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Botsuit Transformation

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2022 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; M/f; bond; machine; suit; enclosed; trick; M2f; M2fembot; transform; mind-control; scifi; conditioning; cuffs; cons; reluct; XXX

Jeff couldn’t believe how many people were walking around in the ‘Bot Suits’. Must be every other person, he thought to himself as he sat waiting for the traffic light to change. The suits had exploded into the public a few years ago claiming to assist the person with everyday life but everyone knew the draw was the way the suits could enhance a person’s orgasms. The suit's sensors and tactile improvements on the wearer were legendary; having seen the results himself he couldn’t deny how the women he knew acted as the suit sent them to multiple orgasms.

The suits were now commonplace with people wearing them twenty-four seven, finding with them on they looked and felt better. Several people in his office were wearing their suits almost all the time with one woman opting to change her faceplate so her mouth never moved. Her speech was transmitted through the office speakers when she did presentations being sent through the suit pre-programmed by the mute woman. He often wondered how good it must feel that she would give up so much and if she was really even awake in the suit, or was she just sleeping and orgasming in her own world all day every day.

Jeff wasn’t surprised when Julia arrived at his house, parading around in her chrome covered body. She had always loved tight bondage and forced denial and orgasms that followed so the suit made sense for her. What surprised him was when she gave complete control over her suit to him, letting him control her every move, even able to restrict her breathing by squeezing her tightly when she didn’t agree with what he wanted her to do.

The first suit was without feet, gloves or a helmet and she quickly adapted to wearing it every day, showing up one night in a new suit completely covered in the controlling steel. Jeff knew from experience this was the beginning of the end for them since two other girlfriends had gotten the suits and quickly moved on, leaving him and his desires to actually touch their bodies behind. Jeff had tried to accept the suits hoping the fad would pass, but after going out a few times only to find out that while he sat and ate or watched the movie, the women were being pleasured inside the suit, limiting their desires to have actual sex with him.

Now Julia was encased with a suit capable of simulating her movements while she was sleeping or being pleasured, all while it took care of her bodily functions having complete control of her breathing, sight and hearing. All she had to do was think of what she wanted the suit to do and with the bio connections the suit would do it.

After a few months of Julia getting more distant and refusing to remove the suit, their fighting about it became intense with him giving her an ultimatum, remove the suit or leave. Julia stopped visiting Jeff eventually not returning his calls and the two stopped seeing one another. Jeff missed his bondage partner having truly enjoyed binding her while he teased and tormented her even when she was in the suit and he controlled it. Jeff would adjust the tactile settings so each touch of her metal skin would send waves of feelings through her body like a hundred hands were touching her all at once.

One night he bound her in a standing spread eagle stretching her steel covered body tightly adjusting the steel to compress her waist until she was gasping while he limited her air through the suit's mask. Once she was secure he adjusted the suit to its most sensitive and used a large feather to just touch her metal skin. Not having to worry about her waste, or the restraints hurting her he was able to leave her stretched tight for two days, teasing her constantly and whipping her between his naps. The suit let him control her ability to sleep so he kept her awake through the whole ordeal only releasing her to force her into a kneeling hogtie allowing her to relieve his built-up sexual tension multiple times before teasing her again until she had multiple screaming climaxes.

The problem he ran into, was each time he would prove his worth as a sexual partner, he would find out the suit had recorded the data and could duplicate it, keeping her aroused much longer and make her orgasm much longer than he had. In full auto mode, the suit could even force her into any bondage position she could dream up, and keep her there indefinitely. That left Jeff unnecessary for her pleasure and since she had become what he called “addicted” to the suit he was now alone.

One of Jeff’s biggest problems was that the suit had been made for women-only, or for men who wanted to essentially “become” women, with nothing for men. Since the company was run and owned by women, there were no plans that he had been made aware of to change that. So when he was surfing the web one evening a few months after the breakup he was surprised when he saw “Bot suits for men” pop up.

He spent a couple of hours reading about the different levels of the suits, stunned by the variety that were offered reading that there had been such an outcry for mens’ suits the company had developed them to fill the demands. Jeff studied the models offered, shocked at how affordable the basic models were, and decided to order one of the suits. The suit he was ordering only came in full coverage, and since it was not made for any specific person all he had to do was enter the myriad of measurements and give his credit card number. Jeff was laughing as he picked his options, thinking how funny it would be if he ran into Julia both in their suits as he read about when a wearer encountered another wearer their identity was shown on the lens of the mask. Jeff read the instruction manual wondering why anyone would force themselves to endure long term enclosure wondering how it would feel when the suit forced an enema on the wearer even stimulating the person to urinate when it wanted them to.

