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A Witch for a Wife 2: Inside Her Shoe

by Jason Reed

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© Copyright 2012 - Jason Reed - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; shrink; majick; naked; shoe; enclosed; sweat; tease; torment; punish; cons/nc; X

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Part 2: Inside Her Shoe

It was about nine in the morning, about three and a half hours before April would get her lunch break. Like most women that wear heels, April’s feet were killing her. And like most women that wear heels would normally do, April at this point just wouldn’t do at all. April, although her feet were killing her, just simply decided to spare herself the humiliation. These shoes she had on her feet were not the “freshest” in the world. She knew that after a good while with them on, the smell would be rather repulsive. Since she was about to engage in a long meeting, she simply planned on keeping her feet inside of her shoes all the way. Though it might have been good for her… it was bad for her little hubby who was imprisoned inside of the left pump under her sweaty toes.

Inside the shoe was another story. It was hot – practically hotter than a sauna. Jason at this point was a sweaty mess. It is incredibly stuffy and the perfect environment for someone to have their sinus aggravated. It is so bad that much of the sweat from April’s toes made its way through Jason’s nostrils (of course he fought to keep his mouth closed in order to keep the substance from entering his mouth) and formed a disgusting film in the back of his throat. Although no one could possibly hear him screaming from inside the hot pump, his voice was rather groggy and scratchy much like that of a drunken sailor. This was really intense, and there was no indication that April was concerned neither any indication that she would slip her foot out of the pump for cooling any time soon! The thought of April dangling her shoe or engaging in shoe play as many women would do, was nothing more than a wish that Jason had… but of course to save herself “the embarrassment”, this was something that wasn’t at all in the works for him.

The smell was intense, strong enough to make “a one” vomit! Of course if Jason were of normalcy, it probably wouldn’t have been noticed at all… but this was really bad. Thankfully, there was a little space between April’s toes and the very front of the enclosed section of the shoe, but it was a spot that reigned supreme in stench – almost onion like. Or rather it was still indescribable. The reason why having this space was good however was noticed shortly after the few steps that April had taken from the bedroom to her car. This “special thing” was also noticed with the steps that she had taken from her car to the office.

Apparently, as hot as the shoe was as well as remarkably stinky, the shoe wasn’t completely air tight. Either that, or April isn’t wearing her correct shoe size. Jason noticed this because of how easy it was for him to maneuver around the front end of the shoe along with the sudden rush of fresh air that would enter the shoe whenever April would walk. In any case, as April now sits still awaiting the start of the meeting, the smell is growing immensely horrible with no signs of letting up. But if the heat and smell wasn’t enough… April’s form of torment was just another added incentive.

The torment! The WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), have been known to produce numerous match types. One type that many people find entertaining is a match type called, “Handicap Match”. Handicap matches can range from a two on one type of deal; three on one and so forth. Ultimately then it has something to do with “an uneven matchup” where one individual or one team is outmatched by another. This happened to be the case with Jason… for his opponents were five hosed clad toes. Now April wouldn’t engage in shoe play or shoe dangle because she was concerned about the aroma from her shoe introducing an overwhelming flare. Of course she wouldn’t get rid of the shoes because they are comfortable considering their worth as pumps.

So in keeping them on, it kept her toes close to her tiny chum chum hubby… and she would just shuffle him around in the toe section of her shoe like a pebble. This she did out of boredom… or rather just something to do. Jason tried his best to fight off his wife’s toes – punching and kicking them only because he didn’t want their stench anywhere near him. What a contest, for the one thing that the WWE wouldn’t do is hold such matches in the dark. So far, if the rules suggest that the winner is the one with the most pin falls, April would win far too easily considering that on her way to work, she had Jason pinned beneath her arch for well over a one thousand count!

