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Beta Test Part 2

by Beast5

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© Copyright 2010 - Beast5 - Used by permission

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Part Two

Erin woke when sunlight first started coming into her living room.  She experienced a moment of hope that everything that had happened on Saturday was just a bad dream, but was disabused of this hope when she opened her eyes and found herself still naked, bound and chained to the floor of her living room.  The next thought that entered her head was: “Shit, I have to pee!”  She looked up at the game screen to see if there was any sign of activity.  There was a small amount of light in the windowless room, apparently coming in from under the sliding dog door.  She saw her avatar looking around the small room.  Then she noticed a bucket labeled ‘waste’ that was placed just to the right of the sliding panel.  Sure enough, there was also a bucket labeled ‘waste’ just to the right of the box in her living room.  She was disgusted by what she was going to have to do, but it was better than peeing on her living room floor.  Her leash gave her just enough slack to get her ass over the bucket.  The position was incredibly awkward, with her arms still pinned behind her back and the high heels that were still locked on her feet, but she managed to relieve herself.

Erin then continued her inspection of the room on the game screen.  It didn’t take long.  The only other thing in the tiny space was a nozzle that poked through the wall just to the left of the panel that was labeled ‘liquid nutrients.’  She looked to the left of the box, and sure enough, there was a small nozzle with the same label.  “Jeeeeesus,” Erin thought, “if the game has a way to feed me and a way to take care of my waste, then it really can hold me prisoner right here in this spot until someone finds me!  But that might not happen until someone comes for the box.  By then I could lose my job!  And sitting next to a bucket of piss and shit for that long is going to be disgusting!  And who knows what this terrible game is going to do to me in that time!” 

When Erin’s thoughts strayed to what might be done to her, she was deeply concerned to find herself hoping for another one of the mind blowing multi-orgasms that Tico had given her the night before.  She firmly pushed that thought out of her head, and tried to focus.  Certainly there’s something that I’ve overlooked.  She started by giving the game box a close inspection.  Her leash seemed to be going straight into an opening near the bottom of the box’s front side.  She tugged at it by moving her neck, and didn’t see it budge one bit, but figured she’d better try with her hands.  She awkwardly turned around so that she was lying on her side facing away from the box, and shimmied in close enough so that her hands could reach the slot where her leash entered the box.  But as soon as her fingers touched the box they received an extremely painful electric shock.  “Good god,” she thought, “I can’t even touch my own captor.”

Erin rolled back over and inspected every inch of the box with her eyes, but found nothing that might help her.  She tried poking at the opening where her ‘liquid nutrients’ nozzle came out of the box, but just received another painful shock and decided that route was pointless.  She then looked around her own living room, trying to find anything that might help.  But there was almost nothing within reach – the rug that had given her some small comfort last night and a couch that she could reach with her feet if she stretched.  No phone, no sharp objects.  She tried screaming and stamping again, but she knew it was pointless, her house was too far away from anyone, and since she was stuck in the back of the house she didn’t think that anyone could hear her even if they happened to be walking right passed her front door at the time.  Apparently her game world was ignoring her screams as well, or maybe her little room was supposed to be sound proof, or maybe none of them were even in the house, she had no way of knowing.  Erin even tried biting her leash, even though it didn’t look like the kind of thing that could be bitten through.  Her effort was rewarded with a sharp electric shock.  With that final shock, Erin lost hope that she would be able to break her way out.  She was truly stuck here.  There was nothing she could do to help herself.  All she could do at the moment was lie on the floor and wait for her master to retrieve her.

And wait she did.  She couldn’t tell the time, but she could tell that the sun had risen high in the sky.  She was incredibly bored.  She couldn’t get anything to read.  She couldn’t turn on her television.  There was nothing particularly interesting to look at in her living room or in the sliver of sky that she could see through her window.  There certainly wasn’t anything interesting happening on the game screen – just her bored avatar sitting in a tiny featureless room.  So she found herself thinking about the previous day, and then she found herself hoping that her master would come and fuck her the way he had last night.  She hated that thought – she had been caned and fucked against her will by a machine! – but she did have to admit that it was by far the best orgasm she had ever experienced.    Despite her efforts to think about other things, she found her thoughts always drifting back to Tico fucking her.  Just thinking about it started making her horny.  As dumb as the idea seemed, she thought that maybe she’d masturbate to pass the time, but then found that she didn’t even have any way to do that.  Her hands were pinned well away from her crotch and there was nothing within reach to rub herself on.  She tried humping the floor, and it got her a little excited, but really wasn’t doing the job.

And it was at that moment that she heard her panel slide open and looked to see Tico’s face peering in at her avatar.  Incredibly embarrassed, even though this was just a computer character and one that she hated, Erin quickly flipped onto her side and tried to pretend that she hadn’t been humping the ground.  But she didn’t fool the mob boss, who laughed heartily and said, “I wonder what you were thinking about just now, my pet!”

