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The Bequest

by Rupes

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© Copyright 2015 - Rupes - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+; Sbf; Solo-M; F/m; chair; straps; discovery; dungeon; program; gibbet; encase; naked; tease; collar; enslave; machine; cons; X

Part 1

I have such fond memories of meeting my Auntie for the first time. She was not really my Auntie, but the new wife of one of my father’s friend. She was exotic, originally from Germany, but with some Italian in her. She had long black hair, she was thin, and on this particular day she was dressed in a leather skirt, boots, and a crop top. It was the mid-eighties and fashionable for men to ditch their wives with their new found fortunes and date much younger women. In this case she was ten years his junior.

She was kind, and playful, and took an instant liking to me. Even then she had this way about her, that she hated authority, if my father’s friend asked her for example to make a cup of tea for them, she would look at him, sigh, and then give me a look with a raised eye brow, before going off to do what he asked.

After many years, and the passing of my father’s friend, we were still firm friends, I often would pop over to her house, just to see how she was doing. She had a PHD in computing and was always collecting odd gadgets, most of which she would modify. I remember she once gave me, for my birthday, an action man figure that talked, except my one, as I found out later on would periodically swear, or come out with odd phrases. She had obviously hacked its basic electronics and made it better. It made me the king of the playground. Life was much simpler then!

Age was not completely unkind to her, but as she passed into her sixties it became clear to me that she yearned to be the young woman she was, with her life out in front of her. She would often say, if I could do it all again.

I was at work when I got the call. It was from her neighbours, they had found her in a chair in front of her computer, dead. They asked me to come over to deal with the authorities as I was down as her next of kin, she had not spoken to any of her family in many years, and they never forgave her for marrying an Englishman. The police were waiting there to greet me. “We are so sorry for your loss”, the first one said, “but there were some odd circumstances”. He went on to explain that they had found several wires connected to her computer that were terminated in needles that she had in turn pushed into her own brain via the soft areas that yielded access. She was strapped into the chair with several heavy straps, including her arms which were pinned to the arms of the chair.

This was a bit odd, but to me, it would not surprise me that she had been performing some experimentation on herself. The policeman went on, “What bothers us is that someone must have strapped her down as we can’t see how it would be possible for her to do it herself. You are the only one with a key”.

I could see where this was heading. Now I knew she was into some fairly kinky stuff, as I grew up, we use to talk about things very openly. I knew that after her husband had died she had taken to all manner of things that would allow her to be helpless, self-bondage if you will. “Might I see the chair?” I asked the officer.

He told me that I could but only with their scenes of crimes officer with me. This scenes of crimes officer was in her 20’s taking pictures of the chair that was there. I noticed that the straps on the arms went through small slots in the arms with a large buckle on top. I did up the buckle and tugged at the strap. It held fast. “Pass me a screwdriver”, I asked the young girl. I undid the two screws, and sure enough there it was, an inertia locking system, looks like it was made from a car seatbelt. It stuck my finger in to release the lock, when I did the strap on the chair was able to be pulled up by about 4 inches.

Calling to the male officer to come through. “Might I demonstrate how this works? I will need your lady to play the part of my Auntie”. He agreed. I undid all the buckles, and gestured for her to sit in the chair. “Right, now I am going to step away, and I want you to buckle yourself in, except this arm”, I pointed to the strap which I had released. The girl sat down and started with her ankles, then her shins, then above her knees, her waist, the x shaped straps across her chest, then the large thick collar. She then slid her arm through the fixed strap on the left hand side, and firmly buckled up the wrist strap leaving just her right arm free.

“Now what? “ She said.

“Right I want you to slide your arm through the loop”, which was, once fully home, to hold the top of her arm. “Now slide your hand through the loose strap”, which she did. “Now I want you to slowly raise your hand and once the strap is at its maximum give a short, but sharp tug upwards with it, as if you are trying to pull the strap out of its slots”. She did, there was a loud pop, and her hand was propelled hard against the arm, the strap recoiling into its slots, as quick as a bullet. There, she did this to herself. Perhaps more puzzling was why?

The male officer and I chatted for about five minutes, mostly about the why’s of why someone would do this, before we became aware of the girl, coughing, we looked over, “Sorry boys, but would one of you mind letting me out?”

Things calmed down and I went back to my normal life. My auntie had left me everything as she had no one else. Over the next few weeks I managed to read a lot of her research. I had studied in the same field so was quite familiar with the concepts of her work, it became clear very quickly that she was very much ahead of everyone with her studies. Eventually I found a box buried at the bottom of one of her cupboards. It was a plastic storage box it was heavy. I opened it up and was greeted by the sight of a very old Amstrad NC200 word processor. In the box was a power supply, and all the manuals. Tossing it to one side I mused over giving it to the local computer museum, after all it was in mint condition.