Meanwhile, outside of the scorching hell that is April’s pumps, ordinary life continued on as the meeting kicked off a tad late. All of April’s coworkers were sitting close by, all at the round table along with the lawyers. This was odd because she thought that it was the leader of the firm that was going to be chairing the meeting but he found his seat just next to her. Only seconds went by when the one that was chairing the meeting had finally arrived. April couldn’t believe her eyes. “Good morning folks… good to see you all again,” Ralph said. April’s whole attitude changed… seeing that her ex-boyfriend was practically walking into the room.

Ralph Peterson is another hot shot lawyer that’s part of a legal team that works closely with the law firm that April worked for. Everyone in the room knew about the relationship that her and Ralph had. They were also aware of April just now marrying Jason. All the secretaries that worked with April were dying to meet Jason… and little did Jason know that April was going to allow them to do just that.

Ralph began to set up a few charts on a board just in front of the round table. Suddenly, April caught everyone’s attention with a sudden outburst… something that happened under the table where she sat. This was a result of having felt something rather excruciating. Jason did the one thing he shouldn’t have done in his position. He bit his wife’s big toe as hard as he could. “THUMP,” a loud sound was heard as April stomped her right foot on the floor.

“Oh… ha, ha… I’m sorry. Please continue, don’t mind me… I just had an itch,” April said. Jason was in riving pain having felt his wife stomp on him. In fact it made him cry and he was utterly at her mercy now.

“Not a problem at all my dear. How have you been by the way,” Ralph asked. April didn’t respond. She hated his guts.

April isn’t a mean woman – in fact nothing about her is evil. She is perhaps the sweetest woman working in the office. One thing that she reigned supreme on is simply being an extreme when it comes to being firm. She didn’t tolerate disrespect from anyone. At the moment, she wasn’t at all willing to tolerate disobedience from her tiny subject either.

“Well, anyway ladies and gentleman, I will continue with the reason we are all here. This has something to do with our talks of merging both law firms, with the idea of creating a firm that will serve the city with nearly every legal issue that presents itself. I am honored that the head of your firm has been selected to lead us into this project,” Ralph said.

“Ahh… excuse me ladies and gentleman – I’m sorry I just have to step out for just a second,” April said.

“Are you okay April? You look irritated by something,” Ralph asked as he noticed April shaking her right leg rather rapidly.

“Oh, I’m fine I just need to run to the little girl’s room for a second that’s all,” April said.

“BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM… KETBOOM!” The pain was so intense – being pounded under April’s arch. Just before April had gotten up from her chair, she positioned her pump upright, just so that Jason would fall into a position just under her arch. In a sense, one could say that Jason was now the “arch rival” of his wife as she pounded him purposely on the way back to her desk. As indicated earlier, April will not stand for disobedience and disrespect. Apparently, Jason had not learned that lesson, for he bit April so hard earlier that it pissed her off. Not just this, but his punching her toes wasn’t irritating her more so than his pathetic attempts to bite her. That last bite hurt her alright… and he was in for it.

April had finally reached her desk where she sat down in her chair and proceeded to slip her sweaty right foot out of the shoe. Jason was coughing now – just gasping for the fresh air that rushed into the shoe. Those steps were so relentless that Jason found himself “FLAT” – and flush stuck against the insole as if he were road kill. In fact, his whole body was flat and the more and more he would inhale the air, the more and more he would inflate to normalcy again.

“How dare you bite me? Now then I have just the place for you for the rest of the day. This will teach you a thing or two about disrespecting your queen,” April said.

Usually, during the cold seasons, April wouldn’t wear her pumps to work. Instead, she would simply wear boots due to the fact that her ankles and feet would get cold. Many women do such things. She didn’t do so this morning only because she wanted to break her little husband in to his new life as her tiny chum chum! Interesting enough, she brought her boots along with her – simply placing them into a gym bag just before leaving the house. She was certain to wear them home… amongst something else. In comparison to these boots (which are actually a pair of pink Uggs), April’s pumps are simply heaven. These boots April owned for nearly five years. She purchased these Uggs when they first hit the market. By now, they smell rather ripe. Jason was in for something… far more extreme and very overwhelming.