Erin blushed despite herself.  Tico pulled on her collar and she made crawling motions while watching her avatar crawl out of the small room and back into Tico’s grand bedroom.  As Tico pulled her onto her feet, the thought crossed her mind that convincing Tico to let her go was probably the only possibility she had to get out.  So, unlikely as she knew it was, she decided to give it a try.  She put on her best demur voice and said “Master, is there anything I can do to earn my freedom?” 

Tico/mannequin patted her head condescendingly, saying “Silly girl, once a slave always a slave.  Usually asking about your freedom would bring a swift punishment, but since you are a new slave and this was your first time, I will let it go.  Anyway, if there is anything that I want you to do, then I will simply make you do it.  Now, if you work especially hard, then I will occasionally reward you with the kind of orgasm that I caught you day dreaming about just now.  For their first time with me, I like to show my slaves how pleasurable sex can be, but don’t expect that treatment very often, and don’t expect to ever orgasm unless I’m specifically rewarding you.  You should know that I can make sex quite enjoyable for myself without satisfying your needs whatsoever.”

Erin was caught in a flood of contradictory feelings – she had no intention of bending to this man’s will, let alone trying especially hard to please him in the hopes that he might let her orgasm.  How ridiculous!  But at the same time, she had gone and gotten herself quite horny, and she couldn’t stand the thought that she might get denied!

Erin’s thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door of Tico’s bedroom.  “Ahh, here she is.  Come in!” he called.  Tico introduced Erin to Mistress H and explained that Erin would be spending the day with the mistress, learning all sorts of skills that she needed to know to be a successful sex slave, most of all: obedience.  He then handed Erin’s leash off to the mistress, patted Erin on the cheek, and left the room.


The next few ‘days’ in the game proceeded much the same way her days at the police academy had gone, except that instead of learning skills like marksmanship and hand-to-hand combat, she was mastering things like blow job technique and pole dancing.  Mistress H turned out to be very business-like about the training, setting high expectations, demanding results, and delivering immediate and pre-defined punishment whenever results weren’t met.  She even wore smart-looking business suits to emphasize her professionalism.  Though Erin rapidly developed a strong hatred for the woman who was causing her so much pain, she had to admit that she was learning new skills even faster than she had at the academy.  She had never been able to perform deep throat blow jobs, but just half an hour with her mistress had her swallowing cock like a pro.

Just as in the academy, multiple ‘game’ days could be squeezed into one real day, because she was fast forwarded through portions of the day.  At the end and beginning of each day, her master Tico would toy with her and fuck her, though he hadn’t yet been pleased enough to give her a pleasurable fuck like he had on her first night.  Erin would then be shoved into her tiny room, admonished to drink the ‘nutritional fluid’ and use the bucket, then she’d be fast forwarded through her sleep and brought out for another day of training.

As the sun was setting on Sunday evening in real-life, Erin was starting to worry about her mental state.  She had decided early on that the best thing she could do was try to obey the game.  It was perfectly obvious that there was no way she could get herself out.  If she wasn’t locked into some device, then her leash was being held by someone or tied to something.  And the punishments she was given for any failure or disobedience were excruciating and immediate, so if she wasn’t going to break free she might as well try to minimize pain.  But as the day wore on, it started to feel as though her body was responding to commands instantly and of its own volition.  Erin just hoped that by the time someone from work came looking for her, or someone came to collect this damn box at the end of the beta test period, she wouldn’t be a completely brain-washed ninny.

Another day in the game started after the sun went down in real-life, making Erin wonder how late into the night she would have to go.  The drills and the punishments had been exhausting, and the fact that multiple days were passing in the game made it feel as if she’d gone for ages without any sleep.  When her door slid open, she quickly crawled out and stood at attention as her mistress had taught her.  She wished Tico a good morning, and asked him what she could do to please him.  She knew her mistress recorded all of her exchanges with her master, so she tried to make the offer with just the right mix of excitement and submissiveness.  Tico had her get on her knees and give him a blow job, something she did with practiced ease.  The fact that she was actually deep throating and licking off a dildo attached to a mannequin had ceased to matter to her.  That was how she pleased her master, and that was what was demanded of her.

Tico, holding the end of her leash, sat on the end of his bed and started telling her to do all sorts of random little things that she hadn’t done before: hop on one foot while patting her stomach, run back and forth as far as the leash would let her, stand on her head.  Erin had no idea why he was doing this, but she followed each command immediately and without questioning.

