

Or was I?

On my hands and knees, I began backing out of the shoe, but I had barely gone an inch before I was butting up against the heel. I had to maneuver about, as I was still longer than the shoe’s mouth, and inched sideways out. I was still in darkness, and readily thumped against a wall of soft worn leather. I reached out blindly, stroking the obstacle. It was soft to the touch, and I could make out the tongue/flap of the other shoe. I could feel the toe cap, the wrinkles in the stitching and the imprints of Pam’s toes left in the supple leather. There was a bit of metal too, round, and in proportion to a dinner plate to me, though I imagined in the real world I had left behind that it was about the size of a coin. It was the loafer’s penny, held to the shoe with small metal clips.

I looked up, wedged between the two shoes as I was, and wondered why it was still dark. I stood, or tried to, and almost made it before hitting my head on something solid. I reached up and felt the smooth, stiff lid of a cardboard box overhead. I was in a shoebox, I figured, and beyond that, probably in a closet again, or under Pam’s bed. I pushed upward, hoping that it was the lid above me, and that Pam had not been smart enough to turn the box upside down. Unfortunately, Luck is a lady, and she apparently likes tormenting little men as well. I pushed with all my strength, but the box would not move. Pam had either tied or taped my little cardboard prison shut, or set something on top of it to keep me trapped.

I flopped down on the toe of Pam’s shoe and sighed, depressed. I hated this. It was one thing to be six inches tall with Diane. She cared about me, and maybe even loved me. But to Pam I was nothing but a toy, a plaything. She had used me as a human dildo for Christ’s sake, and I could only imagine what other plans she was thinking up as I sat in her little makeshift prison. It would not be all that long before she discovered just how indestructible I truly was, and she would start doing things to me. I shuddered at the thought.

I had to wonder what Diane was doing to help me. Was she still looking for me? Or had she thought that I had run off, unable to cope with her idea of taking me to some government agency for help. Maybe she thought that the cat had gotten to me. I am sure that she must have looked for me for awhile. I can imagine her shock, finding her boots gone from her closet. Thinking maybe she had misplaced them, and turning her room out to find them, and me. Did she suspect that Pam had taken them? Probably not, or I imagine that she would have made a bigger deal when she had spied the boots in Pam’s room earlier. That bothered me. I could hear her voice as I lay trapped under Pam, and Diane had sounded hesitant, but not really concerned. She seemed to have forgotten about me, almost. She seemed more concerned with the mystery of what had happened to me than in actually finding me. I couldn’t understand…

I shook my head, trying to clear my thoughts. Thinking like that, in my current situation would quickly drive me crazy. The only thing keeping me going was that Diane was out there somewhere, just a few rooms away in another part of the house, waiting for my return. I had to get out of the damned box…

It hit me as I leaned back to sulk. Rather, it poked me, I guess. I winced in pain as I leaned against the penny lodged into the top of Pam’s loafer, the bit of metal holding it in place jabbing me in the back. It was loose, and sharp. Sharp enough to cut me and cause me pain, and possibly sharp enough to cut through cardboard. I spun about, there in the darkness on the soft leather toe of a shoe that was five times my size and ran my hands over the metal that was underneath me. It only took a little effort to pry the penny loose, as the clasp was already bent, and I quickly dropped the ornament aside. I dug my fingers into the leather, inching my way beneath the metal clasp, trying to find a grip. Soon I was pulling with all my might, the cheap metal bending under my miniscule force. Sweat was running down my back, dripping in my eyes and matting my hair as I grunted with my effort. I heaved, gnashing my teeth. I would not be beaten by a little bit of pounded copper that was probably held in place by a stud that I could have snapped in two just a few days prior. It was just a bit of decoration on a damn twenty-dollar pair of shoes, but it was also my only hope…

I fell back, suddenly, slamming up against the rubber crepe sole of the other shoe then sliding awkwardly between the two. I was winded and weak as I slumped down, but I was also grasping the sharp little bit of metal for dear life. I had never heard such a wonderful sound as the leather ripping and popping as my tool came free. I must have looked like a total fool, wedged on my ass between the two shoes with my legs over my head, clutching the thing to my chest in fear that it might disappear. I did not care.

