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A Witch for a Wife

by Jason Reed

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© Copyright 2012 - Jason Reed - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; shrink; majick; naked; sock; shoe; enclosed; tease; torment; cons/nc; X

Part One: The Beginning

“You’re now pronounced husband and wife,” the minister said. I had never been so happy in my life – a very beautiful woman and with every quality that I had ever sought or hoped for. I can even safely say that April is far beyond what I had ever expected… but when the wedding was over… something changed!

Usually, most couples would engage in sex and romance the night of the wedding. My wife and I did just that – and what a night it was. We had the best champagne – the best food. I know that in my lifetime, there never was a better night at that point. And after a few hours of heated romance and love making, my wife and I would slip into a deep sleep. I slept like a baby… but when I awoke… I awoke to the most startling discovery… here… just where my story really begins…


Jason awoke rather relaxed – slightly hung over… but relaxed. As he sat up, with the sunlight beaming into the bedroom, he looked to his right to notice his wife… far larger and bigger than he was before. It didn’t take him much to realize that he had shrunk somehow as he slept. As he began to take a step back, trying to think how this was possible, he began to scan his wife’s body with his eyes as he kept moving his focus towards her face. Eventually, he noticed that he wasn’t he only one that was wide awake. He spotted his wife’s eyes that were looking back at him. Not a single sign of surprise struck her face, and this led Jason to the reality that his wife knew more about what was going on that he did.

“Good morning sweetheart,” April said. Her voice was now louder than ever.

When she spoke, Jason stopped his movements towards the edge of the bed. It was at this point that April had reached for him and grabbed him from the position on the bed where he stood. April soon brought Jason close to her face where he found himself having been placed on a pillow next to the one that she lay on.

“What’s wrong little hubby? Are you scared of your giantess wife,” April asked.

“How did you do this to me? Why did you do this to me,” Jason asked.

“Ahh… poor baby! But just think about it Jason, you know you like it like this. You remember how you used to always tell me that you wish you were a shrunken man at the behest of a giant woman – perhaps even as that woman’s wife. Well, it seems to me that your wish has finally come true… ha, ha, ha,” April said laughing.

“What? But this is ludicrous! Change me back – change me back right now! This isn’t funny,” Jason said.

“Awwe… don’t be scared little hubby, besides, the spell is irreversible. I’ll take care of you,” April said.

Jason began to rub his arms, for he was slightly chilly as he sat on the pillow naked in front of his wife.

“Ah… cold huh? Darn it! I guess I will have to buy some clothes for you from the toy store… ha, ha, ha,” April said.

“Baby… please… try to be a little serious about this,” Jason cried.

“I am! I have given much thought about this Jason – I even have a list of things that you can do for your giantess queen. It’s just too bad that your honeymoon will begin today where mine won’t begin until next week. I am sure you remember that I don’t have off until next week. And since you won’t be working ever again, at least not for anyone but me, your honeymoon will more than likely never end,” April said.

“What do you mean,” Jason asked.

April just looked at him, smiled, and then got out of bed… with Jason in hand.

April walked over to a basket just next to the bedroom door. Jason noticed that the basket must had been placed there while he was sleep – possibly by April since she obviously knew more about what was going on than he did. April, with her left hand, pulled out one of her dirty gym socks from the laundry basket.

“What are you going to do with that,” Jason asked.

April, without warning, brought Jason over the opening of the sock and simply released her grip sending him into a free fall. It was like the worst dream of his life. Everything was moving fast. Then, as he continued to fall, his surroundings soon turned from bedroom to ‘sock walls’. His free fall soon came to an end however as he finally hit the toe section of the sock. Once this happened, he suddenly heard his wife laughing at him from the outside world.

“Please April… let me out of here. C’mon… I’ve done nothing to deserve this… this is so humiliating,” Jason cried.

“Ha, ha, ha… precisely the point mister… your wifey is just breaking you in. You need to quickly learn who’s in charge here little one,” April said.

“Please… honey… baby… anything but this… let me out of here! C’mon… you’ve made your point… now c’mon baby please… it smells,” Jason cried.

April was just about to let Jason out before his comment about “the smell”. It shocked her so much that she sighed as if she never heard such a remark from anyone. “Why… are you trying to say that my feet stink mister? Well, just for that comment, I think that I will leave you in there for a while – and you will probably not be allowed out until after I have showered for work,” April said.

Obviously, April’s words were enough to break Jason, for she suddenly heard him snickering and crying there inside of her sock. It wasn’t enough however for him to be released so quickly… for she was a woman of her word. She simply walked to the bathroom, tied the sock to the shower rod where the opened end tied to the tube of the sock, and just left Jason there to hang inside of his stinky cell. It wasn’t like she didn’t disagree with him about how humiliating it was inside the sock or even the raunchy like odor nonetheless. She remembered having worn the sock and its match perhaps the entire week that her washing machine was broken. And it wasn’t like she wouldn’t have remembered considering the fact that she only had one pair of socks that would go all the way to the spot just beneath her knees.