When Mistress H arrived, Tico informed her that Erin was ready for the next phase.  Mistress H nodded, then removed Erin’s tall leather collar and replaced it with a much slimmer collar with a jewel that rested in the middle of her throat, almost resembling a necklace rather than a collar.  Since there was no leash attached to the new collar, Erin was not at all surprised that Mistress H kept a tight grip on her arm, but she was surprised to hear what the collar was for.  It could deliver painful electric shocks no matter where Erin was.  This meant that she could be otherwise unrestrained, but still corrected if she did anything to displease her mistress or master.  She was given a test shock, which confirmed that indeed this new punishment tool was as bad as any of the other punishments that had been used on her.  Mistress H then let Erin know that she was going to let go of her arm, and that the door to the bedroom was open so that she could physically run out of the room, but that she would not run because she was an obedient slave and did not want to be punished.

And then, for the first time since she accepted this undercover mission back at the police academy, the game did not have any physical hold on Erin.  This took a moment to register, because it felt like she was still standing in Tico’s bedroom with him and Mistress H, but slowly her brain realized that if she stepped away from the game box, it could not drag her back.  But it could deliver a massive shock to this new collar that she wore, and stepping away would be disobedient, something she was now trained to never do.  But the possibility of freedom slowly won out - she had to try.  She took two small steps away from the game box, then, feeling a shimmer of hope, ran out of her living room.  A painful shock seared through her throat, knocking her to her knees.  If this had happened that morning, she surely would have resisted longer, but her will was broken, so as soon as she could get up she rushed back into the living room, dropping onto her knees in front of the box, and apologizing profusely to her master and mistress for her disobedience.

Tico nodded with pleasure, telling Mistress H to continue with this phase of the training.  Erin’s day started with drills that she was familiar with, but with the twist that she wasn’t connected to a leash.  Her mistress was always specific about where Erin could go, and the obedient slave always obeyed.  Towards midday (game-time), Erin was told to empty her waste bucket in the bathroom that was just outside Tico’s bedroom.  It quickly became obvious that in order to have her avatar do this, Erin would actually have to empty her real waste bucket into her own bathroom.  She did this with some relief, then willingly walked back into the living room and within range of the robotic arms.  She was then told to walk outside, walk 100 paces down the road, then turn and walk back.  Again it was clear that in order to satisfy the command, Erin would actually have to leave her house and walk down her road.  She didn’t have any handcuffs or restraints on at the time, but she was buck naked except for her high heels and her collar.  She got to her front door, turned the knob, and took her first step outside her house since Friday night.  But she wasn’t free.   She knew her collar would just call her back if she tried to run.  She was worried about what would happen if someone drove by and saw her walking naked in her heels down the road in the middle of the night.  Would she disobey her mistress and try to get them to drive her away?  Would she survive the punishment if that happened?  Surely no one would be able to quickly remove the metal collar that was locked around her neck.  Fortunately or not, no one did drive by, and the obedient slave returned to her house and knelt again in front of her mistress.

These tests continued to get more daring.  Next up she was told to drive herself to the nearest convenience store, buy a box of condoms, and return.  She was allowed to wear clothes for this, but told to pick the most revealing outfit in her wardrobe.  Before she left, it was demonstrated to her that her collar worked as a GPS and also as a two-way radio and hidden camera.  Her mistress would be listening to her and watching at all times.  If she said or did anything even remotely out of the ordinary to the store clerk, she would be severely punished.  She was also told that if she was detained by the police or anyone else, then her collar had the ability to inject a poison into her neck that would kill her instantly.  Mistress H stroked Erin’s cheek as she said this, letting her know that she certainly didn’t want to do this to her obedient slave, but that she would if she had to, to protect Tico.  The threat scared the shit out of Erin, who, after seeing what this game was capable of, had no intention of testing whether it was an idle threat or not.  Far better to pass up an escape attempt and live until the makers of this damn game could find her and get her out safely.  Erin made it to the store and back without incident, except for some cat-calls and the clerk saying that she was buying those condoms for one hell of a lucky man.

When Tico returned at the end of the game day, Mistress H updated him on Erin’s progress.  The boss was quite pleased and informed Erin that she had earned the privilege to have sex with an orgasm.  Erin’s heart skipped a beat.  She knew it should be an outrageous thing for someone to ‘reward’ her with, but the memory of that first night’s sex was still fresh in her mind.  It had only been the night before, after all, though she felt as if she had been denied numerous times in between, as each game-night and game-morning Tico had fucked her in the ass or ordered a blow job or a titty fuck or some other way that pleasured him just fine but did nothing for her.