I wormed around, struggling to my feet and worked my way towards the toes of the shoes and the front of the box. I felt the edge of my little weapon. It was not as sharp as I might have hoped, and it was clumsy to handle, but it was all I had. I probed the smooth wall of the shoebox, feeling rough barrier with my hand. I pushed, looking for the area of least resistance which I figured to be the center of the panel, then pressed the tip of the penny clasp against the material of my prison, hoping that it was not flush with a wall.

I scratched, dug, and finally drove the sharp edge into the cardboard with all my might, and finally felt the makeshift knife lodge in place. I whooped in joy of my little victory, then began to saw at the wall. It was a slow, slow process; the wall was harder than I would have imagined, and my blade was not nearly as sharp as I had hoped. I do not know how long I cut and ripped and tugged on the cardboard wall of my prison, but slowly, millimeter by millimeter, I began to see a lengthening scar of dim light seeping into the darkness.

I had maybe an inch, possibly two, cut into the side of the box when I was finally able to shove my hand through, followed by my arm and shoulder. I forced my head through the cut, and soon my torso, my body compressing even as the cardboard ripped to accommodate. I was scraped raw for a few seconds when I was finally spit free, and I lay there in the dim light, healing, breathing in the sweet breath of life and freedom. I had escaped…

Or had I…

I moaned as I realized that I had once again spoken too soon. Yes, I was free of the shoe box prison. I could see it now, the sides taped and a dictionary perched on the top to hold it closed. Pam was taking no chances. That was plain to see as I looked about me. I was in the closet. I could see the slats of the twin doors filtering a pale light from outside into the confines of my new prison. I stood and staggered away from the box, the enormity of the room overpowering me with every step. I was on the uppermost shelf of Pam’s closet, a good eight feet above the floor in the real world, and well over one hundred to me.

I sagged to the ground, sitting on the edge of the shelf and dangling my feet over. It was too much. Pam was just an evil bitch, and that’s all there was to it. It was not so much that I would fall and break my neck. At the time, I figured I probably would. But I would survive. The fall would not kill me, but the fear of falling might. I wondered if I would survive a heart attack, but figured I would. Diane had broke my heart, literally crushed it on the floor of her car, and I was still here. But I had a fear of falling, and just sitting there (leaning far back), my heart was pounding like a trip hammer. Luckily it was still dark, and I could not really see the height in all its glory. I debated…

Jump or climb…
Jump or climb…

It was a long hard climb down (I’m a coward, I admit it). I did have to jump a ways, after walking the edge of the shelf before finding a likely dress that seemed long enough to get me to the floor. I was lucky that Pam even owned a dress, but I suppose, like every man owns a suit, every woman has a Sunday special gown. It took all my courage to leap out into the dark emptiness, and I found when I hit the shoulder that I had closed my eyes in fright. Not my best moment as I clutched at the fabric, fearing that I might tumble into space, but I managed to snag a handful of soft cotton and stopped my descent. I hung on for dear life as I screwed up my courage again, contemplating the task ahead. I had never been very good at hand over hand climbing, and hated those days in Gym Class when I was forced to struggle up a rope or the pegboard. Finally, the ultimate fear of Pam finding me hanging from a dress in her closet and punishing me over rode the lesser fears of falling and dying, and I got moving.

I eventually found myself dangling from the hem of Pam’s dress, still some twenty feet (to me) from the floor. I could see the hard wood directly below me; boxes and Pam’s shoes piled up to one side. Twenty feet I could survive, but still I started swinging from the bottom of the skirt, trying to angle into the shoes which were a little closer than the floor. I let go, tumbling into the pile and came to rest on the spongy rubber of one of Pam’s thong sandals, relatively unhurt and in one piece. I was closer to freedom, and I could taste it. My mouth was watering as I climbed from the shoes and scurried towards the gap beneath the closet door like a mouse.

I crawled on my belly in the dust back into Pam’s bedroom. The pale light of dawn was seeping through the curtains, casting the huge room in a ghostly glow. It seemed like a dream, or some surreal nightmare straight out of a Dali painting as I ran for the door. Everything was huge, looming over me and threatening. Her furniture towered over me like buildings, and the great mounds of her own body seemed like snow capped mountains rolling off into the distance as she slept covered with a sheet. I stared in awe at a shapely foot poking from under the comforter, dangling far and away above me as I ran past. I could hear her breathing, barely, over the pounding of my heart, and soft muted whispers as she mumbled in her sleep. I wondered if she was dreaming of me.

