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Trusty Lab Assistant Part 4: Janice

by Carnaj

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© Copyright 2009 - Carnaj - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; shrunk; bond; boots; cage; pet; nc; X

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Part 4: Janice

I held on as best as I could as I tumbled out of control across the floor. I bounced and rolled, grunting and moaning with each and every new impact, my body starting to ache with the constant pain. As my momentum slowed, I started to roll and finally came to a stop wedged between the cold hardwood floor below and something rough and cool overhead. That would be the bottom of Pam’s slipper.

My mind was spinning faster than my body had been just moments before as I tried to regain my breath, once again wondering how I had come to be in such a predicament, and more importantly, how I was going to get out of it. I had been more or less a normal fifteen-year-old kid trying to survive the day-to-day grind of growing up when my world had turned upside-down, inside out, topsy-turvy…Take your pick-

I had been serving detention in the high school science lab for cursing at a teacher when an accident with some ‘unknown’ chemicals shrank me down smaller than an old GI-Joe doll with life-like hair and a kung fu grip. I was roughly six-inches tall now, and had been for a few torturous days, and suddenly at the mercy of a gigantic world that seemed- in my mind at least- out to get me. The only saving grace in my current condition was Diane. Dear, sweet and innocent Diane… She was an old friend and neighbor from down the street; we had grown up together in fact, and she had been the trusty lab assistant in the science class when my ‘accident’ happened. She saved me from melting away in the chemicals that day, and took pity on poor little me vowing to protect me from the big, bad world and to help me find some way to get back to my normal size if she could. Unfortunately, so far, we had come up with nothing.

Our first attempt to put me right was to take me back to the school (after a few distressing- and stimulating- adventures while I was a ‘guest’ in her house) and present me to the science department for help. A major mistake that, as our teacher was a muddled old man a step below Jerry Lewis in the Nutty Professor, and his boss, the head of the department was an evil bitch called ‘Doc’ Ellington. As soon as she saw me, she quickly struck on the financial gains that she might reap from dissecting me and finding out what made me tick. She took me away from Diane immediately, secreting me away in her own lab where the good doctor experimented on me for the better part of the day. She did not really discover any way to help me, but instead found out all of the things that could hurt me. Through trial and error we discovered together that I was virtually indestructible, or at least resilient enough that I would heal from whatever torture she inflicted on me. Apparently the chemicals that had shrunk me to the size of a mouse had also made my molecular structure unstable somehow. I would heal at a miraculous rate, no matter what she did to my helpless little body, and learning this just made her wicked smile grow wider as she considered the implications of isolating the cause of my condition. For hours on end I was sliced, diced, burned and beaten, but like an old Timex I took the licking and kept on ticking.

Diane rescued me, eventually, a harrowing bit of adventure on her part, or I probably would not be here now, telling you this. She stole me back from Doc Ellington and took me back to her home where we once again tried to figure out what to do. She wanted to take me to some higher authority; a college, or even the government, but I quickly talked her out of that. I was seeing the world for what it really was and I did not want to spend my life as a lab rat in some secret government installation. I also did not want to be a kept pet, not even with Diane. I wanted my life back, but it was becoming more and more evident that my choices in the matter were severely limited.

After a series of misadventures and bad choices- and to cut to the chase- I ended up in the clutches of Diane’s older sister, Pam next. She had accidentally found me in one of my more unique hiding places (one of Diane’s tall riding boots), and for a time she used me as her toy. I also learned the joys of sex at six-inches in her none too gentle hands as she used me as her dildo for the better part of a night. Pam hated me, or was at least indifferent to my condition as she did new and different things to my body that Doc Ellington, and even Diane had not tried. But I survived, and even escaped her clutches, for a time at least.

I had escaped Pam, even as I had escaped from Doc Ellington. I had survived an encounter with the family cat. I had been cut up and smashed flat, and I had still survived. I figured that I had used up about a lifetime supply of bad luck in my adventures, and was due for a change when I had seen Diane once more. Unfortunately, luck is a lady, and like most of the women in my life, Lady Luck delighted in torturing me. I had been too small to attract Diane’s attention as she left the house, but not so small as to escape the scrutiny of Pam’s best friend Janice, that Diane had let in. It was my own inattention that did me in that time, I confess. I had been so intent on getting away from Janice that I had run right into the clutches and claws of that damn cat, Fluffy.