April, turning her face into the air since she herself didn’t like the smell emitting from her own pump, pealed the little man from the insole like she was pulling chewing gum from the bottom of her shoe. She actually giggled about this at first, but was still trying to stay serious since she seriously wanted her husband to be serious about being obedient to her.

“So little man… you remember my Uggs? I remember when you first told me about your foot fetish and how you said, even at your normal size, that you couldn’t stand how they smelled. Well, I wonder how bad they would smell to you once I dump you inside one of them. Should be pretty bad… but you should have thought about this before you bit me… twerp,” April said.

“No… please… I’ll behave… I’ll behave…… really,” Jason cried.

He was so pathetic now and it took him a great bit of strength to even yell loud enough to be heard after being pounded under his wife’s foot the way he had been.

“Goodbye little one – at least until I get off work. In there you will have plenty of time to think about a better way to honor your queen,” April said.

Eventually, Jason was turned over where instead of facing his wife he was now facing the large hole of the boot that awaited his presence.

“Please baby… anything but this… I can already smell it. Please… I’d take anything rather than this,” Jason cried.

Unfortunately, April heard him ‘loud and clear’. “Mmm… I’ll make sure to keep that in mind little dumpling. Sweet dreams… and ahh… try to have a sweet dream about me… ha, ha, ha….I have to get back to work… ha, ha,” April said laughing.

She suddenly released her grip, sending Jason into a free fall towards the boot. Jason found himself not falling so fast, but nearly like a sheet a paper since he was still somewhat flat and nearly as lite as air. It almost took a minute where he landed on his back onto the insole of the left Ugg of April’s. He landed on his back where even though he was still somewhat flat, his head was hurting from the fall. And although his wife had placed him in such agony, he was able to still look up to her as she looked into the boot… and still drowned in her beauty as he did the day they met.

“I’m sorry baby… but you are going to have to learn some respect. Truthfully, I am sure that every spell that I cast is reversible… but I’m not going to change you back! So you may as well make the best of it little man and honor your wife the way a tiny husband should. When we get home, as for the other part of your punishment, your will lick my heels clean – inside and out” April said.

“Please… you can’t just leave me in here – it smells,” Jason cried.

“Enough about what I can and can’t do – I think that you should have figured out your place while you were inside my pump. Mmm… and seeing you inside my boot as you are lying in the section where my heel goes is rather weird baby. Amazing how much bigger my heel is than you – wow! This magic that I have learned to use so well has its advantages. I wonder if my ex would mind joining in on the fun,” April asked.

“Baby don’t! It’s one thing that you would do this to me on the grounds of my giantess fetish along with feet… it’s another that you would drag him into this considering the fact that he is already married to someone else and is trying to start a family. I thought you two had already settled your differences – and with both of you working for branches of law that are coming together to make one law firm, I just think that you two need to find a means of getting along,” Jason cried.

“Mmm… I think that you are… wrong… and please spare me the psychology. Take care baby… and ahh… sweet dreams,” April said with a rather sadistic grin.

She simply pushed the boot under her desk just next to the other. Jason cried for freedom yet again, but with each attempt to speak his voice became all the more labored. As April got up from her chair, she simply heard none of the squeaks that Jason was now letting out. It was at a point now where he couldn’t be heard even if someone was standing directly behind April’s desk. It was then that Jason realized that the spell that his wife had cast on him seemed to make him somewhat dependent on her vile foot sweat… for it only wet his whistle enough to give him the ability to speak… an ability that he had completely wasted on shouting to his giantess tormentor for freedom. Poor Jason, even though there was plenty of fresh air that was available to him to breath in, it just wasn’t enough to overtake the horrible smell all about the inside of the boot. April knew something about this alright… and there was a reason why she made such an emphasis about Jason having “sweet dreams”.