I reached the door, eventually, another barricade in my gargantuan Chinese puzzle box prison; a cell within a cell, within a cell. It was shut tight, I could tell, and far too big to move even if it were not. I stared at the slight gap at the floor and sighed. Earlier I had threatened to force my way through it, even if I had to break every bone in my body to do it. Now I had the chance to see that that was not such a far-fetched plan. I would have needed to be paper thin to squeeze through the gap, and I did not believe that even my body could manage that. At least not without one of my giantess keepers stepping me flat first. I was stuck again…

I slumped against the door and slid down to sit and think. I was exhausted, and my body still felt sore from all of the abuse that it had endured over the past couple of days. I needed to rest, and try to come up with a plan. I wracked my brain watching the morning light grow brighter, cheering up the gloominess of the room a bit, and improving my mood. I remembered all the silly sitcoms I used to watch in reruns that for one reason or another had to do with someone shrinking down to tiny size; Land of the Giants, I Dream of Jeannie, even Bewitched on one occasion. I pictured myself as one of the crew of the SpinDrift, forever on the run in a gigantic world, everyone after me as I crawled through the gutters and in mouse holes, climbing my knotted rope with the paper clip grappling hook. I started to laugh and wondered briefly if I was losing it. I thought about Scott Carey fighting giant spiders and cats, and glanced about nervously looking for Fluffy.

I thought about using the phone; climbing the dangling cord, using both hands and all my weight to push the buttons, screaming into the receiver. But who would I call? My parents were out of town visiting my relatives. My sister Christy? I snorted. She would treat me worse than Pam. Or worse, she would just flush me down the toilet and tell our folks that I ran away. And they would believe her too, little Miss Perfect that she is. The cops or school or anyone in any authority were out as they would ship me away for study to some lab. I found that out the hard way with Doc Ellington. The phone was out.

I had to get back to Diane. That was all there was to it. She was the only one I could really trust, at least until my folks got home in a week or two. She was the only one who really cared. I had to get back to Diane, and I would have to get Pam to help me…

I woke with a start to music blaring off in the distance. I did not know where I was at first, a feeling I still have not gotten used to, and I flailed about in a sudden panic. I winced in pain as my elbow cracked against the wall, and I slowly regained my senses. I heard the music abruptly choke off to silence as I began to crawl along the floor.

I poked my head out from the safety of the dresser I had hidden under to nap and surveyed the room. It was light now, though I was still pretty much hidden in the shadows on the floor. I could see Pam, lying in her bed, savoring the last few moments of peace before she started another day. She stretched, yawning, and rose up on her elbows. Diane was far cuter, in my opinion, but with no makeup and her hair tousled from sleep, a dreamy quality to her face, Pam had a look about her as well. I watched, feeling the horniness well up within me again as she threw back the covers and swung her gargantuan legs over the edge of the bed. I licked my lips, wondering what I was becoming as I lustfully watched her feet feel about on the floor and finally sliding into a ratty pair of fluffy slippers. Was this some bizarre side effect of the chemical bath I took. Did it shrink me but somehow make my sex drive grow, causing me to lust after every gigantic girl I saw. Even Doc Ellington had got me erect, despite the hell she had put me through. I watched, my mind swirling as Pam ran a hand through her hair and got up.

She stood there for a moment staring at the closet doors and I paled, wondering if I had left some telltale sign of my escape. She was thinking, rubbing herself, scratching as people do in the morning, and I shivered in anticipation. Finally she strolled for the bedroom door and opened it, leaving the room.

I scrambled to my feet and ran for my life. I could see the door swinging slowly closed in her wake, and knew that I had to reach the opening and get through before she fully closed it behind her. I focused on her legs, her butt swishing in the folds of her oversized jersey nightshirt, hoping my lust would spur me on where my fear might fail. I cursed myself for not hiding closer to the door, but I had been afraid that she might see me. I cursed myself for not being faster and in better shape. I cursed my stubby little legs. I dove through the crack between the door and the frame just before I heard the latch click into place.