Janice had inadvertently saved me from the beast, but I soon found that one captor was more or less the same as another. Janice’s curiosity over my condition quickly turned to delight as she contemplated keeping me in a birdcage for her own amusement. I still think that my shrinking somehow brought out the worst in every female I met. Maybe I was exuding pheromones or something that made them uninhibited and wanting to torture me. Or, maybe they just did not see me as a person anymore at my six-inch size and they just did not care. Regardless, I was soon the object of her affections and dangling between her thumb and forefinger when Pam reentered the scene.

Pam had sauntered across the living room floor, her fluffy slipper scuffing annoyingly with every step, stopping at the edge of the coffee table and bending at the waist to stare at my helpless form. I had twisted and turned in Janice’s grip, trying to seem outraged at their treatment of me, but Pam had just chuckled and blew a gust of breath over my body. Having just come out of the bathroom, I have to admit that her breath was minty fresh. It’s funny what you think of when your life is flashing before your eyes.

“I see you got outta your box, hunh squirt?” Pam jabbed my butt with her fingernail, which sent me to swinging again. I heard Janice giggle, but she made no move to release me. “You’ll have to be punished for that!” she said, standing to her full height again and planting her fists on her hips. Pam was not my ideal woman; not by a long shot, but I had to admit that she could look good when the mood struck her. Along with her fluffy slippers she was wearing an over-sized football jersey for a nightgown and had a towel wrapped about her head holding her damp hair in place. The jersey hung to about mid-thigh, and from my present position, just a few inches above the coffee table, I was getting a great view of her legs and that shadowy secret region beneath her nightshirt. I felt my erection springing to life again, and I quickly closed my eyes, not wanting them to see how their attentions were affecting me.

“Look! He’s got a little boner!” Janice exclaimed, gleefully flicking my dick with a fingernail and giggling as I writhed in pain. I knew then that whatever good intentions towards me that she might have been harboring were long gone.

“Yeah,” Pam agreed, “he does that. He gets more hard-ons than any guy I know. Too bad it’s so tiny. Must be a bitch though, bein’ hard all the time and no where to put it. Well, don’t worry, squirt. Play nice with us and maybe we’ll give ya a treat later on.”

The two college girls had laughed as Pam led us back to her room. Janice kept me in her grip until Pam had chased the cat away and closed the door, then tossed me onto the rumpled, unmade bed. I hit softly, bouncing a bit then jumping to my feet. But with Janice on one side of the bed and Pam on the other, I knew better than to run. Janice sat on the edge of the bed then but Pam continued to stand, unwrapping the towel on her head and rumpling it through her hair to finish drying it.

“So,” Pam continued, her voice only slightly muffled under the towel, “did he tell you his life story yet?”

“Yeah.” Janice nodded as she poked a finger at me, watching intently as I tried to keep it at bay. “I kinda felt sorry for him, poor little guy.”

“Well don’t!” Pam dropped her towel onto the pile of dirty clothes in the corner of the room and picked up her brush from the dresser. “I used to baby-sit Wee Willie here, and he was always a brat. He deserves everything he gets.” Pam sneered at me as she brushed out her tousled locks and I wondered just what I had done as a little kid to piss her off so much that she would still hold a grudge. I had not even seen her for months up until a few days ago, as she was in college and at least three years older than me.

I saw Pam dig through her bureau for a moment, and just as she was starting to pull her jersey over her head Janice’s fingers wrapped around my head and torso, cutting off my sight and pinning my arms to my sides. She raised me into the air, my little legs kicking frantically beneath her fist and held me thus until Pam was more presentable.

“Ah-ah, Willie…” she whispered. “No peeking.” She squeezed me a little, then dumped me onto the bed again in a heap. I gave her a dirty look, which I’m sure would have impressed her no end had she been looking at me and not at Pam.