Thirty minutes or so had passed since April had left Jason alone inside of her smelly uggs boots. Jason sat and pondered on something that begin to disturb him about his wife – sudden changes that he noticed especially with her decision to make her ex-boyfriend/ex-fiancé Ralph her next victim. But even as he was on his knees looking up at the outside world from inside of his wife’s boot, there was something that was overtaking his ability to think – something that just couldn’t be ignored. The smell! This wasn’t like something stunk – not exactly, but it wasn’t pleasant either. Jason, being ex-military, remembered what it was like in boot camp when he entered the gas chamber. This is what he felt like now, seeing nothing but different colored dots as if he were hallucinating. Then, the taste in the back of his throat caused him to give the scent a name. He actually felt that it was no different than being inside of a dog pound, or perhaps a garbage dump. He was no longer able to think about those things that had crossed his mind about his wife so suddenly – things that he happened to be right on the money about! And what might that be?

The first thing that Jason thought about was that this couldn’t have been the first time that April had done something like this. He was right. Years before April had met Jason, she shrunk another man that was rather cruel to nearly everyone that he encountered – and even her. Rather than just mincing words with that man, April shrunk him and enslaved him as if he were a prisoner serving a life sentenced. That man was far more disobedient than Jason had been towards her. In a sense, she eventually did him a favor. She sort of… killed him so to speak! Why sort of?

That boot that Jason is in is not just some ordinary boot with an ordinary insole! In fact, if it were possible in this case, the boot may as well be containing an “insoul” rather than an “insole”! April, after purchasing these boots, cast a spell on them where for every soul that she would induce in them… they shall remain all the more comfortable. In other words, the insole that Jason was on happened to have one sentient soul that was forever trapped in what he saw as the insole… and he was completely unaware of that fact. It was like this man just existed in the middle of nowhere… where nowhere happens to be April’s insole. April dubbed it, “the poor souls room,” a place that she felt was for the completely useless. This is a place where she feels that all evil (or what she deemed evil) should be – trapped in the insole of her boot for life. The man that she placed there so long ago is the only one that occupies that very space. He sees and hears everything… but can’t at all cry out for mercy… and of course his keeper will never allow him the opportunity of freedom ever again. At least Jason wasn’t on list to experience such a thing.

The other thing that Jason thought about was in fact this change of attitude. It was as if his wife was suddenly drunk off her own power. He could have never been more correct! Nearly every woman in April’s family possessed the same gift. They were witches – but it just so happened that with all the time that had gone by, April had been more so on the good side so to speak. Ever since that moment she laid eyes on her ex-boyfriend, this was something that began to change. She just couldn’t stand him. And for every second that she would be in his company, it would only get worse. All the witches in April’s family started out the same way – all sweet and innocent… and then they would meet that one man that would just take that away from them. As many have said throughout time, “there’s nothing like a woman scorned”. Poor Jason, thanks to his position… he would be on the receiving end of it all.

Jason, after only a few more minutes, was so high off of the foot odor in the boot that he immediately slipped into a deep sleep. Just as April had alluded to earlier, she had hoped that he would have sweet dreams about her. In fact, this wasn’t the first time that April had imprisoned someone inside her boot… so she was well aware of the fact that the conditions could really put someone in deep sleep. Interesting enough, when she shared her last words with Jason, she and Jason wasn’t alone.

Once April had entered the hallway of the meeting room where some of the other workers were sitting at the round table, one of the lawyers had arrived late and hid in the closet just next to April’s desk. This lawyer was so infatuated with April that he would snoop around her desk and often times in it. He hid immediately when he heard her heels striking the floor earlier. He heard everything… and saw a lot as well thanks to the door being cracked.

This man’s name is Dr. Nelson Koosher. Dr. Koosher is a lawyer like the rest of the staff. When he thought that the coast was clear, he exited the closet and began walking over to April’s boot cautiously. He saw a lot but didn’t exactly see Jason. He was simply uncertain on whether or not April had been talking to herself. Nelson didn’t know what he would find and so far he was under the impression that April was just talking to her boot. Once he got to April’s boots, he leaned over to take a look inside… only to find April’s tiny husband lying on his side asleep. “No fucking way… this isn’t possible… wow… she must be a witch or something,” Nelson said to himself.

Of course… he thought he was alone as he peered further into her boot……….

To Be Continued



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