Jason didn’t utter another word, fearing that maybe his remarks would get him in even more trouble than he was already in. Then again, the snickering and crying out loud continued, which only brought amusement to his wife. Once she started her shower and got into the mist, she started singing which took over any pointless bickering and pouting that could be heard from the stinky confines of the sock. At the same time, it was hard for April to sing on key seeing the movements inside the toe of her sock made by a tiny man trying his best to get away from it all. If only Jason knew though that even if he could break the material of the sock, he would end up falling from a suicidal distance there in the bathroom as he hung from the shower rod.

After April was done with her shower, she couldn’t help but giggle a bit at the sound of the little man snoring from inside of her gym sock. In fact the whole scene was a bit cute to her. “Ah, ah, ah, ah… wake up,” April said as she pushed the sock. Jason’s world began to sway like he had been lying in a hammock. It was then he realized that he must have been hanging from something. The motion of the swinging made him want to puke badly.

“Ahhh… somebody help me,” Jason screamed. April ignored his pleads. His discomfort brought her pleasure in one hand… in the other she just felt all so powerful.

Once April had gotten out of the shower, she immediately began to get ready for work. She left poor Jason inside of her dirty gym sock where he fell asleep again. The scent was just a bit overwhelming to him. If only he knew what April had in store for him for his first day as her tiny hubby-slave!

April, after slipping into her white pantyhose, stepped into a skirt and proceeded to put on her designer blouse. April hardly ever wore panties… but of course she had plans on purchasing a few pair for a reason. She was really a looker at this point. She then applied a little makeup for her long day’s work. After she was finished, she thought it not robbery to dap herself with a little perfume. In a sense, she was just savoring the moment. Once she felt that she was about ready to step out of the house, she grabbed a pair of navy blue mid heeled pumps from her closet. It was hard for her to do this without giggling. These pumps… didn’t exactly smell so fresh either, or at least they wouldn’t for someone Jason’s height and size.

April begin walking towards the bedroom bathroom. She felt that once she had gotten to the bathroom door, it would probably be a good time to begin tip toeing. Having thought about it all in the shower, April felt that where Jason was going should be more of a surprise to him. April finally entered the bathroom, trying her best not to giggle at the sounds of Jason snoring inside of her gym sock. She immediately began to untie the sock from the shower rod.

Once she got the sock off the rod, she immediately brought the right mid-heeled pump that she had in her left hand up just in front of her. There she placed the opened end of the sock inside of her shoe and started to push its… content… out of the sock. Jason was immediately sent sliding down the soft holey slope that was the insole of April’s pump. Jason began to wake from all the movements… not to mention something else that was rather distinct.

“What the hell… where the hell am I? What’s that smell,” Jason cried. His view was just so awesome – that is his view from inside April’s mid heeled navy blue pump.

April wore these shoes usually every other day – she works as a secretary for a law firm just downtown. Jason, now standing up and pleading for his wife to take him out of the hell he found himself in, knew enough to depict that the hell was in fact a shoe. The view of the insole close up was rather awe inspiring. The “tiny holes” that made the insole “holey” were ever so prevalent which made the whole experience surreal as Jason stood trembling on the cold soft surface of the insole. The smell was rather strong, and the longer and longer he stayed inside the shoe the dizzier and dizzier he became.

“April please… let me out of here,” Jason yelled again.

Instead of responding to his pleads, April was just rambling in her purse and reading over a bill that she hadn’t yet paid. At the same time though, she was sitting just behind her shoes that were positioned ready for slipping her feet into. Jason watched in horror as he noticed April shoving a foot obviously in the shoe other than the one he was in.

“SPOOOFF…..SPRAAAAFF [the sound Jason heard as April positioned her nylon clad foot into the other pump].” It was like watching a white ‘747 plane’ land on a landing strip just standing a few feet away!

“Please baby… you can’t just do this to me. I can suffocate in here,” Jason cried.

Suddenly, Jason realized his last words didn’t help much at all… for now the inevitable had come.

“Noooooooooooooo,” Jason screamed.

April’s pleasantly plump foot began to lower down towards the shoe. Jason yelled in horror and in a sense, complete surrender to his wife. He quickly ran as far as he could to the toe section wall at the very front tip of the pump. He turned around only to find April’s sexy white pantyhose clad toes sliding down the slope and heading for the spot that he stood in. His heart began to pound – and he just didn’t feel it in his chest for he felt it in his feet as well.

Jason just braced himself for impact, realizing at this point what he would be in store for as he stood with his ‘back against the wall’ so to speak. He began to take deep breaths of all the fresh air he could get. There wasn’t a chance that April would hold back now. He remembered how much she enjoyed hearing about his fantasies and aspirations about being in the state that he currently is in… but something’s are better left an untold dream.

“SPOOOOOOF……..SPRAAAAFF!” April had finally finished dressing for work, well suited with both her shoes on. As the sound of her slipping her foot into the matching shoe that remained, the whole situation looked like a snake that was finishing its prey. She stood still for just a moment, relishing the power that she felt over her tiny husband now held captive in her shoe. She looked down at the toe section and just imagined what must have been going through his mind. She even started giggling realizing that her toes were beginning to sweat just a little. She was sure that it must had been unbearable for him… but she was also well aware of the fact that the spell she cast on him prepared him for such torment. His pathetic pounding on her middle toes only brought her even more comfort since it felt like a nice message. It didn’t matter whether he liked it or not… April was just having too much fun.

“Ahh….ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,” April laughed.   



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