The suit he ordered wouldn’t do any of that. It was a very basic model with only weight assistance, no bio connections, with push buttons to open each section so there was no chance of him being stuck inside the suit. The suit’s main function was to help reshape the person inside, add to their strength slightly, and of course being able to stimulate them to massive orgasms. The men’s suits were definitely more masculine, featuring flat soled shoes, basic gloves, and helmets that had covered faceplates since they were not designed for long term or semi-permanent wear.

Jeff was almost ashamed he was ordering a suit, deciding it was more for an experiment than a life choice. After ordering the suit Jeff fell asleep in front of the TV again, wishing Julia would return, even dreaming about the two of them having sex in their suits. Jeff went on with his life, almost forgetting he had ordered the suit, until arriving home one evening to find a surprisingly small but very heavy box waiting for him.

Jeff heaved the box onto his bed, opening it, only scanning the instructions having read and re-read the online instructions many times preparing for his experiment. Jeff laid out the suit on his bed as the instructions had specified plugging the charger into it while he prepared himself. The suit came fully charged but he had read to plug in when received just to make sure it was ready. Since it was the basic model it didn’t need computer programming or any other set up than to put it on but once the suit had adjusted to his body all he had to do was select what preset program he wanted to run. Jeff cleaned himself thoroughly as instructed before stepping up to his bed and began applying the pieces as he had read to do. Each piece was studied before being applied and he noticed that they looked slightly different than the pictures on line but just thought they were because it was newer or possibly because it was the basic model and continued snapping the parts onto himself.

Jeff had covered his legs and feet in the steel already getting excited from the compression and slight resistance in the joints. When he picked up the ‘shorts’ he smiled at what looked like a long dark cavern that he was supposed to insert his cock into assuming it was made to shrink to fit, since it was much larger than his fully engorged cock. He slipped his cock into the tube before working his balls into the pocket for them. He quickly pulled the front up to his waist, only noticing then how high the waist was and the multiple straps of steel it was made up from. Squeezing it together he got it to snap closed, panting slightly after it was closed. The chest plate was made from more movable straps of steel, making his chest look larger than it was but had to be squeezed very tightly as well to get it to close. Jeff had checked each part pushing the “open” button on each making sure he could still open the steel shaking slightly as he covered his head before coating his arms and hands in the steel. Jeff knew he had to let the suit adjust before activating any programs so he lay back doing as the instructions had suggested then snapped the faceplate on, surprised again by the strange hump in the plate that forced him to open his mouth. 

As soon as Jeff closed the plate he relaxed, enjoying the feelings of being enclosed completely, twisting his body inside the steel as his cock continued to slide deeper into the rubber lined cavern. Within a few minutes Jeff could feel his feet begin to be squeezed inside the steel shell grunting in the hood as the tension increased and began to move up his legs. He had read this was normal, but hadn’t expected it to become so uncomfortable.

By the time his waist was being crushed by the steel and he felt the air being squeezed out of him it was too late. Jeff began to panic and tried to raise his arms finding that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t move them. Jeff was now trying desperately to move inside the crushing steel as he felt his chest being restricted and even his head being crushed by the confining steel. Outside, the steel body wasn’t moving and if someone had been watching they could have seen the steel straps steadily tightening making itself smaller. As Jeff stared at the ceiling through the screens over his eyes, he noticed someone standing over him, only seeing it was Julia when she removed the faceplate, unable to hear what she was saying before he blacked out.

Jeff was unconscious as the suit finished its adjustments and began its neural link, taking control of his bodily functions and muscles while it reshaped his form. Julia stood over him motionless, letting her own suit pleasure her as she watched the outer shell of the suit slowly reshape itself. The more it contracted around his body, the shell changed its outside form, becoming more feminine by the minute.

By the time Jeff regained consciousness, Julia had changed into her mistress attire and stood in front of his frozen form admiring his new shape. Jeff stared at the robot in front of him feeling his cock try to swell as he studied the tight leather encasing the perfect female form in front of him. He remembered seeing Julia’s face before blacking out and was stunned by how she had reshaped her own body.