Her master ordered her to lock herself into the set of bondage stocks that he kept in his bedroom.  The gear folded out of the game box in Erin’s living room, and the slave cheerfully walked over to clip herself in.  She didn’t care if wanting this orgasm made her pathetic.  She’d been going through hell and she deserved this one pleasure.  Anyway, she was a sex slave!  Spring loaded cuffs locked shut around her forearms, neck, calves and ankles, holding her firmly in a kneeling doggie style position.  She shivered with anticipation as she watched her master on the screen walk over to his wall of toys and make a few selections.  She wasn’t thrilled with all of his selections, such as the clover nipple clamps with springs and weights that bounced and pulled painfully on her nipples, or the long metal ass hook that was inserted into her rear hole and tied tightly to a nose hook, forcing her to keep her head pushed back and her ass pushed up.  But it wasn’t a slave’s place to complain, and anyway, she was getting lost in the lust of anticipation.  Next she was blindfolded, which prevented her from getting any warning when her master slammed a paddle onto her upturned ass.  The pain was excruciating, coming on top of the welts that still striped her ass, and it might have lowered her arousal except for the recollection of the way the pain from that first spanking had mixed with pleasure to drive her totally nuts.

Finally, she heard her master whisper into her ear “Beg for my cock.”  And that was all she needed to start gushing a string of wanton pleas.  This time, Tico applied the clit vibrator before entering her himself, bringing her quickly to her first orgasm.  While she was still spasming, Tico plunged himself into her dripping pussy.  He turned the vibrator to a low setting, but kept it pressed against Erin’s clit, keeping her body on a razor’s edge.  He began pounding in and out of Erin like a jack-hammer, faster than any human could possibly achieve, but of course Tico himself was just an avatar and the mannequin that was fucking her apparently had a very high horse-power motor.  Erin was getting reamed at 600 rpm, and she felt like she might get torn apart, but she didn’t care, she just kept screaming for more and more!  She felt Tico grab the taught rope that connected her ass-hook to her nose-hook, and felt him yank it upwards.  Her head was slammed back as far as it would go in the stocks and her ass was angled upwards even further.  This changed the angle that Tico’s cock was entering her, hitting an even sweeter spot and changing the tone of her screaming and moaning. 

He must have hooked that ass-nose line onto something above her, because she then felt his non-vibrator hand mauling her dangling breasts.  He swatted at the weights hanging from them, sending them bouncing all over the place and yanking terribly on her nipples.  At the same time, he cranked up the vibrator to its full setting.  Erin was heading for the cliff, but 5 seconds later, the vibrator and Tico’s reaming stopped on a dime.  She shouted, “No, God, Please keep going!  Please master, fuck me!!” 

All of a sudden the vibrator and the reaming were back at full power and full speed, but after another 5 seconds they stopped dead again.  This was pure sexual torture for the helpless nympho in Tico’s control.  She begged him to keep going, but time and again he would freeze after only a few seconds .  Then, after being frozen for an especially long torturous time, she felt him remove the vibrator, spread her lips with his fingers, and pinch her clit.  His fingers were like vice grips as he pulled down on her clit. The pain was extreme and exquisite.  With his other hand, he pulled down on the springs attached to her nipple clamps, securing them to the floor such that the clover clamps pulled terribly on her tender buds.  Erin found herself screaming in pain but also screaming for him to pull harder, and thought “my God, is that what I really want?” 

Still pinching and pulling Erin’s clit with one hand, Tico then grabbed a handful of her hair with his other hand and yanked backwards.  Her head was already cranked back as far as it could go, but this added one more painful point of pulling.  With Erin’s hair, nipples and clit stretched to the max, Tico then slowly slid his cock back into her pussy.  Erin begged and begged, but he would not be rushed.  He left himself planted all the way in, then ever so slowly withdrew.  In and out he slowly went, tantalizing the slave who writhed in agony and pleasure in his grip.  Ever so slowly he began picking up the tempo.  He maintained his tight grip on her hair, and while he kept the extreme pressure on her clit, he also began rolling the little nub in his fingers.  As the pace of his thrusting and rolling increased, he was somehow able to bring the clit vibrator back into play without releasing either her clit or her hair.  He was now pressing the vibrator against the base of her clit while pinching and rolling its tip.  The combination was electric.  Erin was no longer screaming any recognizable words, just a constant stream of moans and groans.  Tico then rapidly increased the pace of his thrusting, the intensity of the vibrator, and the force of his clit rolling.  He got back to jack-hammer speed and full intensity, held it all there for a moment, then exploded.  Erin erupted as well.  She had no idea how many times she had already orgasmed, but she sure knew that this final one was the most intense.