I tumbled to the ground, feeling the fuzz of Pam’s slipper as I rolled. I cringed, waiting for the crushing weight of her foot to pin me to the ground, knowing that she had felt me hit her. It never came. The ground trembled, and I heard the floor creak as I opened my eyes just in time to see Pam disappear into the bathroom, the door closing behind her. I had made it…

This time for sure…

I was now in the hallway. Of course it was huge, stretching off into the distance in one direction and coming to an abrupt end in the other at a door that soared high overhead. The walls stretched up and away, a pale off white that reminded me of clouds as I craned my neck, following with my gaze to the ceiling. Pictures hung far up the wall opposite me, breaking the monotony of the bare white, though they were too high for me to focus on. I edged along the dark carpet; a shag like long, rough grass to me, away from the closet at the back end of the hall and towards the light of what I assumed to be the living room. I knew that Pam was in the bathroom across the hallway, and I had just escaped her room, which left me with two more doors in the hall, one of which led to Diane. The other door would lead to her mother of course, and God help me if I chose wrong. It was the ‘Lady or the Tiger’ all over again.

I listened at the first door, dropping to my belly and trying to peer underneath. I hoped to hear Diane, or see her feet as she moved about her room, or sat at her desk or bed. I wished I had been paying closer attention when I had been in there before. I wished I could remember which room was hers from the times I had been in her home when I was younger, and we had been playmates. I wondered if all men were so dense as to not notice those lesser details, or if it was just me. Whichever, the room was silent and dark, and whoever it belonged to had either left it for the morning or was still asleep. There was no way that I would have been able to open the door, and I was not quite ready to try to squeeze myself through the crack at the bottom, only to end up in the wrong room and be snatched up by Diane’s mother. I scrambled off down the hall towards the next door…

I had not expected to see the earth move, so when massive shadows drifted by in the distance, I was stunned. I watched, and something the size of a mountain came into view, far away in the living room. I suddenly knew what a cave man must have felt, as a mastodon lumbered around a bend, though I did not even have a spear to defend myself. I stared in awe, still not used to the feeling of something so huge moving about. I hugged the wall, quailing in fear as I tried to focus on the gigantic form. Then I relaxed, and I felt air rush into my lungs, and my heart started to beat again. It was Diane…

I scrambled to my feet and started running towards her, waving my arms and screaming my lungs out. I was too far away to be heard, and in one mammoth step she disappeared out of my line of sight, behind the wall. I ran for all I was worth, pumping my legs like an insect. She had had her coat on, her purse on her shoulder as she dug into its depths. She was going out, leaving me alone in the house with Pam and maybe her mother as well. I had to hurry.

My lungs burning from the run, I rounded the corner, screaming her name as soon as she was in sight again. Luck was with me for once, as she had stopped at the door to dig into her purse in earnest, searching for something. With her massive strides, she could have easily been through the door and outside before I had even reached the corner. I gathered my breath and screamed her name as loudly as I could.

I saw her face go blank as she looked up and around. She had heard me, I know, but she was not sure what she had heard. The high-pitched squeak of my voice could have just as easily been the sound of the house settling, or a door closing somewhere. I watched her flip her hair away from her ear and cock her head, listening. I screamed again…

And the doorbell rang…

Diane turned away as I ran towards the middle of the room. I was still yelling and waving when my mind caught up to my body. I stumbled to a halt, panic smoldering in the pit of my stomach. I was standing dead center in the middle of Diane’s living room, and she had her hand on the doorknob, totally oblivious to me and ignorant of my plight. She was about to open the door, and I would be in full view of whoever was on the other side. My plaintive cries had gone unheard, drowned out by the harsh chime of the door’s bell. Whoever was waiting to come in would see me, and it would all start again; the questions, the prodding and poking, the captivity…unless Diane saw me first. Unless she saved me.

I stood in shock as Diane opened the door, not knowing whether to run forward or back into the hall. Morning light streamed through the open door, blinding me, and I heard Diane’s voice, and another, rolling overhead like thunder. I squinted into the light, staggering back as Diane stood aside to let in her guest-

“Diane…Hi! How are you?” I heard a booming voice I did not recognize, but it was definitely female. Through tear filled eyes I watched as their shadowy forms hugged briefly. A friend of Diane’s then, I thought, as Diane responded-

“Janice…Hi. Good to see you.”