“Let’s have some fun, Jan.” I heard the now distinctive whir of the dental floss dispenser and I whipped around to see Pam uncoiling about a foot of the waxy string from the small white box. I tensed to run, but Janice quickly scooped me up again from behind, gripping me about the same as before. I struggled, mainly for their amusement apparently, as they just laughed as Janice pinched my ankles together at Pam’s directions. I felt a loop of the floss slip past my feet and suddenly bite into my ankles as Pam wrapped it round and round. When my ankles were secure, she did the same to my knees, then told Janice to fold up my legs as she knotted them together. With my legs bound and immobile, Pam told Janice to hold my arms behind me, and the giantess adjusted her grip to comply. Pam cinched another loop about my crossed wrists, criss-crossing the bindings several times then ran the floss back down through the crack in my ass and connected it with the bonds on my ankles.

She continued the line, twisting the floss through the knots about my knees with a gentle dexterity, then looped the cord around my neck. The floss was like a nylon rope at my size, but slick with wax and easily slid as she tightened the line, folding my body finally into a tightly compacted little ball. I was doubled over in a kneeling position, now held gingerly in Janice’s fingers as Pam added a bit more rope about my body so her little package would not come undone. When I finally heard the line snap from the dispenser, Janice placed me gently back on the bed. I tested my bonds of course, grunting and cursing, but the floss was far too strong to snap, and Pam’s knots were way too tight and complicated to unravel. She had tied me once before, but not so thoroughly, and I had been able to use the slickness of the waxy line along with the sponginess of my body to worm my way out. Apparently she had learned some tricks since then and had me tied from every direction, making escape impossible. After a minute or so I gave up, winded and weak and aching from every spot where the floss was cutting into my skin. Flexible or not, it still hurt.

“That oughta hold you.” I heard the satisfaction in her voice as she picked me up, tossing me in the air like a ball. I shuddered in fear, suspecting what must be coming next. I began to whimper and beg, but she just ignored me.

“Janice!” she called out. “Think fast!”

I went sailing through the air and heard Janice laugh out loud just before I fell into her cupped, waiting hands. She liked the new game, apparently, and quickly tossed me back. I felt the distance of each toss increase as my two tormentors positioned themselves around the room, and slowly the speed of each toss grew as well. A happy game of catch swiftly became a fast-paced game of hot potato as the girls chucked me back and forth as quickly as they could. My head was spinning with the motion, and it was all that I could do to keep my stomach where it belonged. Through it all I could hear their happy, playful laughter.

Eventually the inevitable happened and one of them missed their catch. Whether on purpose, or by accident I don’t know, but I went sailing past the gigantic shadow of one of them and went spludding into the wall. I struck with quite a force, and I heard one of them curse while the other squealed a gasp at the sound of the impact. I was seeing stars, suddenly falling, and a second later I slammed onto the floor. I was gasping for breath as all of the wind had been knocked out of me when I hit the wall, or I would have been screaming in agony. It hurt like hell, and it was not even over as I bounced along like a rubber ball. Each time I hit the floor some new part of my body screamed in pain until I finally rolled to a stop up against the comforter of Pam’s bed that was dragging the floor.

I blinked, trying to regain my senses as my body strained to heal my injuries. I prayed that nothing broken would heal crookedly, but wrapped up in a ball there was really nothing that I could do to set things straight. Somewhere in the distance, overhead, I heard the sound of Pam’s bed squeaking. I could sense that the giant women were staring down at my little broken body, but for the longest time they just watched, doing nothing. Finally, Janice broke the deathly silence, real worry lacing her voice-

“Oh, god! Is he dead?”

I felt something stiff and bristling brush over me, then I was suddenly tumbling head over heels across the floor. Pam had prodded me with the toe of her fluffy slipper and was rolling me about with little jabbing kicks, trying to get some reaction. Had I kept quiet, they might have untied me. Of course, they might have panicked and flushed me down the toilet just as well. It was out of my hands though, as one rather forceful nudge elicited a groan from my abused body. I heard the giantesses collectively sigh with relief.