Erin must have blacked out again.  She came-to as Tico was removing her nipple clamps, allowing blood to rush back in to her tortured buds.  She was let free of the stocks, then Tico told her to go take a shower, slapping her ass hard and sending her in the direction of the bathroom in her actual house.  The sexually spent slave stumbled into her bathroom, pulled off her heels, then wondered briefly about getting her collar wet.  She didn’t want to be electrocuted and hoped that the game wouldn’t have told her to shower unless the thing was waterproof.  Then she noticed that the thing was already pretty wet from her sweat, so she went ahead and got in.  The shower felt heavenly - her first since Saturday morning.  She might have stayed in it for hours, but the game only gave her 5 minutes before she got a  sharp shock to her neck and heard Tico’s voice coming from her collar, commanding her to return to his room immediately.  She quickly jumped out of the shower, slipped on her heels, then ran dripping and naked back into her living room.  Tico gave her another shock for keeping him waiting, then clipped a short leash onto her collar and pushed her into her tiny sleep area.

Erin lay naked in her living room, soaking wet from the shower, but chained to the floor and unable to get anything to dry herself.  A day ago she would have been pissed at this, and at the unnecessary rush out of the shower, but by now she was bought in to the psychosis of her situation, and admonished herself for keeping her master waiting.  Wet or not, she started drifting into sleep almost immediately, but before she got there, the game had fast-forwarded and she was being woken up to start another ‘day.’  She groaned inwardly, but kept her feelings to herself as she got on her knees in her dark living room and offered her master a blow job.

Tico and Mistress H surprised her that morning by telling her they were sending her back to work at the police academy to be a mole for them.  The story she would give them was that her cover had been blown right away and the mob had kept her locked in a small room for the last few days.  She didn’t know where she had been, and she had not seen or heard anything.  She didn’t know why they had released her.  They reminded her that they would be listening and watching through her collar.  If she tried to tell those cops the truth, or if she wasn’t convincing enough to get them to believe her story, then her collar would kill her.

Erin got dressed and was driven (bumped along on the bench that folded out from the game box) to within a few blocks of the academy.  She knew that she was in a very dangerous position.  One set of characters in this crazy game might really kill her if she didn’t convince another set of game characters that she had been freed.  This was insane, but she didn’t have any choice.  Trying to run away now was far too risky.  The best thing to do would be to continue to obey her master.  If she did well, she might even get another mind-blowing orgasm.  At that thought, she shook her head at how much of a wanton slut she had become.

She made it through the ‘day’ without anyone doubting her story.  Everyone was extremely sorry for what had happened, and told her they were glad that the mob hadn’t done anything worse to her than keep her locked up for a few days.  They offered to let her take time off, but knowing that Tico wanted her to be a mole, she declined, saying she thought the best thing for her would be to dive right back into work.

A lot of the day was fast-forwarded, and she soon found herself relieved to be walking to the pickup location and ‘driven’ back to Tico’s hideout.  In real-life, the sun was just starting to come up as she stripped naked, guided her avatar to bend over the edge of Tico’s bed, and received her master’s typical nighttime ass fucking.  She was leashed and put down in her tiny room, where she fell asleep almost immediately.

A tug on her collar shook Erin out of a deep sleep.  She had no idea how long she had been asleep.  She could see that the sun was still fairly low in the sky, and she was certainly still exhausted.  Had she only been given a few minutes to sleep?  How long were they going to keep her going like this?

Erin was sent off to ‘work’ again after being reminded that she would be monitoring constantly and that she was to return right after work.  She got dressed, but was told by Tico that her clothes were all wrinkled and she looked terrible, so she went into her real bedroom and put on a new outfit.  Getting her master’s approval, she then began to walk in place, thinking she was directing her avatar to walk toward the car that would drive her to the academy, just like the ‘day’ before.  But her avatar just walked in place as well.  Tico laughed at her, swatted her ass, and repeated: “Go to work.”  Erin tried again, but saw on the game screen that again her avatar just walked in place, looking like an idiot.  Her master got quite mad that time, gave her a long shock to her collar, then growled: “Girl, get out of this house and get yourself to your job if you don’t want to be severely punished.”

The implication finally broke through to Erin.  “Oh my God,” she realized, “this game is actually telling me to go to my real-life job.”  Though it seemed like days and days had passed, in real life it was only Monday morning.  She hadn’t missed any work at all, and now, even though she would still be a helpless slave to this game, she would have to convince everyone at work that everything was normal.  She had no doubt that the same threats applied - her master had just reminded her that she would be watched and listened to all day.  But she also had no doubt that she would be able to fool everyone.  She was able to pull off the act in the game at the police academy, and they had reason to be suspicious.  At her real job, she would just be coming in on a Monday morning like she always did.  As this thought sank in, she realized that this meant there was no chance that someone from work might come looking for her before the two-week game trial was up.  They wouldn’t have any reason to think that she was in trouble, because she would be there with them as if everything was normal!