Janice! I choked. Janice was Pam’s friend, and I recalled Pam’s telephone conversation of the night before-

“Hi Janice…
“No, actually…I don’t think I’m gonna make it tonight…
“Yeah…You could say it’s a guy…
“No…I don’t think you know him. He’s from my neighborhood…
“No…Listen…Call me tomorrow and I’ll tell you all about it…


Pam was planning on telling Janice all about me; showing me to her friend…sharing me? I backed away, fear rising from the pit of my stomach. Diane, my savior was right there, just a few feet away, but it may as well have been miles. If I yelled and waved now, Janice would see me as well, or worse, instead. What would she do to me? For all I knew, Pam might not have been able to contain her excitement from the previous night and called her friend after putting me away in my shoe box prison, bragging about her new six-inch sex slave. I started to back away, my sight clearing, and totally intent on what the giantesses were saying-

“I’m just on my way out, Jan. I think Pam’s in the shower, but you can wait. Make yourself at home.”
“Thanks, Di. Where’re you off to?”
“I…I’ve gotta swing by Doc Ellington’s. Something I need to pick up…for school.”
“On a Sunday? That’s a bitch.”
“Yeah, well…Can’t be helped. Listen, I gotta run. I’ll catch ya later.”
“Okay. Bye, Di.”

The door slammed shut, and I saw Janice turn the lock before dropping her purse on the couch and sluffing off her jacket. A cool breeze wafted about me, raising bumps on my arms and legs as I backed against the far wall, shivering; whether from fear or the cold I could not decide. Apparently the weather outside was still chilly, that special time between winter and spring. I had not been outside for almost two days.

I inched along the wall, watching as Janice moved about the living room. She was huge; of course, taller than Diane was I could tell, but at my size did those few inches really matter. To her I was the size of a mouse, regardless. Without her coat on, I could see that she had a nice body, if just a little plump for my tastes, when I was a normal guy of course. She was wearing a pale blue tee shirt that made her breasts stand out nicely, and a pair of flair legged jeans that hugged her wide hips. She had on a pair of black, thick-soled boots that were at least three inches high and dusty, and I felt my friend stirring between my legs as I imagined myself polishing them for Janice’s pleasure. My hyped up sex drive was kicking in again, and I could feel my adrenaline pumping as well. She had a pleasant enough face, plain but cute, framed by a thick mane of dark brown hair hanging loosely about her shoulders. I watched as she turned on the television, then plopped down on the couch and propped her feet up on the edge of the coffee table, settling in to wait for Pam.

My plan had been to make my way along the wall and back into the hallway, and then to force my way into the relative safety of one of the two rooms that I knew were not Pam’s. Unfortunately, I had about a foot of real world space to cross (a football field expanse to me), with nothing to hide behind. I was closer to the safety of the shadows of a chair in the other direction, with about half the distance to cross. That seemed the safer bet, and I could hide under the chair until Diane returned. Hopefully that would be before Pam found me missing, and her and her friend turned out the house looking for me. I dropped to my knees and began crawling along the baseboard towards the chair, watching for any sign that Janice had spotted me.

I heard a low rumble; a hissing noise like rocks rolling in a crusher. I glanced up just in time to see a pale golden blur and lightning struck me fully in the side. I screamed in agony as my little body flew through the air briefly, before tumbling across the rough carpet. I moaned, my ribs feeling as though they were on fire, and when I touched my side, my hand came away wet with blood. Three deep cuts were slashed into my body, and I gasped in sudden terror, all thoughts of sex and Pam and Janice driven from my head.

I heard an angry roar and looked up to see Fluffy; the damned cat, lunging at me in mid-pounce. I screamed again as it landed on me; paws pushing me into the floor, its claws extended, digging into the carpet on either side of my head. Its purr was a grotesque rumble as it sneered down at me, whiskers twitching and blackened tongue flicking in anticipation of the kill. The beast’s fetid breath rolled over me as it considered my struggling body, trapped under its enormous weight. It shifted, settling back on its haunches, which freed my arms, but it was ready to spring if it looked as though I would try to run. It watched me, licking its nose and lips.

I could feel the gashes in my side closing, the skin already scabbing over as I eased up on my elbows. I watched Fluffy, watching me, its paws just at my feet, claws sliding in and out of their sheathes as the beast considered what to do next. I trembled, and I knew the creature could smell my fear. I was just a strangely colored mouse to it, its next meal. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the chair, the safe haven I had been crawling towards. It was only a few yards away, relative to my size this time, but still, it may as well have been miles. There was no way that I could reach the depths under the chair before the gargantuan cat would have me pinned again. But I had to try…Right?

As if sensing what I was about, the beast swatted me, a playful tap that sent me sprawling across the floor again…away from my goal. The damned creature was playing with me; toying with its food. I rolled to a stop in the center of the floor, moaning in pain again. I felt no blood, nor anything broken, but I was bruised. I wondered how long I could stay conscious. Could I stay awake for the end, before Fluffy finally got bored and delivered the killing blow? I felt the weight of its paw shoving me to the floor again, its claws digging into my back. I was draped in darkness as the shadow of death fell upon me…

“What’cha got there, Fluffy? You catch a mouse?”