“He’s fine.” Pam sniffed, rolling me about under the rough sole of her slipper. “The little shit’s pretty tough. Watch…”

Pam’s foot slammed into me then, and I was shortly hurtling through the air like a bullet. I slammed against the wall, my world flashing red as the pain of my body shattering overwhelmed me. How I stayed conscious, I don’t know, but I bounced off the wall and back across the floor only for Pam to kick me back again…and again…

And again…

I went in and out of consciousness as they played with me. How long it went on I have no idea as, since I was bound and unmoving, they did not even know if I was awake or not. They were having fun, and I guess that is what mattered the most. Janice took her turns kicking me against the door of course, and after awhile that game turned into a perverted game of handball where they alternated turns and kicks. They played soccer for a bit after that, but they quickly bored with the competition and were now simply batting me back and forth between them. They were not gentle, but they were not trying to smash me anymore either so that my body was healing, albeit slowly. I bounced and rolled across the hardwood floor, coming to a stop under Pam’s slippered foot only to quickly change direction as she kicked me back to Janice-

I thumped up against Janice’s ankle as she was sitting cross-legged on the floor. She had taken off her thick-heeled boots earlier to better feel me underfoot I guess, and as she had before, she draped her stockinged foot over my helpless body. Her foot was warm, and did not smell, thankfully. It had been sweaty the first time she had rolled me underfoot, with a taint of leather still lingering in the wool. She was careful not to press down too hard, and I knew that she was enjoying the feeling of having me at her mercy.

“I wonder how he’d feel in my boot?” Her voice had a soft dreamy quality as she considered a new sensation. I shivered in terror and started squirming in my bonds, however, as the idea was not so appealing to me. Diane had hidden me in one of her boots before, and luck had again slapped my ass as Pam decided to ‘borrow’ those very boots to wear for a night on the town. She had not gotten that far, however, as she had tried to slip her foot in the boot and discovered me hiding within. I had been crushed, of course, as she had forced the boot onto her foot and stepped down on me with all of her weight, but she had sensed me within, a little wad of something, and quickly found me.

“Give it a try.” I heard Pam give her permission, and before I knew it Janice had scooped me up from the floor and dropped me down into the depths of one of her ankle boots. In a flash all went dark as I briefly saw her toes pointing towards me. I felt her toes pushing me down into the toecap of the boot. I moaned, but she ignored me, applying more and more pressure until my body started to conform to the limited space it had. I stretched and twisted as I was molded into the shape of the boot, her toes wiggling and pressing into me as she tried to gain some comfort. It was like trying on a new pair of shoes with the wadded up paper still forgotten in the toe, but rather than stop and take the paper out, Janice just forced her foot in.

Finally the pressure stopped. There was a little space at the tip of the shoe for my body to squeeze into. Apparently Janice’s boots fit her better than Diane’s had fit Pam as I was wadded up in the end rather than smushed underneath her foot. There was a momentary calm as she wiggled her toes about, causing my body to be shoved this way and that. I was stretched, it seemed, my body still bound hand and foot, but twisted out of shape with Janice’s efforts. The air quickly grew stuffy and stale. I gasped for breath as the intoxicating smell of the leather made me heady and dizzy. Oddly, I did not pass out, even though I did not seem to be getting any air to speak of. Was this some new stage of my transformation? Did I no longer need to breathe? I wondered what I was becoming, and when it would all end.

I felt Janice shift her foot, and suddenly the pressure changed. Her toes pressed into me as her foot slid forward and I knew that she had stood up, her stance adjusting to the incline of her three-inch, platform heeled boots. She wiggled her toes again, trying to force my squishy body into a spot she liked, and then the inevitable…She started walking around the room.

The pain hit me like a strobe light set in slow motion. As she raised her foot to take a step the pressure eased and I squirmed in relief. All too soon though she stepped down and her toes were stabbing into me again. I moaned with every step she took, and my body expanded and contracted in kind, filling the space in the tip of her boot, then flattening out again as her foot returned to take up the space. It was a constant agony, but I knew that she was loving it. I could hear their booming giant voices even through the leather of Janice’s boot.

“How does it feel?” Pam asked, and Janice answered with a twist of her toe.

“Cool! I can feel him squirming down there every time I step down. I hope I’m not hurting him too much.”

“So what if you are? What’s he gonna do about it? C’mon…Let’s go eat. I’m starving.”

I could do nothing but ‘enjoy’ the ride as Janice followed Pam to another part of the house. The kitchen I assumed, as Pam had mentioned her hunger. Oddly, I was not hungry despite the fact that my last meal had been a couple peanuts that Diane had given me days before. My mouth was dry, but I did not seem to need any water either. I was contemplating that as Janice sat and crossed her ankles beneath her chair. I squirmed and groaned as the full weight of both of her legs was now directed into the toe of her boot; my prison. But as Pam had pointed out, what was I going to do about it, but endure. At some point I got some relief as Janice recrossed her legs and my boot was now in the air. She bounced her leg, and I bounced along with it, but so far that seemed the most desirable position.