Later that night, curiosity got the better of me and I had to power it up, I wonder if the memory is intact, I thought to myself. I plonked it onto the dining room table, and plugged in the power supply. I pressed the power button and was greeted with a monochrome (black on green) screen which simply said “Password?”

It took me three days to crack that password. I could have done it faster by cracking open the case and reprogramming the ROM but I did not want to take any chances, just in case there was something interesting lodged in the memory. When I did find the correct password I could have shot myself. It was my name. I had tried everything I could think of, every password she had ever told me. To my knowledge she had not used my name anywhere else, on any other system. But I added it to my list of passwords for her stuff in my book.

I opened up the last document that was edited, I thought initially there must be an error as the document was only edited about a month ago. I checked the date set on this archaic device, but it was correct to the second. The document read:

My Dearest Rupes,

Please don’t mourn for me. I know you are smart enough to find this letter to you, as I know you better than you know yourself. Now although technically I am now dead I want to explain a few things to you.

I have watched you grow up in to a fine young man, and wished so much that we could be together. Knowing that I could literally be your mother there was no way for me to act on these feelings. However maybe one day we will be together. I want you to continue my research, but not the research you have been reading. My true research is hidden and I will now reveal where.

Many years ago I gave you a silver necklace, the one that you still wear today. Well contained inside that necklace is a small RF ID tag, you will need this. You will also need the code “41092198349322”

Now, in the living room above the fireplace you will find the picture of my dog, take this down, carefully as I love this picture. Underneath you will find a small bump. This is the RF ID tag reader, now on the mantel piece you will see the old copper kettle, move this out the way, and underneath you will find a keypad, this is where you enter the code.

Now before you rush off, you must read this next part carefully. To reveal my secrets you must first hold up the pendant on your necklace to the RF ID tag reader, then within 30 seconds key in the code above on the keypad. When you do this, stand at arm’s length to the left of the fireplace. Before you do anything else, power up the laptop, use the same password as you have used to access this system and read the file located on the hard disk in the address which you will find engraved on the rear of your pendant.


I had often wondered what this number was that was engraved on the back of my pendent. It seems that Tara (it did not seem right to call her Auntie now! Had, had a plan all along. I quickly wrote down the pass number and headed to the living room. I quickly removed the picture and carefully placed it on the sofa. Sure enough there was the bump under wallpaper. After removing the copper kettle the keypad was visible. Imagine it had been here the whole time and I had never known! I thought Tara just did not like doing housework, as the kettle had never moved in years! I held up my pendant to the tag reader, the light on the keypad changed from red to green. I stood at arm’s length and tapped in the code. Before I got to the last number the keypad beeped and turned red again, I completed the code but nothing happened. Thinking I must have been too slow I repeated the process, pendant, keypad green, tapped in the numbers at arm’s length, this time I completed the code before the keypad turned red again. Upon entering the last digit the keypad beeped and now turned purple, the light from it sort of fading in and out.

Nothing happened for maybe 15 seconds, then the fireplace gave off a loud crack, sliding back into the wall by about 12 inches. This revealed a square hole underneath with a ladder going down. Fluorescent were flickering into life and the whole became white, with the floor clearly visible at the bottom maybe twelve feet down. Lowering myself carefully into the hole I found the rungs on the ladder and made my way down. I was now standing on a tiled floor in a room that could really only be described as a cross between a laboratory and a dungeon.

On one side was gleaming monitors, a desk, what looked like some computer controlled machinery. Next to this in the other “lab side” corner was a fully equipped machine shop, lathes, drills, all sorts. The other end of this room was much darker, walls were black, and the carpet a deep red, stood here was a rack, pillory, a gibbet cage, even a noose hung from one corner. In the far corner opposite “the machine shop” on the “dungeon side” was a dressing area, which contained rails and rails of fetish clothing. Next to this there were shelves full of boots and shoes.

On the lab side there was a large table covered in a sheet. However as requested I went across to the laptop and fired it up. I entered my name when it prompted for a password. I quickly located the address inscribed on the back of my pendent and I was now looking at the screen on which was now another document:


So you have found my secret lair, ha haha (evil laugh). Now, my research is encoded and there are a few more steps you will need to do in order to get to it. Firstly you must take the file located in the root of the Z: (there is hopefully only one file there!), connect the USB cable next to the laptop and then access the “Tara Transfer” program. This will activate the secure file transfer. The file should be huge, several hundred gigabytes so it is going to take quite some time (and this is heavily compressed). However the transfer will not continue as there is one further step.

Now I want you to remember that you are perfectly safe, I would never hurt you, but I need to ensure your safety while this transfer occurs, and I need to ensure you remain here for the duration. Remember when you were six and I took you to the doctors because your mum was working? Well actually she did not know about that doctor, he was a friend of mine, and the injection in your wrist was actually another RF ID Tag, which contains an encryption code this is needed to decrypt the file that needs to be transferred. Now, and you’re going to like this, there are several RF ID Readers for this chip all located in the bondage equipment in the dungeon.