Being at work was unbelievably strange for Erin.  Beyond being totally exhausted, Erin felt like she was a completely different person than the Erin Feston of the week before.  Of course she knew how to do her job and she was able to go about the routine just fine, but now her normal work day felt like a lie.  And it was, in a way – a lie that she had to protect very carefully.  When she first got to work, a co-worker asked her how her weekend was.  Before she said anything, her collar gave her a slight electric shock, as if warning her to be careful.  She made some non-specific answer about just working around the house, then changed the conversation topic.  It was disturbing to know that the game was listening to every word the she and others around her said, and even more disturbing to find out that the camera in her collar was good enough to read documents she was working on.  At one point in the morning, while she was filling out a standard rejection letter for a road someone wanted to build across a wetland, she heard the voice of Mistress H coming softly from her collar, telling her to write a comment at the bottom that she was very sorry to be such a stickler about wetland rules.  It was a silly thing to write, but the moment she hesitated she received a painful shock from her collar, then hurried to obey. 

Around noon, Mistress H spoke softly to her again, telling her to go into one of the single-occupancy bathrooms on her floor and lock the door.  Once there, she was commanded to strip naked then stand in front of the mirror and masturbate.  It felt wrong and dirty to do it, but she didn’t dare disobey.  Worse, as soon as she got close to an orgasm, her mistress commanded her to stop and put her clothes back on, except for her panties which she was to throw away.  She went back to her desk sexually frustrated.  When she covertly tried to slip a hand down her slacks to finish the job, she received a severe shock from her collar that almost caused her to yell out in pain.

At the stroke of 5, Mistress H’s voice commanded Erin to leave work immediately and return to Tico’s bedroom.  She left right away and started driving the most direct route home, but was suddenly told by her mistress to take a right turn down a side street, then a left two blocks later.  She was told to park in front of an adult toy store and she was given a list of items to purchase: a locking chastity belt, a steel boned corset, a French maid costume, and a funnel gag.  She was to try the maid costume on in the store to ensure it fit tightly, then ask to wear it out of the store.  Erin did all of this obediently, eliciting a chuckle from the store clerk who told her that wearing the costume out of the store would be great advertising for him!

Erin was completely exhausted when she got home, not having slept for two days, but the game wasn’t done with her yet.  The mannequin was standing in her living room when she walked in, holding the cane in its hand.  Mistress H told her that she would get one stroke for each of her transgressions at work: the hesitancy in writing on the form and the attempt to masturbate without permission.  She bent over obediently, though unhappily, and the mannequin flipped up the short skirt of her maid’s outfit before delivering the blows on top of the still visible lines from two days before.  She was then put in her high heels, had her elbows locked behind her back, and told to clean the room with the feather duster that had come with the costume until her master came home.

Hours and hours of pointless dusting later, Tico finally appeared on the game screen, gave Erin a quick hard ass fucking, then sent her to her tiny room wearing her new chastity belt locked in place.  Erin was too tired at that point to get very upset about being made to wait-up long into the night just to get a few strokes of cock up her ass.  She had mostly stopped judging the orders anyway, she was a slave and would obey, no matter how painful or demeaning.  She also wanted to get to sleep as fast as possible, not knowing how long she would be given the privilege of lying still on her living room floor.


Erin was woken at the crack of dawn Tuesday morning, only to be made to wait on her knees for the next half hour while her master hit his own snooze button repeatedly.  Erin hadn’t gotten nearly as much sleep as she would have liked, but it was enough to let her at least think somewhat more clearly than she had been able to think the day before in her sleep-deprived haze.  Thinking clearly, however, didn’t help her situation.  It seemed impossible to think that she could be sent to work and yet not be able to escape.  But if she tried to tell anyone at work what was going on, the game would hear her and immediately cut her off with a punishing shock.  The same would happen if she tried to write or type a note.  And even if she did succeed in explaining the situation, she might well get herself killed.  It would take time for someone to cut off her collar, while it would only take an instant for the game to activate the command for some poison to be injected into her neck.  No, as crazy as it seemed, she was going to have to keep on obeying this game’s every command and convincing everyone she came in contact with that she was actually just fine.  “When these game designers arrive a week from tomorrow,” she thought, “I’m going to sue them for everything they’re worth and make sure they spend the rest of their lives behind bars.”  But she knew she was going to have to make it to that point first, hopefully with some part of her free-thinking mind intact, and that wasn’t going to be easy.

After Tico finally got around to giving Erin his morning throat fuck, he decided that she wasn’t getting enough exercise and sent her out on a run, wearing her skimpy spandex and sports bra of course.  She had only ever worn the outfit at home or at the all-female gym she went to, and was aghast to be seen wearing it in public.  She figured she would minimize the exposure by staying on back roads, but that plan was dashed right out the door as Tico’s voice quietly but firmly commanded every turn.  He commanded the pace as well, leaving Erin both thoroughly exhausted and thoroughly embarrassed by the time she was allowed to return half an hour later.