He carefully watched her walk in small circles in front of him, admiring how the tight leather seemed to restrict how far she could step and how it outlined her amazing figure all the way to her chin. When the reality of his situation struck him he tried to move again finding he could not move any part of his body and the more he tried the tighter the suit seemed to get. Jeff could barely breathe in the confines and his feet and legs were cramping badly but he could do nothing to stop it as he felt the “cave” shrinking around his cock while the encasement around his balls tightened further. Jeff began moaning as his struggles diminished seeing Julia stop her pacing and turn towards him and walk up to his face. Jeff could hear her speaking even though her mouth didn’t move asking if he was awake? Jeff felt the strange urge to answer and nodded his head slowly, when he felt his head move Jeff desperately tried to raise an arm feeling his body go completely rigid again forcing him to listen to what the sexy leather clad robot in front of him was saying.

“Imagine my surprise when I found out you had ordered a ‘Bot suit’,” she started, “Yes, I had been monitoring your computer, it felt like the only way I could remain close to you so since I had all your passwords I couldn’t resist.”

Jeff cursed himself for never changing his passwords, being thankful he had ordered the non-interface suit. “I bet you’re wondering why a non-interface suit won’t let you move, aren’t you?” she asked with a smile in her voice, “I sort of changed your order, paying the difference in price to get you not only the top of the line suit, but one designed to reshape itself and the wearer into the perfect woman’s form. The suit also has full auto pilot and ‘master control’, something you should remember very well.” she stated, making his growing fear and desperation increase.

Jeff was thinking about when she had allowed him to use master control on her, keeping her in full servant mode for over a month, satisfying his every need and whim. He remembered when he released her how she had told him that it had been the most wonderfully humiliating experience of her entire life being unable to stop herself from wanting to do all those things had been the most dehumanizing thing she had ever experienced. Jeff had thought she had enjoyed it and forced her into servitude for a few more weeks before their break up. Now he was beginning to wonder if she was planning on revenge for that experience and maybe she hadn’t enjoyed it after all. Jeff groaned again as the constant tugging on his chest increased and at the same time he felt his cock getting drawn further under his pelvis while the pressure all over increased.

“Oh you poor dear,” she said empathetically, “the suit was set for quick modification so I know from experience the pain and strange feelings you are having, but at least it will all be over in a few weeks.” Jeff screamed when he heard ‘weeks’, having never wanted to be encased for that long, nor did he want to be reshaped.

Jeff stood uncomfortably for several more hours as his cocoon grew tighter feeling the pressure on his head and face change decreasing his ability to breathe and even see and was thankful the suit could aid in his breathing. Thankful! he thought, trying to resist the continuous thoughts he was having about being lucky to be wearing the suit and to have a caring mistress to look after him.

Jeff had read about the programs the suits could use to make the wearer more submissive, adding to the control the suit or the partner had over them. Jeff now spent most of his time arguing with himself about the whispering in his head about the suit and his mistress ignoring the pains the suit was causing as he stood helpless for the next few days. Every time he saw his mistress he would correct himself by thinking “captor” she had changed into another even sexier leather outfit that exaggerated her incredible figure, each seeming more restrictive than the last. During the last day of complete immobilization Jeff could see on the screens over his eyes lines of code being fed into the suit and his body flexed and tensed when he heard his own voice emitting from the suit. 

Jeff listened to his responses to questions he couldn’t hear, desperately trying to figure out what was happening, when Julia finally came close in another skin tight dress. He knew the dress was latex and watched her wriggle up to him, barely able to separate her feet under the tight rubber as she slinked up next to him.

“Your programming is almost complete,” a much more robotic voice said. “Soon your suit will be able to carry you through an entire day at work without any assistance from you at all. As soon as it finishes studying your daily routines, and completes its neural net link, you will do as I order no matter what. And just for your pleasure, I have left your mind fully functional so you can see and hear everything you are doing, including hearing all the comments from the people around you about your hypocrisy. Isn’t that kind of me?” the voice asked, causing Jeff to involuntarily nod his head in agreement.

The next morning Jeff was told it was to be his first day back at work. As he watched lines of code dance across the screens and felt his new body start to move, even though he was fighting inside to remain still. Jeff-bot stopped suddenly, seeing Julia kneeling in front of him, her arms pulled up behind her back until her flailing hands were above each shoulder. Jeff looked at her, seeing her pointed feet spread out behind her while her head was forced to lay backwards as far as possible. He heard the voice saying, “I wanted you to see your new self before heading out.” Jeff was still staring at her, in what used to be her favorite submissive position, when his body turned towards the full-length mirror that she had left behind and he gasped at the sight of the bot-suit in front of him.