So you have to locate the file, open the “Tara Transfer” program and then go and pick your favourite device, they are set up to sense your weight, and once you are locked in safely the reader will read the decryption key, and then start the transfer process. At the end of this process you will find out the goal, or if the process fails for any reason you will be released and you can continue to find the problem on your own, you will work it out.

Tara knew I was into bondage this whole time. I looked at the options, I had always wanted to try a gibbet cage J I was quite excited at the prospect of being held in the cage for who knows how long. I trusted Tara completely and knew that nothing bad would happen, so I stripped off, you know to get the full effect. I located the file, opened up the “Tara Transfer” program and then when the laptop prompted me for the encryption key, I walked over the gibbet cage, opening the rear which gave off a slight squeal of metal hinges. Once inside I slide my arms down, and rested my wrists into the manacles that were rigidly welded to the cage, the door closing would lock them, as the top section of them was held on the door. I used my fingertips to pull the door closed. About half an inch from being closed, there was a click, the door quickly slammed. I was now locked inside.

A computers voice blurted out “Transfer In Progress”. Over the next two to three hours I wiggled as much as I could but I was truly stuck in the steel prison. I was both horny and tired, but not being able to really do anything about either I just waited. I must have dozed off, as I was quickly awakened by a large thud, something had fallen off the table, then there was a hiss, like gas escaping. Peering over, my groggy eyes clearing I notice that a cable had been ejected, the sheet was bellowing up a bit, and seemed to be where the gas sound was coming from. This stopped as abruptly as it had started.

“Transfer Complete” the computer voice said again, and continued “Checking Integrity”, “Integrity Check Complete”, “Power up Sequence Initiated”.

I was expecting the cage to open, but nothing, it was still locked. The sheet on the table twitched. Then again.

After what seemed like fifteen minutes, the computer voice again, “Power Up Comple..ttt.eee” it slowed at the end like a record being stopped, then it said again “Power Up Complete” “Power Up Complete” this continued, the pitch of the voice changing each time “Power Up Complete” each time it was more human, then it went on “Calibration Phase”, “Voice Diagnosis” “La la” “1, 2, 3”, “Testing” “Testing”, the pitch changing along with the inflection until, clearly “Testing 1 2 3” “Calibration Complete”, it now sounded like Tara. “Motor Control” the sheet started twitching wildly for about two minutes, then something large appeared under the sheet raising it up to a point. It whipped back taking the sheet with it.

Someone, a girl, slide round on top of the table, her booted legs landing cleanly on the floor without so much as a sound. I looked at her. It was Tara, but not Tara, it was Tara in her twenties, when I first met her, Boots, leather skirt, crop top, and that long black hair. She walked over to me swaying her hips sexily. She clamped her hand around my hard cock, squeezing gently at first against my balls, the pressure increasing until I screamed out in pain immediately her grip relented “Calibration Complete” she said.

The lock on the cage popped open and I stepped outside. Staring at this amazingly sexy girl, much hotter than I remember. “You like what you see?” She said, “Very Much” I replied, she went on turning her hips and running her hand over her bum. “Well I have tucked a bit here and there, and sculpted this and that.”

“Now, I will go over the rest of my research that we can now continue together. I will also tell you, that you are now mine, I am much stronger than you, but I have a feeling that won’t be needed. Now we have a lot of work to do, as firstly we are getting married, but you can’t marry the dead, so we have a whole new life to fabricate. Once we are married we can explore just how great our sex life is going to be. I have been dreaming of you being my slave since you turned eighteen.” She leaned in for a kiss. I kissed back, and it was amazing, dreams coming true.

Eventually we parted, she lead me over to the machine shop. “Place your head here”, she said pointing at a sort of executioners block. I did. She picked up a piece of round, bright, stainless steel rod, about 10mm diameter it was about 15 – 20 inches long, and strait. She slide it under my neck, and then with her finger tips, she started to bend it every few mm’s another deft movement and the bar bent slightly, after a few minutes it encompassed my neck, not tightly but enough to know it was there, she was now going back over it, giving it a 3d contour bending the metal downwards now so that it formed across my shoulders.

Once this was complete, she picked up about 5 squares of thick leather from the desk and placed them one by one under the stainless steel onto my neck in a small pile. Next there was a very bright flash followed by an odd scratching noise. I looked directly at the floor. Next I felt warm water running round my neck with a loud hissing sound of water turning quickly to steam. “There, permanent” she said, triumphantly.

She lead me over to a mirror, around my neck was a beautifully formed slave collar. I twisted it round and felt how it bent not only around my neck but also it curved to the contour of my shoulders. At the back where the two ends met there was no lock, but the most carefully placed and perfect weld seem you have ever seen.


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