Another day passed relatively uneventfully at her real job, except that she was ordered to strip and masturbate 5 times during the day, each time without quite getting herself off.  To make this all the more frustrating, the game had secured her new chastity belt in place with a combination lock before she left for work.  To get the belt off, her mistress’s voice instructed her to stand in front of a mirror but look straight up at the ceiling.  The camera in her collar could see the lock, and Erin was told which dials to spin and how far, so that she could be guided to take the belt off and put it back on without ever knowing the combination.  She knew she wouldn’t be allowed to masturbate anyway, but the damn device prevented even her clothes from casually rubbing her, and left her feeling all the more helpless knowing that her private parts were locked away using an unknown combination.

Erin was directed to do more shopping on the way home from work.  This time she went to a department store and had to pick up a running outfit that was even more scandalous than her get-up that morning, along with some lingerie that she could only hope would never be worn outside her house.  The buying spree continued when she got home.  Her master ordered her to make a number of online purchases, all with her own money.  This quickly got expensive.  The ball cage, which could be seen in Tico’s bedroom but hadn’t been used yet, was $500.  The standing cage was over $1,000.  And these items weren’t even going to be delivered for 3 more weeks, after she’d be done with the game!  She realized that it should be a good thing that some of these items would never be used on her, but it made spending the money all that much more galling.  Tico’s voice reminded her that she was his slave now, and that all of her possessions were now his, rubbing it in even more.


The rest of the week passed in a similar fashion, with exhausting runs in the mornings, sexually frustrating days at work, and all sorts of depravity at night.  Friday night brought things to a whole new level when Tico ‘rewarded’ Erin by allowing her to go to a night club.  Of course, this reward wasn’t optional, and neither was wearing the outrageous lingerie.  She was told that she had to dance with at least ten separate men for a minimum of 5 minutes apiece, a feat that quickly made her the whore of the establishment and nearly caused a couple of fights.

Erin was only allowed brief catnaps Friday and Saturday night, and was otherwise kept active by the game.  By the time she was allowed some sleep Sunday night, after a very long weekend of humiliation and depravity, she was looking forward to a quiet day at work the next morning.  She was also looking forward to only having three more days of slavedom before her two-week ‘beta trial’ period was over.  She felt like she was over the hump, and that while the next three days wouldn’t be easy, she would make it.  She knew she’d have some serious mental rehabilitation to do – she was obeying the most ridiculous commands without the slightest hesitation, and her self-image as a slave had settled in deep – but with the massive compensation she knew she would get from these ‘game’ designers, she figured she could take a good amount of time to readjust.  She also hoped that she’d get at least one more mind blowing orgasm before the trial period ended.  It had been a full week since Tico had allowed her last orgasm, and with all the teasing in between, she was getting rather desperate.

Tico started making her wear both the steel-boned corset and the locking chastity belt to work.  She had also picked up some higher heels over the weekend, and shorter work skirts.  A couple people at her office commented that she was looking good, and a whole bunch of people told her so with their eyes.  She didn’t entirely mind the attention, though while it made her feel sexy it also made her feel like a cheap whore.

Wednesday finally came, her two week anniversary, and she was sent to work as usual.  The chastity belt and corset were just as uncomfortable as they had been, the bathroom masturbation sessions just as unsatisfying, and the knowledge that her every move was being monitored just as creepy, but knowing that this would be her last time made it all feel lighter.  She drove home, remembering that she had started the program after work two weeks ago, probably around 6PM.  Would the game just shut down when the time came?  Or would someone be there waiting for her ‘feedback’ when she got home?

The only one waiting for her on her arrival was Mistress H, as usual.  The stern taskmaster was quite displeased with Erin’s lack of concentration on her tasks that day, and decided to give her a few strokes of the cane to help her focus.  Erin certainly wasn’t pleased at the prospect, but figured that at least it would give her some dramatic evidence to show the game people and the police.

Her master was the next person to ‘arrive,’ and he decided he wanted to practice his rope tying skills.  Erin obediently fetched a pile of cloth rope and was quickly dangling in a horribly tight hogtie.  It wasn’t the position she wanted to be in if the game shut down.  Would she be left dangling?  Would she be dropped?

As it turned out, neither happened.  Tico just kept tying and retying her body in various uncomfortable positions.  Erin expected the torment to end any minute, but her cruel master just kept twisting her body parts into new configurations.  As usual, Erin had no way to tell time while bound in her living room, but when the sun had set and the last light had faded from the sky, it was clear that the 6 o’clock deadline she had been expecting had passed.  She was concerned, but no overly so.  Certainly they were just a bit late in coming for her.  But the hours dragged on, and soon she was put to bed, still wearing a number of the tight ropes that Tico had tied around her.  “Damnit,” she thought, “Am I going to have to spend another night on my floor?”  She longed for her bed, which she had not slept in for 2 weeks, but figured surely that the game people would get there in the morning.