I looked up through my pain to see One of Janice’s thick-soled boots directly in front of me. I craned my neck, trying to look up, but with the fat cat on my back I could only see up to her knee. I clawed at the carpet, screaming in agony as the cat dug its own claws deeper into my back, holding me in place…

“That’s gross…” I heard the disgust in Janice’s voice and saw her own weight shift on her foot as she crouched down to get a better look. Fluffy had both paws covering me then, and I heard the beast hiss as Janice tried to shoo it away. “Go on cat, move…shoo!”

Fluffy yowled, and suddenly I was free, the massive pressure off of my back. Janice must have swatted the cat away. I could feel the blood clotting in my wounds, now that the beast no longer had me skewered, and I gagged and spat up bile as I realized that the horror was gone…

“What the f-“

…only to be replaced by a new horror; a worse horror. One that could think beyond its next meal.

I felt something thump me in the side, bruising my newly healed ribs, and I saw Janice’s massive finger as she flipped me over onto my back. Her nails were long and sharp, painted a dark lavender with tiny silver stars pasted to them. I looked up cautiously, knowing what I would see, and was not disappointed. Janice was squatting down, her arms resting on her knees as she stared down at my diminutive body. Her long hair dangled down above me like the drooping limbs of a weeping willow tree, shadowing the incredulous look on her face. Her eyes were huge in wonder, and her full lips were shaped into a soundless, gaping ‘O’. I struggled to rise, actually getting to my knees and scrambling a few inches away, knowing that my only chance to escape was in those first few moments as she was overcome with shock. I saw Fluffy crouching off to one side, waiting to give chase.

I felt the floor vibrate with a loud thump and I screamed as something sharp pinched into my ankle in a vise like grip. I was drug back across the carpet, my enraged penis and nipples burning with the friction before I was whisked into the air. I dangled helplessly, upside-down as I went higher and higher until Janice’s huge face came into focus. She was on her knees now, holding me easily between her fingers up to her face for a better look. The initial masque of shock had been replaced by the now familiar happy look of wonderment, tinged with a devious glint of evil desire. I am sure that the same old ideas were rushing through her head that Pam and Doc Ellington, and even Diane had already thought of. All of the cruel and humiliating things that a gigantic woman could do to a tiny, helpless man.

“Holy shit…” she whispered, and her hot, sweet breath made me sway in her grip. She cocked her head to one side as she slowly rotated my body, looking me over. “You really are a little man…” she said breathlessly. I felt her poke me with a sharp fingernail, probing my body with her free hand. I moaned, half from pleasure as she spread my legs with a finger and flicked my cock and balls from side to side for a better view. She cupped my groin on the edge of a nail and I saw her grin.

“This is so cool…”

I twisted away, thrashing in her grip and turned my body as best I could so that I could better see her face. “Let me go!” I yelled, then tried to contain my anger. “Please…” I begged, and she giggled. I felt my stomach lurch as she rose to her full height and carried me away. I saw the floor rolling by far below, and then the coffee table was beneath me and rushing up fast.

I tumbled onto the cold hard surface as she sat on the sofa, and as I had before, I used the momentum to scramble into a crawl towards the table’s edge. Janice however reacted faster than any of my previous tormentors, as her hand swooped down and blocked my escape. I rolled about, getting to my feet and ran the other way, only to see her other hand drop down in my path. I charged and leapt, my ankle throbbing with the effort, and tried to dive over the blockade but she was too fast. With a casual flick of her wrist, Janice knuckled me in the stomach and I sprawled onto the dark tabletop, the air rushing from my lungs. I heard Janice laughing at my plight and felt her shadow on me as she hunkered over my tiny, prostrate form.

“This is so cool…” she said again with more conviction. Her mouth was curled into a grin, and I could see that she could hardly contain her gleeful exuberance as she stared down at me. I laid there, panting, trying to catch my breath as her finger returned to my body, poking and prodding. She pressed into my chest with a bit too much force, and I squealed, curling up against her onslaught. I heard her gasp as the finger quickly withdrew.

“Oh God! Did I hurt you?” I moaned, still gasping for breath, and nodded. I saw her eyes grow wide again, this time with concern as she bit her lip.