After awhile they were on the move again, however. I could hear snatches of their conversation, but for the most part I was as deaf as I was blind. Eventually I felt a chill, and I realized that they had moved outside and were walking somewhere. It was not so bad as Janice’s own body heat as well as her soft and wooly socks kept me fairly warm. Her boots were dry as well, being fairly new I supposed as she was a bit more fashion conscious than Pam.

Eventually they arrived at their destination, and for an instant I panicked to hear yet another female voice. I gathered from the bits of conversation that I could make out that we were in Janice’s home now, and they were talking with her mother. I had no idea what she might be like, but in a way I was glad to be out of Pam’s house. In the back of my mind had been a constant nagging fear of being found by Pam and Diane’s mother. She was a…robust woman, fat and about Diane’s height. She was loud and domineering as well, I knew first hand as any time I was over at Diane’s when we used to play together I was made to mind. Bonnie- that was her name- had no problem spanking either me or Diane if we got out of line. I could only imagine what she would do to me now. I wondered how Diane might find me now, however, and despaired for a minute. At least until I remembered that I had left that damn cat, Fluffy behind. For the first time in a long time I sighed with relief. I would worry about finding Diane when the opportunity presented itself. For the time being I would enjoy what I could, and hope that Janice did not have any pets.

After a bit I felt Janice sit down and raise her leg. There was some effort, a tugging on my prison and eventually I could breathe again as her foot retreated from the boot. I felt my body sag, filling out within the constraints of my dental floss bindings. I seemed to be stuck in the toe of her boot, my body wedged in as deeply as it would go. I was no longer in a ball as my arms and legs had shifted despite the wrappings, and the floss had stretched, turns coming out of the loops and knots that Pam had applied. I was still thoroughly trapped, however, at least for a heartbeat.

I screamed to see a giant hand slide down into the boot, the fingers stretched and probing. I recognized the dark, painted nails by the shining stars attached. It was Janice, and she was probing for my body, eventually digging her nails under me and peeling me from the rough leather inside her boot that I had become affixed to. In seconds I was back out in fresh air, involuntarily gasping for breath and feeling my body shift and heal back into a near normal shape.

“He seems okay…” I heard Janice say as I squirmed about trying to see where my captors were. Where I was… I was on Janice’s bed I gathered by the wide expanse of soft, satiny lavender material that stretched out beneath me. Purple seemed to be Janice’s favorite color.

“I told’ja. He’s a tough little bug.” Pam snickered at her little joke, and as I finally focused on her face so far above I could see the total lack of concern. Her eyes were sparkling with evil as she leered down at me, and I knew I would never get any mercy from her. She knew that I could take a lot of punishment, and like Doc Ellington, I think she was more than prepared to take me to my limits, and beyond.

My only hope of freedom, or at least some comfort then, lied in Janice. As I looked at her though, I saw a mischievous grin on her face as well. Worse, she was holding up a pair of scissors, which she snapped menacingly. I shuddered in terror as she giggled, panic washing over me…

I felt more and more of the floss fall away with every snip of the scissors. Janice was freeing me, no doubt to participate in some new game they had thought up. At that point, however, I did not care. I was happy just to be able to stretch out again and move my limbs. I felt her snip away the final cords, then my giantess captors were nice enough to give me some time to rub the circulation back into my limbs before they snatched me up again.

Pam held me in her fist, up before her face and watched with amusement as I went through the motions of feebly pushing on her fingers and beating my tiny fists on her hands. Janice was right behind me, watching as well as I struggled, at least until Pam grabbed my head between the thumb and forefinger of her other hand and twisted me to face her friend. Janice’s smile was ear to ear as she held up a birdcage for my inspection. I paled and hung my head as they laughed-

“Aww…What’s the matter, Billy?” Pam mocked. “Don’t you like your new home?” With the little bit of courage and defiance that I had left I told her no and demanded that they set me free. They both laughed again.