He couldn’t believe it was his own body he was staring at in the mirror, at the tall female bot suit he was now trapped in. He caught himself smiling around the growing phallus in his mouth as he studied the small waist, gasping again as he noticed the large breasts protruding from his chest and briefly thought, now I know why my chest has been hurting. He had no real idea that the suit had actually reshaped his chest into two growing female breasts.

He thought about turning his foot so he could see it from the side, and smiled again. As his foot turned, it showed him he too now wore the same thin boots that held his feet en-pointe, just like his mistress. He corrected himself, no… captor! He was getting more upset, as his mind kept thinking how much it liked what it saw in the mirror, not noticing the tight cave around his cock was pulsating slightly as he studied his new body. As the suit turned and walked towards the door, Jeff could only think about how his colleagues would react, each of them knowing how he felt about the Bot suits, and now he was not only wearing one, he had let it reshape him into a woman.

Jeff was stunned as he rode along inside the suit unable to stop it from not only doing his job but seemed to be able to do it better than he did. What Jeff didn’t know was the link that had been established used his own memories and abilities to let the suit perform his daily tasks with or without his acknowledgement or agreement if that is what his mistress wanted.

For weeks Jeff was a passenger, returning home each night to find his mistress waiting for him normally in some exceptionally tight clothing. On most occasions he would watch helplessly, as her bot suit restrained and tormented her forcing her to massive orgasms, all while his cock was pulsed and suckled by the suit. Although he was very aroused no matter how much he tried he could never climax himself.

His body had adjusted to the tightness of the suit, and after a few more weeks his mind had stopped arguing with itself over his responses. Jeff had even learned to enjoy the fully grown cock wedged deep into his mouth. Jeff was now a woman-bot, with no desire to return to his former life but only desperately wanting to cum.

The whispered comments from friends and coworkers about his sudden change of attitude had ceased and now everyone had accepted him for what he had become. Jeff had listened to the suit’s voice explain to his friends why he had encased himself in the suit. For the first few times he had tried to resist the suit, being painfully reminded he was not in control as the confines around his cock and balls would shrink considerably causing him great pain. The suit would also remind him by making him feel like his nipples were being pulled from his chest.

For months, Jeff existed inside the suit with no chance of freedom, eventually learning if he cooperated with the suit he would be rewarded with pleasurable stimulations. During his time of transformation Julia had taken full control of his life, especially his salary, letting her afford a new suit for herself, and pre-ordering his next suit as well. Jeff had been slowly given back control of his body, only to have the suit take over each time he had found a way to stimulate himself or had thoughts of removing the suit. This constant monitoring was teaching his mind to stop thinking about ever being free of the confining steel, and long to orgasm more everyday, using that desire to control him completely. Jeff arrived home one night to find his mistress standing frozen by the front door. He didn’t recognize her by sight, only by the identity program in his suit. He stood staring at her new form, noticing how perfectly smooth the suit had become, not seeing any lines or joints like the old one had.

Jeff walked around the statue several times reading her bio levels, seeing her highly aroused but in constant pain as the new suit shaped her body again. For two days his mistress didn’t move, only occasionally whining or grunting especially when he would touch her. Unknowingly each touch caused her to receive waves of stimulation while the suit calibrated, itself teasing her as she stood unable to move. Jeff also had no idea the suit she had sealed herself in was the newest design and once fully acclimated to her it could never be removed, being designed to be able to be updated indefinitely.

Julia had made sure his suit would make him continue to go to work, maintaining complete control over him until he reached home each night while she was being refitted.

Arriving home Jeff found the statue was no longer standing by the front door, but before he could go and look for her his suit held him rigidly keeping him frozen allowing him to see as his mistress in her new metal skin slither up into his view. 

Her new body was incredible, the tiny waist attached to the long thin legs perched on top of the thin pointed toes, the new feet had no heels, only a slightly thicker toe profile making her look like a ballerina in a perfect endpoint position. He looked up with his eyes seeing her much larger breasts noticing the metal skin even showed her erect nipples.

The real shock came as he looked up at her exaggerated neck that looked much longer and thinner and saw her amazing face in the steel covering it. It followed every curve making it look like she had been dipped in steel. After staring for a long moment he noticed that even though her mouth was sealed closed under the steel it appeared open, imagining it was filled with something long and hard. Around each ankle above and below her knees was a clearly defined ‘cuff’, with attached cables keeping her from separating her legs by more than an inch or two. As she spun in place for him he noticed more of the cuffs around her wrists and elbows explaining why she had the appearance of moving the way she was. The steel hands pointed at her mouth as she shook her head telling him she couldn’t speak. He wondered if she was to be bound and gagged forever or if it was temporary but since he was stuck himself he didn’t see any way he could assist either way.