But the next morning came, and her ‘game’ just continued on, having her fasten on the corset and chastity belt before dressing for work and heading out the door.  She was disgruntled, but figured that they had just let her complete the full two weeks yesterday, so now they would surely be at her house waiting for her when she got there.  But again she was alone with the game, and again Mistress H caned her for a lack of concentration at work.  Tico scolded her as well, then made her clean the entire floor with her tongue as a punishment.

With the canings in mind, Erin was much more attentive at work on Friday, quickly obeying any minor command that was whispered to her through her collar.  She got home to a pleased Mistress H, but was certainly not pleased herself to see that again there was no sign of any game designers or any end to her ‘2-week’ beta testing period.  What the hell was going on?  Where were those bastards??  It was infuriating to know that every day they were late, her ability to resist commands, or even think independently, was slipping further and further away.  She wanted desperately to call them, but she had no idea who ‘they’ even were.  And even if she did, her masters would never allow her to make that call, and anyway, she would never dare to try to make the call for fear of the punishment.  No, she was in exactly the same situation as before:  completely helpless.  All she could do was continue on as a slave, hoping that these damn game designers would come for her soon.


Luke sipped his coffee and stared at the accumulated piles of papers and folders that had stacked up in his office over the years.  He was retiring at the end of the week, and had told the company that he’d deal with his own mess before he left.  As he dug in, he came across a folder that he was surprised to see.  It was a record for one of the old black box beta test units that had been sent out 5 years ago, before the project was scrapped.  Luke was surprised to see the record in his office because when he had checked those units back in after the beta test, he had filed the records along with the user surveys down with the development folks.  This folder didn’t have any user survey, or any indication that it had ever been brought back in, so out of curiosity he opened his computer and logged on to the unit remotely to see if it was still being used.

The data that came up on Luke’s screen nearly gave him a heart attack right then and there.  The unit was indeed still being used.  In fact, it had been in constant use, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, since it had been activated.  But the distressing part wasn’t the continual use, it was the fact that the game had quite clearly enslaved the poor woman who had been randomly chosen to be a beta tester.  Luke started to panic, sure that everyone at his company would go to jail for this, and that he specifically would be at fault for losing the record.  He would spend his entire retirement rotting away in prison...

But then Luke calmed down and thought through the situation.  This woman, Erin Feston, had been ‘playing’ the game for 5 full years and apparently no authorities or anyone she knew had discovered what was going on.  He couldn’t quite figure out how that was possible, but if this had been going on for that long, then maybe If he just left the situation as it was, no one would ever have to find out.  He thought about what this would mean for the poor woman, and decided he’d better at least take a look at the video.  He had his computer display both what was actually happening and what was being shown on the game screen.  On the game screen, the woman was trussed up in some horrifically painful-looking bondage contraption and was surrounded by a group of mobsters.  One was fucking her hard in the ass, one was fucking her throat, and she was giving two others hand jobs.  On the real-life screen, all the bondage was faithfully recreated on the real woman, including the clamps that looked like they might pull her nipples off, the clips that were tugging on her labia and clit, the vibrator that was apparently buried deep in her pussy, and all the cuffs and straps that held her spread wide-open. 

Luke started having second thoughts about leaving her to this fate, but then saw that the mobster who was fucking her throat had pulled out and was spraying his load all over her face.  The bound woman, while still giving hand jobs and getting fucked in the ass, tried desperately to lick up as much of the cum as she could, while begging for someone else to please let her suck on their cock.  “Good god”, thought the Luke, “she’s enjoying this!”  He was sure that he himself wouldn’t get nearly as much pleasure out of the jail they would put him in as this woman was apparently getting out of the virtual jail that she was in.  And so, Luke took a deep breath, tore up the record of the beta test shipment, carefully deleted all the computer files that related to her case, and went about cleaning out the rest of his office.

As his years of happy retirement rolled along, Luke found himself periodically thinking about the woman who had become a permanent slave to her black box beta test unit.  She would never spend a relaxing morning on a golf course as he had been doing that morning, or spend the afternoon calmly riding the wind in a sailboat as he was about to do.  There would be a myriad of life-pleasures that that woman would never experience, chief among them surely being free-will.  But Luke hoped that the pleasures she was getting from the game were at least somewhat making up for the pleasures she was denied.  Luke convinced himself that certainly this was the case, and after a long and happy retirement, he took his secret with him to the grave.


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