“I don’t think so squirt.” Pam went on as she deposited me through the opened door of the cage. I immediately spun about, ready to dive back through the door but Janice had already swung it shut and was applying a small padlock to the provided loops that would seal my prison shut. With an audible ‘click’ I was trapped, and Janice dangled the key before me as though to drive the point home. The small brass key was attached to a thin silver chain that was looped about her neck, and as I watched, deflated and defeated, she dropped the key down into the cleavage of her shirt.

I stepped up to the bars of the cage and grabbed hold, shaking them with all of my miniscule might. The giant girls laughed as I accomplished nothing but a feeble bit of noise, and Pam took great delight in flicking her fingernail against my hands until I stepped back. Janice then picked up the cage without the slightest effort and carried it across the room. I watched as my world sped past in a blur until she raised the cage and hung it from a hook that was dangling from a chain hanging from the ceiling in the corner of the room. She gave the cage a push and I grabbed onto the bars again as it started spinning and swaying.

The cage itself was fairly large, apparently made for a bird that was not too much smaller than myself. The bars were metal; solidly set and long, arching up to all meet at the top where a loop was set for hanging. Other bars were welded cross-wise holding the thing together and spaced far enough apart that they did not obstruct ant outside view, but close enough to prevent my prying them apart. There were two wooden dowels inserted and tied to the bars with stiff wire; one just above my head level, and another about ten relative feet above my reach. Perches, I surmised, as there was also a swing dangling a few feet overhead as well. There was also a plastic bin hanging from the bars near ground level. It was empty, but I saw that it tilted in such a way that it could be filled with seed from the outside. Unfortunately there was a trap door that would prevent me from escaping that way. There was a water bottle clipped onto the bars as well with a long tube that allowed the water to catch at a drip collector at its end, and a mirror lashed to the bars beside that, just in case I got lonely. There was old newspaper lining the floor of my new home, and a thimble was set near the food bin for my waste. They apparently had thought of everything.

It took me all of a second to take in my surroundings, and before long I was back at the bars staring out at my captors. They were watching intently, waiting for me to explode no doubt, or rattle the cage again, but I just hung my head-

“Please…” I begged, hoping to appeal to their sense of right and wrong. “Pam…Janice…Please let me go. This is kidnapping for god’s sake. Let me go now and I’ll forget the whole thing.” They were both silent for a moment, and I foolishly hoped that they were really considering my words. Then they laughed, loud and snorting and ugly, as though I had just told them the greatest joke in the world. Janice started the cage twirling again.

“Forget it, shrimp.” Pam chuckled as I hung on to the bars waiting for my home to stop swinging. “This is your new home for the duration. At least until we get bored with you, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. We figured it would be better to keep you here than at my house. That way, in case my nosy brat sister comes snoopin’, she won’t find you. All’s Janice has to do when she goes out is drape the cover over the cage an’ her mom won’t even know you’re here. Not unless you do somethin’ stupid like try to get her attention an’ set you free. You do that an’ I guarantee that when I get my hands on you you’ll be cat food!” Visions of Fluffy danced in my head as I took Pam’s threat to heart. I had no doubt that she would feed me to her cat without batting an eye. I sank to my knees in defeat, then fell on my butt. I was truly trapped and at their mercy.

Janice leaned in close- “Aww, don’t be so sad, little fella. We’ll have all kinds of fun. Remember what I was saying before? This’ll be great! You can sing for me, and I’ll take you out and play with you. I’ll teach you tricks!” I stared at her incredulously…dumbfounded. Was she really so dense? I was a human being for god’s sake. Not a dog to learn ‘tricks’, or a song bird. I glanced at Pam, but she was eating it up, grinning from ear to ear. She laid a hand on Janice’s shoulder, pulling her away-

“C’mon, Jan. Let’s leave him alone for a bit so he can get used to his new home. We can go to the mall, maybe find him some pet toys or some doll clothes to wear.”

“Cool!” Janice plopped down on her bed and stepped back into her boots as Pam gave me an evil grin. She started humming a familiar tune as she draped a sheet about my cage- the cover. She started singing-

“Little birdie…Pretty little birdie…” Off key, and she did not no the words to the song from the old Jack Lemon movie, Irma La Deuce. After a bit, laughing and chatting all the while they shut off the light and closed the door, leaving me alone.

Trapped and alone…

So very much alone…

I buried my face in my hands and cried…

Story © Carnaj 2009


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