For several hours she wiggled and twisted in his frozen gaze, exciting him as he watched her struggles in her restraints. He watched as her elbows were drawn together behind her back before her wrists were detached from each other and forced behind her. He could hear her muffled grunts as her arms were pressed together and the steel around them formed a single unit. The steel left only an outline of the arms crushed together under it. The more he watched the more fascinated and aroused he became as her legs were drawn together and then covered like her arms. She had been turned into a column of steel writhing in front of his face until suddenly all movements stopped. He had been left staring at the new perfect statue, listening to its moans and squeals swearing he could see the steel changing her body as he watched.

For hours he stood aroused and intrigued wondering what it must feel like to be reshaped so quickly. Hearing her moan once then the start of a scream everything went silent and the two steel figures stood staring at each other neither able to move to help the other. When he saw her figure moving again he noticed just her legs had been freed but only just enough to allow her to step an inch or so at a time. Jeff discovered if he followed her he could move his legs as well. While they slowly made their way towards the bedroom he was able to watch her perfect steel covered ass shift and twist in front of him while he listened to the voice explaining what was about to happen.

He was being given his last choice, the suit he was in would release him and he could return to his old life, needing only to cover up his chest growth until he had them reduced, an option he wasn’t fond of. As he walked slowly the voice continued, “...or you can accept your new suit and everything that goes with it including wonderful orgasms for the rest of your life.”

The idea of being allowed to orgasm made him want to stay in the suit even more but when the voice said, “...and you will have your own slave bot,” he was sold on the idea. All he had to do to agree was remove the faceplate, then set the new one over his face.

As soon as he did that his world went dark and he could vaguely remember cold and pain for almost an hour. Suddenly he was able to see, on his new much clearer screens thinking about the mirror he was impressed that his body immediately turned and walked towards it then stood frozen as his mistress had been, as the new suit started changing his body.

Apparently his mistress had already informed his place of business he would be getting fitted and would be out for a few days and because of his performance increase they were very pleased to allow him some time off for upgrades. Jeff went in and out of consciousness during the refit unaware he had sealed himself inside the female Bot suit permanently nor what that meant for his abilities to be able to orgasm. After two days Jeff was able to move into the living room before being stopped by the pain and stood watching his mistress struggling on the floor. Her arms appeared as a single unit between her shoulders while her hands flailed behind her neck. Her legs had been fused together and folded with the pointed toes of her new shoes touching her back about midway up leaving her rocking in an extremely tight hogtie. Jeff watched, swearing he could see the steel over her eyes pleading for release and her mouth extending her lower jaw even further away from the upper jaw. Her breasts looked huge and he knew she must be getting another reshape and wondered what her waist would look like when she was finished.

He watched as his slave struggled fruitlessly feeling his own body getting reshaped again. When he couldn’t stand not knowing what he looked like now his body returned to the mirror for him to see his new shape. Like his slave/mistress his waist was much thinner while his breasts would be much larger. His neck was much thinner with even taller high heels than before leaving him balancing on two small square patches only. He found he could stroke his body for the first time, loving how it amplified his hands running over his steel covering almost pushing him over the edge. Quickly his hands were forced to grasp each other behind his back and his knees were suddenly drawn together. He felt the need to return to his struggling slave finding the suit was not assisting him as much as it normally does when he walked. The lessened assistance forced him to have to really struggle to walk in the new heels and with his knees pressed together. The bot struggling on the floor was no longer recognizable as a human shaped robot. The object was instead now almost a perfect circle of whimpering steel slowly shrinking to a decreasing arch making Jeff gasp at the site on the non-person now in front of him.

Jeff’s cock flexed inside the new suit as he thought about her being trapped in the ultra-tight hogtie, expanding even more as he felt vibrations building, making his forgotten cock grow quicker. A few minutes later Jeff was on the edge of an orgasm when the voice returned asking him, “I want to be your slave, will you be my master and allow me to be your mistress? If we agree to give control over to each other we will always be together, in charge of the other. It’s the only way to commit to another bot.”

Jeff could feel his orgasm being deliberately delayed and could think of nothing he would rather do than to control his slave and be controlled by his mistress forever no matter what he looked like on the outside. He thought about his response and suddenly the stimulation on his cock grew intense and just before he orgasmed, he heard his slave scream out in extasy and they both orgasmed together as they would for the rest of their lives.


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