“I’m sorry.” She sounded genuinely concerned, but she made no move to set me free. “It’s just…This is so weird.” Her hand hovered over me and I cowered. She must have seen the fear wracking my body, as she did not touch me then, but the hand remained in easy reach as a warning.

“Who are you?” she asked, and I, with nothing better to do, sucked in enough air to answer. My voice was ragged and gasping, and I’m sure high-pitched and squeaky to her ears.

“My name’s Billy. I’m Diane’s neighbor…her friend.”

“How- Have you always been this small? Are you like Tom Thumb or something?”

“No. It was an accident.”

“Tell me what happened.”

So I did. I knew I would not get away then and there. She was too quick, and I was injured still, from her and the damn cat. I still saw Fluffy as well, sitting off to one side licking its fur, and I knew the beast was waiting for its chance to strike again and recapture its prey. I laid there healing, and told Janice then about the accident in the Science Lab at school, and the strange mixture of chemicals that had shrunk me to the size of an action figure. I told her about how Diane had taken me to her home to keep me until the effects wore off and I returned to normal size. I omitted the tortures and the whole experience with the evil Doctor Ellington, head of the High School Science Department. I did not want to give my new captor any ideas. I also did not tell her of my time with Pam, or the fact that I seemed to heal at an almost instantaneous rate, and that my body was now composed of some unstable quality that made me almost indestructible. At least so far. I was quite sure she would figure that out soon enough.

I was hoping she would do something with me before Pam finished with her morning bathroom ritual. I was fairly certain that Diane’s cruel sister had not told Janice about me beforehand, but I knew that as soon as Pam appeared, all hope of my salvation would be shattered. I tried to look as helpless and pathetic as I could manage (not a long stretch considering my condition). I was hoping to play on Janice’s sympathies, hoping desperately that she would turn out to be a gentle giantess like Diane.

“So Pam and Diane are taking care of you?” she asked as I finished my tale. I quickly debated what to say, trying to keep Pam out of the mix.

“Diane is. She didn’t tell Pam or her mother about me. We figured that the less people who knew, the better it would be.” I saw her considering that, settling back on the couch and propping her boots up on the edge. Her feet towered over me like two huge monoliths from the movie, 2001.

“So me and Diane are the only ones who know that you’re tiny. Not even your family?”

“No. My folks are out of town, and I don’t really trust my sister to do the right thing. We don’t really get along.” She smiled at that, and I wondered if she had a little brother that she liked to boss around. She had been twirling her long hair as she listened to me, and now had a lock in the corner of her mouth, chewing on it as she considered what to do next. I got up on my knees, sitting on my heels as my body was healed again and stared up at her.

“Please…Please don’t tell anyone. Diane’s been really nice, but I can only imagine what someone else might do if they knew about me. They might dissect me like a frog to see what makes me tick, or put me in a cage, or-“ Janice giggled at that. I had said too much.

“I think you’d look good in a cage. In fact, I have a little birdcage at home that would fit you perfect. I could keep you in it, and you could sing for me like a canary, and I’d feed you and take you out and play with you…”

I paled, seeing her grin suddenly turn wicked as she realized the fun she could have with me. I had said too much, and realized myself that if she was Pam’s friend then how different could their personalities be. I got to my feet and bolted as she dropped her feet to the floor and reached for me. Fast as I was, I knew she was faster, so I leaped for the table’s edge again, hoping to drop out of her reach. I was too late. I felt her fingers pinch into my leg again, and I was suddenly dangling upside-down once more as she reeled me in.

“Uh-uh, birdie. You’re not flying away from me.” She jiggled her arm, laughing as I bounced in her grip. Of course I struggled and thrashed against her, but she was too powerful, and I knew once again how Fay Wray must have felt in the grip of the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’. Janice glanced about then, no doubt wondering what to do with me until she got me home when we both froze. A door had closed in the distance, and I heard a now familiar voice…

“Hello, Janice…” I looked up, twisting my body to see Pam leaning against the frame of the hallway. She looked clean and refreshed, wearing her long jersey nightgown and fuzzy slippers, and her hair was wrapped in a bathtowel. She had her arms crossed over her breasts, and a wicked smile played at her lips as she took in the scene before her. She chuckled-

“I see you found my new toy.”

I swallowed the huge lump that had formed in my throat and frantically renewed my impotent struggles, dangling helplessly between Janice’s fingers. I was in for it now…


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